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Luisa, the little mama of the tiny little children of the Divine Will – Part I

Luisa, the tiny little mama of the tiny little children of the Most Holy Divine Will – Part I


Volume 6; July 17, 1906

This morning I (Luisa) saw blessed Jesus with a key in His hand, and He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), this key is the key of My Will. It befits (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Will to have the key in order to open and close as she (Luisa) pleases, and to take whatever she (Luisa) likes of My (Jesus’) treasures. In fact, by Living of My Will, she will look after My treasures more than if they were her own, because all that is Mine is hers, and she will not spoil them; rather, she will give them to others, or will take for herself whatever can give Me more honor and glory. Therefore, behold, I (Jesus) deliver the key (of the Divine Will) to you (Luisa) – look after My Treasures.”

While He was saying this, I felt all immersed in the Divine Will, so much so, that I could see nothing but Will of God, and I spent the whole day in this Paradise of His Will. What happiness, what contentment! During the night, as I found myself outside of myself, I continued to be in this atmosphere, and the Lord added: “See, My beloved (Luisa), for the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will, there is no grace that comes from My Will for all creatures of Heaven and of earth in which she (Luisa) does not take part as first. And this is natural, because the one who lives in the house of a father is the one who abounds in everything; and if the others who are outside receive something, it is the surplus from the one who lives inside.” But who can say what I understood of this Divine Will? These are things that cannot be expressed. May everything be for the glory of God.

Volume 10; December 21, 1911

As I (Luisa) was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a little while, and placing Himself in front of me, He looked at me all over. Those gazes penetrated me (Luisa) inside and out, and I (Luisa) became all light; and the more He (Jesus) looked at me, the more I sparkled, and through this light He looked at the whole world. Then, after fixing on me thoroughly, He told me: “My daughter, My Will is Sun, and the one (Luisa) who lives in My Volition becomes Sun, and only through this Sun do I look at the world and pour graces and benefits for the good of all.”

Volume 11; October (no date given), 1914

I add that one day I (Luisa) was doing the Hour in which the celestial Mama gave burial to Jesus, and I followed Her closely to keep Her company in Her bitter desolation in order to offer Her my compassion. I didn’t usually do this Hour – only sometimes; so I was debating on whether I had to do it or not. Blessed Jesus, all love, and as if He was begging me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), I don’t want you to neglect it. You will do it for love of Me, and in honor of My Mama. Know that each time you do it, My Mama feels as if She were personally repeating Her Life upon earth, and therefore repeating that Glory and Love which She gave Me on earth. I too feel as if My Mama were on earth again – Her Maternal Tenderness, Her Love and all the Glory that She gave Me. So, I (Jesus) will consider you (Luisa) as a Mother.”

Then, He (Jesus) hugged me (Luisa) and I heard Him saying to me (Luisa), very quietly: “My Mama, Mama”; and He whispered to me all that sweet Mama did and suffered in this Hour; and I followed Her. Since then, I never skipped it again, helped by His Grace

Volume 12; January 25, 1919

I (Luisa) saw my sweet Jesus inside of me, alone and taciturn, walking from one point to another within my interior, as if He would now stumble at one point, now bump into another. I was all confused and did not dare to tell Him anything, but I thought: ‘Who knows how many sins there are in me, that make Jesus bump?’ But He looked at me all goodness, although He seemed tired and was dripping sweat; and He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), poor martyr – not of faith but of Love; not human, but Divine Martyr, because your (Luisa’s) most cruel martyrdom is My (Jesus’) privation, which places on you (Luisa) the seal of Divine martyr; why do you fear and doubt about my Love? And then, how can I ever leave you? I dwell in you as though within my Humanity; and just as I enclosed the entire world in my Humanity, I enclose it in you. Didn’t you see that while I was walking, now I bumped, and now I stumbled? Those were the sins, the evil souls that I encountered. What pain for my Heart! It is from within you that I decide the destiny of the world. It is your (Luisa’s) humanity that shelters Me (Jesus), just as Mine (Jesus’) sheltered my Divinity. If My Divinity did not have My Humanity as shelter, the poor creatures would have had no escape, either in time or in Eternity, and Divine Justice would no longer look at the creature as Its own, deserving preservation, but as an enemy, deserving destruction.

