Luisa and The Powerful Healing of the Divine Will

Luisa and The Powerful Healing of the Divine Will

Volume 13 – January 11, 1922

The souls who Live in the Divine Will will be for the Body of the Church like skin to the body, and will bring to all of Its members the circulation of Life.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Holy Divine Will, and I said to myself: ‘All the children of the Church are members of the Mystical Body, of which Jesus is the Head. What place will the souls who do the Will of God occupy in this Mystical Body?’ And Jesus, always benign, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the Church is My Mystical Body, of which I glory in being the Head. But in order to enter this Mystical Body, the members must grow to a proper stature, otherwise they would deform My Body. But, alas! – how many not only do not have the due proportion, but are rotten, wounded, so much as to be disgusting to My Head and to the other healthy members. Now, the souls who Live, or will Live in My Will will be for the Body of My Church like skin to the body. The body has internal skin and external skin, and because in the skin there is the blood circulation which gives life to the whole body, it is by virtue of this circulation that the members reach the proper stature. If it wasn’t for the skin and for the blood circulation, the human body would be horrible to the sight, and its members would not grow to the due proportion.

Now, see how these souls who Live in My Will are necessary to Me. Since I have destined them to be like skin to the body of My Church, and like circulation of Life for all the members, they will be the ones who will give the proper growth to the members which have not grown; who will heal the wounded members, and who will restore the freshness, the beauty, the splendor of the whole Mystical Body by their continuous Living in My Will, rendering it fully similar to My Head, which will sit in full Majesty upon all those members. This is why the end of days cannot come if I do not have these souls who Live as though dissolved in My Will – they interest Me more than anything. What impression would this Mystical Body make in the Celestial Jerusalem without them? And if this is what interests Me more than anything, it must interest you also more than anything, if you love Me. From now on, I will give to your acts done in My Will the virtue of circulation of Life for the whole Mystical Body of the Church. Just like the blood circulation in the human body, your acts, extended within the Immensity of My Will, will extend over all and will cover these members like skin, giving them proper growth. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

Volume 14 – June 15, 1922

The Divine Heartbeat is the Little Cell of the soul who Lives in the Divine Will, and makes everything
harmonizes within the creature.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking about the Holy Will of God; and while I was fusing myself in It, my always lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, My Eternal Will was the Central Point of My Life, from the first Act of My Conception up to My last Breath. It preceded Me, It accompanied Me, becoming the Life of My Act; and It followed Me, enclosing My Act in the Eternal Sphere of My Will, from which it could find no way out. And since My Eternal Will was Immense, there was not one point which It would not encircle, nor generation in which It would not dominate. Therefore, it was as though natural for It to form My Acts, and to multiply them for all, as if they were for one alone.

An individual can give only what he possesses; as much power as he may contain, he cannot give more than what he possesses. Now, My Will possessed the Immensity, the Power of the multiplication of Acts into as many as It wanted, the Eternity in which It overwhelmed all things present to everyone, as in the beginning of all things, so until the end. This is why, from the first moment of My Conception, the Power of My Will formed as many conceptions for as many creatures as would come to existence. It multiplied My Words, Thoughts, Works and Steps, and extended them from the first to the last man. The Power of the Eternal Volition converted My Blood, My pains, into ImmenseSeas of which all could avail themselves. If it wasn’t for the Prodigy of the Supreme Will, My very Redemption would have been individual, circumscribed, and only for a few generations.

Now, My Will has not changed: what It was, It is, and will be. More so, since I Myself came upon earth, and I came to tie once again the Divine Will to the human. And for the soul who does not escape from this tie and places herself at the Mercy of the Divine Will, letting herself be preceded, accompanied and followed, enclosing her act in My Volition, that which happened to Me, happens to her.

See, as you were fusing your thoughts, your words, your works, your reparations, your little love in My Will, I extended them, I multiplied them, and they became antidote for each thought and for each work, reparation for each offense, and love for each Love that is due to Me. And if this does not happen, it is the human will’s fault, which, not abandoning itself completely prey to the Divine Will, does not take everything, nor can it give itself to everyone. So it feels the sensations of what is human which make it unhappy, circumscribe it, impoverish it, and render it incomplete. This is the reason for all My Interest that your will Live in Mine, and that you understand well what it means to Live in It, as much as it is possible for a creature; because if you do this, you will have obtained everything, and will give Me everything.”

Having said this, He disappeared. But later He came back again, and made Himself seen all wounded. Those wounds formed many little cells in which Jesus called the souls, to enclose them and keep them safe. I said to Him: ‘My Love, what about my little cell – where is it, so that I may enclose myself in it, never to go out again?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, for you there are no little cells in My Body, because one who Lives in my Will cannot Live in one compartment of Mine, but must Live in the Heartbeat of My Heart. The heartbeat is the center and the life of the human body; if the heartbeat ceases, life ceases. The heartbeat maintains the blood circulation, the heat, the breathing, and therefore the strength and the activity of the members. If the heartbeat is not regular, all the human faculties are in disorder; even the intelligence loses liveliness, ingenuity and the fullness of the intellectual light. In fact, in creating man, I placed a special sound in his heart, to which I bound the Eternal Harmony, in such a way that if the heartbeat is healthy, everything is Harmony in the creature.

Now, My Will is like the heartbeat in the creature. If It palpitates, Sanctity harmonizes, the Virtues harmonize – she harmonizes between Heaven and earth; her harmony extends up to the Sacrosanct Trinity. This is why for you there is My Heartbeat that offers Itself as a Little Cell in order to enclose you in It, and so that, palpitating with one single heartbeat, you may Harmonize between Heaven and earth, circulate in the past, in the present and in the future, and be present in everything – you circulating in Me, and I in you.”

