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Luisa and the Sun in the Divine Will



V12 – 11/ 20/17
Oh, the Beautiful Living in My Divine Will!

          I (Jesus) like It so much that I (Jesus) will make disappear all other Sanctities under any aspect of virtue in the future generations, and I (Jesus) will make The Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will reappear, which are and will be not human sanctities, but Divine. Their Sanctity will be so high that, like suns, they will eclipse the most beautiful stars of the Saints of the past generations.

 This is why I (Jesus) want to purge the earth: it is unworthy of these Portents of Sanctity.”


V10 – 12/21/11 

          “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will is Sun, and the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Volition becomes Sun, and only through this Sun do I look at the world and pour graces and benefits for the good of all. If there wasn’t this Sun of My Divine Will in a few souls, the earth would become foreign to Me (Jesus), and I would sever any communication between the earth and Heaven. So, the soul (Luisa) who does My Will perfectly is like sun in the world; with this difference: that the material sun does good, giving light and material good, while the Sun of My Will in the soul (Luisa) impetrates both spiritual and temporal graces, and gives Light to the souls. My daughter (Luisa), let My Will be that which you (Luisa) cherish the most; may My Divine Will be your life, your all, even in the holiest things, and even in My very privation. You (Luisa) certainly will not give Me this sorrow of moving away from My Will, even for just a little – will you?

I remained enchanted, and He (Jesus) disappeared. And I am thinking to myself: ‘What do these words of Jesus mean? Oh! maybe He wants to do something big to me – that is, to deprive me of Him. Ah, may His Most Holy Divine Will be always blessed and adored!’

V11 – 9/3/13

My daughter (Luisa), I put the soul (Luisa) who does My Divine Will in My same conditions, keeping her aware of My Great Joys and Bitternesses, and everything she (Luisa) does is sealed with disinterest for herself. Ah, yes, the soul (Luisa) who does My Divine Will is the True Sun, which gives Heat and Light to all, and which feels the necessity of giving that light and that heat. While It gives to all, the Sun takes nothing from anyone, because It is superior to everything, and there is nobody on earth who can equal Its Light and the Great Fire which It contains. Ah, if creatures could see a soul (Luisa) who does My Divine Will, they would see her (Luisa) as a more than Majestic Sun in the act of doing good to all; even more, they would recognize Myself in this Sun (Luisa). Therefore, the sign that the soul has arrived at doing My Will is that she feels in the condition of Giving. Have you understood?”


V11 – 11/27/13

          “My always adorable Jesus continues to speak about His Most Holy Divine Will: “My daughter (Luisa), as many complete acts of My Will as the creature (Luisa) does, so many parts of Me does she (Luisa) take into herself; and the more she (Luisa) takes of My Will, the more Light she (Luisa) acquires, forming the Sun within herself. Since this Sun is formed by the Light which she (Luisa) takes from My Will, the rays of this Sun are linked with the Rays of My Divine Sun. So, each one is reflected into the other, and they dart through one other; and as they do this, the Sun that My Will has formed in the soul (Luisa) becomes larger and larger.”


V14 – 11/24/22

          “What would you (Luisa) say of the sun, if after I gave it so much light and heat, it would not want to let this light and heat descend upon the earth? Would you not say to the sun: ‘It is true that you make a good impression, but it is not good that you keep it for yourself. The earth, the plants, the generations await your light and your heat; they want them in order to receive life and fecundity. Why do you want to deprive us of such a great good? More so, since in giving them to us, you lose nothing; rather, you acquire more glory, and everyone will bless you.’

Such are you (Luisa) – and even more than sun. I have placed in you (Luisa) so much Light of Truth about My Divine Will that, more than sun, it would be enough to Illuminate all, and to do more good than the sun itself does to the earth. I Myself and the generations await that this Light be unleashed from you (Luisa), while you (Luisa) think of how to hide it, and you (Luisa) almost afflict yourself if authoritative people want to occupy themselves with putting it out. No, no – this is not good.”


V16 – 10/30/23

          “The One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will must be fully exposed to the Rays of the Burning and Eternal Sun, in order to Live of Light, to see nothing but Light, and to touch nothing but Light. This leads to the deification of the soul. Only then can one say that the soul (Luisa) Lives in My Divine Will, when she remains all deified in God.

Even more, come out from under the tree and stroll in this Celestial Eden of My Divine Will, so that, gazing at you (Luisa) thoroughly, the Sun may convert you (Luisa) into Light, and may give you (Luisa) the final touch of your deification in God.”


V17 – 9/17/24

          “My daughter (Luisa), do you see how beautiful is the Sun of My Divine Will? What Power! What Marvel! As soon as the soul wants to Fuse herself in It to embrace all, My Divine Will, turning into Sun, wounds the soul (Luisa) and forms another Sun within her. And as she (Luisa) forms her acts, these become Rays which wound the Sun of the Supreme Will; and overwhelming all within this Light, she (Luisa) Loves, Glorifies, Satisfies her Creator for all – and what is more, not with human love, glory and satisfaction, but with Love and Glory of Divine Will, because the Sun of My Will has worked in her. Do you (Luisa) see what it means to do Acts in My Will? This is to Live in My Divine Will: the Sun of My Will, Transforming the human will into Sun, Acts in it as if in Its own center.”


V20 – 11/27/26

          “All of My Life lies within you (Luisa) to form the Foundation; therefore it is not befitting that your little work over this Foundation so solid and so holy, be done with distraction, or that your Rounds in the Supreme Volition be done as shaded.  No, no, My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) do not want this in you (Luisa).  Do not fear, you (Luisa) will remain buried in the Sun of My Will.  Who, more than It, will be able to eclipse you (Luisa), in such a way that no one may notice you (Luisa)?  The Sun of the Supreme Fiat will have great care, so that, as the little lamp of your soul (Luisa) is surrounded by Its Rays, the Sun may appear in it, while keeping the lamp hidden within Itself.


