Return to Luisa, the One Who Lives in the Divine Will

Luisa, the One Who Lives in the Divine Will – Part II


PART II (we link ourselves to Luisa)

November 3, 1936

Reflections between the Creator and (Luisa) the creature.  Inseparability of both.  How in every instant God asks of her (Luisa) that she (Luisa) would receive the Life of His Will.  How (Luisa) the one who decides to Live of It, God covers everything that she (Luisa) has done with His Divine Will.

I am always in the arms of the Divine Volition.  I feel Its Creative Power inside and outside of me, that, not giving me time for anything else, I do not want, I do not ask, for anything else for me and for all, than that  the Divine Will come to Reign on earth.  My God, what Magnetic Force It possesses, that while It gives everything, It invests you from every part, but at the same time It takes everything that belongs to the littleness of the poor creature.

But while my mind was immersed in the crowd of so many thoughts that regarded the Divine Fiat, my always Lovable Jesus, visiting my little soul, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), Our Infinite Love is always Excessive and it gives of the incredible.  It is enough to tell you (Luisa) that it is so much, that We do nothing other than continually Reflect in the creature (Luisa), she (Luisa) lives under Our continuous Reflections:  if We move, Our Incessant Motion Reflects in her (Luisa) in order to give her (Luisa) Life.  Our Love Reflects in her (Luisa) in order to tell her (Luisa) continuously ‘I Love you.’  Our Power Reflects in her (Luisa) in order to sustain her (Luisa).  In sum, Our Wisdom Reflects and directs her (Luisa), Our Light Reflects and Illuminates her (Luisa), Our Goodness Reflects and compassionates her (Luisa), Our Beauty Reflects and embellishes her (Luisa), Our Supreme Being pours Itself out over the creature (Luisa) without ever ceasing—but this is not everything.  As We Reflect Ourselves in her (Luisa), so she (Luisa) reflects in Us.  In fact, if she (Luisa) thinks, We feel the reflection of her (Luisa) thoughts; if she (Luisa) speaks, her (Luisa’s) words reflect in Us; We feel the reflection of her (Luisa’s) heartbeat even in Our Bosom, the motion of her (Luisa’s) works, the treading of her (Luisa’s) feet.  Such inseparability passes between the Divine Being and human (Luisa), that the one continuously pours Itself into the other.  And so much is Our Love, that We make it possible for Ourselves to be as if We are not able to be without the creature (Luisa).

“But this is still not everything.  If Our Love does not give in Excesses, It is not content.  Now, knowing that if the creature does not posses the Life of Our Divine Volition, there is a great difference between her reflections and Ours, disposing Itself to supplicating Love, as she thinks It prays her that she let Our Will Reign in her mind.  If she speaks It supplicates her that she make It Reign in her words.  If she palpitates, works, and walks, It implores her that she let My Divine Will Reign in everything.  In sum, in everything that she does It has a moan, a sigh, a prayer, that continuously enveloping her tells her:  ‘Receive My Fiat, let yourself be Invested by My Fiat.  O please! Possess My Fiat.  Let Me see in you the Life of My Fiat Reigning, Dominating, and Rejoicing.  I pray you, do not deny Me your volition, and I will give you Mine.’

“And if It obtains this, as if It would have obtained the most precious thing, It encloses her in Its Love, It veils her with Its Light, and It begins Its Perennial Feast in the creature. It exchanges Its moans and sighs into Joys, and placing Itself on guard, as Triumphant It hears in her the notes of Its Love, that both parts say:  ‘We Love each other with One Single Love; we hold and have the same Life.  Your Fiat is Yours and mine,’ such that the Harmony, the Order, of her Creator arises in her.  Our Will, Our Love, has obtained Its Purpose.  Nothing else is left, than to enjoy Itself with Its beloved creature.

“Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), there is so much to take to heart making the Gift of Our Will as Life, that it is Our long sigh of all the centuries, rather, Our Eternal Sigh, that gazing fondly at the creature (Luisa) with the Portent of Our Life in her (Luisa), We felt the Joy, the Happiness, of so many of Our Lives Bilocated, multiplied, and formed in them.  Otherwise, it would not have been that great a Creation.  And if We Created so many things and put them forth to the light of day, it was because it must serve the Portent of portents, of forming, in virtue of Our Fiat, Our Life in the creature (Luisa).  And if this could not be it would have been for Us as if We had done nothing.  Therefore, content your Jesus, give peace to My Love that always goes into delirium, and uniting yourself with Me, sigh, pray, and ask that My Will Reign in you (Luisa) and in everyone.”

And while He said this, He took a veil of Light and covered me completely, and I did not know how to go out from within it.

After this, I continued to think about the Divine Will, and O! how many sweet and dear surprises crossed my mind.  O! if I knew how to say them with words, I would amaze the whole world, and everyone would Love to possess the Divine Will.  But alas, the language of Heaven does not adapt itself to the language of the earth, and therefore I am constrained to continue on.

And my beloved Jesus, returning to His little and poor ignorant daughter, with an Indescribable Love, told me:  “(Luisa) Daughter of My Volition, listen to Me, pay attention to Me.  I want to tell you (Luisa) the Most Beautiful Act, the most tender and of intense Love, of My Fiat.  Now, you (Luisa) must know that all acts, thoughts, words—past, present and future—are all present before the Supreme Being.  In fact the creature did not yet exist in time, and her acts shone before Us.  And why is this?  Because the First Act of the creature My Fiat does.  There is no thought, word, work, that My Fiat does not begin.  It can be said that first it is formed in God, with all His Acts, and then We put it forth to the light of day.  Now the creature, by doing her will, withdraws from the Divine Acts, but she cannot destroy that the life of her acts had the Fiat for Beginning.  Everything was Its property, that acting as Arbitrator It had changed human acts into Divine.  But if man disowns who has given life to his acts, My Volition does not disown his acts.

