Luisa and the Prime Act of God

Luisa and the PRIME ACT

Volume 14 – 4/8/22

“My daughter, (Luisa) My sorrow was great and incomprehensible to created mind, especially when I saw the human intelligence deformed – the beautiful Image of Myself which I reproduced in it, no longer beautiful, but ugly and horrid.

I endowed man with will, intellect and memory. In the first shone My Celestial Father who, as Primary Act communicated His Power, His Sanctity and His Height, through which He elevated the human will, investing it with His own Sanctity, Power and Nobility, leaving all currents between Himself and the human will opened, so that it might be enriched more and more with the Treasures of My Divinity. Between the human will and the Divine there was neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine,’ but everything was in common, with mutual accord. Man was Our image – Our own thing; so, he veiled Us. Our Life was to be his; therefore, as Primary Act It constituted his will free and independent, just as the Will of My Celestial Father was, as Primary Act. But how much has this will disfigured itself! Free as it was, it became the slave of most vile passions. Ah, it is the beginning of all the evils of man! It can no longer be recognized. How it decayed from its nobility… it is disgusting to look at!

Now, as second Act, I, Jesus, Son of God, concurred by endowing man with intellect, communicating to him My Wisdom and the Knowledge of all things, so that by knowing them, he might enjoy them and delight in what is Good. But, alas, what a bilge of vices is the intelligence of the creature! He has used knowledge to deny his Creator.

Then, as Third Act, the Holy Spirit concurred by endowing him with memory, so that in remembering so many benefits, he might be in continuous currents of Love, in continuous relations. Love was to crown him, embrace him and permeate all of his life. But how saddened the Eternal Love remains! This memory remembers pleasures, riches, and even to sin, while the Sacrosanct Trinity is put out of the Gifts which It gave to Its creature.

Volume 14 – 6/19/22

Continuing in my usual state, I felt submerged in the Supreme Will of my sweet Jesus. It seemed to me that every little act of mine done in the Divine Will made New Contentments come out from the Divine Majesty; and my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, (Luisa) I possess such Contentments, Happiness and Beatitudes that I could give ever New Joys and Beatitudes in every instant. So, every time the soul operates in My Will, she gives Me the field to release New Beatitudes and New Contentments which I possess. And since My Will is Immense and invades everyone and everything, as they come out, they flow over the soul who is operating in My Will, as the Primary Cause for which My Beatitudes are being released, and then they circulate in everyone, both in Heaven and on earth. Therefore, as many times as you operate in My Will, so many more Beatitudes and Joys do you make Me release, and I feel the contentment of sharing the Joys I possess.

Volume 15 – 4/9/23

I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition, and I said to my sweet Jesus:  ‘Ah! I pray You, never let me go out of your Most Holy Will.  Let it be so that I may always think, speak, operate and love in your lovable Will.’  Now, as I was saying this, I felt myself surrounded by a most pure Light, and then I saw my highest and only Good, who told me:  “My beloved daughter, (Luisa) I love so much these acts done in My Will, that as soon as the soul enters into It in order to act, the shadow of My Light surrounds her, and I run, so that My Act and hers may be one.  Because I am the Primary Act of all Creation, without My Primary Motion all created things would be paralyzed, without strength and incapable of the slightest movement.  Life is in the motion; without it, everything is dead.  I am the Primary Motion, and I give Life and attitude to all other motions; so, at My first Motion Creation begins to rotate.  It happens as to an engine:  at the touch of first motion of the first wheel, all other wheels begin to rotate.  See then, how it is almost natural for one who operates in My Will to move in My Primary Motion; and by operating in My Motion, she finds herself and operates in the motion of all creatures.  And as the creature flows in My own Motion, I see her and I feel her in all motions of creatures, giving Me as many Divine Acts for as many offensive human acts as others do; and this, only because she has operated in My Primary Motion.  This is why I say that one who Lives in My Will substitutes for all, defends Me from all, and places My Motion, My very Life, in safety.  And this is why to operate in My Will is the Prodigy of Prodigies, but without clamor, without human acclamations.  It is My true Triumph over the whole Creation; and since it is a Triumph fully Divine, what is human remains silent, and has no equivalent words with which to acclaim the Triumph of My Supreme Will.”

Volume 17 – 10/30/24

“My daughter, (Luisa) do you want to know why the Angels are such? Because they maintained themselves beautiful and pure, just as they came out of My Hands; because they have always remained still in that first act in which they were created. Therefore, being in that Prime Act of their existence, they remain in that single Act of My Will, which, not knowing succession of acts, does not change, nor decrease or increase, and contains within Itself all possible imaginable goods. And the Angels, maintaining themselves in that single Act of My Will through which I delivered them to the light, remain immutable, beautiful and pure. They have lost nothing of their Primary Existence, and all their happiness is in willingly maintaining themselves in that single Act of My Will. They find everything in the Circuit of My Will; nor do they want, in order to be happy, anything other than what My Will administers to them.

But do you know why there are different choirs of Angels, one superior to the other? There are some which are closer to My Throne – do you know why? Because My Will manifested Itself in Its Act – to some with one single extension of Knowledges and Qualities, to some with two, to some with three, to some with four; and so on, up to nine choirs. And in each additional thing of the Act which My Will manifested, some became superior to others, and the first ones, more than the others, became able and more worthy to be close to My Throne. Therefore, the more My Will manifests Itself in them, and they remain in It, the more they are raised, embellished, made happy and superior to others. See, then, how everything is in My Will. And from the ability of the Angels to maintain themselves, without ever leaving, in that same Will from which they came, and from the greater or lesser knowledge of the Divine Science of My Supreme Will, come the different Choirs of Angels, their distinct beauties, the different offices, and the whole Celestial Hierarchy.

