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Luisa, the One Who Lives in the Divine Will – Part I


Part I (we link ourselves to Luisa)


December 2, 1935
How the Divine Will darts the creature (Luisa) and forms the Divine Nobility, and acting as Actor renders God and the creature (Luisa)  inseparable.  Example:  the sun.

My King of Love, Jesus, and my Queen Mama, my Divine One, O please! braid my will with Yours and make of them one alone.  Rather, enclose me (Luisa) in Your Hearts so that I do not write outside of Yours, but either inside of the Heart of my Jesus, or in the bosom of my Celestial Mother, such that I can say:  “It is Jesus who writes and My Mama who feeds me (Luisa) the words.”

Therefore, You who know my poor state, help me and give me the grace of conquering the great repugnance that I feel in beginning another volume.  I feel the need of being sustained, fortified, and completely renewed by the Power of Your Divine Fiat in order to be able to do Your Divine Will in everything and always.

So I felt immersed in the Divine Volition that took the aspect of Actor in order to be able to enter into the most intimate recesses of my soul and form Its Operating Act in me.  I was surprised, and my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), when the creature (Luisa) does and Lives in the Divine Will, Our Supreme Being continuously darts her (Luisa) with Its Light.  It darts her (Luisa’s) mind and casts in it the Nobility of Divine Thoughts in a way that she (Luisa) feels in her intelligence, memory and will, the Sanctity, the Memory of her Creator, the Love, the Will of He who, acting as Actor, forms in her (Luisa) the Divine Order and Wisdom.  Darting her (Luisa), It casts there with Its Kisses of Light the Divine Substance in her (Luisa’s) mind, in a way that everything is Noble, everything is Holy, everything is Sacred in her (Luisa).

“This Actor of My Volition, forming Its Seat in the created intelligence, with Its Power and Majesty, forms there Its Image.  It darts her (Luisa’s) heart and forms the Nobility of Love, of desires, of affections, of heartbeats.  It darts her (Luisa’s) mouth and forms the Nobility of words.  It darts her (Luisa’s) works and steps and forms Holy works, the Nobility of the steps.  And not only does It dart her (Luisa’s) soul, but also her (Luisa’s) body, and with Its Light It invests the blood and Ennobles it in a way that the creature (Luisa) feels flow in her (Luisa’s) blood, in her (Luisa’s) members, the Fullness, the Sanctity, the Substance of the Divine Nobility.

“This Actor of My Divine Will takes the Office of Insuperable Craftsman, so as to Transform God in the creature (Luisa), and the creature (Luisa) in God. When My Will has reached this, it is the Greatest Act that one can do, that is, to form of God and the creature (Luisa) One Single Life, rendering them inseparable from each other.  It rests in Its Work, and there It feels such Happiness because It has Conquered the creature (Luisa), It has formed Its Labor in her (Luisa), and It has Completed Its Will.  Then, it seems that It says in the emphasis of Its Love:  ‘I have done everything, nothing else remains for Me other than to possess her (Luisa) and Love her (Luisa).’”

I remained worried in hearing this, and my Lovable Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), why do you doubt?  Does the sun not also do this Office?  As it darts the flower with its light, so it gives to it the substance of the color and of the fragrance.  As it darts the fruit, so it infuses in it the sweetness and the flavor.  As it darts the plants, so it communicates to each one the substance, the effects, that are needed.  If the sun does this, much more so My Divine Will that can do everything, and knows how do everything.  And as the sun goes finding the seed in order to give what it possesses, so My Divine Will goes finding the dispositions of creatures (linked with Luisa) who want to Live of My Will, so that It can immediately dart her and communicate the Divine Substance and Nobility, and form and make grow Its Life.”

December 15, 1935
How True Love wants to make Itself known, spread Itself out and run and fly in search of (Luisa) the one whom It Loves, because It feels the need of being Loved in return.  Power of the Creating Act that (Luisa) one receives when (Luisa) one goes around in the Creation.

My poor mind is always transported into the Sea of the Divine Will, that makes present to me, and holds as in act, everything that It has done for Love of creatures.  And It longs that they recognize what It has done, how much It has Loved us, and It waits for us in Its Acts in order to tell us:  “Let us do it together, do not make Me work alone, so that what I do, you do, and so we can say:  ‘With equal Love We have Loved each other.’”

How beautiful it is to be able to say in turn:  “You have Loved me, and I have Loved you.”  It is the compensation of the Greatest Works and of the most Sorrowful Sacrifices.

So my mind went around in the Creation, in that Act when the Omnipotent Fiat, pronouncing Itself, Created and extended the azure sky.  And my Eternal Love, in order to have me together with It in that Act, and my sweet Jesus made feast that It had Its company, and stopping me He told me:  “My good daughter (Luisa), to love and to not make oneself known is against the nature of True Love, because True Love as by Itself spreads Itself out and runs, it flies in search of (Luisa) the one whom It Loves, and then It stops when It finds her (Luisa).  It encloses her (Luisa) in Itself, It hides her (Luisa) in Its Love, and Transforming her (Luisa) into Its own Flames It wants to find Its own Love in her (Luisa), Its own Works done by (Luisa) the one whom It Loves for Love of It.  And since (Luisa) the creature can never do what We do for her (Luisa), Our Love, in order to have Its Intent, calls (Luisa) the creature to Itself; It hides her (Luisa) in Its own Love, and It lets her (Luisa) operate together with Our Creating and Conserving Act, and so in reality (Luisa) the creature can say:  ‘I have Loved You; what You have done for me, I have done for You.’  And in reality We feel Re-Loved by her (Luisa) with Our Love and with Our own Works.

“You must know that as (Luisa) the creature elevates herself with her will into Ours, into the things Created by Us, Our Supreme Being Renews over her (Luisa) the Creating Act, and O! the Marvels that We do of Graces, of Sanctity, of Sky, of Suns, in her (Luisa’s) soul.  Our Act delights to be repeated, and as she (Luisa) goes around in created things, Our Love wants to make Itself known, It wants to make her (Luisa) touch with her hand how much It Loves her (Luisa), and It repeats over her (Luisa)Our Creating Act that is never subject to ceasing in a way that she (Luisa) feels all the Ardor of Our Love, the Power of Our Works, and taken by amazement, she (Luisa) Loves Us with Our Creative Strength that We have infused in her (Luisa).  And O! Our Contentment in seeing Ourselves known and Loved by (Luisa) the one whom We Love so much.

