Return to Luisa, the little mama of the tiny little children of the Divine Will

Luisa, the little mama of the tiny little children of the Divine Will – Part III

Luisa, the tiny little mama of the tiny little children of the Most Holy Divine Will – Part III


Volume 34 – March 26, 1937

 “Now you must know that the Creation and My Humanity are fields where the soul develops her acts when she does and Lives in My Divine Will.  Having been given the possession of It, she feels the need of circulating, like blood in the veins, in the Works of her Creator.  She wants to know their Value, the Good that they do, the Office that they occupy, also in order to Love them even more, in order to appreciate them, and also in order to feel Happier, richer, by the so many Goods that she possesses.

“This is why now she comes near the sun in order to know the secrets of its light, the rainbow of its colors, the virtue of its heat, its continuous miracle that it develops on the face of the earth, that only by touching it with its light, it vivifies, it colors, it sweetens, it transforms.  And O! how she loves the sun because it is hers, and she Loves even more He who has Created it.  She does the same with all the other created things.  She wants to know the secret virtue that they contain in order to love them some more, and in order to be grateful and to Love even more He who has given her the possession.  Therefore, there is nothing to marvel that the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Fiat comes to be called ‘the Heiress of the Whole Creation.’

Volume 34 – April 25, 1937

“And then, as My Will Operates in the soul (Luisa), Heaven places itself in expectation, because swimming in the Fiat they feel that It is about to Operate, and therefore they place themselves at attention, they demand, they yearn, to receive the New Conquests and Joys of the Life of the Divine Will that they possess.  It is Primary Life of the Saints in Heaven, therefore in the Acts that It does it lets everyone concur, so with right they want to receive the New Joys and the Beautiful Conquests that My Will knows how to do.  So the one (Luisa) who lets It (Divine Will) Operate in her (Luisa’s) acts, is the New Joy of Heaven, the beloved, the welcome one, the longed for of the whole Celestial Court, more so because there are no joys of conquest up there, and therefore they await them from the earth.  O! if all would know all these Secrets of My Divine Fiat, they would give their lives in order to Live of It and let It Reign in the entire world.”

Volume 34 – May 6, 1937

And He (Jesus), with a tender and moving accent, as to feel my heart burst, told me (Luisa):  “I (Jesus) am within you (Luisa), I (Jesus) am yours (Luisa’s), I (Jesus) am at your (Luisa’s) disposition.  My Wounds, My Blood, all My sufferings are yours (Luisa’s), you (Luisa) can do with Me (Jesus) what you (Luisa) want, rather, do it as magnanimous, as brave, as Lover, as My True Imitator.  Take My Blood in order to give it to whomever you want.  Take My Wounds in order to heal the wounds of sinners.  Take My Life in order to give the Life of Grace, of Sanctity, of Love, of Divine Will, to all souls.  Take My Death in order to make many souls dead in sin rise again.  I (Jesus) give you (Luisa) all the freedom; do it, know how to be My daughter (Luisa).  I (Jesus) have given Myself and that is enough.

“You (Luisa), think of making everything redound to My Glory, and of how to make Me (Jesus) be Loved.  My Will will give you (Luisa) the flight in order to make you (Luisa) bring My Blood, My Wounds, My kisses, My Paternal Tendernesses, to My children and to your (Luisa’s) brothers.  Therefore, do not marvel, this is truly the Divine Operation, to keep Its Works in the act of repeating them continuously in order to give them so as to make of them a Gift to the creatures.  Each one can say:  ‘Everything is mine, even God Himself is mine.’  And O! how We enjoy in seeing them gifted with Our Works, Possessors of their Creator.

Volume 34 – June 28, 1937

And my beloved Jesus, resuming His speaking, told me (Luisa):  “My daughter, do not marvel because of what I have told you, rather, I will tell you more surprising things yet, but how much I would want that everyone would listen in order to make everyone decide to Live in My Volition.  Listen, how consoling and Beautiful is what My Love pushes Me to tell you. So much is My Love, that I feel the need of telling you where We reach for the one who Lives in Our Volition.  Now, you must know that as the soul (Luisa) decides repeatedly and firmly to live no more of her will but of Ours, her (Luisa) name becomes written in Heaven with Indelible characters of Light, and she (Luisa) becomes enrolled in the Celestial Militia as Heiress and Daughter of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

“But this is not enough for Our Love.  We Confirm her in Good in a way that she will feel such horror for every least sin, that she will not be capable anymore of falling.  Not only this, but she will remain Confirmed in the Goods, in the Love, in the Sanctity, etc., of her Creator.  She will be invested by the Prerogative of reclaimed part, she will no longer be looked at as exiled, and if she will remain on earth, she will be as officiating of the Celestial Militia, not as exiled.  She (Luisa) will have all the Goods at her (Luisa’s) disposition.  She (Luisa) will be able to say:  ‘His Will being mine (Luisa’s), what is of God is mine (Luisa’s).’  Rather, she (Luisa) will feel herself Possessor of her Creator.

Volume 34 – July 4, 1937

“But do you know where We (God) are Free to form this Life of Ours?  In the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will.  Our Divine Fiat prepares the prime materials for Us in order to form Our Life.  It places in attitude Its Power, Its Sanctity, Its Love, and calls Us into the depth of the soul.  And We, finding the adaptable and workable matter, with Indescribable Love form Our Divine Life.  Not only do We form it, but We raise it, and with Our highest enjoyment and delight We develop Our Creative Art around this Celestial creature.  And the chain of Prodigies begins.  She (Luisa), possessing her Creator and Our Will Operating in her (Luisa), becomes the Bearer of Everyone and of Everything.  If she thinks, she brings Us the thoughts of everyone, and she acts as Supplier and Repairer for all the human intelligences.  If she speaks, if she works, if she walks, she carries the words, the works, the steps of everyone.  The Creation itself makes a decorous cortege for her, and she (Luisa) acts as Bearer of the sky, of the stars, of the sun, of the wind, of everything; she (Luisa) does not leave anything behind.  She brings Us the Homage, the Glory, of all Our Created things, even the homage of the sweet song of the tiny little bird.  Possessing the Life of He who has Created them, everything makes a crown for her; rather, they all want to be carried by she who possesses the Speaking Act, so that for each one she tells the speaking story of Love, for which they have been Created by their Creator.

