Mission of the Blessed Mother Mary and the Mission of Luisa

Mission of the Blessed Mother Mary and Mission of Luisa

Volume 20 – September 23, 1926

The three planes of the Will of God (Jesus, Mary, and Luisa).

“See, My daughter (Luisa), the first plane done in My Will in the name of, and for all creatures, was done by the Sovereign Queen; and She (Our Lady) obtained for all creatures the highest good of making the longed-for Redeemer descend upon earth.  One who acts for all, in the name of all, and makes up for all earns universal goods that can serve all.

“The second plane done in My Supreme Will was done by My Humanity.  I (Jesus) embraced everyone and everything, as if all were one; I (Jesus) satisfied for all, I (Jesus) left not even one act of creature without constituting My Act in it, so that the glory, the love, the adoration to My Celestial Father might be complete for each act of creature.  And this impetrated the fruit of My coming upon earth, it earned salvation and sanctity for all; and if many do not take it, it is their fault—not the fault of the Giver.  Therefore, My Life impetrated universal goods for all; I (Jesus) opened the gates of Heaven for all.

“The third plane in My Will will be done by you (Luisa); and this is why, in everything you (Luisa) do, I (Jesus) make you (Luisa) act for all, embrace all, make up in the name of each of their acts.  Your (Luisa’s) plane must be equal to Mine (Jesus’), it must be unified to that of the Celestial Empress (Mary); and this will serve to impetrate the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Nothing must escape one (Luisa) who must do a universal good, so as to bind to all creatures the good she (Luisa) wants to give.”

Volume 20 – October 22, 1926

Just as the Virgin (Mary), while She (Our Lady) made no miracle, made the great miracle of giving a God to creatures, so it will be for the one (Luisa) who must make the Kingdom (of the Supreme Fiat) known:  she (Luisa) will make the great miracle of giving a Divine Will.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), having to prepare the great miracle of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, I (Jesus) am doing with you (Luisa), firstborn daughter of My Will, just as I (Jesus) did with the Sovereign Queen, My Mama (Mary), when I (Jesus) had to prepare the Kingdom of Redemption.  I (Jesus) drew Her (Mary) so close to Myself, I (Jesus) kept Her (Mary) so occupied in Her (Mary’s) interior, as to be able to form together with Her (Mary) the miracle of Redemption, for which there was such great need.  There were so many things that, together, We (Jesus and Mary) were to do, to redo, to complete, that I (Jesus) had to hide from Her (Mary’s) outward appearance anything that might be called miracle, except for Her (Mary’s) perfect virtue.  By this, I (Jesus) rendered Her (Mary) more free, so as to let Her (Mary) cross the endless Sea of the Eternal Fiat, that She (Mary) might have access to the Divine Majesty in order to obtain the Kingdom of Redemption.

“What would be greater:  that the Celestial Queen had given sight to the blind and speech to the mute, and so forth, or the miracle of making the Eternal Word descend upon earth?  The first would have been accidental, passing and individual miracles; the second, instead, is a permanent miracle—and it is for everyone, as long as they want it.  Therefore, the first would have been as though nothing compared to the second.

“She (Mary) was the true Sun, who, eclipsing everything, eclipsed the very Word of the Father within Herself, letting all the goods, all the effects and miracles that Redemption produced, germinate from Her (Mary’s) light.  But, as Sun, She (Mary) produced goods and miracles without letting Herself be seen or pointed at as the primary cause of everything.  In fact, all the good I (Jesus) did upon earth, I (Jesus) did because the Empress of Heaven reached the point of holding Her (Mary’s) empire in the Divinity; and by Her empire She (Mary) drew Me (Jesus) from Heaven, to give Me to creatures.

“Now, I (Jesus) am doing the same with you (Luisa) in order to prepare the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) with Me, I (Jesus) make you (Luisa) cross Its endless Sea to give you (Luisa) access to the Celestial Father, that you (Luisa) may pray Him, conquer Him, have empire over Him, to obtain the Fiat of My Kingdom.  And in order to fulfill and consummate in you (Luisa) all the miraculous power that is needed to form a Kingdom so holy, I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) continuously occupied in your interior with the work of My Kingdom; I (Jesus) make you (Luisa) go around continuously in order to redo—to complete everything that is needed, and that all should do, in order to form the great miracle of My Kingdom.  Externally, I (Jesus) let nothing miraculous appear in you (Luisa), except for the light of My Will.

“Some might say:  ‘How can this be?  Blessed Jesus manifests so many portents to this creature about this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and the goods It will bring will surpass Creation and Redemption—even more, It (the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat) will be the crown of both one and the other; but in spite of so much good, nothing miraculous can be seen in her (Luisa), externally, as confirmation of the great good of this Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat; while the other Saints, without the portent of this great good, have made miracles at each step.’

“But if they turn back to consider My dear Mama, the holiest of all creatures, and the great good that She (Mary) enclosed within Herself and that She (Mary) brought to creatures, there is no one who can compare to Her (Mary), as She (Mary) made the great miracle of conceiving the Divine Word within Herself, and the portent of giving a God to each creature.  And in the face of this great prodigy, never before seen or heard, of being able to give the Eternal Word to creatures, all other miracles together are like tiny little flames before the sun.

“Now, one who must do the greatest has no need to do the lesser.  In the same way, in the face of the miracle of the Kingdom of My Will restored in the midst of creatures, all other miracles will be tiny little flames before the great Sun of My Will.  Each saying, truth and manifestation about It (the Kingdom of the Divine Will), is a miracle that has come out of My Will as preserver from all evils; it is like binding the creatures to an infinite good, to a greater glory, and to a new beauty—fully Divine.

“Each truth about My Eternal Fiat contains more power and prodigious virtue than if a dead man were resurrected, a leper were healed, a blind one could see, or a mute could speak.  In fact, My (Jesus’) words on the sanctity and power of My Fiat will resurrect the souls to their origin; they will heal them from the leprosy produced by the human will.  They will give them the sight to be able to see the goods of the Kingdom of My Will, because until now they have been like blind.  They will give speech to many mute who, while they were able to say many other things, only for My Will were like many mute without speech; and then, the great miracle of being able to give to each creature a Divine Will that contains all goods.  What will It (the Divine Will) not give them when It (the Divine Will) will be in possession of the children of Its Kingdom?

“This is why I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) all occupied with the work of this Kingdom of Mine—and there is much to do in order to prepare the great miracle that the Kingdom of the Fiat be known and possessed.  Therefore, be attentive in crossing the endless Sea of My Will, so that the order between Creator and creature may be established; in this way, through you (Luisa), I (Jesus) will be able to make the great miracle that man return to Me—into the origin from which he came.”

Volume 20 – December 10, 1926

How the Divine Will is a continuous Act that never ceases.  How the Virgin (Mary) let Herself be dominated by this Act, and formed Its (the Divine Will’s) Life within Herself (Mary).  How, in Heaven, in the feasts of the Virgin (Mary) they celebrate the Divine Will.

“It was precisely the Divine Will that formed Its (the Divine Will’s) Life in this Excelling Creature (Mary), who opened Heaven, that had been closed by the human will.  Therefore, with justice, while they celebrate the Queen, they celebrate the Supreme Fiat that made Her (Mary) Queen, reigned in Her (Mary), formed Its (the Divine Will’s) life, and is the primary cause of their eternal happiness.  So, a creature (Mary and Luisa) who lets My Will dominate and gives It free field in order to form Its life in her, is the greatest of prodigies.  She can move Heaven and earth, even God Himself, as if she were doing nothing, while she does everything, and she alone can win the most important things, destroy all obstacles, face anything, because a Divine Will reigns in her.

