Return to Jesus Gives the Truths of the Divine Will to Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa and The Divine Inheritance of the Father

Luisa and The Divine Inheritance of the Father


Volume 20 – November 3, 1926

As many acts as we do in the Will of God, so many paths do we prepare in order to receive suffrages in Purgatory.

          “Now, just as the purging souls had to form the paths to be able to receive the suffrages, in the same way, the living, in order to send suffrages, must do My Will and form their own paths, so as to make their suffrages ascend into Purgatory.  If they make suffrages, but they are far away from My Will, since the communication with My Will is missing, which alone unites and binds everyone, their suffrages will not find the way in order to ascend, the feet to be able to walk, the strength in order to give relief.  They will be suffrages without Life, because the True Life of My Will is missing, which alone has the virtue of giving Life to all goods.  The more the soul (Luisa) possesses of My Will, the more value her prayers, her works, her pains, contain; therefore she (Luisa) can bring more relief to those blessed souls.  I (Jesus) measure and give value to everything that the soul (Luisa) can do, according to how much of My Will she (Luisa) possesses.  If My Will flows in all of her (Luisa’s) acts, the measure I (Jesus) take is immense; even more, I (Jesus) never stop measuring, and I (Jesus) give it so much value, that its weight cannot be calculated.  On the other hand, if one (a soul not linked to Luisa) does not care much about my Will, the measure is scarce and the value of little importance.  And if one (a soul not linked to Luisa) does not care at all, as much as the soul may do, I (Jesus) have nothing to measure, and no value to attribute.  Therefore, if they have no value, how can they bring relief to those souls in Purgatory who recognize nothing, nor can they receive anything, but what My Eternal Fiat produces.

          “But do you know who can bring all the reliefs, the light that purifies, the love that transforms?  One (Luisa) who possesses the life of My Will in everything and in whom It dominates triumphantly.  This soul (Luisa) does not even need the paths, because by possessing My Will, she (Luisa) has the right to all paths.  She (Luisa) can go to all points, because she (Luisa) possesses within herself the royal path of My Will, in order to go into that deep prison and bring all reliefs and liberations.  More so, since in creating man, We (God) gave him (Adam) Our Will as special Inheritance, and We (God) recognize everything he (Adam) has done within the boundaries of Our Inheritance, with which We (God) endowed him (Adam).  All the rest is not recognized by Us (God) – it is not Our stuff, nor can We (God) allow anything to enter Heaven which has not been done by the creature (Adam), either in Our Will, or at least in order to do It.  Since Creation came out of the Eternal Fiat, Our Will, jealous, allows no act to enter the Celestial Fatherland that has not passed through Its own Fiat.  Oh! If all knew what Will of God means, and that all the works, even those that appear to be good but are empty of It, are works empty of Light, empty of Value, empty of Life; and works without Light, without Value and without Life do not enter into Heaven.  Oh, how attentive they would be in doing My Will in everything and forever!”

Volume 20 – November 16, 1926

How each act of the human will is a veil that prevents the soul from knowing the Divine Will.  Jealousy of the Divine Will.  How It performs all the offices for the soul.  Threats of wars and of chastisements.

          My usual state of abandonment in the Supreme Fiat continues, but at the same time, I (Luisa) call the One (God) who forms all my happiness, my life, my all.  And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the more you (Luisa) abandon yourself in the Supreme Will, the more you (Luisa) advance along Its ways, the more knowledges you (Luisa) acquire, and the more you (Luisa) take possession of the goods which are in the Divine Will; because in It there is always something to know and to takeBeing the primary inheritance given by God to the creature and possessing the eternal goods, My Will has the task to always give to one (Luisa) who lives in this Inheritance.  And only then is It content and begins the activity of Its office, when It finds the creature (Luisa) within the boundaries of Its Volition; then, becoming festive, It gives new things to Its heiress (Luisa).  Therefore, the soul (Luisa) who lives in It is the feast of My Will.  On the contrary, those (not linked to Luisa) who live outside of It are Its sorrow, because they place It into the inability to give, to exercise Its office and to fulfill Its task.  More so, since each act of the human will is a veil that the soul (not linked to Luisa) puts before her eyes, which prevents her from seeing My Will and the goods contained in It with clarity.  And since most of the creatures live continuously of their own will, they form so many veils as to become almost blind to know and see My Will—their choicest Inheritance, which was to make them happy in time and Eternity.  Oh! if the creatures could understand the great evil of the human will and the great good of Mine—they would abhor their will so much as to place their life in order to do Mine.

Volume 20 – November 20, 1926

How all the divine attributes take on the office of forming the new little sea of their qualities in the soul.  How everyone has a motion.

          …Then, afterwards, I (Luisa) felt all immersed in the adorable Will of God, and I (Luisa) thought to myself of the great good if everyone knew and fulfilled this Fiat so holy, and the great contentment they would give to our Celestial Father.  And my sweet Jesus, continuing to speak, added:  “My daughter(Luisa), in creating the creature (Adam), as We were forming him (Adam) with Our Creative Hands, We (God) felt a joy, a contentment come out of Our Womb, because he (Adam) was to serve to maintain Our amusement on the face of the earth, and Our continuous feast.  So, as We (God) formed his (Adam’s) feet, We thought that they were to serve Our Kisses, because they were to enclose Our Steps and be Our means of encounter, to amuse Ourselves together.  As We (God) formed his (Adam’s) hands, We thought that they were to serve Our Kisses and Embraces, because We (God) were to see in him (Adam) the repeater of Our Works.  As We (God) formed his (Adam’s) mouth, his heart, which were to serve the echo of Our Word and of Our Love, and as We  (God) infused Life in him (Adam) with Our Breath, in seeing that that Life had come from Us—it was a Life completely Ours—We (God) clasped him (Adam) to Our Womb and kissed him, as confirmation of Our Work and of Our Love.  And so that he (Adam) might maintain himself whole in Our Steps, in Our Works, in the echo of Our Word and Love, and of the Life of Our Image impressed in him, We gave him (Adam) Our Divine Will as Inheritance, that It might preserve him just as We had delivered him (Adam), to be able to continue Our Amusements, Our affectionate Kisses, Our sweet Conversations with the work of Our Hands.

          When We (God) see Our Will in the creature (Luisa), We see Our Steps, Our Works, Our Love, Our Words, Our Memory and Intellect in her (Luisa), because We know that Our Supreme Will will let nothing enter (Luisa) which is not Ours.  Therefore, being Our own, We gave her (Luisa) everything—kisses, caresses, favors, love, tenderness more than paternal—nor do We (God) feel like keeping even one step of distance from her (Luisa); more so, since even the slightest distances cannot form the continuous amusements, nor exchange kisses, nor share the most intimate and secret joys.  On the other hand, in the soul (not linked to Luisa) in whom We do not see Our Will, We cannot amuse Ourselves, because We see nothing that belongs to Us.  Such a disharmony, such a dissimilarity of steps, of works, of words, of love can be felt in her The soul not linked to Luisa), that she herself places herself at a distance from her Creator; and wherever We see that the powerful magnet of Our Will is not present, which makes Us almost forget about the infinite distance that exists between the Creator and the creature, We (God) disdain to amuse Ourselves with her (a soul not linked to Luisa), and to fill her with Our Kisses and Favors.

          So, by withdrawing from Our Will, man (Adam) interrupted Our Amusements and destroyed the designs We had in forming the Creation; and only by the reigning of Our Supreme Fiat, by the establishment of Its Kingdom, will Our Designs be realized and Our Amusements restored on the face of the earth.”

Volume 21 – May 4, 1927

How the soul (Luisa) who does the Divine Will is always heaven.  The Divine Will is never exhausted.