V20 – 12/8/26 

“By living in Our Fiat, the soul (Luisa) does nothing other than Imitate her Creator, and the Eternal Sun concentrates all of Its Reflections upon her, in such a way that she (Luisa) becomes the little Sun, in the likeness of the Divine Sun.  Was this not precisely Our Purpose and Our saying:  ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness’?

“…Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), let your flight in My Divine Will be continuous, that It may concentrate Its Rays upon you (Luisa), and darting through you (Luisa), It may make of you (Luisa) Its little Sun.”


V20 – 12/22/26

“Now, who will be able to resist the Light of My Eternal Fiat?  All of Its Knowledges will be more than Rays of Light of My Volition, that will beat down on the surface of the earth, and penetrating into the hearts, will bring the Good that the Light of My Divine Will contains and can do.  However, these Rays must have their sphere from which to start; they must be centered in one single point, from which to arise in order to form the dawn, the day, the afternoon and the sunset within hearts, to then rise again.

“The sphere, the single point, is you (Luisa); the Rays centered in it are My Knowledges that will give Fecundity to the generation of the Children of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  This is why I (Jesus) always repeat to you (Luisa), ‘Be attentive’—so that not one of My Knowledges may be lost.  You (Luisa) would cause a Ray to be lost from within your sphere, and you (Luisa) cannot even comprehend all the good it contains, because each Ray contains its own specialty of Good, that it must do to the Children of My Divine Will.  And you (Luisa) would deprive Me of the Glory of that Good for My Children, and would deprive yourself also of the Glory of spreading one more Ray of Light from your sphere.”


V20 – 12/29/26

My sweet Jesus, on coming, made Himself seen carrying a Sun in the center of His breast, holding it very tightly in His Arms.  Drawing near me, He took that Sun from the center of His Breast with His Hands, and placed it in the center of mine; then He took my hands in His, and crossed them very tightly over that Sun, saying to me:  “This Sun is My Divine Will—hold It tightly, never let It escape you (Luisa), for It has the Power to convert you (Luisa) and all your acts—everything, into Light, in such a way as to incorporate you completely into It, forming one single Sun.”


V20 – 2/6/27 

“My daughter (Luisa), for the one (Luisa) who possesses My Will, it is as if she had the Sun centered within herself—but not the sun that can be seen up there in the heavens; rather, the Divine Sun, that very Sun that is Centered in God.  Extending Its Rays, It Centers Itself in the soul (Luisa), and so she (Luisa) is the owner of the Light, because she (Luisa) possesses within herself the Life of the Light, and all the Goods and effects that it contains.  Therefore, she (Luisa) enjoys the communion of Goods of her Creator.  Everything is in common with the one (Luisa) who Possesses My Divine Will:  common is the Love, common is the Sanctity, common is the Light—everything is in common with her (Luisa).  Even more, since her Creator looks at her (Luisa) as a birth from His Divine Will, she (Luisa) is already His daughter, so He enjoys, Loves and wants that His Goods be in common with her (Luisa).

 …“Therefore, as the soul (Luisa) comes to possess the Supreme Fiat, the first Act of God is to place His Goods in common with her (Luisa); and centering His Sun in her (Luisa), through the current if Its Light, He makes His Goods descend into the depth of the soul (Luisa).  And she (Luisa) takes whatever she (Luisa) wants, and through that same current of the Light that she (Luisa) Possesses, she (Luisa) makes them ascend again to her Creator, as the Greatest Homage of Love and of Gratitude; and that same current makes them descend into her (Luisa) once again.  So, these goods ascend and descend continuously, as the certainty and the seal of the Communion that exists between Creator and creature (Luisa).


V22 – 7/21/27

“My daughter (Luisa), how heavy you (Luisa) have become—don’t you know that oppression weighs the soul down, and if I want to take you (Luisa) in My arms I have to make an effort to lift you (Luisa)?  On the other hand, My Will empties the weight of nature, and Its Light, removing the gloom of what is human, renders her Light—Light and capable of any sacrifice; and giving her the Wings of Love, It gives to the soul (Luisa) the first Qualities of the Celestial Fatherland, that knows neither oppression nor darkness, but Daylight without sunset and Joy that never ends.

“And besides, what would you (Luisa) say if you heard the sun say:  ‘Everything is over—I am no longer sun, because my Creator does not constantly add more light for me.’

“You (Luisa), I believe, would answer the sun:  ‘I see you always sun, because your Maker has taken nothing away from you of the light He gave you.  At the most, if He kept adding light, you would have been stronger and more refulgent in your light.’

“So do I answer you:  ‘You (Luisa) are always sun, because the Sun of My Will and of the Knowledges about It, more than Light, reigns in you (Luisa).’  Neither I nor anyone else can snatch from you (Luisa) a single one of the many Knowledges that you (Luisa) possess about My Eternal Fiat.

“And only because I (Jesus) do not constantly add more about It, as if what I have told you (Luisa) were nothing, you (Luisa) say:  ‘Everything is over,’ as if this Sun were extinguished in you (Luisa)?  It takes too much, My daughter (Luisa), to extinguish this Sun of My Will, nor will you (Luisa) yourself be able to escape Its Eternal Rays that, invading your soul, eclipse from you (Luisa) everything that does not belong to this Sun.  Therefore, follow Its Light and wait with patience for New Light to come and be added, so as to render the Sun of My Will more refulgent in you (Luisa).”


V22 – 8/4/27

“My Divine Will absorbs everything and makes the soul (Luisa) become all of God, who wants to make of her (Luisa) another Sun.  One (Luisa) who is Sun wants everyone to become sun.  It would not be something worthy of It to form little lights—It would go out of Its nature.  And you (Luisa) are there crying over the little lights and do not think that a Sun invests you (Luisa), giving you (Luisa) firmness and unshakeability.