“This is why We Created so many things, because We await (Luisa) the creature in order to make Ourselves known, how much We Love her (Luisa), and so as to give to her (Luisa) in every created thing the Potentiality of Our Love in order to make Us Loved.  Love, when It is not known, is rendered unhappy, and when It is not Re-Loved by (Luisa) the one whom It Loves, It feels Itself lose life, hindered, the steps broken, and Its most Beautiful Works placed in oblivion.  On the other hand, when It is known and Loved, Its Life multiplies; there is Our Creating Act over the creature in order to be Loved as We Love her.  Our Steps are free, rather, they fly in order to take Us to the (Luisa) beloved creature, to clasp her (Luisa) to Our Bosom so as to Love her and make Ourselves Loved.  Our Love feels the Happiness of the Love that she (Luisa) brings.

“Therefore, there is no greater honor that she (Luisa) can give Us, than coming into Our Divine Will.  We, as We see her (Luisa) come, place at her (Luisa’s) disposition the whole of Creation, because it is hers (Luisa’s), for her (Luisa) it was made, and as she (Luisa) goes around in each created thing, she (Luisa) finds Our Creative Power that, investing her (Luisa), communicates Our Love that each one possesses.  And she (Luisa) can Love Us with Our Creative Strength that rises, and she (Luisa) can Love Us as she (Luisa) wants and as much she (Luisa) wants.  And so the Love of the Creator and of (Luisa) the creature kiss each other, the one rests in the other, and both feel the contentment of Truly Loving each other.  O! how Beautiful is the company of one (Luisa) who Loves Us.  So much is Our Contentment, that Our Love rises and invents other more Beautiful Works, other Loving Industries, in order to make Us Loved.”

December 29, 1935
The royal place of (Luisa) the creature in the Union of the Divine Unity; how she (Luisa) remains enclosed in It, and how she (Luisa) can form the rarest beauties and the enchantment of her Creator Himself.

I (Luisa) am in the Arms of the Divine Fiat, that draws me so much that my little nothing feels itself lost in the All, and although lost, it feels its life sustained, nourished, vivified by the All.  And if, may it never be, I would want to withdraw, that which cannot be, because I would not find even a hole for where to be able to enclose myself, because I would find the All, O! then I would feel my little nothing without life.  So I felt that the Divine Volition blew on my nothing and made me feel Its Life, Its Love, Its Power.

But while my mind swam in the All, in Its Interminable Light, my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, All Goodness told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa) of My Will, how Surprising, Marvelous, Sublime, it is to Operate in My Divine Volition.  As (Luisa) the creature does her act in It, her (Luisa’s) act remains emptied of the human, and uniting itself, it acquires the Union of the Unity of the Divine Act.  Now, (Luisa) the creature has her royal place, her act, in the Unity of Our Single Act, and therefore if she (Luisa) Loves, she Loves in Our Unity.  If she (Luisa) adores Us, if she (Luisa) blesses Us, it is within Our Unity.  If she (Luisa) understands Us, it is within Our Unity.  Nothing she (Luisa) sees, does, and feels is outside of Us, but everything is within Our Divine Being.  She (Luisa) can say:  ‘I do not know anything else, nor do I Love, nor do I want, but the Divine Volition alone, that Its Unity hold me enclosed within.’

“Now, the greatest fortune, the most Sublime Grace for (Luisa) the creature, and the Glory, the Greatest Honor for Us, is to possess the human will, her act, in Our Unity.  And do you know why?  Because We can give Love when We want to give, and make Ourselves Loved when We desire it.  We can enrich her (Luisa) with Grace, with Sanctity, with Beauty, as to feel Ourselves enraptured by the Goods and Beauty that We have Infused in her (Luisa).  In sum, We can have something to do with (Luisa) the creature:  to Love her (Luisa), to entrust the All to the nothing, since she (Luisa) has of Ours.  And she (Luisa) will feel such Power and Love as to be able to defend the All.  And We feel Ourselves secure in this nothing, because We have surrendered Our Weapons to her (Luisa) in order to keep Us secure and defended.

“But this is not everything.  All that the creature can do—the natural actions, the most indifferent acts, the words, the works, the steps—possessing her (Luisa’s) act in Our Unity, they become effect of her (Luisa’s) act united with Ours, symbol of the sun that, with the effects of its light, forms the beauty, the flowerings, the enchantment of all the created, such that, invested by the Light of My Fiat, everything becomes Its Effect.  One is the act, one is the Will, but the Effects are Innumerable, because they can form the rarest Beauties and the most seducing enchantment to He who has Created her (Luisa), and who possesses her (Luisa) in His Unity.

“My daughter (Luisa), Our Supreme Being possesses One Single Act, such that the whole Creation, every creature, are nothing other than the Effect of the Unity of Our Act.  So the human will, uniting itself, becomes Our continuous Effect.  And this Effect, do you know what it means?  To always give to her (Luisa) and to always receive from the creature (Luisa).”

Now, I remained amazed and fixed in the Divine Volition.  And I understood so many things about this Union in the Divine Unity, and while it was one it enclosed the whole Creation, and everything was enclosed in this Unity and flowed from it, but sustained, unified, bound in this Unity.  And since it is one and all, it sustains and gives life to everything.

In the meantime, I looked at the sky, and so many lights of varied beauty were seen that possessed all the varieties of colors, but with an admirable way such that they enraptured, these Lights spread in the azure vault, and while they were many, they formed one alone.  They penetrated into the Heavens, they descended to the depths, they wanted to give the Life of Light to everything, they never stopped, they ran, they flew.

And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), these lights are the Marvels of the Acts done in My Divine Volition.  How Beautiful They are; They carry the Imprint of Their Creator.”

