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Luisa the Newborn of the Divine Will

Luisa the NEWBORN of the Divine Will



“Beloved daughter, (Luisa) Newborn of My Life, come into My Will – come and see how much there is to substitute for, for My many Acts, still suspended, not yet substituted for by creatures. My Will must be within you (Luisa) as the primary gear of a clock: if it moves, all the other gears move, and the clock signals the hours and the minutes. So, all the accord is in the motion of this primary wheel; and if this first wheel has no motion, the clock is stopped. In the same way, the first wheel within you (Luisa) must be My Will, which must give motion to your thoughts, to your heart, to your desires – to everything. And since My Will is the central wheel of My Being, of Creation and of all things, your motion, coming out from that center, will come to substitute for as many acts of creatures. Multiplying in the motions of all as central motion, it will come to place before My Throne, on their behalf, the acts of the creatures, and will substitute for everything. Therefore, be attentive – your mission is great and fully Divine.”


‘My beloved Good, your words confuse me; even more, they annihilate me, so much that I feel like a Little Newborn baby, whose limbs are not yet well formed, and therefore it is necessary to swaddle her. And while swaddling clothes are still necessary to form me, You want to unswaddle me – but to do what? To make me stretch my little baby hands and embrace Your Eternal Will. My Jesus, don’t You see? I can’t reach, I cannot hold It – I am too little. Moreover, if it pleases You so much that Your Will reign upon earth, why did You wait so long? And why, when You came upon earth, did You not do both things – that is, the Redemption and the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven? Your Arms were strong and long enough to embrace Your interminable Will. See, see, O Jesus? Mine are weak and short. How can I do that?’

And He, again: “Poor little child, (Luisa) you are right. My Words confuse you (Luisa), the Light of My Will eclipses you (Luisa) and renders you (Luisa) the true Newborn of the Supreme Will… Come into My Arms; I (Jesus) will swaddle you (Luisa) with the clothes of My own Will, so that It may strengthen your limbs with Its fortitude; so it will be easy for you (Luisa) to hold tightly in your little arms that Eternal Will which wants to come and reign in you (Luisa) with so much Love.”


I felt always submerged in the Holy Will of my Jesus, and I seemed to see my little soul like a Newborn baby whom blessed Jesus raised in His Arms through the breath of His Will, with such jealousy as to want her to look at nothing, hear nothing, touch nothing. And so that nothing might distract her, He kept her enchanted with the sweet enchantment of His teachings on His Most Holy Will. And the Little Newborn was raised and nourished with the breath of the Will of her Jesus. And not only this, but He covered me with many little crosses of Light, in such a way that I, in looking at myself, could see a cross of Light impressed in every part of me. And Jesus amused Himself, now in multiplying these crosses, now in wanting me to keep my gaze fixed on Him in order to count all His Words, which serve me as food and means to grow.

Then, afterwards, my Jesus told me: “My little daughter (Luisa), My Newborn of the Divine Will, My Will conceived you (Luisa), made you (Luisa) be born, and now raises you (Luisa) with all Its Love. Don’t you see with how much love I (Jesus) hold you (Luisa) in My Arms, allowing you (Luisa) to take no food other than the breath of My Will? It is the most beautiful, the most dear, the most precious thing which has been delivered in Creation until now – the Newborn of My Will! Therefore, I (Jesus) will keep you (Luisa) with such jealousy as to let no one touch My Newborn. My Will will be everything for you (Luisa): It will be your life, food, garment, clothing and cross, because being the greatest thing, it would be unbefitting for your Jesus to mix It with other things which are not a birth from Our Will. Therefore, forget about everything, so that no waters may surround you (Luisa), inside and out, other than the immense sea of the Eternal Will. I (Jesus) want in you (Luisa) the honor, the nobility, the decorum, of the true Newborn daughter of My Will.”

On hearing this, instead of rejoicing, I felt like dying of confusion, and I only had the courage to say: ‘Jesus, my Love, I am little, it is true; I myself see it. But I am also a little bad; yet, You are saying all this? How can it be? Do You perhaps want to make fun of me? I know that many make You cry, and so, to move away from Your crying, You want to amuse Yourself with me by making these jokes? And even though I feel the confusion of Your jokes, do them anyway, and let them be the joke of Your Will.’

And Jesus, pressing me more tightly to Himself, continued: “No, no, your Jesus is not making fun of you (Luisa). I amuse Myself, yes, and the sure sign that what I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) is true is the crosses of Light with which My Will marked you (Luisa). Know, My daughter (Luisa), that the largest, the longest Cross, which never left Me, was the Divine Will for My Humanity. Even more, every act of the human will opposite to the Divine, was a distinct cross which the Supreme Will impressed into the most intimate part of My Humanity. In fact, when the human will moves from earth in order to act, the Divine moves from Heaven in order to meet the human will and to form one single act together with Its own, to make torrents of Graces, of Light and of Sanctity flow in that act; and by not receiving the encounter with the Divine, it is as if the human will put itself at war against its Creator, rejecting into the Celestial Regions the Good, the Light and the Sanctity which were about to be poured upon it. So, the Supreme Will, offended, wanted to be repaid by Me, and in every act of the human wills, It inflicted a Cross upon Me. And even though I (Jesus) received, together with the cross, all the Good which had been rejected by them, in order to keep it deposited in Me for the time when the creature would be disposed to receive the encounter with the Divine Will in her acts – in spite of all this, I could not be exempted from feeling the intense pain of so many crosses.

