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Luisa and the New Era of the Divine Will – Part II

The New Era of the Divine Will – Part II


Volume 12 – January 29, 1919

“My beloved daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) want to let you (Luisa) know the order of My Providence. Every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Deluge; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I manifested My Humanity, from which, as if from many fissures, My Divinity shone forth. The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of My Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed My Divinity. Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion: it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal. If in the second renewal I (Jesus) manifested what My Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what My Divinity was operating, now, in this third renewal, after the earth will be purged and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I (Jesus) will be even more generous with creatures, and I (Jesus) will accomplish the renewal by manifesting what My Divinity did within My Humanity; how My Divine Will acted with My human will; how everything remained Linked within Me; how I (Jesus) did and redid everything, and how even each thought of each creature was redone by Me, and sealed with My Divine Volition.

My Love wants to pour Itself out; It wants to make known the excesses which My Divinity operated in My Humanity for the creatures – excesses which greatly surpass the excesses that My Humanity operated externally. This is also why I (Jesus) often speak to you (Luisa) about Living in My Will, which I (Jesus) have not manifested to anyone until now. At the most, they have known the shadow of My Will, the Grace and the sweetness of doing It. But to penetrate inside of It, to embrace immensity, to be multiplied with Me and – even while being on earth – penetrate everywhere, both into Heaven and into the hearts, laying down the human ways and acting in Divine Ways – this is not yet known; so much so that not to a few will this appear strange, and those who do not keep their minds opened to the Light of the Truth will not understand a thing. But little by little I will make My Way, manifesting now one Truth, now another, about this Living in My Will, so that they will end up understanding.

Now, the first link which connected the True Living in My Will was My (Holy) Humanity. My Humanity, identified with My Divinity, swam in the Eternal Volition, and kept tracing all the acts of creatures in order to make them Its own, to give to the Father a Divine Glory on the part of creatures, and to bring the Value, the Love, the Kiss of the Eternal Volition to all the acts of creatures. In this sphere of the Eternal Volition, I could see all the acts of creatures – those which could be done and were not done, and also the good acts done badly – and I did those which had not been done, and redid those done badly. Now, these acts which were not done, except by Me alone, are all suspended in My Will, and I await the creatures to come to Live in My Volition, and repeat in My Will that which I did.

This is why I chose you (Luisa) as the second link of connection with My Humanity, a link which becomes one with mine, as you (Luisa) Live in My Volition and repeat My own Acts. Otherwise, on this side My Love would remain without Its outpouring, without Glory from the creatures for all that My Divinity operated within My Humanity, and without the perfect purpose of Creation, which must be enclosed and perfected in My Will. It would be as if I had shed all My Blood and suffered so much, and nobody had known it. Who would have loved Me? Which heart would have been shaken? No one; and therefore in no one would I have had My Fruits – the Glory of Redemption.”

Interrupting Jesus’ saying, I said: ‘My Love, if there is so much good in this Living in the Divine Will, why didn’t You manifest it before?’ And He: “My daughter (Luisa), first I had to make known what My Humanity did and suffered externally, to be able to dispose souls to knowing what My Divinity did inside. The creature is incapable of understanding My Work all together; therefore I keep manifesting Myself little by little.

Then, from your link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I (Jesus) will have a cohort of souls who, Living in My Volition, will redo all the acts of the creatures. I (Jesus) will receive the Glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, also from the creatures – and these, from all classes: virgins, priests, lay people, according to their office. They will no longer operate humanly; but rather, as they penetrate into My Will, their acts will multiply for all in a way which is Fully Divine. I (Jesus) will receive from the creatures the Divine Glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others sullied with interest, and of many good works in which I (Jesus) remain more dishonored than honored. I (Jesus) yearn very much for this time… And you (Luisa), pray and yearn for it together with Me, and do not move your link of connection with Mine, but start – as the first one.”

Volume 12 – May 22, 1919

Continuing in my usual state, my little mind was wandering in the Holy Will of God and, I don’t know how, I (Luisa) understood how the creature does not give back to God the Glory which she is obliged to give; and I felt embittered.  And my sweet Jesus, wanting to instruct me and console me, through an intellectual light told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), all of My Works are complete; therefore, the Glory that the creature must give to Me will be complete.  The last day will not come until the whole Creation has given Me the Honor and the Glory which I Myself wanted and established, and what some do not give Me, I take from others; in these I redouble the Graces which others reject from Me, and from these I receive double love and Glory.  To others, according to their dispositions, I reach the point of giving the Graces which I would give to ten; to others, those which I would give to a hundred; to others, those which I would give to a thousand.  Sometimes, I give the Graces which I would give to cities, to provinces, and even to entire kingdoms.  And these love Me and give Me Glory for ten, for a hundred, for a thousand, etc.  In this way My Glory on the part of Creation is completed.  And when I see that the creature cannot make it, in spite of her good will, I draw her into My Will, in which she finds the virtue of multiplying one single act as many times as she wants, giving Me the Glory, Honor and Love which others do not give to Me.

“This is why I Am preparing the Era of the Living in My Will; and for all that they (souls) have not done in the past generations, and will not do, in this Era of My Will they will complete the Love, the Glory, the Honor of the whole Creation, and I will give them astonishing and unheard-of Graces.  This is why I Am calling you (Luisa) to Live in My Will, and I whisper into your ear:  ‘Jesus, I lay at Your feet the adoration, the subjection of the whole human family; I place in Your Heart the “I love You” of all; on Your Lips I impress my kiss in order to seal the kiss of all generations; I clasp You with my arms in order to clasp You with the arms of all, to bring You the Glory of all the works of all creatures…’  And I feel in you (Luisa) the adoration, the ‘I love You’, the kiss, etc. of the whole human family.  How could I not give to you (Luisa) the love, the kisses, the Graces which I should give to the others?