V22 – 8/17/27

“My daughter (Luisa), everything that the creature (Luisa) does in My Divine Will is Universal Property.  In fact, since My Divine Will is Property of God, everything that is done in the Divine Fiat becomes Divine Property.  And since the Supreme Being, by nature, by right, by Creative Power, as the Creator of all things, is the only Universal Owner of everything, everything that the soul (Luisa) does in My Will acquires Universal Rights, and everything that is rendered Universal becomes property of all.  So, everyone can take what is rendered Universal.  More so, since in giving themselves to all, the Universal Properties of God never decrease; they Give and they lose nothing.

“Does the sun perhaps lose anything by giving its light to all?  Or, do creatures enjoy its light less because all of them receive it?  The sun loses nothing, and creatures enjoy its light just as much, whether there were one creature alone, or it is all of them who receive it.  Does God perhaps lose anything because He Gives Himself to all?  Or, do creatures receive less because He is the God of all?  Not at all—neither One nor the other lose anything.

“Now, what Glory, what Honor does the soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Will and Operates in It not Give Me, as she (Luisa) lays her acts within the Universal Properties of God, in such a way that, more than sun, all can take the goods of her (Luisa’s) acts?  And what glory is it not for her (Luisa’s), as, more than sun, she (Luisa) invests all, and with her (Luisa’s) light goes around all to feed them her (Luisa’s) light, her (Luisa’s) acts, her (Luisa’s) love?”


V22 – 9/3/27

“My daughter (Luisa), the martyrdom of the soul is greater, more noble, and contains a value so great that, compared to that of the body—oh! how this one remains behind.  The martyrdom of the body is limited, it is small before that of the soul.  The soul is light, while the body is matter; and as the body is martyred, the blood that it sheds does not expand, does not diffuse far away, but wets only that little space of earth on which it finds itself; therefore, its effects are limited and circumscribed to places, to time and to people.

“On the other hand, that of the soul is light, and when this light is filtered, placed under a press, the light diffuses, it rises, it extends more and more.  Who can restrict and circumscribe the light of the sun?  No one!  Who can ever prevent its solar rays from investing the entire earth and making its heat felt by all?  No one!  There is no power against the light, there are no weapons that can wound it and kill it; all powers together are powerless against the light—whether they want it or not, they are forced to give it its course and let themselves be invested by it.  And if anyone, taken by madness, should think of stopping it, with a power that is all its own and natural for it, the light would laugh at him and, winning, would spray him with more light.

“Now, the soul (Luisa) is more than sun, and when she (Luisa) suffers My privation, as she (Luisa) goes around and is crushed under its press, so many more rays does she (Luisa) acquire, to extend and expand more.  And since this is a pain of a Divine Life, by doing the Divine Will, in this martyrdom the soul (Luisa) offers the most beautiful act, and her light extends so much, that no one can reach her (Luisa), because it is a Divine Will that enters into this martyrdom, caused by the privation of your Jesus.  Matter does not enter at all into this martyrdom, but everything is Light:  Light is your Jesus, Light is My Will, Light is your soul (Luisa); and they form such an enchantment of Light, that Heaven and earth are invested by It, bringing the benefit of the heat and of the Light to all.  Therefore, the martyrdom of the body is nothing compared to this.”


V23 – 9/25/27 

“My daughter (Luisa), in Creation My Omnipotent Fiat created many things, placing a good for creatures in each one of them, so as to receive the requital of glory on their part, for as many things as It issued into the light of the day.  But do you know in whom was this glory deposited that your Creator awaited?  It is in you (Luisa), My daughter (Luisa), because by Living in My Will and possessing It, you (Luisa) possess all the seeds of each Glory that each created thing possesses; and therefore, as you (Luisa) go around in the Creation, you (Luisa) feel within yourself the good that each created thing contains, and you (Luisa) do your Office of releasing from yourself that Glory that your Creator awaits with so much Love.

“What harmony, what order, what Love, what enchantment of Beauty passes between the soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will and all things created by Me.  They are so bound together as to seem inseparable.  The soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Volition Lives in Full Daylight, and her acts, her thoughts, her words, are nothing other than the Reflections of It.  The Sun of My Will is Reflected in her (Luisa), more than in a crystal, and so she (Luisa) thinks; It is Reflected, and she (Luisa) speaks; It is Reflected, and she (Luisa) operates; It is Reflected, and she (Luisa) loves.  There is nothing greater or more Beautiful than a soul (Luisa) who Lives of the Reflections of this Sun.  These Reflections keep her (Luisa) in Communion with the Acts of her Creator and in Possession of His very Goods.


V23 – 10/2/27

“Do you see, then, what Living in My Divine Will means—its Great Importance?  In It there is Fullness of all Divine Goods and Totality of all possible and imaginable acts.  The soul (Luisa) embraces the whole of the Divine Being, she (Luisa) is in My Will like the eye before the sun, that remains all filled with its light; and while the whole sun is reflected in the pupil of the eye, its light remains also outside of it, investing the whole person and covering the earth without departing from within the pupil.  And while its light remains in the eye, it would want to bring the pupil into the sun, to let it go round the earth with itself, to let it do what the light does and receive its acts everywhere as attestation of love and glory.

“This is an image of (Luisa) the soul who Lives in My Divine Will.  My Will fills her (Luisa) with such Fullness as to leave no empty space within her; and since she (Luisa) is incapable of possessing the whole Divine Immensity, It fills her (Luisa) for as much as the creature can contain, and without separating from her (Luisa), It remains outside of her (Luisa), bringing the pupil of the will of the soul (Luisa) into the endlessness of Its Light, to let her do what My Divine Will does and receive the requital of her (Luisa’s) acts and of her (Luisa) love.

“Oh! Power of My Divine Fiat Operating in the creature (Luisa) who, letting herself be invested by Its Light, does not refuse Its Dominion and Its Kingdom.  And if Adam deserved compassion, it was because the first period of his life was in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

“If the Celestial Sovereign Lady, though She (Mary) was alone, was able to obtain the coming of the Word upon earth, it was because She (Mary) gave free field to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat within Herself.  If My very Humanity was able to form the Kingdom of Redemption, it was only because It possessed the whole entireness and immensity of the Kingdom of the Eternal Volition; because wherever It extends, It embraces everything, It can do anything, and there is no power against It that can constrain It.