If you knew what it means to have a greater Knowledge of My Will, to do one more act in It, to maintain oneself and to act in that Will of Mine which is known, the level at which the creature is constituted, and the office, the beauty, the superiority of each creature – oh, how much more would you appreciate the different Knowledges which I manifested to you about My Will! One more Knowledge about My Will raises the soul to such sublime height, that the very Angels remain stupefied and enraptured, and they profess Me, incessantly: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy.”

My Will manifests Itself and calls things from nothing, forming beings. It manifests Itself and embellishes; It manifests Itself and raises one higher; It manifests Itself and expands the Divine Life in the creature; It manifests Itself and forms in her New and unheard-of Portents. Therefore, from the many things I manifested to you (Luisa) about My Will, you can understand what I want to do with you (Luisa) and how much I Love you (Luisa), and how your life must be a chain of continuous acts done in My Will. If the creature, just like the Angel, never left that Prime Act through which My Will delivered her to the Light – what order, what portents would not be seen upon earth? Therefore, My daughter, (Luisa) never go out of your origin, in which My Will created you (Luisa), and may your Prime Act be always My Will.”

Volume 17 – 6/3/25

“Ah, My daughter, (Luisa) with all Redemption and the Work of Sanctification, Sanctity in man is incomplete, and for others it is almost useless. Now, I say this: if man does not turn back in order to take My Will as Life, as Rule and as Food, to be purified, ennobled, divinized, to place himself in the Prime Act of Creation, and take My Will as his Inheritance, assigned to him by God – the very Works of Redemption and of Sanctification will not have their abundant effects. So, everything is in My Will – if man takes It, he takes everything. It is one single point, which embraces and encloses the Goods of Redemption and of Sanctification; even more, for one who Lives in My Will, after he has taken the Prime Point of Creation, all these Goods serve not as remedy, as for those who do not do My Will, but as Glory and as special Inheritance, carried upon earth by the Will of the Celestial Father, in the Person of the Word.

And if I came upon earth, this was exactly the Prime Act – to make known the Will of My Father, in order to bind It again to the creatures. The pains, the humiliations, My hidden Life, and all the ImmenseSea of the Pains of My Passion, were remedies, medicines, supports, lights, in order to make My Will known, because with It, I would make man not only saved, but holy. With My Pains I placed him in safety; with My Will I gave him back the Sanctity lost in the terrestrial Eden. Had I not done this, My Love, My Work, would not have been complete as they were in Creation, because My Will alone has the virtue of rendering complete Our Works toward the creatures, and the works of the creatures toward Us. My Will makes one think in a way which is different from the human way; It makes one look at My Will in all created things, speak with the Echo of My Will, work through the veils of My Will. In a word, one does everything, all at once, according to My Supreme Volition, which leads the creature, rapidly, to perfect Sanctity; while the other virtues act slowly, little by little. My Redemption Itself, without the Prime Act of My Will, serves as Dressing of the deepest wounds, as medicine for man, not to let him die; as antidote, not to let him fall into hell.

Volume 18 – 10/24/25

“My Will alone is one single Act which has no succession of acts.  This single Act is as though fixed to one point which never moves; and this point is Eternity.  And while being one single Act, Prime Act, endless Act, Its circumference is so immense that nothing can escape It; It embraces everything and everyone with one single embrace, because everything starts from that Prime Act, as one single Act.  So, the Creation, the Redemption and the Sanctification are one single Act for the Divinity; and only because it is one single Act, it has the Power to make all acts its own, as if they were one alone.  Now, one who Lives in My Will possesses this single Act, and it is no wonder that she takes part in the Pains of My Passion, as though in Act.  In this single Act she finds, as though in Act, her Creator creating the Creation; and forming one single Act with her God, she creates together with Him, flowing as one single Act in all created things, and forming the Glory of Creation for her Creator.  Her love shines over all created things; she enjoys and takes pleasure in them; she loves them as things belonging to herself and to her God.  In that single Act she has a note that echoes the whole of the Divine Operating; and in her emphasis of love, she says:  ‘What is Yours is mine, and what is mine is Yours.  Be Glory, Honor and Love to my Creator.’  In this single Act she finds the Redemption in Act; she makes It all her own, she suffers My Pains as if they were her own, she flows within everything I did – in My Prayers, in My Pains, in My Words – in everything; she has a note of reparation, of compassion, of love and of substitution for My Life.  In this single Act she finds everything; she makes everything her own, and places her requital of love everywhere.  This is why the Living in My Will is the Prodigy of Prodigies; it is the Enchantment of God and of all Heaven, as they see the littleness of the creature flow in all the things of their Creator.  Like solar ray, bound to this single Act, she diffuses everywhere and in everyone.  Therefore I recommend to you:  even at the cost of your life, never go out of this single Act of My Will, that I may repeat in you, as though in Act, the Creation, the Redemption and the Sanctification.