“Now, know My daughter (Luisa), that what the creature does on earth is the capital that she forms for Heaven.  Therefore, if she does little, she will have little; if much, she will have much.  If one loved Me and glorified Me for ten, she will receive ten more contentments, corresponding to as much glory, and will be Loved by Me ten times as much.  If another loved Me and glorified Me for a hundred and for a thousand, she will receive contentments, Love and glory for a hundred and for a thousand.  In this way I will give to the Creation all that I have decided to give, and the Creation will give Me all that I must receive from them—and My Glory will be completed in everything.”

Volume 18 – November 12, 1925

“My daughter (Luisa), be attentive in doing your acts in My Will.  You (Luisa) must know that for one who is called to be the head of a mission, the more he encloses of the good pertaining to that Mission, the more Good he will be able to communicate to others.  Those Goods will be like many seeds which he will lend to others, so that whoever has the fortune of wanting to acquire those seeds, may become the possessor of the harvest of those seeds.  This happened in Adam who, being the first man, was constituted the head of all generations; and, he being the head, it was necessary for him to possess the seeds in order to give to others what is necessary for the development of human life.  Regardless of the fact that these seeds have been expanded, dilucidated, known more, according to the goodwill of the following generations, to capacity and the application they have used over these very seeds; nevertheless, Adam had them all within himself, and it can be said that everything comes from him.  So, it can be said that, in being created by God, he was endowed with all sciences.  What others learn with so many efforts, he possessed as gift in a surprising way.  So, he possessed the Knowledge of all the things of this earth; he had the science of all plants, of all herbs and of the virtue which each of them contained; he had the science of all species of animals and of how he should use them; he had the science of music, of singing, of writing, of medicine – in sum, of everything.  And if the generations possessed each one its special science, Adam possessed them all.  See, then, how it is necessary for one who must be the head to enclose within himself all the good which he must share with others.

The same with you (Luisa), My daughter (Luisa).  Since I have called you (Luisa) as the head of a Special Mission, more than a New Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the science of sciences, which is My Will, Science all of Heaven – I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to enclose within yourself all the seeds which My Most Holy Divine Will contains.  And the more acts you (Luisa) do in My Most Holy Divine Will, and the more Knowledges you (Luisa) acquire, the more rays of Light you (Luisa) will place on the Sun of My Will, so that, with greater fullness of Light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations; in such a way that, stirred by the Fullness of Light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the Good which My Most Holy Divine Will contains, what it means to Live in It, and the great Good with which they are enriched.

It will happen as with the sun which, because it possesses such great fullness of light, can easily take the whole earth as though in its power, warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it, in such a way that all may know, some more, some less, the good it does by bringing its light to all.  But if the sun, in the height of its sphere, were poor in light, the light which descends down below could not fully illuminate all the earth.  At the most, some small portion of the earth which rotates closer to the sun.  And if to the sun, which was to illuminate the earth naturally, I  Jesus) gave such fullness of light for the good of all generations, much more do I (Jesus) want to Fill with Fullness of Light the Sun of My Most Holy Divine Will, which must Illuminate souls, warm them, and cast into them the Fecundity of the Seed of Divine Sanctity.  Just as I chose Adam as the head, just as I chose a point in the heavens in which to fix the center of the sun which was to illuminate the earth, so did I (Jesus) choose you (Luisa) as the Center of the Sun of My Most Holy Divine Will; and the Fullness of Light must be so Great, that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this Light, and each one may make it his own.  This is why your complete acts (Luisa) in My Most Holy Divine Will are needed, as well as the Knowledge which I (Jesus) keep manifesting to you (Luisa), in order to form the Fullness of this Light.

It is the usual way of the Eternal Wisdom to establish the acts of the creature in order to give completion to the good which It wants to do to her.  So it happened for the coming of Redemption upon earth by the Eternal Word (Jesus).  It took the course of four thousand years, and during this time, all the acts which the creatures had to do in order to dispose themselves and to deserve the great Good of Redemption had been established, as well as all the Graces and Knowledges which the Supreme Majesty was to give in order to make known that same Good, which would bring about the descent of the Word into their midst.  This is why the Patriarchs, the Holy Fathers, the Prophets and all the good of the Old Testament came, who, with their acts, were to prepare the way, the staircase, in order to reach the fulfillment of the longed for Redemption.

“But this was not enough. As good and holy as their acts were, there was the highest wall of original sin, which maintained the division between them and God. This is why a Virgin (Mary) was needed, conceived without Original sin, Innocent and Holy, enriched by God with all Graces, who made Her own all the good acts done during the previous four thousand years, and covered them with Her Innocence, Sanctity and Purity, in such a way that the Divinity would see them through the acts of this Innocent and Holy Creature, who not only embraced all the acts of the ancients, but surpassed them all with Her own; and therefore She (Mary) obtained the descent of the Word upon earth. …”

“… But this was not the end.  So that the Redeemer might have His field of action upon earth, and whoever wanted to, might use those acts as coins with which to purchase Heaven for himself, the imprint of Innocence, of Sanctity and of the Divine Will was needed; and the imprint of the operating of the Word Himself was needed in order to make man rise to Heaven.  If that of the Virgin (Mary) was enough to make Me (Jesus) descend into the midst of creatures, in order to make man rise, My Divine Operating was needed.  And so, this is why I (Jesus) embraced all those acts and I made them My own, I made up for all, I accomplished everything, and for all I (Jesus) placed the Divine Imprint on all the good acts, from the first to the last man who is to come upon earth.  And this Imprint was made by Me with unheard-of pains, and with the shedding of My Blood.  And so, like magnanimous King, I (Jesus) gave to all the coins with which to purchase Heaven for themselves.  All this had been established by the Uncreated Wisdom, and not even one act of all this could be missing in order for Redemption to take place.