“So, one (Luisa) alone who Possesses the Kingdom of My Will is worth more than everything and everyone, and can earn and impetrate what all others together can neither earn nor obtain; because all others together, however good, but without the Life of My Divine Will in them, are always the little flames, the little plants, the little flowers that, at the most, serve to adorn the earth; they are subject to being extinguished and to wither, and the Divine Goodness can neither place Great Entrustments upon them, nor concede such Portents as to do Good to the entire world.

“On the other hand, one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will is more than sun, and just as the sun invests everyone with the empire of its light, it rules over the plants and gives life, color, fragrance, sweetness to each one of them; it imposes itself on everything with its tacit empire, to give it its effects and the goods it possesses, and no other sphere does so much good to the earth as the sun does—in the same way, those in whom My Divine Will Lives are more than sun, and with the Light that they contain they lower themselves and then rise with rapidity, they penetrate everywhere—into God, into His Acts; with the Divine Will that they Possess, they rule over God Himself, and over creatures; they are capable of overwhelming everything to hold out the Life of the Light they Possess to all; they are the bearers of their Creator, and they let the Light walk ahead of them to Impetrate, and Obtain, and Give, whatever they want.


V23 – 11/22/27

“…Only the sun possesses this virtue of dispelling the darkness of the night and of forming its full day that, blazing with light and heat, gladdens the earth with all its inhabitants, and wherever it shines, it produces its vital effects for all nature.

“Now, only the Living in My Will and operating in It is continuous Daytime; and as the soul (Luisa) operates, be her action small or great, she (Luisa) acts under the Reflection of the Eternal and Immense Sun of My Fiat; and as It is Reflected in the action of the creature (Luisa), by virtue of It, the sun is formed in the human action, and the creature (Luisa) remains in Possession of these suns that make her enjoy continuous Full Day.  And since these suns have been formed by virtue of the Reflections of the Sun of My Divine Volition, that Possesses the source of Light, the human action, converted into sun, is nourished by the source of Light, and therefore they are not subject to either becoming extinguished or decreasing in Light.

“See, then, what great difference exists between one (Luisa) who Operates and Lives in My Divine Will and one who does good outside of It.  It is the difference that passes between one who can form the sun, and many suns, and one who can form Light; and one sun is enough to eclipse all the lights, and all lights together do not have the virtue, nor the intensity of light, to be able to surpass one sun.  In order to comprehend this with more clarity, you can see it in the order of the universe—that all lights, of whatever kind, formed by the human industriousness, are incapable of forming the day.

“On the other hand, the sun created by My Creative Hands, even though it is one, forms the day, because it possesses the source of light, placed in it by its Creator; and therefore it is not subject to decreasing in light—symbol of those (with Luisa) who Live in My Divine Will:  in all of their acts flows an act of Divine Life, a Creative Strength, that has the virtue of forming suns; nor does it lower itself or want to form little lights, but suns, that are never extinguished.


V23 – 11/27/27

“One (Luisa) who possesses It knows the importance of It, and will not spare sacrifices in order to impetrate for others the good that she (Luisa) possesses.  She (Luisa) knows the secrets, the ways she (Luisa) must follow; she (Luisa) will make herself importunate in order to conquer God Himself.  She (Luisa) will be like sun, that keeps all the fullness of its light restricted within itself, and, unable to contain it within itself, feels the need to spread it outside, to give light to all and do good to all, so as to render them happy of its Own Happiness.  One (Luisa) who Possesses a Good, possesses the virtue of asking for it and of Giving it.


V23 – 12/22/27

“Beloved daughter (Luisa) of My Divine Volition, courage in going forward—nothing is useless of what is done for Me.  In fact, when the soul does even just one act for Me, she (Luisa) comes to enclose the whole of Me within her act; and by enclosing Me, her act acquires the value of a Divine Life, which is more than sun.  And the sun, by its own nature, excels over all other things in giving light, heat and effects of innumerable goods to all the earth; so, everything that is done for Me, by its own nature, must bring the effects of the great good that the Divine Life contains.

“Moreover, you (Luisa) must know that all the Knowledges and Manifestations that I  (Jesus) give you (Luisa) about My Will, and that you (Luisa) write on paper, do not depart from you (Luisa), but remain centralized in you (Luisa) like rays inside their sphere.  And this sphere is My very Divine Will Reigning in you (Luisa), that delights with great Love in adding ever New Rays that It makes with Its Knowledges in this sphere, so that creatures may find enough Light to know It, and enrapturing attractions to Love It.  All the Rays to form the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be enclosed in this sphere (Luisa); and all the Rays, starting from within one single sphere (Luisa), will have one single purpose:  to form My Kingdom.

“However, each Ray will have a Distinct Office; one ray will enclose the Sanctity of My Divine Fiat and will bring Sanctity; another, Happiness and Joy, and will invest those who want to Live in It with Happiness and Joy; another Ray will enclose Peace and will consolidate all in the Peace; another, Strength; another, Light and Heat; and the Children of My Kingdom will be Strong, will have Light to do Good and to flee from evil, and ardent Love to Love what they Possess.  And so with all the other Rays that will start from within this sphere (Luisa).

“Now, all the Children of My Will will be invested by these Rays, they will move around them; even more, each Ray will feed their souls, and they will suckle from them the Life of My Fiat.  So, what will be your (Luisa) Happiness in seeing all the Good, the Happiness, the Sanctity, the Peace and everything else, descend into the midst of the Children of My Kingdom from inside your sphere (Luisa), by virtue of these Rays?  And then, the complete Glory that these creatures will give to their Creator for having known the Kingdom of My Divine Will, ascend again within those very Rays?  There is no Good that will not descend through you (Luisa), by virtue of the Sphere of My Divine Will placed in you (Luisa), nor Gory that will not ascend again along the same way.