Volume 16 – October 4, 1923

The Divine Will is everywhere with Its Immensity, All-seeingness and Power, but for the majority of creatures, It is not upon earth as their Queen and Life. What the creature must do in order to have It as Life.

I felt I was being destroyed by the pain of the privation of Jesus, with the sad thought that He would no longer come to me. Oh, how piercing it is to think that I would never see again the One who forms my Life, my happiness, all my good!

While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, how could I leave you if My Will is imprisoned in your soul, and giving Life to all your acts, carries out Its Life as within Its own center? So, My Life is in one point of the earth. Ah, if this Life of Mine on earth was not there, My Justice would pour Itself out with such fury as to annihilate it.”

In hearing this, I said: ‘My Jesus, your Will is everywhere, there is no place in which It is not, and You are saying that It is imprisoned in me?’

And Jesus: “It is indeed everywhere with Its Immensity, with Its All-seeingness and with Its Power. Like a Queen, It subjects everything to Itself, allowing no one to escape Its Empire. But as Life in which the creature forms her life, to Live her life in the Life of My Will and to form the Life of the Divine Will on earth – It does not exist. For many who do not do It, it is if My Will did not exist… It happens as if someone had water in his room but would not drink it, or fire but he would not approach it in order to get warm, or bread but he would not eat it. In spite of the fact that he has with himself all these elements which can give life to man, by not taking them, he can die of thirst, cold and hunger. Others take them rarely, and are weak and sick. Others, every day, and these are healthy and robust. Therefore, everything is in the possession of a good – whether the human will wants to take it, and how it wants to take it; and depending on whether it uses it, so does it receive its effects.

So is My Will. In order to become Life of the soul, she must make her will disappear in Mine; her will must no longer exist. My Will must take over in all her acts, as the Prime Act; and so It will give Itself to the soul, now as Water to quench her thirst with Its Divine and Celestial Waters; now as Fire, not only to warm her, but to destroy what is human in her and to rebuild in her the Life of My Will; now as Food, to nourish her and to make her strong and robust. Oh, how hard it is to find a creature who surrenders all her rights, to give My Will alone the right to Reign! Almost all want to keep something of their own will for themselves, and therefore, not Reigning in them completely, My Will is not able to form Its Life in all the creatures.”

Volume 18 – January 28, 1926

After sin, Adam did the same acts as before, but because he had withdrawn from the Supreme Will, they were empty of the substance of Divine Life.  The Humanity of Jesus, the Tree of Life which will produce the Fruit of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

 “My daughter, first of all, before he withdrew from My Will, Adam was My son; he contained My Will as Center of his Life and of all his Acts, therefore he possessed a Strength, a Dominion, an Attractiveness which was all Divine.  His breath, his heartbeat, his acts, gave of Divine; all of his being gave off a Celestial Fragrance, which drew Us All toward him.  So, We felt wounded from all sides by this son; if he breathed, if he spoke, if he did even the most innocent, indifferent and natural things, those were wounds of Love for Us.  And We, amusing Ourselves with him, filled him more and more with Our Goods, because everything he did came from one single point, which was Our Will; therefore We liked him all – We found nothing which might displease Us.

Now, after sin, Adam descended from the state of son and reduced himself to the state of servant; and as soon as he broke up with the Supreme Will, the Divine Strength, the Dominion, the Attractiveness, the Celestial Fragrance, went out of him.  Therefore, his acts, his being, no longer gave of Divine, but were filled with a human sensation, which, making him lose Attractiveness, caused that We no longer felt wounded, but rather, We kept our distance – he from Us, and We from him.  His repeating the same acts as those he did before sinning, as in fact he did, says nothing.  But do you know what the acts of the creature are without the fullness of Our Will?  They are like those foods without condiments and without substance, which, instead of being enjoyed, disgust the human palate; and so do they disgust the Divine Palate.  They are like those unripe fruits, which contain neither sweetness nor taste; they are like those flowers without fragrance; they are like those vases, which are full, yes, but of old, fragile and ragged things.  All this can serve a strict necessity of man, and maybe a shadow, a shade of the Glory of God, but not the Happiness and the complete well-being of the creature, and the fullness of the Glory of God.

Now, on the other hand, with what pleasure does one not eat a food which is well flavored and nourishing?  How it strengthens the whole person; the mere smell of its condiment whets one’s appetite and the eagerness to eat it.  In the same way, before sinning, Adam flavored all of his acts with the Substance of Our Will, and therefore he whetted the Appetite of Our Love to take all his acts as the most enjoyable Food for Us; and We, in return, gave him Our delicious Food – Our Will.  But after sin, poor one, he lost the direct way of communication with his Creator; pure Love was no longer Reigning in him; Love was divided by apprehension, by fear, and since he no longer contained the absolute Dominion of the Supreme Will, his acts of before, done after sin, no longer had the same value.  More so, since the whole Creation, including man, came out of the Eternal Creator as their source of Life, in which they were to be preserved only with the Life of the Divine Will.  Everything was to be founded upon It, and this Foundation of the Divine Will was to preserve all things as Beautiful and Noble, just as they had come out of God.  And, in fact, all created things are just as they were created – none of them has lost anything of its Origin; only man lost the Life, the Foundation, and therefore he lost his Nobility, the Strength, and the Likeness to his Creator.