“In fact, the one who possesses Our Volition, acquires Our Jealousy of Love, because We want everything for Ourselves.  And this with Highest Justice, because there is nothing that We have not given, therefore with Justice We want everything.  So she, taken by Our same folly of Love, wants everything in order to give Us everything.  And, jealous, she wants to bring Us everything in order to tell Us for everyone and for each created thing her little word of love.  Therefore the one who Lives in Our Volition is never alone.  First she is with her Creator, with whom she is always in a contest of Love, how they can Love each other more.  Then, all things being around her (Luisa), she (Luisa) acts as Bearer of Everything to Him (God) whom she (Luisa) loves, He (God) who, being Infinite Love, wants to see all things in the creature (Luisa) converted into Love for His Love.”

Volume 35 – March 6, 1938

“My good daughter, Courage!  The oppressions, the melancholies and the thoughts of the past have no reason to exist for one who Lives in My Will.  These are notes that clash with My Notes of Joy, Peace and Love, and form feeble sounds that sound awful to Our Divine Ears.  They are like bitter little drops that, thrown into Our Divine Sea, try to embitter It; while by Living in Our Will, we make the creature the owner of Our Seas of Joy and Happiness, and if necessary, We arm her with Our Power so that all may be propitious and nothing may do any harm, since nothing has power against Our Will.  Even more, Our Will has the Power to flatten and to crush anything, like dust under the empire of an impetuous wind.

Volume 35 – August 23, 1937

“Now, the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will is spectator of these Divine Prodigies.  She feels as if she is receiving continuously the Son Generated by the Father, and the Holy Spirit Who always Proceeds.  O, how much of Joys, Love and Graces she receives!  She gives Us the Glory that We always Generate in Our Will, and she finds the whole Creation in action.  We give to this creature, by right, all the Goods of Creation.  She (Luisa) is the First Glorifier of the many things We’ve Created.  She finds in action the Conceived Virgin, Her Seas of Love, all Her Life.  The Virgin makes her possess it all, and this creature takes all, glorifying Us for the Great Good We did when We Created this Celestial Creature.  She finds in action the descent of the Word—His Birth, His tears, His Palpitating Life, and also His Pains.  We make her possess all, and she takes all.  She glorifies Us and she loves Us for everyone and everything.  In Our Will, the creature can say: ‘All is mine, even God Himself—as well as the Divine Will.’  Therefore, she feels the duty to glorify Us and to love Us in each thing and for everyone.

Volume 35 – September 20, 1937

“Now, listen to another Surprise of Love that is nearly unbelievable.  Once the creature (Luisa) has given Us (God) the freedom to imitate her (Luisa), giving Us (God) life within herself (Luisa) —feet, hands and mouth—We (God) call her (Luisa) ‘Our Imitation’ and, as We (God) let her (Luisa) enter into Our Divine Being, the Power of Our Fiat gives her (Luisa) Its step without foot, letting her (Luisa) be everywhere:  in the Angels, in the Saints, in the Celestial Queen, even in Our Divine Womb.

Volume 35 – September 26, 1937

“Our Divine Will wants to be the Life of the creature (Luisa)—the Greatest Act, the most Exuberant Love, that only a God can do.  Now, in order to be possessed by her, Our Will donates to her Its Virtue of Prayer; and she takes the lead to Confirm the Gift, making all created things pray.  She imposes herself on Our Love, Power and Goodness, making Our Love, Power and Goodness pray.  And all Our Attributes pray; even Our Justice, Mercy and Fortitude turn into Prayer.  No one can miss.  Whenever Our Will wants Us to do an Act or to give a Gift, We all bend Our knees to do what It wants.  When all have prayed—even Our very Divine Attributes—We Confirm the Gift.  The prayer of this creature (Luisa) becomes Universal, and each time she (Luisa) prays, she (Luisa) has such Power that all Our Things pray—even Our Attributes.  She (Luisa) has been given, with that Gift (of Prayer), the right over all.  What couldn’t be obtained with this Gift of Prayer?  We can say that the Heavens move, and that Our very Being feels enthralled and tied—so It surrenders.

“After the Gift of Prayer, I (Jesus) move on to give her (Luisa) the Gift of Love.  In order to Confirm her in Love, she Loves with New Love in the sun, in the sky, in the wind, and even in Our Divine Being, so as to acquire the Right to Love all and to be Loved by all with a New continuous Love.  O, if you only knew what it means to be Loved by all with an Ever-Growing Love, and to have the Power to Love all with a New Growing Love!—to be able to say to your Creator:  ‘Growing and Ever-New is Your Love for me; Growing and Ever-New is my Love for You!’  This Love surpasses the Heavens; It fills the Celestial Fatherland, and Its waves come to unload themselves into Our Divine Womb.  O, What wonders happen!  All remain astonished and glorify My Divine Volition for such a Great Gift It gives to the creature.  And as We give her this Gift, We enlarge her capacity so that she may understand what a Gift she has received, and use It.

“We (God) can give her (Luisa) the Gift of inseparability, the Union with God, so that she (Luisa) arrives at the point of feeling Our Life more than her (Luisa’s) own.  God becomes for her (Luisa) the Actor and Spectator, while she (Luisa) remains the Bearer of her Creator, Living with His very Life, Love and Power.  With this Gift, everything becomes her (Luisa’s) own; she (Luisa) has the right over all.  And when We (God) see that she (Luisa) possesses it, We (God) add the Gift of making her (Luisa) Triumphant over all, Triumphant over herself, Triumphant over God.  All is Triumph within her—Triumph of Grace, of Sanctity and of Love—and We (God) call her (Luisa) ‘Our winner.’  We let her win everything, because that is Our Gift for her, and when We give, We want to see the fruits contained in Our Gift.  Therefore, every Act she does in Our Will—each Word, each Work, each step—form many different harmonies between her and Us, each one more Beautiful than the other.  She keeps Us constantly busy, and Our Love is such that We surround her from the outside, with all Our Work, while We Invest her interior, repeating all Our Acts which have been Bearers of Life, the Life of the Queen, and the Life of the Word on earth, which was a continuous Excess of Love, and gave Life to all.

“We always give.  We are never exhausted.  The soul (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will is the Full Day of Our continuous Works and Our Life, Palpitating and repeating Our Acts, which are always in action and never cease.  She (Luisa) is Our (God’s) Triumph—Our (God’s) little winner.  Our delirium of Love is exactly this:  We (God) want to be won by the creature (Luisa).  When she (Luisa) wins, Our Love is unleashed, and Our fidgets and delirium of Love find Life within the creature, and Rest.”