“And just as all the power of the Fiat dwelling in the creature (Mary) was needed in order to impetrate Redemption, and My (Jesus’) Humanity, that possessed that power, was needed in order to form It (the Redemption), in the same way, in order to impetrate the coming of the Kingdom of My Fiat Itself, another creature (Luisa) is needed, who would let It (the Divine Will) dwell within herself (Luisa), and give It (the Divine Will) free field in order to form Its (the Divine Will’s) life, so that My Will Itself, through her (Luisa), may accomplish the one and most important prodigy—Its (the Divine Will’s) coming to reign on earth as It (the Divine Will) does in Heaven.

“And because this is the greatest thing, that will place Divine balance in the human family, I (Jesus) do great things in you (Luisa).  I (Jesus) centralize in you (Luisa) everything that it is necessary and decorous to know about this Kingdom of Mine…”

Volume 20 – December 22, 1926

How it is God’s usual way to do His works first one on one with one creature.  So He did with His Mama (Mary). 

My (Luisa’s) mind continued to think about the Supreme Will, and I (Luisa) said to myself:  “But, how can it possibly be that, by myself (Luisa) alone, this little being so insignificant, as I am good at nothing, I have neither dignity, nor authority, nor superiority with which, maybe, I could impose myself—I (Luisa) may diffuse myself, and speak in order to make this Sun of the Divine Will known, and so be able to form the children of Its (the Divine Will’s) generation?”

But while I (Luisa) was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus interrupted my thought, and coming out from within my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), it is My usual way to do My greatest works first one on one with one creature alone.  In fact, My Mama (Mary) was one, and with Her (Mary) alone I (Jesus) carried out all the work and the great portent of My Incarnation.  No one entered Our (Jesus and Mary’s) secrets, or penetrated into the sacrarium of Our (Jesus and Mary’s) apartments to see what was passing between Me (Jesus) and the Celestial Sovereign (Mary); nor did She (Mary) occupy any position of dignity and of authority in the world.  In fact, when I (Jesus) choose, I (Jesus) never look at dignities and superiorities, but I (Jesus) look at the little individual (Mary and Luisa) within whom I (Jesus) can look at My Will in Its face, which is the greatest dignity and authority.  Even though She (Mary) had neither position, nor dignity, nor superiority in the low world, Heaven and earth hung upon the height of the little young girl of Nazareth, because She (Mary) possessed My Will.  In Her (Mary’s) hands was the destiny of mankind, and the destiny of all My Glory, that I (Jesus) was to receive from the whole Creation.

“So, it was enough that the mystery of the Incarnation be formed in My Chosen One (Mary), the only One, in order for others to be able to receive the good of It.  One was My (Jesus’) Humanity, and from It came the generation of the redeemed ones.  Therefore, it is enough to form all the good that one wants within one creature, to be able to have the generation of that good come out, just as one seed is enough in order to multiply, by thousands upon thousands, the generation of that seed.  So, all the power, the virtue, the ability that is needed for a creative virtue, is in forming the first seed; once the first is formed, it is like yeast, in order to form the generation of it.  In the same way, one soul alone (Luisa) is enough for Me (Jesus), who would give Me (Jesus) absolute freedom to enclose in her (Luisa) the good I (Jesus) want, and to form in her (Luisa) the Sun of the Supreme Fiat, in order for this Sun to beat down Its rays on the surface of the earth, and form the generation of the children of My Will.”

Volume 21 – April 16, 1927

The great good that a life (Mary and Luisa’s) animated by the Divine Will can do. 

I (Luisa) was doing the Hour in which Jesus instituted the Most Holy Eucharist; and Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), when I (Jesus) do an act, first I (Jesus) look to see whether there is at least one creature in whom to place the deposit of My Act, so that she may take the good I (Jesus) do, and keep it safe and well defended.

“Now, when I (Jesus) instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, I (Jesus) looked for this creature, and My Queen Mama (Mary) offered Herself to receive this Act of Mine (Jesus’) and the deposit of this great gift (of the Most Holy Sacrament), saying to Me:  ‘My Son (Jesus), just as I (Mary) offered You (Jesus) my womb and my whole being in Your (Jesus’) Conception, to keep You safe and defended, I (Mary) now offer You (Jesus) my maternal Heart in order to receive this great deposit, and I (Mary) line up, around Your Sacramental Life, my affections, my heartbeats, my love, my thoughts—all of Myself (Mary), to keep You (Jesus) defended, surrounded by cortege, loved, protected.  I Myself (Mary) take on the commitment to repay You (Jesus) for the great gift (of the Most Holy Sacrament) You (Jesus) are giving.  Trust Your Mama (Mary), and I (Mary) will take care of the defense of Your (Jesus’) Sacramental Life.  And since You Yourself (Jesus) have constituted Me (Mary) Queen of all Creation, I (Mary) have the right to line up around You (Jesus) all the light of the sun as homage and adoration, the stars, the heavens, the sea, all the inhabitants of the air—I (Mary) place everything around You (Jesus), to give You (Jesus) love and glory.’

“Now, ensuring a place for Myself (Jesus) in which to put this great deposit of My Sacramental Life, and trusting My Mama (Mary), who had given Me (Jesus) all the proofs of Her (Mary’s) faithfulness, I (Jesus) instituted the Most Holy Sacrament.  She (Mary) was the only worthy creature who could keep, defend and protect My Act.  See, then, when creatures receive Me, I (Jesus) descend into them together with the acts of My inseparable Mama (Mary); and only because of this can I (Jesus) perpetuate My Sacramental Life.  Therefore, whenever I (Jesus) want to do a great work worthy of Me, it is necessary that I (Jesus) first choose one creature—first, in order to have a place in which to put My (Jesus’) gift; second, to be repaid for it.

“They do the same also in the natural order.  If a farmer wants to sow a seed, he does not throw it in the middle of the street, but he goes in search of a little field.  First he works it, he forms the furrow, and then he sows the seed in it; and to keep it safe, he covers it with earth, anxiously waiting for the harvest in order to be repaid for his work, and for the seed that he entrusted to the earth.  Someone else wants to form a beautiful object:  first he prepares the raw materials, the place in which to put it, and then he forms it.  So I (Jesus) have done for you (Luisa):  I (Jesus) chose you (Luisa), I (Jesus) prepared you (Luisa), and then I (Jesus) entrusted to you (Luisa) the great gift of the manifestations of My Will; and just as I (Jesus) entrusted the destiny of My Sacramental Life to My beloved Mother (Mary), in the same way I (Jesus) wanted to trust you (Luisa), entrusting to you (Luisa) the destiny of the Kingdom of My Will.”

Volume 21 – April 18, 1927

The Resurrection of Our Lord gave to creatures the right to rise again. 

“See what the power of a first act is.  My Queen Mama (Mary) did the first act of conceiving Me (Jesus).  In order to be able to conceive Me (Jesus), Eternal Word, She (Mary) enclosed within Herself all the acts of creatures, in order to repay Her Creator so as to be able to say to Him (God):  ‘I (Mary) am the one who loves You (God), adores You (God), satisfies You (God) for all.’  So, finding everyone in My Mama (Mary), even though My (Jesus’) Conception was one, I (Jesus) was able to give Myself (Jesus) to all, as life of each creature.

“The same for you (Luisa), My daughter:  as you (Luisa) do your first acts in My Will, the other creatures receive the right to enter into It (the Divine Will) and to repeat your (Luisa’s) acts, in order to receive the same effects.  How necessary it is that even just one alone do the first act.  In fact, it serves to open the door, to prepare the raw materials, to form the model in order to give life to that act.  Once the first is done, it is easier for others to imitate it.