The privations of my sweet Jesus torment me, debilitate me, and I (Luisa) feel my poor soul as though exposed to the rays of a burning sun—the Divine Will—which obfuscate me and make me almost miserable.  But even though I (Luisa) feel burned, I am forced by a supreme force to remain fixed in those rays of the Sun of the Divine Fiat, without being able to move, and without the One (Jesus) who, by watering me, would render these rays less burning, and would let a few blades of grass sprout within my bleeding heart.  How bad I (Luisa) feel without JesusEverything has changed in me; the Divine Will alone is left to me (Luisa), my only Inheritance, which no one can take away from me—not even Jesus.  It alone is my life, my dwelling, my All.  Everything else is over; everyone has left me—I have no one else to whom to turn, either in Heaven, or on earth.

But while I (Luisa) was pouring out my sorrow, my beloved Good (Jesus)—He who gives me death, and who gives me Life; who renders my poor existence unhappy, and who makes me happy – moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter (Luisa), Heaven is always Heaven—it never changes or moves.  And even though sometimes the clouds obfuscate it, extending and covering the beautiful azure of the heavens, the clouds cannot touch it; they extend at such a low level of the air, that there is great distance between the heavens and the clouds.  Therefore, the heavens never lose their beauty, the ornament of the stars, or their azure color because of the clouds; they are intangible by anything.  If they go through any change, it is because of the low earth, of the human eye, which see clouds and obscured air, instead of seeing heavens.

“Such is the soul (Luisa) who does My Will.  She (Luisa) is more than Heaven; My Will extends within the soul (Luisa) as more than azure heavens studded with stars, and It remain in Its place, firm and unshakable, reigning and dominating over everything; with such Majesty as to render even the most tiny acts of the creature (Luisa) more than stars and most refulgent sun, by virtue of Its Light.  Therefore, the pains, the privations of Me (Jesus), are like clouds formed at the low level of human nature, which seem to obscure it.  But the Heaven of My Will remains intangible, and Its sun which shines in It, darts through with greater intensity with Its ardent rays; so much so, that you (Luisa) feel as though being obfuscated.  However, everything is superficial, and occurs at the low level of your human nature; but in your soul, (Luisa) the Heaven of the Divine Fiat does not go through any mutation.  Who could ever touch My Will?  No one.  It is immovable and unshakable, and wherever It reigns, It forms Its dwelling of light, of peace and of immutability.  Therefore, do not fear; a small little wind is enough to put to flight the clouds which invest your human nature, and to dispel the darkness which seems to occupy your soul.”

Volume 21 – May 8, 1927

How the Divine Will is immense, and everything It does carries the mark of the Divine Volition.

In the midst of the privations of my sweet Jesus, though feeling their hard martyrdom, I (Luisa) abandon myself in the arms of the Supreme Volition, as Its little daughter who is raised on Its knees, attached to Its breast, to live from Its life and in Its likeness.  And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Will is immense, and everything which can come from It carries the mark of Its immensity.  From one single word came the immensity of the heavens with all the stars; from one word of It came the sun with the immensity of its light; and so with many other things.

“Now, in order to release this immensity of light and of heavens, first I (Jesus) had to create the space in which to place this immensity of light and of heavens.  Whenever My Will wants to speak, first It sees whether there is the space in which to place the great Gift of Its word, which may be another heaven, a sun, or a sea even greater.  This is why many times My Will remains silent—because the space in which to place the great gift of the immensity of Its word is lacking in the creatures.  In order to speak, first It bilocates Its Will, and then It speaks, placing Its immense gifts within Its very self.  This is why, in creating man (Adam), We gave him the greatest gift, the most precious and the richest Inheritance—My Will, as depository in him (Adam):  to be able to give him (Adam) the surprises of Our immense Gifts—of the word of Our Fiat.  As he (Adam) rejected Our bilocated Will, We (God) no longer found the space in which to place in him (Adam) the great Gift of Our Creative Word; therefore he (Adam) remained poor, and with all the miseries of his human will.”

Volume 21 – May 26, 1927

How God, in Creation, formed many rooms in order to dwell in them, to let Himself always be found by man, and to give him His qualities.  A doubt, which Jesus solves.  How what appears to be difficult for the soul, is easy for God.  Laments of the soul.  Jesus reassures her (Luisa).

My state of abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues.  After following It in Its acts, in the creation, I (Luisa) was thinking of how one (Luisa) could reorder, once again, all the relations between Creator and creature before the Supreme Majesty, which the human ingratitude had broken.  And my adored Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), look at the whole Creation—the heavens, the innumerable stars, the wind, the sea, the flowery fields, the mountains and the valleys.  These are all rooms that I (Jesus) formed; and in each room I (Jesus) formed My Royal Palace to make of it My Dwelling.  This, in order to make it easier for man, so that wherever he (Adam) would go to find his God, He (God) would help him (Adam) find Him (God) soon and everywhere.  He (God) placed Himself in each room in the act of waiting for him (Adam), and left all rooms opened, so that man (Adam) would not have to bother knocking, but could enter freely, as many times as he (Adam) wanted, finding Him (God) ready to receive him (Adam).  The Creator of Heaven and earth did not place Himself in one point alone—but everywhere, so that man (Adam) might find Him (God) always; and He (God) arranged these rooms so close to each other in order to form many shortcuts, so that there might be no distance, but closeness and communion, between Creator (God) and creature (Adam).  Therefore, all these rooms were, and are, relations, bonds and paths between God and man.

“But who was to maintain these relations in force, strengthen these bonds, order the paths, open the doors?  Our Will reigning in the soul (Adam) would take on this commitment so important, of maintaining the order of all Creation, just as We (God) delivered ItBut as man (Adam) withdrew from Our Divine Fiat, the relations were no longer in force, the bonds were released, the paths barred, the doors closed.  He (Adam) lost his dear Inheritance; he (Adam) remained stripped of all goods; each step was a lace around his feet, which would make him (Adam) fall.  By not doing Our Will, one (the soul not linked with Luisa) loses everything and there is no good left; while by doing It, one (Luisa) acquires everything and there is no good which one (Luisa) is not returned.

“What did the paternal goodness of the Creator not do in creation, for love of man (Adam)?  He (God) not only formed many rooms, but one different from the other, so as to let Himself (God) be found in many different ways by the one (Adam) whom He (God) loved.  In the sun He (God) would let Himself be found invested with Light, all Majesty, burning with Love—waiting for him (Adam) in order to give him (Adam) His (God’s) Light, to let Himself (God) be comprehended; to give him (Adam) His (God’s) Love, so that by entering into this room to find his God, man (Adam) himself might become Light and Love.  In the sea He (God) would let Himself be found as the strong God, to give him (Adam) strength; in the wind He (God) would let Himself be found ruling and dominating, to give him (Adam) rule and dominion.  In sum, in each created thing, He (God) waited for man (Adam), to let him (Adam) share in His (God’s) qualities.”

Volume 23 – November 10, 1927

The soul (Luisa) alone with Jesus, and Jesus alone with her (Luisa); how He (Jesus) alone enjoys her (Luisa).  Order and harmony of Creation.  How each created thing was to receive the action of Adam.  God, first model of Creation; Adam, the second; the third, the one (Luisa) who must make the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat return.