But in spite of this, My Will did not leave man completely.  Unable to still be his source of Life and the Foundation that would sustain him, because he himself had withdrawn from It, It offered Itself as Medicine so that he might not perish completely.  So, My Will is Medicine, is Sanity, is Preservation, is Food, is Life, is Fullness of the Highest Sanctity.  In whatever way the creature wants It, so does It offer Itself.  If she wants It as Medicine, It offers Itself in order to take away from her the fever of passions, the weaknesses of impatience, the vertigo of pride, the sickliness of attachments; and so with all the rest of evils.  If she wants It as Sanity, It offers Itself to preserve her Healthy, to free her from any spiritual illness.  If she wants It as Food, It gives Itself as Food to make her Strengths develop and grow more in Sanctity.  If she wants It as Life and as Fullness of Sanctity – oh! then My Will makes Feast, because It sees man returning into the Womb of his Origin, from which he came; and It offers Itself to give him the Likeness of his Creator, the only Purpose of his Creation.  My Will never leaves man; if It left him, he would resolve into nothing.  And if man does not give himself to letting My Will make him a saint, My Will uses the ways to at least save him.”

Volume 19 – April 9, 1926

Difference between the virtues and the Divine Will.  The Divine Will, symbolized by the rising sun and the overflowing sea.  Difference between the soul who lets herself be dominated by the Divine Will and the soul who lets herself be dominated by the human will.

Then, afterwards, I was thinking about the difference that exists between one who lets herself be dominated by the Will of God and one who lets herself be dominated by the human will.  At that moment, I saw a person before my mind – bent over, her forehead touching her knees, covered with a black veil, enwrapped within a thick fog which prevented her from seeing the light.  Poor one, she seemed to be drunk and staggering; she fell now to the right, now to the left.  Truly, she aroused pity.  Now, while I was seeing this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter, this is the image of one who lets herself be dominated by her own will.  The human will bends the soul so much, that she is forced to always look at the earth; and by looking at the earth, this is what she knows and loves.  This knowledge and this love form many exhalations; they form that thick and black fog which enwraps her completely, and removes from her the Sight of Heaven and the beautiful Light of the Eternal Truths.  Therefore, the endowment of the human reason is left drunk with the things of the earth, and so she does not have a firm step, but she staggers to the right and to the left, wrapping herself more in the thick darkness that surrounds her.  Therefore, there is no greater misfortune than a soul who lets herself be dominated by her will.

The complete opposite for one who lets herself be dominated by My Will.  My Will makes the soul grow straight, in such a way that she cannot bend toward the earth, but she always looks at Heaven.  Her constant looking toward Heaven forms many Exhalations of Light which envelop her completely.  This Cloud of Light is so thick that, eclipsing all the things of the earth, it makes them all disappear, and, in exchange, it makes reappear for her everything that is Heaven.  So, it can be said that Heaven is what she knows, and all that belongs to Heaven is what she loves.  My Will renders her step firm, therefore there is no danger that she might stagger, even slightly; and the beautiful Endowment of a Healthy Reason is so illuminated by the Light which envelops her, as to move from one Truth to another.  This Light uncovers for her Divine Mysteries, Ineffable Things, Celestial Joys.  Therefore, the greatest fortune for a soul is to let herself be dominated by My Will.  She holds Supremacy over everything; she occupies the first place of Honor in the whole Creation; she never moves away from the Point in which God delivered her.  God finds her always on His Paternal Knees, singing to Him His Glory, His Love and His Eternal Will.  So, since she is on the Knees of the Celestial Father, the First Love is for her, the Seas of Graces which overflow continuously from the Divine Womb are hers; the First Kisses, the most Loving Caresses, are precisely for her.  Only to her can We entrust Our Secrets, because, being the one who is closest to Us and who remains more with Us, We let her share in all Our Things.  We form her Life, her Joy and Happiness, and she forms Our Joy and Our Happiness.  In fact, since her will is one with Ours, and since Our Will possesses Our very Happiness, it is no wonder that, by possessing Our Will, the soul can give Joys and Happiness to Us.  And so we make each other Happy.”

Then, my poor mind continued to think about the difference that exists between one who lets herself be dominated by the Supreme Will and one who lets herself be dominated by the human will; and my Highest and only Good added:  “My daughter, My Will contains the Creative Power; therefore It creates in the soul the Strength, the Grace, the Light and the very Beauty with which It wants Its Own Things to be done by the soul.  So, the soul feels a Divine Strength within herself, as if it were her own; a Grace which is sufficient for the Good that she must do, or for a pain that she is given to suffer; a Light which, as though naturally, makes her see the Good that she does.  And attracted by the Beauty of the Divine Work that she performs, she rejoices and makes Feast, because the Works that My Will performs in the soul carry the Mark of Joy and of a Perennial Feast.  This Feast was started by My Fiat in Creation, but it was interrupted by the split of the human will from that of God; and as the soul lets the Supreme Will Operate and Dominate, the Feast resumes its course, and the Amusements, the Games, the Delights, continue between the creature and Us.  There is no unhappiness or sorrow within Us – how could We give it to creatures?  And if they feel unhappiness, it is because they leave the Divine Will and enclose themselves within the little field of the human will.  Therefore, as they return to the Supreme Volition, they find the Joys, the Happiness, the Power, the Strength, the Light, the Beauty of their Creator; and making them their own, they feel within themselves a natural Divine Substance, which reaches the point of giving them Joy and Happiness even in sorrow.  Therefore, it is always a Feast between the soul and Us – we play and we delight together.

