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Luisa and the Mystical Marriage

Luisa and  the Mystical Marriage

From Volume 1

February 28, 1899

            By order of the priest confessor I, Luisa begin to write what passes between me and Our Lord, Jesus day by day.

            I, Luisa confess the truth, I feel great repugnance; the effort I have to make in order to conquer myself is so great that the Lord alone can know the torture of my soul.  But, oh holy obedience, what a powerful bond you are!  You, holy obedience alone could win over me, and surpassing all my repugnance, almost impassable mountains, you holy obedience bind me to the Will of God and of the priest confessor.  But, please, O Holy Spouse, as great as my sacrifice is, so much help do I, Luisa need; I, Luisa want nothing but that You hold me in your arms and sustain me.  In this way, assisted by You, I, Luisa will be able to say only the truth, only for your glory, and to my confusion.

            This morning, since the priest confessor celebrated Holy Mass, I, Luisa also received Holy Communion.  My mind was in a sea of confusion because of this obedience that the priest confessor gave me, to write everything that passes in my interior.  As I received Jesus, I began to tell Him of my pains, especially my insufficiency, and many other things.  But Jesus did not seem to care about this thing of mine, and did not answer to anything.  A light came to my mind, and I said: ‘Who knows whether I myself am the cause for which Jesus is not showing Himself as usual.’  So, with all my heart, I said to Him: ‘O please Jesus!  My Good and my All, don’t show Yourself so indifferent with me – You make my heart split with pain.  If it is because of the writing – let it be, let it be, even if it cost me the sacrifice of my life, I Luisa, promise I will do it!’  Then Jesus changed appearance and, all benign, He told me: “What do you fear?  Have I not assisted you the other times?  My light will surround you everywhere, and so you will be able to manifest it.”

Purity of intention.

            While He was saying this, I don’t know how, I saw the priest confessor near Jesus; and the Lord told him: “See, everything you Father do passes into Heaven.  Therefore, see with what purity you Father must operate, thinking that all of your steps, words and works come before my presence, and if they are pure – that is, if they are done for Me – I, Jesus take greatest delight in them and I, Jesus feel them around Me like many messengers that remind Me continuously of you, Father.  But if they are done for low and earthly purposes, I, Jesus feel bothered by them.”  And as He, Jesus was saying this, He, Jesus seemed to grab his (the priest’s) hands, and raising them up to Heaven, He, Jesus said to him (the priest): “Father, (keep) your eyes always on high; you, Father are of Heaven – Father, work for Heaven!”

            While I, Luisa was seeing the priest confessor, and Jesus saying this to him, in my mind it seemed to me that if one operated in that way, it would happen as to a person who has to leave one house to move to another.  What does he do?  First, he sends all of his things and everything he possesses, and then he goes himself.  In the same way, we first send our works to take a place for us in Heaven, and then, when our time comes, we go ourselves.  Oh, what a beautiful cortege they will make for us!


            Now, while seeing the priest confessor, I, Luisa remembered he, the priest confessor, had told me that I, Luisa was to write about Faith in the way in which the Lord Jesus had spoken to me about this virtue of Faith.  While I was thinking of this, in one instant the Lord drew me so much to Himself, that I felt I was outside of myself, in the vault of the heavens together with Jesus, and He told me these exact words:  “Faith is God.”

            But these two words contained an immense light, such that it is impossible to explain them – but I will do what I can.  In the word “Faith”, I comprehended that Faith is God Himself.  Just as material food gives life to the body so that it may not die, Faith gives life to the soul – without Faith, the soul is dead.  Faith vivifies, Faith sanctifies, Faith spiritualizes man, and makes him, the soul, keep his eyes fixed on a Supreme Being, in such a way that he, the soul, learns nothing of the things of down here; and if he learns them, he learns them in God.  Oh, the happiness of a soul who lives of Faith! – her, the soul’s flight is always toward Heaven.  In everything that happens to her, she, the soul always looks at herself in God; and so, just as in tribulation, Faith raises her, the soul in God and she, the soul does not afflict herself, not even with a lament, knowing that she is not to form her contentment here, but in Heaven; in the same way, if joy, if riches and pleasures surround her, the soul Faith raises her in God, and she says to herself: “Oh, how much more content and rich I will be in Heaven!”  So, she, the soul feels bothered by these earthly things, she despises them, and tramples them underfoot.  It seems to me that to a soul who lives of Faith, it happens as to a person who possessed millions upon millions of coins, and even entire kingdoms, and someone else wanted to offer him a cent.  What would he say?  Would he not disdain it?  Would he not throw it in his face?  I, Luisa add: and what if that cent were all muddy, just as earthly things are?  Even more: what if that cent were only lent to him?  This person would say: “I enjoy and possess immense riches, and you dared to offer me this miserable cent, so muddy, and only for a short time?”  I believe he would quickly remove his gaze from it, and would not accept the gift.  So does the soul who lives of Faith with regard to earthy things.

            Now, let us go back again to the idea of food: by taking food, the body is not only sustained, but shares in the substance of the food, which transforms into the body itself.  The same for the soul who lives of Faith: since Faith is God Himself, the soul comes to live of God Himself; and by nourishing herself with God, she comes to share in the substance of God; and by sharing in Him, she comes to resemble Him and to be transformed with God Himself.  Therefore, it happens to the soul who lives of Faith, that, just as God is holy, the soul is holy; powerful God – powerful the soul; wise, strong and just God – wise, strong and just the soul; and so with all the other attributes of God.  In sum, the soul becomes a little god.  Oh, the blessedness of this soul on earth, to then be more blessed in Heaven!

            I also understood that the words that the Lord says to His beloved souls – “I, Jesus will espouse you in the Faith” – mean nothing less but that the Lord, in this mystical marriage, comes to endow the souls with His own virtues.  It seems to me that it happens as to two spouses: as they join their properties together, the belongings of one can no longer be distinguished from those of the other, but both of them become their owners.  However, in our case, the soul is poor – all the good comes from the Lord, who lets her share in His possessions.

            The life of the soul is God – Faith is God, and the soul, by possessing Faith, comes to graft all the other virtues into herself, in such a way that Faith is like a king in her heart, and the other virtues remain around It, as the subjects that serve Faith.  So, without Faith, virtues themselves are virtues that have no life.

            It seems to me that God communicates Faith to man in two ways: the first is holy Baptism; the second is when blessed God, by unleashing a particle of His substance into the soul, communicates to her the virtue of making miracles, like raising the dead, healing the sick, stopping the sun, and the like.  Oh, if the world had Faith, it would change into a terrestrial paradise!

            Oh, how high and sublime is the flight of the soul who exercises herself in Faith.  It seems to me that by exercising herself in Faith, the soul acts like those timid little birds which, for fear of being caught by hunters, or of some other snare, establish their dwelling at the top of the trees, or in high places.  Then, when they are forced to take food, they descend, take the food, and immediately fly back into their dwelling.  And some of them, more cautious, take the food and don’t even eat it on the ground, but in order to be safer, they carry it up to the top of the trees, and there they swallow it.