“Therefore, listen to the Greatest Excess of the Love of My Volition.  As the creature decides with immutable firmness to want to Live of My Will, letting It Reign and Dominate in her, Our Infinite Goodness is so much, Our Love that does not know how to resist a true decision of the creature—more so because It does not want to see acts dissimilar from Ours in her—listen to what It does.  It covers everything that she has done up to then with My Will.  It molds them, It Transforms them into Its Light in a way that everyone sees, with the Prodigy of Its Transforming Love, that everything is Its Will in the creature.  And with Love all Divine, It continues to form Its Life and Its Acts in the creature.  Is this not an Excessive and Amazing Love of My Volition?  And together with this, of letting everyone decide, even the most ungrateful, of letting My Will Live in them, knowing that It wants to set everything aside, and cover and supply for what is lacking of My Will in them?

“This also absolutely says that Our Will wants to Reign in the midst of creatures, that It does not want to pay attention to anything, nor to what is lacking in them, wanting to give to them not as pay that It goes finding out if it is merited or not, but as Gratuitous Gift of Our Great Liberality, and as Completion of Our own Will.  And the Completing of Our Will, is everything for Us.”

January 10, 1937

Braiding between the Divine Volition and the human; Tenderness of Jesus for one who Lives in His Volition, even to feeling Himself Happy to have cried and suffered.  The refuge of the Works of God.

I felt myself under the Eternal waves of the Fiat, and my poor mind runs, it always runs in order to be Invested, and the waves run in order to Invest me.  And this mutual Investing forms the most beautiful rest for both parties.

But while I ran, my Highest Good Jesus, stopping me, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), how Beautiful is the course of My Fiat with (Luisa) the daughter of My Divine Will.  A braiding happens between the one and the other.  All created things in which My Volition runs see that the little thread of the human volition braids everything, and My Fiat, braiding it, renders it extendable in all her (Luisa’s) acts.  It seems that It is not content if It does not see this thread of the human volition in the sky, in the sun, in everything.  It is a contest that forms, the Divine Volition wants to Invest the human, and the human volition wants to let itself be Invested by It.”

And surprised I said:  “But how can it be that the human volition, so little, can extend in all created things, and together with the Fiat embrace the great vastness of the whole Creation?”

And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not marvel.  Since all things were Created for the creature (Luisa), it was just, decorous, that the soul (Luisa) and the human will would be able to invest and embrace everything.  They would lord over everything and would possess greater Marvels that the Creation Itself does not possess.  More so, united with My Will, where can the creature (Luisa) not reach?  She cannot embrace Our Immensity, because it is not given to anyone to be able to embrace It, but everything that has been done for her (Luisa), provided she (Luisa) remains in Our Fiat, was given to her (Luisa) by Us:  the right of being able to enter everywhere, to embrace everything, and to make Our Works hers (Luisa’s).  And My Fiat would not be able to be—It would feel the Purpose torn from It—if It did not find the human volition in Its Works that, wanting to Live together, recognizes in them Its Works, how much It has Loved her (Luisa), and how It wants to be Loved.

“Therefore my Will is all eye, It is as spying in order to see when the creature (Luisa) is about to do a little act, an act of love, a breath, a heartbeat, in order to Invest it with the Power of Its Breath and say to her (Luisa):  ‘My Works I have done for you (Luisa), and you (Luisa) must work for Me.  Therefore what you (Luisa) do is Mine, it is My Right, as My Works are your (Luisa’s) right.’  These are the Laws of Living in My Volition, the yours and mine cease on both parts, they form One Single Act and possess the same Goods.  But this is not everything.  For (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Fiat, this thread of the human volition runs in My Conception, in My Birth, in My infantile tears, in My sufferings.

“Listen to a very tender thing, when this thread of the human volition braids Mine, and Mine hers (Luisa’s), Investing all the Acts and sufferings of your Jesus, I feel the Joy and the Purpose of being Conceived and Born.  I feel Happy to have cried for her (Luisa’s) Love, rather, My tears are stopped on My Face, and seeing that the human volition impearls Mine with hers (Luisa’s), kisses them, adores them, loves them, O! how  Happy and Victorious I feel that My tears and sufferings have Conquered the human volition, since I feel it flow in all My Acts, and even My Death itself.

“Therefore, as there is nothing that We have not done for their Love, so there is nothing that My Volition does not call this human volition in.  So as to be more secure, It braids it with It and with Its Works, there is no danger that It leave her (Luisa) behind.  And with an emphasis of Indescribable Love It tells her:  ‘My Will is yours (Luisa), My Works are yours (Luisa), recognize them, Love them, never stop, run, fly, do not let anything escape you, you would lose a right in this, that you do not know and possess, and you would give Me a Sorrow that in My Will I do not find yours braided in My Works.  And I feel the Purpose torn from Me, betrayed in love, and as a father who while he has children, he does not find them in his works, in his possessions, in his dwelling—they are far away from him, and they lead a life that is poor and unworthy of such a father.  Therefore the anxieties, the sighs, the longings of My Fiat are Incessant, they would move Heavens and earth, they would not spare Me anything, provided the creature would Live harmonized with It and would be Possessor of Its own Goods.

“In addition to this, everything that We have done, as much in Creation as in Redemption, is all in act to give itself to man; they hang over his head, but they are as suspended, without being able to give themselves, because he does not know them and does not call them, and does not love them, in order to enclose them in his soul so as to receive such a Good.

“Now (Luisa) one who possesses Our Volition, Our Works, My whole Life that I passed down here, finds the refuge, the space, the room for where to be able to continue My Life, My Works, and the soul (Luisa) acquires the Practicing Act and converts into her (Luisa’s) nature the Works and My Life.  In fact, this creature (Luisa) is the refuge of Our Sanctity, of Our Love, and the Life of Our Will.  And when Our Love, not being able to contain it, wants to give in Excesses, We find refuge in her (Luisa) and We give outlet to Our Love, and We pour forth such charismas of Graces that the Heavens are amazed, and trembling they adore Our Divine Will Operating in the creature (Luisa).”


January 24, 1937

The Divine Will, for (Luisa) one who Lives in It, forms the repeater of Its Life and of Its Love, and It forms and extends in her (Luisa) the whole of Creation and everything that Jesus did.  How It will give her (Luisa) a new name calling her (Luisa):  “My Fiat.”

