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Luisa and the Difference between the Sanctity of Living in the Divine Will and Doing the Divine Will of the Saints

The Difference between the Sanctity of Living in the Divine Will and Doing the Divine Will of the Saints


Vol. 12August 14, 1917

Jesus did nothing other than give Himself prey to the Will of the Father. Difference between living resigned to the Will of God, and living in His Will.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus just barely came, passing by, and told me: “My daughter, I did nothing other than give Myself prey to the Will of the Father. Therefore, if I thought, I thought in the mind of the Father; if I spoke, I spoke in the mouth and with the tongue of the Father; if I worked, I worked in the hands of the Father. I even breathed my breathing in Him, and everything I did was ordered the way He wanted. Therefore, I could say that I carried out my Life in the Father, and that I was the bearer of the Father, because I enclosed everything in His Will and I did nothing by Myself. My main point was the Will of the Father, because I did not care about Myself, nor did I interrupt my course because of the offenses I received; rather, I kept flying more and more toward my center. Only then did my natural Life end, when I fulfilled the Will of the Father in everything.

The same for you, my daughter. If you give yourself prey to my Will, you will no longer have concerns for anything. The very privation of Me, which torments you and consumes you so much, flowing in my Will, will find support, my hidden kisses, my Life in you, clothed with you. In your very heartbeat you will feel Mine – burning and sorrowful; and if you don’t see Me, you feel Me; my arms hold you tightly. How many times you feel my motion, my refreshing breath, which refreshes your ardors! You do feel all this; and when you try to see who squeezed you, who breathes on you, and you do not see Me, I smile at you, I kiss you with the kisses of my Will, and I hide more within you, in order to surprise you again, and let you jump once more into my Will. Therefore, do not sadden Me by afflicting yourself – but let Me do. May the flight of my Volition never cease in you; otherwise you would hinder my Life within you. On the other hand, as you live in my Will, I do not find any hindrance, and I make my Life grow, and I carry out my Life as I want.”

Now, out of obedience, I want to say a few words on the difference between living resigned to the Divine Will, and living in the Divine Will.

First: living resigned. According to my poor opinion, this means to be resigned to the Divine Will in everything, both in prosperous and in adverse circumstances, seeing in everything the Divine Will, the order of the divine dispositions which the Divine Will has over all creatures, such that not even one hair can fall from our head if the Lord does not want it so.

It seems to me like a good son, who goes wherever his Father wants, and suffers whatever his Father wants. Poor or rich, it is indifferent to him; he is happy just being what his Father wants. If he receives or asks for an order to go somewhere to carry out some business, he goes only because his Father wanted it so. But in the meantime, he has to take some refreshment, stop to rest, have some food, deal with people; therefore he has to put much from his own will, even though he goes because his Father wanted it. However, in many things he finds himself in the circumstance of doing them by himself; so it may happen that he is far away from his Father for days, for months, without receiving specification of the Will of his Father in all things.

Therefore, for one who lives resigned to the Divine Will, it is almost impossible not to mix his own will with It. He will be a good son; however, he will not have the thoughts, the words and the life of his Father fully portrayed within himself, in everything. In fact, since he has to go, return, follow and deal with people, love is already broken – because only a continuous union makes love grow, and it never breaks – and the current of the Will of the Father is not in continuous communication with the current of the will of the son. During those intervals the son may get used to doing his own will. However, I believe that this is the first step toward sanctity.

Second: Living in the Divine Will. I would like the hand of my Jesus to write this. Ah, He alone could say all the beauty, the goodness and the sanctity of living in the Divine Will! I am not capable; I have many concepts in my mind, but I lack the words. My Jesus, pour Yourself into my word, and I will say what I can.

Living in the Divine Will means being inseparable, doing nothing by oneself, because in the face of the Divine Will one feels incapable of anything. He does not ask for orders, nor does he receive them, because he feels incapable of going by himself. So he says: ‘If You want me to do this, let us do it together, and if You want me to go, let us go together.’ Therefore, he does all that his Father does. If the Father thinks, he makes the thoughts of the Father his own, and does not add one thought to those of his Father. If the Father looks, if He speaks, if He works, if He walks, if He suffers, if He loves, he too looks at what the Father is looking at; he repeats the words of the Father; he works with the hands of the Father; he walks with the feet of the Father; he suffers the same pains of the Father, and he loves with the love of the Father. He lives inside his Father, not outside of Him; therefore, he is the reflection and the perfect portrait of his Father – which is not, for the one who lives only resigned. It is impossible to find this son without his Father, nor the Father without him; and not only externally, but all his interior is as though interwoven with the interior of the Father – transformed, dissolved completely, completely, in God.

Oh, the rapid and sublime flights of this child in the Divine Will! This Divine Will is immense; in every instant It circulates within everyone; It gives life and order to everything. And the soul, wandering within this immensity, flies to all, helps all, loves all, but as Jesus Himself helps and loves – which cannot be done by one who lives only resigned.

Therefore, one who lives in the Divine Will finds it impossible to do things by himself; even more, he feels nausea for his human works, though holy, because in the Divine Will all things, even the smallest ones, take on a different look. They acquire nobility, splendor, Divine sanctity, Divine power and beauty; they multiply to infinity, and in one instant one does everything. And after he has done everything, he says: ‘I have done nothing – Jesus did. And this is all my contentment: that, miserable as I am, Jesus gave me the honor to keep me in the Divine Will, to let me do what He Himself has done.’ Therefore, the enemy cannot bother this child – whether he has done well or badly, little or much – because Jesus Himself did everything, and he together with Jesus. He is the most peaceful one; he is not subject to anxiety; he loves no one and loves everyone – but divinely. One can say that he is the repeater of the Life of Jesus, the organ of His voice, the heartbeat of His Heart, the sea of His graces.

True Sanctity, I believe, consists only in this. All other things are shadows, larvae, specters of sanctity.

In the Divine Will, virtues take their place in the Divine order; while, outside of It, in the human order, they are subject to self-esteem, to vainglory, to passions. Oh! how many good works, how many attended Sacraments are to be cried over before God, and to be repaired, because they are empty of Divine Will, and therefore without fruits. Heaven willing that all would understand true sanctity. Oh! how all other things would disappear.

So, many find themselves on the false way of sanctity. Many place it in the pious practices of piety – and woe to those who move them! Oh, how they deceive themselves! If their wills are not united with Jesus and transformed in Him – which is the continuous prayer – with all of their pious practices their sanctity is false. And it shows how these souls pass very easily from pious practices to defects, to amusements, to the sowing of discord, and other things. Oh, how dishonoring this kind of sanctity is! Others place it in going to church, in attending all the services, but their will is far from Jesus. And it shows how these souls have little care for their own duties; and if they are hindered, they get angry, they cry that their sanctity goes up in the air. They complain, they disobey, they are the wounds of families. Oh! what a fake sanctity. Others place it in frequent confessions, in scrupulous spiritual directions, in having scruples for everything; but they do not have any scruple if their will does not run together with the Will of Jesus – and woe to those who contradict them! These souls are like inflated balloons: a little hole is enough for the air to come out, and their sanctity goes up in smoke, and falls to the ground. These poor balloons always have something to say; they are mostly inclined to sadness. They live always in doubt, and therefore would like to have a director for themselves, who would advise them, give them peace and console them in every little thing. But they are soon more agitated than before. Poor sanctity, how forged it is.

I would like the tears of my Jesus in order to cry together with Him over these false sanctities, and make everyone know how true sanctity is in doing the Divine Will and in living in the Divine Volition.

This sanctity puts its roots so deeply that there is no danger that it may oscillate, because it fills Heaven and earth, and finds its support everywhere. This soul is firm, not subject to inconstancies or voluntary defects. She is attentive to her duties; she is the most sacrificed and detached from everyone and everything, even from spiritual directions themselves; and since her roots are deep, she rises up so high that the flowers and fruits bloom in Heaven. She is so hidden in God that the earth sees little or nothing of this soul. The Divine Will keeps her absorbed within Itself; only Jesus is the author, the life, the form of the sanctity of this enviable creature. She has nothing of her own, but everything is in common with Jesus. Her passion is the Divine Will; her characteristic is the Will of her Jesus, and ‘FIAT’ is her continuous motto.

On the other hand, the poor and false sanctity of the balloons is subject to continuous inconstancies, and while it appears that the balloons of their sanctity swell up so much as to seem to be flying in the air at a certain height, to the point that many, and even their directors, are amazed – soon they are disillusioned. One humiliation, one favor of the directors toward someone else, is enough to deflate these balloons, because they see this as a theft against them, considering themselves the neediest. So, while having scruples for silly things, they then reach the point of disobeying. Jealousy is the woodworm of these balloons, which, consuming the good they do, keeps sucking air from them, and the poor balloon deflates and falls to the ground, reaching the point of dirtying itself with earth. Then the sanctity that was in the balloon appears. And what can one find in it? Love of self, resentment, passions, hidden under the aspect of good, almost to have occasion to say: they have become the amusement of the devil; so, of all their sanctity, nothing was found but a mass of defects, apparently disguised as virtues. But then, who can say everything? Only Jesus knows the worst evils of this fake sanctity, of this devout life without foundation, because it leans on false piety. These fake sanctities are spiritual vines without fruit – sterile, and cause of who knows how much crying for my lovable Jesus. They are the ill feeling of society, the worry of very directors, and of families. One can say that they bring with themselves a noxious air that harms everyone.

Oh! how so very different is the sanctity of the soul who lives in the Divine Will! These souls are the smile of Jesus. They are far away from everyone, even from the very directors. Only Jesus is everything for them; therefore, nobody worries for them. The beneficial air which they possess embalms everyone; they are the order and the harmony of everyone. Jesus, jealous of these souls, becomes actor and spectator of whatever they do – there is not one heartbeat, breath, or thought which He does not regulate and dominate. Jesus keeps this soul so absorbed in the Divine Will that she can hardly remember that she is living in exile.

Vol. 13 – December 3, 1921
Redemption is salvation; the Divine Will is Sanctity.