            In the same way, the soul who lives of Faith is so timid with earthly things, that for fear of being snared, she doesn’t so much as glance at them.  Her dwelling is up high – that is, above all the things of the earth, but especially in the wounds of Jesus Christ; and from within those blessed rooms she moans, cries, prays and suffers together with her Spouse Jesus over the condition and the misery in which mankind lies.  While she lives inside those holes of the wounds of Jesus, the Lord gives her a particle of His virtues, and the soul feels those virtues within herself as if they were her own.  However, she realizes that even though she sees them as her own, the possession of them is given to her, for they have been communicated by the Lord.

            It happens to her as to a person who has received a gift which he did not have.  What does he do?  He takes it and makes himself the owner of it; however, every time he looks at it, he says to himself: “This is mine, but it was given to me by so and so.”  So also does the soul whom the Lord transforms in Himself, by unleashing a particle of His Divine Being from Himself.  Now, just as this soul abhors sin, she also feels compassion for others, and prays for those whom she sees walking on the path of the precipice.  She unites herself with Jesus Christ, and offers herself as victim in order to placate divine justice, and to spare creatures the deserved chastisements.  And if the sacrifice of her life were necessary – oh, how gladly she would make it for the salvation of one soul alone!

How Luisa sees the Divinity of Jesus.

            After the priest confessor told me, Luisa to explain to him how I sometimes see the Divinity of Our Lord, I answered that it was impossible for me to be able to tell him anything.  But, at night, blessed Jesus appeared to me and almost reproached me because of this refusal of mine, and then He, Jesus flashed through me with two most luminous rays.  With the first one I understood in my intellect, that Faith is God and God is Faith.  I tried to say a few things about Faith; now I will try to say how I see God – and this was the second ray.

            While I am outside of myself, and I find myself in the height of the heavens, I seem to see God within a light.  He Himself seems to be light, and within this light there is beauty, strength, wisdom, immensity, height, depth – endless and boundless.  Even in the air we breathe is God present, and we breathe Him; so, each one can make Him his own life, as indeed He is.  Nothing escapes Him, and nothing can escape Him.  This light seems to be all voice, though it does not speak; and all operating, though it always rests.  It is present everywhere, though it occupies no space; and while it is present everywhere, it also has its own center.  Oh, God, how incomprehensible You are!  I see You, I feel You, You are my life, You restrict Yourself within me, but You remain always immense and lose nothing of Yourself.  Yet, I feel I am stammering, and it seems I can say nothing.

            In order to explain myself better, according to our human language, I will say that I see a shadow of God in the whole creation, because in the whole creation – someplace He has cast the shadow of His beauty, someplace His fragrances, someplace His light, as in Sun, in which I see a special shadow of God.  I see Him as though concealed within this sphere, as the king of all other spheres.  What is the Sun?  It nothing but a globe of fire.  One is the globe, but its rays are many; from this we can easily understand how the globe is God, and the rays are the immense attributes of God.

            Second.  The Sun is fire, but It is also light and heat.  Here is the Most Holy Trinity veiled in the Sun: the fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit.  However, the Sun is one, and just as one cannot separate fire from light and heat, so one is the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who in reality cannot be separated from one another.  And just as fire produces light and heat at the same time, in such a way that fire cannot be conceived without light and heat; in the same way, the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa, but all Three of the Them have the same eternal beginning.

            I add that the light of the Sun diffuses everywhere; in the same way, God penetrates everywhere with His immensity.  However, let us remember that this is but a shadow, because the Sun cannot reach where It cannot penetrate with Its light, while God penetrates everywhere.  God is most pure Spirit, and we can represent Him with the Sun, which makes Its rays penetrate everywhere, and no one can grab them with their hands.  Moreover, God looks at everything – the iniquities and the evils of men – but He remains always as He is, pure, holy and immaculate. A shadow of God is the Sun, which sends Its light over rubbish, but remains immaculate; It spreads Its light in the fire, but is not burned; in the sea and in the rivers, but is not drowned.  It gives light to all, It fecundates everything, It gives life to all with Its heat, but does not become poor in light, nor does It lose any of Its heat.  Even more, while It does so much good to all, It needs no one, and remains always as It is – majestic, shining, ever immutable.  Oh, how well one can see the divine qualities in the Sun!  With His immensity, God is present in the fire, but is not burned; in the sea, but is not drowned; under our steps, but is not trampled.  He gives to all, but does not become poor, and needs no one; He looks at everything – even more, He is all eyes, and there is nothing He does not hear.  He is aware of each fiber of our hearts, of each thought of our minds, but, being most pure Spirit, He has neither ears nor eyes, and no matter what happens, He never changes. The Sun invests the world with Its light, and It does not tire; in the same way, God gives life to all, helps and rules the world, and He does not tire.

            A man can hide or place shelters so as not to enjoy the light of the Sun and Its beneficial effects, but he does nothing to the Sun – the Sun remains as It is, while all the evil will fall upon man.  In the same way, by sin, the sinner can move away from God and no longer enjoy His beneficial effects, but he does nothing to God – the evil is all his own.

            The roundness of the Sun also symbolizes the eternity of God, which has no beginning and no end.  The penetrating light of the Sun itself is such that no one can restrict it in his eye; and if one wanted to stare at It in Its midday fullness, he would remain dazzled; and if the Sun wanted to draw near man, man would be reduced to ashes.  The same for the Divine Sun: no created mind can restrict It in its little mind so as to comprehend It in all that It is; and if it wanted to try, it would remain dazzled and confused; and if this Divine Sun wanted to display all Its love, allowing man to feel It while he is in his mortal flesh, he would be reduced to ashes.

            So, God has cast a shadow of Himself and of His perfections over the whole creation; it seems that we see Him and touch Him, and we are touched by Him continuously.

            In addition to this, after the Lord said those words – “Faith is God” – I said to Him: ‘Jesus, do You love me?’  And He added: “And you, do you love Me?”  Immediately I said: ‘Yes Lord, and You know that without You I feel that life is missing in me.’

            “Well then”, Jesus continued, “you love Me, I love you – so, let us love each other, and remain always together.”  This is how He ended for this morning.  Now, who can say how much my mind has comprehended of this Divine Sun?  I seem to see It and touch It everywhere.  Even more, I feel invested by It, inside and out, but my capacity is so very little – while it seems it comprehends something about God, the moment I see Him, it seems I have comprehended nothing; even more, it seems I have spoken nonsense.  I hope that Jesus will forgive my nonsense.


I remember that one morning, after Communion, the Lord told me:  “Daughter, the iniquities that are committed are so many that the scale of my justice is about to overflow.  Know that I will pour heavy scourges upon men, especially a most fierce war in which I will make a slaughter of the human flesh.  Ah! yes.”  He continued, almost crying:  “I gave bodies to men that they might be as many sanctuaries where I would go to delight in them; but they have turned them into sewers of rot, which emanate such stench as to force Me to stay far away from them.  See what a recompense I receive for so much love and for the so many pains I have suffered for them.  Who has ever been treated like Me?  Ah! no one.  But what is the cause?  It is the excessive love I have for them.  Therefore, I will try with the chastisements.”