Volume 35 – October 12, 1937

“Further, when the creature (Luisa) wants Our Will, all her (Luisa’s) acts are like many messengers between Heaven and earth; they go up and down continuously, being messengers now of Peace, now of Love, now of Glory.  Sometimes, they even command Our Divine Justice to stop, taking Its Just fury upon themselves.  How much Good these messengers do!  As soon as We see them coming before Our Throne, We Recognize Ourselves in these acts which, disguised by the human veils of the acts of the creatures, hide Our own Will—but it’s always Our Will.  So, pleased, We say: ‘What an art of Love It has!  It hides inside the acts of the creatures, so as not to be recognized.  But We know It anyway, and, since it is Ourselves Loving, We let It do whatever It wills.’

“So, We (God) call these acts ‘Our Acts,’ and We (God)
recognize them as such, although the creature (Luisa) concurred, giving her (Luisa’s) acts as clothes to cover them.  She (Luisa) is the support on which My Divine Will can lean, delighting in developing Its Life, in making Unheard-of Prodigies, in hiding Itself within the creature (Luisa) —as if It would cover Itself with her (Luisa’s) remains; even more so, since the Creation and the creatures have their Origin in Its Fiat—Living, growing and being preserved in It.  The Fiat is the Actor and the Audience of all their acts; they will Live their lives in My Fiat, and will fly to Heaven with one act wanted by It.  Everything belongs to It.  All the Rights are Its Own.  Nobody can escape My Fiat.  The only difference is that the one (Luisa) who Lives in It (Divine Will), Lives together with It—knows It and is aware of everything It does; delights It with her (Luisa’s) company; and forms Its Joy and the Confirmation of what My Will wants to do in her (Luisa).  On the other hand, one who does not Live in it, does not know It; she remains isolated and forms Its continuous Pain.”

Volume 35 – December 14,1937

“Now, as she (Luisa) turns to her (Luisa’s) third act in Our Will, the Full Afternoon of Our Eternal Sun is formed within the creature (Luisa).  Do you know what she gives Us with this Full Afternoon?  She prepares a banquet for Us.  And do you know what she gives Us for food?  The Love We have given to her—Our Divine Qualities.  Everything carries the mark of Our Beauty and of Our Chaste and Pure Perfumes.  We like it so much that We eat Our fill; and even if something may be missing for Our Status, since the creature is in Our Will, she is the owner of all Our Goods; she takes from Our Treasure whatever is needed, and prepares for Us the most beautiful banquet, Worthy of Our Supreme Majesty.  And We (God) invite all the Angels and the Saints to sit at this Celestial banquet, so that they may take and eat with Us (God), of the Love that We (God) received from the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will.  Now, after We’ve banqueted together, the other acts that she (Luisa) does in Our Will serve—some to form for Us (God) Celestial melodies, some Loving chants, some the most Beautiful scenes; some others repeat Our Works, which are always in action.  In sum, she keeps Us always busy.  And when she (Luisa) has given course to all her (Luisa’s) actions in Our Will, We (God) give her (Luisa) rest, resting together with her (Luisa).  After the rest, We (God and Luisa) begin the Work, starting another Day, and so forth.

“Many times, this loyal daughter of Ours (Luisa)—since true loyalty consists in Living in Our Divine Will—seeing that her brothers and sisters are about to be struck by the deserved chastisements for their sins, doesn’t close her (Luisa’s) Day, but prays and suffers to beseech Graces for their souls as well as for their bodies.  The Life of the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will is New Joy and Glory for Heaven, and Help and Graces for the earth.”

Volume 35 – December 18, 1937

My adorable Jesus, returning to visit my (Luisa’s) little soul, as if inundated within His Flames of Love, told me:  “Daughter of My Will (Luisa), each thing that the creature (Luisa) does, keeping My Will as principle and Life—no matter how small it might be—contains one Divine Life.  Therefore, in the endless Sea of My Will and of My Love, one can see many little Lives of Love and Light swimming and floating, having taken their place inside Our Sea.  O, how repaid We (God) feel, because what she (Luisa) gave Us in her (Luisa’s) little love, is Life of Love, and what she (Luisa) gave Us (God) in doing her (Luisa’s) acts, is Life of Light.  They have been formed in the center of the Life of Our Fiat, which possesses the True Life; and therefore Lives are the things that come from It.  My Fiat Creates them first, forming them within Itself; then, It puts them out, delivering them from Its Divine Womb.

…  “Wherever It Reigns with Its Natural Creative Virtue, over each trifle—even a tiny one, It Creates Life to make Us (God) Loved.  You must be convinced that, having such great Love, We just cannot be without somebody who Loves Us.  Therefore Our Will, which thinks about everything and knows how to do everything, Creates many Lives out of the acts of the creature who Lives in It.  It compensates for Our Love, and renders less restless Our anxiety of Love and Our Eternal delirium for desire of Love.  Therefore, Live always in Our Will.  Love always, and you (Luisa) will be the enchantment of all Heaven and Our Perennial Feast—and We (God) will be yours (Luisa’s).  We (God and Luisa) will celebrate each other.”

Volume 35 – January 2, 1938

After this, He (Jesus) added:  “My daughter (Luisa), all that the creature (Luisa) does in My Divine Will is first formed in Heaven—in the Eternal Day that doesn’t know the night.  The entire Celestial Court is already aware that one creature of the earth took refuge in her Celestial Fatherland, which is already her own—but to do what?  To enter into the Center of the Fiat and call Its Power and Its Creative Virtue, in order to give It the opportunity to Operate in her act.  O, with how much Love she (Luisa) is welcomed—not only by the Divine Volition, but also by the Most Holy Trinity!  They harmonized her to themselves; they embalm her act, and blow in it with their Creative Power, making such Great Wonders out of that act—making the whole of Heaven feel such Joy and Happiness—that all make the Celestial Regions resound with harmonious voices:  ‘Thank you, thank you.  You have given us the Great Honor of being spectators of Your Will Operating within the act of the creature!’

“Heaven is widened by New Joys and New Happiness, so that all remain bound and grateful, calling her (Luisa), all together—‘Our Welcomed.’  This more than Celestial creature feels Loved by God with a Double Love—she feels inundated by NewSeas of Grace.  Just as she (Luisa) rises up to Heaven, bringing her (Luisa’s) acts and letting God form wonders in them, so she (Luisa) descends again, becoming the Bearer of all that God Operated in her (Luisa’s) act.  She floods the earth and invests the whole of Creation so that all may receive the Glory and the Joy of the Marvels that the Divine Fiat Operated in the act of the creature.  There is no greater homage, love and glory that she can give Us, than to let Us do whatever We want in her acts.