I am at the mercy of the Supreme Fiat, that always wants to give me of Its, in order to keep me occupied and to always have something to do together with my poor soul.  And if It perceives some little void that is not Its Will, with an admirable and inimitable activity, It sees what is lacking in me of all Its Acts that It has done for Love of creatures, and all in feast It seals it in my soul, giving me a little tiny Lesson.

I was surprised, and my always Lovable Jesus, visiting His little daughter, told me:  “My good daughter (Luisa), do not marvel.  The Love of My Volition is Exuberant, but with Highest Wisdom, because It wants to do, for (Luisa) one who Lives in Its Volition, Works Worthy of It, the little repeaters of Its Life, of Its Love.  And to hide in them the Sanctity and the multiplicity of Its Works.  It wants to continue Its Creative Work.  It wants to form, to repeat, and to extend the whole Creation, and even more, in (Luisa) one who Lives in Its Volition.  Listen to where Its Love reaches:  My Fiat Created the Creation, and for each created thing It places a Value, a Love, and a distinct Office, since it must produce a distinct Good for the creatures, so much so that the sky possesses one Value, one Love and one Office all its own.  The sun, the wind, the sea, possess another, and they do distinct Offices.  And the same for all created things.

“Now, listen to what My Will does for (Luisa) one who Lives in It:  everything that It does is hers (Luisa’s); therefore in one Act It encloses the Value, the Love, and the Office that the sky does, and It gives to the creature (Luisa) the Love and the Value of the sky.  In another act It pronounces Its Fiat, and encloses there the Value, the Love, that It had in Creating the sun, and It lets her (Luisa) do the Office of sun.  In another It encloses there the Value of the wind, its ruling Love, and pronouncing Its Fiat It lets her (Luisa) do the Office of wind.  In another It encloses there the Value of the sea, and pronouncing Its Fiat It lets her (Luisa) do the Office of the sea and gives her (Luisa) the virtue of always murmuring ‘Love, Love, Love.’  In sum, there is no act that she (Luisa) does that It does not delight in pronouncing Its Fiat, and there It encloses the Value of the air, there the sweet song of the birds, the bleating of the lambs, there the beauty of the flowers.  And if the acts of the creature (Luisa) do not arrive at extending the Work of Creation, It makes use of the heartbeat, of the breath, of the rapidity as the blood circulates in her (Luisa’s) veins, It animates everything with Its Fiat, and forms there the Complete Creation.

“And when It has Completed everything of all that It has done in Creation for Love of creatures, It extends Its Domain there, and with Its Creative Strength It Conserves everything, It maintains the Order of the New Creation that It has formed in the acts of the creature (Luisa).  And It feels so very Loved and glorified because It does not find Creation without reason, without will, and without life, but It finds the strength of a reason, of a will and life, that voluntarily has undergone in her (Luisa’s) acts the Power of Its Fiat, Its Creative Virtue, Its Divine Life Itself, Its Ruling and Untiring Love, in a word, she (Luisa) has let It do with her (Luisa) what It wanted, even with her (Luisa’s) breath and with her (Luisa’s) acts.

“My blessed daughter, continue to listen to Me.  Let Me pour out My Love, I cannot contain it anymore.  I want to tell you where My Love reaches, and where it can reach and can do for (Luisa) one who Lives in My Fiat.  Do you believe that My Volition has been content, It has said ‘enough,’ because It has enclosed the Value, the Love and the different Offices of the whole of Creation in (Luisa) the creature who Lives as in harmony with It, with One Single Will?  No, no!  (Luisa) You must know that I came on earth, and in the ardor of My Love I offered My Life, My sufferings and My very Death, in order to Repurchase My Divine Will for the benefit of creatures who, with so much ingratitude, had rejected, and therefore lost, It.  In fact, My Life served as disbursement of the price that was needed in order to reacquire It and give It into the possession of My children, therefore there was needed a God in order to be able to have sufficient Value to be able to Purchase a Divine Will.  See, then, how it is certain that the Kingdom of My Volition will come, because the Purchase was made by Me.

“Now, My Will, after having formed the Order of Creation, with all the Sumptuousness and Sublimity of Its Creative Work, as the creature (Luisa) goes repeating her (Luisa’s) acts, in one Act It pronounces Its Fiat and forms there My Life and It encloses Its Value.  In another Act It pronounces Its Fiat and encloses in her (Luisa’s) sufferings the Value of My sufferings; It pronounces Its Fiat over her tears and places there the Value of Mine.   Its Fiat follows in her (Luisa’s) works, in her (Luisa’s) steps, in her (Luisa’s) heartbeat, and It encloses there the Value of My Works, of My Steps, and of My Love.  There is no prayer, or even natural acts, that she (Luisa) does, that It does not enclose the Value of My Acts.    In fact, in (Luisa) one who Lives in My Divine Will, I feel Myself repeat My Life, and it Doubles the Value in order to Purchase My Divine Will for the benefit of the human generations.  One can say that there is a contest between Me and her (Luisa) for who wants to give more, in order to make that My Will would be possessed again by the human family.

“But this is not yet everything.  If It does not do Complete Works, It is not content. To the Value of the Creation and Redemption that It has enclosed in the soul (Luisa), there It adds with an Incredible Love, there It encloses the Celestial Fatherland and makes resound Its Glory, Its Joys, the Eternal Beatitudes, as Seal and Confirmation of the Creative and Redemptive Work that It has formed in her (Luisa).  After this, in order to be more secure, It Creates there Its Heartbeat, Its Breath.  It makes Its Life, Its Light, circulate more than blood, and as Triumphant It gives her (Luisa) a New name, calling her (Luisa):  ‘My Fiat.’  This name is the most Beautiful name that will make all of Heaven smile, and all of hell tremble, name that I can not give except to (Luisa) one who Lives in My Volition and has let Me do in her (Luisa) what I want.  My daughter (Luisa), what can My Omnipotent Fiat not do and give?  It arrives at so much, that It gives her (Luisa) rights over Its own Power, over Its Love, over Its Justice.  It incorporates the will of the creature (Luisa) with Itself, and It tells her (Luisa):  ‘Be attentive, I do not want anything else from you (Luisa) than that you (Luisa) do what I do.  Therefore it is necessary that you (Luisa) are always together with Me, and I with you (Luisa).’”