“When I (Jesus) choose a creature (Luisa) for a Mission that must bring Universal Good into the midst of the human family, first I (Jesus) fix and enclose all the Goods in the chosen one (Luisa), who must contain all the Superabundant Good that others must receive, who, perhaps, will not even take everything that the chosen creature (Luisa) encloses.  This happened in the Immaculate Queen, who was chosen to be the Mother of the Eternal Word, and therefore the Mother of all redeemed ones.  Everything that they were to do, and all the good they were to receive, was enclosed and fixed inside the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, as though inside a sun’s sphere, in such a way that all the Redeemed ones move around the Sun of the Celestial Mama; in such a way that She, more than most tender mother, does nothing but feed Her Rays to Her children, to nourish them with Her Light, with Her Sanctity, with Her Maternal Love.  But how many of the Rays that She spreads have not been taken by creatures, because, ungrateful, they do not all draw around this Celestial Mother (Mary)?

“So, one (Mary) who is chosen must Possess more than what all others together should possess.  Just as all find light in the sun, in such a way that all creatures do not take the whole expanse of Its Light and the intensity of its heat, so it happened with My Mama:  the goods that She contains are such and so many that, more than sun, She spreads the beneficial effects of Her vital and vivifying rays.  And so it will be for the one (Luisa) who has been chosen for the Kingdom of My Will.  See then, how the sacrifice of writing will be repaid to you (Luisa):  first, the Good of the Ray of that Knowledge is fixed in you (Luisa); and then, you will see that good descend through you (Luisa) into the midst of creatures, and, in return, the glory of the good that they will do, ascend again within that same Light.  How happy you (Luisa) will be in Heaven, and will thank Me for the sacrifices I had you (Luisa) make!


V23 – 12/30/27 

“My daughter (Luisa), all that you (Luisa) think now, you (Luisa) have thought from the time you (Luisa) were writing the sixteenth Volume—that I would cease to speak about My Divine Will.  But I was doing nothing but sowing the field of your soul (Luisa) with many drops of Light that, germinating and fecundated in your field (Luisa), from little Lights have turned into suns.  These suns are the many surprising manifestations that, from that time until now, I have made known to you (Luisa) about My Will.  Oh! how beautiful was the field of your soul (Luisa), invested by these suns, one more beautiful than the other.  It transformed completely into a Divine field; all Heaven was enamored by this field, and in looking at it, It felt Its happiness being doubled.

“Now, one who has sowed has the right to harvest; and since it is a Divine field, I Am the owner of it—not only to harvest, but to sow it again.  So, I Am doing nothing other than sowing it again.  Don’t you see how I Am all intent on the work of sowing seeds of Light into this field, so that, as they germinate, the New Suns of the Knowledges on My Divine Will may come out?  And work brings silence, and My Silence is Warmth, Maturation and Fecundity, in order to Transform the little seeds of Light into more Refulgent Suns.  I work in you (Luisa) always, either in one way or in another; the work of My Divine Will is long, and therefore I Am always occupied and I (Jesus) keep you (Luisa) occupied.  So, let Me do and follow Me.”


V24 – 4/6/28

“My daughter, when the soul (Luisa) places herself in the Unity of My Divine Will, it is as if she placed herself in the sphere of the sun.  Look at the sun:  it is one; from the height of its sphere it does one single act, but the light that descends down to the bottom embraces the whole earth, and from the effects of its light it produces multiple and innumerable acts.  Almost for each thing, for each plant, it invests it, it gives it its embrace of light, and says to it:  ‘What do you want—sweetness?  I’ll give it to you.  And you, what do you want—heat?  I’ll give it to you.  And you—do you want fragrance?  I will give it to you as well.’  Almost for each thing, the light pours the whole of itself out, and it gives to it what befits its nature in order to form its life and grow according to the order created by God.  Now, why all this?  Because that sphere contains so much light and all the seeds and effects of all things and plants that are spread over the face of the earth.

“Now, this is symbol of the soul (Luisa) who wants to Live in the Unity of Our Divine Will.  She (Luisa) rises into the sphere of the Sun of the Eternal Fiat, that contains so much Light that no one can escape it, and Possesses all the seeds of the lives of creatures.  Its light goes about investing and molding everyone, and prays that each one may receive the Life, the Beauty, the Sanctity wanted by their Creator.  And the soul (Luisa), from that Sphere, becomes of all and gives herself to all; and she (Luisa) repeats Our Act, which is one, but that one act has the virtue of doing everything and of giving itself to all, as if each one had it at one’s disposal and it were one’s own.

“In fact, in Us (Triune God) Unity is Nature, and in the soul it can be grace; and We feel bilocated in the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Unity, and—oh! how We delight in seeing the littleness of the creature (Luisa) ascending, descending, expanding within Our Unity to be the repeater of her Creator.”

V27 – 5/6/28

“My daughter (Luisa), as the soul (Luisa) enters into My Divine Will she (Luisa) puts her electric wire in It, that extends up to the point at which one wants to form Light.  In fact, the light is not formed where the wire is put, but where it ends, concentrating the electricity of light into a light bulb.

“Now, as the human will enters into Mine, at the Reflections of the Sun of My Fiat it converts into Light, and forms its little light; and the electricity of My Will extends the wire of the human will and forms its little light, more than light bulb, at the point that the soul would like to reach before God.  And God, on seeing the little light of the human will, Invests it, and with the electricity of His Divine Light, He converts it into Sun, and forms the Most Beautiful Ornament for His Divine Throne.  It is so Beautiful and Delightful to see that the soul (Luisa) from the earth, on entering My Divine Will, puts in It her electric wire for Heaven, and extends so much as to reach its Center, which is God, forming His Adornment of Light; and to see these Lights converted into Sun.”


V24 – 6/20/28

“It seems that the sun creates many subsequent acts, one more beautiful than the other; but it is not true—they are nothing other than the effects of its one act of light.  In fact, the strength of one single act has the virtue of producing many effects, as if they were many subsequent and distinct acts, as indeed they are.  So, everything you see in the whole universe are nothing other than the effects of the one single Act of God; and because it is one single act, it possesses the virtue of order and harmony in all the effects it produces.