January 5, 1936
(Luisa) One who Lives in the Divine Volition forms the little Life of the Divine Will in the creature.  How she (Luisa) becomes Loved again and with Doubled Love by God.

My little and poor will feels the extreme need of the Divine Volition.  Without It I (Luisa) feel myself fasting, without strength, without heat, and without life, rather I feel death at every instant because there is lacking to me the One who can substitute to nourish His Life in me.  Therefore I keep repeating:  “I am hungry; come, O Divine Will, to give me Your Life in order to satiate me, otherwise I die.”

But while I was delirious because I wanted to feel in myself the Fullness of the Divine Will, my sweet Jesus, repeating for me His brief little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), your deliriums, your hunger that feels the extreme need that you want to feel the Life of My Will in every instant, are wounds to My Heart.  They are rents of Love that ravishing Me make Me run, fly, in order to come to make the Life of My Will grow in you (Luisa).  You must know that as (Luisa) the creature wants to do My Will in order to Live and send forth her acts in It, she (Luisa) calls Her Creator, who feels Himself called by the Power of His Own Volition in the creature (Luisa), that it is not given to resist or to place the least delay.  Rather, since We never let Ourselves be conquered in Love, as We see that she (Luisa) is about to call Us, We give her (Luisa) no time, We call her (Luisa), and she (Luisa) runs in Our Divine Being as in her (Luisa’s) own center, she (Luisa)  casts herself into Our Arms, and We clasp her (Luisa) to Us so much, as to Transform her (Luisa) into Us.  A Perfect Accord happens between Creator and creature.  And so much is Our emphasis of Love, that We Love her (Luisa) with New and Doubled Love.  But this is not enough.  We give her (Luisa) such communication about Our Supreme Being, as to make Ourselves Loved by her (Luisa) with New and Doubled Love.  And if you knew what it means to be Loved by God with New and Doubled Love, and to be able to Love with New and Doubled Love—only in Our Divine Will are there these Marvels and Prodigies.

“God Loves Himself in the creature (Luisa).  Everything is His; therefore, there is no marvel that He places in the field His always New Love, He Doubles it, He Multiplies it a hundredfold, however much He wants, and He gives Grace to her (Luisa) to make her (Luisa) Love with His Own Love.  If this could not be, one would see great disparity between the One who can Love and the one who cannot Love.  And the poor creature would remain humble, annihilated, without impetus and Union of Love with her Creator.  And when two beings cannot Love each other with equal Love, the inequality already produces unhappiness, while Our Will is Unity and freely It gives Its Love to the creature (Luisa) in order to let her(Luisa) Love.  It gives Its Sanctity in order to make her (Luisa) Holy, Its Wisdom in order to make Itself known—there is nothing that It possesses, that It would not want to give to her (Luisa).  More so, because by Living in Our Fiat, since she (Luisa) has set aside her (Luisa’s) will in order to give Life to Ours in her (Luisa’s) acts, she (Luisa) has formed the little Life of Our Volition in hers that demands, longs for, growth. And one additional act in It is enough in order to grow, one sigh in order to satisfy the hunger, one total desire that My Volition runs in all her (Luisa’s) being in order to form sufficient food so as to feel satiated by everything that belongs to her Creator.  Highest attention is needed, and My Will will do everything that is needed in order to form Its Life in the creature (Luisa).”


January 22, 1936
(Luisa) One who Lives in the Divine Will forms the theater for the Works of her Creator, and He repeats in her (Luisa) the moving scenes of the Redemption.

I was doing the round in the Acts of the Divine Will, and I sought to invest with my little love the sky, the sun, and the whole Creation.  And the Divine Fiat, in order to reciprocate me, formed the place in my will so as to enclose there the sky and all Creation.  Then I went around in the Acts of the Redemption, and sweet Jesus enclosed His Acts in me, and He repeated the most moving scenes in order to reciprocate my little love.

I remained surprised and my beloved Jesus, All Tenderness and Love, told me:  “My good daughter (Luisa), daughter of My Will, you (Luisa) must know that My Love is so much, that in order to pour Myself out I (Jesus) want to repeat My Works.  But in whom can I repeat Them?  In whom to find a place in order to enclose Them so as to feel Myself Loved?  In (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Will.  As the creature (Luisa) goes around in My Works in order to know Them, Love Them, and call Them into herself, They reproduce themselves in her (Luisa), and she (Luisa) forms the theater of Our Works.  How many moving scenes:  now the sky is extended, now the sun rises with all its majesty, now the sea murmurs and forming its waves would want to inundate its Creator with its love, and now she (Luisa) forms the most beautiful flowered meadow, and by every flower she (Luisa) makes her little refrain said to Us:  ‘I love You, I glorify You, I adore You, and may Your Fiat come to Reign on earth.’  There is no being that she (Luisa) would not call into herself in order to make her (Luisa’s) little recital told to Us:  ‘I love You, I love You.’  My daughter (Luisa), Our Love is not content if it does not give everything, and does not repeat Our Works in (Luisa) the one who Lives in Our Will.

“But this is not everything, listen still.  She (Luisa), by going around in the Acts of Creation, repeats My Works and I take greatest pleasure and delight in assisting at the most splendid scenes of the Creation in the creature.  When she (Luisa) goes around in the Acts of Redemption in order to make them hers (Luisa’s), I repeat My Life.  In fact, I repeat My Conception, My Birth, in which the Angels repeat the ‘Glory in the Heavens’ and ‘Peace to men of good will.’  And if human ingratitude constrains Me to cry, I go to cry in her (Luisa), because I know that My tears will be reciprocated and impearled with her (Luisa’s) ‘I love You.’  From there, I pass on to repeat My Life, My steps, My Lessons.  And when the offenses renew for Me the sufferings, the Crucifixion, the Death, I never suffer it outside of this creature (Luisa), but I go into her (Luisa) to suffer My sufferings, the Cross, the Death, because she (Luisa) will not leave Me alone.  She (Luisa) will take part in My sufferings, she (Luisa) will remain Crucified with Me, and she (Luisa) will give Me her (Luisa’s) life in reciprocation for My Death.

