Luisa and the Preternatural Gifts in the Divine Will

Luisa and the Preternatural Gifts in the Divine Will

Immutability – Impassibility – Immortality – Freedom from Concupiscence

Infused Knowledge – Lordship Over the Earth


Volume 5 – June 16, 1903
What renders the soul more dear, more beautiful, more lovable and more intimate with God is her perseverance in operating to please Him alone.

However, what renders the soul more dear, more beautiful, more lovable, more intimate with the Divine Being, is her perseverance in this way of behaving, which renders her immutable with the immutable God. In fact, if today she does something and tomorrow she doesn’t; if one time she has one end and another time another; if today she tries to please God and tomorrow creatures, she is the image of one who today is queen and tomorrow a most miserable servant; today she nourishes herself with delicious foods, tomorrow with filth.”

Volume 13 – October 21, 1921
Everything that Jesus did and suffered is in continuous act of giving itself to man.  All the remedies needed for the whole humanity are in His Life and Passion.

After this, I found myself in front of a Sun, and all of its rays poured upon me, penetrating inside.  I felt invested in such a way as to feel I was prey to the Sun.  Its vibrating light prevented me from looking at it; and every time I looked, I felt a greater joy and happiness.  Then, my sweet Jesus came out from within that Sun, and told me:  “Beloved daughter of my Volition, my Will inundates you like sun.  You are nothing but the prey, the amusement, the contentment of my Volition; and as you immerse yourself in It, my Will pours upon you, like solar rays, the fragrances of my Sanctity, of my Power, Wisdom, Goodness, etc.  And since my Will is eternal, the more you try to be in It, making It more than your own life, the more you come to absorb within you my immutability and impassivity.  Like a wheel, eternity spins around you, so that you may take part in everything, and nothing may escape you – and this, so that my Will may remain honored and fully glorified in you.  I want the first daughter of my Will to lack nothing – not one distinction that belongs to Me, which may make her be distinguished before the whole of Heaven as the first beginning of the Sanctity of living in my Will.  Therefore, be attentive; never go out of my Will, that you may receive all the fragrances of my Divinity; and so that, letting all that is yours come out, I may confirm all that is Mine, and my Will may remain in you as center of Life.”

Volume 19 – June 6, 1926
Jesus wants our link with everything He has done. Just as God established the epoch and the time of Redemption, so it is for the Kingdom of His Will. The Redemption is means to help man, the Divine Will is origin and end of man.

And I: ‘Jesus, my Love, the more You tell me, the more I feel the weight of my littleness, and I fear that I might be an obstacle to the Kingdom of your Will on earth. Oh! if You and my Mama had done this directly while being on earth, your Will would have had Its full effect.’ And Jesus, interrupting my words, added: “My daughter, Our task was perfectly accomplished – now you be attentive on accomplishing your own. This is your task; more so, since the Sovereign Queen and I are untouchable by pains, We are in the state of impassivity and of complete glory, and therefore pains can no longer have anything to do with Us. You, on the contrary, have the pains as help to impetrate the Supreme Fiat, new knowledges, new graces; and even though I am in Heaven, I will be hidden in you to form the Kingdom for my Will. My power is always the same; while being in Heaven I can do what I would have d one while being visible on earth. When I want it, and the creature offers herself, giving all of herself prey to my Will, I invest her and make her do what I Myself should do. Therefore be attentive, and mind your own task.”

Volume 21 – May 26, 1927
How God, in Creation, formed many rooms in order to dwell in them, to let Himself always be found by man, and to give him His qualities.  A doubt, which Jesus solves.  How what appears to be difficult for the soul, is easy for God.  Laments of the soul.  Jesus reassures her.

Then, I felt all afflicted and I thought to myself:  ‘How hard is my state; I feel I cannot go on.  The Divine Will is inexorable, immutable, and having to deal with the “Fiat” is not a joke.  One feels all the weight of Its immutability, and remains immutable with Its immutability.  It is impassive to everything, and places one in the conditions of wanting whatever It wants – may they even be chastisements, or the very privations of Jesus, which cost me so much.  Everything It wants must be done; but nothing must be done of what the soul wants – not even a comma.



Volume 1 page 30

Now, while seeing Jesus or the priest celebrating the Divine Sacrifice, Jesus would make me understand that in the Mass there is all the depth of our sacrosanct religion.  Ah! yes, the Mass tells us everything and speaks to us about everything.  The Mass reminds us of our redemption; It speaks to us, step by step, about the pains that Jesus suffered for us; It also manifests to us His immense love, for He was not content with dying on the Cross, but He wanted to continue His state of victim in the Most Holy Eucharist.  The Mass also tells us that our bodies, decayed, reduced to ashes by death, will rise again on the day of the judgment, together with Christ, to immortal and glorious life.  Jesus made me comprehend that the most consoling thing for a Christian, and the highest and most sublime mysteries of our holy religion are:  Jesus in the Sacrament and the resurrection of our bodies to glory.

Volume 3 – May 1, 1900
The Eucharist and the Cross.  Suffering is not to be feared.

After I received Communion, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen all affability; and as it seemed that the confessor was placing the intention of the crucifixion, my nature felt almost a repugnance to submit itself.  My sweet Jesus, to cheer me, told me:  “My daughter, if the Eucharist is the deposit of the future glory, the cross is the disbursement with which to purchase it.  If the Eucharist is the seed which prevents corruption – like those aromatic herbs that prevent decomposition when applied to cadavers – and gives immortality to soul and body, the cross embellishes and is so powerful that if debts have been contracted, it becomes their guarantor, and it more surely obtains the restitution of the debt’s deed.  And after it has satisfied every debt, it forms for the soul the most refulgent throne in the future glory.  Ah, yes, the cross and the Eucharist alternate, and one operates more powerfully than the other.”

Freedom from Concupiscence:

Volume 17 – May 21, 1925
How corruption is a cloud before the Sun of the Divine Will.

Furthermore, you must know that in order to entrust to you the mission of my Will, if I did not remove from you the original sin, as I did with my beloved Mama, I removed from you the tendency of concupiscence and the seed of corruption, because it befitted the decorum and the Sanctity of my Will not to take Its place in a corrupted will and nature. These would have been like clouds before the Sun of my Will; and the knowledges of It, like rays, would not have penetrated, and would not have taken possession of your soul. Now, since my Will is in you, all Heaven, the Most Holy Virgin, all the Saints and Angels, are bound to you, because my Will is Life of each one of them.

Infused Knowledge

Volume 1 page 23

God speaks to me.  This way of speaking He Himself calls intellectual speaking.  I will try to explain it:  after the soul has gone out of the body, finding herself before Jesus, she has no need of words in order to understand what the Lord wants to tell her; nor does the soul need to speak in order to make herself understood; but through the intellect – oh! how well we understand each other when we are together.  From a light that comes from Jesus into my intellect, I feel everything that my Jesus wants to make me understand being impressed within me.  This way is very high and sublime; so much so, that the nature can hardly adapt itself to explain it with words – it can barely give a few ideas.  This way of Jesus of making Himself understood is extremely rapid – in one simple instant one learns many sublime things, more than by reading entire books.  Oh! what a most ingenious teacher Jesus is – in one simple instant He teaches so many things, while it would take entire years for someone else, if he manages at all, because the terrestrial teacher does not have the power to draw the will of his disciple, or to infuse things in his mind without effort and toil.  But not with Jesus:  His sweetness, the loveliness of His gesture, the gentleness of His speaking are so great – and then He is so beautiful, that as soon as the soul sees Him, she feels so drawn that sometimes the speed with which she runs after Jesus is so great, that almost without realizing it, she finds herself transformed into the beloved, in such a way that the soul is no longer capable of distinguishing her terrestrial being so much is she identified with the Divine Being.  Who can tell what the soul feels in this state?  It would take Jesus Himself, or a soul perfectly separated from the body, because in finding herself surrounded once again by the wall of this body, and losing that light which before kept her submerged, the soul loses very much and remains obscured.  So, if she tries to say something, she can do it only roughly.