On the other hand, in the human will there is not a Creative Power which, if one wants to exercise the Virtues, might be able to create patience, humility, obedience, etc.  This is why one feels hardship, fatigue, in order to be able to practice the virtues:  because the Divine Strength that sustains them, the Creative Power that Nourishes them and gives them Life, is missing.  And so inconstancy appears, and one passes easily from virtues to vices, from prayer to dissipation, from Church to amusements, from patience to impatience – all this mix of good and evil produces unhappiness in the creature.  On the other hand, one who lets My Will Reign within herself feels firmness in Good; she feels that all things bring her Happiness and Joy.  More so, since all the things created by Us carry the Mark – the Seed of the Joy and the Happiness of the One Who created them; and they were created by Us so that all of them might bring happiness to man.  Each created thing has the mandate from Us to bring to the creature the Happiness and the Joy it possesses.

Volume 19 – August 31, 1926

Just as Our Lord issued the Creation, so did He issue all the Goods contained in the Kingdom of His Will for the Good of creatures.  The human will paralyzes the Life of the Divine Will in the soul.

 “My daughter, the human will paralyzes the Life of My Will in the soul, because without My Will the Divine Life does not circulate in the soul, which, more than pure blood, preserves her motion, her vigor, the perfect use of all mental faculties, in such a way as to make her grow Healthy and Holy, so that We may recognize Our Likeness in her.  How many souls paralyzed without My Will!  What a pitiful scene, to see the human generations almost all paralyzed in the soul, and therefore irrational, blind for seeing Good, deaf for listening to the Truth, mute for teaching It, inert for Holy Works, immobile in walking on the Path of Heaven, because the human will, preventing the circulation of My Will, forms the general paralysis in the souls of creatures.  It happens as to the body:  the majority of illnesses, especially then, those of paralysis, are caused by lack of blood circulation.  If the blood circulates well, man is robust and strong, he feels no disquiet; but if some irregularity begins in the blood circulation, indispositions, weaknesses and consumption begin; and if the circulation becomes quite irregular, he remains paralyzed, because that blood which does not circulate and does not flow rapidly in his veins forms the grave evils of the human nature.  What would creatures not do if they knew that there is a remedy for the regularity of blood circulation!  They would go who knows where to have it, so as to incur no malady.  And yet, there is the great Remedy of My Will to avoid any evil of the soul, so as not to become paralyzed in Good, but to grow Strong and Robust in Sanctity – and who takes it?  And still, it is a Remedy given out for free, nor do they have to wander round in order to get It; rather, It is always ready to give Itself and constitute Itself as the regular Life of the creature.  What sorrow, My daughter!  What sorrow!”  Having said this, He disappeared.

Volume 20 – October 22, 1926

The great Good that the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will bring.  How It will be the Preserver from all evils.  Just as the Virgin, while She made no miracle, made the great Miracle of giving a God to creatures, so it will be for the one who must make the Kingdom known:  she will make the great Miracle of giving a Divine Will.

I was thinking to myself about the Holy Divine Volition, and I said to myself:  “But, what will be the great Good of this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat?”

And Jesus, interrupting my thought, moved in my interior as though hurriedly, telling me:  “My daughter, what will be the great Good?! What will be the great Good?!  The Kingdom of My Fiat will enclose all Goods, all Miracles, the most sensational Prodigies; even more, It will surpass them all together.  And if miracle means to give sight to a blind one, to straighten up a cripple, to heal one who is sick, to raise a dead man, etc., the Kingdom of My Will will have the Preserving Nourishment, and for whoever enters into It, there will be no danger that he might become blind, crippled or sick.

“Death will no longer have power in the soul; and if it will have it over the body, it will not be death, but transit.  Without the nourishment of sin and a degraded human will that produced corruption in the bodies, and with the Preserving Nourishment of My Will, the bodies also will not be subject to decomposing and becoming so horribly corrupted as to strike fear even into the strongest ones, as it happens now; but they will remain composed in their sepulchers, waiting for the day of the resurrection of all.

“Do you think it is a greater miracle to give sight to a poor blind one, to straighten up a cripple, to heal one who is sick, or to have a Preserving means, so that the eye may never lose its sight, so that one may always walk straight, so that one may always be healthy?  I believe that the Preserving Miracle is greater than the miracle after a misfortune has occurred.  This is the great difference between the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat:  in the first, the miracle was for the poor unfortunate, as it is today, who lie, some in one misfortune, some in another; and this is why I gave the example, also externally, of giving many different healings, that were the symbol of the healings that I gave to the souls, and that easily return to their infirmity.

“The second will be a Preserving Miracle, because My Will possesses the Miraculous Power that whoever lets himself be dominated by It, will be subject to no evil.  Therefore, It will have no need to make miracles, because It will preserve them always Healthy, Holy and Beautiful—worthy of that Beauty that came out of Our Creative Hands in creating the creature.  The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will make the great Miracle of banishing all evils, all miseries, all fears, because It will not perform a miracle at time and circumstance, but will keep the children of Its Kingdom with Itself with an act of continuous Miracle, to preserve them from any evil, and let them be distinguished as the children of Its Kingdom.  This, in the souls; but also in the body there will be many modifications, because it is always sin that is the nourishment of all evils. Once sin is removed, there will be no nourishment for evil; more so, since My Will and sin cannot exist together, therefore the human nature also will have its beneficial effects.

Volume 20 – December 27, 1926

How one who does not do the Divine Will would want to cut through the Light and form darkness for himself.  How true Good must have Its Origin in God.  How the soul who Lives in the Supreme Will receives Its Balance within herself, and is present in the whole Creation, Living Life together with It.