“In fact, in (Luisa) one who Lives in My Will I find the theater of My Life:  the moving scenes of My Infancy and of My Passion.  I find the speaking skies, the suns that love Me, the winds that moan with love for Me.  In sum, all created things have something to tell Me:  a little word, an ‘I love You,’ an attestation of thankfulness.  But who is the one who renders it speaking for Me?  Who is the one who feeds the voice to all things? (Luisa) The one who Lives in My Will.  It Transforms her (Luisa) so much that there is no love she (Luisa) does not give, nor Works that It cannot repeat in her (Luisa), therefore they can be called Its Living Lives and the Repeater of the Works of their Creator.”


April 21, 1936
Divine Outpouring for (Luisa) one who Lives in His Will; how He renders her (Luisa) Participator of His Works.  How He always has something to give and to Operate together with the creature (Luisa).

I (Luisa) am always in the Sea of the Divine Volition where I find Strength, Peace, and Love.  Rather, as I enter into It, seeing my littleness, that I am not good at doing anything, the Divinity, who so much Loves to make His Will Operate in my littleness, arms His Sanctity, His Wisdom, His Goodness, Strength, the Divine Light around me in order to have that His Will finds in me Its Divine Qualities so as to be able to do Its Operating Act in me.  In fact, He puts forth of His in order to give grace to the creature to let her operate in It.

So I followed the Acts of the Divine Will, and It carried me in Its arms, It sustained me, It breathed in me in order to make me receive the participation of Its Acts.  Therefore I arrived at the Act of the Conception of the Virgin, and I found myself in the little Heart of the Conceived Virgin.  My God, I do not know how to say it, I do not know how to continue on anymore, but my sweet Jesus, in order to make me understand, told me:  “Blessed daughter (Luisa) of My Volition, you have reason.  The waves of My Volition inundate you (Luisa), they drown you (Luisa), and your little capacity is lost, and your Jesus is needed in order to better explain to you (Luisa) what you (Luisa) see, but do not know how to say.

“Now know, My daughter (Luisa), such and so much is Our Love for (Luisa) one who wants to Live and does Live in Our Divine Volition, that We want to make her (Luisa) Participator of all Our Works, for as much as is possible for a creature, even giving her (Luisa) the Merit of Our Divine Works.  As the creature (Luisa) enters into Our Will, It calls in act Its Divine Operation as if at that instant It were Operating.  And identifying her (Luisa) in Its Act, It makes her (Luisa) see the Prodigies of Its Operation, and receives and Confirms her (Luisa) in Good, letting her (Luisa) feel the New Life of Its Act.  You (Luisa) have seen the Conception of the Sovereign Queen, and how you (Luisa), being in My Will, found yourself conceived in Her Maternal Heart.  You (Luisa) see the great difference for one who Lives in My Volition.  The Prodigies of the Immaculate Conception were Unheard-of.  My Will that animated this Conception, from which no one could escape, called all creatures present so that they would remain conceived in Her Virgin Heart, and they would receive Her Maternity, Her Help, Her Defense; they would find the Refuge, the Support, in this Celestial Mother.

“Now, (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Volition, finds herself in the Act that Conceives.  She is the daughter who spontaneously with her (Luisa’s) will seeks her Mama, and she (Luisa) takes her place, she encloses herself in Her Maternal Heart in order let the Celestial Queen act as Mama.  Now (Luisa) this one will take part in the riches of the Sovereign Lady, in Her Merits, in Her Love; she will feel in herself the Nobility, the Sanctity of Her, because she (Luisa) knows to whom it belongs, and God will render her (Luisa) Participator of the Infinite Goods and of the Exuberant Love that He had in the Conception of this Holy Creature.  And the same for all Our Works:  as the creature (Luisa) seeks them, calls them into Our Will in order to know them and love them, We call in act Our Works, We place her in the center of them, We let her (Luisa) feel and experience all Our Love, the Power of Our Creative Strength.  And the littleness of the creature (Luisa) undergoes it, it fills her (Luisa) even to not being able to contain more.

“My daughter (Luisa), not to make Participator of Our Works (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Will is impossible for Us, nor would it be Our True Love, because We possess by Nature the Communicative Strength, and We want to communicate to everyone Our Divine Goods.  It is the creatures who reject them.  But for (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Volition, We display in communicating Our Goods.  We do not find any opposition in her (Luisa), and if this were not so, We would hinder Our Divine Being.  Rather, it is one Happiness of Ours—to Love, to give, to abound to Our beloved creatures.

“Now see, therefore, the great difference of (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Will.  The other creatures find themselves in Our Works, in the Conception of the Holy Virgin, in the Incarnation of the Word, in My sufferings, in My Death, and even in My Resurrection, but they find themselves in virtue of Our Power and Immensity, almost I could say, by necessity, not by love, nor because they know Our Goods and they love to make their sojourn in them in order to enjoy them.  In fact, it is because no one can escape form Our Divine Being.  However for (Luisa) one who Lives in Our Volition, it is the creature (Luisa) who seeks Our Works, knows them, Loves them, appreciates them, and comes to take her (Luisa’s) place within them.  And she (Luisa) Loves and she (Luisa) operates together with Us, so as a result she (Luisa) participates, she (Luisa) acquires New Knowledges and New Love, while the others remain and do not know them, they do not love Us, they do not have a word to tell Us, one could say they remain to encumber Our Immensity, and many in order to offend Us.

“Therefore It is Our ardent Yearning that (Luisa) the soul Lives in Our Volition.  We always have something to give and always something to do with her (Luisa), and she (Luisa) has something to do together with Us.  We do not give each other time; one act calls another.  And We quite know each other.  Our Will first makes Us known, makes Us Loved, and then It forms the Perennial Union of (Luisa) the creature in Our Will.”


June 14, 1936
God and His Will; His Will with Creation, His Will with the Celestial Beings, His Will in discord with the human family.

The Divine Volition with Powerful Strength calls me into the Interminable Sea of Its Will, and O! how Good to be in It.  How many Surprises, how many Beautiful things are understood, that produce Infinite Joys, Divine Lives, Love that never says ‘enough.’  But what felicitates more is to see and to feel that everything is Divine Will.  All the Creation forms One Single Act of Supreme Volition.