Volume 35 – January 7, 1938

“See then, how We (God) find the refuge for Our Life in the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will.  We (God) do nothing other than exchange Our Lives continuously:  she (Luisa) gives Us (God) her life, and We (God) give her Ours.  In this exchange of Life, We find the one who can receive Our Life; giving Us her own, so We can give of Ourselves and do whatever We want—We feel like God, as We are.  Therefore, Living in Our Will serves Us (God) as a refuge—a theater for Our Works, refreshment for Our Love and return for the entire Creation.  Since there is nothing We don’t find in this creature, We Love her so much that We feel obliged to give her whatever she wants. For each additional act she does in Our Will, she ties Us more and adds more chains.  And do you know what she gives to Us to make Us feel obliged?  Our Life, Our Works, Our Love and Our very Will.  Do you think this is trivial?  Everything that she gives Us is so exuberant that if it weren’t for Our Power, which can give anything, We would lack the means to repay her.  But Our Love, which never lets Itself be won and surpassed by the love of the creature, goes in search of New devices—inventing New stratagems—to the extent of giving back Our Life many times; to fulfill Its obligation toward Its beloved creature.

Volume 35 – February 14, 1938

These Acts (in the Divine Will) serve Us (God) as a return of Love for the whole of Creation, as the sweetest of company—as narrators of Our Supreme Being.  Therefore, Our Love is Exuberant for the one who wants to Live in our Fiat.  We are all eyes over her—almost spying—to see when she gives Us her act; to let Our Creative Virtue Operate in it.  This creature (Luisa) is for Us (God) the show of Our Love—the activity of Our Power; and she (Luisa) becomes the Repeater of Our (God’s) own Life.”

Volume 35 – February 26, 1938

“How Beautiful it is when We (God) Recognize Ourselves in the creature (Luisa)!  She (Luisa) becomes for Us (God) Our Throne, Our Divine Chamber—Our Heaven.  The seas of Our Love inundate her.  Her little acts form waves of love that love Us, glorify Us and bless Us; she recognizes Us in Ourselves; she recognizes Us within herself; she recognizes Us in all created things.  And We Recognize her in all Our Works:  in the sky, in the sun, in the wind—in everything.  Our Love, united to Our Fiat, brings her everywhere, and We place her in order, inside all Our Works.”

Volume 35 – March 6, 1938

You must know that all the beautiful and good things that the creature has done are deposited inside Ourselves, attesting to her love and the glory she gives Us, and forming her crown for her first entrance into Our Celestial Fatherland.  Therefore, the most Beautiful act of the creature (Luisa) is to throw herself into Our (God’s) Arms—abandon herself—letting Us (God) make whatever We (God) want to make of her (Luisa), in time as well as in Eternity.  Only then, do We (God) get all the savor of making her (Luisa) one of the most Beautiful statues to adorn Our Celestial Jerusalem.”

…I (Luisa) remained surprised, and He (Jesus) added:  “My good daughter, how I wish that all knew what it means to Live in My Divine Volition. It seems incredible, but do you know why?  Because they don’t know what My Will is, and the whole series of Prodigies that It can do and wants to do in the creature.  So, not knowing It, they believe it’s impossible that My Will can do in the creature all that I’m saying.  O, if they knew It!  What It does and says is little—it is the Knowledge that puts Us on the way to the creature, and prepares Our Place, forming the space in which to put Our Unheard-of Prodigies.  It is Knowledge that forms the eyes to be able to view and appreciate Our Divine Wonders.  All is a Prodigy for the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will.

“You must know that, as a creature (Luisa) does her acts in My Will, all created things remain animated by her (Luisa’s) will and word.  All things possess a voice:  some say, ‘Love,’ some ‘Glory,’ some  ‘Adoration,’ some others ‘Thank you,’ and others still, ‘Blessing’ to our Creator.  What Harmony they form in the atmosphere, what a sweet Enchantment—to such extent that We feel Enraptured.  But whose voices are these?  The voices of those who Live in Our Will.

“It happens as when voices and chants are ingeniously enclosed inside instruments of wood and of metal.  The instruments sing and speak.  It is the same for the one who Lives in My Will:  her love to see Me Loved and Glorified is such that she encloses her will, her voice and her love inside the created thing; and some narrate to Me the story of My Love, some sing of My Glory; it seems that all things have one thing to tell Me.  O, how Happy I feel, seeing that the creature (Luisa) masters the entire Creation, and, Queen as she (Luisa) is, animates all and makes Me (Jesus) Loved by all.  O, how sweetly she (Luisa) resounds to Our Divine Hearing!  I (Jesus) gave her (Luisa) all, and she (Luisa) gives Me all—so I (Jesus) return all again.”

Volume 35 – March 12, 1938

This Life (of God’s) will have the virtue of Transforming the life of this fortunate creature (Luisa) into Itself.  Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), be attentive.  Do not allow even one Word on Our Fiat to escape you (Luisa), because they are Lives—Lives that We (God) Live inside other creatures.  The value of one single Word on Our Fiat is so Great that the whole of Creation…O, how behind it remains.  The Creation is Our Work, while one Word on Our Fiat is Life, and the Life always costs more than all the Works.

“Further, Our Love for this creature (Luisa) who receives the sowing of Our Divine Lives is so Great that, as We (God) Speak to her (Luisa) about Our Will, Our Eternal Love pours over her (Luisa), unleashing Itself and feeling loved in return.  The weight of human ingratitude—of not being loved—remains empty, because We find one who Loves Us with Our Love; this has the virtue of making up for all the Love that all the creatures should give Us—of burning all their evils, and of filling and shortening the greatest distances.  Our Love finds in her Our refreshments, Our revenges; so We Love her Infinitely.  But We are not satisfied in Loving her by Ourselves.  We make her Loved by the Celestial Queen, as a more than tender daughter; by the Angels and the Saints, as their inseparable sister; We make her loved by Heaven, the sun, the wind—by everyone.  They feel in her the Strength, the Virtue of Our Love; they (Our Lady, Angels and Saints) feel fortunate to love her (Luisa), because she (Luisa) is the Bearer of Joys for all.  And Our Love and the content We (God) feel are such that We (God) call her (Luisa) ‘Our Consoler, Our Fiat whom We (God) keep on earth, Our Depository.’  All is Ours within her (Luisa).”

Volume 35 – March 22, 1938

Then, my Adorable Jesus, returning for His short little visit, all Tenderness told me:  “My little daughter of My Will (Luisa), as the creature (Luisa) decides to Live in My Volition, all things change for her (Luisa).  Our Divine Dominion Invests her (Luisa), and We (God) make her (Luisa) the dominator of everything—dominator of Our Strength, of Our Goodness and of Our Sanctity—dominator of the Light.  Heavens and earth are hers by right.  We place her in an atmosphere of Security and Imperturbable Peace.  Nothing of Good, of Health, of Beauty and of Divine Joys, can be missing to this creature who Lives in Our Will.