“My daughter, every Good, in order to be a Good, must have its Origin in God.  Therefore, love, the doing Good Itself, suffering, the heroism of those who rush headlong into achieving an intent, the study of sciences, sacred and profane—in sum, anything, that does not have its Origin in God, inflates the creature, it empties her of Grace.  And all these goods that do not have their Origin in God, but start with a human origin, are like works swept away by a mighty wind that, with its power, reduces cities, villas, sumptuous houses, to dust and makes of them a heap.

“How many times a mighty wind destroys and knocks down the most beautiful works of art and of ingenuity, making fun, with its fury, of those works so praised and admired!  How many times the mighty wind of self-esteem, of self-glory, the furious wind of pleasing creatures, knock down the most beautiful works, and I feel the nausea of that very good!

“Therefore, there is no remedy that is more effective, more appropriate, more healing, and that blocks the fury of these winds within the soul, than the Power of the Light of My Will, and the Eclipse formed by it.  Wherever this Power, this Eclipse formed by Divine Light, is present, these winds are prevented from blowing, and the creature Lives under the vital influence of a Divine Will, in such a way that the Seal of the Fiat can be seen in all of her acts, both small and great.  So, her motto is:  ‘God wants it, I want it.  If He does not want it, neither do I want it.’

Volume 21 – March 3, 1927

The creature in whom the Divine Will Reigns calls God to operate together with her, and gives Him the Glory of that very Happiness with which He invested the human acts.  The offering of one’s actions to God purifies them and disinfects them.

“Now, as long as man remained in Our Will, he remained Holy and Healthy, full of Vigor and of untiring Strength—capable of enjoying the Happiness of his acts, and of delighting He Who gave him so much Happiness.  As soon as he withdrew from It, he fell ill and lost the Happiness, the untiring Strength, the Capacity and the Taste to enjoy the Happiness of his acts, that the Divine Will had invested with so much Love.

“This happens also between one who is healthy and one who is sick:  the first enjoys the food, works with more energy, takes pleasure in amusing himself, in strolling around, in chatting; the one who is sick feels disgust for food, feels no strength to work, is bored by amusements, chatting bothers him—everything is bad for him; the sickness has changed his nature, his acts, into pains.  Now, suppose that the sick person returned to the vigor of his health:  his strengths, his taste—everything would be restored in him.

“So, going out of My Will has been the cause of his illness; returning into It and letting It Reign will be the cause of the return of the Order of Happiness into the human acts, and of letting It take Its Attitude in the acts of the creature.  And as she offers her work, the food she takes, and everything she does, from within those human acts is unleashed the Happiness that was placed in those acts by My Will, and it rises to her Creator to give Him the Glory of His own Happiness.  This is why the creature in whom My Will Reigns not only calls Me to Operate together with her, but gives Me the Honor, the Glory of that very Happiness with which We invested the human acts.  And even if the creature should not possess all the Fullness of the Unity of the Light of My Will, as long as she offers her acts to her Creator as homage and adorations—since she is the one who is sick, not God—God receives the Glory of the Happiness of her human acts.

“Imagine a sick person who did some work or took a food of his and gave it to someone who is healthy.  The one who enjoys the fullness of health perceives nothing—neither the tiredness of that work, nor the hardship that the sick person experienced in doing it, nor the disgust for that food that the sick person would have felt, had he taken it.  On the contrary, in the fullness of his health, he enjoys the good, the glory and the happiness that that work will bring to him, and he enjoys the food that has been offered to him.  In the same way, the offering of one’s actions purifies, disinfects, the human actions, and God receives the Glory due to Him, and, in return, He makes New Graces descend upon she who offers her actions to Him.”

Volume 23 – October 30, 1927

How the Divine Love gushed out in Creation.  Liberality and Magnificence of God in creating the Machine of the Universe, especially in creating His beloved Jewel, with no one’s merit.  Decision of the Divine Will of wanting to come to Reign in the midst of creatures.  Its Balsamic Air, Its Enchanting and Enrapturing Beauty.  What the Knowledges about It will do.

“My Will possesses an Enrapturing Beauty that, if It makes Itself seen with clarity even just once, Enraptures, Embellishes, casting its Waves of Beauties over the soul, in such a way that they will not easily be able to forget a Beauty so rare, and will remain as though in the Maze of Its Beauty, unable to get out.  It possesses an Enchanting Power, and the soul remains fixed within Its Sweet Enchantment.  It possesses a Balsamic Air, such that, as it is breathed, they will feel enter into themselves, the Air of Peace, of Sanctity, of Divine Harmony, of Happiness, of the Light that purifies everything, of the Love that burns everything, of the Power that conquers everything, in such a way that this Air will bring the Celestial Balm to all the evils produced by the bad, morbid and deadly air of the human will.

“See, also in the human life, air acts in a surprising way.  If the air is pure, good, healthy, fragrant, the respiration is free, the blood circulation is regular, and creatures grow strong, nourished, rosy and healthy.  But if the air is bad, stinking and infected, the respiration is hampered, the blood circulation is irregular; and not receiving the life of the pure air, creatures are weak, pale, gaunt and sickly.  The air is the life of creatures—they cannot live without it; but there is a great difference between good and bad air.

“So it is with the air of the soul.  The Air of My Will maintains Life Pure, Healthy, Holy, Beautiful and Strong, as it came out from the Womb of its Creator.  The deadly air of the human will deforms the poor creature, it makes her descend from her origin, and she grows as sick, weak, such as to arouse pity.”

Then, with a more tender emphasis, He added:  “Oh! My Will, how Lovable, Admirable, Powerful You are!  Your Beauty enamors the Heavens and maintains the Enchantment that Enraptures the whole Celestial   Court, in such a way that they are happy not to be able to remove their gazes from You.  O please! with Your Enchanting Beauty that Enraptures everything, Enrapture the earth; and with Your Sweet Enchantment, Enchant all creatures, so that one may be the Will of all, one the Sanctity, one the Life, one Your Kingdom, one Your Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.”