“This happens also in the low world:  one who is the first to form an object must work more, sacrifice himself more; he must prepare all the materials that are needed; he must make many trials.  And once the first is done, not only do others acquire the right to do it, but it is easier for them to repeat it.  However, all the glory is of the one who did it first, because if the first had not been done, the other acts, similar to it, could never have existence.  Therefore, be attentive in forming your (Luisa’s) first acts, if you (Luisa) want the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to come to reign upon earth.”

Volume 21 – April 30, 1927

Works and sacrifices that Jesus does in the soul (Luisa) in order to form the Kingdom of the Fiat.

I (Luisa) felt oppressed; the privations of Jesus become longer.  I (Luisa) felt all the weight of my long exile and the pain of my far away Fatherland.  A profound sadness invaded my poor soul, and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), both of us (Jesus and Luisa) must have patience, and think about the work of the formation of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  No one knows what we (Jesus and Luisa) are doing—the sacrifices it takes, the continuous acts, the prayers that are needed to form and obtain a good so great.  No one takes part in our (Jesus and Luisa’s) sacrifices; no one helps us (Jesus and Luisa) to form this Kingdom that will bring them so much good; and while they pay no attention to us (Jesus and Luisa), they think about enjoying their miserable life, without even disposing themselves to receive the good we (Jesus and Luisa) are preparing.  Oh! if creatures could see what passes in the secrecy of our (Jesus and Luisa’s) hearts, how surprised with amazement they would be.

“The same happened when My Mama (Mary) and I (Jesus) were on earth, while We (Jesus and Mary) were preparing, between the two of Us (Jesus and Mary), the Kingdom of Redemption—all the remedies that were needed so that all might find salvation.  No sacrifices were spared, nor works, nor life, nor prayers; and while We (Jesus and Mary) were intent on thinking about everyone—on giving Our (Jesus and Mary’s) Life for all, no one would think about Us (Jesus and Mary); no one knew what We (Jesus and Mary) were doing.  My Celestial Mama (Mary) was the depository of the Kingdom of Redemption, and therefore She (Mary) took part in all the sacrifices, in all sorrows.  Only Saint   Joseph knew what We (Jesus and Mary) were doing, but he did not share in all Our (Jesus and Mary’s) sorrows.  Oh! how Our (Jesus and Mary’s) Hearts ached in seeing that, while Mother and Son (Mary and Jesus) were consuming Themselves with pains and with love for all, in order to form all possible and imaginable remedies for all, so as to heal them and place them in safety, they not only did not think about Us (Jesus and Mary), but offended Us, despised Us, and others plotted against My Life even from My birth.

“This I (Jesus) am repeating with you (Luisa), My daughter, in order to form the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  The world takes from us (Jesus and Luisa), even though it does not know us (Jesus and Luisa).  Only My assisting Minister knows what we (Jesus and Luisa) are doing, but he does not take part either in our (Jesus and Luisa’s) sacrifices, or in our (Jesus and Luisa’s) work.  We (Jesus and Luisa)) are alone.  Therefore, patience in this long work—the more we (Jesus and Luisa)) work, the more we (Jesus and Luisa) will enjoy the fruits of this CelestialKingdom.”

Volume 22 – June 1, 1927

Sorrow because of the death of Father Di Francia. 

I (Luisa) was thinking to myself:  “But why did blessed Jesus not concur in making a miracle for Father Di Francia (so that Saint Annible Maria Di Francia would not die)?”

And Jesus, moving in my (Luisa’s) interior, told me (Luisa):  “My daughter, in Redemption the Queen of Heaven (Mary) did not make any miracle, because Her (Mary’s) conditions did not permit that She (Mary) would give life to the dead, or health to the sick.  In fact, since Her (Mary’s) Will was that of God Himself, whatever Her God wanted and did, She (Mary) wanted and did as well.  Nor did She (Mary) possess another will to ask God for miracles and healings, because She (Mary) never gave life to Her human will, and in order to ask for miracles from this Divine Will She (Mary) should have used Her own (human will)—which She (Mary) did not want to do, because it would have meant descending into the human order.  But the Sovereign Queen never wanted to take one step outside of the Divine order, and one who is in it (the Divine order) must want and do what his Creator does.  More so since, with the life and light of this Divine Will, She (Mary) could see that whatever Her Creator wanted and did was the best, the most perfect, the holiest, also for creatures.  So, how could She (Mary) descend from the height of the Divine order?

“This is why She (Mary) only made the great miracle that enclosed all miracles—Redemption—wanted by the same Will by which She (Mary) was animated, that brought universal good, and to whoever wants it (the miracle of Redemption).  While in life She (Mary) made no visible miracle, either of healings or of raising the dead, the great Celestial Mother made, and does make, miracles at each moment, at every hour and every day, because as souls dispose themselves and repent, giving, Herself (Mary), the disposition for repentance, She (Mary) bilocates Her Jesus, the fruit of Her (Mary’s) womb, and gives Him (Jesus) as whole to each one, as confirmation of Her (Mary’s) great miracle, that God wanted this Celestial Creature to make.  The miracles that God Himself wants to be made, without mixing of human will, are perennial miracles, because they start from the Divine fount that is never exhausted, and it is enough to want them in order to receive them.

“Now, your (Luisa’s) conditions hold hands with those of the incomparable Queen of Heaven.  Having to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, you (Luisa) must want nothing but what My Divine Will wants and does, and your (Luisa’s) will must have no life, even if it seems to you (Luisa) that you (Luisa) might be doing some good to creatures.  And just as My Mama (Mary) did not want to make any other miracle but the one of giving Her Jesus to creatures, the same for you (Luisa):  the miracle that the Divine Will wants you (Luisa) to make is that of giving My Will to creatures, and of making It (the Divine Will) known in order to let It (the Divine Will) reign.

“With this miracle you (Luisa) will do more than anything; you (Luisa) will place the salvation, the sanctity, the nobility of creatures in safety, and will also banish their corporal maladies, caused by the fact that My Divine Will does not reign.  Not only this, but you (Luisa) will place a Divine Will in safety in the midst of creatures, and will give back to It (the Divine Will) all the glory and the honor that human ingratitude has taken away from It (the Divine Will).  This is why I (Jesus) did not allow that you (Luisa) would make the miracle of healing him (Saint Di Francia); but you (Luisa) made for him (Saint Di Francia) the great miracle of letting him (Saint Di Francia) know My Will, and he (Saint Di Francia) left the earth with the possession of It (the Divine Will).  And now he (Saint Di Francia) enjoys, in the Sea of the light of the Divine Will—and this is more than anything.”

Volume 23 – December 22, 1927

How one (Mary and Luisa) who is chosen for a mission encloses all the goods that others must receive.  How all redeemed ones turn around the Celestial Mama (Mary). 

“There is no good that will not descend through you (Luisa), by virtue of the sphere of My Will placed in you (Luisa), nor glory that will not ascend again along the same way.

“When I (Jesus) choose a creature for a mission that must bring universal good into the midst of the human family, first I (Jesus) fix and enclose all the goods in the chosen one (Mary and Luisa), who must contain all the superabundant good that others must receive, who, perhaps, will not even take everything that the chosen creature encloses.  This happened in the Immaculate Queen (Mary), who was chosen to be the Mother of the Eternal Word, and therefore the Mother of all redeemed ones.  Everything that they (souls) were to do, and all the good they (souls) were to receive, was enclosed and fixed inside the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, as though inside a sun’s sphere, in such a way that all the redeemed ones move around the Sun of the Celestial Mama; in such a way that She (Mary), more than most tender mother, does nothing but feed Her (Mary’s) rays to Her children, to nourish them with Her (Mary’s) light, with Her (Mary’s) sanctity, with Her (Mary’s) maternal love.  But how many of the rays that She (Mary) spreads have not been taken by creatures, because, ungrateful, they do not all draw around this Celestial Mother?

