Return to Jesus Gives the Truths of the Divine Will to Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa and Victory in the Divine Will


But thanks be to God, who gives us the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ.  – 1 Corinthians 15:57

V1 – “…And then, (Luisa) your soul, purged, embellished, enriched, will be like a king returning VICTORIOUS from a most fierce war, who, while he thought he would lose what he possessed, comes back more glorious and filled with immense riches. Then will I (Jesus) come; I (Jesus) will form My Dwelling in you (Luisa), and we will be always Together. It is true that your state will be painful; the demons will give you (Luisa) no more peace, either at daytime or at night – they will always be in act of waging a most fierce war against you (Luisa). But you (Luisa), always keep your aim at what I (Jesus) want to make of you – that is, making you (Luisa) similar to Me – and at the fact that you (Luisa) will not be able to arrive at this, other than by means of many and great tribulations. In this way, you (Luisa) will have more courage to sustain the pains.”


V11 – 12/14/12 – “My daughter, (Luisa) one who Lives completely in My Divine Will is not subject to temptation, because the devil does not have the power to enter My Divine Will; not only this, but he, himself, does not want to enter because My Divine Will is Light, and in front of this Light the soul would recognize his (the devil’s) tricks and would therefore make fun of the enemy. The enemy does not like this mockery, which are more terrible for him than hell itself; so he does all he can to stay away from her (Luisa). Try to get out of My Divine Will, and you will see how many enemies will swoop down on you. (Luisa) One who Lives in My Divine Will always carries the flag of VICTORY high, and none of the enemies dare to confront this impregnable flag.”


V12 – 12/26/19 – “Ah, if you knew the enormous sacrileges committed in the Sacrament of Confession, and the horrendous abuses of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, you would cry with Me for the great pain! Ah! yes, only the Sacrament of My Divine Will can sing Glory and VICTORY. It is Full in Its Effects, and untouchable by creature’s offense. In fact, in order to enter My Divine Will, the creature must lay down her human will, her passions; only then does My Divine Will lower to her, investing her, identifying her with Itself, making portents out of her.”


V17 – 12/24/24 – “Daughter (Luisa), this is the nature of True Love; this is to work as God: firmness, and not to withdraw at the cost of any sacrifice. This firmness in My Works is My VICTORY – the greatest one of My Glory; and this is the sign to know whether the creature works for God: firmness. The soul looks to no one in the face – neither to pains, nor to herself, nor to self-esteem, nor to creatures. Even though it may cost her own life, she looks only at God, for Love of Whom she set herself to work; and she feels VICTORIOUS in offering the sacrifice of her life for Love of Him.”


V19 – 3/9/26 – “In creating man (Adam), Our Love wanted to play a risky game by placing Our things within the little circle of the human will, as though on a counter:  Our Beauty, Wisdom, Sanctity, Love, etc.  And Our Divine Will was to become the Guide and the Actor of his operating, not only to make him grow in Our Likeness, but to give him the shape of a little god.  Therefore, Our sorrow was great in seeing these great Goods being rejected by the creature; and for the time being Our risky Game failed.  But, even though it failed, it was always a Divine Game, which could and had to make up for its failure.  Therefore, after many years, My Love wanted to gamble again, and It did so with My Immaculate Mama (Mary.)  In Her Our Game did not fail; it obtained its Full Effect, and therefore We (Triune God) gave Her (Mary) everything and We entrusted everything to Her.  Even more, we competed – We (Triune God) in Giving, She in receiving.

Now, you must know that Our Love wants to play this risky Game with you (Luisa) also, so that you (Luisa), united with the Celestial Mama (Mary), may let Us (Triune God) win the Game by allowing Us to make up for the failure which the first man, Adam, caused Us; and so that Our Divine Will, restored in Its VICTORIES, may place Its Goods in the field once again, which, with so much Love, It wants to give to creatures.  And just as through the Holy Virgin Mary – because I (Jesus) had made up in My Game – I (Jesus) made the Sun of Redemption rise in order to save the lost humanity; in the same way, through you (Luisa), I (Jesus) will make the Sun of My Divine Will rise again, that It may follow Its course in the midst of creatures.  This is the reason for so many Graces of Mine which I (Jesus) pour into you (Luisa), and for the many Knowledges a2C uproaring, are bearers of Goods, and this is necessary to reorder My Kingdom.  It is the Greatest Thing, and it takes the uproaring in order to Purify the earth.  Therefore, I (Jesus) do not want you (Luisa) to oppress yourself too much, but rather—keep on with your continuous flight, with your insistence, so as to acquire the complete Strength to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”