Volume 24 – April 6, 1928

How the soul can place herself in the Divine Unity.  Example of the sun.  The repeater of the Creator.  How God gives sip by sip.  Necessity for the Knowledges to make their way.

 “Poor man, without the Life of My Will—it would have been better for him if he had never been born.  But, to his great misfortune, he does not even know his True Life, because until now there has been no one who has broken the true bread of Its Knowledges, so as to form Pure Blood and allow Its True Life to grow in the creature.  They have broken for him a stale, medicated bread that, if it has not made him die, has not let him grow Healthy, Vigorous and Strong of a Divine Strength, as the Bread of My Will makes one grow.

“My Will is Life and has the virtue of giving Its Life; It is Light and dispels darkness; It is Immense and takes man from all sides to give him Strength, Happiness, Sanctity, in such a way that everything is safe around him.  Ah! you do not know what Treasures of Grace these Knowledges conceal—what Good they will bring to creatures; and this is why you do not have interest that they begin to make Their way to give start to forming the Kingdom of My Will.”

Volume 24 – June 12, 1928

How God feels the Joys of the first times of Creation being renewed.  The Enchantment that the Divine Will will produce for the human will; example of the sun.  When and where the Marriage with humanity was done, and when it will be renewed again.

“My daughter, power I do not lack—neither do I lack Will; therefore it is I who must lift again decayed man and restore him, because the human will rendered the Work of Our Creative Hands a wreck.”

Then, moved to tears and sorrowful for poor man, He kept silent; and I thought to myself:  “How can we return to the Original State of Creation since the human will has made man fall into an abyss of miseries, almost deforming him from the way in which he had been created?”

And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, My Will can do anything.  Just as It made man from nothing, so It can draw the New man from his miseries.  And without changing method from the way in which We created him, leaving him his free will, We will use another Loving Device:  the Light of Our Will will unleash Its most refulgent Rays more strongly; It will draw close, in such a way as to look the human will in the face, which will receive the Enchantment of a penetrating Light that, while dazzling it, sweetly draws it to Itself.  And the human will, attracted by a Light so Radiant and of rare Beauty, will have the desire to see what is so Beautiful in this Light.  In looking, it will undergo the Enchantment, it will feel Happy and will Love—not being forced, but spontaneously—to Live in Our Will.

“Does the light of sun not have this virtue—that if one wants to fix on it, the pupil of the human eye remains dazzled in the light; and if it tries to look, it will see nothing but light, and the power of the light prevents the pupil from looking at the things around it?  And if man is forced to lower his eyes to be freed of the light, it is because the excessive light hinders him and he does not feel happy; but if he felt happy, he would not easily withdraw his pupils from within the light of the sun.

“On the other hand, the Light of My Will will not hinder the pupils of the soul; on the contrary, she will have the Good of seeing the very human acts converted into Light, and will yearn for this Light to unleash Its Rays more strongly so as to see her acts with the Enchantment and the Beauty of this Divine Light.  My Will has the Power to solve the problem of man, but It must use a more excessive Act of greater Magnanimity of Our Supreme Fiat; therefore, you, pray and plead a cause so Holy for poor creatures.”

After this, since it was the Feast of Corpus Domini, I was thinking to myself that that day was the Feast of the Marriage that blessed Jesus did with souls in the Most Holy Sacrament of Love.

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the True Marriage with humanity was done in Creation.  Nothing was lacking, either to the soul or to the body; everything was done with Royal Sumptuousness.  An Immense Palace was prepared for the human nature, such that no king or emperor can have one similar to it, which is the whole Universe:  a starry heaven and its vault, a sun whose Light would never be extinguished; Flourishing Gardens in which the Happy couple, God and man, would stroll, amuse itself and maintain the continuous, uninterrupted Feast of our Marriage; and Garments, woven not with matter, but formed of Purest Light by Our Power, as befitted royal persons.

“Everything was Beauty in man, soul and body, because He who prepared the Marriage and formed it was of an unreachable Beauty.  So, from the external Sumptuousness of the so many Enchanting Beauties present in the whole of Creation, you can imagine the Internal Seas of Sanctity, of Beauty, of Light, of Science, etc., that the interior of man possessed.  All the Acts of man, internal and external, were as many Musical Keys that formed the most beautiful Melodies, sweet, melodious, harmonious, that maintained the Joy of the Marriage.  And each additional Act that he would dispose himself to do was a New little Sonata that he would prepare, to call his Spouse to delight with him.

“My Divine Will, that dominated humanity, brought him the New continuous Act and the Likeness of the One Who had created him and married him.  But, in such great Feast, man broke the strongest Bond, in which lay the whole validity of our Marriage and through which it had been in force:  he withdrew from Our Will.  Because of this, the Marriage was broken, and since all the rights were lost, only the memory of it was left, but the Substance, the Life, the Effects no longer existed.

“Now, the Sacrament of the Eucharist in which My Love overabounded in all possible imaginable ways, cannot be called either the First or the True Marriage of Creation, for I do nothing but the continuation of what I did while being on earth.  According to the needs present in souls, with some I make Myself the Compassionate Doctor in order to heal them, with some the Teacher to instruct them, with some the Father to forgive them, with some Light to give them sight.  I give Strength to the weak, Courage to the timid, Peace to the restless—in sum, I continue My Redemptive Life and Virtue; however, all these miseries exclude the True Marriage.