But while my mind was lost in It, sweet Jesus, making me His brief little visit, with an Indescribable Love told me:  “Blessed daughter (Luisa) of My Volition, you (Luisa) must know that at the Head of the Kingdom of My Divine Will is God Himself.  Our Divinity does nothing other than one continuous Act of His, We never do the will of anyone, but always Ours.  The crown of Our Attributes is Dominated by Our Fiat, Its Kingdom is within Us and extends outside of Us in Our Immensity, in Our Love, Power and Goodness, in everything, such that for Us everything is Our Will.

In second place is the Creation:  skies, suns, stars, winds, waters, even the little blade of grass, do nothing other than a continuous Act of the Fiat.  Between them and Us there is one Respiratory Act, We send forth the Breath of Our Will and Creation receives It, and sending It forth gives Us the Breath that We have given it, that is, all the Effects that Our Will, breathed by it, has produced, and it unites itself to Our Single Unique Act.  How much Glory and Honor do We not receive, how Our Supreme Being becomes exulted, only because We make Our Will breathed by the whole Creation, and it gives back to Us again the Breath that We have given it.  There is such Unity of Will with the whole Creation, that everything that came forth and enters forms One Single Act of Supreme Will.  And the multiplicity and diversity of things that are seen and happen, are nothing other than the effects that Our Unique and Single Act produces.  Because Our Fiat never changes, nor is It subject to changing, all Its Power is exactly in this:  to do One Act only in order to be able to produce all the possible and imaginable Effects.

In the third place come all the Angels, Saints, and Blessed of the Celestial Fatherland.  They go around Our Supreme Being and they breathe the Strength, the Sanctity, the Love, the Infinite Joys, the Happinesses without number, of the Divine Volition.  They form One Single Life with It.  This Life they feel within themselves as their own Life, they feel it outside of themselves in which It brings them the open sea with Divine Happiness always New.  But One is the Act that It forms in Heaven:  Divine Will.  One is the Breath, One Single thing is needed:  Divine Will.  If, may it never be, a single act, a single breath, could enter into Heaven that was not Divine Will, the Celestial Fatherland would lose all the enchantment, the Beauty, the charm with which it was invested, but this cannot be.  See, therefore, that My Fiat has all the Supremacy.  The Blessed, by only breathing It, remain Filled with seas of Joys and of Incomprehensible Happiness, and while they send forth their breath, Our Divinity feels the Happiness that all the Saints enjoy, and we all Magnify Our Supreme Volition as Beginning, Fount and Origin of all Goods.

In the fourth place comes the human family.  It goes around Us, but since their will is not one with Ours, they do not breathe Our Volition that places the Order, the Sanctity, the Union, the Harmony with Its Creator, and therefore they remain scattered, disordered, and as lost from Us.  They are unhappy beings.  Peace, Happiness, the Abundance of Goods are far from them, and all the evil comes because Our Will is not theirs; we do not mutually breathe with each other, and this prevents the communication of Our Goods, the Perfect Union with Our Supreme Being.  Our Creative Hand that would form Its Masterpiece in each creature, and the most Beautiful one, is stopped because Our Will is lacking.  It does not find their souls prearranged, adaptable, in order to render Our Divine Art feasible.

“Where Our Will is lacking, We do not know what to do with that creature.  This is the reason why We yearn so much that Our Divine Will Reign and forms Its Life in them, because Our Creative Work is hindered, Our Labors suspended, the Work of Creation is incomplete.  And in order to obtain this, One must be the Will of Heaven and earth, One the Life, One the Love, One the Breath, and this is the Greatest Good that We want for creatures.  We have so many Beautiful Works yet to do, but the human volition hinders Our Step, it binds Our Arms, and renders Our Creative Hands inert.  Therefore, (Luisa) one who wants to do Our Will and Live in It, gives Us the labor, and We make of her what We want.

“Now, you (Luisa) must know that as (Luisa) the creature decides to Live of Divine Will, It places her (Luisa’s) salvation, her (Luisa’s) sanctity, in safety.  We are in her (Luisa) as in Our House, and her (Luisa’s) will serves as material for Us in which in her (Luisa’s) every act We pronounce the Fiat in order to form Our Works Worthy of He who Lives in her (Luisa).  We act like a king who makes use of the stones, turf, bricks, and lime-mortar in order to form a sumptuous royal palace as to amaze the whole world.  Poor king if he does not have the stones, the necessary materials in order to form the royal palace—with all that he would have all his good will and money to spend in order to form it, yet, lacking the prime materials, he would be without a royal palace.

“So are We, if the will of the soul is lacking to Us, with all Our Power and Will that We have, lacking the material We cannot form in the soul the Beautiful Royal Palace Worthy of Our Dwelling.  Therefore when (Luisa) the creature gives Us her will and takes Ours, We are secure, We find everything at Our Disposition.  Little things and great things, natural things and spiritual things, everything is Ours, and We make use of everything in order to let Our Omnipotent Fiat Operate.

“And since Our Will does not know how to be without Its Works, It makes the Recall of all Its Works into the RoyalPalace that with so much Love It has formed in (Luisa) the creature.  It surrounds Itself with all the Works of Creation:  skies, suns, stars, they give It homage. It places in Order in her (Luisa) everything that I did in the Redemption:  My Life, My Birth, My infantile Tears, My sufferings and Prayers, everything.  Where My Will is, nothing must be lacking.  Because everything came forth from It, with Right everything is Its, and therefore where It Reigns It forms the centralizations of all Its Works.  And O! the Beauty, the Order, the Harmony, the Divine Goods that are seen in this creature (Luisa).  The Heavens are amazed, and everyone admires the Love, the Power, of the Divine Will, and trembling, they adore It.  Therefore, let yourself (Luisa) be worked by It, and It will do such Great Things as to amaze you.