I felt my heart split with pain; it seemed to me that the offenses they were giving Him were so many, that in order to escape, He wanted to hide within me, almost to find a refuge.  I also felt such pains because men were to be chastised, that it seems that I myself was to suffer – not them.  Even more, it seemed to me that, if I could, it would have been more bearable for me to suffer all of those chastisements myself, rather than to see others suffer.

I tried to compassionate Him as much as I could, and with all my heart I said to Him:  ‘Oh! Holy Spouse, hold back the scourges which your justice has prepared.  If the multiplicity of the iniquities of men is great, there is the immense sea of your Blood in which You can bury them.  In this way your justice will be satisfied.  If You have no where to go to delight Yourself, come into me – I give You all my heart, that You may somehow rest and delight with it.  It is true that I too am a bilge of vices, but You can purify me and make of me what You want.  But, O please!, placate Yourself.  If the sacrifice of my life is necessary – oh! how gladly I would make it for You, as long as I may see your own images spared.’  And the Lord, interrupting my speaking, continued:  “Here is exactly where I wanted you – if you offer yourself to suffer, no longer every now and then as up until now, but continuously, every day, for a certain given time, I will spare men.  See how I will do it:  I will put you between my justice and the iniquities of the creatures, and when my justice sees itself full of iniquities to the point of not being able to contain them, and is forced to send the thunderbolts of the scourges in order to chastise the creatures, in finding you in the middle, instead of striking them, it will strike you.  Only in this way will I be able to content you in sparing men – not otherwise.”

I remained all confused; I didn’t know what to say.  My nature would do its part, being frightened and trembling, but I saw that my good Jesus was waiting for an answer – whether I accepted or not.  So, seeing myself almost forced to speak, I said to Him:  ‘Oh! my Most Divine Spouse, on one hand I would be ready to accept, but how is it going to work with the confessor:  if he does not want to come every once in a while, how can it be possible that he will come every day?  Free me from this cross – that the confessor be needed in order to free me – and then everything will be arranged between me and You.’  Then the Lord said to me:  “Go to the confessor and ask him for the obedience.  If he wants, you will tell him everything I told you, and you will follow whatever he says.  See, it will not be only for the good of creatures that I want these continuous sufferings, but also for your good.  In this state of sufferings I will purify your soul thoroughly, in such a way as to dispose you to form a mystical marriage with Me; and after this, I will make the last transformation, in such a way that both of us will become like two candles placed on the fire – one is transformed into the other and they form a single one.  In this way I will transform Myself in you, and you will remain crucified with Me.  Ah! would you not be happy if you could say:  ‘The Bridegroom is crucified, but the bride also is crucified?  Ah! yes, there is nothing that renders me dissimilar from Him.’

So, when I was able to speak with the confessor, I told him everything that the Lord had said to me; and since the Lord had said to me those words, “for a certain given time”, without notifying me of the exact time during which I was to suffer continuously, I took it as about forty days, more or less…and now it has been about twelve years that I continue to be in it.  But may God be always blessed; may His inscrutable judgments be always adored.  I believe that if the blessed Lord had made me understand clearly the length of time I was to be in bed, my nature would have been frightened very much, and would hardly have submitted itself to it.  Although I remember that I have always been resigned, at that time I did not know the preciousness of the cross, as the Lord has made me know during the course of these twelve years; nor would the confessor have adapted himself to give me the obedience.  So I said to the confessor that the Lord wanted him to give me the obedience to remain in continuous suffering for about forty days, and I told him all the rest.  To my surprise – because I thought it was impossible – the confessor told me that if it was really the Will of God he would give me the obedience, because, in reality, it was not that he could not come, but rather… a little bit of human respect.  My soul rejoiced very much for I would be able to make the Lord content, and therefore have creatures spared, but my nature was very much afflicted in receiving this obedience; so much so, that for a few days I was very saddened.  My soul also was affected very much, thinking that I was to remain for such a long time without being able to receive Jesus in the Sacrament, my only and sole comfort.  At times I would feel a war so very fierce within me, that I myself did not know what had happened to me.  The devil too would add many things, but my good Jesus put a remedy to everything; and this is how He did it.


I remember that from the very beginning of my being continuously bedridden, my Lover Jesus would make Himself seen very often, which He had not done in the past.  From the beginning He told me that He wanted me to take on a new way of life in order to dispose myself to that mystical marriage which He had promised me.  He would say to me:  “Beloved of my Heart, I have put you in this state so that I might come more freely to converse with you.  See, I have freed you of all external occupations, so that, not only your soul, but also your body might be at my disposal, and so that you might remain in continuous holocaust before Me.  See, had I not drawn you into this bed, since you would have to carry out your family duties and submit yourself to other sacrifices, I could not come so often and let you share in the offenses, just as I receive them; at most, I would have to wait for when you have fulfilled your duties.  But now – no, we are free, there is no one left who may bother us and interrupt our conversation.  From now on, my afflictions will be yours, and yours will be mine; my sufferings yours, and yours mine; my consolations yours, and yours mine.  We will unite all things together, and you will take interest in my things as if they were your own; and so I will do with yours.  Between the two of us there will no longer be ‘this is mine, and this is yours’, but everything will be in common, on both sides.

Do you know how I acted with you?  Like a king when he wants to speak with his queen spouse, and she is with other ladies on other affairs.  What does the king do?  He takes her and brings her inside his room; they close the door, so that no one may go and interrupt their conversation and hear their secrets; and so, once they are alone, they communicate their consolations and their afflictions to each other.  Now, if someone, imprudent, went to knock, shouting from behind the door, and did not leave them alone to enjoy their conversation – would the king not take offense?  So have I done for you, and in the same way I would be displeased if someone wanted to remove you from that state.”

            He continued to tell me:  “From you I want perfect conformity to my Will, in such a way that your will may be undone within Mine; and absolute detachment from everything – so much so, that I want all that is earth to be considered by you as dung and rot, which one is horrified by just looking at.  And this because, even though one were not attached to earthly things, just by having them around and looking at them they cast shadow on the celestial things and prevent the fulfillment of that mystical marriage which I promised you.  Even more, I want that, just as I was poor, you also imitate Me in poverty.  You must consider yourself in this bed as a little poor one; the poor are content with anything they have, and they first thank Me, and then their benefactors.  The same for you:  go along with everything that is given to you without asking for this or that, which might be a hindrance in your mind; but with holy indifference, without thinking of whether it may do good or bad, comply with the will of others.


            My sweet Jesus would do nothing but dispose me to that mystical marriage which He had promised me.  When I was in that state, He would make Himself seen sometimes three times a day, sometimes four, as He pleased; and sometimes it was a continuous coming and going.  He seemed to be a sweetheart who cannot be without his spouse.  This is how Jesus was with me, and sometimes he reached the point of telling me:  “You see, I love you so much that I cannot be without coming.  I feel almost restless, thinking that you are there suffering for Me, and you are alone; this is why I have come – to see if you need something.”  And while saying this, He Himself would lift my head, He would place His arm around my neck and hug me; and while holding me like that, He would kiss me, and if it was summertime and it was hot, He would send a refreshing breath from His mouth, or He would take something in His hand and fan me.  And then He would ask me:  “How are you feeling?  Don’t you feel better?”  I would say to Him:  ‘Being with You, in whatever way, one always feels well.’