I was feeling all doubtful and annihilated because of all that my Jesus says about His Divine Will; and I thought to myself: ‘How is it possible that He let so many centuries go by without making known these prodigies of the Divine Will, and that He did not choose, among so many Saints, one who would give start to this Sanctity, fully Divine? Yet, there were the Apostles and many other great Saints, who stupefied the whole world.’

Now, as I was thinking of this, not giving me time and interrupting my thought, He came and told me: “The little Daughter of my Will does not want to convince herself. Why do you still doubt?”

‘Because I see myself bad, and the more You speak, the more annihilated I feel.’

And Jesus: “This is what I want – your annihilation; and the more I speak to you about my Will, since my word is creative, it creates my Will in yours; and yours remains annihilated and dissolved before the power of Mine – this is the reason for your annihilation. Know that your will must dissolve within Mine, just as the snow dissolves at the rays of a burning sun.

Now, you must know that the greater is the work I want to do, the more preparations are needed. How many prophecies, how many preparations, how many centuries did not precede my Redemption? How many symbols and figures did not anticipate the Conception of my Celestial Mama? Then, after I accomplished Redemption, I had to strengthen man in the goods of Redemption; and for this I chose the Apostles as the strengtheners of the fruits of Redemption, as they were to look for the lost man and lead him to safety by means of the Sacraments. Therefore, Redemption is salvation – it is to save man from any precipice. This is why I told you another time that making the soul live in my Will is greater than Redemption Itself: because being saved, living a life in the middle, now falling and now standing up, is not so difficult. And this was impetrated by my Redemption, because I wanted to save man at any cost; and this I entrusted to my Apostles, as the depositories of the fruits of Redemption. So, having to do the least first, I left the most for later, reserving other times for the fulfillment of my high designs.

Now, living in my Will is not only salvation, but is Sanctity which must rise over all other sanctities, and which must carry the seal of the Sanctity of the Creator. Therefore, minor sanctities were to come first, as cortege, bearers, messengers and preparations for this Sanctity which is fully Divine. And just as in Redemption I chose my incomparable Mama as the link of connection with Me, from which the fruits of Redemption had to descend, I chose you a the link of connection from which the Sanctity of living in my Will was to have its beginning; a Sanctity which, coming out from my Will to bring Me the complete glory of the purpose for which man was created, would make man come back along the same steps of my Will, in order to return to his Creator. What is your wondering then? These are things established from eternity, and no one will be able to move them.

Since this thing is great – establishing my Kingdom in the soul also on earth – I acted like a King who has to take possession of a Kingdom. He does not go there first; rather, first he has his royal palace prepared; then he sends his soldiers to prepare the Kingdom and to dispose the peoples to his subjection; then follow the guards of honor and the ministers – and the last one is the King. This is decorous for a King. So I did: I had my Royal Palace prepared, which is the Church; the soldiers have been the Saints, in order to make Me known to the peoples; then came the Saints who sowed miracles, as my most intimate ministers; and now I Myself come to reign as the King. Therefore, I had to choose a soul in whom to establish my first dwelling, and in whom to found this Kingdom of my Will. So, let Me reign, and give Me full freedom.”


Vol. 17 – September 18, 1924
Distance between Lliving in the Divine Will and doing the Will of God.

I was thinking over what has been written on the living in the Divine Volition, and I prayed to Jesus that He would give me more light, to be able to clarify more this blessed living in the Divine Will to those to whom I am obliged to do so. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, unfortunately they are slow in understanding it. To live in my Will is to reign in It and with It, while to do my Will is to be submitted to my orders. The first state is to possess; the second is to receive dispositions, and execute commands. To live in my Will is to make my Will one’s own, as one’s own property, and to dispose of It. To do my Will is to take It into account as Will of God, not as one’s own thing; nor can one dispose of It as he wants. To live in my Will is to live with one single Will – That of God; and since It is a Will all holy, all pure, all peaceful, being one single Will that reigns, there are no contrasts: everything is peace. Human passions tremble before this Supreme Will, and would rather escape It; nor do they dare to even move, or oppose it, in seeing that Heaven and earth tremble before this Holy Will. Therefore, the first step of living in the Divine Will, which allows a creature to receive the Divine order, is in the depth of the soul, where grace moves her to empty herself of what is human – tendencies, passions, inclinations and other things.

On the other hand, to do my Will is to live with two wills, in such a way that when I give orders to follow Mine, the creatures feel the weight of their own will, which causes contrasts. And even though they follow the orders of my Will with faithfulness, they feel the weight of their rebellious nature, of their passions and inclinations. How many Saints, although they may have reached the highest perfection, feel their own will waging war against them, keeping them oppressed. And many are forced to cry out: ‘Who will free me from this body of death?’– that is, ‘from this will of mine, that wants to give death to the good I want to do?’

To live in my Will is to live as a son. To just do my Will would be called, in comparison, living as a servant. In the first case, what belongs to the Father belongs to the son; and then, it is well known how servants are forced to make more sacrifices than sons do. They have to expose themselves to more tiring and more humble services, to cold, to heat, to traveling on foot, and the like.

In fact, how much did my saints not do, though most beloved friends of Mine, in order to execute the orders of my Will? Instead, a son remains with his father, takes care of him, cheers him up with his kisses and caresses; he gives orders to the servants as if his father were ordering them; and if he goes out, he doesn’t walk, but travels in a coach. And while the son possesses all that belongs to his father, the servants are given only the recompense for the work they have done, remaining free to serve their master or not; and if they do not serve, they no longer have a right to receive any further compensation. On the other hand, nobody can remove those intimate relations between father and son, by which the son possesses the goods of the father; and no law, either celestial or terrestrial, can cancel these rights, just as it cannot unbind sonship between father and son.

My daughter, the living in my Will is the living that is closest to the blessed of Heaven. It is so distant from one who is simply conformed to my Will and does It, faithfully executing Its orders – as much as Heaven is distant from the earth, as much as the distance between a son and a servant, and between a king and a subject. Moreover, this is a gift which I want to give in these times, so sad – that they may not only do my Will, but possess It. Am I perhaps not free to give whatever I want, when I want, and to whom I want? Isn’t a master free to say to his servant: ‘Live in my house, eat, take, command as another myself”? And so that nobody may prevent him from possessing his goods, he legitimizes this servant as his own son, and gives him the right to possess. If a rich man can do so, much more can I do it.

This Living in My Will is the greatest gift I want to give to the creatures. My Goodness wants to show off more and more love toward creatures, and since I gave them everything, I want to give them the gift of my Will, so that in possessing It, they may appreciate and love the great good they possess.

And don’t be surprised if you see that they do not understand. In order to understand, they would have to dispose themselves to the greatest of sacrifices – that of not giving life, even in holy things, to their own will. Then would they feel the possession of Mine, and would touch with their own hands what it means to live in my Will. You, however, be attentive, and do not be bothered by the difficulties they raise; little by little I will make my way, to make them understand the living in my Will.”


Luisa and her Mission

Vol. 12 – January 17, 1921
The “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin had the same Power of the Creative “FIAT”. The third “FIAT” will be the fulfillment and the completion of the prayer taught by Jesus: Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in Terra.

I felt my poor mind immersed in the immense sea of the Divine Volition. I could see the mark of the FIAT everywhere. I saw it in the Sun, and it seemed to me that the echo of the FIAT in the Sun brought me Divine Love, which darted through me, wounded me and flashed through me. And I, on the wings of the FIAT of the Sun, went up to the Eternal One bringing, in the name of the whole human family, the Love which darted, wounded, and flashed through the Supreme Majesty. And I said: ‘In Your FIAT You gave me all this Love, and only in the FIAT can I return it to You.’

I looked at the stars and I could see the FIAT in them; and in their sweet and meek glittering, this FIAT brought me pacific Love, sweet Love, hidden Love, compassionate Love in the very night of sin. And I, in the FIAT of the stars, in the name of all, brought to the Throne of the Eternal One pacific Love in order to put peace between Heaven and earth, the sweet Love of the loving souls, the hidden Love of many others, the Love of the creatures when, after sin, they come back to God. But who can say all that I understood and did in the many FIATs which were scattered over all Creation? I would be too long; so I stop here.

Then, my sweet Jesus took my hands in His own, and squeezing them tightly, told me: “My daughter, the FIAT is all full of Life – even more, It is Life Itself, and this is why all lives and all things come from within the FIAT. Creation came out from my ‘FIAT’; therefore in each created thing one can see the mark of the FIAT. Redemption came out from the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my dear Mama, pronounced in my Volition and carrying the same Power of my Creative ‘FIAT.’ Therefore, there is nothing in Redemption which does not contain the mark of the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my Mama. Even my very Humanity, my steps, words and works were marked by Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’ My pains, my wounds, my thorns, my Cross, my Blood, had the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI’, because things carry the mark of the origin from which they come. My origin in time was the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of the Immaculate Mama; therefore all of my works carry the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’ So, Her ‘FIAT MIHI’ is in each Sacramental Host; if man rises again from sin, if the newborn is baptized, if Heaven opens to receive souls, it is the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my Mama that marks everything, follows everything, and from It everything proceeds. Oh, power of the FIAT! It rises every instant; It multiplies, and It becomes life of all goods.

Now I want to tell you why I asked for your ‘FIAT’ – your ‘yes’ in my Volition. I want the prayer which I taught – the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra’ – this prayer of so many centuries, of so many generations – to have its fulfillment and completion. This is why I wanted another ‘yes’ in my Volition – another ‘FIAT’ containing the Creative Power. I want the ‘FIAT’ that rises every instant, and multiplies in everyone. I want, in one soul, my own ‘FIAT’ which ascends to my Throne and, by its Creative Power, brings upon earth the life of the ‘FIAT on earth as It is in Heaven’.”

Surprised and annihilated in hearing this, I said: ‘Jesus, what are You saying? Yet, You know how bad and incapable of anything I am.’ And He: “My daughter, it is my usual way to choose the most abject, unable, poor souls for my greatest works. Even my Mama had nothing extraordinary in her exterior life; no miracles – not a sign that would distinguish Her from other women. Her only distinction was perfect virtue, to which almost no one paid attention. And if to other Saints I gave the distinction of miracles, and I adorned others with my wounds, to my Mama, nothing – nothing. Yet, She was the portent of portents, the miracle of miracles, the true and perfect crucified – no one else like Her.