Volume 17 -October 2, 1924
Effects of the adoration of the Power of the Father, of the Wisdom of the Son, and of the Love of the Holy Spirit, done with the Divine Will.

In the meantime, I felt I was being transported outside of myself, toward the vault of the Heavens, and I seemed to meet the Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit. And Jesus, who was with me, placed Himself between Them, and placed me on the lap of the Father, Who seemed to be waiting for me with so much love that He pressed me to His womb, and identifying me with His Will, communicated His power to me. So did the other two Divine Persons, with Wisdom and with Love. But while They communicated Themselves to me, One by One, then, They all became One, and I felt I was being infused with, all together, the Will of the Power of the Father, the Will of the Wisdom of the Son, and the Will of the Love of the Holy Spirit. But who can say all that I felt as being infused in my soul?

Volume 24 – March 25, 1928
How the knowledges are many steps which the Divine Will has taken in order to return to the midst of creatures.  How these steps will bring life, light and sanctity.  Sighs of Jesus for them to be made known.

Such are the knowledges about my Fiat:  if they are not made known, their rays cannot extend and take souls as though in their hands to warm them, to remove from them the torpor of the human will, to mold them anew, to transform them again in the life which my Fiat wants to infuse into them; because these knowledges are, and contain, the new creation of transforming the creature as he came out of Our creative hands.”


Lordship Over the Earth


Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Day Sixteen – The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the
Divine Will.
Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

…Now, my child, you must know that only the human will closed heaven, and therefore it was not given to it to penetrate into those celestial regions, or to have a familiar relationship with the Creator.  On the contrary, the human will had cast the creature away from the One who had created her.  At the moment man withdrew from the Divine Will, he became fearful, timid, and lost dominion over himself and the whole creation.  All the elements, being dominated by the Fiat, were superior to him and could harm him.  Man was afraid of everything.  And do you think it is a small thing, my child, that the one who had been created king and dominator of all, reached the point of being afraid of the One who had created him?  It is strange, my child, and I would say almost against nature, that a son would be afraid of his Father; when it is according to nature that, as one generates, he generates also love and trust between father and child.  This can be called the prime inheritance which is due to the child, and the prime right which is due to the Father.  Therefore, Adam, by doing his will, lost the inheritance of His Father; he lost his Kingdom, and became the taunt of all created things.

My child, listen to your Mama, and ponder well the great evil of the human will.  It removes the eyes of the soul, and blinds her, in such a way that everything is darkness and fear for the poor creature.  Therefore, place your hand upon your heart and swear to your Mama that you would rather die than do your will.  By never doing my will, I had no fear of my Creator.
How could I be afraid if He loved me so much?  So much did His Kingdom extend within me that, with my acts I was forming the full day to let the new Sun of the Eternal Word rise upon the earth.  And as I saw that this day was being formed, I increased my pleas to obtain the longed for day of peace between Heaven and earth.

Volume 6 – June 10, 1904
The beauty of man, and his blindness with regard to himself.

Continuing in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came for just a little, all sad and sorrowful, and He told me:  “Ah, my daughter, if man knew himself, oh! how careful he would be not to become stained.  In fact, his beauty, his nobility, his strikingness are such and so great that he encompasses all the beauties and varieties of created things within himself.  And this, because all other things of nature had been created to serve man, and man was to be superior to all of them; so, in order to be superior, he had to encompass all the qualities of the other created things within himself.  Not only this, but since the other things had been created for man, and man for God alone and for His delight, as a consequence he was not only to encompass all creation within himself, but he was to surpass it to the point of receiving the image of the Supreme Majesty within himself.  But in spite of all this, heedless of all these goods, man does nothing but dirty himself with the ugliest filth.”  And He disappeared.

I understood that it happens to us as to a poor woman, who received a garment woven with gold and enriched with gems and precious pearls.  But since she knows little about these things and does not know their value, she keeps the garment exposed to dust; she easily lets it get dirty with mud, and she holds it as she would a rough and inexpensive dress; so much so, that if it is taken away from her, she suffers little or no displeasure.  Such is our blindness with regard to ourselves.

Volume 11 – November 27, 1913
With complete acts in the Divine Will, the soul forms within herself a Sun similar to the Divine Sun.

In the Divine Will the soul becomes a God of the earth.

….Jesus:  “My Will is the highest point which can exist, both in Heaven and on earth.  When the soul reaches It, she has conquered everything and she has done everything.  She has nothing left to do other than dwell in these heights, enjoy them, and understand more and more my Will, which is not yet thoroughly understood, either in Heaven or upon earth.  You have plenty of time to spend there, since you have understood very little, and much remains for you to understand.  My Will is so great that whoever does It can call herself a God of the earth.  Just as my Will forms the beatitude of Heaven, these Gods who do my Will form the beatitude of the earth, and of those who are close to them.  There is not a good which exists on earth which is not to be attributed to these Gods of my Will – either as a direct or as indirect cause.  Everything is because of them.  Just as there is no happiness in Heaven which does not come from Me, there is no existing good on earth which does not come from them.”

Volume 11 – October 28, 1915
The life on earth of Jesus has been a continuous sowing, so that it may be harvested by creatures and produce fruit in them.

This morning, my always adorable Jesus came and told me:  “My daughter, my Life on earth was nothing other than sown seeds, which my children will harvest, provided that they will remain on the same land in which I sowed these seeds.  Depending on their act of harvesting, my seeds will produce their fruit.  Now, these seeds are my works, my words, my thoughts, even my breaths, etc.  So, if the soul picks them all, making them her own, she will be enriched in such a way as to purchase the Kingdom of Heaven.  But if she doesn’t, these seeds will serve as her condemnation.”

Volume 11 – November 11, 1915
One who lives in the Divine Will feels the very wound which God feels as if it were her own; so she becomes like another Jesus on earth

…Therefore, a Divine vein ascends and descends between Me and these souls; a vein which keeps consuming their human blood.  The more they take part in my wound and in my own Life, the larger this vein becomes.  It becomes so large as to render them other Christs.  And I keep repeating to my Father: ‘I am in Heaven, but there are other Christs on earth, wounded with my own wound, who cry like me; who suffer, pray etc., like Me; so We must pour our mercy upon the earth…’   Ah, only these who live in my Volition take part in my wound.  They are like Me on earth, and they will be like Me in Heaven, sharing in the same Glory of my Humanity.”

Volume 13 – January 3, 1922
The relations which exist between the Divine Will and the human will.