“The same happens with the soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will.  By Living in the One Act of God, she (Luisa) feels all the effects of that single Act of God in all of her acts; she (Luisa) feels within herself the Order, the Harmony, the Beauty, the Strength of the One Divine Act that, more than Light, produces so many effects that she feels Heavens, Suns, Seas, Flowery Fields and Everything Good present in Heaven and on earth, being Produced in her acts.  What can one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will not enclose of what is Great, of what is Good?  Everything.  She (Luisa) is the True Sun that, in whatever it does and touches, Produces various tints of Beauty, of Sweetness, of Goodness and of Multiple Effects, because all of its acts hang upon the One Act of He who created It.”


V24 – 7/23/28

“My daughter (Luisa), the soul (Luisa) in whom My Divine Will is present is the Luminous Point in the world.  Just as a sun can be seen under the vault of the heavens, that invests the earth with its rays, and penetrating everywhere with its life of light, embellishes, colors, fecundates the whole earth, so can another sun, more beautiful, more refulgent, be seen in that point of the world—that is, in the soul (Luisa) in whom My Divine Will Reigns—and its Rays extend and expand so much as to embrace everything and everyone.

“How Beautiful it is to see from Heaven these Luminous Points in the depth of the earth.  It no longer seems earth—but Heaven, because there is the Sun of My Fiat.  Its Rays Embellish, Fecundate and Scatter such variety of Divine Colors as to Communicate the varieties of Beauties of the Creator with Its Life of Light.  Wherever these Luminous Points are present, the current of evil is stopped; My Justice Itself feels disarmed by the Strength of this Light, and changes the scourges into Grace.  These Points are the Smile of the earth; their Light is Herald and Bearer of Peace, of Beauty, of Sanctity, of Life that never dies.

“They can be called the Fortunate Points of the earth, because in their midst there is the Light that never dims, the Life that always rises; while where these Luminous Points are not present, the earth is obscure, and if any good is done, it is like those little lights that have no rays, because the source of the light is missing in that good, and therefore it has no strength nor virtue to extend and to expand.  And since the Source is missing, they are subject to becoming extinguished, and the earth remains obscured, as though buried in thick darkness, because the human will is herald and bearer of evils, of disturbances, of disorder, and the like.


V24 – 8/26/28

“My daughter (Luisa), just as the lightning is unleashed by the clouds and illuminates the earth, and then it withdraws again into the womb of the clouds to light up the earth very often with its light; in the same way, the soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Will, as she (Luisa) Operates, unleashes her Lightnings from the womb of her humanity, and forms more Light in the Sun of My Divine Fiat.  Not only this, but she (Luisa) Lights up the earth from the darkness of the human volition.

“However, the lightning that the clouds unleash is limited light, while the Lightning produced in My Divine Will is without limits, and within Its Light it carries the Knowledge of It.  In fact, Operating in My Will contains the Universal Strength, and therefore one Strength—New Creation, Divine Life; so, as she (Luisa) does her Act of Lightning, all the doors of My Works open to receive the New Creation and the Lightning of Light of the Operating of the creature (Luisa) in My Fiat.  Therefore, all My Works feel Renewed and Twice Glorified, and so they all Celebrate in feeling the New Creative Strength over them.”


V24 – 9/5/28 

“My daughter (Luisa), as the soul (Luisa) takes on the commitment of wanting to convert all human acts into My Divine Will, she forms her Rays that, expanding, take the earth as though in their Power; and rising up to Heaven, more than solar rays, they Invest the Sun of My Divine Will; and plunging into It, they form One Single Sun, such that, as they form as though a contest of Light, everything, Heaven and earth, undergo the Enchantment and the Eclipse from the Sun of My Will; and even My Justice is Eclipsed by this Light, in such a way that many scourges are spared.”


V24 – 9/21/28 

“Moreover, one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will Lives of Light, and with the power of Its Light, Our Will has the virtue of knocking down all evils, of taking life away from passions, of dispelling darkness.  Therefore, with Its Light, the Divine Will has the virtue of rendering the creature incapable of doing and of receiving any harm.

“Who could ever wage war against the light?  No one.  Who could ever say:  ‘I can prevent the passage of light’?  No one.  And if anyone tried to do it, the light would laugh at him, and with its triumphing virtue it would invest him, pass him from above, from below, from everywhere; and making fun of him, while following its course, it would keep him under its power and pressure of light, unless he went to hide himself in some dark abyss.  Does the sun not do this?  Much more so does the Sun of My Divine Will; and the soul (Luisa) who Lives in this Light does nothing but Expand the Capacity of her Intelligence to be able to receive more Light.  So, each act done in My Divine Fiat forms, with Its Light, the void in the human mind to be able to Communicate more Greater Light.”

V24 – 12/5/28

“My daughter (Luisa), with the soul (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will, it is more than if I (Jesus) made the sun descend upon earth.  What would happen then?  The night would be banished from the earth, it would always be full daylight.  And by always having contact with the sun, the earth would no longer be a dark body, but a luminous one, and it would not beg for the effects of the sun, but would receive into itself the very substance of the effects of the light, because sun and earth would live communal life and would form one single life.

“What a difference is there not between the sun in the height of its sphere and the earth in its lowness?  The poor earth is subject to the night, to seasons, and to asking the sun to form the beautiful flowerings, the colors, the sweetness, the maturity of its fruits.  And the sun is not free to display all of its effects over the earth, if the earth does not lend itself to receive them; so much so, that certain points of the earth the sun does not always reach, and other points are dry and without plants.

“This is nothing other than a simile of one (Luisa) who does My Divine Will and Lives in It and one who lives in the earth of her human volition.  The first makes descend, not only the Sun of My Divine Will into her soul, but the whole of Heaven.  Therefore, with this Sun, she (Luisa) possesses the Perennial Day, a Day that never sets, because the Light has the virtue of putting darkness to flight.  So, the night of passions, the night of weaknesses, of miseries, of coldnesses, of temptations, cannot be there with this Sun; and if they wanted to draw near to form the seasons in the soul (Luisa), this Sun beats down Its Rays and puts all nights to rushed flight, saying:  ‘I am here, and that’s enough—My Seasons are Seasons of Light, of Peace, of Happiness and of Perennial Flowering.’  This soul (Luisa)  is the Bearer of Heaven upon earth.