Other times, then, if He saw me very weak because of my continuously being in those sufferings, especially if the confessor was coming at night, my lover Jesus would come, and in seeing me in that state of extreme weakness – to the point that at times I felt I was dying – He would draw near me and from His mouth He would pour milk into mine, or He would place me close to His side, and from there I would suckle torrents of sweetnesses, of delights and of strength.  And He would say to me:  “I really want to be your everything, and also your nourishment – for the soul and for the body.”  Who can tell what I experienced, both in the soul and in the body, from these graces that Jesus would give me?  If I wanted to tell them, I would be too long.  I remember that, sometimes, when He would not come quickly, I would lament to Him, telling Him:  ‘O please! oh! Holy Spouse, how could You make me wait so long – I could not resist any more, I felt I was dying without You.’  And while saying this, the pain I felt was such that I would cry.  And He would compassionate all of me; He would dry my tears, He would kiss me, He would hug me, and say:  “I do not want you to cry.  See, now I am with you – tell me what you want.”  I would say to Him:  ‘I want nothing but You, and only then will I stop crying, when You promise me You will not make me wait for so long.’  And He would say to me:  “Yes, yes, I will make you content.”


Now, during these exits that the Lord would make me do, sometimes He would renew the promise of the marriage, which I already mentioned.  Who can tell the ardent yearnings that the Lord infused in me for this mystical marriage to take place?  Many times I would solicit Him, telling Him:  ‘Most sweet Spouse, hurry, no longer delay my intimate union with You.  O please! let us bind each other with stronger bonds of love, so that no one may ever again be able to separate us, even for simple instants.’  And Jesus would correct me now about one thing, now about another.  I remember that one day He said to me:  “Everything that is of the earth, everything – everything you must remove, not only from your heart, but also from your body.  You cannot understand how harmful are the slightest earthly shadows, and how much they hinder love.”  Immediately I said to Him:  ‘If I have something else that must be removed, tell me, for I am ready to do it.’  But as I was saying this, I myself realized that I had a gold ring on my finger, portraying the image of the Crucifix; and immediately I said to Him:  ‘Holy Spouse, do you want me to take it off?’  And He told me:  “Since I Myself will give you a more precious, more beautiful ring, which will have my living image impressed on it, and every time you will look at it your heart will receive new arrows of love – this one is not necessary.”  And I promptly removed it.


The longed for day finally arrived, after not a little suffering.  I remember that it was almost one year that I had been continuously in bed – it was the day of the purity of Mary Most Holy.  On the night before that day, my lover Jesus made Himself seen all festive.  He drew near me, took my heart in His hands, and He looked at it over and over again; He dusted it, and then He gave it back to me.  Then He took a garment of immense beauty, whose background seemed to be a surface of gold streaked with various colors, and He clothed me with that garment.  Then He took two gems, as if they were earrings, and He bejewelled my ears.  Then He adorned my neck and my arms, and surrounded my forehead with a crown of immense value, all enriched with precious stones and gems, all refulgent with light; and it seemed to me that those lights were as many voices which resounded among themselves, speaking in clear notes of the beauty, the power, the fortitude, and of all the other virtues of my spouse Jesus.  Who can tell what I comprehended, and in what sea of consolation my soul was swimming?  It is impossible to say it.

Now, while He was crowning my forehead, Jesus told me:  “Most sweet spouse, I place this crown upon you so that nothing may be missing in order to make you worthy of being my spouse; but then, after our wedding is finished, I will take it with Me to Heaven, to keep it for you at the moment of your death.”  Finally, He took a veil and covered me completely with it, from head to foot; and He left me in that way.  Ah! it seemed to me that there was a great meaning in that veil, because the demons, in seeing me all covered with that veil, were so frightened and had such fear of me, that they fled, terrified.  The very Angels were around me with such veneration, that I myself was confused and all full of blushing.

On the morning of the aforementioned day, Jesus made Himself seen again all affable, sweet and majestic, together with His Most Holy Mother and Saint Catherine.  First, the Angels sang a hymn, while Saint Catherine assisted me, Mama took my hand, and Jesus put the ring on my finger.  Then, we embraced and He kissed me, and so did Mama also.  Then we had a conversation, all of love – Jesus told me of the great love He had for me, and I also told Him of the love I had for Him.  The Most Holy Virgin made me comprehend the great grace I had received, and the correspondence with which I was to correspond to the love of Jesus.

My Spouse Jesus gave me new rules in order to live more perfectly, but since it has been a long time, I don’t remember them so well; therefore I will skip them.  And so it ended, for that day.


Who can tell the finesses of love that Jesus made to my soul?  They were such and so many that it is impossible to describe them, but I will try to say the little I remember.

Sometimes, carrying me with Him, He would take me to Paradise, and there I could listen to the canticles of the blessed, and I could see the Divinity, the different choirs of Angels, the orders of the Saints, all immersed in the Divinity of God – absorbed, identified with It.  It seemed to me that there were many lights around the throne, which were more brilliant than the sun; and these lights displayed in clear notes all the virtues and the attributes of God.  By reflecting themselves in one of these lights, the blessed would remain enraptured, in such a way that they could not arrive at penetrating the whole immensity of that light, therefore they would move to a second light, without understanding all the depth of the first one.  So, the blessed in Heaven cannot comprehend God perfectly, because the immensity, the greatness, the sanctity of God is such, that a created mind cannot comprehend an uncreated Being.  Now, it seemed to me that by reflecting themselves in these lights, the blessed would come to participate in the virtues of these lights.  Therefore, in Heaven, the soul resembles God – with this difference:  that God is that immense sun, while the soul is a little sun.  But who can say all that can be understood in that blessed dwelling?  It is impossible to do it while the soul is in this prison of the body; while one can feel something in the mind, the lips do not find the terms to express it.  It seems to me that it is like a child who begins to babble:  he would like to say many upon many things, but in the end he remains without being able to say even one clear word.  Therefore I stop here, without going any further.  I will just say that sometimes, while finding myself in that blessed Fatherland, I would be strolling together with Jesus in the midst of the choirs of Angels and the Saints; and since I was newly-espoused, all the blessed would unite together to participate in the joys of our marriage.  It seemed to me that they would forget their own contentments to occupy themselves with ours; and sometimes Jesus would show me to the saints, saying to them:  “See this soul – she is a triumph of my Love; my Love has surpassed everything in her.”

Other times, then, He would make me stay at the place which was going to be mine, and He would say to me:  “Here is your place – no one can take it away from you.”  And at times I would reach the point of believing that I was no longer going to come back to earth; but in one simple instant I would find myself locked up in the wall of this body.


I had spent about three years in this state already described, continuing to remain in bed, when one morning Jesus made me understand that He wanted to renew the marriage – not on earth, as the first time, but in Heaven, in the presence of the whole Celestial Court, and that I should remain prepared for a grace so great.  I did as much as I could in order to dispose myself, but since I am so miserable and insufficient in doing any shadow of good, the hand of the Divine Maker was needed in order to dispose me, because, by myself, I would never have managed to purify my soul.