After this, I (Luisa) was following my round in the Divine Volition, and as I (Luisa) arrived at Eden, I (Luisa) was glorifying my Creator in the act in which, with His omnipotent breath, He (Jesus) infused Life in the body of my first father Adam.  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “Daughter (Luisa), with what order and harmony was man (Adam) created!  Adam was created by Us as king of all Creation, and, as king, he (Adam) held supremacy over all things; and if he (Adam) had not rejected Our Fiat, possessing the Unity of It, during his whole life he (Adam) would have filled all created things with his (Adam’s) acts.  As king and owner, he (Adam) had the right that each created thing undergo his (Adam’s) action and be invested by its light, since each one of his (Adam’s) actions was a sun, one more beautiful than the other.  So, he (Adam) was to form the crown for all Creation.  He (Adam) would not have been true king had he (Adam) not known all of his (Adam’s) dominions and possessed the right to place his (Adam’s) acts in all the things created by Us (God).  It happened as when someone is the owner of a land:  as the owner, he has the right to stroll within it, to plant flowers, plants, trees—in sum, anything he wants.  So Adam was:  with the power of Our Divine Fiat he (Adam) did whatever he (Adam) wanted; he (Adam) bilocated in all created things, and if he (Adam) spoke, if he (Adam) loved, if he (Adam) adored and operated, his (Adam’s) voice resounded throughout the whole Creation, and It was invested by his (Adam’s) love, adoration and work.  Therefore, the Divinity felt the love, the adoration, the work of His first son (Adam) in all of His works.

“Now, the whole work of Adam would have remained in all Creation as the first model for all of his descendants, who would have modeled all their acts in the reflections of the light of his (Adam’s) acts, which, as first father, he would have given as Inheritance to all his (Adam’s) descendants, who would have had, not only their model, but the possession of his (Adam’s) very acts.  What would Our glory and his have been—to see the works of Our dear son (Adam), of Our precious treasure who had been given birth by Our Love, fused with Our Works.  What happiness for him (Adam) and for Us (God)!  Now, if this was Our purpose for which all Creation was created, as well as Our dear jewel, which is man (Adam), is it not right that, even though Adam started but did not finish—or rather, he (Adam) finished in sorrow and in confusion because he (Adam) rejected Our Divine Will which served him (Adam) as first act and made him (Adam) operate in the works of his (Adam’s) Creator—We (God) fulfill this, Our purpose, in his descendants?  This is why I (Jesus) call you (Luisa) into the midst of My Works in all Creation—to form the model (Luisa) within which the other creatures must model themselves (in Luisa) in order to return into My Fiat.”

Volume 23 – January 13, 1928

How God centralized everything in man in creating him, and how, in the history of Creation, He now comes back to storm It, and centralizes the first act of Creation in one creature from their stock, to form the Kingdom of His Will.

 “This is why I (Jesus) am putting everything aside to operate in you (Luisa) the first act of Creation.  My love forms the enchantment for Me (Jesus)—that while I (Jesus) look upon others, it makes Me (Jesus) keep My gaze fixed on you (Luisa), and it makes Me (Jesus) pour everything that is needed in order for Me (Jesus) to form the Kingdom of My Will in you (Luisa).  I (Jesus) act like a father who, having provided for his other children to get settled, and having to do so for another one, does not think either about the previous ones or about those whom he is to fix later; but putting everyone else aside, he thinks only of the one (Luisa) whom he is about to settle.  And if this son is good, and she (Luisa) whom he chose is worthy of him, the father does not mind how much he spends, he endows him with greater riches, he prepares a sumptuous house for him; in sum, he puts out all his paternal love.  So I do when it comes to realizing the purpose of Creation, which is the Kingdom of My Will in the midst of creaturesFor she (Luisa) whom I (Jesus) call to be the first I (Jesus) hold nothing back, I (Jesus) centralize everything in her (Luisa), knowing that everything will be inherited by those (souls linked with Luisa) who will follow her (Luisa).”

Volume 24 – June 16, 1928

Example of a spouse who separates in court, as God did from the beginning of the fall of man.  The new engagement for the marriage was done on the Cross.  The fulfillment of the Divine Will.

 “My daughter (Luisa), man (Adam) degraded himself and lost all goods because he (Adam) went out of My Divine Will.  In order to ennoble himself, to reacquire everything and receive the rehabilitation of the marriage with his Creator, he (mankind) must enter once again the Divine Fiat from which he (Adam) came.  There are no ways in the middle; not even My Redemption is enough to make man return to the beginning of the happy era of his creation.  Redemption is means, way, light, help—but not the end.  The end is My Will, because My Will was the beginning, and by justice, one who is the beginning must also be the end.  Therefore, humanity must be enclosed in My Divine Will to be given back her noble origin, her happiness, and to put the marriage with her Creator in force once again.  This is why the great good that My Redemption did to man is not enough for Our Love, but It yearns for more.  True Love is never content; only then is It content, when It can say:  ‘I have nothing else to give him.’  And knowing that man (mankind) can return to be happy, victorious and glorious in the noble state in which he was created by God—and this, by means of My Will reigning in their midst—this is why all the Divine yearnings, the sighs, the manifestations are directed toward making Our Will known to make It reign, so as to be able to say to Our Love:  ‘Calm Yourself, for Our beloved child (because of Luisa) has reached his (mankinds’s) destinyHe (mankind) is now in possession of Our Inheritance that was given to him in Creation, which is Our Fiat!  And while he (through Luisa) possesses what is Ours, We possess him (mankind through Luisa).  Therefore, the marriage is established once again, the spouses have returned to their place of honor; there is nothing left but to celebrate and enjoy a good so great, after such a long sorrow’.”

Volume 24 – August 23, 1928

Certainty of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Rights of God and of the creature.  The new Gospel:  “The truths about the Divine Fiat.”  Human prudence causes the most beautiful works to fail.  Loneliness of Jesus; the ones who kept Him company.

I (Luisa) was thinking to myself:  ‘But, is it really true that the Kingdom of the Will of God will come upon earth?’  And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), how is this—you doubt?  Don’t you know that there are the rights of God to give this Kingdom, and the rights of humanity to receive ItIn fact, in creating man (Adam), by giving His Will to man (Adam) as Inheritance, God gave these rights—that His Divine Will reign upon earth as It reigned in Heaven.  This is so true, that the Life of the first man (Adam) began in the Fiat, and by doing his first acts in It, he (Adam) placed his pledges, his works, in the Divine Inheritance; so much so, that these pledges and acts still exist in My Will—they are indelible.  Though man (Adam) went out of It, his (Adam) acts remained, and this constitutes a right for humanity to enter once again into the lost Kingdom.  In fact, We (God) do not look at man (Adam) in himself, but We look at the whole human family as if it were one; and if one leaves and detaches himself, humanity always remains, and (God) can receive that which was lost by the one (Adam) who left.  Therefore, there are rights on both sides.  If it were not so, the living of man in Our Kingdom would not have been a reality, but a way of speaking; while, when We give, We give in fact, so much so, that the human life has its origin in the Kingdom of Our Will.

“If you knew what it means to do even one act alone in It (The Divine Will)… Its value is incalculable.  And then there are the acts of My Humanity and those of the Queen of Heaven, all done in the Kingdom of Our Divine Will, by which, as the leaders (those linked with Luisa) of the human family, We(God) reconfirmed the rights for the creatures (those linked with Luisa) to re-enter into Our Kingdom.”

Volume 24 – September 24, 1928

How it is Will of God for Him to give His Kingdom, but the creature (Luisa) must dispose herself.  Example of a father.  The only purpose of the whole Creation:  that the Fiat reign in the midst of creatures.  The way used by Jesus in telling His truths.

I (Luisa) was thinking to myself:  ‘Jesus desires so much to give us the great gift of the Kingdom of His Fiat; He yearns to—He wants to.  Now, why does He want us to pray in order to give It to us?’  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), indeed it is My Will to give you (Luisa) the Kingdom of My Divine Volition, nor can I (Jesus) help wanting and yearning to give the great gift of It.  If it were not so—if I (Jesus) did not yearn for the return of man into the Royal Palace of My Divine Will—I (Jesus) would go against the order of Our Creative Work which, with highest wisdom, created man so that he might live of Our own, and dwell in the Kingdom of Our Fiat, given to him by Us (God) as his Inheritance.  By going out of It, man (Adam) formed disorder in Our Creative Work; and how can We tolerate letting Our most beautiful work remain disordered?  Centuries upon centuries have passed, and more centuries may pass, but We will not change; this will always be Our most important point—Our only purpose and special interest:  that Our Creative Work be restored and reordered as it came out of Our Creative Hands, and that it live in the Kingdom of Our Divine Will.