“So, one who is chosen must possess more than what all others together should possess.  Just as all find light in the sun, in such a way that all creatures do not take the whole expanse of its light and the intensity of its heat, so it happened with My Mama (Mary):  the goods that She (Mary) contains are such and so many that, more than sun, She (Mary) spreads the beneficial effects of Her (Mary’s) vital and vivifying rays.  And so it will be for the one (Luisa) who has been chosen for the Kingdom of My Will.  See then, how the sacrifice of writing will be repaid to you (Luisa):  first, the good of the ray of that knowledge is fixed in you (Luisa); and then, you (Luisa) will see that good (the ray of knowledge about the Kingdom of the Divine Will) descend through you (Luisa) into the midst of creatures, and, in return, the glory of the good that they will do, ascend again within that same light.  How happy you (Luisa) will be in Heaven, and will thank Me for the sacrifices I (Jesus) had you (Luisa) make!

“My daughter (Luisa), when a work is great, universal, and encloses many goods that all can enjoy, greater sacrifices are needed, and the one who is chosen to be the first must be disposed to give and sacrifice her life as many times for as many goods as she encloses, in order to give, together with those goods, her very life for the good of her other brothers.  Did I (Jesus) not do the same in Redemption?  Don’t you (Luisa) perhaps want to imitate Me (Jesus)?”





Volume 23 – January 13, 1928

How God centralized everything in man in creating him, and how, in the history of Creation, He (God) now comes back to storm It (Creation), and centralizes the first act of Creation in (Luisa) one creature from their stock, to form the Kingdom of His Will.

 “Now, this Love of Ours (God’s) was broken by man; and by withdrawing from Our Divine Will, he himself (man) removed from himself the imprint of royalty and the insignia of king.  However, on Our part nothing changed, and We (God) persisted in Our Will of making of the work of Our hands the son king, not servant.  And therefore, in the whole history of Creation, We now come back to storm It (Creation), and to the fulfillment of Our Will, and We call one (Luisa) from their stock; and putting everyone aside, as if no one else existed, We (God) renew the solemnity of the creation of the first man.  The ardor of Our Love forms huge waves and makes Us (God) see everything as love; and placing this creature (Luisa) in the midst of these waves, even though Our all-seeingness sees everything, We (God) put everything aside, and with this one (Luisa) We (God) renew the great prodigy of the first act of Creation.

“We (God) did so with the Sovereign Queen; and since She (Mary) did not break Our Love and preserved the life of Our Will within Herself, She (Mary) has the title and the right of Queen.  Oh! how Our Love rejoices and makes feast in seeing in Her (Mary) the first Queen of the work of Our creative hands.  But Our Love is not content with having only one Queen, nor was this Our Will in Creation; and therefore, pouring Itself out very strongly and releasing its contained waves, Our Love calls this creature (Luisa), and centralizes in her (Luisa) the whole work of Creation; it (Our Love) pours upon her (Luisa) like pouring rain, it (Our Love) overflows with Its Divine Qualities, in order to have the second daughter queen (Luisa), to make her (Luisa) form the foundations of the Kingdom of Our Will, so as to be able to have the retinue of Our children—all kings and queens.

“This is why I (Jesus) am putting everything aside to operate in you (Luisa) the first act of Creation.  My Love forms the enchantment for Me (Jesus)—that while I (Jesus) look upon others, it makes Me (Jesus) keep My gaze fixed on you (Luisa), and it makes Me (Jesus) pour everything that is needed in order for Me (Jesus) to form the Kingdom of My Will in you (Luisa).  I (Jesus) act like a father who, having provided for his other children to get settled, and having to do so for another one, does not think either about the previous ones or about those whom he is to fix later; but putting everyone else aside, he thinks only of the one whom he is about to settle.  And if this son is good, and he whom he chose is worthy of him, the father does not mind how much he spends, he endows him with greater riches, he prepares a sumptuous house for him; in sum, he puts out all his paternal love.

“So I (Jesus) do when it comes to realizing the purpose of Creation, which is the Kingdom of My Will in the midst of creatures.  For she (Luisa) whom I (Jesus) call to be the first I (Jesus) hold nothing back, I (Jesus) centralize everything in her (Luisa), knowing that everything will be inherited by those who will follow her (Luisa).”

Volume 23 – January 27, 1928

How God, in operating, chooses one (Mary and Luisa) in whom to deposit His (God’s) work.

“Now, you (Luisa) must know that when Our Divinity decides to issue an Act outside of Itself, to do a work, a good, first We (God) choose the creature in whom to deposit Our work, because We (God) do not want that what We (God) do remain in the empty space and without effect, and that no creature should be the depository of Our goods.  Therefore, We (God) call at least one of them, so that, if the other creatures, ungrateful, do not want to receive Our goods, Our works are deposited in this one at least; and when We (God) are sure of this, then do We (God) operate.

“So, in the Redemption, the depository of all My Acts was My inseparable Mama (Mary).  It can be said that, as I (Jesus) was about to breathe, to cry, to pray, to suffer, and everything else I (Jesus) did, first I (Jesus) called Her (Mary) to receive My breaths, My tears, My suffering, etc., in order to deposit them in Her (Mary), and then I (Jesus) breathed, cried and prayed.  It would be unbearable to Me (Jesus), and a sorrow that would surpass any other sorrow, if I (Jesus) did not have My Mama (Mary) in whom I (Jesus) could deposit My Acts.

“Now, since all the acts of the Kingdom of My Divine Will are enclosed in those of Redemption, even from that time I (Jesus) called you (Luisa); and as I (Jesus) deposited in the Sovereign Queen of Heaven everything that regarded the Kingdom of Redemption, so did I (Jesus) deposit in you (Luisa) what regarded the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  This is why I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to follow Me (Jesus), step by step; and if, a little child, I (Jesus) cry, I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) near Me in order to give you (Luisa) the gift of My tears, with which I (Jesus) impetrated for you (Luisa) the great Gift of My Divine Kingdom.  If I (Jesus) speak, I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) near Me to give you (Luisa) the gift of the word of My Will; if I (Jesus) walk, to give you (Luisa) the gift of Its steps; if I (Jesus) work, to endow you (Luisa) with Its works; if I (Jesus) pray, to give you (Luisa) the gift of My prayer, in order to impetrate Its Kingdom for the human family; if I (Jesus) make miracles, to give you (Luisa) the Gift of the great Miracle of My Will.

“And so, if I (Jesus) give sight to the blind, I (Jesus) remove from you (Luisa) the blindness of your human will to give you (Luisa) the sight of My Will; if I (Jesus) give hearing to the deaf, I (Jesus) give you (Luisa) the gift of acquiring the hearing of My Will; if I (Jesus) give speech to the mute, I (Jesus) loosen you (Luisa) from your muteness in My Will; if I (Jesus) straighten up the lame, I (Jesus) straighten you (Luisa) up in My Will; if I (Jesus) calm the storm with My Empire, I (Jesus) command the storm of your human will to no longer dare to agitate the pacific Sea of Mine.  In sum, there is nothing I (Jesus) do and suffer that I (Jesus) do not give you (Luisa) as gift, in order to deposit in you (Luisa) the Kingdom of My Will, so loved by Me (Jesus), and formed within Myself.

“It would have been for Me (Jesus) the greatest of My sorrows, while forming with so much love the Kingdom of My Divine Will within Me (Jesus), in My Humanity—the primary purpose for My coming upon earth—and forming this Kingdom of Mine in order to restore It in creatures, if I (Jesus) were not to be sure, as I (Jesus) was for the Redemption, that at least one creature (Luisa) would receive the restoration of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.