Volume 18 – 11/12/25

“Now, My daughter, (Luisa) just as it was with Redemption, so it will be with My Will.  In order to make It known and to make It reign as Prime Act of Life in the creature, the fulfillment of the acts is needed.  You too, on the example of My Celestial Mama and of Mine, must embrace in My Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those which are done and will be done by all the good and the saints, up to the last day; and upon each one of them you (Luisa) will place your seal of requital of Love, of Blessing, of Adoration, with the Sanctity and the Power of My Will.  Nothing must escape you.  My Will embraces everything; you (Luisa) too must embrace everything and everyone, and place My Will alone at the first place of Honor upon all the acts of creatures.  It will be your imprint, with which you (Luisa) will imprint the Image of My Will on all the acts of creatures.  Therefore, your field is vast; I want to see you (Luisa) in My Will, flowing over all the Graces and the prodigies which I did in the Old Testament, to give Me your requital of Love and of thanksgiving; and in the acts of the patriarchs and prophets, to make up for their love.  There is not one act in which I do not want to find you (Luisa).  I would not be satisfied nor content if I did not find you (Luisa) in all the acts of creatures which have been done and will be done; nor would you be able to say that you have completed everything in My Will – you would lack something of the true Living in My Will.  Therefore, be attentive, if you want the fullness of Light to be enough as to be able to illuminate all peoples with the Sun of My Will.  One who wants to give Light to all must embrace all as though in one single embrace, by making himself Life and substitution of everything and of everyone.  Is My Will perhaps not Life of everything?  And is this Life not requited with so many bitternesses?  Is there not the need, then, for one who would flow in everyone in order to sweeten these bitternesses, by substituting, as Act of Life with My own Will, for each act of the ungrateful creature?”

Volume 20 – 10/12/26

 “Now, don’t you know that the Primacy that Adam lost as firstborn son of My Will has passed on to you (Luisa), and that in you (Luisa) I must enclose all the goods that I was to enclose in him, had he not withdrawn from My Will?  Therefore, I look at you (Luisa) as the first creature come out of Our Hands, because one who Lives in My Will is always the first before her Creator; and even if she is born later in time, this says nothing:  in Our Will, one who has never gone out of It is always first.  See, then—you (Luisa) must care about everything; My coming itself is the irresistible force of My Will that draws you (Luisa) to Me and disposes you (Luisa).  Therefore, I want highest gratitude at your fortune of being the firstborn daughter of My Will.”

I did not know what to answer.  I remained confused, and in my inmost soul, I said: “Fiat, Fiat.”

Volume 20 – 10/26/26

“There was no act I did while being on earth in which I did not place My Will as Prime Act to be established once again in the midst of creatures, because that was the thing I most cared for.  If it were not so, or if I did not do so—if in everything I worked and suffered I did not have the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat as Prime Act to be restored in the midst of creatures—My coming upon earth would have brought a half good to the generations—not a complete one, and the Glory of My Celestial Father would not have been completely reintegrated by Me.  In fact, since My Will is the Origin of every Good and the only purpose of Creation and Redemption, It is therefore the ultimate fulfillment of all Our Works.  Without It, Our most beautiful Works remain within a frame and without completion, because It alone is the crown of Our Works and the seal that Our Work is complete.  Therefore, for the Honor and Glory of the very Work of Redemption, It was to have, as Prime Act, the Purpose of the Kingdom of My Will.”


Volume 20 – 11/21/26

“My daughter, (Luisa) do not fear, is there perhaps not My Will that makes up for everything, for the very Sacraments and for all the helps that can be given to a poor dying one?  Much more so, when there is not the will of the person of not wanting to receive the Sacraments and all the helps of the Church that, like mother, She gives at that extreme moment.

“You know, in kidnapping her suddenly from the earth, My Will made Me surround her with the tenderness of My Humanity.  My Heart, human and Divine, placed My most tender fibers into the field of action, in such a way that her defects, her weaknesses, her passions, have been looked upon and weighed with such finesse of tenderness—infinite and Divine.  And when I place My tenderness into the field, I cannot help having compassion and letting her pass into a safe harbor, as Triumph of the tenderness of your Jesus.  And besides, don’t you know that where human helps are lacking, Divine helps abound?

“You fear that there was no one around her, and that if she wanted help, she had no one from whom to ask for it.  Ah! My daughter, (Luisa) in that moment the human helps cease; they have neither value nor effect, because the dying enter into the sole and Prime Act with their Creator, and to no one is it given to enter this Prime Act.  And then, for one who is not perverted, a sudden death serves in order to prevent the diabolical action from entering the field—his temptations, and the fears that, with so much art, he strikes into the dying, because he feels them being snatched from him, without being able to tempt them or follow them.  Therefore, what by men is believed to be disgrace, many times is more than Grace.”

After this, I abandoned all of myself in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, resuming His speaking, told me:  “My daughter, (Luisa) one who Lives in My Will has Primacy over everything and over all the acts of creatures; she has her act as first in love before her Creator.  So, if the other creatures love, the soul who Lives in My Will is first in loving; the others come, some second, some third, some fourth, according to the intensity of their love.  If the other creatures adore Me, glorify Me, pray Me, the soul who Lives in My Will is first in adoring Me, in glorifying Me, in praying Me.  And this is natural, because My Will is Life and Prime Act of all creatures, therefore one who lives in It finds herself in Its Prime Act and she is first before God, above all creatures, in doing all of their acts and in doing all the acts that they do not do.