V23 – 10/30/27 – “Here is, then, the necessity of the Knowledges about It (the Divine Will):  if a good is not known, it is neither wanted nor loved.  Therefore, the Knowledges will be the Messengers, the Heralds, that will announce My Kingdom.  My Knowledges about My Fiat will take the attitude now of Suns, now of Thunders, now of bolts of Light, now of mighty Winds, that will call the attention of the learned and of the ignorant, of the good and also of the evil, falling into their hearts like Lightnings, and knocking them down with irresistible Strength, to make them rise again in the Good of the Knowledges acquired.

          “They will form the True Renewal of the world; they will assume all attitudes in order to attract and win the creatures, taking the attitude now of Peacemakers, who want the kiss of the creatures to give them their own, so as to forget about all the past and remember only to Love each other and make each other Happy; now of Warriors, sure of their VICTORY, to render sure the conquest they want to make of those who come to know them; now of incessant Prayers, that will cease to supplicate only when creatures, conquered by the Knowledges of My Divine Will, will say:  ‘You have won—we are now prey to Your Kingdom’; now of King, Dominating and inspiring Love, such that they will lower their foreheads to let themselves be Dominated.  What will My Divine Will not do?  It will place the whole of Its Power in attitude in order to come to Reign in the midst of creatures.


V23 – 2/28/28 – “Who will ever be able to destroy the fact that Father di Francia has been the first initiator in making known the Kingdom of My Will? —and only because his life was extinguished, the publication did not have its completion?  So, when this great Work becomes Known, his name, his memory, will be full of glory and of splendor, and he will have his prime act in a work so great, both in Heaven and on earth.  In fact, why is there a battle going on, and almost everyone yearns for VICTORY—to win in holding the Writings on My Divine Fiat?  Because he (Saint Fr. Anibale di Francia) had brought the Writings with himself in order to publish them.  Had it not been so, who would have talked about it?  No one.  And if he (Saint Fr. Anibale di Francia) had not made others comprehend the Importance, the Great Good of these Writings, no one would have interested himself.


V24 – 7/10/28 – “My daughter (Luisa), when My Divine Will dominates on earth, then will there be a perfect Union between Heaven and earth.  One will be the Order, one the Harmony, one the Echo, one the Life, because one will be the Will.  Even more, as though many mirrors will be seen in Heaven, and creatures, reflecting themselves in them, will look at what the Blessed in Heaven are doing.  They will hear their chants, their Celestial Melodies, and by their imitating what they do—their Chants, their Melodies—there will be the Life of Heaven in the midst of creatures.  My Fiat will place everything in common, and there will be the True Life of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.  Then will My Divine Will sing VICTORY, and the creature (Luisa) will sing the Hymn of Its Triumph.”


V24 – 8/12/28 – “Now, (Luisa) one who Lives in My Divine Will rises back into the act of Adam innocent, and making the Universal Life and Virtue her own, she (Luisa) makes his (Adam’s) act her own.  Not only this, but she (Luisa) rises back into the acts of (Mary) the Queen of Heaven, in those of her very Creator, and flowing in all the acts, she (Luisa) centralizes herself in them and says:  ‘Everything is mine, and I (Luisa) give everything to my God.  Just as His Divine Will is mine, so is everything mine—everything that has come out of It (the Divine Will).  Having nothing of my own, with Its Fiat I (Luisa) have everything, and I (Luisa) can give God to God.  Oh! how happy, glorious, VICTORIOUS I (Luisa) feel in the Eternal Volition; I (Luisa) possess everything and I (Luisa) can give everything, without exhausting anything of my immense riches.’

V25 – 11/10/28 – “My daughter (Luisa), Living in My Divine Will, praying in It (the Divine Will), is to transport Heaven to the earth, and the earth to Heaven; therefore, it is Our (Triune God’s) True and Total Triumph, Our VICTORY, Our Divine Conquests.  So, be faithful and attentive to Me.”