Now, My daughter (Luisa), just as it was with Redemption, so it will be with My Most Holy Divine Will.  In order to make It Known and to make It Reign as Prime Act of Life in the creature, the Fulfillment of the acts is needed.  You (Luisa) too, on the example of My Celestial Mama (Mary) and of Mine, must embrace in My Most Holy Divine Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of (Mary) the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me (Jesus), those which are done and will be done by all the good and the Saints, up to the last day; and upon each one of them you (Luisa) will place your Seal of requital of Love, of Blessing, of Adoration, with the Sanctity and the Power of My Most Holy Divine Will.  Nothing must escape you (Luisa).  My Will embraces everything; you (Luisa) too must embrace everything and everyone, and place My Most Holy Divine Will alone at the First Place of Honor upon all the acts of creatures.  It will be your Imprint, with which you (Luisa) will Imprint the Image of My Most Holy Divine Will on all the acts of creatures. …”

Volume 18 – December 20, 1925

“(Luisa) Daughter of My Will, indeed I (Jesus) shed your tears, so that, as they would pass through My eyes, I (Jesus) might give you (Luisa) the great Gift of My Most Holy Divine Will.  That which Adam could not receive with his tears, even though they too passed through My eyes, you (Luisa) can receive.  In fact, before sinning, Adam possessed My Most Holy Divine Will, and with the possession of My Will he (Adam) grew in the Likeness of his Creator; and he (Adam) grew so much as to form the enchantment of all Heaven, and all felt honored in serving him.  After sin, he (Adam) lost the possession of My Will, and even though he (Adam) wept over his fault and he (Adam) sinned no more, he (Adam) was able to do My Will, but not to Possess My Most Holy Divine Will, because the Divine Offended One was missing, who was to form the New Divine Graft between the creature and the Creator, in order to let him cross again the thresholds of the Possessions of the Eternal Volition.

This graft was made by Me (Jesus), Eternal Word, after four thousand years, when Adam had already passed on to the thresholds of Eternity.  But in spite of this Divine Graft done by Me with tears and sighs and unheard-of pains, how many reduce themselves to the conditions of Adam after sin – merely doing My Will?  Others, do not want to know It; others rebel against It.  Only one (Luisa and those linked to Luisa) who Lives in My Will rises to the state of Adam innocent, before falling into sin.  In fact, there is great distance between those who do My Will and those who Possess It (My Divine Will) – the same distance which passes between Adam innocent and Adam after sin.  And I (Jesus), in coming upon earth, was to act as God; I (Jesus) was to complete the work of man in everything; I (Jesus) was to raise him to the first point of his origin, by giving him the Possession of My Will.  And even though many make use of My coming as remedy for their salvation, and therefore take My Will as medicine, as strength and as antidote in order not to go to hell, I (Jesus) will wait still, that souls may arise who take It (My Divine Will) as Life; and by making It (My Divine Will) Known, they may take Possession of It (My Divine Will).  In this way, I (Jesus) will complete the work of My coming upon earth, and the Divine Graft formed anew with the creature, will have Fruit.  Then will My tears turn into Celestial and Divine Smiles, for Me and for them.”


Volume 19 – June 15, 1926 

“My daughter (Luisa), the Triumph of My Will is connected with Creation and with Redemption—it can be called One Single Triumph.  Since a woman was the cause of the ruin of man, it was a Virgin Woman (Mary) that, after four thousand years, letting My Humanity, united to the Eternal Word, be born of Her, provided the remedy for the ruin of fallen man.  Now that the remedy for man is formed, is My Will alone to be left without Its full completion, while It has Its Prime Act both in Creation and in Redemption?  This is why, after two thousand years more, We (Triune God) have chosen another virgin (Luisa) as the Triumph and Fulfillment of Our Will.  Forming Its Kingdom in your soul (Luisa) and making Itself Known, with Its Knowledge, My Will has given you (Luisa) Its hand to raise you (Luisa) to Living in the Unity of Its Light, so that you (Luisa) may form your life in It and the Divine Will may form Its Life in you (Luisa).  And having formed Its dominion in you (Luisa), It forms the connection through which to communicate Its Dominion to the other creatures; and just as, in descending into the Womb of the Immaculate Virgin (Mary), the Word did not remain in it for Her alone, but I formed the connection of communication for creatures, and I gave Myself to all and as a remedy for all—the same will happen with you (Luisa):  by having formed Its Kingdom in you (Luisa), My Supreme Volition forms the communications to make Itself Known to creatures.  Everything I (Jesus) have told you (Luisa) about It, the Knowledges I (Jesus) have given you (Luisa), the ‘way’ and the ‘how’ of the Living in My Will, My making known to you (Luisa) how It wants—how It yearns for man to return into Its Arms and enter once again into his Origin of the Eternal Will from which he came—are all ways of communication, Bonds of Love, Transmission of Light, a Breeze to make them Breathe the Air of My Will and therefore disinfect the air of the human will, and a Mighty Wind to conquer and uproot the most rebellious (human) wills.”

Volume 19 – June 20, 1926  

After this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, followed everything I did with His gaze.  And since He saw that all my acts identified with His, and by Virtue of the Supreme Will, they followed the same course as His Acts, and repeated the same Good and the same Glory for our Celestial Father, taken by emphasis of Love He clasped me to His Heart and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), even though you (Luisa) are little and newly born in My Will, and you (Luisa) Live in the Kingdom of My Will, your littleness is My Triumph; and when I see you (Luisa) operate in It I find Myself in the Kingdom of My Will like a King who has fought a long war.  Since his ideal was Victory, in seeing himself Victorious he feels cheered of the bloody battle, from the hardships suffered and from the wounds still impressed on his person, and his Triumph is formed as he sees himself surrounded by the Conquests he has made.  The King wants to look at everything, his gaze wants to delight in the Kingdom conquered, and, Triumphant, he smiles and makes feast.