….Now, by withdrawing from my Will, he broke all these relations, and placed himself in relation with sin, with passions, with his fiercest enemy.  Therefore, the soul who lives in my Will rises so high as to leave everyone behind; she places herself in order between Me and her; she gives herself back to the origin, and places all broken relations in force.  All created things form her cortege and recognize her as their legitimate daughter, feeling honored to be dominated by her.  The purpose for which they were created – to be commanded and to obey her slightest wishes – is already accomplished.  Therefore, all nature remains reverent around her, and exults in seeing that finally its God receives the glory of the purpose for which He had created it – that of serving man.  And so, fire, light, water, cold, will let themselves be commanded, and will faithfully obey.   And just as my Love immediately prepared the remedy in order to save man, by descending from Heaven and becoming Man, so this soul who lives in my Will, by giving herself back to the beginning, to her eternal origin from which she came, even before my Humanity was formed, already kissed and adored my Blood and my wounds, honored my steps and my works, and formed a worthy cortege to my Humanity  Oh, soul who lives in my Will, you alone are the purpose of the glory of Creation, the decorum and the honor of my works, and the fulfillment of my Redemption!  In you I centralize everything; may all relations be given back to you.  And if out of weakness you should lack something, for the decorum and the honor of my Will I will make up for you in everything.  Therefore, be attentive, and give this highest contentment to your Jesus.”

Volume 15 – December 8, 1922
On the Immaculate Conception of Most Holy Mary.

….Here, then, is the reason for which We constituted Her Queen of all, because when We operate, We do it with reason, wisdom and justice: She never gave life to her human will, but our Will was always intact in Her. How could We say to another creature, ‘You are Queen of Heaven, of the sun, of the stars, and so on’, if instead of having our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her own human will? All of the elements, Heaven, sun and earth, would have withdrawn from the rule and dominion of this creature. All would have cried out in their mute language: ‘We do not want her! We are superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from your eternal Volition; as You created us, so we are’; so would the Sun have cried out with Its light, the stars with their flickering, the sea with its waves, and so on with all the rest. Instead, as soon as they all felt the dominion of this excelling Virgin, who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know her own will but only That of God, not only did they make feast, but felt honored to have their Queen, and thronged around Her to court Her and pay tribute to Her – the moon, by placing itself as footstool at her feet, the stars as crown, the sun as diadem, the Angels as servants, men as though in waiting… Everyone, everyone honored Her and paid to Her their obsequies. There is no honor and glory that cannot be given to our Will – whether It is acting in Us, Its own residence, or dwelling in the creature.

Volume 18 – May 1, 1926

…Therefore, that Breath which, with so much love, I released from my womb in the creation of man, to infuse in him my likeness, I continue to infuse in the soul who lives in my Will, in order to form my true images and the great portents which I had established to form in Creation.  Because of this soul, all things live in my Volition, because she alone will not disappoint Me in the purpose of Creation.  She will enjoy, by right, the things created by Me, because since my Will is one with hers, what is Mine is hers, and with right she can say:  ‘The heavens, the sun, the earth and all the other things, are mine.  Therefore, I want to enjoy them, also to give honor to that Supreme Will which created them, and which reigns in me.’ On the other hand, the soul in whom my Will does not reign, has no right, and if she enjoys them, she is a usurper, because they do not belong to her – she is an intruder in my goods; and because my goodness is great, I let her enjoy them as alms, but not by right.  This is why many times the elements rage at man – because he has no right, and what is left for him of the things of the earth, is the alms that the Creator sends to him.  So, the soul who lives in my Will is like a queen in the midst of Creation, and I greatly delight in seeing her reign in the midst of my goods.”

Volume 20 – September 17, 1926
How each thing created by God has its place, while one who goes out of the Divine Will loses his place.

 “My daughter, each created thing which came out of Our creative hands was assigned its place and its distinct office; and all of them remain at their place, magnifying with incessant praises that Eternal Fiat which dominates them, preserves them, and gives them new life.  So, it is because of the motion of Supreme Fiat dominating in them that they are preserved ever beautiful, whole and new.  Man too was assigned his place – his office of sovereign over all created things; with the difference that, while all the other things created by Us remained exactly like God had created them – without ever changing, increasing or decreasing – my Will, instead, giving man supremacy over all the works of Our hands, and wanting to display even more love with him, gave him the office to grow continuously in beauty, in sanctity, in wisdom, in richness, to the point of raising him to the Likeness of his Creator – always provided that he would let himself be dominated and guided, to give the Supreme Fiat free field in order to form Its Divine Life in him, so as to form this continuous growth of goods, of beauty and of happiness without end.  In fact, without my Will dominating, there can be neither growth nor beauty, nor happiness, nor order, nor harmony.  Since my Will is origin, master and beginning of the whole work of Creation, wherever It exists, It has the virtue of preserving Its work beautiful, just as It delivered it.  But where It does not exist, the communication of Its vital humors in order to preserve the work delivered by Our hands, is missing.  Do you see, then, what a great evil it was for man to withdraw from my Will?

So, all things, even the most tiny, have their place.  One can say that they are safe in their home and no one can touch them.  They possess abundance of goods, because that Will which flows in them possesses the fount of all goods.  They are all in order – harmony is the peace of all.  On the other hand, by withdrawing from Our Will, man lost his place; he remained without Our home, exposed to dangers.  Everyone can touch him to harm him; the very elements are superior to him because they possess a Supreme Will, while he possesses a degraded human will, which can give him nothing but miseries, weaknesses and passions.  Having lost his origin, his place, he has remained without order, disharmonized from all, and enjoys no peace – not even within himself.  Therefore, one can say that he is the only being wandering in the whole Creation, to whom nothing is due by right, because We give everything to one who lives in Our Will, for he is in Our home – he is one from Our family.  The relations, the bonds of sonship which he possesses by living in It, give him the right to all of Our goods.  On the other hand, one who does not live in the Life of my Will, has broken, all at once, all the bonds, all the relations, therefore We consider him as something that does not belong to Us.  Oh! If all knew what it means to break up with Our Will, and into what abyss they fall – all would tremble with fright, and would compete in order to return into the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, to take back their place, assigned to them by God.

Volume 22 – June 26, 1927
How all the things of God have equal weight.  How everything that God did in Creation is beaded with His love, and this is felt by one who lives in the Divine Will.

“My daughter, do you think you are the one who does this?  No, no – it is my Will that keeps tracing all of Its acts which It issued in Creation, beading each of Its acts, thoughts, words, steps, with Its ‘I love you’; and this ‘I love you’ runs through each act and thought toward each creature.  One who is in my Will feels this love of God spread everywhere.  His love is hidden even in the plants, in the flowers, and even under the earth, in the roots; and unable to contain it, He rips the earth open, and beads plants and flowers with His ‘I love you’, to manifest His ardent love toward the creature.  And when my Will reigns in the soul, It wants to continue Its ‘I love you’ of Creation, and therefore It calls you to follow Its eternal love; and calling each thought and act, as well as all created elements, Its says and makes you say ‘I love you’, and with Its very Will It makes you ask for Its Kingdom, so as to bind It once again in the midst of creatures.

What enchantment, my daughter, to see your ‘I love you’ united to that of my Will, flowing in each thought and act of creature and asking for my Kingdom; [to see] this ‘I love you’ flowing in the might of the wind, extending in the rays of the sun, murmuring in the murmuring of the sea and in the roaring of the waves, impressing itself on each plant, and rising with the most beautiful adoration in the fragrances of the flowers; and, more than trembling voice, saying ‘I love you’ in the sweet twinkling and sparkling of the stars – in sum, everywhere.  One who does not live in my Divine Will does not hear this language of my eternal love in all of Its acts and in each created thing; but one who lives in It feels herself being called to love so many times for as many times as her Creator has loved her.  All things speak with holy eloquence about my love.  How ungrateful she would be, if she did not follow the speaking love of my eternal Fiat.”

Volume 24 – June 25, 1928
Everything that is done in the Fiat acquires the continuous unceasing act.  Example of the Sun.