February 26, 1937

What one additional act that the creature (Luisa) does in the Divine Will is:  it is Harmony, Music, it is the Overwhelming of Heaven and earth, it is the Installation that she forms in God, and God in her (Luisa).

I felt my little and poor soul surrounded by the Divine Will.  Inside and outside of me, to the right and to the left, It flows even under my feet, everywhere It runs in order to tell me:  “It is I who forms your life, who warms you (Luisa) with My Heat, who forms your motion, your breath.  Recognize me because your life is animated by Mine, and I will do things Worthy of Me in you (Luisa).”

“But while my mind lost itself in the Fiat, my sweet Jesus, making me His brief little visit, as if He felt the need of Love to speak to me about His Volition, told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa) of My Volition, My Love repressed in Me feels the need of pouring Itself out, otherwise It gives Me such deliriums, that I feel Myself suffocated by My own Flames.  Therefore My Speaking is an outpouring of Love, it is a relief to My Heart, and in order to refresh Myself I go finding who wants to listen to Me.  Now listen to where My Love reaches, and the Great Prodigy of the Operating Life of My Will in the creature (Luisa).  One additional act that the creature (Luisa) does in My Will is one more harmony that she (Luisa) casts between Heaven and earth.  It is one New Celestial Music that she (Luisa) forms for her Creator, who likes it so much, more so because it comes from the earth, because the things of Heaven are all Ours, no one can say in the Celestial Fatherland that he gives to Us, but We are the Ones who give to them, who Felicitate and Beatify everyone.

“On the other hand, the soul (Luisa) on earth can say:  ‘I give to my Creator,’ and feeling Ourselves enraptured, We give Our Will anew as Operating Life in her (Luisa), so that it forms for Us other New and more Beautiful Music.  How Beautiful it is to hear Our Heaven on earth, to hear New Celestial Music that comes from the wayfaring soul.  All Heaven makes a New Feast, and We feel that also the earth is Ours, and We Love it more.  In every additional act that she (Luisa) does in My Divine Will, is an Overwhelming of Heavens and earth because everyone, Angels, Saints, run in that Act, even Creation itself, in order to take their place of honor in the Operating Act of My Will.  No one wants to remain outside of the Act of My Divine Fiat.  The True Centralization of everything and everyone happens, nor would My Will be able to do less than to keep in Its Act all those where It Reigns.

“When It Operates, My Will wants to enclose everything and give everything, because It does not know how to do incomplete acts, but Complete and with the Fullness of all Goods.  But who can tell you, My daughter (Luisa), what happens in that Overwhelming of Heaven and earth, in that Operating Act of My Volition in the creature (Luisa)?  That it moves everyone.  That each one wanting his place in that Act, such Marvels happen, such Unheard-of Prodigies, such moving scenes, that the Heavens are surprised and remain ecstatic before the Operating Power of My Will—but where?  In the little circle of the creature (Luisa).  And they remain anxious to be overwhelmed again in the Operating Act of My Will in her (Luisa).  O! how they long for it, they feel themselves more embellished, and they experience the Beautiful Happiness of the Conquering Act of My Will in the creature (Luisa), that which is lacking to them in Heaven because up there, there are no conquests, nor can they acquire them.   An ‘enough’ and ‘no more’ is placed on what they have done on earth.

“But this is still not everything.  One additional Act that she (Luisa) does in My Will is an Incorporating of God in the creature (Luisa), and the creature (Luisa) in God.  It is an installation in each other, and the Life of the One flows in the other, almost like blood in the veins.  It is the Fusion of the human heartbeat in the Eternal Heartbeat, and she (Luisa) feels in herself as Life the Love, the Sanctity, the Life of her Creator.  And the Eternal One feels flow in Himself the little love of the creature (Luisa), who Living in Him forms One Single Love, and One Single Will.  Every breath, heartbeat, and motion, are wounds, arrows, darts of Love that she (Luisa) gives to He who has Created her (Luisa).  And O! the whole of Heaven remains as amazed, that they look at God and find the creature (Luisa) Fused in Him, who Loves with His Love and with Conquering Love.  They look at the creature (Luisa) on earth, and they find their Creator who, while He has His Throne in her (Luisa), Lives together with her (Luisa).  These are the Greatest Excesses of Our Love toward she (Luisa) whom We Love so much.

“When We find the creature (Luisa) who lends herself and denies Us nothing, We do not look at her (Luisa’s) littleness, but We look rather to what We know and can do, because We can do everything.  And making a display of Our Love and of all Our Divine Being, We Invest the creature (Luisa) and let Ourselves be invested, and We do Great Things Worthy of Us, but with such Magnanimity, that everyone remains surprised and amazed.  It is enough to tell you that every additional Act that she (Luisa) does in My Will, as if We were to have need of the creature (Luisa), We give so much that We increase greater Bonds of Union, of Love, on both parts, and We arrive at giving New Rights to her (Luisa) over Our Divine Being, and to Us over her (Luisa).

“So Great is this Operating Act of Our Fiat in her (Luisa), that the centuries are not enough to say what happens in her (Luisa).  Neither the Angels nor the Saints can tell all the Good that it contains, only your Jesus can tell you all the Good that is formed in this Act, because I being the Operator, I know how to say what I do and the Great Value that I placed within there.  Therefore be attentive.  Greater Contentment, Love, and Glory you (Luisa) cannot give Me, than lending Me your (Luisa’s) little acts, your (Luisa’s) little love, in order to let My Will descend into them so as to let My Will Operate.  Its Love is so much, that It feels the need of having Its Field of Action in the little acts of the creature (Luisa).”


March 6, 1937

Creation, first means of help in order to form the Life of the Divine Will in us; second, God directly; third, the circumstances of life.