So I Am.  My Ideal in Creation was the Kingdom of My Will in the soul of the creature; My Primary Purpose was to make of man the Image of the Divine Trinity by Virtue of the Fulfillment of My Will upon him.  But as man withdrew from It, I lost My Kingdom in him, and for as long as six thousand years I had to sustain a long battle.  But, long as it has been, I have not dismissed My Ideal and My Primary Purpose, nor will I dismiss It; and if I came in Redemption, I came to realize My Ideal and My Primary Purpose—that is, the Kingdom of My Will in souls.  This is so True, that in order to come, I formed My first Kingdom of the Supreme Volition in the Heart of My Immaculate Mama (Mary)—outside of My Kingdom I would never have come upon earth.  Then I suffered hardships and pains, I was wounded and finally killed, but the Kingdom of My Will was not realized; I laid the foundations, I made some preparations, but the bloody battle between the human will and the Divine has yet continued.

“Now, My little daughter (Luisa), when I see you (Luisa) Operate in the Kingdom of My Will and, as you (Luisa) Operate, Its Kingdom is established more and more in you (Luisa), I feel Victorious in My long battle and everything around Me takes the attitude of Triumph and Feast.  My Pains, the hardships, the Wounds, smile at Me, and My very death gives Me back the Life of My Will in you (Luisa).  So I feel Victorious in Creation and in Redemption …”

 Volume 19 – July 2, 1926 

“Now, one (Luisa) who will Possess the Kingdom of My Will will be for Us like a child born after about six thousand years.  What joy, what feast will not be Ours in seeing Our Image in him, intact, beautiful, just as We delivered it from Our Paternal Womb.  All the caresses, the Kisses, the Gifts, will be for this child (Luisa); more so since, having given in Creation the Kingdom of Our Will to man as his special Inheritance, and since this Kingdom of Ours has been in the hands of strangers, of servants, of traitors for so long a time, in seeing this son who will possess It as a son and will give Us the Glory of the Kingdom of Our Will, Our Inheritance will be placed in safety on the part of this son.  Is it not right that We give him everything, even Our very Selves, and that he enclose everything and everyone?”

While Jesus was saying this, I became concerned and I said to Him:  ‘How can all this be possible, My Love?’  And Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not be surprised.  By Possessing the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, the soul will Possess a Divine, Infinite, Eternal Will, which encloses all Goods; and one who Possesses everything can give Us everything.  What will be Our Contentment, Our Happiness and his, in seeing the littleness of the creature in this Kingdom of Ours, taking from Us continuously as the owner – as Our True Child!  And since what he takes from Us is Divine, he takes the Divine, and the Divine he gives to Us; he takes the Infinite, and the Infinite he gives to Us; he takes Immense Things from Us, and Immense Things he gives to Us; he takes Light from Us, and Light he brings to Us.  He will do nothing but take and give to Us.  We will place all Our Things at his disposal, so that, in the Kingdom of Our Will, given to him by Us, nothing extraneous to Us may enter any more, but only Our Own Things, and We may receive the Fruits, the Glory, the Love, the Honor of the Kingdom of Our Will.  Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in Our Volition be continuous.”

Volume 20 – November 14, 1926

“You (Luisa) must know that great Graces are needed in order to form in the soul the Sanctity of Living in My Will.  The other sanctities can be formed with small Graces, because it is not an Immense and Eternal Will that they must embrace and possess, but little particles of It, Its commands, Its shadow.

“On the other hand, in this Sanctity they must Possess My Will as their own life, they must form Its cortege and make Its acts their own acts; therefore, seas of Graces are needed in order to form this Sanctity.  My Will must bilocate Itself in order to extend Its Sea in the depth of the soul, and then extend another sea of Itself, so as to be able to receive what befits Its Sanctity, Its unending Light, Its Immensity without boundaries.  The goodwill of the soul is nothing other than the bottom of the sea that, forming the shore, surrounds the waters in order to form the sea.

“My daughter (Luisa), it takes Much to Sustain and Preserve a Divine Will in the soul; and the Divinity, knowing that the creature does not have equivalent things for a Will so Holy, holds nothing back—everything is placed in her, at her disposal, in order to form the Sanctity of Living in My Will.  God Himself acts as Prime Actor and Spectator; My Humanity gives everything—everything It did, suffered and conquered, that are endless seas—as help of this Sanctity, Fully Divine.

“The Queen Mama Herself places Her seas of Grace, of love and of sorrow at Her disposal, as help, and feels Honored that they serve the Supreme Will in order to accomplish the Sanctity of the Eternal Fiat in the creature.  Heaven and earth want to give, and they give, because, feeling all invested by this Will, they desire—they yearn to help the fortunate creature to Fulfill the Purpose of Creation—the Origin of the Sanctity that the Supreme Volition wanted from the creature.  Therefore, nothing will you (Luisa) lack on the part of your Jesus; more so, since this is My Desire from of old, wanted, yearned-for and longed-for, for as long as six thousand years:  wanting to see Our Image Reproduced in the creature, Our Sanctity Impressed, Our Will Operating, Our Works enclosed in her, and Our Fiat Fulfilled.”