“So, the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, who never gave life to Her own will, but had Her Life fully in My Will, holds as though the Right of Primacy.  Therefore, She is first in Loving Us, in glorifying Us, in praying Us.  If We see that the other creatures love Us, it is behind the Love of the Celestial Queen; if they glorify Us and pray Us, it is behind the Glory and the prayers of She who holds Primacy and therefore empire over everything.  How beautiful it is to see that, as creatures love Us, She never gives up Her first place in Love.  Even more, She places Herself as Prime Act, She makes Her sea of Love flow around the Majesty, in such a way that the other creatures remain behind the sea of love of the Celestial Mama, with their little drops of love; and so with all the other acts.

“Ah! My daughter, (Luisa) to Live in My Will is one word, but it is a word that weighs as much as eternity—it is a word that embraces everything and everyone.”


Volume 20 – 1/1/27

“My daughter, (Luisa) the easiest means in order to hasten the coming of My Will upon earth are the Knowledges about It.  The Knowledges bring Light and heat and form the Prime Act of God within themselves, in which the creature finds the Prime Act on which to model her own.  If she does not find the first act, the creature does not have the virtue of forming the Prime Act; therefore the acts and the things which are most necessary in order to form this Kingdom, would be missing.  See then, what one additional knowledge about My Will means.  By carrying the Prime Act of God within itself, it brings with itself a magnetic force– a powerful magnet in order to draw the creatures to repeating the Prime Act of God.  With Its Light, it will bring the disillusionment of the human will; with its heat, it will soften the hardest hearts, moving them to bend before these Divine Acts; and they will feel enraptured, yearning to be modeled on this act.  Therefore, the more Knowledges I manifest about My Will, the more the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will hasten Its coming upon earth.”

Volume 20 – 1/9/27

“My daughter, (Luisa) you cannot comprehend what I feel for you (Luisa) – the Joys, the Happiness I feel because I find in you (Luisa) the first Fruits of the Kingdom of My Will.  I find the delights of the early Fruits, the first Fruits of the music which only the creature who Lives in It can produce, because she takes all of Our Notes which are in Our Will, makes them her own, and forms her beautiful music in Our Kingdom.  And I – oh, how I delight in listening to her!  I find the first Fruits of order, the first Fruits of true Love which My Will has conceded to her; I find the first Fruits of Beauty, which enraptures Me so much that I cannot detach My gaze.  So, I find all of your acts as first acts, which no one before you (Luisa) has given to Me.  The first Fruits are always the things which are liked the most, which are most attractive, and which are enjoyed the most.  And if other similar things come after the first Fruits, it is by virtue of the Prime Act that other similar acts could be formed; so, all the Glory is of the Prime Act.

Therefore, you (Luisa) will always have the first Fruits in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; there will be nothing done in It, which will not come from your Prime Act.  So everyone will be turned to you (Luisa) – to you (Luisa) the beginning of the Glory.  Therefore, I want everything to begin from you (Luisa), in order to form My Supreme Kingdom.”

Volume 23 – 1/18/28

I was continuing the acts in the Divine Will, and I said to myself:  “Oh! how I would like to enclose myself in the Prime Act of God, in order to do everything with one single Act, so as to be able to give to my Creator all the Love, all the Glory, His very Beatitudes and infinite Joys, to be able to love Him and glorify Him as He Glorifies and Loves Himself.  What would I not give Him if I were present in that Prime Act of the Divine Fiat?  I would lack nothing to make my Creator happy with His own Happiness.”

And seeing myself impotent, I was praying my Sovereign Mama to come to my help and to enclose me with Her maternal hands in that Prime Act in which She had had Her perennial dwelling, because, since She Lived in the Divine Will, the Prime Act of God was hers, and therefore She could give Him whatever She wanted. But while I was thinking about this, I said to myself:  “How much nonsense I am speaking.”

But my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, (Luisa) the Queen of Heaven, in Her glory and greatness, is as though isolated.  In fact, She alone having Lived in the Prime Act of God—that is, in the fullness and totality of the Divine Volition—She is the isolated Queen; She does not have the cortege of other queens who surround Her and match Her in the glory and greatness that She possesses.  She finds Herself in the conditions of a queen who is surrounded by damsels, by pageboys, by faithful friends who give Her honor and keep Her company; however, no other queen, equal to Her, gives Her the great honor of surrounding Her and of keeping Her company.

“What would be a greater honor for a queen of the earth:  to be surrounded by other queens equal to Her, or by people inferior in condition, in Glory, in greatness and in beauty?  There is such distance in honor and in glory between one who is surrounded by queens and one who is surrounded only by other people, that no parallel can be compared to it.

“Now, the Celestial Mama wants, desires—awaits the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth, in which there will be the souls who, by Living in It, will form their Life in the Prime Act of God, and will acquire the royalty and the right of queens.  All will see, impressed in them, an indelible character that they are the daughters of the Divine King, and, as daughters, to them is due the title and the right of queens.  These souls will have their dwelling in the Divine Royal Palace, therefore they will acquire nobility of manners, of works, of steps, of words; they will possess such science, that no one will be able to equal them; they will be invested with such Light, that the Light itself will announce to all that here is a queen who has Lived in the Royal Palace of My Will.