The purpose of Jesus going into the desert.  The pains of isolation.

As man withdrew from my Will, his lot changed; and I wanted to go into the desert in order to call back the blessings of my Celestial Father and, by calling my Will to reign, restore the earth, populate it everywhere and fecundate it, in such a way that the earth will produce more seeds, and more beautiful ones, such as to increase it a hundredfold, rendering it more fecund and of radiant beauty.  How many great things will do the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat!  So much so, that all the elements are all in waiting – the Sun, the wind, the sea, the earth and the whole Creation – to deliver from their womb all the goods and effects which they contain.  In fact, since the Divine Will that dominates them does not reign in the midst of creatures, they do not put out all the goods which they enclose within them, giving them only what they have to as alms, and as to servants.  So, the earth has not produced all the seeds; the Sun, not finding all the seeds, does not produce all the effects and goods It contains; and so with all the rest.

This is why all await the Kingdom of the Fiat – to show creatures how rich they are, and how many admirable things the Creator has placed in them for love of the ones who were to be the children of His Will.”

Volume 28 -November 20, 1930
How fear of losing a good means possessing it.  Who holds the right of asking for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  The food to form and grow the life of the Divine Will in the creature.

“My daughter, courage.  Fear of losing a good, means possessing it, knowing it, and loving it.  And possessing it not with usurpation, but with right of property.  And when one possesses a good with right of property, no law, either human or Divine, can legitimately remove the goods that they possess.

Much more because it is the absolute Will of your Jesus that you possess, with right of property, the inheritance of My Divine Fiat that, with so much love, I have given to you so that you could ask with right that Its Kingdom come on earth.  This is why only who possesses My Will has and can, with right, ask that Its Kingdom come on earth and extend everywhere.  And as My ill fills the heavens, the sun, the sea, and everything, despite [the fact] that they have no reason, [so] they are freely dominated by the powerful and upright force of My Fiat, which never changes.  Therefore in the name of heaven, the sun, and everything, you can ask for Its Kingdom with right.

[This is] because without It man occupies the last place, since the littlest and the greatest thing, animated and dominated by My Divine Will, is always superior to man.  He is the degraded and the most humiliated in the midst of all created things.  He is the most needy, the poorest, who, in order to live, must extend his hand to all created things in order to receive the charity of their beneficial effects.  And at times it is denied to him by the express will of Who dominates it [created things].  Rather, He places the elements against man in order to make him touch with his [own] hand what it means to not live in Its inheritance.  Only My Will extols the works of Our creative hands.  It places them in a place of honor, [and] adorns them with all goods in a way that it [created things] will have need of no one.

Rather, It makes them [created things] dominant over themselves, and ruler of all.  In virtue of My Will that they [created things] possess, all bow and feel honored to let themselves be dominated [by the Divine Will they possess].  Therefore do not fear, because fear makes the good that one possesses unhappy, and it embitters the purest, most holy, and most Divine joys that there are in My Fiat.  Much more, since every act done in My Divine Will forms the food in order to feed the past acts done in It, because many acts united together have formed Its life in the soul, and life can’t be maintained and can’t grow without food.  Therefore one act serves to maintain another, and to form the life of My Will in the creature.  Repeated acts form the water in order to water it, the air in order to give continuous breath to this life all of Heaven; the heartbeat in order to make her feel the continuous palpitation of My Will; the food in order to maintain her life.  And as the body cannot live without food, without air that lets itself be continuously breathed, and without the heartbeat that gives motion to all life, [so] it is not enough to have taken food occasionally, to breathe and to palpitate at intervals, in order to form human life, but [it is necessary to do it] always, always, because only continuous acts have the virtue of forming life, otherwise life dies.  With who wants to form the life of My Will in herself, repeated acts are needed, in a way that, for this life, she must not lack either the air in order to let her breathe, or the food in order to feed her, or the heat or the light in order to let her feel the life of Heaven in her soul.  Therefore, do not worry yourself about anything else, but always forward in My Will.”


October 25, 1899
The echo of the love of God, and the echo of the ingratitude of creatures.

My most sweet Jesus continues to manifest Himself almost always in the same way. This morning He added: “My daughter, my love toward creatures is so great that it resounds like an echo in the celestial regions, it fills the atmosphere and diffuses over the whole earth. But what is the correspondence that creatures give to this loving echo? Ah, they requite Me with an echo of ingratitude, poisonous, filled with every kind of bitternesses and sins; with an echo almost deadly, fit only for wounding Me. But I will depopulate the face of the earth, so that this echo resounding with poison may not deafen my ears.”

And I: ‘Ah, Lord, what are You saying?’ And Jesus: “I act just like a pitying doctor, who has the extreme remedies for his children, and these children are full of wounds. What does this father and doctor do, who loves his children more than his very life? Will he let these wounds become gangrenous? Will he let them die for fear that by applying fire and knife they may suffer? No – never! Even though he will feel as if those instruments were applied to himself, in spite of this, he grabs the knife, he rips and cuts the flesh, and he applies to it the poison, the fire, to prevent corruption from advancing further. Even though many times it happens that in these operations the poor children die, this was not the will of the father doctor – his will was to see them healed. So I am. I wound in order to heal them, I destroy them in order to resurrect them. If many perish, this is not my Will, it is only the effect of their wickedness and obstinate will – it is the effect of this poisonous echo which they want to keep sending Me to the point of seeing themselves destroyed.”

And I: ‘Tell me, my only Good, how could I sweeten this poisonous echo for You which afflicts You so much?’ And He: “The only means is that you always do all your actions with the sole purpose of pleasing Me, and that you employ all your senses and powers for the purpose of loving Me and of glorifying Me. Let your every thought, word, and everything else, want nothing but the love you have for Me; in this way your echo will rise pleasant to my throne and will sweeten my hearing.”

November 6, 1899
Purity of intention.

This morning, as adorable Jesus came and transported me outside of myself, He showed me streets full of human flesh. What a ruthless slaughter! It is horrifying to think about it! Then He showed me how something was happening in the air, and many would die suddenly; I have also seen this since the month of March. I began to pray Him according to my usual way, that He would placate Himself and spare His very images torments so cruel, wars so bloody; and since He had the crown of thorns, I removed it from His head to place it on mine, and this, in order to placate Him more. But to my highest sorrow I saw that almost all the thorns would remain, broken, inside His most holy head, and so very little was left for me to suffer. Jesus appeared serious, almost without paying attention to me; He transported me again into my bed, and since I had my arms on the cross, suffering the pains of the crucifixion which He Himself had shared with me before, He took my arms and united them together, binding them with a little rope of gold. Not paying attention to what this might mean, in order to break that severe air that He had, I said to Him: ‘My most sweet love, I offer You these movements of my body that You Yourself made me do, as well as all the others which I myself can do, for the sole purpose of pleasing You and glorifying You. Ah, yes! I wish that the movements of my eyelids, of my eyes, of my lips and of all of myself, were also made for the sole purpose of pleasing You alone. Let it be, O good Jesus, that all my bones and my nerves may resound among themselves, and with clear voices, may prove my love to You.’ And He said to me: “Everything that is done for the sole purpose of pleasing Me shines before Me in such a way as to draw my divine gazes, and I like it so much, that to those actions, be they even a batting of eyelashes, I give the value as if they were done by Me. On the other hand, those other actions, good in themselves and even great, but which are not done for Me alone, are like gold that is muddy and full of rust, which does not shine, and I do not so much as look at them.” And I: ‘Ah, Lord, how easy it is for our actions to be dirtied with dust!’ And He: “One should not care about dust, because it can be shaken off, but what one must care about is the intention.”