Volume 24 – April 4, 1928

“So, after about two thousand years of cure, it is just and decorous for Us and for man that he no longer be sick, but that he be Healthy again so as to enter into the Kingdom of Our Divine Will.  This is why the Knowledges about It were needed—so that Our Creative Power which Speaks and Creates, Speaks and Communicates, Speaks and Transforms, Speaks and Wins, Might Speak and make New Horizons, New Suns rise for as many Knowledges as It Manifests, in such a way as to Form so many sweet enchantments that, amazed, the creature will be conquered and invested by the Light of My Eternal Will.  In fact, nothing else is needed for Its Kingdom to come but the two wills Kissing each other, one dissolving within the Other—My Will, Giving, and the human will, receiving.”

Volume 24 – April 12, 1928

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and was accompanying my sweet Jesus in the pains of His Passion and following Him to Calvary.

My poor mind paused to think about the harrowing pains of Jesus on the Cross; and He, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), Calvary is the New Eden in which mankind was given back what it lost by withdrawing from My Will.  Analogy between Calvary and Eden:  in Eden man lost Grace, on Calvary he acquires it.  In Eden, Heaven was closed to him, he lost his Happiness and rendered himself the slave of the infernal enemy; here in the New Eden, Heaven is opened to him once again, he reacquires the lost Peace and Happiness, the devil is chained, and man is freed from his slavery.  In Eden, the Sun of the Divine Fiat darkened and withdrew, and it became always nighttime for man—symbolized by the sun that withdrew from the face of the earth during the three hours of My terrible agony on the Cross.  Unable to sustain the torment of His Creator—caused by the human will that, with great perfidy, had reduced My Humanity to that state—horrified, the sun withdrew, and as I breathed My last, it reappeared again and continued its course of light.  In the same way, the Sun of My Fiat, My pains, My Death, called back the New Sun of My Will to Reign in the midst of creatures once again.

“So, Calvary formed the Dawn that called the Sun of My Eternal Will to shine again in the midst of creatures.  Dawn means certainty that the sun will come out; in the same way, the dawn that I formed on Calvary assures, even though about two thousand years have passed, that it will call the Sun of My Will to Reign once again in the midst of creatures.  In Eden, My Love was defeated by them; here it Triumphs and Conquers the creature.  In the first Eden man receives the condemnation to death of soul and body; while in the second Eden he is released from his condemnation and the Resurrection of the body is reconfirmed through the Resurrection of My Humanity.  There are many relations between Eden and Calvary, and what man lost there, here he reacquires.  In the Kingdom of My pains everything is given back, and the honor and the Glory of the poor creature is reconfirmed by means of My Pains and of My Death.

“By withdrawing from My Will, man formed the kingdom of his evils, of his weaknesses, passions and miseries; and I (Jesus) wanted to come upon earth, I (Jesus) wanted to suffer greatly, I (Jesus) permitted that My Humanity be lacerated, Its flesh torn to pieces, all full of wounds.  And I (Jesus) wanted even to die in order to form, by means of My many pains and of My Death, the Kingdom opposite to the many evils that the creature had formed for herself.

“A kingdom cannot be formed with one act alone, but with many upon many acts; and the more the acts, the greater and more glorious the kingdom becomes.  Therefore, My Death was necessary to My Love; with My Death I was to give the Kiss of Life to creatures, and from My many wounds I was to let All Goods out, in order to Form the Kingdom of Goods for creatures.  So, My Wounds are springs that gush with goods, and My Death is spring from which Life for all gushes forth.

“And just as My Death was necessary, so was My Resurrection necessary to My Love, because by doing his will, man lost the Life of My Will, and I (Jesus) wanted to rise again to form not only the Resurrection of the body, but the Resurrection of the Life of My Will in it.

Volume 24 – May 20, 1928

I was concerned because of a circular I received from the House of the Divine Will, so much wanted by venerable Father Di Francia, and so longed for by him, who did not have the consolation of seeing it completed and opened for the purpose wanted by him.  And now, finally, according to what the circular said, the day of its completion, probably near, was arising.

So I thought to myself:  “Is it really true that it is Will of God for me to go there?  And the members of this House—will they be the True little daughters of the Divine Will?  Will they be the beginning of the Rising of the Divine Era of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth?”

But while I was thinking of this and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), each saying, work and sacrifice that is done in My Will is to obtain Its Divine Kingdom.  They are many messengers sent to the Celestial Fatherland, that carry the Divine Circular and make it circulate through all the Saints, the Angels, the Sovereign Queen and the Creator Himself, giving to each one the task to prepare the different things that are needed for a Kingdom so Holy, so that everything may be done with Decorum, with Decency and with Divine Nobility.  So, all the inhabitants of the Divine Fatherland, with this Celestial Circular in their hands, all get down to the work of Fulfilling their task, of Preparing each thing assigned to them.

“So, the circular from earth echoes the Celestial Circular, and Heaven and earth move, occupying themselves with the One Purpose of the Kingdom of My Divine Will—the earth, with all that is needed in the natural order; the Celestial Court, with all that pertains to the Supernatural Order.  It seems that Heaven and earth hold hands and compete with each other, to see who hastens more to Prepare a Kingdom so Holy.

“If you (Luisa) knew what value one act done in My Will contains; how it can move Heaven and earth; how it can Open its way everywhere… .  It places itself in communication with everyone, and obtains everything that was not obtained through all acts together, and for centuries.  These acts are, not one sun, but as many suns for as many acts as are performed, that Form the Refulgent and Radiant Day of the Kingdom of My Will upon earth.  The acts done in It are spurs to the Supreme Being; they are Magnets that attract It; they are Sweet Chains that bind It; they are Raptures in which the creature has the Power to form the Ecstasy of her Creator who, Enraptured as though in a Sweet Sleep by the Ecstasy Formed by His beloved creature, concedes what He wanted to give from many centuries, but He had not found she who, making Him Ecstatic with His very Divine Power, would be the Capturer of the Kingdom of His Divine Will.  As the creature moves in My Fiat and forms her act, God feels Enraptured; and in His Sweet Drowsiness, He feels Disarmed and Conquered, and the creature becomes the Winner over her Creator.