“Our Adorable Majesty finds Itself in the condition of a father whose son was once happy, of rare beauty which brought him joy and happiness, and lived as the owner of the inheritance given to him by his father.  This son, voluntarily, left the paternal inheritance; he rendered himself unhappy, and broke the beautiful and pure joys between father and son.  Now, what would the sorrow of the father not be, and his sighs, his tears and his unshakeable will for his dear son to return to be happy?  More so, since the inheritance given to the son still exists – the father himself keeps it in custody, and he longs for his son to take possession of it once again.  But in the midst of so much sorrow, and tears and sighs of this father, his will is resolutehe wants his unhappy son to desire–to pray that his paternal inheritance, his lost happiness, be returned to him.  This disposes the son to receive and to appreciate his happy state, the return of his inheritance; and the father, drowned with love for his dear son, will say:  ‘Your prayer has formed a right over my heart that burns for you.  Take again what you lost—you have deserved it.  I am content as long as I see you happy, and I can say, “my son is no longer unhappy, but happy”.’

“Now, We are more than a father—even more, his love is a shadow compared to Ours, and Our Divine Will in unshakeable—no one will be able to change It:  the unhappiness of man is a disorder for the work of Creation, and We (God) want Our Rights over Our Work; We (God) want it to return to Us just as it came out.  Our Love drowns Us, Our Justice demands it, Our Goodness claims it, Our very Happiness longs for it and does not tolerate unhappiness in Our Work.  Our Divine Will, surrounding Us (God) like a crown, renders Us (God) immutable and wants Its Kingdom to be possessed.  But in spite of this, We (God) want the creature to pray—to yearn for the good We (God) want to give.  This forms a right over Our paternal Heart, and a place within his heart to be able to receive what We (God) want to give, so that We (God) may be able to say in Our emphasis of love:  ‘My son, you have deserved it, and We have given you what We wanted to give you.’  One who prays disposes himself; that which is obtained by praying is appreciated, is kept safe.  And since the knowledge of My Divine Will, the possession of Its Kingdom, is not an individual good, but a general one, in order to obtain it, I (Jesus) have you (Luisa) pray for all, in the name of all, and of each thought, word and act of creature, so that you (Luisa) may form the right over Our Divine Paternity that all may receive the Kingdom of Our Fiat, as well as the dispositions within themselves to be able to possess It.  So the Queen of Heaven did, to impetrate the Kingdom of Redemption.  She (Our Lady) had a prayer, a sigh, an act for all, and for each one—She let no one escape Her; and by this, She gave to each one the right to be able to receive their Redeemer.  So I (Jesus) did to redeem them, and so I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to do for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

Volume 25 – November 20, 1928

How one (Luisa) who lives in the Divine Will is in possession of the perennial day, knows no night, and becomes the owner of God Himself.

 “My daughter (Luisa), dearest daughter of My Will, one (Luisa) who is daughter of It (My Holy Divine) is in possession of the perennial day which knows no night.  Everything is light for one (Luisa) who lives in My Will; her (Luisa’s) properties are light, beauty, joy and happiness.  And this is nothing; in fact, by giving Our Will to the creature (Luisa), We render her (Luisa) the owner of Our very Selves, and We (God) place Ourselves at her (Luisa’s) disposal.  We (God) let her (Luisa) do and win whatever she (Luisa) wants, because it is not a human volition that dominates Us—no, but Our own Volition, which has bilocated Itself in the creature (Luisa), and therefore her (Luidsa) doing, speaking and winning is not looked upon by Us as something extraneous to Us, but as Our own thing; and We enjoy in letting her speak, do and win, more so, since she (Luisa) wins Us (God) and We (God) win her (Luisa).  Therefore, by giving Our Will to the creature (Luisa), and by her (Luisa) receiving It (My Holy Divine Will) as her (Luisa’s) own life, We (God) open a contest between her (Luisa) and Us (God); she (Luisa) enters into Our Divine Field and, as the owner, she (Luisa) dominates; and We (God) enjoy so much in seeing her (Luisa’s) littleness that contains Our Eternal Volition, being dominator of Our Goods and of Our very Selves.  What can We deny to Our Will?  Nothing.  On the contrary, We delight in putting out Our most intimate Joys, Our Secrets, Our Eternal Beatitudes, so as to make the littleness of the creature (Luisa) in whom It (My Divine Will) reigns delight; and rendering her (Luisa) the dominator of them, We (God) amuse Ourselves and open the game between her (Luisa) and Us (God).

“Therefore, greater thing than Our Will I (Jesus) could not give to man (Adam) in creating him, because only with It could he reach wherever he (Adam) wanted and do whatever he (Adam) wanted, to the point of becoming the dominator of what belongs to Us (God).  We (God) did not do this in creating the other things—they (al creation) are dominated by Us (God), nor can they (all of creation) do what they want; their rights are limited.  Indeed, in creating man (Adam), there was a more intense ardor of love, and in this ardor of love, the All fused Himself in the nothing (Luisa), and the nothing (Luisa) received his (Adam) Life again in the All.  And in order to keep him (Adam) more safely, We (God) gave him (Adam) Our Divine Will as his Inheritance, so that one might be the will, common the goods, as much as a creature is capable of; and the love of one might be as great as the love of the other, to the point of letting themselves be dominated by each other.  Therefore, the most beautiful thing for Us, which enraptures Us and glorifies Us the most, is the soul (Luisa) in whom Our Divine Will reigns, because she (Luisa) alone does not make Our Love say, ‘enough of giving,’ but We have always something to give, always something to say; and in order to enjoy more, We render her (Luisa) the winner of Our very Selves.  Therefore, be attentive, My daughter (Luisa); if you want everything, let Our Will reign in you (Luisa).”

Volume 25 – January 6, 1929

Crowd of people who did not reach the proper stature, because they went out of the inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  Wherever the Divine Fiat is
present, there is the communicative strength of the Divine Goods.

I continue in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat; and while I (Luisa) was following Its acts, I saw a crowd of people, all of small stature, malnourished, sickly, scrawny, and some of them wounded.  In this crowd there was neither childlike freshness, nor the beauty of the young age, nor the dignity of the mature man; they seemed to be an odd assortment of people without regimen, starving, without sufficient foods; and if they ate, they were never satiated.  How much pity aroused this great crowd, which seemed to be almost the whole entire world.  I did not know who they were, nor the meaning of their nature—that none of them had reached their proper stature; and my beloved Jesus, sighing, came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), what an unhappy crowd.  It is nothing other than the great crowd that went out of the Paternal Inheritance given to them by their Celestial Father.  Poor children, without Paternal Inheritance.  They do not have their lands in which to live safely; they do not have sufficient foods in order to nourish themselves, and are forced to live of thefts and robberies, and of foods without substance.  Therefore, it is almost difficult for them to grow to proper stature, because their members do not have sufficient strength to develop; and so they are scrawny, infirm, starving, without ever becoming satiatedEverything they take is not suitable for their growth, because they are not foods suitable and established for them, nor belonging to their Inheritance.