“In addition to this, Our Love, Our Eternal Wisdom, has established all the Graces that We must give to (Luisa) the creature, the degrees of Sanctity that she (Luisa) must acquire, the Beauty with which We must Impearl her (Luisa), the Love with which she (Luisa) must Love Us, and the very Acts that she (Luisa) must do.  Where Our Fiat Reigns, everything is realized, the Divine Order is in Full Vigor, not one comma is moved, Our Operation is in Full Harmony with the works of (Luisa) the creature.  And O! how We delight Ourselves, and when We have given her Our last Love in time, and she (Luisa) will have completed Our last Act of Divine Will in her mortal life, Our Love will give her (Luisa) the flight into the Celestial Fatherland, and Our Will will receive her (Luisa) into Heaven as Triumph of Its Operating and Conquering Will, that, with so much Love, Conquered on earth.  In fact, her (Luisa’s) last act will be the outpouring that she (Luisa) will make in Heaven in order to begin in Our Felicitating Will that will have no end.

“On the other hand, where Our Volition does not Reign, the Divine Order does not exist.  How many of Our Works broken and without effect.  How many Divine voids, and filled perhaps with passions, with sins, there is no beauty, but deformity as to arouse pity. Therefore, be attentive, and make it that Our Volition Reigns and Lives in you (Luisa).”


July 4, 1936
How one act of human will can ruin the Divine Order and Its Most Beautiful Works.  The first thing that God wants is Absolute Freedom.  How the Divine Will will form many Jesuses where It Reigns.

My poor mind does not know how to be without going around and flying in the Divine Volition.  And my poor human will feels itself as under the press of the Divine Will, and I (Luisa) thought to myself:  “Ah! yes, It is Beautiful, one feels the Victory, the Triumph, the Dominion, the Happiness, the Beautiful Conquests of Living in the Divine Volition.  But the human volition, while it feels itself alive, it must continually die.  It is true that it is the greatest Honor, the greatest Love of God, to deign to descend into the will of the creature, and with His Majesty and Power to Operate, to do what He wants.  And the human one, remaining at its place, can only do what God does, while it must give up everything of its own.  This is the sacrifice of sacrifices, especially in certain circumstances.  O! how sorrowful it is to feel life and hold it as if one did not have it, because the Divine Fiat does not tolerate that even one fiber of human volition would act in Its.”  And a crowd of thoughts occupied my poor mind.

And my sweet Jesus, compassionating my ignorance, and the sorrowful state in which I found myself, with Indescribable Tenderness, placing His Most Holy Hand on my head, He told me:  “Blessed daughter (Luisa), courage, do not lose heart.  My Divine Volition wants everything because It knows that one little act, one desire, one fiber of human volition would spoil Its Most Beautiful Works.  The Divine Order, Its Sanctity, would remain hindered, Its Love restricted, Its Power limited; this is the reason why It does not tolerate that even one thread of human volition have its life.  It is true that it is the sacrifice of sacrifices, no other sacrifice can equal the weight, the value, the intensity of the sacrifice of living without will, so much so that Perennial Life, the continuous Miracle of My Divine Volition, is needed in order to be able to endure this sacrifice: before which the others can be called shadows, painted pictures, games of children who cry over nothing, because there is the human volition that in the sufferings, in the sorrowful encounters, in the works, does not feel itself undone, without life, without satisfactions. Therefore the sacrifices are felt, O! how much lighter, but emptied of God, of Sanctity, of Love, of Light, of True Happiness, and perhaps not even beings emptied of sins, because the human will without Mine can never do Good and Holy things.

“Then, if My Fiat would not have the virtue of having the human volition with Itself without giving it life, rather enclosing Its Life in it in order to do something, It would not find either the place, or the time, to be able to Act; It would not be able to Operate with that Divine Display, Luxury, and Splendor that We usually do in Our Works.  If there had been another will in Creation, it would have impeded the Divine Sumptuousness, Display, and Splendor that We have in the whole Creation.  It would have impeded the extension of the sky, the multiplicity of the stars, the vastness of the light of the sun, the variety of so many created things; it would have placed a limit on Us.

“Therefore, Our Volition wants to be alone in order to do what It knows how to do, and It wants to do.  This is why It wants the human will with Itself, concurrent, spectator, admirer of what It wants to do in her, but she must be convinced, if she wants to Live in My Will, that hers cannot act anymore and that it must serve in order to enclose Mine in hers so as to let It do Its Works will all Liberty, with all Sumptuousness, with the Luxury of Grace, and with the Splendor of Its Divine Varieties.  The first thing that We want is Absolute Liberty.  We want to be Free, My daughter (Luisa), be it whatever the sacrifice that We want, and the Works that We want to do.  If this could not be, the Living in My Will will be a way of saying, but in reality will not exist.”

Dear Jesus became silent, and I thought about everything that Jesus had told me, and I said to myself:  “He has reason that the human volition cannot act before the Sanctity and Power of His.  Already as by itself it places her at her place of nothingness, there is needed so much in order to act before a Divine Will, already she feels incapable and she herself would pray that she would not have the great misfortune of letting one motion, one fiber, be formed of her own volition.  But my cross—and You know it, in what a labyrinth You have placed me, I feel hindered and humiliated even to dust, I have need, and You know of whom…, without being able to help myself, and not for one day, one year—O! how hard it is.  I know that only Your Volition gives me the Strength, the Grace, because by myself I would not have been able to endure.”

And my always Lovable Jesus, compassionating me, resumed His speaking:  “My daughter (Luisa), when My Divine Will wants to do a Complete Act in the creature—and do you know what a Complete Act of My Will means?  It means Complete Act of God, in which is enclosed Sanctity, Beauty, Love, Power, and Light as to amaze the Heavens and earth.  God Himself must feel enraptured, but so much, as to form His Seat, His Throne of Glory in this Complete Act of His that will serve Him and will descend as Beneficial dew for the benefit of all creatures.  Therefore, in order to do this Complete Act, I must dispose over you (Luisa) a New Cross, not given to anyone else, in order to mature you (Luisa) and make arise in you (Luisa) the dispositions that are needed:  you (Luisa) in order to receive, and God in order to do this Complete Act of His Will.  Without nothingness one cannot do anything.  Therefore you (Luisa) in order to receive, and We in order to give, New Things, We must dispose New Crosses, that, united to the continuous Labor of Our Volition, must prepare everything for an Act so Great.