Now, while we were saying this, Jesus was busy binding my arms. I said to Him: ‘O please, Lord, what are You doing?’ And He: “I am doing this because when you are in that position of crucifixion, you come to placate Me; and since I want to chastise the people, I am binding them.” Having said this, He disappeared.

April 25, 1900
Purity in operating is light.

As I was in my usual state and not finding my sweet Jesus, I had to go around very much to go in search of Him. Finally I found Him in the arms of the Queen Mama, suckling milk from Her breasts. As much as I said and did, He did not seem to pay attention to me; or rather, He did not even look at me. Who can say the pain of my poor heart, in seeing that Jesus was not paying attention to me? Then, after I gave vent to my tears, having compassion for me, He came into my arms and poured from His mouth a little bit of that milk which He had suckled from the Queen Mama.

After this, I looked into His breast, and He had a little pearl, so refulgent as to invest the most holy Humanity of Our Lord with light. Wanting to know the meaning of it, I asked Jesus what that pearl was, which, while appearing so small, spread so much light. And Jesus: “It is the purity of your suffering which, though small, is the cause of so much light, because you suffer only for love of Me and would be ready to suffer more if I conceded it to you. My daughter, purity in operating is so great, that one who operates with the sole purpose of pleasing Me alone, does nothing other than spread light from all of his operating. One who does not operate in an upright way, even in good, does nothing other than spread darkness.” Then I looked into the breast of Our Lord, and He had a most clear mirror, and it seemed that those who walked in an upright way remained completely absorbed in that mirror, while those who did not, remained outside, without being able to receive any imprint of the image of blessed Jesus. Ah, Lord, keep me all absorbed in this divine mirror, that I may have no other shade of intention in my operating.

June 27, 1900
The soul must recognize herself in Jesus, not in herself.

I continue to be sleepy. This morning, for a few minutes I found myself awake and I comprehended my miserable state; I felt the bitterness of the privation of my highest and only Good. I was able only to shed a few tears, saying to Him: ‘My always good Jesus, how is it that You are not coming? These are not things to do: to wound a soul and then leave her! And what is more, so as not to let her know what You are doing, You leave her prey to sleep. O please! come, do not make me wait so much!’

While I was saying this and yet more nonsense, in one instant He came and transported me outside of myself; and since I wanted to tell Him about my poor state, imposing silence on me, Jesus told me: “My daughter, what I want from you is that you no longer recognize yourself in yourself, but that you recognize yourself only in Me. So you will no longer remember yourself, nor will you ever again have recognition of yourself, but you will remember Me, and un-recognizing yourself, you will acquire the recognition of Me alone. According to how much you will forget and destroy yourself, so will you advance in the knowledge of Me and will recognize yourself only in Me. Once you have done all this, you will no longer think with your mind, but with Mine; you will not look with your eyes, you will no longer speak with your mouth, nor will you palpitate with your heart, work with your hands, or walk with your feet, but will do everything with Mine. In fact, in order to recognize herself only in God, the soul needs to go to her origin and to return to her beginning – God, from Whom she came – and to conform all of herself to her Creator. And anything which she keeps of herself and which is not conformed to her beginning, she must undo and reduce to nothing. Only in this way, naked, undone, can she return to her origin, recognize herself only in God, and operate according to the purpose for which she was created. This is why in order to conform to Me completely, the soul must render herself indivisible with Me.”

While He was saying this, I could see the terrible chastisement of plants withered, and how it must advance further. I could only say: ‘Ah, Lord, how will the poor people go on?’ And He, so as not to listen to me, escaped me like a flash and disappeared. Who can say the bitterness of my soul in finding myself inside myself, not having been able to speak to Him even one word for myself and for my neighbor; and for my tendency to sleep with which I was again left?

October 29, 1903
When the soul has the character of the purpose of Creation impressed within herself, Jesus repays her with part of the celestial happiness.

This morning my adorable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior as if He had incarnated Himself in my very person; and looking at me, He said: “My daughter, when I see the character of the purpose of Creation impressed in the soul, feeling satisfied with her because I see so well accomplished the work created by Me, I feel a duty – or rather, not a duty”, He immediately added, “because in Me there are no duties, but my duty is a more intense love to repay her, advancing for her part of the celestial happiness – that is, manifesting to her intellect the knowledge of the Divinity; attracting her with the food of eternal truths; amusing her sight with my beauty, making the sweetness of my voice resound to her hearing; to her mouth, my kisses; to her heart, my embraces and all my tendernesses. And this corresponds to the purpose for which I created her, which is: to know Me, to love Me, to serve Me.” And He disappeared.

So, finding myself outside of myself, I saw the confessor and I told him what blessed Jesus had told me. I asked him whether it was according to the truth, and he said to me: “Yes.” Not only this, but he added that the divine speaking could be recognized well, because when God speaks and the soul relates it, one who listens not only sees the truths of the words, but feels a movement in his interior, which only the Divine Spirit possesses.

September 4, 1905
In all times God has had souls from whom, as much as is possible for a creature, He has received the purpose of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification – and who have received His goods.

Continuing in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made me see His Most Sacred Humanity, all of His wounds, His pains; and from within His wounds, even from the drops of His Blood, many branches loaded with fruits and flowers came out, and it seemed that He communicated His sufferings to me, as well as all His branches loaded with flowers and fruits. I remained surprised on seeing the goodness of Our Lord in sharing all His goods with me, without excluding me from anything of all that He contained; and blessed Jesus told me: “My beloved daughter, do not be surprised at what you see, for you are not alone, nor the only one. In fact, in all times I have had souls from whom – as much as is possible for a creature, perfectly in some way – I might receive the purpose of my Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, and the creature might receive all the goods for which I created, redeemed and sanctified man. Otherwise, if I did not have even one single creature in each time, my whole work would be frustrated, at least for some time.

This is the order of my Providence, of my Justice and of my Love – that in each time I must have at least one with whom I might share all goods, and that the creature must give Me everything she owes Me as creature. Otherwise, why maintain the world? In one moment I would shatter it. This is precisely why I choose victim souls: just as divine Justice found in Me everything It should find in all creatures, and shared with Me, all together, the goods It would have shared with all creatures, in such a way that my Humanity contained everything, so do I find everything in the victims, and I share all my goods with them. During the time of my Passion I had my dearest Mother who, while I shared all my pains and all my goods with Her, was most attentive as creature, on gathering within Herself everything that creatures were to do for Me. Therefore in Her I found all my satisfaction and all the gratitude, the thanksgiving, the praise, the reparation, the correspondence which I was to find in everyone else. Then came Magdalene, John, and so on, in all the times of the Church. And so that these souls might be more pleasing to Me and I might feel drawn to give them everything, first I anticipate them, and then I ennoble their souls, bodies, traits, and even their voices, in such a way that one single word has so much strength, it is so gracious, sweet, penetrating, that it moves my whole Being to compassion and tenderness; it changes Me, and I say: ‘Ah! This is the voice of my beloved, I cannot do without listening to her; it would be as though wanting to deny what she wants to my very Self. If I am not to listen to her, I should take the will to speak away from her; but as for sending her back empty-handed – never.’ So, there is such electricity of union between Me and her, that the soul herself cannot comprehend everything in this life, though she will comprehend it with all clarity in the next.”