Volume 35 – March 28, 1938

“I (Jesus) can say that My Greatest Pain down here, that gave Me a continuous Death, was to see the creatures neither Living in My Will, nor doing It, because I saw that My Acts remained without the Purpose for which I was doing them—without giving the Life with which they were Invested.  And if I were not All-Seeing—seeing all the centuries in one present Act, as well as My beloved children who were going to Live in My Divine Will, and who had to use all that My Humanity did and suffered in order to establish My Kingdom, using It as their most Beautiful residence—I could not have borne such a great Pain.  Therefore, (Luisa) continue to trace My (Jesus’) Acts, My Steps and My Pains, to ask for My Will to come and Reign on earth, and My Pain will be soothed, and will turn into Love, to shorten the time and make My Will known, Loved—and Reign.  I (Jesus) will keep you (Luisa) as refreshment for Me (Jesus) , and as Bearer of the balm to My Pains; and when I (Jesus) see My Acts and My sufferings embittered with Pain because the creature is running away from My Will, I (Jesus) will come and take refuge in you (Luisa), to soothe and embalm My sufferings, too embittered by the Pain.”

Volume 36 – April 20, 1938

“Therefore, the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the Sepulcher, ‘He is risen.  He is not here any more.’   The one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will can also say, ‘My will is not with me (Luisa) any longer—it is Risen Again in the Fiat.’  And if the circumstances of life, opportunities and sufferings surround the creature, as if they were looking for her will, she can answer: ‘My will is Risen Again; it is not in my power anymore.  I possess, in exchange, the Divine Will, and I want to cover with Its Light all things around me—circumstances and sufferings, to make them like many Divine Conquests.’  The soul who Lives in Our Will finds Life in the Acts of her Jesus, and as always, in this Life, she finds Our Operating, Conquering, Triumphant Will.  She gives us so much Glory that Heaven cannot contain it.  Therefore, Live always in Our Will—never leave it, if you (Luisa) want to be Our (God’s) Triumph and Our Glory.”

Volume 36 – April 25, 1938

‘The soul (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will is really like a continuous feast for Us (God)—the pouring out of Our Love.”

Then He added with a note of sadness: “My daughter, how the creature sinks to the bottom, when she does not Live in Our Will.  Even if she does good, lacking the Light of Our Will—the Strength of Our Sanctity and Its Effects, this good remains covered by smoke, blinding and producing self esteem, pride, and love of self.  It remains poisoned—unable to produce any real benefit for anybody.  Poor good works without My Will.  They are like bells with no sound; coins without the image of the king, that have no value as money—at the most they turn into self-satisfaction.  Many times I’m forced, for Love of the creatures, to embitter the good they do, so that they enter themselves and try to operate truly and generously.  On the other hand, for the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our (God’s) Will, there is no danger that the smoke of self-esteem may enter even the greatest works she may do.  She (Luisa) is the little flame fed by the Great Light that is God, and the Light knows how to get rid of the darkness of passion—the smoke of self-esteem.  Being light, she really knows that all the good she does is done by God Himself, Operating within her nothingness; and if this nothingness has not been completely emptied of all that does not belong to God, God will not descend into it to make Great Works Worthy of Him.

“Therefore, not even humility can enter Our Will; only nothingness—knowing to be nothing.  All the Good that enters It is only Divine Work—God Who brings God.  In My Will, everything changes for the creature.  She (Luisa) is nothing other than the little light, that has to absorb, as much as she (Luisa) can, the Great Light of My Fiat, so that she (Luisa) may be fed only by Light, Love, Goodness and Divine Sanctity.  What an honor to be fed by God!  So it is no wonder that, being the creature( Luisa), the little flame of God, He (God) also feeds Himself with it.”

Volume 36 – May 10, 1938

Then He (Jesus) added with a more tender tone: “Daughter (Luisa) of My Pains, would you (Luisa) like to know who does not give Me (Jesus) such hard suffering?  The soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Will.  Further, as she (Luisa) decides to Live in It, I (Jesus) name her (Luisa) My daughter.  I (Jesus) call the whole of Heaven and the Most Holy Trinity to celebrate My New Daughter (Luisa).  Everybody knows her (Luisa) because I (Jesus) write her (Luisa’s) name with indelible characters inside My Heart—in My Ever-Burning Love:  ‘My daughter (Luisa).’  She remains always with Me in My Will and anything I do, she does.  She rises again with Me in My continuous Resurrections, and if human ingratitude makes Me cry, I write her, ‘Daughter of My Birth.’  She cries with me, so I write, even in My tears, ‘Daughter of My tears.’  In sum, if I suffer, Work or walk, I write her ‘Daughter’ of My Pains, Works or steps.  I keep her impressed in Me, everywhere.

 “Now, you must know that between Father and child there are permanent bonds.  Nobody can deny the rights of the Father and the rights of the child, either in the supernatural or in the natural order. Therefore, as a Father I (Jesus) feel the obligation to make heir (Luisa) of My Goods, Love and Sanctity, the one (Luisa) who so solemnly declared herself to be My daughter, to the extent that I (Jesus) keep her (Luisa) written in My Heart.  Not Loving her would be like defrauding My Paternal Love.  I just can’t.  She then has the duty to love Me and possess My Goods, to defend her Father, to make Him known, even to give her life so that nobody may offend Him.

Volume 36 – June 26, 1938

“Furthermore, for the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will, each motion, breath, heartbeat, anything she (Luisa) can do, are continuous Conquests for her (Luisa):  Divine Conquests.  I can say that, by Living in My Will, she breathes with My Breathing, moves at My Motion, beats with My Eternal Heartbeat.  Therefore she acquires the Conquering Act in each of her acts.  All this is given to her with Justice and Exuberant Love, since by Living in Our Will, not giving life to her will anymore, she has to be in the Celestial Region by right to delight and enjoy Our Delightful Will.  Now, in order to Live off of Our Will on earth, the poor daughter deprives herself of the Joys of Heaven:  this is the most Heroic Act, the most Intense Love, by which all Heaven, Our Divinity and the Queen of Heaven, remain wounded.  And We Love the Heroism of this creature.  O! how much all of Us Love her!  So Our Love, that lets Itself be won by anybody, surrenders to each of her breaths, to every little motion.  If she thinks, looks and speaks with a Conquering Divine Act, the Conquests are Innumerable.  We feel that it is not the creature who breathes and moves, but We Ourselves, giving the Value that Our Breath and Motion contain, which is the highest that could possibly be conceived.  Therefore, this creature (Luisa) is the Conqueror of Our Life and acts.  This happy creature (Luisa), with her Conquering Act, becomes Our (God’s) continuous Expression of Love, Our very Happiness, Our Rest.  Her (Luisa’s) Conquests are continuous Seals on Our Decree of the Coming of the Kingdom of Our Will on earth.  These Conquests shorten the time, and, even more, Our Operating Life is not a stranger on earth anymore, but It already exists, having formed Its Kingdom in this lucky creature.  Therefore, be attentive; never stop, and I will take everything into account, even your breath, to Love you more and to make you do many Conquests, one more Beautiful than the other.”