V25 – 3/31/29 – I (Luisa) feel within me the continuous Power of the Divine Fiat, that envelops me with such Empire as to give no time to my dying will to do the slightest act; and It (the Divine Will) Glories in not letting it die completely, because if It (the Divine Will) did so, It (the Divine Will) would lose Its Prestige of Operating over a human will that, while it (the human will) is alive, voluntarily receives the vital Act of the Divine Fiat upon itself.  And it (the human will) is content with Living while dying, so as to give Life and Absolute Dominion to the Supreme Volition that, VICTORIOUS with Its Divine Rights, extends Its boundaries and sings VICTORY over the dying will of the creature that, though dying, smiles and feels happy and honored that a Divine Will has Its Field of action within its soul.


V27 – 10/2/29 – “With (Luisa) one who Lives completely in My Divine Volition, Its Love is so Great as to Transform the actions of the creature, and an exchange of Life takes place between God and her (Luisa); an exchange of actions, of steps, of heartbeats.  God remains clasped to the creature (Luisa), and the creature (Luisa) to God; they become inseparable beings, and in this exchange of Action and of Life, the Game is formed between Creator and creature (Luisa)—one makes oneself prey to the other.  And in this becoming prey to each other, they play in a Divine Manner, they make each other Happy, they make Feast, and God and the creature (Luisa) sing Glory, they feel VICTORIOUS because no one has lost, but one has conquered the other.  In fact, in My Divine Will no one loses—losses do not exist in It (the Divine Will).  Only of (Luisa) one who Lives in My Divine Will can I (Jesus) say that she (Luisa) is My Amusement in Creation, and I (Jesus) feel VICTORIOUS in lowering Myself to let Myself be conquered by the creature (Luisa), because I (Jesus) know for sure that she (Luisa) will not be opposed to letting herself be conquered by Me.  Therefore, let the flight in My Most Holy Divine Will be always continuous.”


V27 – 10/7/29 – “Now, My daughter (Luisa), your Living in My Divine Fiat began with Our asking for your (human) will, that you (Luisa) most willingly gave Me (Jesus); and when I (Jesus) saw you give Me your (human) will, I (Jesus) felt VICTORIOUS, and breathing into you (Luisa), I (Jesus) wanted to pronounce My Omnipotent Fiat in the depth of your soul, to renew the Act of Creation.  This Fiat I (Jesus) repeat always, in order to give you (Luisa) continuous Life from It (the Divine Will); and as It (Fiat) is repeated, It preserves you (Luisa) and maintains Its Life in you (Luisa).  This is why you (Luisa) often feel Me breathe into you (Luisa), renewing your soul; and the inseparability I (Jesus) feel is My Divine Will that makes Me Love, with Perennial Love, what We (Triune God) have deposited in you (Luisa).  Every time My Fiat is repeated, each of Its Truths that It manifests to you, each of Its Knowledges or Words that It speaks to you (Luisa), is a Love that arises in Us (Triune God), to Love you (Luisa) more and to make Itself Loved.  It is Our (Triune God) creating and preserving Fiat that, Loving Its Life and what It (the Divine Will) has done in you (Luisa), keeps pronouncing Itself in order to preserve Its Life and the Beauty of Its Work.  Therefore, be attentive to receive continuously the Word of My Fiat, for It is bearer of Creation, of Life and of Preservation.”


V27 – 2/17/30 – “My Divine Will restricts Itself to enclose Itself in the creature (Luisa), while remaining immense; and, VICTORIOUS, It forms Its Kingdom in her (Luisa), making use of her (Luisa) as if she (Luisa) were Its body, in which It Palpitates, Breathes, Speaks, Operates and Walks.  Therefore, the sorrow of My Divine Fiat, because creatures do not lend themselves to let It (the Divine Will) carry out all Its Operations in them, to let It (the Divine Will) Reign, and they force It (the Divine Will) to silence and to inactivity, is incomprehensible; and with Divine and unspeakable Patience, It (the Divine Will) waits for those who MUST Live in Its Will, so as to resume Its speaking and Its Divine Activity, to Form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  Therefore, be attentive, My daughter (Luisa); listen to the speaking of My Divine Fiat, give It (the Divine Will) Life in all your acts, and you (Luisa) will see the unexpected Portents that My Most Holy Divine Will will do in you (Luisa).”