“My daughter (Luisa), the Inheritance given by My Celestial Father to this crowd of people was My Divine Will.  In It (the Divine Will) they were to find food in order to grow to proper stature, balsamic air to be rendered healthy and strong, which was to portray on their faces the freshness of a child, the beauty of the young age and the dignity of a mature man.  There was no good that this Inheritance did not possess, of which man (Adam) was to be the master, and have at his disposal all the goods he wanted, in the soul and in the body.  So, as man (Adam) went out of the Inheritance of My Divine Will, he (Adam) no longer found things at his disposal, he (Adam) was no longer master, but servant, and he (Adam) is forced to live of hardships.  How can he grow to proper stature?  This is why I (Jesus) await with so much love the crowd of those (souls linked with Luisa) who must Live in Our Inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  It will form for Us (God) the beautiful crowd with proper stature, beautiful and fresh, which will be fed with nourishing foods that will render them strong and developed; and they (souls linked with Luisa) will form all the glory of Our Creative Work.  Our Sorrow is great in looking at this crowd (souls not linked with Luisa), unhappy and deformed; and in Our Sorrow We repeat:  ‘Ah! Our Work did not come out of Our Creative Hands as infirm, without beauty and freshness, but it was a delight to merely look at it; even more, it enraptured Us (God), so beautiful it was.’  But while We (Triune God) say this, Our Love swells and wants to overflow outside; and It (Our Love) wants to put Our Divine Volition on the way, to make It reign in the midst of creatures, so as to restore, beautiful and gracious, Our Work, just as it came out of Our Creative Hands.”

Volume 25 – March 13, 1929

How the Divine Love overflowed in Creation.  How the Divine Will does not know how to do broken things.  How each privation of Jesus is a new pain.

While my mind was wandering in the love of the Creator and of the creature, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), in the first act of the creation of man, Our Love overflowed so strongly and raised its flames so high, as to make its arcane voices heard, so strong and penetrating, that the heavens, the stars, the sun, the wind, the sea and everything felt invested by mysterious voices crying out over the head of man:  ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’  These arcane and powerful voices called man; and he (Adam), as though stirred from a sweet sleep and feeling enraptured by each ‘I love you’ of the One (God) who had created him, also cried out in his surge of love—in the sun, in the heavens, in the sea and in everything:  ‘I love You, I love You, I love You, oh my Creator!’  Our Divine Will which dominated Adam did not let him lose anything, not even one ‘I love you’ of Ours to which he would not respond with his own.  It was lovely, a sweet enchantment, to hear him, as the power of Our Divine Fiat would take the ‘I love You’ of Our son, the dear jewel of Our Heart, upon the wings of Its light, and invading the whole Creation, he would make Us hear, in each created thing, his continuous ‘I love You,’ just like Our own.  Our Divine Will does not know how to do broken and interrupted things, but continuous.

“As long as Adam possessed his dear Inheritance of Our Fiat, he (Adam) possessed Its continuous act; it can be said that he (Adam) competed with Us, for when We (God) do an act, it no longer ceases; therefore, everything was harmony between him (Adam) and Us (God)—harmony of love, of beauty, of sanctity.  Our Fiat let him (Adam) lack nothing of all Our things.  As he (Adam) withdrew from Our Will, he (Adam) lost the way in order to reach Our Things, and formed many voids between himself (Adam) and Us (God)—voids of love, voids of beauty and of sanctity, and formed an abyss of distance between God and himself.  And this is why Our Fiat wants to return into the creature as fount of life—to fill these voids and make him return, as a little newborn, into Its arms, and to give him Its continuous act, just as It created him.”

Volume 26 – April 21, 1929

How the Divine Will is fullness.  How Adam, before sinning, possessed the fullness of sanctity.  The Virgin and all created things possess this fullness.

My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continuesI (Luisa) feel I cannot be without remaining in my dear Inheritance, which my sweet Jesus, with so much love, gave me, saying to me:  “Daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) entrust it to you (Luisa), that you (Luisa) may never go out of it, and may make your continuous echo resound from one point to another, in such a way that all of Heaven may hear that Our endless Inheritance of Our Fiat on earth is not isolated, but is inhabited by the Our little daughter(Luisa).  She (Luisa) will always go around within It, to keep company with all the acts of Our Will, and with all of Its apartments.”  Therefore, it is dear and sweet to me (Luisa) Living in my Celestial Inheritance; I (Luisa) would feel Life missing in me (Luisa) without It.

So, while I (Luisa) was going around in It, my always lovable Jesus was going around with me, and, all love, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will is all fullness; there is nothing which It does not possess:  immensity of Light, unreachable Sanctity, Endlessness without boundaries, incessant Generation; It sees everything, It feels and molds everything.  All this is Its nature in My Divine Fiat, therefore Its acts possess the fullness of all goods.  So, in order to be able to enclose even a single act of It in the depth of the soul (Luisa), it is necessary that she (Luisa) empty herself of all of herself, and return to the void of her nothingness, as in the act in which she (Luisa) was created, so that My Divine Volition may find the space of the nothingness to be able to deposit an act of fullness of Its own, which is such that, possessing the incessant generative virtue, one act calls for another, in a way that nothing must be lacking—neither fullness of Light, of Sanctity, of Love, of Beauty, nor multiplicity of Divine Acts.  Therefore, the Sanctity done in My Divine Will possesses all the fullness—but so much, that if God wanted to give her (Luisa) more, He (God) would not find the space in which to put more Light, more Beauty.  We (God) would say:  ‘You (Luisa) are all beautiful, nor can We (God) add for you (Luisa) any more beauty, so beautiful you (Luisa) are.  You (Luisa) are the work of Our Volition, and this is enough for you (Luisa) to be a work worthy of Us (God).’  And the soul (Luisa) will say:  “I (Luisa) am the triumph of your Divine Fiat, therefore I (Luisa) am all rich and beautiful.  I (Luisa) possess the fullness of an act of your Divine Will, which fills me (Luisa) completely; and if You (God) wanted to give me (Luisa) more, I (Luisa) would not know where to put it.’

Volume 26 – May 16, 1929

How the knowledges about the Divine Will are the army; the acts done in It, the weapons; Its Light, the Royal Palace; the Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Divine Ardor for establishing Its Kingdom.  Divine need; Its silence; the sorrow of Its secrets.

 “My daughter (Luisa), if you (Luisa) knew the ardor of My love that I (Jesus) feel, because I (Jesus) want to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth, so as to realize the only purpose for which man was createdIn fact, in everything that has been done by the Divine Persons, from the time when the world was created, and in what We (God) will do, Our principle will always be that one, nor will We ever cease it:  that man return into the Inheritance of the Kingdom of Our Fiat, which he (Adam) rejected from Us.  This is so true, that in My very Incarnation, when I (Jesus) descended from Heaven to earth, the first purpose was the Kingdom of My Divine Will; it is into Its Kingdom—that is, in My Immaculate Mother who possessed It—that I directed My first steps; My first dwelling was within Her most pure womb, in which My Fiat held Its absolute dominion and Its Kingdom, whole and beautiful.  And in this Kingdom of My Will which My Celestial Mama possessed, I (Jesus) began and I (Jesus) formed My Life down here—made of pains, of tears and of expiations.  I (Jesus) knew that I (Jesus) was to be the Jesus neglected, unloved, nor sought for, but I (Jesus) wanted to come because I (Jesus) could see through the centuries how My coming upon earth was to serve to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will and, by necessity, I (Jesus) was to redeem them first in order to obtain My first purpose.  And so, even from that time, I (Jesus) descended from Heaven in order to come to find, to search for and to clasp to My Breast the children of My Kingdom, who would search for Me, love Me, recognize Me, to the point of being unable to be without Me.  Therefore, in what I (Jesus) did and suffered, I (Jesus) put a mark and I (Jesus) said:  ‘Here I (Jesus) shall wait for the children of My Will; I (Jesus) shall embrace them, we (Myself and mankind) shall Love one another with one single Love, with one single Will.’  And for Love of them, My Pains, My Tears, My Steps, My Works, changed for Me into refreshment, into joy for My Heart drowned with love.