Look at Me, in My interior: how many billions of crosses My Humanity contained! Therefore, the crosses of My Will were incalculable; Its pain was infinite, and I moaned under the weight of an infinite pain. This infinite pain had such power as to give Me death in every instant, and to give Me a cross for each act of the human will opposite to the Divine. The Cross of My Will is not made of wood, which makes one feel only its weight and pain; rather, it is a Cross of Light and of Fire, which burns and consumes, and imprints itself in such a way as to form one single thing with nature itself.

If I (Jesus) wanted to tell you (Luisa) about the Cross which My Divine Will gave Me, I should braid all the acts of the creatures, make them present to you (Luisa), and let you (Luisa) find out for yourself how the Divine Will, demanding fair satisfaction, inflicted on Me cross upon cross. Was it perhaps not a human will to offend the Divine and to break up with It? So now, a Divine Will had to crucify and grieve my human nature and will. All the rest of man can be called superficial; the source, the root, the substance of either evil or good is in the depth of his will.

Therefore, only the Divine Will could make Me expiate the evil of so many human wills.

This is why I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) all in My Will – to make known what this Divine Will has done, what It made Me suffer, and what It wants to do. And this is why you (Luisa) are marked with many crosses of light – because your cross has been My Will, which has changed everything into light to dispose you (Luisa) to be the true Newborn of My Will, to whom I (Jesus) will entrust the Secrets, the Joys and the Pains of It as to a faithful daughter, who, uniting to My Acts, may open the Heavens to make It descend upon earth, and to make It known, received and Loved.”


“My daughter (Luisa), you (Luisa) are always My Newborn of My Will; and then, you are wrong. You (Luisa) want Me to speak about My Will and to make It known; and the one who has to be the channel, the spokesperson, the instrument to make It known should not exist? If this thing were to remain between Me and you (Luisa), maybe it could work, but since I (Jesus) want My Will to have Its Kingdom – and the Kingdom cannot be formed only with one person, but with many people and of different conditions – it is therefore necessary that not only My Will, the goods It contains, the nobility of those who will want to Live in this Kingdom, the good, the happiness, the order, the harmony which everyone will possess, be known, but also the one whom My Goodness has chosen as origin and beginning of such a great Good.


At other times, it seemed to me that Jesus would take my soul in His hands, and would throw it in flight into the immensity of His Will, telling me: “The Newborn of My Will! You (Luisa) were born in My Will – in It do I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to Live. Fly, fly in the Eternal Volition; fulfill your office. See what needs to be done between the Divinity and the creatures; go around all generations, but always in My Will, otherwise you (Luisa) will not find them all. And loving, working, repairing, adoring for all, you (Luisa) will go before the Supreme Majesty to give It all the love and the homages of all and of each one, as the First Newborn Daughter of Our Will.”


“But do you know who was the first one to cry out together with Me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’? It was My Little Newborn of My Will (Luisa), My little daughter (Luisa), who felt such repugnance and fright for her will as to cling to Me; and trembling, she cried out with Me: ‘Father, if it possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. And crying, she added with me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’. Ah, yes, you (Luisa) were together with Me in that first contract with My Celestial Father, because at least one creature was needed in order to validate this contract. Otherwise, to whom give it? To whom entrust it? And in order to render the custody of the contract safer, I (Jesus) gave you (Luisa) all the Fruits of My Passion as gift, lining them up around you (Luisa) like a formidable army which, while forming the Royal Court of My Will, wages a fierce war against your will.


“Just as there are sayings and teachings on living resigned, patient, obedient, etc., there would have been this as well. It would have been really funny and strange if I (Jesus) had kept hidden the thing which I love the most; rather, the more one loves something, the more he wants to make it known; the more delight and glory a way of living brings Me, the more I (Jesus) want to diffuse it. It is not in the nature of true love to hide what can make others happy and rich. If you (Luisa) knew how I (Jesus) longed for this time of the coming to light of My Little Newborn of My Will (Luisa), to make you (Luisa) Live in My Volition! What a court of Grace I (Jesus) prepared in order to obtain the intent! You (Luisa) would remain stunned and would be more grateful and attentive to Me.


‘My beloved Jesus has told me many times that I was the Little Newborn of the Divine Will – just newly born, without having formed my little life in this Supreme Volition.  And now that I am most in need in order to form my growth, Jesus leaves me alone.  So, I will be like an aborted birth in the Divine Will, without having existence.  Don’t You see, then, my Love, in what pitiful state I find myself, and how Your very designs upon Me are reduced to nothing?  O please! if You do not want to have pity on me, have pity on Yourself, on Your designs and on Your works which You have made for my poor soul.’  But while my poor mind wanted to go further into the sorrowful state I was in, my beloved Good came out from within my interior, and looking at me thoroughly, from head to foot, told me:  “My daughter, in My Will (Luisa)  there are neither deaths nor abortions, and one who Lives in It contains, as life, the Life of My Will; and even if she feels herself dying, or even dead, she is in My Will which, containing Life, makes her rise again, in every instant, to New Light, to New Beauty, Grace and Happiness, delighting in preserving her always little within Itself, so as to have her great with Itself – little but strong, little but beautiful, just newly born, so that she might have nothing human, but everything Divine.  So, her life is My Will alone, which will carry out all My Designs, without dispersing anything.  You (Luisa) will be like the drop of water submerged within the great sea; like the grain of wheat amidst the great masses of grains:  as much as the drop of water seems as though disappeared within the sea, just as the grain amidst the innumerable grains, no one can deny or take away from them the right that their life exists.  Therefore, do not fear, and make it so that you (Luisa) lose your life, in order to acquire the right to have My Will alone as Life.”