“And so I (Jesus) looked at the centuries as one single point, and I (Jesus) found you (Luisa), the chosen one, and even from that time I (Jesus) directed and deposited My Acts in you (Luisa), in order to dispose My Kingdom.  And just as for the Kingdom of Redemption I (Jesus) spared nothing—neither toils, nor pains, nor prayers, nor graces, and not even death—so as to be able to give to all sufficient and abundant graces and means so that all might be saved and sanctified, even though I (Jesus) placed and secured everything in the Celestial Queen (Mary)—the same for the Kingdom of My Will:  even though I (Jesus) secure everything in you (Luisa), I (Jesus) am giving so much, I (Jesus) am sparing nothing—neither teachings, nor light, nor graces, nor attractions, nor promises—in such a way that, if all want to receive the great good of My Will to let It reign within themselves, all will find superabundant means and helps in order to live a good so great.

“Therefore, your (Luisa’s) coming on earth in time was awaited by Me (Jesus) with such love, with such yearning, that you (Luisa) cannot even imagine; because I (Jesus) wanted to deposit the many suspended Acts done by My Humanity in order to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  If you (Luisa) knew what a suspended Act done by your Jesus means—oh! how you (Luisa) would hasten to receive all the deposit of My (Jesus’) Acts so as to give life to these suspended Acts, because they contain as many Divine Lives; and you (Luisa) would hasten to make them known to the other creatures.”

Volume 24 – March 19, 1928

Grave weight over those who should make It (the Divine Will) known; how they (those in Messina who returned the writings, and those who had the writings sent back, if they do not occupy themselves with making the Divine Will known) render themselves robbers.

“And you (Luisa) yourself—how many sacrifices have you (Luisa) not made (to write down the many knowledges Jesus manifested to Luisa), and how many graces have I (Jesus) not given you (Luisa) to have you (Luisa) make them (the sacrifices of writing)?  My work has been long, and when I (Jesus) would see you (Luisa) sacrificed, I (Jesus) would look at the great good that My Knowledges about the Fiat would produce in the midst of creatures—the new era that was to arise by virtue of them; and while suffering in sacrificing you (Luisa), My tender Heart would take immense pleasure in seeing, by virtue of this, the good, the peace, the order, the happiness that My other children were to receive.

“When I (Jesus) do great things in a soul, manifesting important truths and renewals that I (Jesus) want to make in the midst of the human family, it is not for that creature alone that I (Jesus) manifest this, but I (Jesus) want to enclose everyone in that good.  Like sun, I (Jesus) want My Truths to shine
over each one, so that, whoever wants it, may take their light.  Did I (Jesus) not do the same with My Celestial Mama (Mary)?  Now, if She (Mary) had wanted to keep the Incarnation of the Word concealed, what good would My coming upon earth have brought?  Nothing—I (Jesus) would have departed for Heaven without giving My Life to anyone; and the Sovereign Queen, had She (Mary) concealed Me (Jesus), would have been responsible, and robber of all the good and of many Divine Lives of Mine that creatures were to receive.

“In the same way, they (those in Messina who returned the writings, and those who had the writings sent back, if they do not occupy themselves with making the Divine Will known) will be responsible and robbers of all the good that the knowledges about My Divine Fiat will bring, because It will bring many lives of light, of grace, and the immense goods that a Divine Will contains.  Therefore, a grave weight looms over those (the ones in Messina who returned the writings, and those who had the writings sent back) who should occupy themselves with It (the Divine Will)—if they continue to keep the suns, so beneficial, of so many truths about My Eternal Will, idle.  And if you (Luisa), as first, wanted to oppose making known what regards My Will, you yourself would be the first robber of so many suns, and of the many goods that creatures are to receive through these knowledges.”

Volume 24 – April 26, 1928

How nothing of what Our Lord did escaped the Most Holy Virgin (Mary). 

After this, I (Luisa) was continuing my round in the Fiat, to accompany all that Jesus had done in Redemption; and I (Luisa) thought to myself:  “How I (Luisa) wish I had done what the Sovereign Mama (Mary) did when She (Mary) was with Jesus—certainly She (Mary) followed all of His (Jesus’) Acts, and let nothing escape Her (Mary).”

But as I (Luisa) was thinking of this and other things, my always lovable Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), indeed nothing escaped My Mama (Mary), because everything I (Jesus) did and suffered resounded like deep echo in the depth of Her (Mary’s) soul.  And She (Mary) was so attentive in waiting for the echo of My Acts, that the echo, together with everything I (Jesus) did and suffered, would remain imprinted in Her (Mary).  And the Sovereign Queen emitted Her (Mary’s) echo within Mine (Jesus’), and made it (Mary’s echo) resound in the depth of My interior, in such a way that torrents would run between Me (Jesus) and Her (Mary)—seas of light and of love that We (Jesus and Mary) unloaded into each other; and I (Jesus) made the deposit of all My Acts in Her (Mary’s) maternal Heart.  I (Jesus) would not have been content, had I (Jesus) not had Her (Mary) always with Me (Jesus)—had I (Jesus) not felt Her (Mary’s) continuous echo that, resounding in Mine (Jesus’), drew from Me (Jesus) even My heartbeats and breaths, to deposit them in Her (Mary).

“In the same way, I (Jesus) would not be content if, even from that time, I (Jesus) did not have you (Luisa), who were to follow all of My Acts in My Divine Will.  In fact, even from that time I (Jesus) made the deposit of them in you (Luisa), moving the echo of My Queen Mama (Mary) into the depth of your soul.  And through the length of the centuries I (Jesus) looked at the echo of My Mama (Mary) in you (Luisa) in order to realize the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  This is why you (Luisa) feel as though drawn to follow My Acts—it is Her (Mary’s) maternal echo that resounds in you (Luisa); and I (Jesus) take the occasion to make the deposit of it (Mary’s echo) in the depth of your (Luisa’s) interior, to give you (Luisa) the grace of making My Eternal Fiat reign in you (Luisa).”

Volume 24 – June 20, 1928

How Jesus, who had always been with His Mother (Mary), moved away when He (Jesus) carried out His Public Life.  Application to the soul.

Now, while I (Luisa) was thinking of this and other things, He (Jesus) moved in my (Luisa’s) interior and told me (Luisa):  “My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) am behaving with you (Luisa) as I (Jesus) did with My Mama (Mary).  During My Life We (Jesus and Mary) always lived life together, except for the three days when I (Jesus) was lost; as for the rest, wherever the Mother (Mary) was, there was the Son (Jesus), and wherever the Son was, there was the Mother—We (Jesus and Mary) were inseparable.  Then, when the fulfillment of Redemption came and I (Jesus) had to carry out My Public Life, We (Jesus and Mary) separated, even though the one Will that animated Us (Jesus and Mary) kept Us always identified with each other.

“However, it is certain that Our persons were far away from each other—one was in one place, one in another.  And since true love is unable to, nor can be separated for too long from the beloved, because they feel the irresistible need to rest, one within the other, and to confide to each other their secrets, the outcome of their undertakings, and their sorrows, this is why, now I (Jesus) would make My little escapes to see Her (Mary) again, now the Queen Mother would leave Her (Mary’s) nest to see again Her Son (Jesus) who wounded Her (Mary) from afar; and, again, We (Jesus and Mary) would separate to give course to the work of Redemption.

“So I (Jesus) am doing with you (Luisa):  before, I (Jesus) used to be with you (Luisa) always, as indeed I (Jesus) am still now, but since we (Jesus and Luisa) must work for the Kingdom of My Divine Will and you (Luisa) must fling yourself into Its acts, the work seems to move us (Jesus and Luisa) away from each other.  And while you (Luisa) work, I (Jesus) work in preparing more work for you (Luisa) to do, by making known to you (Luisa) more things regarding My Fiat and what you (Luisa) must follow in It.  But I (Jesus) come back often to receive and to give you (Luisa) rest.  Therefore, do not be surprised; this is required by the great work of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.  So, trust Me and do not fear.”