I usually act like a master who has two servants. One of them seems a herculean giant, good at everything; the other one is short, unable, and seems to be good at nothing – not an important service. If the master keeps him, it is more for charity, and also for fun. Now, having to send a million – a billion, to another town, what does he do? He calls the little and incapable one, and entrusts the great sum to him, saying to himself: ‘If I give it to the giant, all will fix their attention on him; thieves may attack him and rob him; and if he tries to defend himself with his herculean strength, he may be wounded. I know that he is capable, but I want to spare him; I do not want to expose him to the obvious danger. On the other hand, no one will pay attention to this little one, knowing him to be incapable; no one would think that I would entrust such an important sum to him; and so he will come back safe and sound.’ The poor incapable one is surprised that the master would trust him, when he could have used the giant, and all trembling and humble, he goes to deposit the great sum, with no one deigning to give him even a glance. So, he returns safe and sound to his master, more trembling and humble than before.

So I do: the greater the work I want to do, the more I choose abject, poor, ignorant souls, with no outward appearance which may expose them. The abject state of the soul will serve as safe custody for my work. The thieves of self-esteem and love of self will not pay attention to her, knowing her inability. And she, humble and trembling, will carry out the office entrusted by Me, knowing that she has done nothing by herself, but that I did everything in her.”

Vol. 12 – January 24, 1921
The third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption. These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth.

I was feeling annihilated in thinking about this blessed FIAT, but my lovable Jesus wanted to increase my confusion. It seems that He wants to make fun of me, proposing to me astonishing and almost incredible things, taking pleasure in seeing me confused and more annihilated. And what is worse, is that I am forced by obedience to write them, to my greater torment. So, while I was praying, my sweet Jesus leaned His head against Mine, sustaining His forehead with His hand; and a light coming from His forehead told me: “My daughter, the first FIAT was pronounced in Creation with no intervention of creature. The second FIAT was pronounced in Redemption; I wanted the intervention of the creature, and I chose my Mama for the completion of the second FIAT. Now, for the fulfillment of both, I want to pronounce the third FIAT, and I want to pronounce It through you; I have chosen you for the fulfillment of the third FIAT. This third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption. These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven. These three FIATs will be inseparable – each one will be life of the other. They will be one and triune, but distinct among themselves. My Love wants it, my Glory demands it: having unleashed the first two FIATs from the womb of my Creative Power, It wants to unleash the third FIAT, because my Love can no longer contain It – and this, in order to complete the work which came from Me; otherwise, the works of Creation and of Redemption would be incomplete.”

On hearing this, I was not only confused, but stunned, and I said to myself: ‘Is all this possible? There are so many. And if it is true that He has chosen me, it seems to me that this is one of the usual follies of Jesus. And then, what could I do or say from within a bed, half crippled and inept as I am? Could I ever face the multiplicity and infinity of the FIAT of Creation and of Redemption? Since my FIAT is similar to the other two FIATs, I must run together with them, multiply myself with them, do the good which they do, braid myself with them… Jesus, think of what You are doing! I am not for this much.’ But who can tell all the nonsense that I was saying?

Now, my sweet Jesus came back and told me: “My daughter, calm yourself – I choose whomever I please. However, know that I begin all of my works between Myself and one creature; and then they are spread. In fact, who was the first spectator of the FIAT of my Creation? Adam, and then Eve. It surely wasn’t a multitude of people. Only after years and years did crowds and multitudes of people become spectators of It. In the second FIAT my Mama was the only spectator; not even Saint Joseph knew anything, and my Mama found herself more than in your condition: the greatness of the Creative Power of my work which She felt within Herself was such that, confused, She did not feel the strength to mention it to anyone. And if, then, Saint   Joseph knew it, it was because I manifested it to him. So, this FIAT germinated like a seed within Her virginal womb; the ear of grain was formed in order to multiply It, and then It came to the light of day. But who were the spectators? Very few. In the room of Nazareth my dear Mama and Saint Joseph were the only spectators. Then, when my Most Holy Humanity grew up, I went out and I made Myself known – but not to all. Afterwards, It spread more, and It will still spread.

So will the third FIAT be. It will germinate within you; the ear of grain will be formed; only the priest will have knowledge of It. Then, a few souls – and then, It will spread. It will spread, and will follow the same path as Creation and Redemption. The more crushed you feel, the more the ear of the third FIAT grows and is fecundated in you. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

Vol. 17 – May 1, 1925
The mission of living in the Divine Will: the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the mission of Mary Most Holy, and the mission of Luisa.

I was thinking about the many things that my beloved Jesus told me on His Most Holy Will, and some doubts came back to me – that, who knows, it might really not be necessary to say everything, or, that some things were not necessary. But Jesus, wanting to lovingly resolve my doubts and make me know the mission He entrusts to the one who is to make His Divine Will known – having chosen for this the misery that I am, to my great stupefaction and confusion – continuing His holy instructions on this matter, told me: “My daughter, every mission is to be connected to the office of executing it, and therefore it must be carried out omitting nothing of that which belongs to it. In fact, every mission which is destined for the good of others, has its own particular gifts, graces, riches and qualities, which are useful for its execution.

My Humanity received from my Divinity the mission of the salvation of souls and the office of Redeemer – that is, to redeem them from the slavery of sin and from eternal death. In order to carry out this office, I was given their souls, their pains, their satisfactions. Therefore, I enclosed within Myself everything from everyone; and if my Humanity had neglected to enclose in Itself just one soul, one satisfaction, the office of Redeemer would not have been complete – I would not have enclosed in Myself all the graces, the goods and the light which it was necessary to give to each soul. And even though not all of the souls are saved, this says nothing. On my part, I had to enclose the goods of all, so that I might have necessary and superabundant graces for all, in order to be able to save all. This was convenient to Me for the decorum and the just honor of my office as Redeemer.

Look at the sun above your horizon: it contains so much light as to be able to give light to all; and even though not all might want to enjoy its light, by its unique office as sun, it possesses even the light that creatures might refuse. This was convenient to the Sun, because it was created by God as the unique sphere which was to warm and embrace the earth with its light. Each created being has its own office to carry out, and that office is unique – linked to that being, to that creature. In order to execute it well, it is necessary that the one who is to carry out the office entrusted to her, contain so much of that good – good which she must give to others according to the mission for which she was created – that as much of it as she gives, it is never exhausted, not even by one atom.

This was even more convenient to Me, Who was to be the new Sun of the souls, and Who was to give light to all and embrace all with my light, to bring them all to the Supreme Majesty, offering to this Divine Majesty an act from Myself which would contain all acts, and to make the superabundant light of my Divinity descend upon all in order to rescue them.

In addition to Me, there is my Celestial Mama, who received the unique mission as the Mother of a God Son, and the office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For her mission of Divine Maternity, She was enriched with so much grace, that all other creatures combined, both celestial and terrestrial, would never be able to equal Her. But this was not enough to draw the Word into her maternal womb; it was necessary that the Mother put in action all this abyss of graces and gifts, by embracing all creatures, loving them, repairing and adoring the Supreme Majesty for all; in such a way as to accomplish Herself, all that the human generations owed to God. Therefore, in her virginal Heart She had an inexhaustible vein for God and for all creatures. When the Divinity found in this Virgin compensation for the love of all, It felt enraptured, and formed in Her Its Conception – that is, the Incarnation of the Word. And as She conceived Me, She took on the office of Co- Redemptrix, and shared and embraced together with Me, all the pains, the substitutions, the reparations, the maternal love, for all. In the Heart of my Mother there was a fiber of maternal love for each creature. This is why, in truth and with justice, when I was on the Cross, I declared Her Mother of all. She ran together with Me in the love, in the sufferings – in everything; She never left Me alone. If the Eternal One had not placed so much grace in Her as to be able to receive, alone, the love of all – He would never have moved from Heaven to come down upon earth and redeem mankind. Here is the necessity, the convenience – that She had to embrace and surpass everything, as befitting the mission of the Mother of the Word.

When an office is unique, as a consequence, nothing must escape the one who has it as mission. He must have everything under his eyes, so as to be able to offer the good he possesses; he must be like a true sun that can give light to all. So were I, and my Celestial Mama.

Now, your mission of making known the Eternal Will is braided with mine and with that of my dear Mother. And since it has to serve for the good of all, it was necessary to centralize the Eternal Sun of my Will into one creature; so that, as a unique mission, this Sun might let its rays blaze from her, and all might take the good of Its Light. This implies that, for the decorum and honor of my Will, I had to pour into you, as bearers and preparations, such graces, light, love and knowledge of It, as to befit the residence of the Sun of my Will. Even more, you must know that, just as my Humanity, in Its office of Redeemer, conceived all souls, the same was to happen in you, in your mission and office to make my Will known and reign: as you continue to do your acts in my Will for all, all creatures remain conceived in your will; and as you keep repeating your acts in Mine, you form many sips of Life of Divine Will, in order to be able to nourish all the creatures which are as though conceived in yours, by virtue of my Will. Do you not feel how, in my Will, you embrace all, from the first to the last creature which is to exist upon earth; and for all, you would want to satisfy, love, please this Supreme Will, binding It to all, removing all obstacles that prevent Its dominion in the creatures – making It known to all; and even with sufferings, you expose yourself to satisfy for all, this Supreme Will, which so much loves to be known and to reign in the midst of creatures?

To you, Firstborn Daughter of my Divine Will, it is given to make known the qualities, the value, the good It contains, and Its eternal sorrow of living unknown – hidden, in the midst of the human generations; even more, despised and offended by the evil ones, and placed by the good ones at the level of the other virtues, as if It were a little light which is lit by men – as virtues are in comparison with my Will – and not the Eternal Sun that my Will is.

The mission of my Will is the greatest that can exist: there is no good which does not descend from It; there is no glory which does not come from It. Everything is centered in It: Our interior Works and those which We have delivered; the Creation of the angels, of the world, of men; all virtues, all merits, all predestinations, all goods, all the glory of the chosen ones, all the mysteries of the infinite love, which are still unknown to man; and the past, the present, the future – all in one Act and in act, and in one single point.

Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to waste time with doubts or uncertainties. Everything I told you for this mission was necessary – not for you, but for the honor, the glory, the knowledge and the sanctity of my Will and of Its dominion in the creatures. And since my Will is one, one was to be the creature to whom I had to entrust It, and through whom It would make Its rays blaze, to do good to all.”

Vol. 17 – May 4, 1925
(Continuation of the previous chapter). The mission of the Divine Will reproduces on earth the image of the Most Holy Trinity.

After writing what is written above, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Jesus, fusing all of myself in His Most Holy Will; and my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His Most Holy Will close to mine, all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, did you write everything on the mission of my Will?”

And I: ‘Yes, yes, I wrote everything.’

And He, again: “What if I told you that you did not write everything? Rather, you have left out the most essential thing. So, continue to write, and add: ‘The mission of my Will will conceal the Most Holy Trinity upon earth. Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, inseparable but distinct among themselves, Who form all the beatitude of Heaven, in the same way, on earth there will be three persons who, because of their missions, will be distinct and inseparable among themselves: the Virgin, with Her Maternity which conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, which was enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, in order to manifest my celestial wisdom, adding the bond of becoming inseparable from my Mama; and you, for the mission of my Will, as the Holy Spirit will display His Love in you, manifesting to you His secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, in order to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much good this Supreme Will contains, to love It and to let It reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to form Its Life in them. And the bond of inseparability will be added, between you, the Mother and the Eternal Word.

These three missions are distinct and inseparable. The first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work, and everything, with unheard-of pains, for the third mission of my Will, in order to be all fused in It without leaving their office, so as to find rest, because my Will alone is celestial rest. These two missions will be repeated, because their exuberance of grace, of light, of knowledge, is so great that all human generations can be filled with them; even more, they will not be able to contain all the good which they contain. These two missions are symbolized by the Sun, since, in creating it, I filled it with so much light and heat, that all human generations can enjoy it in superabundance. Nor did I take into account that, since in the beginning of creation there were only Adam and Eve on earth, I could have placed in the Sun enough light as to be sufficient only for the two of them, making it then grow, in proportion to the growth of the human generations. No, no – I made the Sun full of light, just as it is now, and will be. For the decorum and the honor of Our Power, Wisdom and Love, Our works are always made with the fullness of all the good which they contain; nor are they subject to increase or decrease.

So I did with the Sun: I centralized in it all the light which it was to serve, up to the last man. But how much good does the Sun not do to the earth? What glory does it not give to its Creator, with its mute light? I can say that, for the immense good it does to the earth, with its mute language, the Sun glorifies Me and makes Me known more than all other things together; and this, because it is full in its light, and stable in its course. When I looked at the Sun which, with so much light, only Adam and Eve could enjoy, I also looked at all the living; and in seeing that that light was to serve all, my paternal goodness exulted with joy, and I remained glorified in my works.

So I did with my dear Mama: I filled Her with so much grace, that She can give graces to all without ever exhausting even one of them. So I did with my Humanity: there is no good which It does not possess – and the very Divinity, to be able to give It to whomever wants It. So I did with you: I enclosed in you my Will, and with It I enclosed Myself. I enclosed in you Its knowledges, Its secrets, Its light. I filled your soul up to the brim; so much so, that what you write is nothing other than the outpouring of what you contain of my Will. And even though it now serves you alone, and a few glimmers of light serve some other souls, I am content, because being light, it will make its way by itself, more than a second Sun, in order to illuminate the human generations and to bring about the fulfillment of Our works: that Our Will be known and loved, and that It reign as Life within the creatures. This was the purpose of Creation – this was its beginning, this will be its means, and end.

Therefore, be attentive, because this is about rescuing that Eternal Will which, with so much love, wants to dwell in the creatures. But It wants to be known, It does not want to be like a stranger; rather, It wants to give out Its goods and become life of each one, but It wants Its rights whole – Its place of honor. It wants the human will to be banished – the only enemy for It, and for man.

The mission of my Will was the purpose of the creation of man. My Divinity did not depart from Heaven, from Its throne; my Will, instead, not only departed, but descended into all created things and formed Its Life in them. However, while all things recognized Me, and I dwell in them with majesty and decorum, man alone drove Me away. But I want to conquer him and win him; and this is why my mission is not finished. So I called you, entrusting to you my own mission, that you may place the one who drove Me away on the lap of my Will, and everything may return to Me, in my Will.

Therefore, do not be surprised at the great and marvelous things I may tell you for the sake of this mission, or at the many graces I may give you; because this is not about making a saint, but about saving the generations. This is about rescuing a Divine Will, for which everything must return to the beginning, to the origin from which everything came, so that the purpose of my Will may have its complete fulfillment.’”

Knowledge of the Truth Written about the Divine Will

Vol. 26 – May 16, 1929
How the knowledges about the Divine Will are the army; the acts done in It, the weapons; Its light, the royal palace; the Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Divine ardor for establishing Its Kingdom.  Divine need; Its silence; the sorrow of Its secrets.

Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat, I was feeling concerned about the privations of my sweet Jesus.  Oh! how my poor soul moaned under the infinite weight of a sorrow that makes all created things say:  “Where is your Jesus—He who so much loved you?  Ah! you feel that He sustains everything, you touch His Beauty that He has strewn over all Creation, you see His Immensity that you cannot reach.  What you see are nothing other than the marks of His steps that, in passing by, He impressed upon all things created by Him; but He is not here.  And you—run, search for Him, and we will accompany you, moaning together with you, to make you find Him whom you want.”  And I feel like everyone speaks to me about Jesus with sorrowful notes, and as they echo in my poor heart, it is tortured by a sorrow that I myself cannot express.  And the impression was such—as if I wanted to go out of my usual state.

But, meanwhile, my lovable and good Jesus surprised me, and throwing His arms around my neck, told me:  “My daughter, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?  Calm yourself, calm yourself.  How can this be? Do you perhaps want to go out from within the army of My Divine Will?  Look, what an orderly, formidable and large army, such that, as it lines up within your soul, it will not be easy for you to get out.  But do you know what this army is?  All the knowledges about My Divine Will.  In fact, having formed Its royal palace in you, It could not be, nor was it decorous for It to be without Its army.  This army We have issued from Our Divine womb in order for them[1] to form the cortege, to defend and to all stand at attention, so as to make known to all who Our Fiat is—their Divine King—and how It wants to descend with Its whole celestial army into the midst of the peoples in order to fight the human will; but not with weapons that kill, because in Heaven there aren’t these deadly weapons, but with weapons of light, that fight in order to form the life of My Will in the creatures.

“Now, you must know that the weapons of this army are the acts done in My Divine Will.  Look how beautiful it is!  The My Love is the light of My Fiat!  The King that dominates is My Will!  The Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity; the army, the knowledges about It; the weapons, your acts done in It.  In fact, as you would have the good of knowing one of the knowledges about It, and would operate by virtue of It, you would form, in My Fiat, the weapons in the hands of each knowledge, so as to give the life of it to other creatures.

“But this is not all yet.  Each knowledge possesses a different weapon, one different from the other.  So, each knowledge I have given you about My Divine Will possesses a special and distinct weapon:  one possesses the weapon of light in order to illuminate, warm and fecundate the seed of My Fiat; another possesses the weapon of the conquering power that dominates and rules; another, the weapon of the beauty that enraptures and conquers; another, the weapon of the wisdom that orders and disposes; another, the weapon of the love that burns, transforms and consumes; another, the weapon of the strength that knocks down, makes one die and rise again in My Divine Volition.

“In sum, each knowledge of Mine is a Divine soldier that, manifesting itself to your soul, has let the weapon of each of the offices they possess be placed by you into its hands.  Look at what order they have, how attentive they are to their office, and to handling the weapon that each of them possesses in order to dispose and form the people of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  This army and these weapons possess the prodigious virtue of the infinite, that is such that they diffuse everywhere; and wherever there is a light, even little, in the creatures, they fight with weapons of light against the darkness of the human will, to eclipse it and give it the life of My Fiat; and wherever there is a seed of power or of strength, there runs the Divine little soldier with its weapon of power and of strength, to fight the human power and strength, and make the power and strength of My Divine Will rise again.  For all human acts this army has the opposite weapon with which to fight them, so as to make the act of My Divine Will rise again over the human act.

“Therefore, My daughter, it is necessary that you remain in My Divine Will in order to form sufficient weapons with your acts done in It, for the great army of Its knowledges.  If you knew how this army anxiously awaits the weapons of your acts into their hands, in order to wage war on and destroy the poor kingdom of the human will, and to build Our Kingdom of light, of sanctity and of happiness!  More so, since I am within you, in the great My Love of My Divine Will, in the midst of My army, with the continuous council of the Ministry of the Divine Persons, as the reproducer of Our works; because We are the operating Being, and wherever We are present We want to operate always, without ever ceasing.  Therefore, it is a necessity that you remain always in Our Fiat, to unite yourself to Us in Our continuous operating, and to give Us the field to always operate within you.  In fact, the sign of the Divine Operating is precisely this:  to operate always—always, without ever ceasing.”

After this, He kept silent.  Then, with a more tender emphasis, He added:  “My daughter, if you knew the ardor of My Love that I feel, because I want to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth, so as to realize the only purpose for which man was created.  In fact, in everything that has been done by the Divine Persons, from the time when the world was created, and in what We will do, Our Principle will always be that one—nor will We ever cease it—that man return into the inheritance of the Kingdom of Our Fiat, that he rejected from Us.

“This is so true, that in My very Incarnation, when I descended from Heaven to earth, the first purpose was the Kingdom of My Divine Will; it is into Its Kingdom—that is, in My Immaculate Mother who possessed It—that I directed My first steps; My first dwelling was within Her most pure womb, in which My Fiat held Its absolute dominion and Its Kingdom, whole and beautiful.  And in this Kingdom of My Will that My Celestial Mama possessed, I began and I formed My Life down here—made of pains, of tears and of expiations.  I knew that I was to be the Jesus neglected, unloved, nor sought for, but I wanted to come because I could see through the centuries how My coming upon earth was to serve to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will and, by necessity, I was to redeem them first in order to obtain My first Purpose.