“It is right that the Little Newborn of My Supreme Volition (Luisa) take part in the Beatitudes, Joys and Happinesses of She (the womb of God) who delivered her (Luisa) to the Light.  All these little flames that you (Luisa) see in the endless Sea of My   Will are the symbol of the secret Beatitudes, Joys and Happinesses which It contains.  I (Jesus) say secret because, since I have not yet manifested the fullness of the knowledge which the Eternal Will contains, nor are there the right dispositions in creatures in order to manifest them, all these beatitudes remain ‘ad intra’, inside the Divinity, as We are waiting to put them out for the one who would be born, live and carry out her life in Our Will, with no interruption, because, her will being one with Ours, all the Divine doors are opened and Our most intimate Secrets revealed.  The Joys and the Beatitudes are placed in common, as much as it is possible for a creature, and as much as she is capable of.  So, you see, My daughter (Luisa), each manifestation that I (Jesus) make to you (Luisa) about My Will is a Beatitude released from the Womb of the Divinity, which not only makes you (Luisa) happy and disposes you (Luisa) more to Live in My Will, but prepares you (Luisa) for more New Knowledges.  And not only this, but all of Heaven remains inundated by that New Beatitude which has come out of Our Womb.  Oh! how grateful they are to you (Luisa), and how they pray that I (Jesus) continue the manifestations on My Will!  These Beatitudes were closed into Ourselves by the human will, and each act of human will is a lock to these Celestial Beatitudes – not only in time, but also in Eternity, because each act of My Will done on earth sows in the soul the Seed of that Beatitude which she will enjoy in Heaven.  Without the seed, it is useless to hope for the plant.  Therefore, deeper and deeper do I (Jesus) want you (Luisa), inside My Will.”


“My daughter, Little Newborn of My Will (Luisa), you must know that one who is born in My Will can also be a mother, by giving birth to many children for My Supreme Volition.  In order to be mother, it is necessary to have sufficient matter in one’s own interior, so as to be able to form, with one’s own blood, with one’s own flesh and with continuous nourishment, the birth which one wants to give to the light.  If there is no seed and not enough matter, it is useless to hope to become a mother.  Now, since you (Luisa) have been born in My Will, in you (Luisa) there is the Seed of Fecundity, and there is also the fully sufficient matter of all the manifestations I (Jesus) have made to you (Luisa) on My Will.  It can be said that each knowledge I (Jesus) have given you (Luisa) can give birth to a child for My Will.  Your continuous acts in My Will are abundant nourishment in order to first form these children of Heaven within yourself, and then deliver them as triumph, honor, glory and crown of My Will, and as perennial joy of the mother who delivered them.  See, then, what each additional manifestation means – it is one more birth that My Will delivers, it is a Divine Life that goes out for the good of creatures, it is to debilitate the strengths of the human will in order to establish in it the fortress of the Divine Will.  How attentive, then, you (Luisa) must be not to disperse anything, even from the smallest manifestations I (Jesus) make to you (Luisa), because you (Luisa) would deprive Me of the honor of having one more child, which can narrate to all one more good about My Will in order to give it to creatures, that they might love It more and let themselves be subdued by the Power of My Supreme Volition.”


I was thinking to myself:  ‘Why does blessed Jesus so often call me “the Little Newborn of His Most Holy Will”?  Maybe because I am still bad, and since I have not taken one step in His Will, with reason He calls me just Newborn….’

Now, while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus clasped His Arms around my neck, and squeezing me tightly to His Heart, told me:  “To My Little Newborn of My Will (Luisa) I (Jesus) want to deny nothing.  Do you want to know, then, why I (Jesus) call you (Luisa) Little Newborn?  Newborn means to be in the act of being born, and you (Luisa) must be reborn in each one of your acts in My Will.  Not only this, but in order to be repaid for all the oppositions of the human wills, My Will wants to call you (Luisa) into my Volition to make you (Luisa) be reborn so many times for as many times as the human wills have opposed It.  Therefore, it is necessary to keep you (Luisa) always a Newborn.  When one is in the act of being born, it is easy to make her be reborn as many times as one wants, and to preserve her without the growth of the human will.  But when the soul grows, it becomes more difficult to keep her without the life of her own self.

But this is not all.  It was necessary, befitting and decorous for the Newborn of My Will (Luisa) and for Our Will Itself, that she would unite herself to that single Act of the Eternal One, which has no succession of acts.  And just as this single Act gives the Divine Being all the greatness, the magnificence, the immensity, the eternity, the power – in sum, It encloses everything, to make whatever It wants come out of this one Act – in the same way, Our Little Newborn of Our Will (Luisa), uniting with the single Act of the Eternal One, was to do always one single act – that is, to remain always in continuous act of being born, doing always one single act:  Our Will.  And while doing one single act, she would be reborn continuously – but reborn to what?  To New Beauty, to New Sanctity, to New Light, to New Likeness of her Creator.  And as you (Luisa) are reborn in Our Will, the Divinity feels repaid of the Purpose for which It issued the Creation, and It feels the Joys and the Happiness that the creature was to give It, come back to It.  Clasping you (Luisa) to the Divine Bosom, It fills you (Luisa) with Joy and with infinite Graces, and It manifests to you (Luisa) more Knowledges about Our Will; and giving you (Luisa) no time, It makes you (Luisa) be reborn again in Our Will.

Moreover, these continuous births make you (Luisa) die continuously to your will, to your weaknesses, to miseries, and to all that does not belong to Our Will.  How beautiful is the destiny of My Little Newborn (Luisa)!  So, aren’t you (Luisa) happy?

See, I (Jesus) too was born one time, but that birth makes Me be born continuously.  I (Jesus) am reborn in each consecrated Host; I am reborn every time the creature returns to My Grace.  The first birth gave Me the field to make Me be reborn always.  This is how Divine works are:  after they are done once, their continuous act remains, without ever ending.  The same will be with My Little Newborn of My Will (Luisa):  after she is born once, the act of her continuous birth will remain.  This is why I (Jesus) am so careful not to let your will enter into you (Luisa), and I surround you (Luisa) with so much Grace – so that you (Luisa) may always be reborn in My Will, and My Will may be reborn in you (Luisa).”