“You must know that My Fiat has never left you (Luisa), therefore you feel Its Sweet and Ruling Impression over every fiber, motion, and desire of your volition.  Jealous of you and of Its own Complete Act that It wanted to do, It holds and maintains Its Royal Dominion, but do you know why?  A sweet and dear Secret—listen to Me:  As My Volition Dominates your mind (Luisa), your gaze (Luisa), your word (Luisa), so It formed your Jesus in your mind (Luisa), His Gaze in yours (Luisa’s), His Word in yours (Luisa’s).  As It Dominated the fibers, the motion, the heart, so It formed His Fibers, His Motion, the Heart of your Jesus in you (Luisa).  And as It Dominated your works (Luisa), steps, your whole being, so It formed His Works, His Steps, the whole of Jesus, in you (Luisa).

“Now, if My Will would have given you (Luisa) the liberty of making yours act, even in the most littlest and innocent things, It would not have been able to form your Jesus in you (Luisa).  And with the human will I am not able to, nor do I want to, Live.  Nor would My Volition have taken the commitment of forming Me in (Luisa) the soul, if It were not sure that I would find My own Will with which My Humanity was animated.  Its Kingdom on earth will be exactly this:  to form as many Jesuses for however many creatures want to Live of Divine Will.  With Jesus in souls, Its Kingdom will have Its Sumptuousness, Sublimity, Its Magnificence of Unheard-of things, and It will be secure.  And then, in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, I will have so many Living Jesuses who Love Me, Glorify Me, and give Me Complete Glory.  Therefore, I so much long for this Kingdom, and you (Luisa) too long for It, nor occupy yourself with anything else.  Let Me do, trust Me, and I will think of everything.”

After this, I continued to think about the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), light—symbol of My Divine Volition—its nature is to expand as much as it can, and wherever it finds itself, it does not deny its light to anyone, whether they want it or they do not want it. At the most this happens:  that one who wants it uses the light and makes use of it to also do great works; on the other hand, one who does not want it, it does not do any good but he cannot deny that he has received the good of the light.

“Such is My Will.  More than light it expands everywhere, It invests everything and everyone.  And the sign that (Luisa) the soul possesses It is to feel the need, together with It, of giving herself to everyone, to do good to everyone, to run with her acts to everyone, and she (Luisa) would want to make so many Jesuses in order to give Him to each one.  My Will is for everyone, I am the Jesus of everyone, and therefore then am I content when (Luisa) the creature makes My Will, My Life, hers (Luisa’s), and she (Luisa) wants to give Me to everyone.  She (Luisa) is My Joy and My continuous Feast.”


August 23, 1936
The tiny little field assigned to (Luisa) the creature in the Immensity of the Divine Will.  Jesus places His Life at the disposition of creatures, enough that He obtains that they Live in the Divine Volition.  The Great Prodigy of the Creation of the Virgin.

I (Luisa) continue my abandonment in the Fiat.  My poor mind swims in Its Divine Sea and understands Ancient Celestial things, but I do not know how to repeat them because they are not words from down here.  While I find myself in this Divine Sea I look at Its Immensity, there is no being or thing that can escape It, everything and everyone form their life and receive it in the Divine Volition—but what can the creature take from this Immensity?  Hardly the little drops, so much is her littleness.  But while she takes the little drops, she cannot come forth from this Immensity.  She feels It flow inside and outside of herself, to the right and to the left, everywhere, not being able for one instant to free herself from It.  Oh, Divine Will, how very Admirable You are, You are my Everything, You raise me in You, I find You everywhere, You Love me always, even to forming the Life of my life.

But while my mind was lost in this Sea, my sweet Jesus, all Goodness, came forth from within this Sea, and coming near me He told me:  “(Luisa) Daughter of My Volition, have you seen how the Immensity of My Fiat is Unattainable?  Not one created mind, for however Holy, can embrace It and look at where Its confines end.  Everyone has their place in It, rather, every creature has her little field in the Immensity of My Divine Will.  But who labors in this little field assigned to her?  (Luisa) One who Lives in It, because Living in It she (Luisa) makes herself the first laborer.  And taking (Luisa) the creature on Its Lap, It keeps her (Luisa) busy, identified in the labor that It wants done in the tiny little field that has been given to her (Luisa) in My Will.  And since It possesses the Creative Strength, what (Luisa) the creature could do in one century, together with It she (Luisa) does in one hour.  In fact, in one hour she (Luisa) can acquire a century of Divine Love, Works, Sacrifices, Knowledges, and Profound Adorations.  And after the labor It calls (Luisa) the soul to rest in order to felicitate each other and rest together.  And then seeing the Beauty of the little field, the Joy that they experience, in order to be felicitate each other more, they return to the labor.

“It is an alternating of labor and of rest, because between the so many Qualities that My Divine Will possesses, It is continuous Motion and Attitude.  It is not idle, rather, It has given Its continuous Labor to each created thing in order to Glorify Itself and to do Good to all.  Idle ones do not exist in My Will, rather in It everything is Labor.  If she (Luisa) Loves, it is Labor; if she (Luisa) occupies herself to knowing Us, it is Labor; if she (Luisa) adores Us, if she (Luisa)  suffers, if she (Luisa) prays, it is Labor, and Divine Labor, not human, that converting itself into little coin of Infinite Value, they can acquire how to greater form their little field.  Now, My daughter (Luisa), you must know that it is My Absolute Will that the creature do My Will.  How I yearn to see It Reigning and Operating in her, how I want to hear it said:  ‘The Will of God is mine; what God wants I want, what God does I do.’

“Now, My Will being what Lives in her (Luisa), I must give her (Luisa) the means, the necessary helps, and here is My Humanity that places Itself at the disposition of (Luisa) the creature in the tiny little field of the Immensity of My Will assigned to her (Luisa), such that I exhibit My Strength in order to sustain her weakness, My sufferings for help of hers, My Love in order to hide hers in Mine, My Sanctity in order to cover her, My Life for support and prop of hers, and in order to make of It the Model.  In sum, My Divine Will must find as many Jesuses for however many creatures want to Live of My Will.  And then It will not find Itself hindered on their part anymore, because I will have them hidden in Me, and It will have more to do with Me than with them.  And the creatures will find all the necessary, Superabundant Helps in order to Live of My Will.