Volume 12; January 29, 1919

Now, the first link which connected the true Living in My Will was My Humanity. My Humanity, identified with My Divinity, swam in the Eternal Volition, and kept tracing all the acts of creatures in order to make them Its own%2the natural bonds that exist between father and son.  Do you know who is not your father?  knock, who, forcing the doors with invincible strength—the very strength of My Divine Will—will open wide the doors, and with her (Luisa’s) sweet chains of love will bind the Eternal Will to make It come to reign in the midst of creatures.  She (Luisa) will be like a bride who, bejeweling the groom with her loving chains, will carry him as though in triumph into the midst of creatures.  And just as the Holy Virgin put an end to the night hours of the Patriarchs and Prophets, and formed the dawn to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise, so will this one (Luisa) form the dawn to make rise the Sun of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

Volume 24; May 30, 1928

In fact, My daughter, since it is so great a Kingdom that I must give, I want an entire people to ask Me for It, and the first people is the whole Creation; and by going around in the midst of It, you move all to ask for the coming of the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.

“The second people are all My works and those of My Celestial Mama that were done on earth.  These peoples are Divine and interminable peoples.  Then there is the people of the low earth, that is formed of those who recite the ‘Our Father,’ and of the few who, in some way, know My Divine Will and ask that It come to reign upon earth.  And when entire peoples pray Me (Jesus), having at the head of them (the peoples) her (Luisa) to whom a mission so great has been entrusted, what We (God) want to give, and that We are asked for with insistence, is conceded more easily.

“Does the same not happen in the low world?  If a king or the leader of a country must be elected, there are those who incite the people to cry out:  ‘We want such and such as king, or such and such as the leader of our country.’  If some want a war, they make the people cry out:  ‘We want the war.’  There is not one important thing that is done in a kingdom, for which some do not resort to the people, to make it cry out and even tumult, so as to give themselves a reason and say:  ‘It is the people that wants it.’  And many times, while the people says it wants something, it does not know what it wants, nor the good or sad consequences that will come.

“If they do this in the low world, much more do I, when I must give important things, universal goods, want entire peoples to ask Me for them.  And you (Luisa) must form these peoples—first, by making all the Knowledges about My Divine Fiat known; second, by going around everywhere, moving Heaven and earth to ask for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

Volume 24; July 29, 1928

“My daughter, I (Jesus) bless you (Luisa) from the Heart in your soul and body—may My blessing be the confirmation of Our Likeness in you (Luisa).  My blessing confirms in you (Luisa) what the Divinity did in the creation of man—that is, Our Likeness. 

Volume 24; September 2, 1928

After this, I (Luisa) continued my acts in the Redemption, and pausing when my charming Baby Jesus was in Egypt, and my Celestial Mama, while rocking Him in His poor cradle, was occupied with preparing the garment for the Little Baby, placing myself near the Queen Mama, I made my “I love You” flow in the thread that was used for the little garment of Jesus, and I rocked the cradle to make my Celestial Baby sleep, making my lullabies of love for Him, and asking Him for the Divine Fiat.

And while it seemed He was closing His eyes to sleep, to my surprise I saw Him raise His little head, and looking at Our Divine Mama and myself, He (Jesus) said in a most tender tone:  “My two Mamas—My Mama (Our Lady) and the little daughter of My Will (Luisa).  My Divine Will unites them together for Me, and makes them both be My Mama.

 Volume 24; September 8, 1928

“Then, when My Will becomes known and Its Kingdom is accomplished, all the words you (Luisa) have written, the night vigils, your incessant prayers, your rounds upon rounds in the work of Creation and Redemption, your long years of bed, your pains and sacrifices, will then shine like rays of the sun, like diamonds and precious stones of infinite value that, little by little, those who will have the great good of knowing My Will, and of Living in Its Kingdom, will recognize.  Even more, they (those who will possess the Kingdom of God’s Fiat) will know that the foundations bejeweled, the factories raised, are cemented with the many sacrifices of the one (Luisa) to whom the mission of making known the Kingdom of My Will was entrusted.