“Now, one who has won the Divine Will has won the whole Creation, and even God Himself; therefore, by right of justice, she must possess all that My Will possesses.  More so, since the Creation is mute for Its Creator; and I (Jesus) made It mute because the one to whom I (Jesus) was to give It and who was to Live in My Will, would, herself, have speech in all created things, so that all things made by Me might be speaking, not mute.  So, you (Luisa) will be the voice of the heavens; and echoing from one point to another, it will make your word heard, which, resounding through the whole celestial atmosphere, will say:  ‘I love, I glorify, I adore my Creator…’.  You (Luisa) will be the voice of each star, of the sun, of the wind, of the thunder, of the sea, of plants, of mountains – of everything, repeating continuously:  ‘I love, I bless, I glorify, I adore, I thank the One who created us…’.  Oh, how beautiful will be the voice of My Newborn of My Will (Luisa) – of the little daughter of My Volition (Luisa) – in all things!  It will render the whole Creation speaking, and Creation will be more beautiful than if I had given It the use of the word.  I (Jesus) love you (Luisa) so much that I (Jesus) want to hear your voice in the sun – loving, adoring, glorifying.  I (Jesus) want to hear it in the celestial spheres, in the murmuring of the sea, in the darting of the fish, in the bird that sings and warbles, in the lamb that bleats, the turtledove that moans…  I (Jesus) want to hear you (Luisa) everywhere.  I would not be content if, in all created things, in which My Will has first place, I did not hear the voice of My Little Newborn (Luisa) who, rendering the whole Creation speaking, gives Me love for love, glory and adoration for each thing created by Me.  Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), be attentive; I (Jesus) have given you (Luisa) much, and much do I want.  Your mission is great:  it is the life of My Will that must be carried out in you (Luisa), which embraces everything and possesses everything.”

Then, after this, I was thinking to myself:  ‘How can I do all that blessed Jesus tells me – being present in all created things, having one act for everything that the Supreme Volition does, as if It were to be my echo, and I Its echo – if I am just newly born in the Divine Will?  I should at least grow a little bit, to be able to diffuse myself a little more, as best I can, in all created things, as my beloved Jesus wants.’  Now, while I was thinking of this, He came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not be surprised if I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) that you (Luisa) are the Newborn of My Will.  You (Luisa) must know that My Immaculate Mama Herself is the Newborn of My Will, because in comparing what the Creator is and what the creature can be, and take from God, she can be called a Little Newborn.  And because She was the Newborn of My Will, She was formed in the Likeness of Her Creator and could be Queen of all Creation; and, as Queen, She dominated everything, and Her Echo ran well with the Echo of the Divine Will.  And not only the Celestial Sovereign Lady, but all Saints, Angels and Blessed can be called just newly born in the Eternal Volition.  In fact, as soon as the soul leaves her mortal body, she is reborn in My Will; and if she is not reborn in It, not only can she not enter the Celestial Fatherland, but she cannot even be saved, because no one enters the eternal glory if one is not a birth from My Will.

However, I (Jesus) must tell you (Luisa) of the great difference that exists between one who is the Newborn of the Supreme Will in time, and those who are reborn at the thresholds of Eternity.  One example is My Queen Mama, who was the Newborn of the Divine Will in time, and because She was newly born, She had the Power to make Her Creator descend upon earth; and while He was still immense, She made Him become little within Her Maternal Womb, to clothe Him with Her own nature and to offer Him as the Savior of the human generations.  By being newly born, She formed Seas of Graces, of Light, of Sanctity, of Science, in which to contain the One who had created Her.  By the Power of the Life of the Supreme Will which She possessed, She was able to do everything and to impetrate everything.  God Himself could not deny what this Celestial Creature was asking for, because it was His own Will that was asking, to which He could not, and should not, deny anything.  So, one who is newly born in My Will in time, forms Seas of Grace while being in exile; and upon departing from the earth, she carries with herself all the Seas of the Goods which the Divine Will possesses, and therefore she carries with her God Himself.  To bring from the exile that Will – that God who reigns in the Heavens – is a portent.  You (Luisa) yourself cannot comprehend clearly the great Goods – the Prodigies of one who is newly born in My Will in time.  Therefore, of all that I tell you (Luisa), you (Luisa) can do everything; more so, since My Will Itself will do it, as though identified with your little being.  On the other hand, for one who is Reborn in My Will upon departing from the earth, it is the Divine Will that makes her find Its immense Seas to make the soul be reborn in It.  She does not carry her God with herself – it is God that makes Himself found by her.  What a difference between the two!  Therefore, greater Grace I (Jesus) could not give you (Luisa) than making of you (Luisa) the Newborn of My Will; and if you (Luisa) love to grow, let My Will alone grow.”


“This cry of death from all was so very painful for Me; I (Jesus) felt as many deaths for as many as were the people who cried out:  ‘Crucify Him!’  I (Jesus) felt as though drowned with pains and with death; more so, since I could see that each death of Mine would not bring Life to each one, and those who received Life because of My death would not receive all the complete Fruit of My Passion and Death.  My sorrow was so great, that My moaning Humanity was about to succumb and breathe Its last; but while I (Jesus) was dying, with Its all-seeingness My Supreme Will made present to My dying Humanity all those who would let the Eternal Volition reign in them with absolute dominion, who would take the complete Fruit of My Passion and Death.  Among them there was My dear Mother, as their head.  She took all the deposit of all My Goods and of the Fruits contained in My Life, Passion and Death – not even one Breath of Mine did She allow to be lost, nor did She fail to keep its precious Fruit in Her custody.  And from Her they were to be transmitted to the Little Newborn of My Will (Luisa) and to all those in whom the Supreme Volition would have Its Life and Its Kingdom.