Volume 36 – July 11, 1938

“There is no Greater Honor that We can give to the creatures, and no Glory We can receive from the creatures that makes Us more Glorified, Happy and Triumphant, than letting Our Will Operate in their act.  We feel locked in her act, while still being free to Operate in the human circle as only God can.  Doing this is an Exuberant Love for Us:  We Love Our Act in which We see the Action of Our Power and Unreachable Beauty, Our Sanctity, Love and Goodness, covering all, kissing and embracing everybody in Our Divine Qualities:  how not to Love such a Great Act?  We Love she who called Us and gave Us her act, allowing Us to do an Act so Great:  how not to Love her?  She (Luisa), who served as Our (God’s) Bearer, to Operate so many of Our Wonders.  What wouldn’t We give to her, and who could ever refuse her anything?  It is sufficient to tell you that one who Lives in Our Will leaves everyone behind.  She is first in Sanctity, Beauty and Love.  We can feel Our Echo, Our Breath in hers; she doesn’t pray for, but takes what she wants from Our Divine Treasures.  Therefore, cherish always in your heart to Live in Our Divine Will.”

After this He added: “My daughter, Our Will circulates in all created things as blood in the veins. The Primary Act, the motion, the heat is always Its own.  But if My Will finds a creature who recognizes It and Lives in It—while It keeps circulating in everything—It concentrates in this creature, forming Its own support to Operate Its Marvels; and while, with Power and Immensity, It never leaves anyone, It opens Its communications with this creature for the benefit of those who will have ears to listen to them, intelligence to understand them, heart to receive them and Love them.  In this creature (Luisa), It (Divine Will) will deposit Its Graces and Its keenness of Love, while the (Luisa’s) human will Living in It (Divine Will) will serve as the room in which to continue Its Operating Act, forming Its Center—Its Divine chamber—for Its continuous Expression of Love.  As the creature (Luisa) does her acts in My Will, she (Luisa) is Reborn in God and God in her, and these Births will make New Horizons arise: more Beautiful Heavens, brighter Suns, New Divine Knowledge.  For every additional act she does in Our Will, We feel more moved to make Ourselves known, We feel more confident in placing Our Trust in her, since Our Will is in her.  She will know how to keep with jealousy what We tell her and what We give her.  Therefore, in every New Birth she (Luisa) will rise to New Love, New Sanctity, New Beauty.  Then, looking at her in a delirium of Love, We say to her:  ‘Our Will makes you more and more Beautiful, more and more Saint, and the more you Live in It the more you grow and Rise Again in Our Divine Being.  For every New Act you do, Our Will imposes Itself to make Us give you what is Ours, and to tell you New Secrets, grant you New Discoveries of Our Love.

Volume 36 – July 24, 1938

“My Love for (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Will is such that I (Jesus) let her (Luisa) do whatever I (Jesus) do; I (Jesus) give her (Luisa) the right over My Acts as if they were hers (Luisa’s).  And I stay there, anxiously waiting that she take My steps to let her walk, My Hands to let her work, My Voice to let her speak; so much so, that if sometimes she stops using Me My Love reproaches her sweetly, and with Tenderness I say:  ‘Today you didn’t let Me walk, My steps were there waiting for you, to walk in you, but you stopped them; My Works today are suspended because you didn’t give Me the space to Operate in your hands; I have been silent because you didn’t let Me speak in your voice.  See, I even keep My tears on My Face, because you did not take Them to use Them, to wash yourself, to be refreshed in My Love, to take a bath for those who offend Me; so, I still feel My Face wet from the crying.  My Pains are without kisses today, they are not softened by those who love Me, so I feel them all embittered.  Therefore, take all from Me, do not leave anything.  Let My Being with all My Acts lean on you—on all your acts.  So I (Jesus) will call you (Luisa) My support and My refuge.  I (Jesus) will put in you (Luisa)—on the shelves of My Will Reigning in you (Luisa)—all the things I (Jesus) did and suffered while on earth.  I (Jesus) will multiply them, increase them a hundredfold.  I (Jesus) will make them Rise continuously to New Life, so that you (Luisa) may take for yourself whatever you (Luisa) want, giving Myself to all, so that everybody may know Me (Jesus) and Love Me (Jesus).’

Volume 36 – August 6, 1938

But as I (Luisa) was thinking this, my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all Goodness told me: “My little daughter of My Will (Luisa), you (Luisa) look for your shelter in Me (Jesus) and I (Jesus) look for My shelter in you (Lusia), to enjoy My creature and rest in her (Luisa), so that her (Luisa’s) love may defend Mine (Jesus’) from all the offenses of the creatures.  You have to know that, each time the creature enters My Will to do her acts, I give her My Divine Life, while she gives Me her human life.  Therefore she (Luisa) (Jesus) remains provisioned with a Divine Life for each act done in My Will, and I Jesus) remain Honored and Glorified, surrounded by many human lives, since one act in My Will must be Complete. I (Jesus) give all Myself, not keeping anything of My Supreme Being, and she (Luisa) l gives Me all of her human being.  What Good does the creature (Luisa) not receive, then, by possessing many of My Divine Lives.  As she keeps repeating her acts, so many of My Lives are added, and I give virtue to free her life to be able to say:  ‘So many Lives I gave her, as many lives she gave Me.’

Volume 36 – August 28, 1938

Therefore one Act in My Will can give Me all, Love Me for all, and make Me do the Greatest Excesses of Love and Works toward the creatures.  And when, in My Will, I (Jesus) in her (Luisa) in the steps of all, Loving Me (Jesus) in their thoughts and words, My Joy is such that, in My Emphasis of Love, I (Jesus) say to her (Luisa):  ‘You (Luisa) are doing what I (Jesus) did.  For this, I (Jesus) call you (Luisa) “My Echo, My Love—little Echo of My Life.”’”

Such was the Fullness of His Love while saying this, that He kept silent.  Then He added: “My daughter (Luisa), blessed one, every act done in My Divine Will by the creature (Luisa) is like a Day for her (Luisa); a Day Full of Happiness and of all Goods.