“On the other hand, for one who does not do My Divine Will and does not Live in It, it is more nighttime than daytime in her soul; she is subject to seasons and to long rainy times, that render her always disturbed and labored; or to long droughts, in which she reaches the point of lacking the vital humors in order to love her Creator; and the very Sun of My Divine Will, because It does not live in her, is not free to give her all the good It possesses.

“Do you see what it means to Possess My Divine Volition?  It is to Possess the Source of Life, of Light and of all Goods.  On the other hand, one who does not possess It is like the earth, that enjoys the effects of the light, and like certain lands, that are just barely illuminated, but without effects.”


V27 – 9/28/29

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will Renews her Rebirth and Redoubles the Rebirths for all human generations.  When My Supreme Will Lives inside a heart and lays the Fullness of Its Endless Light within it, It Centralizes everything and everyone, It does Everything, It Renews Everything, It Gives back all that, for centuries upon centuries, It has not been able to give through the other creatures.  So, this creature (Luisa) can be called the Dawn of the Day, the Daybreak that calls the Sun, the Sun that Gladdens all the earth, Illuminates it, Warms it, and with its Wings of Light, more than tender mother, Embraces Everything, Fecundates Everything; and with its Kiss of Light, it Gives the most Beautiful Tints to flowers, the Most Delicious Sweetness to fruits, Maturity to all plants.  Oh! if My Divine Will Reigned in the midst of creatures, how many Prodigies would It not Operate in their midst?


V27 – 11/14/29

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will Possesses the Rights of her Creation, and therefore, more than sun, she (Luisa) Lives in the Unity of her Creator; she (Luisa)  is the Reproducer of the Effects of the Divine Unity.  In this Unity she (Luisa)  gathers Everything, Embraces Everyone, Warms Everyone, and with the Breath of the Divine Unity she (Luisa)  Produces in the hearts of creatures All the Effects that are Present in the Kingdom of Grace.  But while, more than sun, she (Luisa) plays in Touching Everything, with her touches she (Luisa) gives Sanctity, Virtue, Love, Sweetness, that are Divine; she (Luisa) would want to enclose Everyone in the Unity of her Creator.

“But while she (Luisa) wants to Give Everything, Jealous, she (Luisa) Preserves for herself the Rights of her Creation—that is, the Will of her Creator as her first act and the Origin of her Creation; and she (Luisa) says to all:  ‘I (Luisa) cannot descend from within the Divine Fiat, nor do I (Luisa) want to lose even one drop of It—I (Luisa) would lose my Rights, that I (Luisa) do not want to do.  Rather, come up, all of you, and one will be the Will of all; in this way we will Live Common Life.  But for as long as you remain at the low level of the human will, like sun, I (Luisa) will give you the effects of the Divine Will; however, Its Life will be always mine, praying and waiting for all of you in the Will of our Creator.’

“One (Luisa) who Lives in My Will is the True Sun, that is such that apparently one sees nothing but Light and feels nothing but Heat, but how many goods are there not inside that Light and Heat?  How many Effects?  The Life and the Goods of the earth are enclosed inside that Light and Heat.  In the same way, with one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Fiat, apparently one sees a creature (Luisa), but inside there is a Divine Will that sustains Everything—Heaven and earth, and does not want to keep inactive she (Luisa) who Possesses such a Great Good.”


V27 – 12/3/29 

“My daughter (Luisa), anything good that has been done from the very beginning of the world outside of My Divine Will, are little lights, as the effects of My Divine Fiat.  In fact, even though they have not Operated inside of It, as creatures would dispose themselves to do good, Its Rays would fix themselves upon them, and, at Its Reflections, the tiny little flame would form in their souls, because, since My Divine Will is Eternal and Immense Light, It can produce but Light.  These little flames, as the effects of It, remain around the Sun of My Divine Will as Honor and Glory of Its effects, and as the Fruits of the Good Operating of the creatures.

“In fact, as they want to do good, Its Rays fix themselves upon them, and give them the effects of the good they want to do.  It can be said It is more than sun, that is such that, as it finds the good seed in the earth, Its light warms it, caresses it and communicates to it the effects to form the plant of that seed.  There is no good without My Will; just as there is no color, sweetness, maturity, without the effects of the light of the sun, so there can be no good without It.

“However, who can form the Sun with her acts?  One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will.  My Will not only fixes Its Rays upon her, but descends in her with the whole of Its Sun, and with Its Creative and Vivifying Virtue, It forms another Sun in the act of the creature.  Do you see, then, the great difference that exists?  Just like between plants and sun, and between sun and little flames.”


V28 – 4/12/30

“My daughter (Luisa), the sun, though untiring in acting as sower of Our Love over the earth, in the evening, in withdrawing in order to form the day for other regions, seems to give peace to the earth, giving it the freedom to produce or not produce the seed that it has sown, intending to make the new assault of the sowing of love.  On the other hand, the Sun of My Divine Will never leaves the soul (Luisa); as It reflects Itself in her (Luisa) with Its Light and, more than sun, acts as Divine Sower, with Its reflections It forms in her Its Sun in the creature (Luisa).

“Therefore, for one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will there are no nights or sunsets or dawn or daybreak, but it is always Full Day, because Its Light gives Itself to the creature as her Nature, and what is in one’s nature remains as one’s property.  More so, since the Sun of My Divine Will Possesses the Source of Light, and as many Suns as It wants to Form, so many It Forms.  But with all this, even though one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will possesses her own Sun that never withdraws, the Sun of My Fiat has always New Light and Heat, New Sweetness, New Flavors, New Beauty to give, and the soul (Luisa) has always something to Receive; there are no pauses as with the sun that is under the vault of the heavens.  In fact, not possessing the source of light, it cannot form many suns as the earth keeps revolving around it.  But with the Sun of My Divine Volition, that Possesses the Source of It, Its Light Always Beats Down, and Calling the creature (Luisa) to Continuous Activity with It, It Always Gives her Its New Act never interrupted.”