V29 – 8/10/31 – My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues.  I (Luisa) feel Its enrapturing force sweetly imposing itself on me—but without forcing me, because It (the Divine Will) does not like things that are forced; if they are not for It (the Divine Will), they are things that do not belong to It (the Divine Will).  Therefore, It (the Divine Will) is all eyes so that all my acts may receive the Life of the Divine Will and become as if they were Its Own Acts; and it seems to me that each of my acts done in Its adorable Divine Will is a VICTORY that It (the Divine Will) wins over the littleness of my will.


V30 – 11/4/31 – “My little daughter (Luisa), the more you (Luisa) remain abandoned in Me (Jesus) , the more you (Luisa) will feel My Divine Life in you (Luisa), and I (Jesus) will take the place of Primary Life in your soul.  Know that True Confidence in Me (Jesus) forms the arms of the soul, and the feet in order to climb up to Me (Jesus) and clasp Me (Jesus) so tightly, that I (God) cannot unbind Myself from her (Luisa).  So, one who has no confidence has no arms, nor feet—she is a poor cripple.  Therefore, your confidence (Luisa) will be your VICTORY over Me (Jesus), and I (Jesus) will hold you (Luisa) tightly in My Arms, attached to My Breast, to give you (Luisa) the continuous Milk of My Most Holy Divine Will.


V30 – 1/17/32 – “Blessed daughter (Luisa), Courage, do not afflict yourself too much—for now, I (Jesus) want your Heaven to be My Most Holy Divine Will.  It will be for you (Luisa) Celestial Fatherland on earth, and will not fail to make you (Luisa) Happy and to give you (Luisa) the Pure Joys from up there.  Wherever It (the Divine Will) Reigns It has many manifold Ways to give always New Surprises of Joys, of Contentments, so that the soul (Luisa) who possesses It (the Divine Will) may enjoy her Paradise on earth; and therefore, now It (the Divine Will) takes on the Dominating Mode, and Its Dominion extends in the mind, in the word, in the heart, in the whole being of the creature (Luisa), even in the littlest motion, and—O! how Sweet is Its (the Divine Will) Dominion.  It (the Divine Will) is Dominion and Life, It (the Divine Will) is Dominion and Strength, It (the Divine Will) is Dominion and Light that makes Its way, and Its (the Divine Will) Light dispels the darkness, removes the bars that may prevent Good, and Its (the Divine Will) Dominion puts the enemies to flight.

          “In sum, the creature feels carried by the Dominion of the Divine Will; and while she is dominated, she becomes Dominator of herself, of her acts, and of the very Divine Will, that is such that, while It (the Divine Will) Dominates and Rules, Its (the Divine Will) Gentleness, Strength and Sweetness are so great, that It identifies Itself with the creature and wants her to Dominate along, because Its (the Divine Will) Dominion is Peaceful, and to each of the acts that the creature does It (the Divine Will) gives Its Kiss of Dominating Peace.  This Kiss, Gentleness and Sweetness, enraptures the human will in the Divine, and they extend the Dominion together to form the DivineKingdom in the depth of the soul.  There is nothing more Beautiful, more Dear, Greater and Holier, than to feel the Dominion of My Divine Will flow in all of one’s acts, and in the whole entirety of the creature.  I (Jesus) could say that Heaven remains behind in the face of the Dominion of My Divine Will in the heart of the pilgrim creature.  In fact, in the Saints It (the Divine Will) has nothing to add; there is nothing left but to delight them continuously; while in the pilgrim soul there are Works that It (the Divine Will) can do, New Life It (the Divine Will) can Infuse, New Conquests It (the Divine Will)  can obtain, to Expand and Extend more Its Dominion.  The total Dominion of My Divine Will in the creature is Our continued VICTORY; for each of Its (the Divine Will) Acts which It (the Divine Will)  does in her with Its (the Divine Will) Dominion, so many VICTORIES do We obtain, and the creature becomes the Winner of Our Divine Will in her acts.  On the other hand, in Heaven We have nothing to win because everything is Ours, and each Blessed completes his work in the act of breathing his last; therefore, Our Conquering Work is on earth in the pilgrim souls, not in Heaven.  In Heaven We have neither anything to lose, nor anything to acquire.