Volume 36 – September 5, 1938

“You must know that as the creature (Luisa) enters Our (God’s) Will, everything is Transformed:  darkness is turned into Light, weakness into Fortitude, poverty into Riches, passions into Virtue.  Her (Luisa’s) mutation is such that she (Luisa) is not the same as before; her (Luisa’s) state is no longer one of a most wicked slave, but of a Noble Queen.  Our Divine Being Loves her so much that It runs into her acts to do whatever she does, and since Our Motion is continuous, We move and Love her—move and hug her.  Our Motion moves and kisses her, making her more Beautiful and more the Saint.  In every motion We give from Ourselves and, in the Emphasis of Our Love We tell her about Our Supreme Being, making known who We are and how much We Love her.  We identify Ourselves in her and she in Us.  Our Will and her (Luisa’s) will are one—to the extent that We (God) feel her (Luisa) in Our Divine Motion, and as she (Luisa) takes what is Ours, she (Luisa) Loves Us (God) with Our Love; she (Luisa) gives Us (God) Our Inaccessible Light to Glorify Our Sanctity—to praise Us (God) and say:  ‘Holy, Holy, Trice Holy are You. You enclose all; You are all.’  How Beautiful it is to see the human smallness inside of Our Will, having in its power Our Divine Being, to give it back to Us, to Love Us and Glorify Us as We want and justly deserve.  In Our Will the parts become equal; dissimilarities disappear.  Our Unity unites everything and everyone, making one the acts of all, to become the Act of all.”

Volume 36 – September 18, 1938

 “This is My Divine Way:  for all evils creatures may do, I never move My Works.  I always preserve them with My Creative Power and Virtue.  For Love of those who offend Me, I always Love them without ceasing.  If We never move, Our Works are accomplished, remaining always Beautiful, doing Good to all; but if We moved, all things would go into ruin and no Good would be accomplished. Therefore, in this too I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) with Me (Jesus)—always still, never moving from inside My Will, and doing what you’ve (Luisa) done until now—attentive to listen to Me (Jesus), to be the narrator of My Will.

Volume 36 – October 30, 1938

“We (God) even reach the extent of giving her (Luisa) the right to Judge together with Us (God), and if We (God) see that she (Luisa) suffers because the sinner is under a rigorous Judgment, to soothe her (Luisa’s) pain We (God) mitigate Our Just chastisements.  She (Luisa) makes Us (God) give the kiss of Forgiveness, and to make her Happy We say to her:  ‘Poor daughter, you are right.  You are Ours and belong also to them.  You feel in you the bonds of the human family, therefore you would want that We Forgive everybody.  We’ll do as much as We can to please you, unless he despises or refuses Our Forgiveness.’  This creature (Luisa) in Our (God’s) Will is the New Esther wanting to rescue her peoples.  O! how Happy We are to keep her always with Us in Our Will because, through her, We feel more inclined to use Mercy, to concede Graces, to Forgive the most obstinate sinners, and to lessen the pains of the purging souls.  Poor daughter! She has a thought for everyone, and a pain similar to Ours, seeing the human family swimming in Our Will without recognizing It—living in the middle of enemies in the most wretched misery.”

Volume 36 – November 13, 1938

Therefore, the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will possesses a Strength that is never extinguished; a Love that does not Love anybody, but Truly Loves all in God.  To how many sacrifices she exposes herself for all—and for each one in particular.  Poor daughter (Luisa), she (Luisa) is the True Martyr and Victim of all.  O!, how many times in seeing her suffering, I look at her with so much Tenderness and Compassion, and to cheer her up I say:   ‘My daughter, you received My same Destiny.  Poor daughter, Courage; your Jesus Loves you more.’  And in feeling more Loved by me, she smiles in the sufferings and abandons herself in My arms.  My daughter (Luisa), to experience, to possess what My Will can do, creatures need to be inside of It; otherwise they won’t understand a thing.”

Volume 36 – November 26, 1938

“My blessed daughter (Luisa), My Will wants to give, but It wants to find the soul disposed.

…  But if she (Luisa) is disposed, she (Luisa) flings herself into Its Arms, and she (Luisa) lets Us (God) do whatever We (God) want with her (Luisa).  She (Luisa) even remains there like a tiny little baby receiving Our Works, with so much love as to enrapture Us (God).  And what does Our Will do?  It makes flow in her Its Divine Motion, and with this Divine Motion she finds all Our Works in action; she kisses them, hugs them and invests them with her little love.  She finds My Conception and My Birth in action, and with her love she wants to be conceived and Reborn with Me.  And not do only I (God) let her d(Luisa) o this, but, finding the one (Luisa) who is Reborn together with Me, I (Jesus) feel such a Joy as to be repaid for having come upon earth.

“But she doesn’t stop here. The Divine Motion she possesses makes her run everywhere to find all that My Humanity—like a fierce army—did: My tears, My Words, My Prayers, My steps, My Pains; she takes, she kisses, she adores—everything.  There is nothing I did that she does not invest with her love.  What does she do then?  She makes everything her own, and, in a manner all childish and graceful, she locks all things up inside her womb.  Then she rises high.  She comes before Our Divinity, places these things all around Us, and with emphasis of love she says:  ‘Adorable Majesty, how many Beautiful things I am bringing to You.  All are mine and I bring You all, because all Love You, adore You, glorify You, and return to You the Great Love that You have for me and for all.’

This Divine Motion, which is Our Will, places in the creature (Luisa) who Lives in It, the New Life It has just received.  With this Motion the creature (Luisa) has right over all.  All that is Ours is hers (Luisa’s), therefore she (Luisa) can give all.  O! How many Surprises she gives Us.  She always has something to give to Us, and with this Divine Motion she has the ability to run everywhere:  now she brings Us the Creation to Love Us as We Loved her in all created things; now she brings Us all that I did while on earth to tell Us, ‘I Love You as You Love me.’  She never stops.  It seems she can’t be without giving Us New Love Surprises in order to be able to say:  ‘I Love You, I Love You always.’  And We (God) call her (Luisa) Our Joy and Our Perennial Happiness, because there is no greater Joy for Us than the continuous Love of the creature.

Volume 36 – November 30, 1938

 “My blessed daughter (Luisa), you must know that in all We (God) have done in Creation, as well as in Redemption, We (God) formed the Dowry to provide the creature (Luisa) with Our own Goods and Works.  The soul (Luisa) who enters Our Will comes to take possession of her Endowment—to recognize it and to Love it.  As she (Luisa) wanders in Our Will to get to know this most extensive Dowry given to her (Luisa) by her Creator, she forms her day in time.  She (Luisa) forms days for as many times as she (Luisa) wanders, walks, Loves and knows.  I (God) gave her this Great Endowment, that she (Luisa) can receive and know in time, for this reason:  to let her (Luisa) form her days that will crown her Eternal Day of an Eternity that never ends.  The more she (Luisa) wanders in Our Will, the more days she (Luisa) forms, which will make her more rich and glorious in Heaven.