“No young man marries a young woman who is ill—at most, he waits for her to recover; or a young woman who is weak and who offends him very often.  And if the groom is a king and loves her, at most he waits for the bride to get well, to love him, and for her condition to become somehow satisfactory, and not so inferior to his.  Now, the condition in which poor humanity finds itself is still that of a poor ill one, and I am waiting for My Will to be known and to Reign in the midst of creatures, for It will give them True Health, Royal Garments, Beauty worthy of Me.  Then will I form again the True and Original Marriage.”

Volume 24 – October 3, 1928

Exchange between Jerusalem and Rome.  In creating man, God placed as many Seeds of Happiness in him for as many things as He created.

“Now, by sinning, man caused all these Seeds of Happiness that God had infused in him in creating him to fall ill, and therefore he lost the Taste to be able to enjoy all the Happinesses contained in Creation.  It happened as to a poor ill one, who cannot enjoy all the flavors contained in foods; on the contrary, he feels heaviness; food itself converts into pain; everything gives him nausea; and if he takes it, it is not because he enjoys it, but in order not to die.

“On the other hand, one who is healthy feels taste, strength, warmth, because his stomach has the strength to assimilate the goods contained in foods, and he enjoys them.  The same happened in man:  by sinning, he caused the Seeds, and the very Strength to be able to enjoy all the Happinesses contained in Creation, to fall ill; and many times they convert into pain.

“Now, with the return of man into My Divine Fiat, the Seeds will acquire Health, and he will acquire the Strength to assimilate and to enjoy all the happinesses present in the Order of Creation.  So, a Contest of Happiness will begin for him; everything will smile at him, and man will return to be Happy, as God had created him.”

Volume 25 – January 6, 1929

Crowd of people who did not reach the proper stature, because they went out of the Inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  Wherever the Divine Fiat is present, there is the Communicative Strength of the Divine Goods.

“My daughter, the Inheritance given by My Celestial Father to this crowd of people was My Divine Will.  In It they were to find Food in order to grow to proper stature, Balsamic Air to be rendered Healthy and Strong, that was to portray on their faces the Freshness of a child, the Beauty of the young age and the Dignity and Grace of a mature man.  There was no Good that this Inheritance did not possess, of which man was to be the master, and have at his disposal all the Goods he wanted, in the soul and in the body.

“So, as man went out of the Inheritance of My Divine Will, he no longer found things at his disposal, he was no longer master, but servant, and he is forced to live of hardships.  How can he grow to proper stature?  This is why I await with so much Love the crowd of those who must Live in Our Inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  It will form for Us the beautiful crowd with proper Stature, Beautiful and Fresh, that will be fed with Nourishing Foods that will render them Strong and Developed; and they will form all the Glory of Our Creative Work.

“Our sorrow is great in looking at this crowd, unhappy and deformed; and in Our sorrow We repeat:  ‘Ah! Our Work did not come out of Our Creative Hands as infirm, without Beauty and Freshness, but It was a Delight to merely look at It; even more, it Enraptured Us, so Beautiful It was.’  But while We say this, Our Love swells and wants to overflow outside; and It wants to put Our Divine Volition on the way, to make It Reign in the midst of creatures, so as to make Us restore, Beautiful and Gracious, Our Work, just as It came out of Our Creative Hands.”

Volume 29 – September 29, 1931

Growth of the creature before the Divine Majesty.  The Living in the Divine Will is Gift that God will give to the creature.

“My daughter, the Living in My Will is a Gift that We give to the creature—great Gift that surpasses in value, in sanctity, in beauty and in happiness all other gifts, in an infinite and unreachable way.  When We give this Gift so great, We do nothing other than open the doors to make her the possessor of Our Divine Possessions—the place in which passions, dangers, have no more life; nor can any enemy harm her or do her evil.  This Gift confirms the creature in Good, in Love, in the very Life of her Creator; and the Creator remains confirmed in the creature; therefore, the inseparability takes place between one and the other.  With this Gift the creature will feel her lot changed:  from poor to Rich, from ill to perfectly Healed, from unhappy, she will feel that all things change for her into Happiness.


Volume 30 – January 17, 1932

Dominating, Speaking and Delighting Modes of the Divine Will.  How Heaven remains behind.  Victory of God and Victory of the creature.  The Divine Will, Gatherer of Its Works.  Example of a mother who cries over her crippled child.

“Such has the creature rendered herself by doing her will—blind, mute, crippled.  Our Will cries over her with Tears of ardent Light of Our Love; but what the mother cannot do for her crippled child My Divine Will does not lack the Power to do.  More than mother, It will place at her disposal Its Capitals of Light, that possess the Virtue of Restoring all the Goods and the Beauty of the creature.  As tender Mother, Loving and Vigilant of the Work of Her Hands, that, more than dearest child, She issued to the Light, She will go around, not the whole world, but all centuries, in order to prepare and give the Powerful Remedies of Light that Vivifies, Transforms, Straightens and Embellishes; and only then will She stop, when She sees on Her Maternal Lap, Beautiful as She issued it, the Work of Her Creative Hands, to make up for the many sorrows and enjoy it forever.

“Are the many Knowledges on My Will perhaps not Remedies?  Each Manifestation and Word that I speak is a Fortress that I place around the weakness of the human will; It is a Food that I prepare; It is a Bait, a Taste, a Light, to make them reacquire the lost Sight.  Therefore, be attentive and do not lose anything of what My Will manifests to you, because in due time everything will be needed—nothing will go lost.


Volume 34 – July 25, 1937

How one act in the Divine Volition can be an impetuous Wind, an Air, a Celestial Atmosphere.  Three circles.  God, if He Loves, He Operates; if He Speaks, He gives.