V30 – 6/17/30 – “Nothing enters into Our Acts if it is not a Birth from It (the Divine Will).  See, then, where the Sanctity of one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will is formed—in the middle of Our Sanctity; she (Luisa) Loves in the center of Our Love, and operates in the midst of Our Works.  So, (Luisa) one who operates in Our Volition will feel, as though in her (Luisa’s) nature, the inseparability—she (Luisa) from Our Acts, and We (Triune God) form her (Luisa’s) own, just as the light is inseparable from the heat, and the heat from the light.  And therefore they are Our continuous Triumph, Our Glory, Our VICTORY over the human will; they are Our Divine Properties, that We (Triune God) form in her (Luisa), and she (Luisa) forms in Us.  The human volition and the Divine Volition kiss each other continuously, they fuse together; and God carries out His Life in the creature (Luisa), and she (Luisa) carries out her life in God.


V31 – 8/14/32 – I (Luisa) was thinking about the Divine Will, and how one who lets herself be Dominated by It, giving It Full Dominion, all rights are hers, and everything that the others obtain through pity, through Mercy, through the Goodness of God, she obtains by right.  By right she obtains Sanctity, because what Dominates her is Holy and has the virtue of transforming soul and body into Sanctity, into Goodness, into Love.  So all VICTORIES, conquests, rights, are hers, and as owner she takes Heaven by storm.  What a great difference between one who Lives in the Divine Will and one who lives by human will!


V33 – 1/14/32 – “My daughter (Luisa), as long as My Divine Will is not held as one’s own Life, exclusively hers, that no one can take away from her, even though she knows that It (the Divine Will) is a Gift received from God, and even though she is already fortunate and VICTORIOUS to have possession of It (The Divine Will), she can never Love as befits My Divine Will, nor feel the need of Its Life.  Nor will It (the Divine Will) be able to Fully develop with all Liberty Its Divine Life in the creature.  Therefore, calling It (the Divine Will) disposes you (Luisa).  In making It (the Divine Will) yours It (the Divine Will) will make Itself known, and you (Luisa) will feel the Great Good of possessing Its (the Divine Will) Life, and you (Luisa) will Love It (the Divine Will) as It merits to be Loved, and you will be jealous to guard It (the Divine Will) with such attention, as to not lose even one breath of It (the Divine Will).”


V33 – 2/10/34 – “My little daughter (Luisa), you must know that My Supreme Volition looks at (Luisa) one who wants to Live in It (The Divine Will) as Its Birth—who wants to grow in Its (the Divine Will) Arms with Its (the Divine Will) Maternal Cares—and as It (the Divine Will) sees that Its tiny one wants to give of herself with her little works in order to tell It (the dIvine Will) that she loves It (the Divine Will), this Divine Mother clasps Its daughter (Luisa) to Its (the Divine Will) Bosom and fortifies with Its (the Divine Will) Strength the motion, the word, the step of Its daughter (Luisa).  This Strength invests everything; it Transforms her (Luisa), and although she (Luisa) is little, she (Luisa) sees herself little and strong, little and VICTOR, and this Mother takes enjoyment in letting Itself be conquered by Its little daughter (Luisa).

          “In fact, this creature (Luisa) sees herself Strong in the Love, Strong in the suffering, Strong in the operating.  Strength is the Halo of this creature, she (Luisa) is the Invincible One before God and over herself, her weaknesses and passions tremble before this little VICTOR.  God Himself smiles and changes Justice into Love, into Forgiveness, before the infantile strength of this creature.  It is the Strength of her Mama, Her Perennial Care, that renders her Strong and Invincible.  Therefore if you (Luisa) want to be VICTOR over everything, grow in the Arms of My Divine Will.  It (the Divine Will) will pour Itself out in you (Luisa), and you (Luisa) will feel Its Palpitating Life in you (Luisa), and It (the Divine Will) will raise you (Luisa) in Its (the Divine Will) Likeness and you (Luisa) will be Its (the Divine Will) Honor, Its (the Divine Will) Triumph, and Its (the Divine Will) Glory.”