“With these preparations it happens as to a groom who, having to marry, prepares the house, the bedroom, and all the objects that are needed so that nothing may be lacking to him.  Then he goes on with the attire for the wedding, and the invitations are sent out.  All this makes the groom decide to carry out what he himself wanted.  But if nothing is prepared, the groom takes time and never makes up his mind; and he himself feels embarrassed, and says to himself:  ‘I must marry, and I don’t have a house, I don’t have the bed in which to sleep, I don’t have the attire to appear as a groom—what impression will I make?’  And by necessity he gives up any thought of becoming a spouse.  In the same way, these preparations, the acts done in My Will, the circulars, are spurs that move My Will to come to Reign in the midst of creatures; and My Knowledges are like the groom who comes to marry the creatures with New Bonds, just as they came out of Our Creative Hands.”

Afterwards, I was feeling tired—exhausted from the privations of my sweet Jesus.  I felt that my poor and little soul could take no more without Him in whom I had centered all my hopes and the whole of my very life.  Without Him, everything I did, that was taught to me by Jesus, seemed to be a game—prayers from the imagination, not of Glory for God; and so I felt such listlessness in doing my round, that I could barely go on.

But while, exhausted, I continued my round, I felt that Jesus, sustaining me, was pushing me from behind, telling me:  “My daughter (Luisa), continue on—do not want to stop.  You must know that everything has been determined by the Supreme Being—prayers, acts, pains, sighs, that the creature Must Do in order to Obtain what We Ourselves want to Give her, and that she longs to receive.  So, if these acts are not performed, the longed for Sun does not rise from Us in the midst of the long night of the human will, to Form the Day of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.

“This is why many times it happens that many acts and prayers are done, and nothing is obtained; but then, because of one more little sigh and prayer, one obtains what he so much longed for.  Was it perhaps the last act to obtain the deed of Grace?  Ah, no!  It was the continuation of all the acts and prayers; and if it appears that it is obtained through that last act, it is because that one was needed to complete the number established by Us.

“So, if you (Luisa) want to receive the Kingdom of the Divine Will, do not stop; otherwise, since the long chain of acts that reaches up the Throne of God would be missing, you (Luisa) will not obtain what you (Luisa) want, and what We want to Give.  The acts are like the hours that form the day or the night:  each hour has its place; some hours form the evening, others the deep night, others the dawn, others the rising of the sun, others the full day.  And if it is the midnight hour, in vain would one expect to see the sun rise.  It is necessary that at least the dawn come to court the nearing day, in order to see the majesty of the sun that dispels the darkness with its empire of light, and putting an end to the night, pearls all nature and makes it rise again in its light and in its heat, molding everything with its beneficial effects.

“Now, is it perhaps the dawn that has all the honor for making the sun rise?  Ah, no!  The dawn has been the last hour, but if the other hours had not preceded it, the dawn could never have said:  ‘I am she who calls for the day.’  Such are the acts, the prayers to obtain the rising of the day of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  They are like many hours, and each one has its Place of Honor; and they hold hands among themselves in calling the Refulgent Sun of My Divine Will.  The final act can be like the Dawn; and if it is not performed, the Dawn will be missing, and it is useless to hope for Its Day of Light to arise soon upon the earth, which, molding and warming everything, more than sun, will make its Beneficial Effects and its Divine Regime felt—a Regime of Light, of Love and of Sanctity.

“The same happened in Redemption.  Redemption did not come for many centuries, because the Patriarchs and the Prophets found themselves with their acts in the night hours, and from afar they longed for the day.  As the Queen Virgin (Mary) came, She formed the dawn, and embracing all the night hours together, She made the day of the Word arise upon earth—and Redemption was accomplished.  Therefore, do not stop; the series of acts is so necessary, that there is the risk that, if not all of them are performed, the desired Good is not obtained.”

Volume 24 – May 26, 1928

“Do you think that My Will, that has made Itself Known (to you Luisa) with so much Love and has manifested so much interest in wanting to come to reign upon earth, pouring Its sorrow out with you (Luisa), has done this without anyone praying to It?  Ah, no! no!  The knocks of My Church have been continuous, and I Myself was knocking in those knocks, but I used them to knock at the Door of the Divine Fiat which, tired of hearing them knocking at Its Divine Doors, has used you (Luisa) to be knocked more strongly; and opening the doors to you (Luisa), It made you (Luisa) share in Its Knowledges.

“And for as many Truths as It made known to you (Luisa), so many means has It given you (Luisa) to form the Loving Chains, to let Itself be bound to come to Reign upon earth.  And all the times It calls you (Luisa) to Live in Its Divine Volition, making Known to you (Luisa) Its Qualities, Its Power, Its Joys, Its immense Riches, are as many Pledges It gives you (Luisa), with which It assures you (Luisa) of Its coming upon earth.  In fact, in Us (Triune God) there is this prerogative:  if We make known a Good of Ours, a Truth, a Knowledge that belongs to Us, it is because We want to give it to the creature as gift.  See then, how many Gifts My Will has given you (Luisa); how many of Its Knowledges It has made known to you (Luisa).  They are such and so many, that you (Luisa) yourself cannot count them.”

And I:  “My Beloved Jesus, who knows when this Kingdom will come!”