Volume 24 – July 19, 1928

How, in Creation, three acts concurred on the part of God, and how three sacrificed wills are needed for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 

“Now, in order for the Kingdom of My Divine Will to come, three wills (Jesus, Mary and Luisa’s) are needed, sacrificed in holocaust to the Divinity, that, having no life of their own, would give place to Mine (God’s) to let It (the Divine Will) reign and dominate freely, so that It (the Divine Will) may take Its royal place in all human acts—the place that befits It (the Divine Will); because so it was established by Us (God) from the beginning of the creation of man who, ungrateful, gave the place to his human will, and caused Mine (God’s) to lose that place. …

… “Now, you (Luisa) must know that in-between the will of the Celestial Mother (Mary) and yours there is My (Jesus’) human will, which is first and sustains both (Mary and Luisa’s will), that they might be constant in the sacrifice of never giving life to the human volition, so that the Kingdom of My Divine Will might extend over these three (Jesus, Mary and Luisa’s) wills to have the triple glory of Our Power (God the Father), Wisdom (God the Son) and Love (God the Holy Spirit), and the triple reparation of the three powers of man (memory, intellect and will), which—all three of them—concurred in withdrawing from the great good of Our Divine Will.

“And if the Sovereign Queen of Heaven (Mary) was engraced by virtue of the merits of the future Redeemer (Jesus), you (Luisa) were engraced by virtue of the Redeemer already come; and since millennia are like one single point for Me (Jesus), from that time I (Jesus) thought about everything, and I (Jesus) sustained the three wills (Jesus, Mary and Luisa’s) over which My Eternal Will was to triumph.  This is why I (Jesus) always say to you (Luisa):  be attentive, and know that you (Luisa) have two wills sustaining yours—that of the Celestial Mama (Mary) and that of your Jesus, to fortify the weakness of your will, so that it (Luisa’s human will) may endure remaining sacrificed for a cause so holy, and for the triumph of the Kingdom of My Fiat.”

Volume 24 – September 2, 1928

How the Divine Will forms His mothers (Mary and Luisa) for Jesus.

After this, I (Luisa) continued my acts in the Redemption, and pausing when my charming Baby Jesus was in Egypt, and my Celestial Mama (Mary), while rocking Him (Jesus) in His poor cradle, was occupied with preparing the garment for the Little Baby (Jesus), placing myself near the Queen Mama, I (Luisa) made my “I love You” flow in the thread that was used for the little garment of Jesus, and I (Luisa) rocked the cradle to make my Celestial Baby (Jesus) sleep, making my lullabies of love for Him (Jesus), and asking Him (Jesus) for the Divine Fiat.

And while it seemed He (Jesus) was closing His eyes to sleep, to my surprise I (Luisa) saw Him (Jesus) raise His little head, and looking at Our Divine Mama (Mary) and myself (Luisa), He (Jesus) said in a most tender tone:  “My two Mamas—my Mama (Mary) and the little daughter of My Will (Luisa).  My Divine Will unites them (Mary and Luisa) together for Me (Jesus), and makes them both be My Mama.

“Why is the Celestial Queen My true Mother?  Because She (Mary) possessed the life of My Divine Fiat.  It (the Divine Will) alone could administer to Her (Mary) the seed of Divine fecundity, to make Me (Jesus) be conceived in Her (Mary’s) womb and make Me (Jesus) Her Son.  So, without My Divine Will, in no way could She (Mary) be My Mama, because no one else, either in Heaven or on earth, possesses this seed of the Divine fecundity, that can do no less than make the Creator be conceived in the creature.  See, then:  My Divine Will formed the Mama (Mary) for Me, and I (Jesus) made Myself Her (Mary’s) Son; now It (the Divine Will) is forming for Me (Jesus) Its little daughter (Luisa) as My mama, and It makes Me (Jesus) find her (Luisa) near My first Mother (Mary) so as to make her (Luisa) repeat Her (Mary’s) acts, braiding them together, and to make her (Luisa) impetrate Its (the Divine Will’s) Kingdom, and therefore make her (Luisa) repeat Its (the Divine Will’s) Divine seed and the fecundity of the Fiat Voluntas Tua in the creatures.  My Will alone can do everything and can give Me (Jesus) everything.”

Then, closing His (Jesus’) eyes to sleep, while sleeping, He (Jesus) repeated:  “My two Mamas, My two Mamas.”  (Mary and Luisa)

How tender and moving it was to hear Him (Jesus).  How it wounded the heart to see Him (Jesus) interrupt His sleep to say:  “My two Mamas.”  (Mary and Luisa)  Oh! Divine Will, how lovable, powerful and admirable You (Divine Will) are.  O please! descend into the hearts of all, and place in them this Divine seed of Yours, so that Its fecund seed may form for You (Divine Will) Your Kingdom and make You (Divine Will) reign on earth as You do in Heaven.

Volume 24 – October 3, 1928

Exchange between Jerusalem and Rome. 

My (Luisa’s) poor mind was thinking about many things regarding the Divine Will—especially about how Its Kingdom could come, how It (the Divine Will) could spread, and many other things that it is not necessary to write on paper.

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my (Luisa’s) interior, told me (Luisa):  “My daughter (Luisa), if Rome has the primacy of My Church, she (Rome) owes it to Jerusalem, because the beginning of Redemption was precisely in Jerusalem.  Within that homeland, from the little town of Nazareth I (Jesus) chose My Virgin Mother (Mary); I Myself (Jesus) was born in the little town of Bethlehem, and all of My Apostles were from that homeland.  And even though, ungrateful, she (Jerusalem) did not want to recognize Me (Jesus) and rejected the goods of My Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the first people who received the good of It (the Redemption), were from this city (Jerusalem).  The first criers of the Gospel, those who established Catholicism in Rome, were My Apostles, all from Jerusalem—that is, from this homeland.

“Now there will be an exchange:  if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  And this is so true, that just as I (Jesus) chose a Virgin (Mary) from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I (Jesus) have chosen another virgin (Luisa) in a little town of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted.  And since It (the Kingdom of the Divine Will) must be known in Rome, just as My coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her (Jerusalem), which is Redemption, by making known to her (Jerusalem) the Kingdom of My Will.

“Then will Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion that she (Jerusalem) gave to Rome; and, grateful, she (Jerusalem) will receive from Rome the life and the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  And not only Jerusalem, but all the other nations will receive from Rome the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Fiat, the first criers of It, Its Gospel—all full of peace, of happiness and of restoration of the creation of man.”

Volume 25 – January 13, 1929

Necessity that what regards the Kingdom of the Divine Will be known.

 “My daughter (Luisa), this was the purpose for which I (Jesus) permitted the necessity of the coming of the priest—that you (Luisa) might deposit in them, as a sacred deposit, all the truths that I (Jesus) have spoken to you (Luisa) about My Divine Fiat, and that they be attentive and the faithful executors of what I (Jesus) want—that is, that they make the Kingdom of My Divine Will known.  Be certain that I (Jesus) would not have permitted their (the priests) coming if not for the purpose of fulfilling My great designs over the destiny of the human family.