“And so, even from that time, I descended from Heaven in order to come to find, to search for and to clasp to My breast the children of My Kingdom, who would search for Me, love Me, recognize Me, to the point of being unable to be without Me.  Therefore, in what I did and suffered, I put a mark and I said:  ‘Here I shall wait for the children of My Will; I shall embrace them, we shall love one another with one single love, with one single Will.’  And for love of them, My pains, My tears, My steps, My works, changed for Me into refreshment, into joy for My Heart drowned with love.

“My daughter, don’t you yourself feel how you cannot be without Me?  And when, in the world, they will read these Papers, they will remain astounded in hearing of the long chain of My graces, My daily comings—and for such a long time, that I have done with no one else; My long conversations that I have had with you, the many teachings I have given you, and everything that was to serve the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  I felt the irresistible need to resume and redo with you all the conversations, to give you the graces and the teachings that I would have given to Adam innocent, had he not rejected the precious inheritance of My Fiat.  But he broke My speaking and reduced Me to silence; and after six thousand years of silence I felt the extreme need to resume My speaking with the creature.

“Oh! how painful it was to contain so many secrets within My Heart, that I was to confide to her; and it was for her alone that these secrets were kept—not for others; and if you knew how much it cost Me to remain silent for such a long time!  My Heart was suffocated and, delirious, It repeated dolefully:  ‘Alas! I created man to have someone with whom to speak; but he was to possess My Divine Will in order to understand Me; and because he has rejected It from Me, he has rendered Me the God taciturn.’  What sorrow I feel!  What suffocated love, that made Me faint—and I raved!

“Therefore, unable to endure any longer, I wanted to break My long silence with you—I snapped it; and from here the necessity of the ardor of My speaking—for so long, and so often, and repeatedly.  And as I pour Myself out with you in speaking, I feel as if I were just now giving start to Creation; and this is why, in these Papers, I am making you write the true reason for Creation, what My Will is, Its infinite value, how one is to live in It, Its Kingdom, and how It wants to reign to render everyone holy and happy.  All will remain surprised in reading these Papers, and will feel the need for My Fiat to live in their midst.

“The Divinity feels an irresistible necessity to complete the work of Creation, and It will be completed by the reigning of Our Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  What would a creature do, after she has made a work with unheard-of sacrifices and for a long time—a work that costs her her life, a work of incalculable value, and that only lacked one point, one shade, one color—if she cannot complete the work that costs her so much?  And as beautiful as her work is, as precious and of incalculable value as it is, such that it would form her fortune, her glory and her complete happiness, she cannot present it to the public, nor can she say that it is a complete work, because one point is missing.  For this person life would change into sorrow, and she would feel the weight of her work—beautiful, yes, but incomplete.  And therefore she feels unhappy, and instead of glory, she feels humiliation; and how many sacrifices would she not make?  She would lay down her life in order to place that point, so as to make her work complete.

“Such is the state We are in; nothing is lacking to Our work of Creation—heavens, suns, works and magnificence of every kind; but one point is missing—yet a point that disfigures a work so beautiful.  This point is the most important; it is the most beautiful shade, it is the most vivid color that is missing in the Creation:  everyone and everything lives in My Fiat, but one point of It—that is, the human family—is outside of It, outside of My Kingdom, and it lives unhappy.  What sorrow!  There is room for everyone in My Volition, and yet, there are some who live outside.  Oh! how they disfigure It and render It incomplete.  And what would We not do to see It complete?  Any sacrifice, My daughter; We are willing to do anything.  I have already laid down My Life in the Redemption to place this point in the creative work.

“And when they come to know what Will of God means, the great good It can do, and how the only thing that most interests Us is to place the rights of Our Divine Fiat in safety and to make It reign, so as to see everyone happy in Our Will, of Our own happiness—they will no longer be surprised in reading, in these papers, the great things I have told you and I have done in your soul.  On the contrary, they will say:  ‘For a Will so holy, that has done everything, it was right that there be such a display of graces and so many sublime teachings in the one in whom It was to make the first deposit of Its Kingdom, so as to make us comprehend It, love It and long for It.’ Therefore, be attentive, because this is about giving a Divine Will Its rights, so as to render the work of Creation complete.”


Vol. 28 – March 9, 1930
How the knowledges on the Divine Will contain the science of forming Its life and the people of Its Kingdom.  How, in remembering what Jesus did and suffered, His Love is renewed, It swells and overflows outside for the good of creatures.

My abandonment in the Fiat continues.  I feel clasped in Its arms of light, and so tightly, that it is not given to me to be able to detach even a tiny bit; nor do I, even less so, want to do it—I would very much beware of detaching from Its bosom of light.  It seems to me that there is an agreement between me and the Divine Will—that both of us cannot separate from the other.  Oh! Holy Will, how lovable and powerful You are.  With Your loveliness You attract me, You enrapture me, You enchant me; and I, enchanted, would not know what to do so as not to remain fixed in You.  And with Your power You maintain Yourself firm over my littleness, You pour Yourself in torrents, in such a way that I have lost the way to go out of Your endless light.  But, happy loss.  O please! oh adorable Fiat, make everyone lose the way, that they may know no other way than what leads into Your Divine Will.  But how will creatures be able to know such a great good?

But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, making Himself heard in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the knowledges on My Divine Will are the ways that can lead creatures into the arms of light of My Divine Fiat.  The knowledges are the seeds, and this seed makes the beginning of the life of My Divine Will be born in the creature; the knowledges—each of them will be like many sips of life, that will form in the creature the maturation of this Divine Life.  This is why I have told you so many things about My Divine Fiat; each knowledge will bring some the seed, some the birth, some the food, some the breath, some the air, some the light and the heat in order to mature the life of My Will in souls.  Each knowledge contains one more degree of maturation; therefore, the more they try to know what I have manifested on My Divine Fiat, the more they will feel matured.  My knowledges about It will mold souls, and with their touch they will extinguish the evils of the human will.  They will act like a pitying mother who, at any cost, wants to heal her child and see him healthy and beautiful.  If you knew what a knowledge on My Divine Will means….  They contain the science of forming the life of It, in order to form the people of Its Kingdom.

“See, the same happens also in the natural order:  if one wants to become a teacher, it is necessary for him to know what regards the sciences; and if he does not want to apply himself to knowing the sciences, he will never be mature for being a teacher; and according to the degree of the sciences he has studied, he will possess more or less degrees of education:  if a few sciences, he can be mature as an elementary school teacher; and if he has studied many sciences, he can be mature for being a high school professor.  So, according to how much they know, both in the arts and in the sciences, so have they all the more matured in that good that they know, and are capable of making the good, the sciences, the arts that they possess, mature in others.  Now, by having told you so many knowledges on My Divine Will, it was not in order to give you some beautiful news—no, no; it was in order to form the science of It, first in you, and then in the midst of creatures, so that, once this science, Divine and all of Heaven, is known, it may make the life of the Divine Fiat mature, and may form Its Kingdom.”

After this, I was continuing my round in the Divine Will, and I stopped now at one point, and now at another, of what my beloved Jesus had done and suffered; and He was as though wounded by His very Acts that I was placing around Him, by saying to Him:  “My Love, my ‘I love You’ runs within Yours.  See, oh Jesus, how much You have loved us.  Yet, there is another thing left to be done, You have not done everything—what is left for You to give us is the great Gift of Your Divine Fiat as life in the midst of creatures, that It may reign and form Its people.  Hurry, oh Jesus, what are You waiting for?  Your very works, Your pains, demand the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.”

But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter, when the soul remembers what I did and suffered in the course of My Life down here, I feel My Love being renewed, therefore It swells and overflows, and the sea of My Love forms gigantic waves to pour Itself, doubled, over the creatures.  If you knew with how much love I await you when you go around in My Divine Will in each of My Acts….  In fact, in It, everything I did and suffered is all in act, as if I were doing it in reality; and I, with all love, await you to say to you:  ‘See, daughter, this I did for you, I suffered it for you; come to recognize the properties of your Jesus, that are also yours.’  My Heart would suffer if the little daughter of My Divine Will did not recognize all My goods.  To keep Our goods hidden with one who lives in Our Divine Fiat would be like not keeping her as daughter, or not having Our full trust with her—that cannot be, because Our Will identifies her so much with Us, that what is Ours is hers.

“So, it would be, rather, a pain for Us, and We would find Ourselves in the condition of an extremely rich father who possesses many properties, and his children do not know that the father possesses so many goods; therefore, not knowing them, they get used to living as poor, to having unrefined manners, nor do they care for clothing themselves in a noble fashion.  Would it not be a sorrow for the father who keeps his properties hidden from these children?  While, by his making them known, they would change habit, by living, clothing themselves and using noble manners according to their status.

“If it would be a sorrow for a terrestrial father, much more so for your Jesus, who is Celestial Father.  As I make known to you what I have done and suffered, and the goods that My Divine Will possesses, My Love grows toward you, and your love grows ever more toward Me; and My Heart rejoices in seeing Our little daughter rich with Our own goods.  Therefore, your going around in My Divine Will is an outpouring of My Love, and disposes Me to make known to you new things, and to give you one more little lesson for everything that belongs to Us; and it disposes you to listen to it and to receive Our gifts.”

Vol. 35 – November 7, 1937

How all the Truths written about the Divine Will will form the Day for those who will Live in It.  The Queen of Heaven yearns with Love, wanting to endow Her children.

I felt my poor mind as though crowded by so many Truths that Jesus made me write about the Divine Will; and I was thinking to myself:  “Who knows when these Truths on the Divine Fiat will come to Light, and what Good they will produce?”

My sweet Jesus, surprising me with His little visit, all Goodness and Tenderness told me:  “My daughter, I too feel the Love-need of making you see the Order that these Truths will have and the Good they will produce.

“These Truths on My Divine Will will form the Day of My Fiat in the midst of the creatures.  According to their knowledge, this day will be rising.  So, as they begin to know the first Truths that I have Manifested to you, a Most Splendid Dawn will arise—provided that they will have good will and the disposition to make their own life of these Truths.  However, these Truths will also have the virtue of disposing the creatures, and of giving the Light to many blind who don’t know My Will or love It.