November 6, 1905
In His pains, the purpose of Jesus was primarily that of satisfying the Father in everything and for all, and then the Redemption of souls.

While thinking about the Passion of Our Lord, I said to myself: ‘How I would like to enter the interior of Jesus Christ, to be able to see everything He did, and to see what was most pleasing to His Heart, so that I too may do it and mitigate His pains by offering Him what pleased Him the most.’ While I was saying this, moving in my interior, blessed Jesus told me: “My daughter, my interior was occupied with those pains primarily to satisfy my dear Father in everything and for all, and then for the redemption of souls. The thing that pleased my Heart the most was to see the satisfaction that the Father showed to Me in seeing Me suffer so much for love of Him, in such a way that He gathered everything within Himself – not even a breath or a sigh was dispersed, but He gathered everything in order to be satisfied and to show Me His satisfaction. And I was so satisfied by this, that if I had nothing else, the sole satisfaction of the Father was enough for Me to be satisfied in what I suffered; while, on the other hand, much – much of my Passion was dispersed on the part of creatures. And the satisfaction of the Father was so great, that He poured, in torrents, the treasures of His Divinity into my Humanity. Therefore, accompany my Passion in this way, for you will give Me much pleasure.”

January 8, 1909
The fruit and the purpose of Communion.

Having received Communion, at the best moment I was thinking of how I could cling to blessed Jesus more then ever, and He said to me: “In order to cling more tightly to Me, to the point of dissolving your being in Mine, just as I transfuse Mine into yours, you must take what is Mine in everything, and in everything leave what is yours; in such a way that if you always think of things which are holy and regard only what is good, and the honor and glory of God, you leave your mind and take the divine. If you speak, if you operate good, and only out of love for God, you leave your mouth and your hands, and you take my mouth and my hands. If you walk along holy and upright paths, you will walk with my own feet; if your heart loves Me alone, you will leave your heart and will take Mine, and will love Me with my own love; and so with all the rest. So, you will be enveloped with all my things, and I with all of yours. Can there be a tighter union than this? If the soul reaches the point of no longer recognizing herself, but the Divine Being within her, these are the fruits of good Communions, and this is the divine purpose in wanting to communicate Himself to souls. But, how frustrated my love remains, and how few are the fruits that souls gather from this Sacrament, to the point that the majority of them remains indifferent, and even nauseated by this divine food.”

August 24 1915
The only thing that makes the creature be like God is the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came for just a little, and I gave Him a kiss, telling Him: ‘My Jesus, if it were possible, I would like to give You the kiss of all creatures. In this way I would satisfy your love, by bringing them all to You.’ And Jesus: “My daughter, if you want to give Me the kiss of all, kiss Me in my Will, because my Will, containing the creative virtue, contains the power to multiply one act into as many acts as one wants. In this way, you will give Me the contentment as if all were kissing Me, and you will have the merit as if you had made everyone kiss Me; while all creatures will receive the effects according to their dispositions.

One act in my Will contains all possible imaginable goods. You will find an image of this in the light of the sun. The light is one, but this light multiplies in all gazes of creatures. The light is always one, and one single act, but not all the gazes of creatures enjoy the same light. Some, of weak sight, need to put their hands before their eyes, almost not to feel themselves being blinded by the light. Others, blind, do not enjoy it at all, but this is not because of a defect of the light, but because of a defect in the eyesight of creatures. So, my daughter, if you desire to love Me for all, if you do it in my Will, your love will flow in It; and since my Will fills Heaven and earth, I will hear your ‘I love you’ being repeated in Heaven, around Me, inside of Me, on earth, and it will multiply from every point, for as many acts as my Will can do. Therefore it can give Me the satisfaction of the love of all, because the creature is limited and finite, while my Will is immense and infinite.

How can those words spoken by Me in creating man, ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness’, be explained? How could the creature, so incapable, ever resemble Me and be my image? Only in my Will could he arrive at this, because by making It his own, he comes to operate in a divine manner; and through the repetition of these divine acts, he comes to resemble Me – to become my perfect image. It happens as to a child who, by repeating the acts which he observes in his teacher, becomes like him. So, the only thing that makes the creature be like Me is my Will. This is why I have so much interest that the creature, by making It his own, fulfill the purpose for which he was created.”

November 26, 1921
The centralization of the purpose of Creation, of Redemption and of Glorification. The Divine Will as life of the creature surpasses the miracle of the Eucharist.

I was thinking about what is written on the 19th of the current month, and I said to myself: ‘How is it possible that, after my Mama, I be the second support?’ My sweet Jesus, drawing me to Himself, into an immense light, told me: “My daughter, why do you doubt? What is the reason?”

And I: ‘My great misery.’

And He: “This you must banish. Besides, if I did not choose you, I certainly should have chosen another one from the human family. In fact, the human family rebelled against my Will, and by rebelling, it took away from Me the purpose of the glory and of the honor which Creation was supposed to give Me. Therefore, some other from the same human family, by having a continuous connection with my Will, by living more with my Will than with her own, embracing everything within my Volition, was to rise over everything so as to lay at the feet of my throne the glory, the honor and the love which all the others have not given Me.

The only purpose of Creation was that all would fulfill my Will – not that man would do great things; rather, I look at those as trifles and I despise them if they are not fruits of my Will. This is why many works turn to ruin at their peak: because the Life of my Will was not in them. So, having broken his will from Mine, man destroyed my best – the purpose for which I had created him. He ruined himself completely, and denied Me all the rights which he owed Me as Creator. But my works carry the mark of Eternity, and my infinite wisdom and my eternal love could not leave the work of Creation without Its effects and the rights which were due to Me.

This is the reason for Redemption. With so many pains, I wanted to expiate all the sins of man – by never doing my own will, but always that of the Divinity, even in the littlest things, such as breathing, looking, speaking, etc. My Humanity did not move, nor did It have life, if It was not animated by the Will of my Father. I would have contented Myself with dying a thousand times rather than take a breath without His Will. Through this, I joined again the human will with the Divine, and through my Person alone, being true Man and true God, I returned to my Father all the glory and the rights which befitted Him.

But my Will and my love do not want to be alone in my works – they want to make other images similar to Me. After my Humanity restored the purpose of Creation, I saw that, because of man’s ingratitude, the purpose of Redemption was in danger, and almost ruined for many. Therefore, so that Redemption might bring Me complete glory and give Me all the rights which were due to Me, I took another creature from the human family – my Mama, faithful copy of my Life, in whom my Will was preserved as whole, and I centralized in Her all the fruits of Redemption. So I rescued the purpose of Creation and Redemption; and if no one had taken advantage of Redemption, my Mama would give Me all that the creatures would not have given Me.

Now I come to you. I was true Man and true God, my dear Mama was innocent and holy, and our love pushed us even further: we wanted another creature who, being conceived like all the other children of men, would take the third place at my side. I was not satisfied with the fact that only Myself and my Mama remained unbroken with the Divine Will. We wanted other children who, in the name of all, living in full accord with our Will, would give Us divine glory and love for all. Therefore I called you from eternity, when nothing yet existed down here; and just as I longed for my dear Mama, delighting in Her, caressing Her, and pouring upon Her, in torrents, all the goods of the Divinity, so I longed for you, I caressed you, and the torrents which were poured upon my Mama inundated you, as much as you were capable of containing. They prepared you, anticipated you; and embellishing you, they gave you the grace that my Will be whole in you, and that my Will, not yours, would animate even your littlest acts. My Life, my Will and all my love flew in each act of yours. What contentment, how many joys did I not feel! This is why I call you the second support after my Mama. Not upon you did I lean – because you were nothing, and lean I could not – but upon my Will, which you were to contain. My Will is Life, and whoever possesses It possesses Life, and is able to sustain the Author of Life itself.