I continue to swim in the ImmenseSea of the Divine Volition, and I thought to myself:  “But how can the creature form this Life of the Fiat in herself?  I feel so tiny that it seems impossible to me.  Perhaps Living within It is easier, because I find so much space that I cannot see where the end reaches, but enclosing It within me, I feel that the space is lacking for me in order to do this.”

And my always Lovable Jesus, with His usual Goodness, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), you must know that Our Power is so much, that We take delight in forming Our Life in the littleness of the creature (Luisa), provided she is not encumbered by other things that do not belong to Us.  Rather, many times We Operate the Greatest Things over pure nothing, and since it is Our Will that this Life of Our Volition is formed and possessed in her (Luisa’s) soul, everything that We have Created and that exists in Heaven and on earth have the Mandate from Us that everything must help and serve the creature as means in order to form and grow this Life in her (Luisa).  In fact, the first that lent itself to communicating and to making felt the Power, the Love, of Our Will, is the whole Creation.  It has the Virtue given by Us, that while it grows, nourishes, helps, and sustains the natural life, so penetrating into the interior of the soul (Luisa) through the human acts, they penetrate into the soul (Luisa) and they do Double Office.  And if they find the little Life of My Will, My own Will that finds Itself in created things kisses My own Will that It finds in her (Luisa).  It molds her (Luisa), blows on her (Luisa), enlarges the capacity, and, finding Its little Paradise, It rests and administers the helps, the means, that that created thing contains in order to have that nothing be lacking so as to let the Life of My Will in the creature (Luisa) grow and be maintained.

“Therefore the sky is always extended over her (Luisa’s) head in order to keep watch over her (Luisa) so that nothing would enter that was not Will of God.  The sun approaches even more, and displaying more in love it makes its heat felt, it fills the eye with light, it invests her hands and steps, and, penetrating into the soul (Luisa), it fills her (Luisa) with love, with light, with the fecundity of which it is filled by My Will, and it leaves the deposit of its heat, of its light, so that she (Luisa) would not live except with love and light, things that belong to My Will.  And this sun, making its course, forms the beautiful flowerings, the variety of the colors, and all the rest, for love of (Luisa) the one who possesses My Will.  One can say that every time the sun invests the creature (Luisa), My Will visits the creature (Luisa) in order to see if she (Luisa) needs something, to see if nothing is lacking to her (Luisa) in order to make Its Life grow in her (Luisa).  What have I not done and would I not do in order to have the intent of forming this Life of My Fiat in the creature (Luisa)?

“Therefore the air, while it serves in order to give the breath to the body, it serves to give the Breath of My Will to the soul (Luisa). The wind, while it serves to purify the air of nature, it serves to give the caresses, the kisses, the Empire of My Will to My Life that she (Luisa) possesses.  In fact, there is no created thing that, releasing My Will from inside of them, It does not run within the interior of the soul (Luisa) for help, defense and in order to let her (Luisa) grow as I want her to.  But this is not everything.  My Will in created things was veiled in order to form this Its Life in them, but how many do not receive It, and It remains veiled, repressed, without being able to give the Goods that It possesses.

Now there is the second way, more splendid, more displaying of Love.  It is so much Love that it burns Us—the desire that We want that the creature (Luisa and those linked to Luisa) possesses Our Will as Life—because every act, thought, word, heartbeat, work, and step that she (Luisa) does is a Divine Emanation that We make her (Luisa).  Our Divine Being runs in each of her (Luisa’s) acts in order to give her of Ours.  We surround her (Luisa), We vivify her (Luisa) in order to let her (Luisa) be Reborn in Our Will.  We can say that We place Ourselves at her (Luisa’s) disposition in order to form this Life.  But do you know the reason for so much interest of Ours?  Because We want that Our Will forms the Beautiful Generation of the Divine Will in the will of the creature (Luisa and those linked to Luisa), and then We will have many Lives of Ours that Love Us, that Glorify Us.  How Beautiful will Creation be, everything will be Ours, We will find Our Throne, Our Palpitating Life, everywhere.

“Now there is the third way:  the circumstances of life, the occasions, the order of My Providence around each one, the mortifications, the sorrows—they are all means in order to make grow and develop in an admirable way this Life of My Will in them.  Therefore there is nothing in which It does not prepare Its First Act of Life to give to the creatures.  O! if everyone would pay attention, how Happy and secure they would feel under the rain of a Volition so Holy that Loves them so much that It arrives at the Excess of wanting to form Its Life in the poor creature.”


March 14, 1937

The Divine Will is Life, and as Life It forms the Generation of Its Life in the acts of the creature (Luisa) who will Live in It, and forms the long Generation of the children of Its Divine Fiat.

The Divine Volition never leaves me.  It seems to me that in order to greatly Confirm me and make me long to Live in It—and not only me, but all those who will want to Live in It—It wants to tell New Things and what one additional act that one can do in Its Most Holy Will means.

And my sweet Jesus, who acts as Spokesman for a Volition so Holy, visiting my little soul, told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), I need to still tell you what Good one additional act that the creature does in My Volition encloses.  My Will is Life, and It does not know how to Operate, nor do anything, except Generate Life—nor can It do less than this.  Now, in every additional act that she (Luisa) does in It, the Generative Act that It possesses becomes enclosed.  The creature (Luisa), by doing her act, lends It the veil for where to form and hide this Divine Birth.  As the act is completed, so My Will goes around through the entire world in order to find the more disposed souls, and It deposits Its Generated Birth and forms there a child of Its of the Kingdom of Its Fiat.  See, therefore, what one additional act means:  to form one more child in My Kingdom.  In fact, however many more acts are done in It, so much more will the Kingdom of My Volition be populated.

“My daughter, it is a delirium of Our Supreme Being that We have, that We want that the creature Live in Our Volition.  We use all the astutenesses of Love in order to obtain this Purpose.  How Beautiful it is to see that Our First Children of the Fiat will make use with their acts of forming the New Generation of the Life of Our Will in the creature.  Our Love is so much, that We take the occasion of their act to give this Great Good that encloses Heaven and earth.”