One morning – it was the eve of the nativity of Mary Most Holy – my always benign Jesus Himself came to dispose me.  He did nothing but come and go continuously.  He would speak to me now about Faith, and then He would leave me, and I would feel a life of faith being infused in my soul.  As rough as I felt it before, at the speaking of Jesus, I would feel my soul become very light, in such a way as to penetrate into God; and I would contemplate now His Power, now His Sanctity, now His Goodness, and so on.  My soul would remain stupefied, and in a sea of stupefaction, I would say:  ‘Powerful God, what power is not undone before You?  Immense Sanctity of God, what other sanctity, as sublime as it might be, would dare to appear before You?’  Then I would feel myself descend into myself, and I could see my nothingness, the nonentity of earthly things, how everything is nothing before God.  I would see myself as a little worm, all full of dust, climbing up in order to take a few steps; it would take nothing to destroy me but someone who would trample me under foot, and I would be undone.  So, seeing myself so ugly, I almost would not dare to go to God, but His Goodness would make itself present before my mind, and I would feel drawn as though by a magnet, to go to Him.  And I would say to myself:  ‘If He is holy, He is also merciful; if He is powerful, He also contains full and highest Goodness within Himself.’  It seemed to me that Goodness surrounded Him on the outside and inundated Him from within.  So I would contemplate the Goodness of God.  It seemed to me that it would surpass all of the other attributes, but then, looking at the others, I would see them all equal among themselves – immense, immeasurable and incomprehensible to the human nature.  While my soul would be in this state, Jesus would come back and speak about Hope.

I remember something confusedly, because after so much time it is impossible to remember clearly; but in order to do the obedience that wants it so, I will say what I can.

So, going back to Faith, Jesus would say:  “In order to obtain, one must believe.  Just as for the head without the sight of the eyes, everything is darkness, everything is confusion, so much so, that if one wanted to walk, he would stumble now at one point, now at another, and would end up falling completely, the same for the soul without Faith – she does nothing but go from precipice to precipice.  But Faith serves as the sight of the soul, and as the light which guides her to eternal life.  Now, what is this light of Faith nourished by?  By Hope.  Now, what is the substance of this light of Faith, and of this nourishment of Hope?  It is Charity.  All of these three virtues are grafted to one another, in such a way that one cannot be without the other.

In fact, what good comes to man from believing in the immense riches of Faith, if he does not hope for them, for himself?  He will look at them, yes, but with indifferent eye, because he knows that they do not belong to him.  But Hope provides the light of Faith with wings, and by hoping in the merits of Jesus Christ, he looks at them as his own, and he comes to love them.”

Hope, Jesus said, “provides the soul with a garment of fortitude, almost of iron, in such a way that, with all of their arrows, the enemies cannot wound her; not only this, but they cannot cause even the slightest disturbance.  Everything is tranquillity in her, everything is peace.  Oh! it is beautiful to see this soul invested with beautiful Hope, all cleaving to her beloved, all distrustful of herself, and all trustful in God.  She challenges the fiercest enemies, she is queen of her passions; she regulates all of her interior, her inclinations, desires, heartbeats, thoughts, with such mastery that Jesus Himself remains enamored, because He sees that this soul operates with such courage and strength.  But she draws it from Him, and places all her hope in Him, so much so, that in seeing this firm hope, Jesus cannot deny anything to this soul.

Now, while Jesus would speak about Hope, He would withdraw for a little, leaving a light in my intellect.  Who can tell what I comprehended about Hope?  If all the other virtues serve to embellish the soul, but can make us stagger and render us inconstant – Hope, instead, renders the soul firm and stable, like those high mountains which cannot be moved a tiny bit.  It seems to me that it happens to the soul invested with Hope as to certain very high mountains:  all of the intemperances of the air cannot do any harm to these mountains; neither snow, nor winds, nor heat can penetrate into them; whatever thing might be placed at their top, one can be sure of finding there where it was put, even if a hundred years should pass.  Just so is the soul clothed with Hope:  nothing can do harm to her, neither tribulation, nor poverty; nor do all the various accidents of life dismay her for one instant.  She says to herself:  “I can do everything, I can bear everything, suffer everything – hoping in Jesus, who forms the object of all my hopes.”

Hope renders the soul almost omnipotent, invincible, and it administers to her the final perseverance, so much so, that only then does she cease to hope and to persevere, when she has taken possession of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Then, she lays down Hope and plunges all of herself into the immense ocean of Divine Love.

While my soul would dissolve in the immense sea of Hope, my beloved Jesus would come back and speak to me about Charity, telling me:  “Faith and Hope give way to Charity, and Charity connects all the rest of the other two together, in such a way as to make them one, while they are three.  And here is how, oh my spouse, the Trinity of the Divine Persons is concealed in the three theological virtues.”

Then He continued:  “If Faith makes one believe, and Hope makes one hope, Charity makes one love.  If Faith is light and serves as the sight of the soul, and Hope, which is the nourishment of Faith, provides the souls with courage, peace, perseverance and all the rest – Charity, which is the substance of this light and of this nourishment, is like that most sweet and fragrant ointment which, penetrating everywhere, relieves and soothes the pains of life.  Charity makes suffering sweet, and makes one reach the point even of desiring it.  The soul who possesses Charity diffuses fragrance everywhere; her works, all done out of love, give off a most pleasing odor.  And what is this odor?  It is the odor of God Himself.  The other virtues render the soul solitary and almost unrefined with creatures; Charity, on the other hand, being substance that unites, unites the hearts.  But where?  In God.  Being a most fragrant ointment, Charity spreads everywhere and with everyone.  Charity makes one suffer the most ruthless torments with joy, and one reaches the point of not being able to be without suffering.  And when she sees herself deprived of it, she says to her spouse Jesus:  “Sustain me with the fruits, which is suffering, because I am languishing with love; and where else can I show You my love other than in suffering for You?”  Charity burns, consumes all other things, even the virtues themselves, and turns them all into itself.  In sum, it is like a queen who wants to reign everywhere, and does not want to surrender to anyone.”

Who can tell what remained after this speaking of Jesus?  I will just say that such yearning for suffering ignited within me – and not just yearning, but I feel as though an infusion in me, like something natural, such that I believe that the greatest disgrace is not to suffer.

After this, on that morning, in order to dispose my heart more, Jesus spoke about the annihilation of myself.  He also spoke of the immense desire which I was to excite within me in order to dispose myself to receive that grace.  He told me that desire makes up for the lacks and imperfections that may be in the soul; it is like a mantle that covers everything.  But this was not a simple speaking – it was an infusion in me of that which He was saying.

While my soul was exciting itself with ardent yearnings for receiving the grace that Jesus Himself wanted to give me, Jesus came back and transported me outside of myself, up to Paradise.  And there, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and of all the Celestial Court, He renewed the marriage.  Jesus put out the ring adorned with three precious stones, white, red and green, and He gave it to the Father, who blessed it and gave it back to the Son again.  The Holy Spirit took my right hand and Jesus placed the ring on my ring finger.  Then I was admitted to the kiss of all the Three Divine Persons, and each of Them blessed me.