“Blessed daughter of My Volition, have you seen how Sweet was the murmur of the Sea of My Will?  And also the souls who Live in It do nothing other than murmur together in this Sea.  They, Perfect Echo of My Fiat, never cease murmuring ‘Love, Glory, Adoration,’ but in a simple way.  If they breathe, they murmur Love; if they palpitate, if the blood circulates in their veins, if they think, if they move, in everything they murmur ‘Love, Love, Glory to Our Creator,’ and if they call My Will in their acts they form the impetuous Waves in order to envelop God and creatures, so that everyone, Heaven and earth, make One Single Will.  One Act in My Will can be an impetuous Wind as to transport, to eradicate, with Its Strength, the passions, the weaknesses, the bad habits, the putrid air of sin, and to substitute for them the Virtues, the Divine Strength, the Holy Habits, the Sanctifying Air of My Will.

“One Act in My Volition can be a Universal Air that penetrating everywhere and in everyone, by night and by day, can make Itself breathed in order to infuse Its Life, Its Sanctity, and removing the unhealthy air of the human volition, substitutes there the Healthy Air of My Fiat in a way as to remain sweetened, embalmed, vivified, healed, by this Divine Air.  One Act in My Fiat can be a Celestial Atmosphere that encloses in Itself all Our Works, the Creation Itself, and with the Strength of Our Works assails Our Divinity and imposes Itself over Us so as to make Us give Graces and Gifts as to render the creatures capable of being able to receive the Kingdom of Our Volition.  One Act of Our Will can contain such Marvels, that the creature is incapable of being able to contain all Its Value.”


Volume 35 – December 21, 1937

How the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth has been decreed in the Consistory of the Adorable Trinity.  The New Breath of God by which the creature will be Restored.

“You must know that in the Creation it took nothing other than Our Omnipotent Breath to Infuse Life into man.  But how many Prodigies in that Breath!  We Created the soul, providing it with the three powers—True Image of Our Adorable Trinity.  With the soul, he had the heartbeat, the breathing, the circulation of the blood, the motion, the warmth, the speech, the sight…. What did it take to make all these Prodigies in man?  The simplest of Our Acts, armed with Our Power—Our Breath—and the running of Our Love which, unable to contain It any longer, ran, ran toward him, even to the point of making of him the Greatest Prodigy of the entire Work of Creation.  Now, My daughter, since man did not Live in Our Divine Will, his three powers have been obscured, and Our Adorable Image remained deformed in him, in such a way that he has lost the first Heartbeat of God’s Love within his heartbeat, and the Divine Breathing within his human breathing.  Or better, he hasn’t really lost It—he just does not feel It.  He doesn’t feel the Circulation of the Divine Life; the Motion of Good; the Heat of the Supreme Love; the Word of God in his own; the Sight to be able to look at his Creator…. All has remained obscured, weakened—maybe even deformed.

“What does it take to Restore this man?  We will return again to Breathe on him with Stronger and Growing Love.  We will Breathe in the depth of his soul; We will blow more Strongly into the center of his rebellious will—but so Strongly as to shake the evils by which he is trapped.  His passions will remain floored and terrified before the Power of Our Breath.  They will feel burning by Our Divine Fire.  The human will, will feel the Palpitating Life of its Creator, and it will hide Him—like a veil, so that man will return to be the Bearer of his Creator.  O, how Happy he will feel!  We will Restore him and Heal him with Our Breath.  We will be like a most tender mother who has a crippled child, and by breathing, whispering and blowing, she pours herself on her child; only then she will stop blowing on him—when she will have healed him and made him beautiful, like she wanted him to be.  The Power of Our Breath will not leave him.  We will stop Breathing on him only when We see him coming back into Our Paternal Arms.  We want him Beautiful, like Us.  Only then will We feel that Our child has recognized Our Paternal Goodness, and how much We Love him.

“See then, what it takes to make Our Will come and Reign upon earth:  the Power of Our Omnipotent Breath.  With It We will Renew Our Life within him.  All the Truths I Manifested to you—the Great Prodigies of Living in My Will—will be the Most Beautiful and the Greatest Properties that I will give to him as a Gift.  This too is a certain Sign that Its Reign will come upon earth, because if I speak—first, I make facts; and then I speak.  My Word is the Confirmation of this Gift—of the Prodigies I want to do.  Why would I expose My Divine Properties, and make them known, if Its Kingdom didn’t have to Come upon earth?”

Volume 35 – March 22, 1938

As the creature decides to Live in Our Will, all things change for her, and she is placed in the same Divine Conditions.  The function of the children of the Divine Fiat, and how they will carry within them the Life of their Celestial Father.  The last Sign of Love at the point of death.

I continue my flight in the Divine Volition.  Upon entering It, one can feel Its Balsamic Air and Its Pacific Waves.  All is Peace…. Its Strength is such that the soul feels Invested by such a Fortitude as to be able to do everything, reaching any extent, and even doing what God Himself does.  Divine Will, how capable You are of changing the human will!  Your Power is such as to Renew the poor creature, making her be Born to New Life.

Then, my Adorable Jesus, returning for His short little visit, all Tenderness told me:  “My little daughter of My Will, as the creature decides to Live in My Volition, all things change for her.  Our Divine Dominion invests her, and we make her the dominator of everything—dominator of Our Strength, of Our Goodness and of Our Sanctity—dominator of the Light.  Heavens and earth are hers by right.  We place her in an atmosphere of Security and Imperturbable Peace.  Nothing of Good, of Health, of Beauty and of Divine Joys, can be missing to this creature who Lives in Our Will.