“Then, once the Dawn is risen, they will feel invested by a Celestial Peace, and more strengthened in the Good.  They, themselves, will yearn to know more Truths, which will form the beginning of the Day of My Divine Will.  This beginning of the Day will increase the Light and the Love; all things will turn into Good for the creatures; passions will lose the power to make them fall into sin.  One can say that they will feel the first Order of the Divine Good, which will facilitate their actions for them.  They will feel a Strength with which they can do everything, since its Primary Virtue is exactly this:  to inject in the soul a Transformation of her nature in Good.  So, feeling the Great Good of the beginning of the Day, they will long for the Day to advance.  They will then know more Truths that will form the Full Day.

“In this Full Day they will vividly feel the Life of My Will within themselves—Its Joy and Happiness, Its Operative and Creative Virtue within them.  They will feel the possession of My very Life, becoming the bearers of My Divine Will.  The Full Day will provoke in them so much yearning to know more Truths that, once known, they will form the Full Afternoon.  In this, the creature will no longer feel alone:  between her and My Will there will be no more separation.  What My Will will do, she will do as well—Operating together.  All will be her own by right—Heaven, earth, and God Himself.

“Do you see then, how noble, Divine and precious will be the scope of these Truths that I made you write on My Divine Will in order to form the Day of the creature?  For some they will form the Dawn; for some the beginning of the Day; for some others the Full Day and, lastly, the Full Afternoon.  These Truths will form, according to their knowledge, the different categories of the souls who will Live in My Will.  One Knowledge more, or one less, will make them rise or stay in the different categories. Knowledge will be the hand to boost them up to the higher categories—it will be the very Life of the Fullness of My Will within them.  Therefore, I can say that with these Truths I formed the Day for whoever wants to Live in My Divine Will—a Day of Heaven, greater than Creation itself; not of sun or stars, because each Truth has the Virtue of Creating Our Life in the creature.  O, how this surpasses the whole of Creation!  Our Love surpassed everything in Manifesting so many Truths on My Divine Will.  Our Glory, on the part of the creatures, will be Full, because they will possess Our Life to Glorify Us and to Love Us.

“As far as the emerging of these Truths goes, just as I had the Power and the Love to assist the one to whom I had to Manifest Them, in the same way I will have Power and Love to Invest the creatures, and Transform them into these very Truths.  And feeling Their Life, they will also feel a great need to give to the Light what They feel within Themselves.  Therefore, don’t get worried.  I, who can do all, will do all and take care of all.”

After this, I was following the Acts of the Divine Will, that contained all the Works, Love, Prayers, sufferings, Palpitating Life, breaths, and all that the Queen of Heaven has done, as if She was just doing them.  And I hugged Them, I kissed Them, I adored Them and offered Them in order to obtain the Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Then, my sweet Jesus, continuing His say, added:  “My blessed daughter, one who Lives in My Will can enter everywhere, and can give Me everything, even My Celestial Mother—as if She were her own; the way in which She Loved Me, and everything that I did.  This creature can even duplicate My Life—as if It were her own, and give It to Me to LoveMe.

“You must know that, as I formed the Day of the creature by Manifesting many Truths on My Divine Will to you, so the Sovereign of Heaven, with Her Love, sufferings, Prayers and Acts—which, done in My Divine Will, filled Heaven and earth, forming the appropriate endowment for those who will Live in It—with great anxiety longs and sighs to be able to equip Her children!  She sees Herself immersed in many riches of Grace, Love and Sanctity, but she can’t find Her children to equip them, since they don’t Live in that same Will in which She Lived.  Look, My daughter, how it is written in everything She did and suffered: ‘For My children.’  Therefore, if She Loves, she calls her children to receive the endowment of Her Love in order to make Us Recognize them as Her children and as Our children too, and to Love them as We Love Her; if She prays, She wants to give the endowment of Her Prayer…. In sum, She wants to provide them with all Her Sanctity, with Her Pains, and with the very Life of Her Son.

“How touching it is to hear Her and to look at Her keeping Her children within Her Maternal Heart, as if inside a Sacrarium.  In all Her Acts and breaths She calls Her children, and says to Our Supreme Being:  ‘All that I am and possess, is all for My children. Please, listen to Me!  I feel My Heart bursting for Love!  Have mercy on a Mother, who Loves and wants to provide for Her children, to make them happy!  My Happiness is not full.  I feel it halved because I don’t have My children delighting together with Me.  Therefore, hurry—may the Divine Will be known, so that they may also know the restlessness of their Mother, and how I want to provide for them, and make them Happy and Holy!’

“Do you think that We remain indifferent before this touching scene; before She, who is in spasms of Love—so much that, with Her Maternal Tenderness and with Her Rights as a Mother, She prays to Us, and begs Us?  Ah, no!  How many times, because of Her concerns, I Manifest more surprising Truths on My Fiat, to give Her Free Reign to pour out to Her children a more extensive provision, since She will be allowed to do it only in accordance with their knowledge.  Therefore, you too, enter My Divine Will and, together with this Celestial Mother, pray and supplicate that Our Will may be known and Reign in all the creatures.”

Every Act Carried Out in the Divine Will Multiplies the Divine Act, Its Life, Its Blessings for the Glory of God and for the Benefit of Humanity

Vol. 12 – February 13, 1919
Jesus speaks to Luisa about her new office.

Continuing in my usual state, I was searching, and with anxiousness, for my always lovable Jesus; and, all goodness, He came and told me: “Beloved daughter of my Will, do you want to come into my Will and substitute in a divine manner for the many acts which have not been done by our brothers, for many others done humanly, and for other acts, holy, yes, but human and not done in the divine order? I did everything in the divine order, but I am not yet content; I want the creature to enter my Will and to come to kiss my acts in a divine manner, substituting for all, just as I did. Therefore, come – come; I long for it, I desire it so much that I put Myself in feast when I see that the creature enters into this divine environment, and multiplying herself with Me, she multiplies in everyone, and loves, repairs, substitutes for all and for each one in a divine manner. I no longer recognize human things in her, but all my things. My Love rises and multiplies Itself; reparations multiply to infinity; substitutions are divine. What joy! What feast! The Saints themselves unite with Me and make feast, ardently waiting for a sister of theirs to substitute for their own acts, holy in the human order, but not in the divine order. They pray Me to soon let this creature enter this divine environment, and that all of their acts be substituted only with the Divine Will, and with the mark of the Eternal One. I did this for all; now I want you to do it for all.”

And I: ‘My Jesus, your words confuse me. I know that You alone are enough for everything; and besides, everything is Yours.’ And Jesus: “Surely I am enough for all; but am I not free to elect one creature, give her this office together with Me, and make her be enough for all? And then, what do you care if this is all Mine? Can I perhaps not give you what is Mine? This is all my contentment – to give you everything. If you do not correspond to Me and do not accept it, you make Me discontent, defrauding Me of that whole chain of graces which I gave you to bring you to this point of calling you to this office.”

I entered into Jesus and did what Jesus was doing. Oh, how clearly I could see what Jesus had told me! I remained multiplied with Him in everyone, even in the Saints… But as I returned into myself, some doubts arose within me, and Jesus added: “One single act of my Will, even one instant, is full of creative Life, and whoever contains this Life can, in that instant, give life to everything and preserve everything. From that act of my Will alone the Sun receives the life of the light, the earth preservation, the creatures life. Why do you doubt, then? And then, I have my court in Heaven and I want another court on earth. Guess: who is going to form this Court?”

And I: ‘The souls who will live in your Will.’ And He: “Brava, they are exactly the ones who, without the shadow of interest and of personal sanctity – but rather, fully divine – will live for the good of their brothers, forming one single echo with Heaven.”


Vol. 12 – April 7, 1919
Effects of the Divine Will. Threats of chastisements.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus came all tired, in the act of asking for my help; and leaning His Heart on mine, He made me feel His pains. Each pain I felt was capable of giving me death, but Jesus, sustaining me, gave me the strength not to die. Then, looking at me, He told me: “My daughter, patience. In certain days your pains are necessary to Me, more than ever, so that the whole world may not be reduced to a flame. Therefore, I want to make you suffer more.” And with a lance which He had in His hand, He ripped my heart open. I suffered very much, but I felt happy, thinking that Jesus was sharing His pains with Me, and pouring Himself out with me He could spare the peoples the imminent and terrible chastisements that will burst out. Then, after some hours of intense pains, my lovable Jesus told me: “My beloved daughter, you suffer very much. Come, then, into my Will to take refreshment, and let us pray together for poor humanity.”

I don’t know how, I found myself in the immensity of the Divine Volition, in the arms of Jesus, and I repeated after Him all that He was saying in a low voice… I will give some idea of what He was saying, because it is impossible for me to say everything. I remember that in the Will of Jesus I could see all of His thoughts, all the good He had done to us with His Intelligence, and how all human intelligences received life from His mind. But – oh God, what abuse they did – how many offenses! And I said: ‘Jesus, I multiply my thoughts in your Will, to give to each one of your thoughts the kiss of a divine thought, an adoration, a recognition of You, a reparation, a love of divine thoughts, as if another Jesus were doing it. This, in the name of all and for all the human thoughts, past, present and future; and I intend to compensate even for the intelligences of lost souls. I want that the glory on the part of the creatures be complete, and that no one miss the roll call; and whatever they do not do, I do it in your Will, to give You divine and complete glory.”

Then, looking at me, Jesus was waiting, as if He wanted a reparation to His eyes. And I said: ‘Jesus, I multiply myself in your gazes, so that I too may have as many gazes for as many times as You have looked at the creature with love. I multiply myself in your tears, to cry, me too, for all the sins of the creatures, to be able to give You gazes of divine love and divine tears in the name of all; to give You complete glory and reparation for all the gazes of all creatures.’

Then, Jesus wanted me to continue the reparations to everything – to His mouth, to His Heart, to His desires, etc., multiplying myself in His Will, such that It would be too long to say everything, therefore I move forward. Then Jesus added: “My daughter, as you did your acts in my Will, many Suns were being formed between Heaven and earth; and I look at the earth only through these Suns, otherwise the earth would be so disgusting to Me that I would not be able to look at it. But the earth receives little of these Suns, because the darkness that creatures spread is such that it places itself in front of these Suns, and they cannot receive of all their light, nor their heat.”