“Now, My little daughter (Luisa), when I (Jesus) see you (Luisa) operate in the Kingdom of My Will and, as you (Luisa) operate, Its Kingdom is established more and more in you (Luisa), I (Jesus) feel victorious in My long battle and everything around Me takes the attitude of triumph and feast.  My Pains, the hardships, the Wounds, smile at Me, and My very death gives Me back the Life of My Will in you (Luisa).  So I (Jesus) feel victorious in Creation and in Redemption; even more, they serve to form the long rounds for the Newborn of My Will (Luisa) – her rapid flights, her endless strolls in the Kingdom of My Will.  And so I (Jesus) boast in triumph, and delighting, I (Jesus) follow with My Gaze all the steps and acts of My little daughter (Luisa).

See, all have their ideal, and when they realize it, only then are they content.  The little baby also has his ideal – to attach himself to the breast of his mama – and while he cries and sobs, as soon as his mama opens her lap to him, the baby stops crying, takes on a smile, and flinging himself, he attaches himself to the breast of his mama and, victorious, he suckles and suckles until he is full; and while he suckles, triumphant, he takes his sweet sleep.  So I (Jesus) Am.  After long crying, when I (Jesus) see the lap of a soul who opens the doors to Me, to give place to the Kingdom of My Will, My tears stop, and flinging Myself onto her lap, I (Jesus) attach Myself to her, and suckling her love and the Fruits of the Kingdom of My Will, I take My sweet sleep and I (Jesus) rest victorious.  Even the tiny little bird – its ideal is the seed, and when it sees it, it beats its wings, it runs, hurls itself over the seed; victorious, it grabs it with its beak and, triumphant, it continues its flight.  So I (Jesus) Am.  I fly and fly, I go round and round to form the Kingdom of My Will in the soul, that she may form for Me the seed to nourish Me, because I (Jesus) use no other food but that which is formed in My Kingdom; and when I (Jesus) see this Celestial Seed, more than little bird, I fly to make of it My Food.

So, for each, everything is in realizing the ideal one has set for himself.  This is why, when I (Jesus) see you (Luisa) operate in the Kingdom of My Will, I (Jesus) see My ideal realized, and I (Jesus) feel repaid for the work of Creation and Redemption, and the triumph of My Will established in you (Luisa).  Therefore be attentive, and let the victory of your Jesus be permanent in you (Luisa).”

Then after this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and, all tenderness, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), tell Me, what about your ideal, your purpose – what is it?”  And I:  ‘My love, Jesus, my ideal is to fulfill Your Will, and all my purpose is to reach the point at which no thought, word, heartbeat and work of mine may ever go out of the Kingdom of Your Supreme Will; even more, in It may they be conceived, nourished, raised and form their life, and if needed, also their death, though I know that in Your Will no act dies, but once it is born it lives eternally.  So, it is the Kingdom of Your Will in my poor soul that I long for, and this is all my ideal and my primary and ultimate purpose.’  And Jesus, all love and making feast, added:  “My daughter (Luisa), so, My ideal and yours are one, and therefore one is our purpose.  Brava, brava, the little daughter of My Will (Luisa)!  And since your ideal and Mine are one, you (Luisa) too have sustained the battle of long years to conquer the Kingdom of My Will.  You (Luisa) had to endure pains, privations, and have been even a prisoner in your little room, bound to your little bed, to conquer that Kingdom so much wanted and longed for by Me and by you (Luisa).  It cost much to both of us, and now we are both triumphant and conquerors.  So, you (Luisa) too are the little queen in the Kingdom of My Will, and even though little, you (Luisa) are always queen because you (Luisa) are the daughter of the great King – of our Celestial Father.  Therefore, as conqueror of a Kingdom so great, take possession of all Creation, of all Redemption and of all Heaven – everything is yours, because your rights of possession extend wherever My Will reigns as whole and permanent.  All are waiting for you (Luisa) to give you (Luisa) the honors that befit your victory.

You (Luisa) too are the little baby who has so much cried and longed for her Jesus.  But as soon as you (Luisa) have seen Me your tears have stopped, and flinging yourself onto My Lap, you (Luisa) have attached yourself to My Breast and, victorious, you (Luisa) have suckled My Will and My Love.  As though in triumph, you (Luisa) have taken rest in My very Arms, and I (Jesus) rocked you (Luisa) so that your sleep might be longer, and I (Jesus) might enjoy My Newborn (Luisa) in My own Arms; and, triumphant, I extended the Kingdom of My Will in you (Luisa).  Also, you (Luisa) are the tiny little dove that has gone around and around Me, and while I (Jesus) spoke to you (Luisa) about My Will, manifesting to you (Luisa) the knowledges about It, Its goods, Its prodigies and even Its sorrow, you (Luisa) beat your wings, and hurling yourself over the many seeds I placed before you (Luisa), you (Luisa) grabbed them with your beak and, triumphant, you (Luisa) continued your flight around Me, waiting for more seeds of My Will which I (Jesus) would place before you (Luisa).  And, again, grabbing them with your beak, you (Luisa) nourished yourself and, victorious, continued your flight, manifesting the Kingdom of My Will.  So, My prerogatives are yours, My Kingdom and yours are one; we have suffered together – it is right that together we enjoy our conquests.”