V29 – 3/23/31

Oh! how Sweet, Refreshing, it is to see Our daughter (Luisa), whom We Love and who Loves Us, Rest.  And while she (Luisa) Rests, It wants to Pour upon you (Luisa) the Celestial Dew of the Light of My Divine Will.  My Will, in the Unity of Its Light, does always One Act, nor does It ever cease doing it; and only when it is not subject to interruption—then can an act be called Complete.  This Act never interrupted says Everything, Embraces, Loves All; from Its Height, in which this Act never says enough, It casts an Infinity of Effects, that make It hold Heaven and earth as though in Its Power, and It Communicates to creatures the Celestial Dew of the Effects of Its Sanctity, of Its Love and of Its Divine Life.  But these Effects convert for the creature into acts, in such a way that she (Luisa) feels within herself the Act of the Divine Life, of Light, of Sanctity, of Love; and the creature (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will forms in It her Life, her Nourishment, and Grows under the Rain of the Celestial Dew of the Single Act of her Creator.  And these Effects, changed into acts in the creature (Luisa), Form her little Sun that, with its little Reflections, says:  ‘Love, Glory, continuous Honor, to the One who created me.’  So, the Divine Sun and the Sun formed by My Divine Will in the creature (Luisa) meet Continuously, they Wound each other; the little Sun is Transformed into the Immense Sun of the Eternal One, and they Form Life together, Loving each other with Love Reciprocal and never interrupted.  This Continuous Love Inebriates and puts to sleep the human volition, and gives the Most Beautiful Rest to the creature.”


V30 – 1/3/32

“And then, when We (Triune God) have the Great Glory of Forming this Kingdom inside one creature (Luisa) alone, she (Luisa) will be like Sun, such that all have the Right to Enjoy and Possess Its Light.  More than sun, she (Luisa) will Give to All creatures the Right to Possess a Kingdom so Holy; and We, with Infinite Wisdom, will abound with Graces, with Light, with Helps, with surprising Means, so that they may let the Kingdom of My Will Reign in their midst.  Therefore, let Me do; when it is your Jesus that has told you (Luisa) this, that’s enough—it is as though already done.  All evils and all creatures together have no power and no right over Our Will, nor can they prevent a single Act of Our Will, wanted by Decrees of Our Wisdom.”


V34 – 4/18/37

Do you believe that My Volition can make stops in always running toward the one (Luisa) who Possesses Its Volition?  Indeed, in order to run It makes use of Everything.  If the sun invests her (Luisa), It runs in order to give her (Luisa) more Light, and since the creature is more than the sun, It gives her (Luisa) the Properties that the Light contains.  Rather It augments them, It gives her (Luisa) Its Divine Sweetness, Its Fecundity, the variety of Its Celestial Fragrances, the tastes of Its Divine Flavors, Its Supreme Qualities as the most Beautiful varieties of colors.  And It does it in a way, with the Power of Its Fiat, that nothing else remains for Its beloved creature (Luisa), more than sun, except Light and Heat in order to invest her (Luisa) and let Itself be invested.


V35 – 12/14/37

“How Beautiful is the beginning of the Day of one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Fiat.  It is the enchantment of all the Heaven.  If the Celestial Court were subject to envy, It would envy the one (Luisa) who is so Fortunate as to Possess, within her soul—while still living in time—the beginning of the Eternal Day—the Precious Day in which God begins to Live His Life together with the creature.

“Now, as soon as she (Luisa) begins the Second Act in the Divine Volition, the Sun of My Eternal Will Rises.  The Fullness of Its Light is such as to Invest the whole of earth, visiting all hearts and bringing the ‘Good Morning’ of Light and New Joys to all the Celestial   Court.  This Light is crammed with Love, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Glory and Benediction—but whom do these belong to?  To the creature (Luisa) who, with her act in My Divine Will, made the Sun Rise that Shines over all, so that all may find the one (Luisa) who Loved God for them—the one (Luisa) who Adored Him, Thanked Him, Blessed Him and Glorified Him.  Everyone finds the thing that he was supposed to do for God.  She (Luisa) compensates for Everyone.  One Act in My Will must enclose Everything.  It has the Power and the Capacity to make up for Everyone and to do Good to All; otherwise It could not be called ‘Act, done in My Divine Will.’  These Acts are Full of Unheard-of Prodigies, Worthy of Our Creative Work.

“Now, as she (Luisa) turns to her Third Act in Our Divine Will, the Full Afternoon of Our Eternal Sun is formed within the creature (Luisa).  Do you know what she (Luisa) gives Us with this Full Afternoon?  She (Luisa) prepares a Banquet for Us.  And do you know what she (Luisa) gives Us for food?  The Love We (Triune God) have given to her—Our Divine Qualities.  Everything carries the mark of Our Beauty and of Our Chaste and Pure Perfumes.  We like it so much that We eat Our Fill; and even if something may be missing for Our Status, since the creature (Luisa) is in Our Divine Will, she (Luisa) is the owner of all Our Goods; she (Luisa) takes from Our Treasure whatever is needed, and prepares for Us the Most Beautiful Banquet, Worthy of Our Supreme Majesty.  And We (Triune God) invite All the Angels and the Saints to sit at this Celestial Banquet, so that they may take and eat with Us, of the Love that We (Triune God) received from the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will.  Now, after We’ve banqueted together, the other acts that she does in Our Will serve—some to form for Us Celestial Melodies, some Loving Chants, some the Most Beautiful Scenes; some others Repeat Our Works, which are Always in Action.  In sum, she (Luisa) keeps Us always busy.  And when she (Luisa) has given course to all her actions in Our Will, We give her Rest, Resting together with her (Luisa).  After the Rest, We begin the Work, starting another Day, and so forth.