“And so, the Sovereign Queen will no longer be alone on Her royal throne; She will have the other queens who will surround Her; Her beauty will be reflected in them; Her glory and greatness will find the ones in whom it can pour itself.  Oh! how honored and glorified She will feel.  Therefore, She desires those who want to Live in the Divine Fiat, in order to Herself form the queens in the Prime Act of It, so as to be able to have, in the Celestial Fatherland, the retinue of the other queens who will surround Her and will give Her the honors due to Her.”


Volume 24 – 4/26/28

“My daughter, (Luisa) My Will is life, It is air, It is breath of the creature.

“It is not like the other virtues that are neither continuous life nor breath of the creature, and therefore they are exercised at time and circumstance.  Patience is not always exercised, because many times there is no one who allows it to be exercised, and so the virtue of patience remains idle, without giving its continuous life to the creature.  Nor does obedience, or charity, form their life, because the one who has the continuous act of commanding, or the one toward whom charity could be exercised, may not be there.  Therefore, the virtues can form the ornament of the soul, but not the life.

“On the other hand, My Will is Prime Act of all the acts of the creature; so, if she thinks, if she speaks, if she breathes, it is My Will that forms the thought, the word; and giving her the breath, It maintains the circulation, the heartbeat, the warmth.  And just as one cannot live without breathing, so one cannot live without My Divine Will.  There is always need of It to be able to continue living; yet, while they receive Its continuous breath, It is not recognized.

“My Will is so necessary that one cannot do without It even for one instant, because It is not only the Bearer of all human acts, but is also the bearer of all created things.  My Fiat is Prime Act of the sun, and makes creatures breathe light; It is Prime Act of the air, of water, of fire, of the wind, and creatures breathe My Divine Will in the air they breathe, in the water they drink, in the fire that warms them, in the wind that purifies them—there is not one thing in which they do not breathe My Will.  Therefore, in all things, be they small or great, even in the breath, the creature can always do My Will; and by not doing It, it is an Act of Life of Divine Will that she loses—it is Its breath that she suffocates continuously.  She receives Its Life, Its Breath, but to convert it into human, rather than to be, herself, transformed into My Divine Will.”


Volume 25 – 3/22/29

“My daughter, (Luisa) in Creation it was My Divine Will that had Its field of Action; and although Our Divinity was concurrent—because We are inseparable from It—however, the Prime Act, the Action, was all of Our Will.  It spoke and It operated; It spoke and It ordered; We were the Spectators of what Our Supreme Volition was doing, with such great Mastery, order and harmony, that We felt worthily glorified and made twice as happy by Our very Will.

“Therefore, since Creation is Its Work, the whole strength of Creation and all the Goods with which It was enriched are all in My Supreme Will.  It is Primary Life of everything; and this is why It Loves Creation so much—because It feels Its very Life in all created things, and Its very Life flows in them.  So much so, that in creating man, wanting to make greater display of Its Power, of Its Love and of Its Mastery, It wanted to enclose in him all the Art of the whole Creation.  Not only this, but It wanted to surpass It, giving him such brush strokes of Divine Art as to make him the little god; and laying Itself inside and outside of him, to the right and to the left, above his head and under his feet, I carried him within My Divine Will as the outpouring of Our Love, and as the triumpher and admirer of Its insuperable Mastery.

“Therefore, it was the Right of My Divine Fiat that man Live only and always of Divine Will.  What had It not done for him?  It called him from nothing, It formed him, It gave him his being, and It gave him double Life—the life of man and that of My Divine Will, in order to carry him always clasped in Its Creative Arms, so as to preserve him beautiful, fresh, happy, just as It had created him.  So, when man sinned, My Fiat felt Itself being snatched of that Life that It carried in Its very Womb.  What was not Its sorrow?  It remained with the void in Its Womb of this son, for whom, with so much Love, so as to keep him safe and happy, It had made room within Its very Life.

Volume 26 – 5/28/29

“My daughter, (Luisa) My Fiat has Its Prime Act in Our Divinity, Its Prime Act in the Creation and Redemption and in all things, and therefore It has Its just Right to dominate everything and to envelop all, and to be the Primary Wheel that, in moving, moves everything around itself, and all turn around it.  So, one who takes My Will as Life takes everything; and as the Primary Wheel moves, all things give themselves to the soul; so much so, that she has no need to ask—as they turn around My Will, they all give themselves to her.  Therefore, the most necessary thing is to take My Divine Will; and if she has done this, she has done everything and has taken everything—everything is hers.

“It happens as to an engine:  if the primary wheel in the center of it moves, all the secondary wheels rotate as well; but if the primary wheel does not move, all remain motionless, and there is no power nor artisan who would have the virtue of moving the secondary wheels.  But if the first one moves, the others rotate of their own and do their office.  Therefore, the attention and the art must be on the primary wheel—everything else comes of its own.  Such is My Will—one who possesses It has no need of anything.”

Volume 26 – 6/4/29

“This is why, though Adam went out of My Will when he sinned, his acts remained in It.  He was able to detach himself from his own acts, but his acts done in My Will could neither go out nor detach themselves, because they had already formed their Life of Light and of heat within It.  What enters into My Will loses its own life in It, it forms one same life with It, it loses the rights to go out; and My Will says:  ‘These acts have been done in My house, within My Light; the Rights are Mine, and there is no power, either human or Divine, that can make an act done by the creature in My Will to go out of It and separate from It.’  This is why the acts of Adam done in It before he sinned are there present as Prime Act on which depend the Creation and the acts of the human generations.