“And just as in the Kingdom of Redemption I (Jesus) left My Queen Mama (Mary) in the midst of the Apostles, so that, together with Her (Mary), helped and guided by Her (Mary), they (the Apostles) might give start to the Kingdom of Redemption—because the Sovereign Queen of Heaven knew more than all of the Apostles, She (Mary) was the most interested; it can be said that She (Mary) kept It (the Kingdom of Redemption) formed within Her (Mary’s) maternal Heart, therefore She (Mary) could very well instruct the Apostles in the doubts, in the way, in the circumstances; She (Mary) was the true Sun in their midst, and one word of Hers (Mary’s) was enough for My Apostles to feel strong, illuminated and fortified—in the same way, for the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, having placed in you (Luisa) the deposit of It (the Kingdom of the Divine Will), I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) in the exile still, so that the priests might draw from you (Luisa), as from a new mother, what can serve as light, as guidance, as help, to give start to making known the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  And as I (Jesus) see their little interest—if you (Luisa) knew how much I (Jesus) suffer….  Therefore, pray, pray.”

Volume 26 – August 3, 1929

When God decides to do works that must serve for all, in His ardor of love He (God) puts everyone aside. 

“So We (God) acted in the Queen of Heaven (though seeing what creatures do, God acted and behaved in such a way as if nothing else existed).  Everything was put aside—all the evil of the other creatures, and We (God) occupied Ourselves only with Her (Mary); and We (God) poured so much, that She (Mary) was the full of grace, because She (Mary) was to be the universal Mother, and cause of the Redemption of all.

“So We (God) are acting with you (Luisa), for the Kingdom of Our Divine Will—We (God) are behaving as if nothing else existed.  If We (God) wanted to look at what the other creatures are doing, the evils they commit, the ingratitudes, the Kingdom of Our Will would remain always in Heaven; not only this, but We (God) would not even feel disposed to tell a single truth about Our Supreme Fiat.  But Our Love, forming Its veil of love over all the evils of creatures, puts everything aside for Us (God), and overflowing strongly, not only makes Us (God) speak about It (the Kingdom of the Divine Will), but, what’s more, makes Us (God) decide to give the great Gift of the Kingdom of Our Fiat to creatures.”

Volume 26 – September 8, 1929

The birth of the Virgin (Mary) was the rebirth of all humanity.

“This Celestial Baby Girl (Mary), by keeping Our Divine Will intact within Her soul, without ever doing Her own (human will), reacquired all the rights of Adam innocent before Her Creator, and the sovereignty over all Creation.  Therefore, all felt themselves being reborn in Her (Mary), and We (God) saw in this Holy Virgin (Mary), in Her little Heart, all the seeds of the human generations.  So, through Her (Mary), humanity reacquired the rights lost, and this is why Her (Mary’s) birth was the most beautiful, the most glorious birth.  From Her (Mary’s) very birth, She (Mary) enclosed within Her maternal little Heart, as though in-between two wings, all generations, as children reborn in Her virginal Heart, so as to warm them, keep them sheltered, and raise them and nourish them with the blood of Her maternal Heart.

“This is the reason why this tender Celestial Mother (Mary) loves creatures so much—because all are reborn in Her (Mary), and She (Mary) feels the life of Her children within Her Heart.  What can Our Divine Will not do wherever It reigns and has Its life?  It (the Divine Will) encloses everything and everyone, and makes one the provider of good to all.  So, all feel, under Her (Mary’s) blue mantle, the maternal wing of their Celestial Mother, and they find in Her maternal Heart their little place in which to take cover.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), one (Luisa) who lives in My Divine Will renews her (Luisa’s) rebirth and redoubles the rebirths for all human generations.  When My Supreme Will lives inside a heart (Luisa’s) and lays the fullness of Its endless light within it (Luisa’s heart), It centralizes everything and everyone, It does everything, It renews everything, It gives back all that, for centuries upon centuries, It has not been able to give through the other creatures.  So, this creature (Luisa) can be called the dawn of the day, the daybreak that calls the sun, the sun that gladdens all the earth, illuminates it, warms it, and with its wings of light, more than tender mother, embraces everything, fecundates everything; and with its kiss of light, it gives the most beautiful tints to flowers, the most delicious sweetness to fruits, maturity to all plants.  Oh! if My Divine Will reigned in the midst of creatures, how many prodigies would It (the Divine Will) not operate in their midst?

“Therefore, be attentive; everything you (Luisa) do in My Divine Fiat is a rebirth that you (Luisa) have in It (the Divine Will); and to be reborn in It means to be reborn in the Divine order, to be reborn in the light, to be reborn in the sanctity, in the love, in the beauty.  And in each act of My Will, the human will undergoes a death, dying to all evils, and it (the human will) lives again to all goods.”

Volume 27 – October 21, 1929

Parallel between the coming of the Word upon earth and the Divine Will.

I (Luisa) was feeling all concerned about the Divine Fiat; a thousand thoughts crowded my mind with what my sweet Jesus had told me (Luisa) about It (the Divine Will), especially on Its reigning.  And then I (Luisa) was saying to myself:  “But, does the Divine Will reign upon earth now?  It is true that It (the Divine Will) is everywhere, there is not one point in which It does not exist; but does It (the Divine Will) hold Its scepter, Its absolute command in the midst of creatures?”

But while my mind wandered amid many thoughts, my lovable Jesus, coming out from within me (Luisa), told me (Luisa):  “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will reigns.  It (the Divine Will) can be paralleled to Me (Jesus), Eternal Word, who, in descending from Heaven, enclosed Myself in the womb of My Celestial Mother (Mary).  Who knew anything?  No one, not even Saint Joseph knew, at the beginning of My Conception, that I (Jesus) was already in their midst.  Only My inseparable Mama (Mary) was aware of everything.  So, the great portent of My descent from Heaven upon earth had occurred, and in reality; and while with My Immensity I (Jesus) existed everywhere—Heaven and earth were immersed in Me (Jesus), with My person I (Jesus) was enclosed in the maternal womb of the Immaculate Queen (Mary)—no one knew Me (Jesus), I was ignored by all.

“And so, My daughter (Luisa), here is the first step of the parallel between Me (Jesus), Divine Word, when I (Jesus) descended from Heaven, and My Divine Will that takes Its first step to come to reign upon earth.  Just as I (Jesus) directed My first steps toward the Virgin Mother (Mary), so did My Will direct Its first steps in you (Luisa); and as It (the Divine Will) asked for your (Luisa’s) will and you (Luisa) surrendered it, It (the Divine Will) immediately formed Its first act of conception in your (Luisa’s) soul; and as It (the Divine Will) manifested Its knowledges to you (Luisa), giving you (Luisa) as though many Divine sips, It (the Divine Will) formed Its life and gave start to the formation of Its Kingdom.  But, for a long time, who knew anything?  No one; only you (Luisa) and I (Jesus) were aware of everything; and after some time My representative, he who directed you (Luisa), became aware of what was happening in you (Luisa)—symbol of My representative, Saint Joseph, who was to appear as My father before creatures, and who, before I (Jesus) came out of the maternal womb, had the great honor and gift of knowing that I (Jesus) was already in their midst.

“After the first steps I (Jesus) took the second:  I (Jesus) went to Bethlehem to be born, and I (Jesus) was recognized and visited by the shepherds of that place.  But they were not influential people, they kept for themselves the beautiful news that I (Jesus) had already come upon earth, therefore they did not occupy themselves with making Me (Jesus) known, with spreading Me (Jesus) everywhere, and I (Jesus) continued to remain the Jesus hidden and unknown to all.

“But, though unknown, I (Jesus) was already in their midst—symbol of My Divine Will:  very often other representatives of Mine have come to you (Luisa), from afar and from nearby, who have listened to the beautiful news of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, the knowledges about It (the Divine Will), and how It wants to be recognized.  But, some for lack of influence, some of will, they did not occupy themselves with spreading It (the Divine Will), and It remained unknown and ignored, even though It already exists in their midst; but because It is not known, It does not reign—It (the Divine Will) reigns only in you (Luisa), just as I (Jesus) was only with My Celestial Mama (Mary) and with My putative father Saint Joseph.