While He said this, my sweet Jesus made seen that He held in His Divine Heart all the acts done in His Volition, also including those of the Celestial Mama, that were many.  And within each act He Generated the Life of the Divine Will, as if He could not contain It anymore.  He took the step in order to go around through all the generations, and where He found some soul more disposed He drew near, He embraced her, He spoke to her in her ear, He breathed on her, as if He would want to Renew the New Creation, and then, as if in feast, He deposited together with the Act the Life of His Volition.  He did not want to separate the Act from Its Life, because being the Primary Act where He had Generated His Life, He did not want to separate It, wanting to use It as Custodian of Its same Life.

I, in seeing this, remained amazed, and worried I said to myself:  “Is all this possible?  It seems to me that it gives of the incredible.”

And my sweet Jesus, resuming His say:  “Daughter (Luisa), why do you marvel?  Perhaps My Will cannot do what It wants?  It is enough It wants it, that everything is done.  And then, the sun, that can be called the shadow of My Fiat, does it.  As it finds the flowers, the plants, with the touch of its light it generates the color, the fragrances, it matures the plants and generates the sweetnesses in the fruits, and so many colors and such diversity of sweetnesses for however many flowers and fruits it touches with its light and warms with its heat.  But if the sun does not find either flowers or fruits, it does not invest anything with its light and with its heat, it gives nothing, all the goods that it possesses it retains in itself.

“Such is my Will.  More than sun, as It finds the creature (Luisa) who wants It, It calls her (Luisa) into Its Act, It descends into the depth of the human act, It Invests it, It warms it, It Transforms it, and since It possesses Life, It Generates Life and forms a Divine Portent there.  And like the sun, if It does not find one who wants to Live in My Volition and form her acts there, of the so many Divine Lives of Mine that I could give, they remain in It, waiting with Invincible and Divine Patience for the one who lets Me Generate My Life in her acts.

“My Will is like a tender mother who feels in herself the Long Generation of her Lives that she wants to put forth to the Light in order to form the Long Generation of her Children who would form her Kingdom.  And therefore It goes finding the one (Luisa) who lends her acts to It.  But do you know why It goes to find the acts of the creature?  Having to descend into the depth of the human acts in order to form Its Life, It wants to make Its Way in their midst in order to give Its own Life to the creatures.  More so because life does not form itself on the outside of people, but always within, otherwise the necessary things, the vital humors in order to form a life, would be lacking.

“In the same way My Will cannot form Its Life from Heaven, nor outside of the creature, but It must descend within them, and the human will must cede the place to the Divine, it must be concurring, because We do not want forced things.  And when We have found her (Luisa), who can tell you what We do, the Graces that We pour, the Good that We want for her (Luisa)?  It is not dealing with works, but Our Life that We must grow.  So We do not spare anything, and only in Heaven will what We have done be known.  Therefore be attentive and always Live under the rain of My Volition, so that Investing all your acts, It animates them with Its Life, and in this way you (Luisa) will give Me as many children for however many acts you (Luisa) will do.”

March 18, 1937

The Divine Will makes a Gift of all Its Works to (Luisa) the one who Lives in It.  The Breath of God in His Works and in all the holy works of the creatures.  The Divine Will makes Itself Supplier of what the creature lacks.

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat in order to follow, for as much as is possible for me, Its Divine Acts, that is to say, the Creation and all the holy acts of the creatures, not excluding those of my Celestial Mother, nor those of my dear Jesus.  But the great thing was that as I retraced them, they made themselves mine.  The Divine Volition gave them to me, and I, as if I would have a right over everything, offered them to my Creator as the most beautiful homage, the most intense Love, the most profound adoration, to He who had Created me.  I felt myself invested by the sun, by the sky with all the stars, by the wind, by everything.  Everything was mine because everything was of the Divine Will.

I remained amazed, and my sweet Jesus, repeating His brief little visit, told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), why do you marvel?  You must know that everything that is Holy and Good belongs to My Fiat, because It wants to give everything to (Luisa) the one who Lives together with It.  An exchange on both parts happens.  The creature (Luisa) does not want to have anything for herself, she (Luisa) wants to give It everything, and My Volition wants to give everything to her (Luisa), even Itself.  More so, because the Creation, the Redemption, the Queen of Heaven, all the good and holy acts, are nothing other than Breath of God:  He Breathed and said ‘Fiat’ and He Created the whole Creation.  He Breathed and He called the Most Holy Virgin to Life.  He Breathed and He made the Word descend to earth.  He Breathes and gives Life to the good works of all creatures.

“Now, (Luisa) one who Lives in Mine, does nothing other than retrace all His Works in order to find His Divine Breath so as to bring them back to God as fruits and Power of the Breath of her Creator.  O! how Glorified, Loved, He feels, because He finds in the Works offered to Him by the creature (Luisa) His Breath, His own Life.  And however many times she  (Luisa) goes around in His Works, so many times He feels Himself given His Life, His Glory, His Love, again.  And O! how He waits for these presents, because He feels given again what He has given.  He feels Re-Loved in His Works, as He has Loved.  He feels His Love, His Power, recognized.  And so much is the Divine Complacency, that He pours torrents of Love and of Graces toward (Luisa) the one who has known His Works and His Love.

“This is why, My daughter (Luisa), My Will, as the creature (Luisa) Lives together with It, so with a Love without equal, It makes a Gift of everything that It possesses.  It renders her (Luisa) mistress of everything, because if one thing is not hers, she does not have the right of being able to give it to the others.  Therefore making a Gift of everything to her (Luisa), My Volition gives her (Luisa) a large field in order to be able to give to her Creator, and to receive His exchange Doubled.  But then, this Gift becomes made when she (Luisa) recognizes Our Works, she (Luisa) appreciates them, she (Luisa) Loves them.  Love gives her (Luisa) the right of making hers what belongs to My Eternal Volition.  If My Volition could not make a Gift to the creature of everything that is Its, It would feel Itself hindered in Love, separated in Its Works, because It would not be able to say:  ‘What is Mine is yours, what I do you do.’  This My Will would not support, It would say: ‘Let us Live together to form the same Life.’  And not being able to give her everything, this is impossible for My Love.  It would be as if I could not entrust Myself to her.  No, no, I want to give everything to (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Will.