Therefore, just as I centralized in Myself the purpose of Creation, I centralized in my Mama the fruits of Redemption, and I centralized in you the purpose of the glory, as if my Will were whole in everyone. And from you will come the small company of the other creatures. The generations will not pass away if I do not obtain this intent.”

Stupefied, I said: ‘My Love, is it possible that your Will is intact in me, and that in all my life there has been no break between your Will and Mine? It seems to me that you are making fun of me.’ And Jesus, with an even sweeter tone: “No, I am not making fun of you. It is really true that there has been no break; an injury at the most – sometimes. And my love, like strong cement, has repaired these injuries, and has rendered the integrity stronger. I have guarded each one of your acts, making my Will flow immediately, as if to Its place of honor. I knew that many graces were needed, since I was to operate the greatest miracle that exists in the world – that is, the continuous living in my Will: the soul must absorb the whole of a God into her act, to give Him back again as whole as she absorbed Him; and then absorb Him once again.

Therefore, this surpasses even the miracle of the Eucharist. Its accidents have no reason, nor a will, nor desires which may oppose my Sacramental Life. So, the Host contributes nothing – all the work is mine; if I want it, I do it. On the other hand, in order to make the miracle of the living in my Will happen, I have to bend a reason, a human will, a desire, a love which is purely free. How much does this not take? Therefore, there are many souls who receive Communion and take part in the miracle of the Eucharist, because they sacrifice less; but having to sacrifice more in order to let the miracle that my Will may have life in them occur – very few are those who dispose themselves.”


August 30, 1899
Man has lost religion. Threat of chastisements.

This morning my beloved Jesus transported me outside of myself, and made me see the decadence of religion in men and a preparation for war. I said to Him: ‘O Lord, in what a heart-rending state the world finds itself in these times, in the things of religion. It seems that she who ennobles man and makes him aspire to an eternal purpose is no longer recognized by the world. But that which makes one cry the most, is that religion is ignored by some of the very ones who call themselves religious, who should lay down their lives to defend her and revive her.’

And Jesus, assuming a most afflicted look, told me: “My daughter, this is why man lives like a beast – he has lost religion. But even sadder times will come for man, because of the blindness in which he has immersed himself, so much so that my Heart aches in seeing him. But the blood which I will cause to be shed by every kind of people – secular and religious – will revive this holy religion, and will water the rest of the people, grown wild, that will be left; and by civilizing them once again, it will restore their nobility. Here is the necessity for blood to be shed and for churches themselves to be almost destroyed – so that they may be restored anew and exist with their original prestige and splendor.” But who can say the cruel torment they will make for them in the times to come? I let it pass in silence because I don’t remember very well, and I don’t see it very clearly. If the Lord wants me to talk about it, He will give me more clarity, and then I will take the pen again on this topic. So, for now I stop here.

December 26, 1902
Calumnies, persecutions and contrasts serve to justify man.

As I was in my usual state, I felt all oppressed and with a fear of receiving persecutions, contrasts, calumnies – not only to myself, for I do not care about myself because I am a poor creature who is worth nothing, but to the confessor and other priests. So I felt my heart crushed by this weight, unable to find respite. In the meantime my adorable Jesus came, telling me: “My daughter, why be disturbed and restless, and waste time with this? As for your things, there is nothing there, and besides, everything is divine providence that allows calumnies, persecutions and contrasts in order to justify man and to make him come back to union with his Creator, one on one, without human support, just as he came out when he was created. As good and holy as a man may be, he always keeps something of the human spirit in his interior; and also in his exterior he is not perfectly free, he always keeps something human for which he hopes, on which he relies and leans, and through which he wants to obtain esteem and respect. But, let the wind of calumnies, persecutions and contrasts come about a little bit… Oh, what a devastating hail the human spirit receives! In fact, seeing himself opposed, unpopular, despised by creatures, man no longer finds satisfaction among them. On the contrary, helps, supports, trust and esteem fail him all together, and if before he used to go in search of them, afterwards he himself shuns them, because wherever he turns he finds nothing but bitternesses and thorns. So, reduced to this state, he remains alone. But man cannot be, nor is he made to be alone. What will the poor little one do? He will turn to his center, God, completely and without the slightest hindrance; God will give Himself completely to him, and man will give himself completely to God, applying his intellect to knowing Him, his memory to remembering God and His benefits, his will to loving Him. And so, my daughter, here is man justified, sanctified, and the purpose for which he was created restored within his soul. And even if later on he has to deal with creatures and he sees helps, supports and esteem being offered to him, he receives them with indifference, knowing what they are from his experience; and if he makes use of them, he does it only when he sees the honor and the glory of God – but what remains is always God and himself alone.

February 22, 1903
Sin is poison; sorrow is counterpoison.

As I was in my usual state, I saw my adorable Jesus for just a little, and He told me: “My daughter, sin offends God and wounds man, and since it was committed by man, and God was offended, in order for Him to receive full satisfaction, a Man and a God was needed to satisfy for it. The thirty years or so of my mortal life satisfied for the three ages of the world, for the three different states of law: natural, written, and of grace – and for the three different ages of each man: adolescence, youth and old age. I satisfied, earned and impetrated for all, and my Humanity serves as the staircase in order to ascend to Heaven. But if man does not go up this staircase through the exercise of his own virtues, in vain does he try to ascend, and he will render my works useless for himself.”

On hearing sin being mentioned, I said: ‘Lord, tell me a little bit: why are You so pleased when a soul feels sorrow for having offended You?’ And He: “Sin is a poison that poisons the soul completely and renders her so disfigured as to make my image disappear from within her; sorrow destroys this poison and restores my image in her. True sorrow is a counterpoison, and since sorrow destroys the poison, it forms a void in the soul, and this void is filled by my grace. This is why I am pleased – I see the work of my Redemption risen again by means of sorrow.”

September 26, 1904
The lamp of Grace. All the pains that Jesus suffered in His Passion were triple.

As I was in my usual state, I heard a voice saying to me: “There is a lamp which is such that whoever draws near it can light as many little flames as he wants; and these little flames serve to form a crown of honor around the lamp, and to give light to the one who lit them.” I said to myself: ‘What a beautiful lamp this is; it has so much light and so much power, that while it gives to others as much light as they want, it remains always what it is, without being impoverished in light. Who knows who possesses it!’ While I was thinking of this, I heard someone say: “The lamp is Grace, and God possesses It. Drawing near it signifies the good will of the soul to do good, because as many goods as one wants to draw from Grace, one can draw. The little flames that are formed are the different virtues which, while giving glory to God, give light to the soul.”