Who can tell my confusion when I found myself before the Most Holy Trinity?  I will just say that as soon as I found myself in Their presence, I fell flat to the ground, and I would have remained there if it wasn’t for Jesus, who encouraged me to go into Their presence, so much was the light, the sanctity of God.  I am only saying this; the other things I will leave out, because I remember them confusedly.


In order to speak about these marriages, I had to skip over a few things, for I was following the thread; and now I will tell them.

Going back to the beginning, when Jesus would deign to come, He would speak to me very often about His Passion, and would take care in disposing my soul to the imitation of His Life and of His pains, telling that, in addition to the marriage which is mentioned above, we had one more left to do – and this was the marriage of the cross.

I remember that He would say:  “My Spouse, virtues become weak if they are not strengthened and fortified by the grafting of the cross.  Before my coming upon earth, pains, confusions, disgraces, calumnies, sufferings, poverty, illnesses, and especially the cross, were considered dishonors; but from the moment they were borne by Me, they were all sanctified and divinized by my contact.  They all changed their appearance, becoming sweet, pleasant, and the soul who has the good of having some of them, receives honor – and this, because she has received the vestment of Me, Son of God.  Only those who look and stop at the cortex of the cross experience the contrary; finding it bitter, they are disgusted by it, they complain, as if someone had done wrong to them.  But those who penetrate into it, finding it enjoyable, form their happiness in it.  My beloved daughter, I yearn for nothing else but to crucify you, body and soul.

 And while He would say this, I would feel such infusion of yearnings for being crucified with Jesus Christ, that I would often repeat:  ‘My Jesus, my Love, hurry – crucify me with You.’  And when He would come back, the first things I would ask of Him, which seemed to be the most important to me, were these:  sorrow for my sins, and the grace to be crucified with Him.  It seemed to me that if I obtained this, I would obtain everything.

Then, one morning, my most beloved Jesus made Himself present before me in the form of a Crucifix, and told me that He wanted to crucify me with Him.  As He was saying this, I saw that rays of light were coming out from His most holy wounds, and within those rays, nails, which were coming toward me.  At that moment, I don’t know why, though I desired so much to be crucified by Him as to feel consumed, I was caught by a great fear that made me tremble from head to foot.  I felt such annihilation of myself, I saw myself so unworthy to receive that grace, that I did not dare to say:  ‘Lord, crucify me with You.’  Jesus seemed to be suspended, waiting for my will.  Who can tell how ardently I desired Him within the intimate part of my soul, though, at the same time, I saw myself unworthy?  My nature was frightened, and trembled.

But while I was in this state, my beloved Jesus, through the intellect, solicited me to accept.  Then, with all my heart I said to Him:  ‘Holy Spouse, crucified for me, I, Luisa pray You to concede me the grace to be crucified and, at the same time, not to allow any external sign to appear on the outside.  Yes, give me suffering, give me wounds, but let everything be hidden between me and You.’

And so those rays of light, together with the nails, pierced my hands and feet through, and my heart was pierced by a ray of light together with a lance.  Who can tell the pain and the contentment?  As much as my soul had been caught by fear before, so much did my soul swim in the sea of peace, of contentment and of pain afterwards.  The pain I, Luisa felt in my hands, in my feet and in my heart was so great, that I, Luisa felt I was dying; I felt the bones of my hands and feet being shattered into most tiny pieces.  I, Luisa felt as if there were nails inside, but at the same time, they caused me such contentment that I cannot express it, and gave me such strength, that while I, Luisa would feel I was dying because of the pain, those very pains would sustain me so that I would not die.  However, nothing appeared on the external parts of the body, though I, Luisa felt corporal pains.  This is so true, that when the confessor would come to call me to the obedience and would loosen my hands, which were contracted, every time he would touch me at that point of my hands which had been pierced through by that ray of light together with the nail, I, Luisa would feel mortal pains.  However, when the confessor would command, by obedience, that those pains cease, they would mitigate very much.  In fact, those pains were so strong that they made me lose consciousness, and if they had not mitigated at the call of obedience, I, Luisa would hardly have been able to obey.  Oh! prodigy of holy obedience – you have been everything for me.  How many times I, Luisa found myself clashing with death, so great was the intensity of the pains – and obedience has almost restored my life.  May the Lord be always blessed; may everything be for His glory.


Hours of the Passion – Eighteenth Hour   –   Jesus embraces the Cross.

            My tortured Good, with You I repair, with You I suffer.  But I see that your enemies hurl You down the stairs; the people await You with fury and eagerness; they make You find the Cross ready, which You long for with many sighs.  And You – with love You gaze on It, and with firm step You approach It and embrace It.  But, before that, You kiss It, and as a shiver of joy runs through your Most Holy Humanity, with highest contentment You gaze on It again, measuring Its length and breadth.  In It, already, You establish the portion for each creature.  You dower them all, enough to bind them to the Divinity with a bond of marriage, and make them heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Then, unable to contain the love with which You love them, You kiss the Cross again, and say:  “Adored Cross, finally I embrace you.  You were the longing of my Heart, the martyrdom of my love.  But you, O Cross, have delayed until now, while my steps were always toward you.  Holy Cross, you were the goal of my desires, the purpose of my existence down here.  In you I concentrate my whole being, in you I place all my children, and you will be their life, their light, defense, custody and strength.  You will assist them in everything, and will bring them gloriously to Me in Heaven.  Oh Cross, Pulpit of Wisdom, you alone will teach true sanctity; you alone will form the heroes, the athletes, the martyrs, the Saints.  Beautiful Cross, you are my Throne, and since I have to leave the earth, you will remain in my place.  To you I give all souls as dowry – keep them, save them; I entrust them to you!”

            In saying this, eager, You, Jesus let It be placed upon your most holy shoulders.  Ah, my Jesus, the Cross is too light for your love, but the weight of our sins unites to that of the Cross – enormous and immense, as the expanse of the Heavens.  And You, Jesus, my wearied Good, You, Jesus feel crushed under the weight of so many sins.  Your soul is horrified at their sight, and feels the pain of each sin.  Your Sanctity remains shaken before so much ugliness, and as the Cross weighs upon your shoulders, You, Jesus stagger, You, Jesus pant, and a mortal sweat creeps through your Most Holy Humanity.  O please, my Love, I, Luisa don’t have the heart to leave You alone – I, Luisa want to share the weight of the cross with You; and to relieve You from the weight of sins, I, Luisa cling to your feet.  I, Luisa want to give You, Jesus, in the name of all creatures, love for those who do not love You, Jesus, praises for those who despise You, Jesus, blessings, thanksgivings, obedience on behalf of all.  I, Luisa promise that in any offense You, Jesus receive, I, Luisa intend to offer You, Jesus all of myself in reparation, to do the acts opposite to the offenses the creatures give You, Jesus, and to console You, Jesus with my kisses and continuous acts of love.  But I, Luisa see that I am too miserable; I, Luisa need You, Jesus to be able to really repair You, Jesus.  Therefore I, Luisa unite myself to your Most Holy Humanity, and together with You, Jesus I, Luisa unite my thoughts to yours in order to repair for the evil thoughts – mine, and of all; my eyes to yours, to repair for the evil glances; my mouth to yours, to repair for the blasphemies and the evil discourses; my heart to yours, to repair for the evil tendencies, desires and affections.  In a word, I, Luisa want to repair everything that your Most Holy Humanity repairs, uniting myself to the immensity of your Love for all, and to the immense good You, Jesus do to all.  But I, Luisa am not yet content.  I, Luisa want to unite myself to your Divinity, and I, Luisa dissolve my nothingness in It, and in this way I, Luisa give You, Jesus everything.  I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Love to quench your bitternesses; I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Heart to relieve You, Jesus from our coldness, lack of correspondence, ingratitude, and the little love of the creatures.  I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Harmonies to cheer your hearing from the deafening blasphemies it receives.  I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Beauty to relieve You, Jesus from the ugliness of our souls, when we muddy ourselves in sin.  I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Purity to relieve You, Jesus from the lack of righteous intention, and from the mud and rot You, Jesus see in many souls.  I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Immensity to relieve You, Jesus from the voluntary constraints into which souls put themselves.  I, Luisa give You, Jesus your Ardor to burn all sins and all hearts, so that all may love You, Jesus, and no one may offend You, Jesus, ever again.  In sum, I, Luisa give You, Jesus all that You, Jesus are, to give You, Jesus infinite satisfaction, eternal, immense and infinite love.


Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will – Day Seventeen

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Cheer up, my child – have courage and trust in your Mama, and an iron resolution never to give life to your will.  Oh! how I would love to hear from your lips:  “My Mama, my will is ended, and the Divine Fiat has total empire in me.”  These are the weapons that make it die continuously, and conquer the Heart of your Mama to use all the loving arts of Mother, so that Her child may live in the Kingdom of Her Mama.  For you it will be sweet death, which will give you true life; and for Me it will be the most beautiful victory I will achieve in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Therefore, have courage and trust in Me.  Distrust is of the cowardly, and of those who are not really committed to obtaining victory, and therefore they are always without weapons; and without weapons one cannot win, and is always inconstant and vacillating in doing good.

Now, my child, listen to Me:  I continued my life in the Temple and my little escapes up there to my Celestial Fatherland.  I had my rights of daughter to make my little visits to my Divine Family which, more than Father, belonged to Me.  But what was not my surprise when in one of these visits of mine They made known to Me that it was Their Will for Me to leave the Temple; first, to unite Myself in bond of marriage, according to the custom of those times, to a holy man called Joseph; and to withdraw together with him to live in the house of Nazareth.

My child, in this step of my life, in appearance it seemed that God wanted to put Me in a trial.  I had never loved anyone in the world, and since the Divine Will extended through my whole being, my human will never had one act of life; therefore, the seed of human love was missing in Me.  How could I love a man in the human order, as great a saint as he might be?  It is true that I loved everyone, and that my love toward all was so great, that my love of Mother had inscribed them in my maternal Heart, one by one, with indelible characters of fire.  But this was all in the order of divine love; and human love, compared to the divine, can be called shadows, shadings – atoms of love.  Yet, my child, that which in appearance seemed to be a trial and as though strange for the sanctity of my life, God used in an admirable way in order to fulfill His designs, and to grant Me the grace which I so much longed for – that is, the descent of the Word upon earth.  God gave Me the safeguard, the defense, the help, so that no one could talk about Me – about my honesty.  Saint Joseph was to be the cooperator, the tutor, who was to take care of that bit of the human which We needed; as well as the shadow of the Celestial Paternity, in which our little Celestial Family on earth was to be formed.

So, in spite of my surprise, immediately I said:  “Fiat”, knowing that the Divine Will would not harm Me, or prejudice my sanctity.  Oh! had I wanted to put in one act of my human will, even in the aspect of wanting to know no man, I would have sent to ruin the plans of the coming of the Word upon earth.  Therefore, it is not the diversity of states that prejudices sanctity, but the lack of Divine Will, and of the fulfillment of one’s duties to which God calls the creature.  All states are holy, marriage too, as long as the Divine Will is present in them, as well as the exact sacrifice of one’s duties.  But the great part are indolent and lazy, and not only do they not make themselves saints, but they make of their state, some a purgatory, and some a hell.

So, as I learned that I was to leave the Temple, I did not say a word to anyone, waiting for God Himself to move the external circumstances to make Me fulfill His adorable Will, as indeed it happened.  The superiors of the Temple called Me and said to Me that it was their will, and also the custom of those times, that I prepare Myself for marriage.  I accepted.  Miraculously, among many, the choice fell upon Saint Joseph; and so the marriage was formed and I left the Temple.

Therefore, I pray you, child of my Heart, that in all circumstances you take to heart the Divine Will alone, if you want the divine designs to be accomplished over you.


Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will – Day Twenty-five (b). The soul to her Celestial Mother:

Holy Mama, here I am together with You and with sweet Jesus, to be present at a new wedding, to see its prodigies and comprehend its great mystery, and the extent of your maternal love for me and for all.  O please! Mother of mine, take my hand in yours, place me on your knees, invest me with your love, purify my intelligence, and tell me why You wanted to be present at this wedding.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

            My dearest child, my Heart is swollen with love, and I felt the need to tell you the reason why, together with my Son Jesus, I wanted to be present at this wedding of Cana.  Do you think it was because of a simple ceremony?  No, child, there are profound mysteries.  Pay attention to Me, and I will tell you new things, and how my love of Mother was displayed in an incredible manner, and the love of my Son gave true signs of paternity and royalty toward creatures.

            Now listen to Me:  my Son had come back from the desert, and was preparing Himself for His public life; but first He wanted to be present at this wedding, and therefore He allowed Himself to be invited.  We went there, not to celebrate, but to work great things for the good of the human generations.  My Son took the place of Father and King in the families, and I took the place of Mother and Queen.  With Our presence We renewed the sanctity, the beauty, the order of the marriage formed by God in the Garden of Eden – that of Adam and Eve – married by the Supreme Being in order to populate the earth, and to multiply and increase the future generations.  Marriage is the substance from which the life of the generations arises; it can be called the trunk from which the earth is populated.  The priests, the religious, are the branches; but if it were not for the trunk, not even the branches would have life.  Therefore, through sin, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam and Eve caused the family to lose sanctity, beauty and order.  And I, your Mama, the new innocent Eve, together with my Son, went to reorder that which God did in Eden; I constituted Myself Queen of families, and impetrated the grace that the Divine Fiat might reign in them, to have families that would belong to Me, and I might hold the place of Queen in their midst.

            But this is not all, my child.  Our love was burning, and We wanted to make known to them how much We loved them, and to give them the most sublime of lessons.  And here is how:  at the height of the lunch, wine lacked, and my Heart of Mother felt consumed with love, wanting to give help; and knowing that my Son can do anything, with supplicating accents, but certain that He would listen to Me, I say to Him:  “My Son, the spouses have no more wine.”  And He answers Me:  “My hour to do miracles has not yet come.”  And knowing that He certainly would not deny to Me what His Mama asked of Him, I say to those who are serving the table:  “Do whatever my Son tells you, and you will have what you want; even more, you will receive in addition, and in superabundance.”