Afterwards, He transported me into the midst of creatures. But who can say what they were doing? I will just say that my Jesus, with sorrowful tone, added: “What disorder in the world! But this disorder is because of the leaders, both civilian and ecclesiastical. Their self-interested and corrupted lives did not have the strength to correct their subjects; so they closed their eyes to the evils of the members, since they already showed their own evils; and if they did, it was all in a superficial way, because, not having the life of that good within themselves, how could they infuse it in others? How many times these perverted leaders have put the evil before the good, to the extent that the few good have been shaken by this behavior of the leaders. Therefore, I will have the leaders struck in a special way.”

And I: ‘Jesus, spare the leaders of the Church – they are already few. If You strike them, the rulers will be missing.’ And Jesus: “Don’t you remember that I founded my Church with twelve Apostles? In the same way, those few who will remain, will be enough to reform the world. The enemy is already at their doors; revolutions are already in the field; nations will swim in blood and their leaders will be scattered. Pray, pray and suffer, so that the enemy may not have the freedom to reduce everything to ruin.”


Vol. 16 – March 19, 1924
The Light of the Divine Will is the passport in order to penetrate everything and everyone – Heaven and earth, and to multiply many Lives of Jesus, for as many existing creatures, and for as many acts as they do.

I was fusing myself in the immense sea of the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior in the act of blessing me. Then, after He blessed me, He surrounded my neck with His arms and said to me: “My daughter, I bless your heart, your heartbeats, your affections, your words, your thoughts, and even your tiniest movement, so that through my blessing, all of them may be invested by a divine virtue; in such a way that, in entering my Will, they may bring this divine virtue with them, by virtue of my blessing, and may have the power to diffuse in all, to give themselves to all, and to multiply Me for each one, in order to give Me love and glory, as if all had my Life within them. Therefore, enter into my Will, penetrate between Heaven and earth, go through everyone…

My Will is most pure light, and this light contains All-seeingness – the passport in order to enter the most intimate hiding places, the most secret fibers, the abyss of depths and the space of the highest heights. This passport does not need a signature to be valid, but it contains this power within itself, because, being light which descends from on high, no one can hinder its step and entrance. And then, it is King of all and it has dominion everywhere.

Therefore, place your thoughts, your words, your heartbeats, your pains – all of your being, in circulation within my Will. Leave nothing within yourself, so that, by the passport of the Light of my Will and by my divine virtue, you may enter every act of creature and you may multiply my Life in each one of them. Oh, how happy I will be in seeing that the creature, by virtue of my Will, fills Heaven and earth with as many Lives of Mine for as many existing creatures!”

So I abandoned myself in the Supreme Volition, and going around within It, I made my thoughts, my words, my reparations, etc., flow in each created intelligence and in all the rest of human works; and as I did my acts, Jesus was formed. Oh, how beautiful and enchanting it was to see many Jesuses, everywhere the passport of the Light of the Eternal Will passed!

Then I found myself inside myself, and I found Jesus who was clinging to my neck, and squeezing all of me, it seemed that He was making feast, as if I were the cause of the multiplication of His Life, to give Him the honor and the glory of as many Divine Lives.

So I said to Him: ‘My Love, it does not seem real to me that I could multiply your Life, to give you the great honor of as many Divine Lives. And then, You are everywhere, therefore it is by virtue of Yourself that this Life arises in every act, and not because of me. I remain always the little child who is good at nothing.’

And Jesus: “My daughter, what you say is true. I am everywhere, but it is my Power, Immensity and All-seeingness that allows Me to be everywhere; it is not the love and the action of the creature in my Will to make Me be everywhere and to multiply Me. But when the soul enters my Will, it is her love – it is her acts that, being filled with divine virtue, make my Life arise, according to how her acts are more or less extended and done. And this is the reason for my feast in seeing that the creature takes of my own and gives Me my Love, my Glory and even my very Life. My contentment is so great that the creature cannot comprehend it while she lives in exile, but she will comprehend it in the Celestial Fatherland, when she sees herself repaid with as many Divine Lives for as many as she formed upon earth.”

The Round in the Divine Will

Vol. 20 – October 17, 1926
How the soul goes around in all Creation and Redemption, keeping the Divine Will company in all of Its acts, and asking for Its Kingdom in each one of them.  How the Fiat is the foundation of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

It seems I cannot do without continuing my round in the Supreme Will.  I feel It is my true home, and only when I go around within It—then am I content, because I find everything that belongs to my sweet Jesus, and by virtue of His Will, all that belongs to Him, is also mine.  Therefore, I have much to give to my beloved Good; even more, there is so much to give Him, that I never finish giving Him everything.  So I remain always with the desire to go back and continue my round, to be able to give Him everything that belongs to His adorable Will.

So, while going around, thinking of the great good that the Supreme Volition brings to the soul, I prayed to Jesus that He would soon make It known to all, so that they might take part in such a great good.  And in order to obtain this, as I reached each created thing, I said to Him:  “I come into the sun to keep company with Your Will reigning and dominating in it, with all the splendor of Its majesty.  But while I keep You company in the sun, I pray You that Your Eternal Fiat be known, and just as It reigns triumphantly in the sun, It may come to reign triumphantly in the midst of creatures.

“See, the sun also is praying You—all of its light turns into prayer, and as it extends over the earth and invests plants and flowers, mountains and plains, seas and rivers with its light, it prays that Your Fiat may be one upon earth, harmonizing with all creatures.  So, I am not the only one who is praying, but it is the power of Your very Will reigning in the sun that is praying.  The light is praying; its innumerable effects, the goods, the colors it contains, are praying—all are praying that Your Fiat may reign over all.  Can You resist such a great mass of light, that prays with the power of Your own Will?

“And I, little as I am, while keeping You company in this sun, bless, adore, glorify Your adorable Will, with that magnificence and glory with which Your own Will glorifies Itself in Its works.  So, only in the creatures is Your Will not to find the perfect glory of Its works?  Therefore, come—may Your Fiat come.”

But while I am doing this, I feel all the light of the sun praying that the Eternal Fiat may come; or rather, it is His very adorable Will that, investing the light, prays.  And I, leaving It there praying, move on into the other created things to make my tiny little visit, to keep a little company with the adorable Will in each one of Its acts, that It exercises in each created thing.  Therefore, I go through the heavens, the stars, the sea, so that the heavens may pray, the stars may pray, the sea may pray with its murmuring that the Supreme Fiat be known and reign triumphantly over all creatures, just as It reigns in them.  Then, after going around over all created things to keep company with the Divine Fiat, and to ask, within each thing, that It may come to reign upon earth—how beautiful it is to see and to hear the whole Creation praying that Its Kingdom may come into the midst of creatures.

Then I descend into everything that my Jesus did in Redemption—in His tears, in His baby moans, in His works, steps and words, in His pains, in His wounds, in His Blood, and even in His Death, so that His tears may pray that His Fiat come, His moans and everything He did, all in chorus, may supplicate that His Fiat be known, and that His very Death may make the life of His Divine Will rise again in the creatures.

Then, while I was doing this and other things—I would be too long if I wanted to say everything—my sweet Jesus, clasping me to Himself, told me:  “Little daughter of My Will, you must know that My Will left Itself reigning in all Creation, to give the field to creatures to make as many visits to It for as many things as It created.  It wanted the company of the creature in the mute language of the whole universe.

“How hard is the isolation of this Will so holy, that wants to sanctify, and finds no one with whom to share Its sanctity; It is so rich and yearning to give, and finds no one to whom to give; so beautiful, and It finds no one to embellish; so happy, and It finds no one to make happy.  Being able to give—wanting to give, and having no one to whom to give is always a sorrow and an unspeakable pain; and then, to one’s yet greater sorrow, being left alone.

“Therefore, in seeing a creature enter the field of Creation to keep It company, It feels delighted, and It feels that the purpose for which It left Itself reigning in each created thing is being fulfilled.  But what renders It more happy, more glorified, is that, as you reach each created thing, you ask that Its Fiat be known and reign over everything, and you move My very Will in the sun, in the heavens, in the sea—in everything, to pray that the Kingdom of My Will may come.  In fact, since My Fiat is in you, it can be said that it is My Will Itself that prays and moves all of My works, and even My tears and sighs, so that the Kingdom of My Will may come.

“You cannot understand what contentment you give Me, what a breach it is into My Heart and into My very Will, to hear all Our works praying because they want Our Fiat.  You see, then, My contentment, as I see that you seek nothing for yourself—neither glory, nor love, nor graces.  And in seeing that your littleness cannot obtain a Kingdom so great, you go around in all My works, wherever an act of My Will is present, doing its office, and you make My own Fiat say:  ‘Your Kingdom come.  O please! let It be known, loved and possessed by the human generations.’

“A Divine Will that prays together with Our works, and together with Its little daughter, is the greatest portent.  It is a power equal to Our own that prays, and it is impossible for Us not to grant what it asks.  How holy, how pure, noble and fully Divine, without a shadow of the human, is the Kingdom of Our Will.  Our own Fiat will be Its basis, Its foundation and Its depth, that, extending below, in the midst, and above these children of the Celestial Family, will render their step firm, and the Kingdom of My Will unshakeable for them.”


Vol. 20 – November 1, 1926
What the Supreme Fiat does in each created thing, and the lessons It gives to creatures in order to come and reign in their midst.

I was doing my usual round in the whole Creation, to be able to love and glorify as the Divine Fiat Itself loves and glorifies in all created things.  But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  “My sweet Jesus makes me go around through the whole Creation, as though to reach His Will in all of Its acts, so as to keep It company, to give to Him an ‘I love You’ of mine, a ‘thank You,’ an ‘I adore You’ of mine, and to ask that His Kingdom may come soon.  But I do not know all that this Divine Volition does in each created thing; I would like to know It, so that my act may be one with Its own.”

Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, all goodness, came out from within my interior and told me:  “It is right that the little daughter of My Will know what the One from whom her origin came, does.  You must know that My Eternal Fiat not only fills the whole Creation and is life of each created thing, but keeps all of Our Qualities spread out in the whole Creation.  In fact, the Creation was to serve as terrestrial paradise for the human family, and therefore It was to be the echo of the beatitudes and happinesses of Heaven.  If It did not contain the joys and the contentments of the Celestial Fatherland, how could It form the happiness of the terrestrial fatherland?  More so, since one was the Will—both what beatified Heaven and what was to make the earth happy.