Then, after this, I saw blessed Jesus for just a little, and He told me: “My daughter…” (and this, because I was thinking of how Our Lord let Himself be crowned with thorns, not once, but as many as three times; and since those thorns, broken, remained inside His head, as the crown of thorns would be driven in again the thorns which were already there would penetrate deeper. And I said: ‘My sweet love, why did You want to suffer this painful martyrdom as many as three times? Was one time not enough to pay for our evil thoughts?’) …So, making Himself seen, He said: “My daughter, not only was the crowning with thorns triple, but almost all the pains I suffered in my Passion were triple. Triple were the three hours of agony in the garden; triple was the scourging, as they scourged Me with three different types of lashes; three times did they strip Me, and as many as three times was I condemned to death: at nighttime, early in the morning, and in broad daylight. Triple were my falls under the Cross; triple the nails; three times did my Heart pour out blood: in the garden by Itself; in the act of the crucifixion from Its very center, when I was stretched well on the Cross – so much so that my body was all dislocated and my Heart was smashed inside and poured out blood; and after my death, when my side was opened with a lance. Triple were the three hours of agony on the Cross. If one wanted to ruminate on everything – oh, how many ‘triples’ he would find! And this was not by chance, but everything was so because of divine disposition, to render the glory due to the Father complete, as well as the reparation owed to Him by creatures and the good to be earned for creatures themselves. In fact, the greatest good that the creature has received from God was being created in His image and likeness, and endowed with three powers – intellect, memory and will – and there is no sin that the creature commits in which these three powers do not concur. So, she stains and disfigures the beautiful divine image that she contains within herself, using the gift to offend the Giver. And I, in order to restore this divine image in the creature and to give God all the glory that the creature owed Him, concurred with all my intellect, memory and will, in a special way with these ‘triples’ suffered by Me, in order to render both the glory due to the Father and the good which was necessary for creatures complete.”

January 22, 1913
The triple Passion of Jesus: of love, of sin, and from the Jews. Jesus is thrown into the Cedron stream.

I was thinking about the Passion of my always lovable Jesus, especially of what He suffered in the Garden. I found myself all immersed in Jesus, and He told me: “My daughter, my first Passion was of love, because the first step with which man, in sinning, gives himself to evil is the lack of love; so, since love is missing, he falls into sin. In order to be repaid through Me for the lack of love of the creatures, love made Me suffer more than anyone; It almost crushed Me, more than if I were under a press. It gave Me as many deaths for as many creatures receiving life.

The second step that occurs in sin is defrauding God of His glory. So, in order to be repaid for the glory taken away by the creatures, the Father made Me suffer the Passion of sin, such that each sin gave Me a special Passion. Although there was one Passion, I suffered for sin as many Passions as there would be sins committed until the end of the world. So, the glory of the Father was restored.

The third effect produced by sin is weakness in man. Therefore, I wanted to suffer the Passion from the hands of the Jews – my third Passion – to restore in man his lost strength.

Therefore, with the Passion of love, love was restored and placed at the right level; with the Passion of sin, the glory of the Father was restored and placed at its level; with the Passion of the Jews, the strength of the creatures was placed at its level and restored. I suffered all this in the Garden, and the pain was so much, so many the deaths – the atrocious spasms inflicted upon Me, that I really would have died if the Will of the Father for my death had arrived.”

Then I began to think of when my lovable Jesus was thrown into the Cedron stream by the enemies. Blessed Jesus made Himself seen in a state that aroused pity, all wet by those filthy waters. He told me: “My daughter, in creating the soul I covered her with a mantle of light and of beauty. Sin removes this mantle of light and of beauty, placing a mantle of darkness and ugliness, rendering the soul disgusting and nauseating. And I, in order to remove this mantle, so filthy, which sin puts on the soul, allowed the Jews to throw Me into this stream, where I remained as though enwrapped, inside and out, because these putrid waters entered even into my ears, into my nostrils and into my mouth; so much so, that the Jews were disgusted to touch Me. Ah, how much the love of creatures cost Me – to the point of rendering Me nauseating even to Myself!”

May 25, 1915
Men are obedient to governments, which use violence, but not to God, who uses love.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen for just a little, and told me: “My daughter, the scourge is great, yet the peoples do not stir themselves; rather, they remain almost indifferent, as if they had to be present at a tragic scene, not a reality. Instead of coming, all unanimous, to cry at my feet and implore mercy and forgiveness, they stand at attention to hear what is happening. Ah, my daughter, how great is human perfidy! Look at how obedient they are to governments: priests, lay people, do not demand anything, do not refuse sacrifices, and must be ready to give their own lives. Ah, for Me only there was no obedience and no sacrifices; and if they did anything at all, it was more pretensions and interests. This, because the government uses violence; but I make use of love, yet this love is disregarded by creatures – they remain indifferent as if I did not deserve anything from them!” As He was saying this, He burst into tears. What a cruel torment to see Jesus crying! Then He continued: “But blood and fire will purify everything and will restore the repentant man. And the more he delays, the more blood will be shed, and the carnage will be such as man has never imagined.” While saying this, He showed the human carnage. What torment to live in these times! But may the Divine Volition be always done.

April 19, 1919
Jesus did for each soul everything that they were supposed to do toward their Creator.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt all afflicted, and my always lovable Jesus, in coming, clasped me, and placing His arm around my neck, told me: “My daughter, what is it? Your affliction weighs upon my Heart and pierces Me more than my own pains. Poor daughter, you have compassionated Me many times, and have taken my pains upon yourself; now I want to compassionate you and take your pain Myself.” And He clasped me all to His Heart, and drawing me outside of myself, He added: “Be cheered, my daughter. Come into my Will to be able to better understand and see all that my Humanity did for the good of creatures.”

I don’t know how to say all that I understood. In many things, I lack the words; I will just say what my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Humanity was the sole organ which reordered the harmony between Creator and creature. I did for each soul all that they were supposed to do toward their Creator, not excluding even lost souls, because I was to give to the Father complete glory, love and satisfaction for all created things; with this only difference: the souls who somehow fulfill their duties toward the Creator – almost nobody arrives at satisfying them all – unite their glory to Mine, and everything they do remains as though grafted into Mine; while the lost ones remain as though parched members, and since vital humors are missing in them, they are not fit for receiving any graft of the good I have done for them, but they are only fit for burning in the eternal fire. Therefore, my Humanity restored the lost harmony between creatures and Creator, and sealed it at the price of blood and unheard-of pains.”

June 12, 1918
By sinning, man comes against Divine Justice. Jesus has done everything for us.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was saying to my always lovable Jesus: ‘How is it possible? You have done everything for us; You have satisfied everything; You have restored the Glory of the Father in everything on the part of creatures, so as to cover us all with a mantle of love, of graces, of blessings – yet, in spite of this, chastisements fall down, almost tearing through the mantle of protection with which You covered us.’ And my sweet Jesus, interrupting me, said to me: “My daughter, all that you are saying is true. Everything – I have done everything for the creature. Love pushed Me toward her so much that I wanted to wrap her within my works, as if within a mantle of defense, in order to be sure of putting her in safety. But the creature, ungrateful, rips this mantle of defense by voluntary sin; she escapes from beneath my blessings, graces and love, and going outside, she is struck by the lightnings of Divine Justice. I am not the One who strikes man – he himself, by sinning, comes against Me to receive the blows. Pray, pray for the great blindness of creatures.”

January 7, 1921
The smile of Jesus when He will the first fruits, the children of His Will, living not in the human sphere, but in the Divine sphere.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came and surrounded my neck with His arm. Then He drew near my heart, and holding His breast between His hands, He pressed it to my heart, and rivulets of milk came out of it. He filled my heart with those rivulets of milk; and then he told me: “My daughter, do you see how much I love you? I wanted to fill all your heart with the milk of Grace and of Love; so, everything you will say and do, will be nothing other than the outpouring of the Grace with which I filled you. You will do nothing – you will just place your volition at the mercy of my Will, and I will do everything. You will be nothing but the sound of my voice, the bearer of my Will, the destroyer of the virtues in a human manner, and the restorer of the virtues in a divine manner, which are founded on an eternal, immense, infinite point.” Having said this, He disappeared.