“If the creature did not take the care of recognizing, possessing and Loving this Great Endowment, she would be a poor unhappy one, living in miseries and forced into starvation, though owning many goods.  It would happen as to the father who gives to his son his very large properties, but the son doesn’t bother to get to know them, or to go there often enough to possess and enjoy the endowment he received from his father.  With all these goods that he could possess, this son, not caring about them or recognizing them, goes from rich to poor.  One can say that he declined from the nobility of his father as if he was no longer his legitimate son.

“What wouldn’t the pain be for the poor father who, though being so rich, has to see his son like a poor ragamuffin begging others for bread?  If he had the power, this son would make his own father die of pain.  This is the state of Our Supreme Being.  All that we have Created was supposed to be the Endowment for the creature, to make her happy and rich, to let her know who We are, how much We have Loved her and how much We have done for her.  Therefore, those who don’t wander around in Our Works do not recognize them or possess them, and they cannot gain the merit of their days within time. Isn’t this a Great Pain for Us?  So, enter always into Our Works.  The more you come, the more you will recognize them, Love them, and possess them by right.

“Furthermore, each act done in My Will is a messenger of Peace that leaves the earth and goes into Heaven.  It comes to bring Peace between Heaven and earth. Every single word said in My Will carries the bond of Peace, and the one (Luisa) who comes to Live in It receives, as the Prime Good, the bond of Peace between herself and Us (God).  She (Luisa) feels as if embalmed by Our Divine Peace.  With this bond of Peace, she (Luisa) feels within herself the virtue of becoming the Peacemaker between Heaven and earth.  Everything is Peace within her:  Peaceful are the words, Peaceful the glances, Peaceful the movements.  O! how many times with one word she places Peace between Us and the creature.  One single glance from her—sweet and Peaceful, wounds Us and makes Us turn chastisements into Graces.  So, her acts are nothing other than bonds of Peace—the Peaceful messengers that bring the kiss of Peace of the creatures to God, and the kiss of God to the creatures.  Further, the more the creature (Luisa) Lives in Our Will, the more she (Luisa) comes deeply into Our (God’s) Divine Family, acquiring Our Modes and receiving Our Secrets.  She looks more like Us, We Love each other more, and she puts us in the condition of giving her always New Graces—New Love Surprises.  We (God) keep her (Luisa) in Our Home as a member of Our Family.  She eats at Our table and sleeps on Our knees.  We just cannot Live without her.  Our Will ties her so much to Us, feeling her love and attraction, that We (God) cannot be without her (Luisa), nor she (Luisa) without Us (God).”

After this, He added: “My daughter, Our Desire that the creatures Live in Our Will is so Great, that We find Ourselves in the condition of a poor mother who feels the need to give birth to her baby, but cannot.  She does not know where to place him, or from whom she can find care, or who can take him.  Poor mother, how much she suffers.  Our Supreme Being is in this state.  We feel the need to Generate Ourselves, but where can We be placed?  If Our Will is not the Life of the creature, there is no place for Us.  We have no one to whom we can give Ourselves, no one who can feed Us—not even the court that is needed for Our Adorable Majesty.  Since Our Most Holy Trinity is always in the Act of Generating, these Births remain repressed within Ourselves.  We want to Generate Our Divine Trinity within creatures, but since they don’t Live in Our Will, there is no one to receive Our Divine Generation.  What a suffering, seeing Ourselves being rejected back into Ourselves; not being able to produce the Great Good that Our Eternal Generation can form within the creatures.

“Our Will embraces all, and as the soul (Luisa) forms her acts, she (Luisa) becomes the Bearer of all.  If she adores, she brings us the adoration of all; if she suffers, she encloses the reparation of all.  One act in Our Will must surpass, enclose and embrace everyone and everything, to the extent of becoming the Bearer of Our Supreme Being, since We never get out of Our Will.  So, the one (Luisa) who Lives in It can enclose Us (God) within each one of her acts, to bring Us (God) wherever she (Luisa) wants:  to the creatures, to make Ourselves known; to the whole Creation, to tell Us how Beautiful Our Works are; to Ourselves, to tell Us (God):  ‘See how much I (Luisa) Love You (God), I (Luisa) even get to bring You (God) Yourselves.’

“We find Ourselves in the same condition as the sphere of the sun, that never goes out of the circle of its rays.  Even if the rays descend to the bottom of the earth, investing all—even the most tiny plant, the sphere never moves from its light, from the high place where it is; but it still walks together with its rays, doing whatever they do.  Such are We, the Bearer of our Will; while Our Will is Our own Bearer.  We (God) are One Single Life, and whoever (Luisa) Lives in It (Divine Will) becomes the Bearer of Our Divine Being, while We (God) become the Bearers of the little human will.  And We Love it so much that it forms Our Victory and Our Most Beautiful Joy:  to see Our Will being accomplished within it.”

Volume 36 – December 8, 1938

…“The life of man was supposed to be the first, the Greatest Prodigy of Our Love and Omnipotence.  We had only to offer him, from within its veils, Our Sanctity and Our Love, covering him with Our Beauty—making him enjoy Our Delights.  But since he does not recognize Us, he keeps Us like the far away God—away from himself.  If We are not recognized, We cannot give Our Goods to the blind.  He is forced to live under the nightmare of his own miseries and passions.  Poor man, who does not recognize Us, either in the veils that hide Us within him, or in the veils of each created thing; he just keeps running away from Our Life and from the scope for which he was Created; so, many times, when We cannot tolerate his ingratitude, the very Goods contained in Our veils are turned into chastisement for him.  Therefore, do recognize that you (Luisa) are nothing other than a veil hiding your Creator (God), in order for you (Luisa) to receive, and for Us (God) to administer, Our Divine Life in all your acts.  Recognize It in the veils of all created things, so that all may help you to receive a Good so Great.”

Volume 36 – December 18, 1938

You must know that everything was Created as a Gift for the creatures.  We made each created thing as the bearer of the Gift and of the Love that we placed inside that Gift.  Do you know why?  Because the creature had nothing to give to Us; and We Loved her with Great Love and wanted her to have something to give Us. If there’s nothing to give, the correspondence ends, friendship is broken—love dies.  So We provided the creature with many of Our Gifts, as if they were her own, so that she could have something to give Us.  Therefore We (God) make of the one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will the Depository of the whole of Creation.