V33 – 7/8/34 – “The same for the creature, if she does not cede the place of her whole interior to My Divine Will, she will not be able to posses Its Love that is never extinguished, the Divine Sweetnesses and Tastes, and everything that composes the Life of My Divine Will.  Therefore do not keep back anything of yours for yourself, and you (Luisa) will give Us (Triune God) the Great Glory of having a Life of Our Divine Will on earth, veiled by your mortal covering, and you (Luisa) the Great Good of possessing It (the Divine Will).  You (Luisa) will feel flow in your covering, as rapid sea, the Happiness, the Joys, the Firmness in Good, the Love that always Loves, the Sweetnesses, the Taste.  The Conquests of your Jesus will also be yours (Luisa).  Your coverings will continue the Office of Sufferings down here, but they will have a Life of Divine Will that will sustain them, and it will serve to develop the Life of Its Divine Conquests and VICTORIES in the human coverings.  Therefore, always forward in My Divine Will.”


V35 – 10/19/37 – “Now, Our Divine Will, in wanting the creature to Live in It (the Divine Will) in order to form Its (the Divine Will) Kingdom, Loves Itself, and Loving Itself, wants to give what It (the Divine Will) Possesses.  Our Divine Will is Happy only when It (the Divine Will) forms the Repetition of Our Life, and when It (the Divine Will) Operates in the acts of the creature (Luisa).  Then, Triumphant and VICTORIOUS, and with Highest Glory and Honor for Us (Triune God), It (the Divine Will) brings them into Our Divine Womb, so that We (Triune God) may Recognize Our own Life in the acts of the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will.


V35 – 11/20/37 – “The soul (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will will be Our Triumph, Our VICTORY, the Depository of Our Love—Our continuous Glory.  My Love feels the need of the company of this creature (Luisa), to pour Itself out, and to have hers.  So, I (Jesus) want to Breathe together with her (Luisa)—Palpitate and Operate with her (Luisa).  Union can produce the Most Beautiful Joys, the Most Ineffable Contents, the Greatest Works—the Most Intense Love.

          “My Divine Will will give so much Love to this creature (Luisa) who Lives in It (the Divine Will), as to be able to inundate the whole of Creation.  My Volition will lay a New Heaven of Love upon all human generations, so as to feel embraced and Loved by the Love of this creature (Luisa), which was given by My Divine Will Itself, everywhere, in everyone and in every place.  And this creature (Luisa), while hugging and Loving My Divine Will, will say: ‘O Supreme Volition, come to Reign upon earth!  Invest all generations!  Win and Conquer all!’  Can’t you see how Beautiful it is to Live in It (the Divine Will); having your love (Luisa) in Its Power, which contains so much Power and Virtue that nobody can resist?  When this Love will have Invested everything and everyone—the Love of a creature (Luisa) who Lived in Our Fiat, and who carries with her the bond of the human family—We (Triune God) will let Ourselves be won.  We (Triune God) will demolish all the obstacles and will have Our Kingdom on the face of the earth.  Therefore, pray and make everything serve to ask Me that My Divine Will may come to Reign on earth as in Heaven.”

          I (Jesus) continued to be inundated by the Divine Fiat, that was pouring on me Light and Love:  Light, to make Itself be known—Love, to be Loved.  And my sweet Jesus, coming back, added:  “My daughter (Luisa), how Beautiful it is to Live in My Divine Will!  We cannot be without this creature (Luisa).  We (Triune God) keep thinking about New Surprises to make for her (Luisa), something New to give her (Luisa), New Things to tell her (Luisa), so that she (Luisa) may get to know more about Our Fiat.  According to her knowledge, we can widen the Sea of Our Love within her (Luisa).  Knowledge is the little bell that, as it rings, calls Our Power, Sanctity, Goodness and Love with sweetest sound, to be enclosed within the creature (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will—to make Us (Triune God) Operate Our Unheard-of Prodigies.