“Now, if you want to know what My Will does in the heavens—in that azure that appears always firm and stretched out above the heads of all, there is not one point at which heavens cannot be seen; both at night and at daytime they remain always at their place.  So, Our Will keeps Our Eternity, Our Firmness that never changes, spread out; It remains always in Its perfect balance, nor does It ever change because of any circumstance.  And while It loves and glorifies Our Eternity, Our unshakable Being, It makes the earth happy and says to man:  ‘Look—take the heavens as model, that are always stretched out above your head.  Be always firm in good, just as I am, always stretched out from here in order to protect you, so that you too, like a second heaven populated with stars—that to your eyes seem so bound to the heavens that it can be said that the stars are daughters of the heavens—so that you too will be firm in good, and the heaven of your soul will be populated with stars, like many births from you and daughters of yours.’

“So, in doing your round in the Creation, when you arrive at the heavens, you too, united with Our Will, love and glorify Our Eternity, Our unshakeable Being that never changes, and pray that It may render creatures firm in good, that they may be the reflection of the heavens, and may enjoy the happiness brought by a good that is continuous and never interrupted.

“Then, continuing your round in the space of Creation, you will arrive at the sun, a sphere that is closer to the earth than the heavens, in order to bring to creatures the source of terrestrial happiness, and the similes of the beatitudes and the flavors of the happiness of the Celestial Fatherland.  Do you want to know, then, what My Will does in the sun?  It glorifies Our endless Light, Our innumerable flavors; It loves and glorifies the infinity of Our sweetnesses, the indescribable tints of Our Beauties; and with its heat, It echoes Our immense Love.  Oh! how the sun sings Our praises, and loves and glorifies Our Divine Being.

“Just as Our Divinity, unveiled, beatifies the whole Celestial Fatherland with acts ever new, in the same way, the sun, faithful echo of its Creator, celestial bearer of the Supreme Majesty, veiled by its light in which My Will dominates and reigns, brings terrestrial happiness to the earth.  It brings its light and its heat; it brings sweetness and flavors, almost innumerable, to plants, to herbs, to fruits; it brings color and fragrance to the flowers, and so many different tints of beauty, as to delight and embellish all nature.

“Oh! how the sun—or rather, My Will in the sun—through plants, fruits and flowers, offers true terrestrial happiness to the human generations.  And if they do not enjoy it fully, it is because they have moved away from that Will that reigns in the sun; and the human will, placing itself against the Divine, breaks its happiness.  And My Will, veiled in the light of the sun, while loving and singing the praises of Our Divine Qualities, from the height of its sphere says to man:  ‘In everything you do, be always light, just as I am, so that the light may convert you completely into heat, and you may become as one single flame of love for your Creator.  Look at me:  by being always light and heat, I possess sweetness; so much so, that I communicate it to the plants, and from the plants to you.  You too, if you are always light and heat, will possess the Divine sweetness; you will have no more bile and angers in your heart; you will possess the flavors and the different tints of the Beauties of the Supreme Being.  You will be sun like me; more so, since God made me for you, and you were made for Him, therefore it is right that you be more sun than I.’

“See, My daughter, how many things you have to do united with My Will in that sphere of the sun.  You have to sing the praises, love and glorify Our Light, Our Love, Our infinite sweetnesses, Our innumerable flavors and Our incomprehensible Beauty.  And you have to impetrate for creatures all the Divine Qualities that the sun contains, so that, in finding the Divine Qualities in their midst, My Will may come to reign unveiled, with Its full triumph, into the midst of the human generations.

“And now, My daughter, let us descend into the lower part of the earth; let us go into the sea, in which immense masses of crystal clear waters are piled up—symbol of Divine Purity.  These waters are always moving—they never stop.  They are without voice, and they murmur; they are without life, yet so strong as to form waves so high, that they overwhelm and shatter ships, peoples and things, to then descend into their shore after having knocked down the things that they invested—peaceful, as if they had done nothing, continuing their usual murmuring.  Oh! how My Will in the sea sings the praises, loves and glorifies Our Power, Our Strength, Our eternal Motion that never stops.

“And if Our Justice forms its just roaring waves, such as to knock down cities and peoples, like peaceful sea after the storm, Our Peace is never disturbed, and My Will, veiled by the waters of the sea, says to man:  ‘Be pure like these crystal clear waters.  But if you want to be pure, move always toward Heaven, otherwise you would putrefy, just as these waters, so pure, would putrefy if they did not always move.  Let the murmuring of your prayer be continuous, if you want to be strong and powerful like Me—if you want to knock down the strongest enemies and your rebellious will, that prevents Me from unveiling Myself and going out of this sea to come to reign in you and extend in you the peaceful sea of My Grace.  Is it possible that you want to remain below this sea that glorifies Me so much?’

“You too, sing the praises, love and glorify Our Purity, Our Power, Strength and Justice, united to My Will that awaits you in the sea as Its own daughter; as well as Our eternal Motion toward creatures in order to do good to them, and the continuous murmuring of Our Love through the created things, that, while it murmurs love, wants the continuous requital of the murmuring of the continuous love of the creatures.  And pray My Will to give them the Divine Qualities It exercises in the sea, so that It may come and reign in the midst of those who now keep It rejected in the whole Creation.

“So, if you want to know what My Will does in all Creation, go around in It, and My Fiat, finding Its daughter in all created things, will unveil Itself and will tell you what It does toward the Divine Majesty, and the call and the lessons It wants to give to creatures.”


Vol. 28 – April 1, 1930
What it means to enter into the Prime Act of the Divine Will.  The little drops that the creature forms in Its Sea of light.  How God, in all created things, places as many acts of love for as many times as the creature was to make use of them.  How life has need of nourishment.

My poor intelligence feels as though drawn to cross the immense Sea of the Divine Fiat, and within Its Sea it goes in search of Its acts in order to love them, adore them and keep them company.  So, my poor mind is under the influence of an irresistible force that makes it always go wandering in search of the acts of the Supreme Volition.  But while I was doing this, I thought:  “What good do I do in going around, over and over again, in the Sea of the Divine Fiat?”

And my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, as many times as you go around in the Sea of My Divine Will, so many places you take in It, and you form your little drops within Our Sea, that dissolve in It and remain inseparable.  And We feel your little drops that love Us and form one single life with Us, and We say:  ‘The newborn of Our Will loves Us within Our Sea, not outside of It; it is right that We give her the rights to let her come into Our Sea as many times as she wants.  More so, since she wants nothing other than what We want; and this is the greatest joy that she brings to Us, as if she were bringing to Us, on her little lap, all of Our Divine Will; and overflowing with It from all sides, she remains eclipsed within Its light, and We enjoy in seeing your littleness enclosed within Our Light.’  And if you feel the irresistible force of coming to do your little rounds in the Sea of Our Fiat, it is the ruling force of It that loves so much to see your littleness forming the little drops of light within Its Sea.  This is what it means to enter into the Prime Act of Our Volition:  the creature taking her place in It and forming in It her little drops.  Therefore, hold it as a great fortune—your going around constantly in Our Fiat.”

Then, I was following the acts of the Divine Fiat in the Creation, and it seemed to me that all were palpitating with the love of their Creator toward the creatures.  The heavens, the stars, the sun, the air, the wind, the sea and all created things are in perfect accord among themselves, so much so that, even though they are distinct among themselves, yet they live as though fused together.  And this is so true, that wherever there is the light of the sun, within the same space there is air, wind, sea, earth; but each one has its distinct heartbeat of love toward the creature.

But while I was thinking of this and other things, my lovable Jesus, clasping me in His arms, told me:  “My daughter, Our Love in Creation was exuberant, but always toward man.  In each created thing We placed as many acts of love for as many times as the creature was to make use of them.  Our Divine Fiat, that maintains the balance in all Creation and is perennial life of It, as It sees that the creature is about to use the light of the sun, puts Our Love in exercise, to make the creature encounter It in the light that she receives.  If she drinks, Our Love makes Itself be encountered, so as to say to her while she drinks:  ‘I love you.’  If she breathes the air, Our Love says to her, repeatedly:  ‘I love you.’  If she walks, the earth says to her, under her steps:  ‘I love you.’  There is not one thing that the creature may take, touch and see, in which Our Love does not make Its happy encounter with the creature by saying to her:  ‘I love you’—to give her love.

“But do you know what the cause is of so much insistence of Our Love?  To receive, in each thing that the creature may take, the encounter of her love.  So, the Infinite Love wanted to meet with the finite love and form one single love, so as to place in the creature the balance of Its love.  And since the creature makes use of created things without even thinking that Our Love comes to meet her in the things that she takes, to hear Our repeated refrain:  ‘I love you, I love you.’ and she makes use of them without having a glance for He who is sending them to her, the love of the creature remains unbalanced, because, not meeting with Our Love, it loses the balance and remains disordered in all its acts, because it has lost the Divine Balance and the strength of the Love of its Creator.  Therefore, be attentive with your requital of love, to repair Me for so much coldness of creatures.”

Then, I continued my round in the acts of the Divine Will, and I thought to myself:  “But what is the use for the so many times I go round and round in the Supreme Fiat to follow Its acts?”

And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, all lives have need of nourishment; without nourishment, a person neither forms nor grows.  And if nourishment is lacking, there is the danger that life may be taken away from him.  Now, following My Will, uniting oneself to Its acts, going round and round in It, serves to form the nourishment with which to nourish, form and make Its life grow in your soul.  Its life can nourish Itself with no other acts but those that are done in Its Will; nor can It form in the creature, or grow, if she does not enter into It; and by the union of her acts, It forms in her Its birth of light, to form Its life of Divine Will in the creature.  And the more acts of Divine Will she forms, and the more she unites herself with Its acts and lives in It, the more abundant food she forms to nourish It and make It grow more quickly within her soul.  Therefore, your going around in It is life that it forms—it is nourishment that serves the development of the life of My Divine Will in your soul; and it serves to prepare the food to nourish My Will in the other creatures.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to stop.”


[1] The plurality of elements which compose the army.