“Now, suppose that you (Luisa) went out from within My Will:  you (Luisa) go out and remain outside, but your acts do not go out—they neither have the right to go out, nor can they do it; and as long as you (Luisa) remain in My Will, your acts are Mine and yours, but if you (Luisa) go out, you lose the rights.  And because they were done in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, and not in the human will, they remain as My Rights, even though they appear and are known as having been done by you (Luisa).  Now, you (Luisa) must know that everything that you (Luisa) do in My Fiat will serve as Prime Act for the other creatures in order to Live in the Kingdom of It; as order, regime and Life of those who will Live in the Kingdom of My Fiat.  This is why I exhort you (Luisa) so much in your going around in It, I watch over you (Luisa), I accompany you (Luisa), and many times I do it together with you (Luisa) —because not only do they serve you (Luisa), but they must serve as Prime Acts and as models for those who must Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.”

Volume 29 – 3/23/31

After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Will, and I comprehended how, when we dispose ourselves to do an act, the Divine Volition, before we do the act, places in it Its Prime Act, to give the life of the act in the creature.  And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, (Luisa) in each act of the creature there is a triple act:  first, the Creative Strength forms the act; the creature, over the act of the Creative Strength, forms the act of her operating love, which is nourished by the Creative Strength; and according to the intensity of the love of the creature, its prolixity, the good, the value that her act contains, so does it receive more or less nourishment of the act of the Creative Strength.  In fact, there is no taste and delight for God more beautiful and pleasing, than nourishing the acts of the creature; and this, because in seeing something of Our own in the human act, We feel We are the Masters, recognized by them; We feel them as Our children—not the children far away, but close; even more, identified with Us, surrounding Us like a crown as many children of Ours, who justly want from Our own.  And We, with all Love, gladly give Our nourishment to their acts; more so since, nourished by Us, they will grow as noble children, worthy of their Celestial Father.  Now, after the act of the Creative Strength and the act of the operating love of the creature, follows the act of the love of completion.  Each act could not be called complete, nor be given the just value, if one comma, one point, one shade, were missing, whatever it might be; if a work is not complete, not only can one not give it value, but one cannot earn honor and glory.  So, after the operating love, arises the love of gratitude of thanksgiving, and of giving to God what is of God.  The creature received from God the first act of her operating, she continued it with her operating love, but nourished by God she completed it with a greater love, by giving to God what from God had its origin.  Here is the final point, and the most beautiful shade of the act of the creature, to which God Himself deigns to give His Divine Appreciation, and feels honored and glorified by the little Gift received.  And by virtue of this, He gives more occasions to let the creature do more acts, so as to keep her always close and in continuous correspondence.”

Volume 29 – 7/13/31

I was continuing my acts in the Divine Will, and was thinking to myself:  “How can one know whether the Divine Fiat reigns in the creature and in my poor soul, or the good that It reigns in it or not?”

But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus told me:  “Motion is the sign of life—where there is no motion there cannot be life.  So, to know whether the creature possesses My Will is if in her inmost soul she feels My Will alone as Prime Motion of everything that goes on within her.  In fact, My Will being Prime Motion, wherever It reigns It will make Its Prime Divine Motion felt, upon which will hang all the internal and external acts, as though from the Center of the Prime Motion of My Divine Will.  Therefore, It will be the Prime Motion, the Word of Honor, the Commandant, the Ruler, in such a way that each act will be in waiting to receive the Prime Motion in order to move and operate.  So, if the creature feels in her acts the Prime Motion of My Will, it is the sign that It reigns in her soul; but if, on the contrary, she feels in her Prime Motion the human end, her own pleasure, natural satisfactions, the taste for pleasing creatures, My Will will not only not reign, but from Queen It will act as her servant, serving her in her acts, because there is no act that the creature can do if My Divine Will does not concur in it, either dominating her or serving her.


Volume 30 – 12/8/31

“My daughter, (Luisa) Our Celestial Mama holds Primacy over all the good acts of creatures.  She, as Queen, has the Mandate and the Right to make the withdrawal of all their acts into Her Acts.  Her Love of Queen and of Mother is so great, that as the creature disposes herself to form her act of love, from the height of Her Throne She makes a Ray of Her Love descend, She invests and surrounds their act of love to place in them from Her own, as Prime Love.  And as it is formed, She takes it up within Her same Ray of Love into the fount of Her Love; and She says to Her Creator:  ‘Adorable Majesty, in My Love that always springs for You, there is the love of My children fused within My own, that I, with Right of Queen, have withdrawn into My Sea of Love, so that You may find, in My own, the love of all creatures.’

“If they adore, if they pray, if they repair, if they suffer, from the height of Her Throne descend the Ray of the Adoration, the Ray of Her Prayer, the Ray of Her Reparation; She unleashes the vivifying Ray from within the Sea of Her Sorrows, and She invests and surrounds the adoration, the prayer, the reparation, the sufferings of creatures.  And when they have done and formed the act, the same Ray of Light takes them up unto Her Throne, and they fuse within the fount of the Seas of the Adoration, of the Prayer, of the Reparation, of the Sorrows of the Celestial Mama.  And She repeats:  ‘Majesty Most Holy, My Adoration extends in all the adorations of creatures, My Prayer prays in their prayer, repairs with their reparation, and, as Mother, My Sorrows invest and surround their pains.  I will not feel Myself Queen if I do not run and place My Prime Act over all their acts; nor will I enjoy the sweetnesses of Mother if I do not run to surround, help, compensate for, embellish, fortify all the acts of creatures, so that I may be able to say:  “The acts of My children are one with Mine; I hold them in My Power before God in order to defend them, help them, and as the sure pledge that they will reach Me in Heaven.’