Volume 24; September 24, 1928

“And since the knowledge of My Divine Will, the possession of Its Kingdom, is not an individual good, but a general one, in order to obtain it, I (Jesus) have you (Luisa) pray for all, in the name of all and of each thought, word and act of creature, so that you (Luisa) may form the Right in Our Divine paternity that all may receive the Kingdom of Our Fiat, as well as the dispositions within themselves to be able to possess It.  So the Queen of Heaven did, to impetrate the Kingdom of Redemption.  She had a prayer, a sigh, an act, for all and for each one—She let no one escape Her; and by this, She gave to each one the right to be able to receive their Redeemer.  So I did to redeem them, and so I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to do for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

Volume 25; November 14, 1928

After this, my lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a tiny little child, who, throwing His arms around my neck, (Jesus) told me (Luisa):  “My mama, My mama….  The one (Luisa) who does My Divine Will becomes mother; My Divine Fiat embellishes her for Me, transforms her, and renders her fecund, in such a way as to give her all the qualities in order to be a true mother.  And I keep forming this mother with the reflections of the Sun of My Divine Volition, and I glory and take so much pleasure in calling her (Luisa) My mama, My mama….  And not only do I (Jesus) choose her (Luisa) as My mother, but I (Jesus) call many more tiny little ones and give to them My mother (Luisa) as their mother.”

And while He (Jesus) was saying this, He (Jesus) showed me (Luisa) many little boys and girls around me (Luisa); and the child Jesus said to them:  “This is My mother and your mama.”

The little ones made feast and drew all around me together with Jesus; and Jesus added:  “These little ones you (Luisa) see are no other than the first cohort of the children of My Divine Volition.  In It, all will be little, because My Divine Will has the virtue of preserving them fresh and beautiful, just as they came out of Our creative hands.  And since It called your (Luisa’s) littleness to live in It, it is right that, as the first one, you (Luisa) be the tiny little mama of the tiny little children.”

Volume 25; December 2, 1928

“Ah! don’t you (Luisa) know that you (Luisa) are the Tabernacle of My Divine Will?  How many works have I not done in you; how many graces have I not poured into you in order to form this Tabernacle for Myself?  A Tabernacle—I could call it—unique in the world.  In fact, as for Eucharistic tabernacles, I have a good number of them, but in this Tabernacle of My Divine Fiat (Luisa) I (Jesus) do not feel like a prisoner, I (Jesus) possess the endless expanses of My Will, I (Jesus) do not feel alone, I (Jesus) have the one (Luisa) who keeps Me perennial company; and now I act as a teacher and I give you My celestial lessons; now I do My outpourings of love and of sorrow; now I celebrate, to the point of amusing Myself with you.

“So, if I pray, if I suffer, if I cry and if I celebrate, I am never alone, I (Jesus) have the little daughter of My Divine Will (Luisa) together with Me.  And then, I (Jesus) have the great honor and the most beautiful conquest, that I (Jesus) like the most, which is a human will all sacrificed for Me (Jesus), and as the footstool of My Divine Will.  I could call it My favorite Tabernacle, in which I so much delight, that I would not exchange it for the Eucharistic tabernacles; because in them I am alone, nor does the host give Me a Divine Will as I find It in you, such that, as It bilocates Itself, while I have It within Me, I also find It in you.

Volume 25; December 5, 1928

“This is nothing other than a simile of the one (Luisa) who does My Divine Will and lives in It and one who lives in the earth of her human volition.  The first (Luisa) makes descend, not only the Sun of My Divine Will into her (Luisa’s) soul, but the whole of Heaven.  Therefore, with this Sun, she possesses the perennial day, a day that never sets, because the light has the virtue of putting darkness to flight.  So, the night of passions, the night of weaknesses, of miseries, of coldnesses, of temptations, cannot be there with this Sun; and if they wanted to draw near to form the seasons in the soul, this Sun beats down Its rays and puts all nights to rushed flight, saying:  ‘I am here, and that’s enough—My seasons are seasons of light, of peace, of happiness and of perennial flowering.’  This soul (Luisa) is the bearer of Heaven upon earth.