          “You must know that when We (Triune God) find Our Divine Will in the creature (Luisa), We (Triune God) feel Beatified, and We (Triune God) delight so much in looking at her (Luisa) that, to enjoy her (Luisa) even more, We (Triune God) look at her mind, causing the Conception, Birth and Growth of Our Intelligence; We (Triune God) look at her mouth, letting Our Word be Conceived, be Born and Grow, so that she (Luisa) will speak about Our Supreme Being with such eloquence and Grace as to be Loved by all of those who will have the Good to listen.  We (Triune God) look at her (Luisa) will, making Our Divine Will be Born again and Grow to New Life; We (Triune God) look at her (Luisa) heart, Conceiving in it Our own Love—Its Harmonies, Its Stratagems to make Us (Triune God) win and to make her (Luisa) always be Reborn in Our Love.  We (Triune God) look at her feet, letting Our Works and steps be Conceived, be Born and Grow…. We (Triune God) could do this all at once, but We don’t, in order to spend more time with her (Luisa)—to enjoy her (Luisa) more.

          “Our Love is such that We (Triune God) want to form Our own Creative Hands—Our very Life within the creature.  All that We (Triune God) are, We (Triune God) want to give her (Luisa).  Our Love is not satisfied if We (Triune God) don’t repeat Our Life in her (Luisa); and We (Triune God) find the adaptable material only when We(Triune God) find Our Divine Will, that has prepared, purified and embellished the ground for Us (Triune God).  As We (Triune God) form Our Life, We (Triune God) sing VICTORY and Glory to Our Divine Being.  And what does she (Luisa) do?  She (Luisa) gives Us (Triune God) the food to be nurtured and to grow within her (Luisa).  She (Luisa) gives Us (Triune God) the water for Our Thirst; her (Luisa) own being to clothe Us; her (Luisa) soul as Our Room; her (Luisa) heart as bed for rest, and all her (Luisa) acts to keep Us amused and surrounded by Our own Celestial Joys.


V35 – 2/26/38 – “How many Unheard-of Prodigies will We (Triune God) not deliver from Our Divine Womb, for those (linked to Luisa) who will let Our Divine Will Reign!  Our Works will sing Triumphs and VICTORIES, and—hands full—We (Triune God) will Abound in giving the Gifts and the Goods of their Creator, that they possess.  All will be Happy—those who give, and those who receive.  Therefore, be attentive and do not care about anything other than Living in My Divine Will, because I (Jesus) have much to give you (Luisa), and you (Luisa), much to receive.”


V35 – 3/16/38 – “My good daughter (Luisa) of My Volition, the waiting is one of Our Greatest Pains.  The creature keeps Us (Triune God) as Sentries.  We even count the breaths, the heartbeats and the minutes when We don’t feel her with Us.  In order to place Our Love in her love, and to Love each other with One Single Love, We feel as if harmonized with the creature, and We bring her as Our VICTORY into Our Divine Womb.  Therefore, minutes without her seem like centuries, and We long for her return.  And so, as she (Luisa) enters Our Volition, asking Us for Our Will to come and Reign upon earth, We make a Feast, because she (Luisa) wants what We want.  The Greatest and the Most Beautiful of all things is for the creature (Luisa) to want what her Creator wants.  This forms Our Rest, and Our Loves smiles and finds Peace (in Luisa.)


V35 – 3/22/38 – “The children (linked to Luisa) of Our Fiat will allow Us to Fulfill Our Divine Will in them, and therefore they (the little children of the Divine Will) will be Our Glory, Our Triumph, and Our VICTORY.  They will be Our True Children, who will not only carry Our Image, but the Life of the Celestial Father Himself, dwelling within them, as their own life.  These Children (Linked to Luisa) of Ours will be Our Life, Our Heavens and Our Suns.  O, how We (Triune God) will delight in Creating in them winds that blow Love, and seas that murmur,  ‘I Love you, I Love you’—We (Triune God) will find everything in them.  There will no longer be a difference between Heaven and earth; they (the little children of the Divine Will linked to Luisa) will be one single thing for Us, whether We (Triune God) keep them with Us in Heaven, or with Us on earth.