“My daughter (Luisa), don’t you yourself feel how you (Luisa) cannot be without Me?  And when, in the world, they will read these papers (Volumes), they will remain astounded in hearing of the long chain of My Graces, My daily comings—and for such a long time, which I (Jesus) have done with no one else; My long conversations which I (Jesus) have had with you (Luisa), the many teachings I (Jesus) have given you (Luisa), and everything that was to serve the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  I (Jesus) felt the irresistible need to resume and redo with you (Luisa) all the conversations, to give you (Luisa) the graces and the teachings that I (Luisa) would have given to Adam innocent, had he (Adam) not rejected the precious Inheritance of My Fiat.  But he (Adam) broke My speaking and reduced Me to silence; and after six thousand years of silence I (Jesus) felt the extreme need to resume My speaking with the creature (Luisa).  Oh! how painful it was to contain so many secrets within My Heart, which I (Jesus) was to confide to her (Luisa); and it was for her (Luisa) alone that these secrets were kept—not for others; and if you (Luisa) knew how much it cost Me to remain silent for such a long time!  My Heart was suffocated and, delirious, It repeated dolefully:  ‘Alas! I (Jesus) created man to have someone with whom to speak; but he (Adam) was to possess My Divine Will in order to understand Me (God); and because he (Adam) has rejected It from Me (God), he (Adam) has rendered Me the God taciturn.  What sorrow I (God) feel!’  What suffocated love, which made Me faint—and I (God) raved!

Volume 26 – May 21, 1929

The Divine Will:  light; love:  heat.  Divine Nourishment and Outpouring.

I (Luisa) am always back into my dear Inheritance of the Divine Volition, and it seems to me that I (Luisa) go around gleaning within It; and Jesus, so very good, does not neglect to give me (Luisa) His beautiful lessons about each of those ears of grain which I (Luisa) keep gathering.  But while I (Luisa) was going around, I kept repeating my refrain over each thing:  ‘I love You—and let my love be the sweet chain which, binding the eternal Fiat, may draw It (the Divine Will)—do violence on It (the Divine Will), to make It (the Divine Will) come to reign upon earth.’  Now, while I (Luisa) was doing this, my adored Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will is Light, Love is Heat.  Light and Heat are inseparable from each other, and form the same Life; this is the necessity of the fusion of My Will and of My Love:  a will which does not love is not operative, a love which has no will is without Life.  However, My Will has the First Act; it can be said that Its Light makes the Heat arise.  It does the first act and calls the Life of Love within Its light, forming one single thing.  Who can ever separate the Heat from the Light?  No one.  However, the bigger the light, the stronger the heat; so, with a small light one can just barely feel the strength of the heat; a big light gives much heat and produces admirable effects.  How many and what effects does the sun not produce, because its light is so great as to embrace the whole earth?  It can be said that it is the king of the earth; with its light and with its heat it caresses everyone, it embraces everything and does good to all – and without asking anything from anyone.  Why?  First, because it does not need anything; second, because all would feel impotent to repay the sun for the great good it does to all the earth.  So, this is why you (Luisa) feel within yourself two infinite powers, fused into one:  My Divine Will and My Love; and the Light of My Volition makes you (Luisa) run to make you (Luisa) place your ‘I love You,’ which It (the Divine Will) unleashes from Its womb of Light, upon all created things, so as to see the whole Creation bejeweled by Its (The Divine Will’s)‘I love you’ and yours (Luisa).


Volume 27 – November 14, 1929

How the rights of Creation are just and holy.  Example of the sun, and how one who lives in the Divine Will is the true sun.

I (Luisa) am always in my dear Inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  The deeper I (Luisa) remain in It, the more I (Luisa) feel like loving It (the Divine Will); the more I (Luisa) move within It, the more It unveils Itself—the more It makes Itself known, and says to me (Luisa)“Live always in your (Luisa’s) precious Inheritance, which was given to you (Luisa) with so much love.  It is yours (Luisa)—It will always be yours (Luisa), inseparable from you (Luisa); nor will I (Jesus) ever permit that My little daughter (Luisa) not feel the heartbeat of My Light, the Breath of My balsamic Air, the Life of My Divine Will.”

But while my (Luisa’s) little mind was wandering within the Divine Volition, my lovable Jesus, coming out from within that same Light of the Divine Fiat, told me (Luisa):  “My daughter (Luisa), because the sun possesses the strength of the unity of its light, given to it by its Creator, its light is not subject to separating, and not even to dispersing one little drop of its light.  Therefore, by virtue of this one strength of light that the sun possesses, there is nothing it touches and invests to which it does not give its precious effects.  The sun seems to play with the earth; it gives its kiss of light to each creature, to each plant; it embraces everything with its heat, it seems to blow and communicate colors, sweetness, flavors.  And while it abounds so much in giving its effects, it is also jealous in not giving up to anyone even just one drop of the so much light it possesses.  And why this?  Because it wants to maintain the rights of its creation and disperse nothing of what God gave it.  Oh! if the sun dispersed its light, it would end up happening, little by little, that it would no longer be sun.  The first rights of how all things were created, including man, are Sacred, are Holy and Just; and, with Justice, all should stick to the First Act, as they were created.  Only man (Adam) was unable to maintain for himself the great honor of the way he (Adam) was created by God; but this cost him so much, and therefore all evils swooped down upon him.

“Now, My daughter (Luisa), one who lives in My Divine Will possesses the rights of her (Luisa’s) creation, and therefore, more than sun, she (Luisa) lives in the unity of her (Luisa) Creator; she (Luisa) is the reproducer of the effects of the Divine Unity.  In this unity she (Luisa) gathers everything, embraces everyone, warms everyone, and with the breath of the Divine Unity she (Luisa) produces in the hearts of creatures all the effects which are present in the Kingdom of Grace.  But while, more than sun, she (Luisa) plays in touching everything, with her (Luisa’s) touches she (Luisa) gives sanctity, virtue, love, divine sweetness; she (Luisa) would want to enclose everyone in the unity of her (Luisa’s) Creator.  But while she (Luisa) wants to give everything, jealous, she (Luisa) preserves for herself the rights of her (Luisa’s) creation—that is, the Will of her (Luisa’s) Creator as her (Luisa’s) First Act and the origin of her (Luisa’s) creation; and she (Luisa) says to all:  ‘I (Luisa) cannot descend from within the Divine Fiat, nor do I (Luisa) want to lose even one drop of It—I (Luisa) would lose my rights, which I (Luisa) do not want to do.  Rather, come up, all of you, and one will be the Will of all; in this way we will live common Life.  But for as long as you (Luisa) remain at the low level of the human will, like sun, I (Jesus) will give you (Luisa) the effects of the Divine Will; however, Its Life will be always mine, praying and waiting for all of you in the Will of our Creator.’  One (Luisa) who lives in My Will is the True Sun, which is such that apparently one sees nothing but Light and feels nothing but Heat, but how many goods are there not inside that Light and Heat?  How many effects?  The life and the goods of the earth are enclosed inside that Light and Heat.  In the same way, with one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Fiat, apparently one sees a creature (Luisa), but inside there is a Divine Will that sustains everything—Heaven and earth, and does not want to keep inactive the one (Luisa) who possesses such a great good.”

Volume 27 – November 20, 1929

How peace is the fragrance, the air, the breath of Jesus.  How the works of God are all ordered.  How He does minor things first, and then greater things.  Example of Creation and Redemption.