“The third step of My coming upon earth is the exile, and I (Jesus) had this because the Holy Magi came to visit Me (Jesus), who (the Holy Magi) aroused some interest in searching for Me (Jesus).  This search of Me (Jesus) made Herod fearful, and instead of joining with them (the Holy Magi) to come to visit Me (Jesus), he (Herod) wanted to plot against My Life in order to kill Me (Jesus), and by necessity I (Jesus) was forced to go into exile.  Symbol of My Divine Will:  very often it seems that they arouse some interest, that they want to make It (the Divine Will) known by publishing It.  But—nothing!  Some are taken by fear, some are afraid to compromise themselves, some do not feel like sacrificing themselves; now with one pretext, now with another, everything ends up in words, and My Divine Will remains exiled from the midst of creatures.

“And just as I (Jesus) did not depart for Heaven, but in the exile I (Jesus) remained in the midst of creatures, only with My Divine Mother (Mary) and with Saint Joseph who knew Me very well and I (Jesus) formed their paradise on earth, while for the others it was as if I (Jesus) did not exist; in the same way, having formed Its (the Divine Will’s) life in you (Luisa) with all the cortege of Its knowledges, if It (the Divine Will) does not receive the effects, the purpose for which It (the Divine Will) has made Itself known, how can My Fiat depart?  In fact, when We (God) decide to do a work, a good, no one can move Us (God).  Therefore, in spite of the exile and of Its hiddenness, just as I (Jesus) did—doing My Public Life and making Myself known after thirty years of Hidden Life—so will My Divine Volition not be able to remain always hidden, but will obtain Its intent of making Itself known in order to reign in the midst of creatures.  Therefore, be attentive, and know how to appreciate the great Gift of My Divine Will in your (Luisa’s) soul.”

Volume 27 – January 30, 1930

As Redemption unfolded, so will the Kingdom of the Divine Will unfold.  Analogy between the two of them. 

“My daughter (Luisa), there is much analogy between the way in which Redemption unfolded and the way in which the Kingdom of My Divine Will will unfold.  See, in My Redemption I (Jesus) chose a Virgin (Mary); in appearance She (Mary) had no importance according to the world, either of riches, or of height of dignity or positions that would indicate Her (Mary); the very city of Nazareth was not important—a tiny little house was Her (Mary’s) whole abode.  But even though I (Jesus) chose Her (Mary) from Nazareth, I (Jesus) wanted for it to belong to the capital city, Jerusalem, in which there was the body of the Pontiffs and Priests who then represented Me (Jesus) and announced My laws.  For the Kingdom of My Divine Will I (Jesus) have chosen another virgin (Luisa) who, in appearance, has no importance, either of great riches or of height of dignity; the very city of Corato is not an important city, but it belongs to Rome, in which resides My representative on earth, the Roman Pontiff, from whom come My Divine laws; and just as he (the Pope) makes it his duty to make My Redemption known to the peoples, so will he (the Pope) make it his duty to make known the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  It can be said that one and the other will proceed in the same way and manner, as the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat must unfold.”

Volume 28 – October 7, 1930

How Redemption is owed to the faithfulness of the Most Holy Virgin (Mary).  Faithfulness, sweet chain that captures God.  The Celestial Farmer.  Necessity of the seed in order to be able to diffuse the Divine works.

I (Luisa) was following the Divine Will, and my poor mind was occupied over the many things spoken to me (Luisa) by my sweet Jesus on the Kingdom of His Divine Fiat; and it seemed to me, in my ignorance:  “Oh! how difficult is Its (the Divine Will’s) realization upon earth, Its reigning and Its triumph in the midst of creatures.”

But while I (Luisa) was thinking this, my sweet Jesus told me (Luisa):  “My daughter (Luisa), Redemption is owed to the faithfulness of the Virgin Queen (Mary).  Oh! had I (Jesus) not found this excelling creature (Mary), who denied Me (Jesus) nothing, nor did She (Mary) ever draw back before any sacrifice; Her (Mary’s) firmness in asking for Redemption without ever hesitating, Her (Mary’s) faithfulness without ever tiring, Her (Mary’s) ardent and strong love without ever stopping; always at Her (Mary’s) place, all of Her Creator, without ever moving, whatever thing or incident She (Mary) might see, on the part of God and on the part of creatures.

“She (Mary) formed such bonds between Heaven and earth, She (Mary) acquired such ascendancy, such dominion before Her Creator, as to render Herself worthy of making the Divine Word descend upon earth.  In the face of a faithfulness never interrupted, and of Our (God’s) very Divine Will that held Its Kingdom in Her (Mary’s) virgin Heart, Our strength was not enough for Us (God) to refuse.  Her (Mary’s) faithfulness was the sweet chain that bound Me (Jesus) and captured Me (Jesus) from Heaven to earth.  Here is why, then, what creatures did not obtain in many centuries, they obtained by means of the Sovereign Queen (Mary).  Ah! yes, She alone (Mary) was the worthy one who merited that the Divine Word would descend from Heaven to earth, and that She (Mary) receive the great good of Redemption, in such a way that, if they want to, all can receive the good of being redeemed.  Firmness, faithfulness, unshakeability in good and in asking for the good known, can be called Divine Virtues, not human, and therefore it would be like denying to Ourselves what the creature asks from Us (God).

“Now, the same in the Kingdom of the Divine Will:  We (God) want to find a faithful soul (Luisa) in whom We (God) can operate, who would bind Us (God) everywhere and in every part of Our Divine Being with the sweet chain of her (Luisa’s) faithfulness, in such a way that We (God) may find no reason not to give her (Luisa) what she (Luisa) asks from Us (God).  We (God) want to find Our Firmness, the necessary shelf to be able to enclose in her (Luisa) the great good that she (Luisa) asks from Us (God).

“It would not be decorous for Our Divine works to be entrusted to souls who are inconstant and not disposed to face any sacrifice for Us (God).  The sacrifice of the creature is the defense of Our works, and it is like putting them in a safe place.  So, once We (God) have found the faithful creature (Luisa), and the work comes out of Us (God) to take its place in her (Luisa), everything is done, the seed is already sown, and, little by little, it geminates and produces other seeds, such that, as they diffuse, whoever wants to, can procure for himself that seed to make it germinate in his soul.

“Does the farmer not do the same?  If he has the good of having one single seed, that can be his fortune, he sows it into his field.  That seed, by germinating, can produce ten, twenty, thirty seeds, and the farmer no longer sows only one of them, but all those that he has reaped, and he returns to sow them, over again, until he is able to fill all his field; and he reaches the point of being able to give to others the seed of his fortune.  Much more can I (Jesus), Celestial Farmer, do—as long as I (Jesus) find a creature (Luisa) with the field of her (Luisa’s) soul prepared, in which I (Jesus) can sow the seed of My works.  That seed will germinate, and little by little it will make its way; it will make itself known, loved and desired by few, and then by many, that the celestial seed of My Divine Will be sown into their souls.

“Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), be attentive and faithful; allow that I (Jesus) may sow this celestial seed in your (Luisa’s) soul, and I (Jesus) may find no hindrance to let it (the celestial seed of the Divine Will) germinate.  If there is the seed, there is the sure hope that, in germinating, it can produce more seeds.  But if the seed does not exist, all the hopes cease, and it is useless to hope for the Kingdom of My Divine Will; just as it would have been useless to hope for Redemption if the Celestial Queen (Mary) had not conceived Me (Jesus) as the fruit of Her (Mary’s) maternal womb, the fruit of Her (Mary)’s faithfulness, of Her (Mary’s) firmness and sacrifice.  Therefore, let Me (Jesus) do, and be faithful to Me (Jesus), and I (Jesus) will take care of everything else.”