“Therefore I (Jesus) contented Myself with agonizing, suffering, waiting – more than a mother, so as not to expose this dear birth from Myself, My Kingdom, to any danger.  And so, while agonizing, for I (Jesus) wanted to deliver of It to give It to the creature as Gift, and to secure the interest of Creation and Redemption which were all in danger – in fact, until man returns into the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, Our interests and his will always be in danger, because outside of Our Will man is always a disorder in Our Creative Work, he is a clashing note that takes the perfect harmony away from the Sanctity of Our Works – I (Jesus) looked at the round of centuries, waiting for My Little Newborn in the Kingdom of My Will (Luisa), placing around her all the Goods of Redemption for the safety of the Kingdom of My Will.  And more than a suffering mother, who has agonized for so long, I (Jesus) entrust to you (Luisa) this birth from Myself and the destiny of this, My Kingdom.  And it is not only My Humanity that wants to deliver of this birth that cost Me so much, but the whole Creation is pregnant with My Will, and agonizes because It wants to deliver of It for the creatures, to establish once again the Kingdom of their God in the midst of creatures.


“Look, My daughter (Luisa)  – how beautiful the whole Creation is!  It was the Word of your Jesus that worked It with one Fiat.  But do you know what is the enchantment that enraptures Me?  Your little ‘I love You’ on each created thing.  With this little ‘I love You’ of yours impressed on each of them, they all speak to Me of your love, they speak to Me of My Newborn of My Will (Luisa); I (Jesus) hear the harmonious echo of the whole Creation that speaks to Me about you (Luisa).  Oh! how it enraptures Me, how happy I (Jesus) Am to see that My Fiat in Creation and the one taught to you (Luisa) hold hands, intertwine together, and fulfilling My Will, they give Me rest.


“Little daughter of My Will (Luisa), it is just, it is necessary, it is a right of both sides—both yours and of My Will—that one who is Its child follow the multiplicity of the acts of My Will, and that My Will receive them into Its acts.  A father would be unhappy if he did not feel his child at his side, so as to be followed by his child in his acts; nor would the child feel loved by the father if, putting him aside, the father would not let himself be followed by his child.  Therefore, ‘Daughter of My Will and Newborn in It’ (Luisa) means precisely this:  to follow all of Its acts as Its faithful daughter.


“Therefore, one who lets herself be dominated by My Will possesses as many Seas for as many acts as she does in It; and while she does little, she has much.  She has a Divine Volition that delights in making of the little act of the creature a sea; and only with these Seas can she impetrate the longed for Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  This is why Our Newborn, the little daughter of My Will (Luisa), was needed, so that, turning her little pains, her ‘I love You’ and everything she does into Seas that communicate with the Sea of the Eternal One, she can have ascendancy to impetrate the Kingdom of My Will.”


“Now, My daughter (Luisa), in order to be daughter of My Will, you (Luisa) have been generated in It; in It you (Luisa) have been formed, and, in forming you (Luisa), the light, the love of My Will, more than blood, has grafted in you (Luisa) Its ways, Its attitude, Its operating, making you (Luisa) embrace everyone and everything.  This is so true that, you (Luisa) being a birth from It, It calls you (Luisa) now ‘Newborn of My Will,’ now Its “little daughter.’  Now, only one who has been generated by It can generate the children of My Will; therefore, you (Luisa) will be the mother of the generation of Its children.”

And I:  “My Jesus, what are You saying?  I am not good at being daughter—how can I be mother?”

And Jesus:  “Yet, from you (Luisa) must come the generation of these children.  What mother has suffered so much?  Who has been confined in a bed for forty years and more, for the love of forming a birth from herself, and of giving birth to the generation of her children?  No one.  What mother, as good as she might be, has sacrificed her whole entire existence to the point of enclosing within herself the thoughts, the heartbeats, the works, so that everything might be reordered in the birth that she carried, wanting to give life to it—not once, but as many times for as many acts as her child does?  No one.

“Do you (Luisa) yourself not feel within yourself the generations of these children, by following their thoughts, words, works, steps, to reorder them all in My Will?  Do you not feel yourself wanting to give life to each one, as long as they know My Will and be regenerated in It?  Everything that you (Luisa) do in your interior, and that you (Luisa) suffer, is nothing other than the formation and the maturation of this birth, all of Heaven.  This is why I (Jesus) have told you (Luisa) many times:  your mission is great, there is no one who can equal it, and highest attention is needed.”


“How beautiful she is!  How beautiful is the Newborn of My Will (Luisa).  In her littleness she would want to engage in a competition with her Creator; she would want to give Him the occasion to always smile, and with childlike surprises capture Him so as to be always gazed upon, to show Him the long generation of her children.”


“You must know that My loneliness weighed heavy on Me, because He who had come for all and to search for all, was to be sought for by all; and for each of them I felt, vividly, the pain of the loneliness in which they left Me; and with My searching gaze, I (Jesus) kept searching to see whether anyone looked for Me and loved My company; and many times I (Jesus) looked for this comfort in vain.  However, you (Luisa) must know that in so much loneliness in which creatures left Me, I never remained alone.  I (Jesus) had the company of the Angels and that of My Mama, because, though She was far away, My Divine Will brought Me Her heartbeat and all Her acts as cortege around Me, to keep Me company.

“And also, from that time, It brought Me the Newborn of My Fiat (Luisa) with all the retinue of the children of My Kingdom for My company, because all times belong to My Divine Will, and It has the virtue of reducing them to one single point, so as to have them, in all times, in continuous act without ever ceasing.  Furthermore, as the soul remembers what I (Jesus) did and wants to be around Me, she prepares the void within herself in which to place the Fruit of what I did and suffered.”