 “Now, (Luisa) daughter of My Volition, you must know that I (Jesus) am order, and therefore all of My Works are ordered.  Look at how ordered is Creation.  The purpose of Creation was man (Adam), yet I (Jesus) did not create man as first; had I (Jesus) done it I (Jesus) would not have been orderly.  Where to put this man (Adam)?  Where to place him?  Without the sun that would illuminate him, without the pavilion of the heavens that would function as room for him, without plants that would nourish him, everything was disorder, and My Fiat reordered and created everything; and after It formed the most beautiful dwelling, It created man.  Does the order of your Jesus not show in this?  Now, for you (Luisa) also I (Jesus) was to maintain order, and even though Our Primary Purpose was to make known to you (Luisa) Our Divine Will, that It might reign in you (Luisa) like King in His Royal Palace, and as It would give you Its Divine Lessons, you (Luisa) might be the herald in making It (the Divine Will) known to others, yet, like in Creation, it was necessary to prepare the heaven of your soul (Luisa), studding it with stars through the many sayings of the beautiful virtues which I (Jesus) manifested to you (Luisa).  I (Jesus) had to descend to the low level of your human will in order to empty it, purify it, embellish it, and reorder it in everything.  It can be said that those were many sorts of creations that I (Jesus) was doing in you (Luisa).  I (Jesus) was to make the ancient disordered earth of your human will disappear in order to call back the order of the Divine Fiat in the depth of your interior (Luisa), which, making the ancient earth of your whole being disappear, would make heavens, suns, seas of surprising truths rise again with Its creative strength.  And you (Luisa) know how all this was matured through the cross, through segregating you (Luisa) from everything, making you (Luisa) live on earth as if it were not earth for you (Luisa), but Heaven, keeping you (Luisa) always absorbed, either with Me (Jesus), or in the Sun of My Divine Fiat.

“Therefore, everything I (Jesus) have done in you (Luisa) has been nothing other than the order which was needed in order to give you (Luisa) the great gift of My Divine Will, as it was given to the first man (Adam) at the beginning of his creation.  And this is why there were so many preparations—because they were to serve that man (Adam) who was to possess the great Gift of Our Will as his beloved Inheritance, symbol of the great preparations made in your soul (Luisa).  Therefore, adore My Dispositions and thank Me by being faithful to Me.

Volume 27 – January 10, 1930

One who lives in the Divine Will belongs to the Divine Family.  Different ways of belonging to God; example of a kingdom.  Some live in God, some outside of God.

Though I (Luisa) felt abandoned in the Divine Fiat, I (Luisa) also felt all annihilated, but so much, that I (Luisa) saw myself as smaller than an atom; and I (Luisa) thought to myself:  ‘How miserable, small and insignificant I (Luisa) am.’  And my adorable Jesus, interrupting my thought, making Himself felt and seen, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa)! whether small or great, you (Luisa) belong to Our Divine Family; you (Luisa) are a member of It, and this is enough for you (Luisa).  Even more, it is everything for you (Luisa), and is the greatest glory and honor you (Luisa) could possess.”

And I (Luisa):  ‘My Love, we have all come out of You (Jesus), and we all belong to You (Jesus), therefore it is no wonder that I (Luisa) belong to You (Jesus).’  And Jesus:  “Indeed everyone belongs to Me (Jesus) by bonds of creation, but there is great difference from one (Luisa) who belongs to Me not only by bonds of creation, but with bond of fusion of wills—that is, Mine is her (Luisa) sole and only will.  I (Jesus) can say that these belong to Me with bonds of true Family of Ours, because the will is the most intimate thing that can exist, both in God and in the creature; it is the essential part of life, it is the director, it is the dominator that has the virtue of binding, with inseparable bonds, God and the creature; and from this inseparability it can be recognized that she belongs to Our Divine Family.

“Does this not happen inside a kingdom?  All belong to the king, but in how many different ways they belong:  some belong as people, some as army, some as ministers, some as sentries, some as courtiers, another as the queen of the king, and others as his children.  Now, who belongs to the royal family?  The king, the queen, their children; all the rest of the kingdom cannot be said to belong to the royal family, though they belong to the kingdom, they are obliged to laws, to subjection, and rebels are put in jail.

“Therefore, even though all belong to Us (God) but in how many different ways; and only one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will Lives in Our midst.  Our Divine Fiat brings her (Luisa) to Us (God) on Its lap of Light, into Our inmost Divine Womb; nor can We put her (Luisa) outside of Ourselves; in order to do that, We (God) would have to put Our Divine Volition outside of Ourselves, which We (God) cannot do, nor do We (God) want toOn the contrary, We (God) are happy to have her (Luisa), to cuddle her (Luisa) as Our dear memory, when Our Love, overflowing, issued the Creation, wanting the creature (Adam) to Live in Our Inheritance of the Divine Will and to amuse herself with her (Luisa’s) Creator with her (Luisa’s) innocent smiles.  And if you (Luisa) see yourself small, it is the exuberant Love of My Fiat, which is all attention and jealousy over you (Luisa), that concedes you (Luisa) not one act of your human will; therefore the human has no growth, and you (Luisa) feel yourself always small.  And this is because My Will wants to form Its Life in your smallness (Luisa), and when Its Divine Life grows, the human life has no reason to grow; therefore you (Luisa) must content yourself with remaining always small.”

Volume 27 – February 11, 1930

How man was created to live in intimacy with God and in His house, and as he withdrew from His Will, by God’s goodness he was given the legal share[1].

My poor mind undergoes the sweet enchantment of the refulgent Sun of the Eternal Fiat, and—oh! how many beautiful touching scenes It unfolds within me, such that, if I (Luisa) were able to tell them as I (Luisa) see them, all would undergo the sweet enchantment and, in chorus, all would say:  “We want to do the Divine Will.”  But, alas! I (Luisa) am always the little ignorant one, and only stammering can I (Luisa) say something.  But in comprehending the great good of this Divine Volition, and how we swim in Its gigantic waves of light, of unspeakable beauty, of unreachable sanctity, I (Luisa) was thinking to myself:  ‘How is it possible for such a great good not to be known?  And while we swim inside of it, we ignore the great good that surrounds us, that invests us inside and out, that gives us life; and only because we ignore it, we do not enjoy the admirable effects of all the great goods that a Will so Holy contains?  O please! reveal Yourself (Jesus), Oh Omnipotent Fiat, and the face of the earth will change.  And besides, why did Our Blessed Lord not please to manifest, from the beginning of Creation, the many admirable things that this Most Holy Will wants to do and give to creatures?’  And while my mind was wandering, as though enraptured in the sweet enchantment of the Divine Volition, my Love, my Life, Jesus, the Celestial Teacher, who charms with His lovely speaking on His own Will, making Himself seen, told me:  “(Luisa) My little daughter of My Will, the creature cannot live, either soul or body, without My Divine Will; and since It is her first act of life, she finds herself in the condition either of receiving Its act of continuous life from It, or of not being able to have existence.  And since man (Adam) was created for him (Adam) to live in the opulence of the goods of this Divine Will, his (Adam’s) beloved Inheritance, he (Adam) was therefore created for him (Adam) to live of Us (God) and in Our House, like a son who lives with his father.  Otherwise, how could he (Adam) be Our Amusement, Our Joy and Happiness, if he (Adam) were not to live close to Us (God), together with Us (God) in Our Divine Will?  A son who is far away cannot form the joy of his father, his smile, his amusement, his intimate conversation.  From afar, they cannot play together or smile with happiness; on the contrary, the mere distance breaks the love and brings the bitterness of not being able to enjoy the beloved.

“See, then, man (Adam) was created to Live in intimacy with Us (God), in Our House, in Our own Will, for Us (God) to secure Our Joys and perennial Happiness as well as his.  But man, (Adam) Our son, though he was happy in the house of his Father, rebelled and went out of his Paternal House, and by doing his will he (Adam) lost the smile of his Father, His pure joys; and since he (Adam) could not live without the concourse of Our Divine Will, We (God) acted as Father and gave him (Adam) the legal share of Our Divine Will—no longer as Life, which carried him on Its lap to render him Happy and Holy, but as concurring, to preserve him Alive—not to make him happy as before, but to give him the things of strict necessity and according to how he (Adam) would behave.