“You must know that so much is the Love of My Fiat toward (Luisa) the one who Lives in It, that if the creature, not by will, but by weakness and impotence, does not follow all the Acts of My Volition, or yet, by necessity of suffering or of other things, her life does not flow in It, so much is Its Love that It does what the creature must do.  It Supplies for her in everything; It recalls Its Aptitude, Its Order, Its Love, such that the soul rouses herself and resumes her life together, and this in order that the human life would be neither divided, nor separated, from It.  If It would not do this, the Divine void would remain.  But Its Love does not tolerate it, and It acts as Supplier for what the creature lacks, because It wants that Its Divine Life must not ever lack in her, but must be continuous.  Can greater Love be given, that He arrives at saying:  ‘Courage, do not fear.  Come with all trust to Live with Me.  Trust in Me, and if you were to lack always flowing in My Fiat, I will commiserate you and will take the Operating part that you cannot do, and I will Supply for you in everything.’  The Kingdom of My Volition is Kingdom of Love, of Trust, and of accord on both parts.

March 22, 1937

Need of Love that the Divine Fiat feels for being Loved in return.  How to one (Luisa) who Lives in It, It gives her (Luisa) so much Love as to let her (Luisa) Love in all hearts and in the whole Creation in order to be reciprocated for the Love of everyone.  How the soul without the Fiat is like the earth without water.  Evils of disturbance.

My flight in the Divine Volition continues, it seems to me that It does nothing other than pour Love over the creatures who, seeing themselves so intensely Loved, not being able to contain this Love so Great, they feel the need to Love He who Loves them so much.  One can say that the Divine Love is so much that It shakes, It moves in an irresistible way, as to makes Itself Loved.  The arrows of Love that It sends in order to dart the creatures, serve them in order to wound with those arrows He who had wounded them.

Now, while I found myself under this abyss of Love, my dear Jesus, my sweet Life, surprising me, told me:  “(Luisa) Daughter of My Will, you must know that Our Love is so much, that if unhappiness or anxiousness could enter Our Divine Being, that which cannot be, it would render the Divine Being the most unhappy and restless being.  Since We Love with Infinite and Unceasing Love, that can drown everything and everyone with Our Love, so We feel the need of being Loved in return.  But alas, We wait in vain, and Our Love moans, It goes into delirium, and instead of stopping It runs even more.  But do you know where Our Love goes to unload Itself and to pause to rest a little in order to immediately take Its Flight so as to pour out Its continuous Love?  In the souls (Luisa and those linked to Luisa) who Live in My Will.  Because they are already drowned in My Love, they feel My moans, My need of being Loved in return, and they immediately reciprocate Me in Love.  And as We feel the need of being Loved in return, so they feel the necessity, the need of being Loved by He who Loves them so much.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), Our Volition circulates like blood in all the hearts of creatures.  In the whole Creation, there is no point where It is not found, Its Center is extendable to everything, and with Its Powerful and Creating Love, as within one single breath, It Conserves and gives Life to everything and everyone, and It develops Its Life of Love in everything.  In fact, why does It Create?  Because It Loves.  Why does It Conserve and circulate in everyone?  Because It Loves.  Now We want to feel that (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Volition Loves Us in all hearts.  How beautiful is the note of Love of the creature (Luisa) in every heart, that if these do not love Us, she (Luisa) is who Loves Us.  In the past and in the future, We want to feel that she (Luisa) Loves Us.  In the sky, in the sun, in the wind, in the sea, in everything, We want her (Luisa’s) note of Love.

“More so, because Our Will transports her (Luisa) everywhere.  Living in It, the First Gift that It makes her (Luisa) is Love.  But It gives so much as to be able to receive the reciprocation of Love from everyone and everything.  So much is the delirium of Love of Our Divine Fiat, that It transports this note of Love from the creature (Luisa) even into the Empyrean, and It says to all the Blessed:  ‘Hear how Beautiful is the note of Love of (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Will on earth.’  And It makes this Loving note resound in the Saints, in the Angels, in the Virgin, in the Most Holy Trinity, in a way that everyone feels Double Glory and they celebrate the Divine Will Operating in the creature (Luisa), and together they celebrate the creature (Luisa) who has let It Operate such that she (Luisa) is on the earth, and she (Luisa) becomes celebrated in Heaven.

“My Divine Will would not tolerate that (Luisa) one who Lives in It would not give It the exchange of Love for everything and everyone.  My Divine Fiat finds everything that It wants in the Love of the creature (Luisa).  It finds her (Luisa’s) life as Its; It finds the Glory that is due It; It finds the appreciation, the esteem, that is owed to It; It finds the true filial trust in order to be able to give her (Luisa) everything.  In fact, Love is Generative, such that It Generates all the Divine Goods.  Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), be attentive.  You (Luisa) Love and Love in My Will, and you (Luisa) will find so much Love, that you (Luisa) will be able to Love everyone, and Love for everyone, He who Loves you so much.”

After this, for the miserable circumstances of my life, that it is not necessary to say on paper, better that they will be known in Heaven, I felt myself oppressed, annoyed, and almost disturbed, without my usual peace and full abandonment in the Divine Fiat.

And my sweet Jesus, surprising me, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), what are you doing?  Do you not know that the soul without the Fullness of My Will and the full abandonment in It, is like the earth without water, like the plants without the sun, like the body without the soul?  And the poor creature—like earth without water, that it is not capable of producing a blade of grass—so she dies of thirst and is incapable of doing one little good.  She burns with thirst, and there is no one who quenches it.  And lacking the Sun of My Fiat, she will die in the darkness that will darken her eyes, and she will not see the Good so as to know it in order to do it, and she will lack the heat in order to mature the same Good.