V36 – 8/6/38 – “I can say that I (Jesus) find all My Satisfaction only when I (Jesus) see her (Luisa) giving Me her life in every instant—giving her (human) will.  Seeing her giving Me her human will is My Greatest Triumph and, taken by Love, I (Jesus) sing My VICTORY, VICTORY that costs Me My Life and a wait of around six thousand years, during which, with so many anxious, bitter, ardent sighs, I (Jesus) yearned for the return of the human will into Mine.  Having obtained it, I (Jesus) feel the need to rest and sing My VICTORY.  Therefore, there is no more Beautiful Joy that she (Luisa) can give Me than Living in My Will.  And there is no Greater Pain she can give Me than subtracting herself from It; I feel this offense coming in the sun, in the wind, in Heaven—even in My Womb:  to see the Great Gift of the human will that I (Jesus) gave to the creature (Adam), and that was to serve for the exchange of Love and Life between Me and her, being converted into a deadly weapon to wound Me.  What Pain!  Now, the soul (Luisa) who comes to Live in My Will, makes such a harsh Pain disappear.  How then, could I (Jesus) not give all of Myself in her (Luisa’s) power, and give her (Luisa) what she (Luisa) wants?”


V36 – 10/2/38 – “My good daughter (Luisa), Courage.  If you lose heart you will lose the Strength to Live always in My Will.  Don’t worry about what they say and do. Our VICTORY is in the fact that they cannot prevent Us (Triune God) from doing what We want to do.  So, I (Jesus) can talk to you (Luisa) about My Divine Will and you (Luisa) can listen; no power can obstruct this. All that I tell you (Luisa) about My Will is nothing other than the accomplishment of Our (Divine) Decree, established since Eternity in the Council of Our Most Holy Trinity:  Our Divine Will Must have Its Kingdom on earth.  Our (Divine) Decrees are Infallible, nothing can prevent them from being Fulfilled.  Just as Creation and Redemption were Our (Divine) Decrees, so Our (Divine) Decree is the Kingdom of Our Divine Will on earth!  Therefore, in order to Fulfill this (Divine) Decree I (Jesus) have to Manifest the Goods contained in It (The Divine Will)—Its (Divine) Qualities, Its (Divine) Beauties and (Divine) Marvels.  Here is the necessity I had to talk to you (Luisa) so much:  to accomplish this (Divine) Decree.

          “Daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) wanted to do this, by winning man through My Love, but human perfidy does not allow Me.  Therefore I (Jesus) will use Justice.  I (Jesus) will sweep the earth, I (Jesus) will take away all the harmful creatures who, like poisoned plants, poison the innocent plants.  Once I (Jesus) have purified everything, My (Divine) Truths will find the way to give to the survivors the Life, the Balm and the Peace that They contain; and everybody will receive Them, giving Them the Kiss of Peace, to the confusion of those who did not believe in Them and even condemned Them.  My (Divine) Truths will Reign and I (Jesus) will have My Kingdom on earth:  My Divine Will will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Therefore, once again, let’s not move in anything.  Let’s do Our Way and We will sing VICTORY; they can do their way, in which they will find confusion and shame of themselves.  It will happen to them as to the blind, who don’t believe in the light of the sun because they don’t see it:  they will remain in their blindness, while those who See It (the Divine Will) will enjoy and show off the Goods of the Light with Complete Happiness.”


V36 – 10/10/38 – “Our Field of Action finds here Its reward, the return for Our Work:  this one creature (Luisa), Living in Our Divine Will, works together with Us; she (Luisa) wants to do what We (Triune God) do and Love Us (Triune God) with equal Love.  Since it is One Will that animates us, there can be no dissimilarity or disparity.  We no longer feel isolated inside the field of Creation—We have Our Company.  This is Our Triumph, Our VICTORY, and the Greatest Good We (Triune God) can ever give to the creatures.


V36 – 12/25/38 – “As soon as the soul (Luisa and the souls linked to Luisa) wants to Live in It (the Divine Will), she (Luisa) has already formed the home for your Jesus; at the moment she (Luisa) wants to start doing her acts, she (Luisa) Conceives Me; as she (Luisa) does her act, she (Luisa) makes Me be Born.  As she (Luisa) Loves in My Divine Will, so she (Luisa) clothes Me with Light, warming Me from the great coldness of the creatures.  Every time she (Luisa) gives Me her (human) will to take My Own (Divine Will), I (Jesus) Am amused—I (Jesus) have My toy to play with, and I (Jesus) sing My VICTORY over the human will, feeling like the little Triumphant King.