“But because Adam went out of Our Divine Volition, his descendants lost the way in order to come to the first act of the creation of man; and even though Our Divine Volition has not stopped—because when We decide to do an act, no one can move Us, and therefore It remains always in the act of renewing the prodigies of Creation—in spite of this, It does not find anyone over whom to renew them, and It waits with a Divine firmness and patience for the creature to return into Its Volition in order to be able to renew Its act, always in act, of being able to repeat what It did in the creation of man.  And as much as It awaits everyone, It only finds Its little daughter (Luisa), the Newborn of My Divine Volition, who, each day, enters into the first act of the creation of man, when Our Divine Being made display of all Our Divine Qualities, to make of man the little king and Our inseparable son, embellishing him with all of Our Divine insignia, so that all might recognize him as the greatest portent of Our Love.


I feel a strength within me, a Divine Power, that draws me continuously into the Eternal Volition, as if It wanted me in continuous company with Its acts, to give to Its Little Newborn (Luisa) the life of these acts, and to have the pleasure of hearing them being repeated, or of repeating them together with her.  It seems that the Divine Fiat enjoys very much, It celebrates, when It sees the Little Newborn (Luisa) in Its Arms of Light, either to tell her something about Its long story, or to let her repeat what It does together with It.  The Divine Fiat feels all the joy, the happiness for having issued the Creation.

So, Its Light transported my little intelligence into Eden, in the act when our Creator, in a surge of Love, created the Life of Love in Adam, in order to Love him always, without ever ceasing—as indeed It never ceased—to be loved by him in return with an incessant love.  It wanted to Love him with a Love that never says enough; but It wanted to be loved in return.

While my mind was wandering in the love of the Creator and of the creature, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), in the first act of the creation of man, Our Love overflowed so strongly and raised Its flames so high, as to make its arcane voices heard, so strong and penetrating, that the heavens, the stars, the sun, the wind, the sea and everything felt invested by mysterious voices crying out over the head of man:  ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’

“These arcane and powerful voices called man; and he, as though stirred from a sweet sleep and feeling enraptured by each ‘I Love you’ of He who had created him, also cried out in his surge of Love—in the sun, in the heavens, in the sea and in everything:  ‘I love You, I love You, I love You, oh my Creator!’  Our Divine Will that dominated Adam did not let him lose anything, not even one ‘I Love you’ of Ours to which he would not respond with his own.  It was lovely, a sweet enchantment, to hear him, as the Power of Our Divine Fiat would take the ‘I love You’ of Our son, the dear jewel of Our Heart, upon the wings of Its Light, and invading the whole Creation, he would make Us hear, in each created thing, his continuous ‘I love You,’ just like Our own.  Our Divine Will does not know how to do broken and interrupted things, but continuous.

“As long as Adam possessed his dear inheritance of Our Fiat, he possessed Its continuous Act; it can be said that he competed with Us, for when We do an act, it no longer ceases; therefore, everything was harmony between him and Us—harmony of love, of beauty, of sanctity.  Our Fiat let him lack nothing of all Our things.  As he withdrew from Our Will, he lost the way in order to reach Our things, and formed many voids between himself and Us—voids of Love, voids of Beauty and of Sanctity, and formed an abyss of distance between God and himself.  And this is why Our Fiat wants to return into the creature as Fount of Life—to fill these voids and make him return, as a Little Newborn, into Its Arms, and to give him Its continuous act, just as It created him.”


“And just as in the natural order of Creation, so in the supernatural order.  God is the Universal Being, and He is one; and because one is the God of all, He gives Himself to all, He envelops all, He is everywhere, He does good to all, and is life of all.  One is the Virgin, and therefore Universal Mother and Queen of all.  One is your Jesus, and therefore My Redemption extends everywhere and in a Universal way; everything I did and suffered is at the disposal of all and of each one.  One is the Little Newborn of My Divine Will (Luisa), and therefore the whole entire universe will receive, in a Universal way, all the Goods of the Manifestations and Knowledges of My Divine Fiat that, like sacred deposit, I have deposited in you (Luisa), so that, more than splendid sun, it may shine its innumerable rays to illuminate the whole entire world.


 “Now, who can say my emotion after so many years, in finding myself in front of that sun that my lovable Jesus had used in order to give me so many similes and images of His adorable Will?  I felt invested not only by its light, but also by its heat; and the wind, wanting to compete with the sun, kissed me with its light breeze, in order to refresh the hot kisses that the sun was giving me.  So, I felt like they would never stop kissing me—the sun on one hand, and the wind on the other.  Oh! how vividly I could feel the touch, the life, the breath, the air, the love of the Divine Fiat in the sun and in the wind.  I could touch with my own hand how created things are veils that hide that Volition that created them.

Now, while I was under the empire of the sun, of the wind, of the vastness of the azure heavens, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior in a sensible way, as if He did not want to be outdone by the sun, by the wind, by the heavens; and He told me:  “Beloved daughter of My Volition (Luisa), today everyone makes feast because of your exit.  The whole Celestial Court felt the gaiety of the sun, the joy of the wind, the smile of the heavens, and all ran to see what was new; and in seeing you (Luisa) invested by the light of the sun that was kissing you (Luisa), the wind caressing you (Luisa), the heavens smiling at you (Luisa), they all comprehended that the Power of My Divine Fiat was moving the elements to celebrate Its Little Newborn (Luisa).


“And you know that the motion, the heartbeat, the breathing, must be continuous, otherwise life cannot exist, and you (Luisa) would cause your life to be missing in My Fiat, and It would feel the sorrow that Its little daughter, Its dear Newborn (Luisa), would cause her motion, her heartbeat, her breathing to be missing in It; It would feel the tearing of Its Newborn (Luisa), whom It keeps always in the act of being born, without putting her out of Its Womb, not even to let her take one step, so as to feel her life as Its own Life.  And you (Luisa) would feel the Life of Its continuous Motion, of Its Heartbeat, of Its breathing, missing in you (Luisa); you (Luisa) would feel the void of a Divine Will in your soul.  No, no, My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) do not want any void of My Will in you (Luisa).