            My child, in these few words I gave a lesson, the most useful, necessary and sublime for creatures.  I spoke with the Heart of Mother and I said:  “My children, do you want to be holy?  Do the Will of my Son.  Do not move from what He tells you, and you will have His likeness, His sanctity in your power.  Do you want all evils to cease?  Do whatever my Son tells you.  Do you want any grace, even difficult?  Do whatever He tells you and wants.  Do you also want the necessary things of natural life?  Do whatever my Son tells you; because in His words, in everything He tells you and wants, He encloses such power that, as He speaks, His word contains what you ask for, and makes the graces that you want arise within your souls.  How many see themselves as full of passions, weak, afflicted, misfortuned, miserable; yet, they pray and pray, but because they do not do what my Son tells, they obtain nothing; Heaven seems to be closed for them.  This is a sorrow for your Mama, because I see that while they pray, they move away from the source in which all goods reside – the Will of my Son.

            Now, those who were serving did precisely what my Son told them – that is:  “Fill the jars with water and bring them to the table.”  My dear Jesus blessed that water and it turned into delicious wine.  Oh! a thousand times blessed, the one who does what He tells and wants!  With this, my Son gave Me the greatest honor, He constituted Me Queen of miracles; this is why He wanted my union and my prayer in doing His first miracle.  He loved Me too much – so much that He wanted to give Me the first place of Queen also in miracles.  And with facts, not with words, He said:  “If you want graces, miracles, come to my Mother; I will never deny Her anything She wants.”

            In addition to this, my child, with my presence at this wedding, I looked at the future centuries, I saw the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth, I looked at families, and I impetrated for them that they might symbolize the love of the Sacrosanct Trinity, so that Its Kingdom might be in full force.  And with my rights of Mother and Queen, I took to heart Its regime; and possessing the source of it, I placed at the creatures’ disposal all the graces, the helps, the sanctity, which are needed to live in a Kingdom so holy.  And so I keep repeating:  “Do whatever my Son tells you.”

My child, listen to Me:  look for nothing else, if you want to have everything in your power, and give Me the contentment of being able to make of you my true child, and child of the Divine Will.  Then will I take on the commitment of forming the marriage between you and the Fiat; and acting as your true Mother, I will bind the marriage by giving you the very Life of my Son as dowry, and my Maternity and all my virtues as gift.

The soul:

            Celestial Mama, how much I must thank You for the great love You have for me, and because, in everything You do, You always have a thought for me, and You prepare for me and give me such graces, that Heaven and earth are moved and enraptured together with me; and we all say:  “Thank you! Thank you!”  O please! Holy Mama, engrave within my heart your holy words:  “Do whatever my Son tells you”, so as to generate in me the life of the Divine Will, which I so much long for and desire.  And You, seal my will, that it may always be submitted to the Divine.

Little Sacrifice:

            In all our actions, let us prick up our ears to listen to our Celestial Mama, who says to us:  “Do whatever my Son tells you”, that we may do everything in order to fulfill the Divine Will.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

            Holy Mama, come into my soul, and do for me the miracle of making me possessed by the Divine Will.


Letters of Luisa – No. 11

To Mrs. Mazari, from Bari.

In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition, may Heaven reward you for the sacrifices you make, and for promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven. It seems to me that the Celestial Mama never stops saying to you, “Thank you, thank you, my daughter”, and that She is preparing for you more graces, especially the great grace of making you always do the Will of Her dear Son – grace which is bearer of peace, of graces, of intimate union, and also of temporal help.

My daughter, by doing the Divine Will, we become true children of the great Lady, and we are transformed into Tabernacles, in which Jesus forms His residence; and then everything we do is sacred, everything is prayer, even the most indifferent things. By doing the Divine Will, the very natural things necessary to our life, are transformed into prayer, adoration and love for our sweet Jesus, because by doing His Will, everything we do is holy, everything is love, and so our being becomes.

Now, considering all you have told me about your son, in my feeble opinion, it seems to me that he is still too young; let him mature, and he will get more practice of life. Marriage is cross – and to put him on the cross so young does not seem fair to me. You know that everything is written in Heaven; therefore, if it has been established by God, in His time the Lord will preserve the young lady for your son. Besides, what you should care about is whether they are pacific families, because peace is what constitutes happiness of families, not money. How many rich people are unhappy because peace does not reign in their families. Therefore, be attentive in this; furthermore, when the woman brings much more than the man, she wants to be superior to the man, and make of him a poor slave… In the end, do as you think best.

I assure you of my prayers for your good mama, true martyr. Maybe the Lord will make her do her Purgatory in this life. Oh, if you could take her with you, how many blessings would you not draw upon yourself? Let them know that there are the maledictions of the Lord for those who do not respect and love their parents.

I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart, I will do it for you. I will never forget what you are doing for dear Celestial Mama. And leaving you in the Divine Volition, so that It may protect you, help you and assist you, with a thousand regards, I say,

The little daughter of the Divine Will


Letters of Luisa – No. 17

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Thank you, thank you for all your attentions. Know that every additional book you promote is an additional right which the King of sorrows and the Queen of Heaven give you, to be faithful daughter of the Divine Will. Listen, my daughter, it is a mother that speaks to you. Listen to me; maybe these are my last words. Listen to the Celestial Mama and to sweet Jesus. They want you to not think of the past – to place a sepulchral stone on it, so that you may forget everything and say: “My life will start today; I am born again together with my Queen Mama, with Jesus, and with the Divine Will.” And your pains, your crosses, even though heavy, will serve the Divine Beggar, Who looks for our sufferings in order to form and continue His life within us. Oh, how happy will you feel, if in every pain you say, “This pain serves Jesus”! Then you will feel His invincible patience, filial trust, and courage of heroes. Patience, trust, courage, is the bread of the strong, the heroism of martyrs. Therefore, courage! Those who think of the past lose the present. The Lord has disposed everything: crosses, illness, state of marriage; in a word – everything. The Lord had to prepare the material in order to make of you a saint; and He has prepared enough of it. So, all you have to say and do is this: “The Heart of Jesus wants me a saint: I must become a saint!” Have we understood each other?

Now I assure you of my prayers for your children; then the Lord will console you even more. I leave you in the Divine Volition to become a saint. Never get disturbed in anything; rather, give all to Jesus, so that He may change it into flames of love. Pray for me. With a thousand regards, I say,

most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

Luisa Piccarreta

VOL. 36 – May 17, 1938

Then He added with more Loving Tenderness: “My good daughter, My Love wants to be tied more and more to the creature, and the more Truths It Manifests regarding My Will, the more bonds I put between God and herself.  In Manifesting the Truth, My Love is preparing the Marriage between God and the soul.  The more It Manifests the more Pomp and Magnificence this Marriage will have.  Would you like to know what happens then?  My Truths will be like the dowry needed in order to marry God; to get to know the One who lowers Himself and even ties Himself—only for Love—in the bond of Marriage.  My Truths touch the creature over and over; They mold her to New Life; They return her to the Beauty of Our Image and Resemblance from the time she was Created, and Impress on her Their kiss of inseparable Union.