And He:  “My daughter (Luisa), in order for Redemption to come it took four thousand years, because the people that prayed and longed for the future Redeemer was the smallest one, of limited number.  But those that belong to My Church are more peoples and—oh! how much greater in number than that one.  Therefore, the number will shorten the time; more so, since religion (the Catholic Faith) is making its way everywhere, and this is nothing but the preparation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

Volume 26 – April 28, 1929 

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, to follow Its acts in the Creation; and as I reached Eden, my poor mind paused in the act in which It created man (Adam), and breathing over him, It infused Life in him; and I prayed Jesus to breathe over my poor soul, to infuse in me the first Divine Breath of Creation, so that, with Their[1] regenerative Breath, I (Luisa) might begin my life again, all in the Fiat, according to the Purpose for which They had created me.

But while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior as though in the act of wanting to breathe over me, and He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), it is Our Holy Divine Will that the creature (Luisa) ascend again into Our Womb, in Our Creative Arms, that We may give her (Luisa) again Our continuous Breath, and, in this Breath, give her (Luisa) the Current that generates all Goods, Joys and Happinesses.  But in order for Us to be able to give this Breath, man must Live in Our Will, because only in It can he receive It, and We, Give It.

“Our Fiat has such virtue as to render the creature (Luisa) inseparable from Us, and what We do and are by nature, she (Luisa) can do by Grace.  In creating man (Adam), We did not put him at a distance from Us; rather, in order to have him together with Us, We gave him Our very Divine Will, that would give him the first act, to operate together with his Creator.  This was the reason why Our Love, Our Light, Our Joys, Our Power and Beauty gushed out all together, and overflowing outside of Our Divine Being, they spread the table before he (Adam) whom, with so much Love, We had formed with Our Creative Hands, and generated with Our very Breath.  We wanted to enjoy Our Work, see him (Adam) Happy of Our own Happiness, embellished with Our Beauty, Rich with Our Richness; more so, since it was Our Will for Us to remain close to the creature, to operate together and to amuse Ourselves together with her; and games cannot be played from a distance, but in closeness.

“This is why, by necessity of creation and in order to maintain intact Our Work and the Purpose for which We had created it, the only means was to endow man (Adam) with Divine Will, that would preserve him (Adam) just as he came out of Our Creative Hands; he would enjoy all Our Goods, and We were to enjoy because he was happy.  Therefore, so that man may return to his Place of Honor and enter once again to operate together with his Creator, and they may amuse themselves together, there are no means other than his reentering into Our Fiat, that It may bring him to Us Triumphantly, into Our Arms that are waiting for him to clasp him tightly within Our Divine Womb, and say to him:  ‘Finally, after six thousand years you have come back.  You have gone wandering, you have experienced all evils, because there is no Good without Our Fiat.  You have experienced enough, and have touched with your own hand what it means to go out of It; so, never go out of It again, and come to rest and enjoy what is yours, because in Our Volition everything was given to you.’


Volume 26 – May 12, 1929 

 “My daughter (Luisa), an innocent humanity, with all the qualities with which it came out of Our Creative Hands, was needed in order to impetrate again the Kingdom of Our Will into the midst of creatures.  Up to that time it was missing, and I (Jesus) purchased it with My Death, and I (Jesus) ascended into Heaven in order to Fulfill, with My first task, My second task of impetrating and giving the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.  It is about two thousand years that this Humanity of Mine has been praying, and Our Divine Majesty, feeling the love of Creation that We had in creating man overflow from Itself again—or rather, with greater intensity—and feeling Itself being enraptured and charmed by the beauties of My Humanity, has poured Itself out again; and opening the Heavens, It has made the Rain of Light of the many Knowledges about My Fiat rain down in torrents, so that, like rain, It may descend upon souls, and with Its Light It may Vivify and Heal the human will, and Transforming it, It may cast the root of My Will into the hearts, and may lay Its Kingdom upon earth.”


Volume 26 – May 31, 1929  

“And My contained Love was moaning, raving, and was devoured by inextinguishable Flames, for It wanted to make Known that It wanted to give them this Great Good, a Good that Surpasses all other goods—that is the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  This Great Good I gave at the beginning of Creation, because never do incomplete goods and works come out from Our Divinity.  But it was rejected by man (Adam), and We had the sorrow of feeling the Life, the Substance, the Goods and the Most Essential part of Creation being rejected back; and man  (Adam) rendered all Our works incomplete for himself, and has never given a thought to reacquiring what he (Adam) rejected from Us.

“But while he would not think about it, We did think about it, and this formed Our Martyrdom of Love, a Martyrdom that has lasted about six thousand years, a secret Martyrdom that increased Our Flames.  And they Devoured Us so much, that unable to contain them any longer, I (Jesus) wanted to come to you (Luisa) in order to break the secret, as I felt the need to make for you (Luisa) an outpouring of Love, and say to you (Luisa):  ‘I want to give what man rejected; I want My Will to reign upon earth.’  And in order to make It come to Reign, I had to make It Known to you (Luisa); therefore the necessity to Manifest to you (Luisa) so many Knowledges about It.

“So, if your sacrifices of writing will bring no good and utility—that will not be—they were necessary to My Love, and have served to form My outpouring, and to relieve Me of the Flames that devoured Me.  So, each Knowledge about My Divine Fiat was an Outpouring of contained Love that I (Jesus) made for you (Luisa); it was a New Creation that I put out; it was like binding the Divine Will to the human, in order to Reorder it again according to the Order created by Us.  It was Life that came out of Me, Substance and essential part to be able to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.  If you knew what a Divine Outpouring means!  Outpouring of Love was the Creation, and—oh! how many Goods came out of this Outpouring!  Heavens, stars, seas, flowery earth; and then man, formed with such Art, that Heaven and earth are Astounded at the way man is formed.