“My daughter (Luisa), as many times as you go around in the Sea of My Divine Will, so many places you (Luisa) take in It, and you (Luisa) form your little drops within Our Sea, that dissolve in It and remain inseparable.  And We feel your little drops that love Us and form one single life with Us, and We say:  ‘The Newborn of Our Will (Luisa) Loves Us within Our Sea, not outside of It; it is right that We give her the Rights to let her come into Our Sea as many times as she wants.  More so, since she wants nothing other than what We want; and this is the greatest joy that she brings to Us, as if she were bringing to Us, on her little lap, all of Our Divine Will; and overflowing with It from all sides, she remains eclipsed within Its Light, and We enjoy in seeing your littleness enclosed within Our Light.’


“My daughter (Luisa), born and Reborn in My Will, each time that, with all your full Knowledge, you (Luisa) abandon yourself in Its Arms of Light and remain there inside, so many times are you (Luisa) Reborn in It, and these Rebirths are one more Beautiful and striking than the other.  This is why I have called you (Luisa) many times ‘the Little Newborn of My Will’—because while you (Luisa) are Reborn, you (Luisa) return to be Born Again.  In fact, My Will is unable to remain idle with one who Lives together with It, but It wants to be always occupied by being Born again in a continuous way in the creature, absorbing her continuously into Itself; so much so, that My Fiat is Reborn in her, and she is Reborn in My Will.  These Rebirths on both sides are Lives that they mutually exchange, and this is the Greatest attestation of Love, the most perfect act—to be Reborn, to exchange Lives, so as to be able to say to each other:  ‘See how much I Love you (Luisa)—that I give you (Luisa), not acts, but continuous Life.’

“Here then, My daughter (Luisa), for one who Lives in My Divine Will, My Will places this fortunate creature in the First Act of her Creation; she feels her beginning in God, the Creative, Vivifying and Preserving Virtue of His Omnipotent Breath; so much so, that if she withdraws in it, she returns into her nothingness, from which she came out, and therefore she feels, vividly, her continuous Rebirth in the Arms of her Creator; and feeling herself in her beginning, the creature renders back to God the First Act of Life that she received from Him, that is the Holiest Act, the most Solemn, the most Beautiful—the Act of God Himself.”


“My Newborn of My Will (Luisa), it seems you go searching how to disturb yourself, but I do not want it.  I do not want tempests in the sea of your soul, but Perennial Peace.  The tempests—that is, the fears, the frights, the doubts, they are tempests—would impede in you (Luisa) the continuous murmur of your placid ‘I love You’ that must run and murmur always in order to Conquer your Creator, so that He send His Will to descend on earth in order to let It Reign.


“The Newborn of My Will (Luisa) has put Our Acts in hers, so they are no longer alone, but have the company of her for whose sake they were Created.  And this was and is Our Will—to give the field of action to the creature in Our same Acts in order to be able to say to her:  ‘We Love and Operate in one single field.’”


I feel like a little baby in the Arms of the Divine Will; O! how true it seems to me that I am the Little Newborn, that while I am about to be born, another of His Acts of Divine Will pours itself over me, or even another Knowledge of His is manifested to me.  I am Reborn again in that Act, and in that Knowledge, as a New Life in His Divine Will that I did not have in my power before. I didn’t even know It, and in the act of receiving It, I feel myself Reborn again.  But while I am about to be Reborn, He gives me another of His Acts, He invests me with another Knowledge of His, and I am always in the act of being Reborn.  O! Power of the Supreme Fiat, You don’t know how to ever leave the creature.  On the contrary, it seems to me that You place me in the labyrinth of Your Immense Light, in the act of always giving me New Life, and I feel the need to receive from You Your continuous Life, to remain lost in You—but happy lost, because one is not lost, but Conquered by New Divine Life that It makes in the creature.

But while my mind was lost in the Divine Fiat, my Celestial Teacher, visiting His Little Newborn, all Goodness told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa), My Love is so much, that I (Jesus) always remain in the Act of making the Gift of My Will in all the acts that the creature does in order to receive the gift of hers.  I (Jesus) Am the first to surrender the Gift of Mine to her.  I (Jesus) spy to see when the creature is about to do an act in order to give her the Gift of My Will in her act, so that in seeing the Great Gift that I made her, she gives Me the little gift of her volition.


“My blessed daughter of My Will (Luisa), how many Wonders My Will can make in the creature, as long as she gives It the first place and all the freedom to Operate.  My Will takes the will, the word, the act that the creature wants to do, as part of Itself—covers it with Its Creative Virtue, pronounces Its Fiat in it, and forms as many Lives for as many existing creatures.   You (Luisa) were asking in My Will for the Baptism of all Newborn babies that will come to the light of the day—and then, for Its Life to Reign in them.  My Will did not hesitate for a instant; soon it pronounced Its Fiat and formed as many Lives from Itself for as many Newborn babies coming to the light—Baptizing them, as you (Luisa) wanted, with Its First Light, and then giving each one of them Its Life.  If these Newborn babies, for lack of Knowledge, will not possess Our Life, this Life still remains for Us, and We will have many Divine Lives that Love Us, glorify Us, bless Us, as We do Ourselves.  These Divine Lives are Our Greatest Glory, but they don’t put aside the creature who gave Our Fiat the opportunity to form so many of Our Lives for these Newborn babies who are coming to the light; rather, they keep her hidden in themselves to let her Love as they Love, and let her do what they do.  Neither would they set the Newborn babies aside; rather, they would give them so much attention, guard and defend them as to be able to Reign in their souls.