“Therefore, My daughter, (Luisa) you are never alone in your acts—you (Luisa) have the Celestial Mama together with you, who not only surrounds you (Luisa), but nourishes your act with Her Light of Her Virtues, to give it Life.  In fact, you (Luisa) must know that the Sovereign Queen, even from Her Immaculate Conception, was the First and Only Creature who formed the Link of Connection between the Creator and the creature, broken by Adam.  She accepted the Divine Mandate to bind God and men, and She bound them with Her Prime Acts of Fidelity, of Sacrifice, of Heroism, of making Her will die in each of Her Acts—not once, but always, to make that of God Live again.  From this sprang forth a Fount of Divine Love that cemented God and man and all their acts.  So, Her Acts, Her Maternal Love, Her Dominion of Queen, are cement that runs—that cements the acts of the creatures to render them inseparable from Her Own, unless someone, ungrateful, would refuse to receive the cement of the Love of his Mama.  Therefore, you (Luisa) must be convinced that around your patience there is the Patience of the Queen Mama that surrounds, sustains and nourishes yours; around your pains Her Sorrows surround you (Luisa), sustaining and nourishing, like balsamic oil, the hardness of your pains.

“In sum, in everything She is the Queen, All-Doer, who is unable to remain idle upon Her Throne of Glory, but descends—runs as Mother into the acts and needs of Her children.  Therefore, thank Her for Her many Maternal Cares, and thank God who has given to all generations a Mother so Holy, Lovable, and who Loves so much as to reach the point of acting as the Withdrawer of all their acts in order to cover them with Her Own, and to compensate for what is lacking in them, of Beauty and of Goodness.”

Volume 33 – 5/6/34

I am under the very high Waves of the Divine Fiat, such that things and all Its Divine Acts make one see and touch with his hand that all have Origin in the Divine Volition, and all are Bearers of a Volition so Holy.  In fact, the Primary Objective of God, as much in the Creation as in the Redemption, was nothing other than His Purpose that His Palpitating Life of Divine Will form in each creature and in everything.  He wanted His Royal Place, and the transfusion of all things and of each act into His Will, and with Justice and with Reason—He being the Author of everything and everyone, why marvel that by Right He wants His Place in everything?

          So I followed the Divine Will in Its Acts, and I arrived at Redemption.  And my beloved Jesus, stopping me and sighing, told me:  “My daughter, (Luisa) and yet the Primary Objective of the Redemption, in Our Divine Mind, was to Restore the Kingdom of the Divine Will in the creature.  It was this of the Divine that We had placed in her—Our Operating Will, the most Noble, most Beautiful Act, and that in virtue of this We Loved the creature even to folly.  Because she had of Ours, We Loved Ourselves in her and therefore Our Love was Perfect, Full and Incessant, and as if We could not undo Ourselves from her.  We felt Our Will Itself that from within the creature imposed Us to Love her.  And if I descended from Heaven to earth, it was the Empire, the Power of My Fiat that called Me, because It wanted Its Rights and Its Noble and Divine Act to be Restored and placed in safety.  The order would have been lacking, and We would have acted against nature if, descending from Heaven, I would have placed the creatures in safety, and Our Will, that which is of the Divine, Our most beautiful Act placed in them—Beginning, Origin, and End of everything—was not placed in safety and Its Kingdom in them restored to them.

          “But who is it who does not think of first saving himself, and then the others?  No one.  And if one cannot save himself, it is a sign that he will not have either the virtue or the power of saving others.   By Restoring the Kingdom of My Will in the creature, I did the Greatest Act, the Act that only a God can do, that is, to place in safety My own Life in the creature.  And saving Myself, everyone was placed in safety.  There were no more dangers, because they had a Divine Life in their power in which they would have found all the Goods that they needed.  Therefore My Redemption, My Life, My sufferings, My Death, will serve to dispose creatures for such a Good and as preparation for the Great Portent of the Kingdom of My Will in the human generations.  And if they still do not see the fruits, the Life, of It, this says nothing, because in My Humanity there is the Seed, the Life, of My Fiat, therefore this Seed possesses the virtue of forming the long Generation of so many other seeds in the hearts in order to regenerate in them the renewal of the Life of My Will in the creatures.  So, there is no act done by the Supreme Being that does not come forth from Our Will.  And so much is Its Love, that It places Itself as Life in Our Act, and as Life It demands Its Rights, that it wants to develop Its Life.  Therefore, how could I come to redeem, if I did not restore these Rights to My Will?

          “These Rights in order to come to redeem, were restored in My Celestial Mother and in My Humanity, and only because It first had these Rights, could I come to Redeem.  Otherwise I would not find either the way or the place for where to descend.  And My Humanity contracted with It by way of sufferings, to Restore to It these Rights to make It Reign in due time in the human family.  Therefore, you (Luisa) pray, and united with Me do not spare the sacrifice of your life for a cause so Holy and Divine, and for Love more heroic and great towards all creatures.”