“This Outpouring would have continued, and yet More Beautiful things were to come out of Us; but man (Adam), by rejecting Our Divine Will from Us, closed this outlet of Ours, and he (Adam) blocked Our Works; and for as many as four thousand years, Our Outpouring had no more way out.  But Our Love felt the need to Pour Out, It wanted Its Rights, It wanted to release Its Vital Flames, and Bursting out Its long Outpouring, It created the Most Holy Virgin (Mary), from whom proceeded the Incarnation of the Word.  How many wonders in this second Outpouring; what utility, how many goods have creatures not received!

“But this second Outpouring of Ours remained halved, and Our Love had to content Itself and wait two more thousand years to be able to Burst Its Outpouring again, and put out all Its Secrets, the Most Intimate Wonders of Our Divinity, the Greatest Goods that are needed in order to make Our Divine Will Reign in the midst of creatures.  If you knew what a Divine Outpouring means! And just as in Creation Our Outpouring made great and magnanimous Works, and It is useful and It continues Its life; just as the Outpouring of Redemption will bring Its admirable effects and the redeeming life to the human generations; in the same way, this Outpouring of making Known that My Divine Fiat wants to Form Its Kingdom, and everything you (Luisa) have written about Its Knowledges, will have Life in the midst of creatures.”

Volume 28 – February 26, 1930  

 We make the creature long for the Good that We want to give, because We want her to place something of her own—at least her sighs, her prayers, her will of wanting that Good, so as to be able to say to her:  ‘See, you (Luisa) have deserved it, because, on your part, you (Luisa) have done what you (Luisa) could in order to obtain it; and We, with all Our Heart, give it to you (Luisa),’ while it is all the effect of Our Goodness.  And this is the reason why first We make known what We want to give to creatures.  It can be said that We place Ourselves in correspondence, sending Our letters of notice; We dispatch Our messengers, making them say what We want to give.  And all this in order to dispose them, to make them long for the great Gift We want to Give.  Did We not do the same for the Kingdom of Redemption?  “So it is for the Kingdom of My Divine Will; I delay because I want them to know this, to pray, to long for It to come to Reign, to comprehend the great Gift of It, so as to be able to say to them:  ‘You have wanted it, you have deserved it, and My Will is now coming to Reign in your midst.  By knowing It, praying It, longing for It, you have formed Its chosen people in which It might dominate and Reign.’  Without a people, a kingdom cannot be formed, and this is the other reason for making known that My Divine Will wants to Reign upon earth—that they may pray, they may long for It, they may dispose themselves to Form Its people in whose midst It can descend and form Its Royal Palace, Its Dwelling, Its Throne.”

Volume 36 – October 2, 1938

I am always in the Divine Will, although in inexpressible bitternesses, as if they wanted to muddy Its Sea; but this Sea of the Fiat forms Its Waves and, covering and hiding me inside of Itself, sweetens my bitterness—gives me back Strength and makes me continue my way in Its Will.  Its Power is such as to reduce to nothing my bitterness, making rise again from within itself Its Life full of Sweetness, all Beautiful and Majestic; and I adore It, I thank It, I pray It never to leave me alone and abandoned.

Then my sweet Jesus, repeating His little visit told me: “My good daughter (Luisa), Courage.  If you (Luisa) lose heart you (Luisa) will lose the Strength to Live always in My Will.  Don’t worry about what they say and do. Our Victory is in the fact that they cannot prevent Us from doing what We want to do.  So, I can talk to you (Luisa) about My Divine Will and you (Luisa) can listen; no power can obstruct this.  All that I tell you (Luisa) about My Will is nothing other than the accomplishment of Our Decree, established since Eternity in the Council of Our Most Holy Trinity:  Our Will must have Its Kingdom on earth.  Our Decrees are Infallible, nothing can prevent them from being Fulfilled.  Just as Creation and Redemption were Our Decrees, so Our Decree is the Kingdom of Our Divine Will on earth!  Therefore, in order to Fulfill this Decree I (Jesus) have to Manifest the Goods contained in It—Its Qualities, Its Beauties and Marvels.  Here is the necessity I (Jesus) had to talk to you (Luisa) so much:  to accomplish this Decree.

“Daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) wanted to do this, by winning man through My Love, but human perfidy does not allow Me.  Therefore I will use Justice.  I will sweep the earth, I will take away all the harmful creatures who, like poisoned plants, poison the innocent plants.  Once I have purified everything, My Truths will find the way to give to the survivors the Life, the balm and the Peace that They contain; and everybody will receive Them, giving Them the Kiss of Peace, to the confusion of those who did not believe in Them and even condemned Them.  My Truths will Reign and I will have My Kingdom on earth:  My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Therefore, once again, let’s not move in anything.  Let’s do Our Way and we will sing Victory; they can do their way, in which they will find confusion and shame of themselves.  It will happen to them as to the blind, who don’t believe in the light of the sun because they don’t see it:  they will remain in their blindness, while those who see It will Enjoy and show off the Goods of the Light with Complete Happiness.”

Jesus remained silent.  My poor mind was troubled by the so many evils that invest and will invest the earth.  In the meantime the Sovereign Queen made Herself seen, with Her eyes all red, as if bleeding for so much crying.  What a heartbreak, in seeing my Celestial Mama crying. Then, with Her Maternal tone, with Inexpressible Tenderness—crying—She told me: “Dearest daughter of Mine, pray together with Me. It breaks My Heart to see the chastisements that will invest the whole humanity.  The volubility of the leaders—today they say one thing, tomorrow something else—will throw the peoples in a sea of pains, and of blood, too.  Poor children of Mine!  Pray My daughter (Luisa), don’t leave Me alone in My Suffering.  May all happen for the Triumph of the Divine Will.”



[1] Of the Three Divine Persons.