“It is the usual way of God, that when He wants something, He gives everything that is needed in order to have the Completion of what He wants. Therefore, I (Jesus) would want that creatures know that I place Myself at the disposition of those who want to Live of My Will.  They will find My Life, which will supply for everything that is needed in order to let them Live in the Sea of My Divine Volition.  Otherwise their little field in My Immensity will remain without Labor, and therefore without fruit, without Happiness, and without Joy.  They will be like those who live under the sun without ever doing anything, and the sun will serve to burn them and give them an ardent thirst, as to feel themselves dying.  In fact, all creatures, by reason of Creation, all find themselves in this Immensity, but if their will is not with Mine, they live by themselves; they will feel all the Goods burn, and they will be thirsty from the passions, from sin, from weaknesses, that will torment them.  Therefore, there is no greater evil than not Living of My Will.”

After this, I (Luisa) was doing my round in the Acts done by the Divine Will in Creation, and arrived at the Conception of the Most Holy Virgin.  My sweet Jesus stopped me and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the Greatest Prodigy of the Creation is the Virgin.  The Divine Volition that subdued Her human volition from the first instant of Her Conception, and the volition of this Holy Creature that subdued the Divine Fiat, the one Conquered the other, they were both Victorious, and as the Divine Volition entered as Dominating King in Her human volition, the chains of the Great Divine Prodigies began in this Sublime Creature.  Uncreated Strength poured itself into created strength, but so much so that She could sustain the whole Creation as if were a twig of straw.  And all created things felt the created strength in the Uncreated Strength that sustained them and contributed to their Conservation.  O! how they felt more honored and happier, because a created strength runs in everything as their Queen in order to Sustain them and Conserve them.

“Her Strength was so much that it Ruled over everyone, even over Her Creator.  She was Invincible, because with the Strength of the Divine Fiat She Conquered everything and everyone.  Rather, everyone let themselves be Conquered by this Divine Empress because She had a Powerful and Enrapturing Strength such that no one could withstand Her.  The demons themselves felt debilitated, and did not know where to hide from this Insuperable Strength.  The whole Supreme Being poured Itself into this created will that had been subdued by the Divine Will, and the Infinite Love poured Itself into finite Love, and everything and everyone felt themselves Loved by this Holy Creature.  Her Love was so much, that more than air it made Itself breathed by all, in a way that this Queen of Love felt the need of Loving all, as Mother and Queen of all.  Our Beauty invested Her, but so much, that She possessed the Strength, the Love, the Goodness, the Enrapturing Grace that while She Loves She makes Herself Loved by all, even by things that do not possess reason.  In fact, there was no Act, Love, Prayer, Adoration, Reparation that Heaven and earth did not remain Filled with.  She lorded over everything, and Her Love and everything that She did ran in the sky, in the sun, in the wind, in everything.  And Our Supreme Being felt Itself Loved and prayed to in all the created things, by this Holy Creature.

“A New Life ran in everything.  She Loved us for all, and She made Us Loved by all.  It was the Uncreated Will that had had Its Place of Honor in the created will that could do everything for Us, and give Us the reciprocation, because We had placed all Creation at Her disposition.  In fact, with the Conception of this Great Queen, the True Life of God in the creature began, and the Life of her in God.  And O! the Exchanges of Love, of Strength, of Beauty, of Light, between Both of Them.  Therefore, the Prodigies that alternated in Her were continuous and never heard of.  The Heavens and earth were amazed, the Angels remained enraptured, before My Divine Will Operating in the creature.

“My daughter (Luisa), this Great Lady, by Living in the Divine Volition, felt Herself, with deeds, Queen of everything and of everyone, and also Queen of the Great Divine King—but so much so that it was She who formed the door into Heaven in order to make the Eternal Word descend.  She prepared for Him the way and the room of Her Womb, where He could make His Residence, and in the emphasis of Her Ruling
Love She told Me:  ‘Descend, O Eternal Word.  You will find in Me Your Heaven, Your Joys, that same Will that Reigns in the Three Divine Persons.’  Not only this, but She formed the door and the way in order to let souls rise into the Celestial Fatherland, and only because this Virgin Lived of Divine Will on earth as It is Lived in Heaven.

“The Blessed were able to enter into the Celestial Regions and enjoy Its Delights, because this Celestial Mother holds them covered, enveloped, and as hidden in Her Glory and in all the Acts that She did in the Divine Will.  In fact, the Blessed feel in their Joys, the Love, the Works, the Power of this Mother and Queen, that renders them Happy.  What can My Will not do?  It can do all possible and imaginable Goods.  And in the creature where It Reigns, It gives her such Power that she arrives at saying:  ‘Do what You want—Command, take, give—I will never deny You anything; Your Strength is Irresistible, Your Power debilitates me, therefore I place everything in Your Hands,’ such that she would act as Mistress and as Queen.

“Now, you must know that this Holy Creature, even from Her Conception, felt the Heartbeat of My Fiat in Hers, and in every heartbeat She Loved Me, and the Divinity Re-Loved Her, with Doubled Love, in Her every Heartbeat.  In Her Breath She felt the Breath of the Divine Volition, and She Loved Us in every Breath, and We reciprocated Her with Our Love Doubled in Her every Breath.  She felt the Motion of the Fiat in Her hands, in Her step, in Her feet, in all Her Being She felt the Life of the Divine Volition and what It did, and She Loved Us in everything, for Herself and for everyone, and We always Loved Her, always; in every instant Our Love ran as a rapid torrent.  Therefore She always held Us attentive and in feast, in order to receive Her Love and to give Ours, so much so that She arrived at covering all sins and the creatures themselves with Our Love. Therefore, Our Justice remained disarmed by this Invincible Beloved, and We can say that She did with the Supreme Being what She wanted.  O! how I would want that everyone would understand what it means to Live in the Divine Volition, in order to render everyone Happy and Holy.”