          So I remained worried by what was written above, and I thought to myself:  “How can it be that while He says that His Primary Objective of His Coming on earth was to establish the Kingdom of the Divine Will, although the Redemption was connected together, still the fruits of the Redemption are seen abundantly, and those of His Reigning Fiat one sees almost nothing yet?

          And Jesus added:  “My daughter, (Luisa) it would be absurd and against the Divine Order to not give the Primacy to Our Will, as indeed We give it.  I can say that the Kingdom of My Divine Will first began in My Celestial Mother, then in My Humanity Itself—that possessed all the Fullness of the Supreme Will—and then the Redemption came.  And since I and the Queen of Heaven, in virtue of this Kingdom that We possessed in Its full vigor, represented the whole human family as Heads in order to reunite all the scattered members, therefore Redemption could come.  It was truly from within the Kingdom of My Will that the Redemption came forth.  If I and My Mother did not possess It, It would have been a dream and would have remained in Our Divine Mind.

 “Now being the Head, the King, the Savior, and the True Sanctifier of mankind, the members have the right to what there is in the Head; the children have the right of inheriting what the Mother possesses—behold, therefore, the Redemption.  The Head wants to heal the members and bond them by way of sufferings and Death in order to enjoy in them the virtues of the Head.  The Mother wants to reunite the children, make Herself known, in order to constitute them heirs of what She possesses.  Behold the necessity of time, in a way that the Redemption as Prime Act came forth from the Kingdom of My Will, and the Redemption will serve as powerful means in order to communicate to the members the Kingdom that the Head possesses.  Both will give each other a hand.

          “And then, if I Love so much, I want, I insist, that in all things creatures have for sole beginning My Will alone.  Then I, who possess the Life of It and who must descend from Heaven to earth, and who it cost Me so much, should I not give the Primacy to My Will?  Ah! My daughter, (Luisa) this says that It is not thoroughly understood, while one Act of My Will has more value than all the creatures united together.  And it is so very certain that Redemption had Life from My Will, while Redemption did not have the virtue of giving life to My Will.  My Fiat is Eternal; It had no beginning, either in Eternity or in time, while the Redemption had Its beginning in time.  And since My Volition had no beginning, and It is the only one that can give Life to everything, so It possesses by nature Its Primacy over everything.  And there is nothing that We do that We do not have Our Primary Objective that Our Will have Its Dominating, Operating and Reigning Life.

          “But you (Luisa) say that the fruits of Redemption are seen, while one sees nothing those of the Kingdom of the Divine Will—this says that they do not understand Our Divine Ways.  We do the minor things in order to give a place to Our Greater Works, and in order to bring about Our Primary Objective.  Listen to Me, My daughter, (Luisa) in Creation Our Primary Purpose was man, but instead of Creating man first, We Created heavens, sun, sea, earth, air, winds, as dwelling for where to place this man and let him find everything that was needed in order to let him live.  In the very Creation of man first We made the body, and then infused in him the soul, more precious, more noble, and that contains more value than the body.  Many times it is necessary to first do the minor works in order to prepare the decency, the place, for Our Greater Works.  Why marvel, therefore, that in descending from Heaven to earth, in Our Divine Mind Our Primary Objective was to constitute the Kingdom of Our Will in the midst of the human family?  Even more because the first offense that man made Us, was really directed to Our Will, therefore with Justice Our First Objective must be directed to strengthening the offended part of Our Will and to restoring Its Royal Place to It, and then the Redemption came.  And the Redemption came in a super-abundant way, with such excesses of Love as to astonish Heaven and earth.  But why first?  Because It had to serve to prepare with decency, with decorum, with sumptuousness, with the trousseau of My sufferings and of My Death itself, as Kingdom, as army, as dwelling, and as cortege, to let My Will Reign.  In order to heal man, My sufferings were needed; in order to give him Life, My Death was needed—and yet one Tear of Mine, one Sigh of Mine, one single Drop of My Blood, would have been enough in order to save everyone, because everything that I did was animated by My Supreme Will.  I can say that it was My Will in My Humanity that ran in all My Acts, in My most excruciating sufferings, in order to seek man and place him in safety.  How, therefore, can one deny the Prime Purpose to a Volition so Holy, so Powerful, that embraces everything, and in which there is no Life, no Good, without It?  So it is absurd to even think it.  Therefore I want that in all things you (Luisa) to recognize It as the Prime Act of everything, so you (Luisa) will place yourself in Our Divine Order, that there is nothing in which We do not give the Primacy to Our Will.”

Volume 36 – 6/5/38

“My blessed daughter, (Luisa) I did the Creation and all the creatures to form My Delights in them; to express from Our Supreme Being the Excesses of Our Love and the marvelous Power of Our Works.  If We delighted so much in Creating so many different things in the order of Creation, having to serve man, We delighted even more in doing unheard-of Prodigies, Works never before considered, enrapturing Beauties for the one who had to serve Us:  Man, the Prime Act of Creation.  We were to be always so delighted in him as to keep Us always busy, doing as many things as We could for him.  He, on the other side, was supposed to remain always with Us, to Love Us and let himself be Loved, receiving the great Wonders of Our Works.  It was his escape from Our Will that stopped Our Delights and the course of the Works that, with so much Love, We wanted to do for man.  But what We established has to be accomplished.  This is why We come back fighting, calling the creatures to Live in Our Will:  to let all that has been decreed and established be punctually accomplished.