“And then, without My Will she will feel herself without Divine Life.  And as the body without the soul putrefies and therefore is buried, so without the Life of My Volition the passions putrefy her, and they bury her in sins.  In addition to this the oppressions, the disturbances, stop the flight in My Will; she loses speed and cannot follow all Its Works anymore.  And so if she has not followed all Our Works, I cannot bring her to take rest in the bosom of Our Divinity.  Therefore, be attentive.  Place the oppressions, the annoyances, what disturbs you, into the Hands of your Jesus, and I will place them in the Light and Heat of My Fiat so that they remain burned, and you feeling yourself free, you will more quickly follow the flight in My Volition.  Nor do I want you worried, I will think of everything.  My daughter (Luisa), stay in Peace, otherwise I will not be able to develop and grow the Life of My Will in you (Luisa) as I want, and this will be the greatest Sorrow for Me, and I will not feel Myself free to Breathe, to Palpitate, I will feel hindered in continuing My Life in you (Luisa).”


March 26, 1937

The Creation and the Humanity of Our Lord, are fields in which (Luisa) one who Lives in the Divine Will develops her acts.  How she (Luisa) forms the Humanity of Our Lord and the Paradise of Jesus on earth.

My flight in the Divine Fiat continues, and in It I feel that everything is mine, and I feel the need of knowing, of Loving, what belongs to me, and that with so much Love He has given to me.

And while I was going around in the Works of the Divine Volition, dear Jesus, my sweet Life, repeating His brief little visit to me, all Goodness told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa) of My Volition, how true it is that in order for love to arise, one must possess what one loves.  If one does not possess it, love does not arise.  Not loving things that are one’s own is almost impossible.  It is a connatural love, and of justice, to love what is one’s own.  This is why I Love creatures so much, I Conserve them, I give them life, because they are My Works, I have Created them, I have put them forth to the Light, they are Mine.  I am the Heartbeat of their heartbeat, their breath, the Life of their life, I cannot do less than Love them.  If I did not Love them, My Love would give Me continual reproaches, it would tell Me:  ‘Why have You Created them if You would not Love them?’

“It is a right of love, to love what is one’s own.  My Justice would condemn Me, all My Attributes would wage war with Me.  This is why in order to be Loved by the creatures I say:  ‘I am your God, your Creator, your Celestial Father, I am your Everything.’  As indeed I am.  Here also is the reason why I tell to the one who wants to Live in My Volition:  ‘Everything is yours, the sky, the sun, the whole Creation is yours, My Life is yours, My sufferings, even My Breath is yours.’  This is why you (Luisa) feel the need to Love as I feel it; to Love what is yours, what your Jesus has given to your possession.

“Now you must know that the Creation and My Humanity are fields where the soul develops her acts when she (Luisa) does and Lives in My Divine Will.  Having been given the possession of It, she (Luisa) feels the need of circulating, like blood in the veins, in the Works of her Creator.  She (Luisa) wants to know their Value, the Good that they do, the Office that they occupy, also in order to Love them even more, in order to appreciate them, and also in order to feel Happier, richer, by the so many Goods that she possesses.

“This is why now she (Luisa) comes near the sun in order to know the secrets of its light, the rainbow of its colors, the virtue of its heat, its continuous miracle that it develops on the face of the earth, that only by touching it with its light, it vivifies, it colors, it sweetens, it transforms.  And O! how she (Luisa) loves the sun because it is hers (Luisa’s), and she (Luisa) Loves even more He who has Created it.  She (Luisa) does the same with all the other created things.  She  (Luisa) wants to know the secret virtue that they contain in order to love them some more, and in order to be grateful and to Love even more He who has given her (Luisa) the possession.  Therefore, there is nothing to marvel that (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Fiat comes to be called ‘the Heiress of the Whole Creation.’

“Now, from the field of the Creation she passes to the field of My Humanity.  But who can tell you then, My daughter (Luisa), about the Marvels that happen in this living field?  Not works alone, as in the Creation, but of human and Divine Life.  They put themselves at My Place, nor can I refuse Myself, because I am of them, they have the right over Me.  And I am Happy that they possess Me, because they will Love me even more.  Now in this field of Mine these creatures repeat My Life, they Love with My own Love.  Their acts Fused with Mine form so many suns, skies, stars, O! how much more Beautiful than those of the Creation, that fill the field of My Humanity.

“O! how I feel Myself Loved and glorified, because these suns, skies, and stars, are not mute as those of the Creation, but they are speaking suns, with the Fullness of reason.  And how well they speak about My Love.  They speak and they Love Me.  They speak and they tell Me the history of souls and that of My Love, and therefore they win My Favor such that I must place them in safety.  They speak and they cover themselves with My sufferings in order to repeat My Life, and I feel these souls (Luisa and those linked to Luisa) flow in My tears, in My Words, in My Works and steps, and I find in them refreshment in My sufferings, My support, My defense, My refuge.  And so much is My Love for them, that I arrive at calling them ‘My Life.’  O! how I Love them.  I Possess them, and they possess Me—to Possess and Love even to folly is all the same.

“Now, these souls (Luisa and those linked to Luisa) who Live in My Will are disposed to receiving all the sufferings of My Humanity—because it being impossible for Me to suffer, because I am Glorious in Heaven, My Will with Its Omnipotent Breath Creates the sufferings, the Sorrows, and forms there My Living Humanity that substitutes for Me in everything—and they are the New Saviors who give their life in order to save the entire world.  In fact, from Heaven I look at the earth and I find as many Jesuses who, taken by the same folly of My Love, give their life at the cost of sufferings and of death in order to tell Me:  ‘I am Your faithful copy, the sufferings make me smile because I enclose souls.’  And I, O! how I Love them.  I do not feel alone anymore.  I feel Happy, Victorious, because having company in developing the same Life, in suffering the same sufferings, in wanting what I want, is My Greatest Happiness and My Paradise on earth.

“See, therefore, how many Great, Portentous Things My Divine Will knows how to do, provided they Live in It.  It forms My same Living Humanity, and procures for Me the same Joys of My Celestial Fatherland.  Therefore take to heart to always Live in My Will, do not think of anything else, because if you do this I feel My Love broken in you, and if you knew how much it costs Me to not be loved for even one moment.  In fact, in that moment I remain alone, you break the Happiness with Me, and in My delirium of Love I keep repeating:  ‘How is it?  I always Love her—and she, no.’ Therefore be attentive, because I do not want to ever remain alone.”