Without My Divine Will there cannot be Life.  And this is why so little is known about My Divine Fiat, because it is Its mere legal share that creatures know, and many times this legal share is not even recognized completely, because one (the soul not linked with Luisa) who lives of the legal share does not live in the house of his Father; he is far away from Him, and many times he finds himself in the condition of spoiling with unworthy acts the very legal share he received.

“Therefore, do not be surprised if little is known about My Divine Will, if one (the soul not linked to Luisa) does not live in It, if one is not in continuous contact to receive Its Life that makes one happy, that sanctifies and, one being close to It, opens Its secrets and makes Itself known—who It is, what It can give to the creature, and how It yearns to keep her on Its lap to form in her Its Divine Life.  More so since, by doing his will, man placed himself in the condition of a servant, not of an heir, and a servant has no right to the Inheritance of his master, but to the miserable compensation for him to live life with hardship.  Therefore, my daughter (Luisa), it can be said that with you (Luisa) I (Jesus) have opened the doors, to let you (Luisa) enter to Live in Our House, in Our Divine Will.  And keeping you (Luisa) with Us (God), We (God) have manifested to you (Luisa) so much about Our Divine Volition—not as the legal share, but as Our fortunate heiress (Luisa).”

After this, He (Jesus) added:  “My daughter (Luisa), more so, since in that little which was written of My Divine Will in the whole history of the world, having known only the legal share, they have written of It what they have known of My Fiat after sin, which relationships It has with creatures, even though they offend It and do not live in Our House.  But as for the relations that passed between My Fiat and Adam innocent, before sinning, they have written nothing.  And how could they write if no one has lived in My Divine Will as in one’s own house?  How could they know Its secrets and the great prodigy that the operating Life of a Divine Will can do in the creature?  Therefore, they could and can say of My Divine Fiat that It disposes everything, that It commands, that It concurs; but as for saying of My Divine Will how It operates within Itself, in Its house, the power of Its immensity that in one instant does everything, envelops everything, in the creature as It does within Itself – this is science that the creature has ignored until now; it could not be written if not by manifestation of My Divine Fiat, and to one (Luisa) whom It called to Live in Our House as Our daughter (Luisa), close to Us (God), inside My Will—not far away; such that, being able to amuse Ourselves with her (Luisa), We (God) would make her (Luisa) aware of Our most intimate secrets.  And if We (God) had wanted to manifest what regards Our Will in relationship with the creature (Luisa) and she (Luisa) were not living in It (the Divine Will), she (Luisa) would not have understood Us (God); it would have been for her (Luisa) like a foreign and unintelligible dialect.”


Volume 28 – April 18, 1930

How all the first acts were done by God in Adam.  Jealousy of the Divine Love.  Guarantee and safety of the Divine Fiat for the creature.  How, in the creation of man, all of us were present and in act.  Vivifying and nourishing virtue of the Divine Will.

My poor mind feels the irresistible need to cross the endless sea of the Supreme Fiat.  More than by a powerful magnet, I (Luisa) feel drawn to make my sweet dwelling in my dear Inheritance given to me by my dear Jesus, which is His adorable Will.  It seems to me (Luisa) that Jesus awaits me now in one Act done by His Divine Fiat, now in another, to give me His admirable lessons.  So, my mind was wandering in going around within Its innumerable acts, and as I (Luisa) arrived at dear Eden, where everything was feast, my dear Jesus, making me pause, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), if you knew with how much love the creation of man was formed!  At merely remembering it, Our Love swells and forms new inundations, taking the attitude of feast in remembering Our Work, beautiful, perfect, as It placed in it such Mastery of Art that no one else can form one similar to it; and it (Adam) was so beautiful as to reach the point of arousing in Our Love the jealousy that it be all for Us (God).  After all, man had been made for Us (God), he (Adam) was Our own—to be jealous of him (Adam) was a right of Our Love; and this is so true, that Our Love reached such extent, that all the first acts done in Adam were done by his Creator.  So, the first act of love was created and done by Us in Adam; the first heartbeat, the first thought, the first word—in sum, for everything that he (Adam) might do afterwards, there were Our first Acts done in him (Adam), and upon Our first Acts followed the acts of Adam.  Therefore, if he (Adam) loved, his love would spring from within Our first Act of love; if he (Adam) thought, his thought would spring from within Our Thought; and so with all the rest.

Volume 28 – August 15, 1930

How the life of the Sovereign Queen was formed in the Divine Sun.

I (Luisa) was thinking about my Celestial Mama in the act when She (Our Lady) was assumed into Heaven, and was offering my little acts done in the Divine Fiat to give Her (Our Lady) my homages, my praises for Her honor and glory.  But while I (Luisa) was doing this, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the glory, the greatness, the power of My Celestial Mama in Our Fatherland is insuperable.  And do you know why?  Her life on earth was lived inside Our Divine Sun; She (Our Lady) never went out from within the abode of Her Creator; She (Our Lady) knew nothing else but Our Will alone, She (Our Lady) loved nothing else but Our interests, She (Our Lady) asked for nothing else but Our Glory.  It can be said that She (Our Lady) formed the Sun of Her life within the Sun of Her Creator.  So, whoever wants to find Her in the Celestial Dwelling, must come into Our Sun, where the Sovereign Queen, having formed Her Sun, spreads Her maternal rays for the good of all, and blazes with such beauty as to enrapture the whole of Heaven, all feeling twice as happy for having a Mother so holy, and a Queen so glorious and powerful.  The Virgin (Mary) is the first daughter, and the only one (Mary), who possesses Her Creator; and She(Our Lady) is the only one to have lived Life in the Sun of the Supreme Being.  And since She (Our Lady) drew Her life from this Eternal Sun, it is no wonder that, having Lived of Light, She (Our Lady) formed Her most refulgent Sun that gladdens the whole Celestial Court.

“This is precisely what it means to live in My Divine Will:  to Live of Light and to form one’s Life within Our own Sun.  This was the purpose of Creation—to have the creatures created by Us, Our beloved children, within Our own abode; to nourish them with Our own Foods, to clothe them with royal garments, and to let them enjoy Our own GoodsWhat terrestrial father and mother think of putting out of their home the fruit of their womb, their dear children, and of not giving their inheritance to their own children?  No one, I believe; on the contrary, how many sacrifices do they not make in order to render their children rich and happy?  If a terrestrial father and a mother reach this, much more so does the Celestial Father.  He wanted and loved His children to remain in His home, so as to keep them around Himself, to delight with them and keep them as the Crown of His creative hands.  But man, ungrateful, abandoned Our Home, refused Our Goods, and contented himself with going wandering, living in the darkness of his human will.”

Volume 28 – October 12, 1930

Fear is the scourge of the poor nothing.  The love that God nurtures for the creature, to the point of putting her in a contest with Himself.  How God established all the acts that all creatures were to do.

I (Luisa) am always in my dear and Holy Inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  I (Luisa) feel the extreme need never to go out of It, because my small atom of my existence feels its nothingness and, as nothing, good at doing nothing if the Divine Volition, playing with it, does not fill it with Its All, making it do what It wants.  And, oh! how I (Luisa) feel the need for the Divine Will to keep me in Its Life, and for me to remain always in It.

Now, I (Luisa) felt I could not live without the Divine Fiat—all fear; and my sweet Jesus, with an unspeakable goodness, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do not fear; fear is the scourge of the poor nothing, in such a way that the nothing which is beaten by the whips of fear, feels itself lacking Life and losing it.  On the other hand, Love is the surge of the nothing into the All (of God), such that, as the All fills it with Divine Life, the nothing feels True Life, which is not subject to be lacking, but to always Living.

“Now, you must know that the love that Our Divine Being nurtures toward the creature is so great, that We give her (Luisa) of Our own in order to put her (Luisa) in the condition of being able to compete with her Creator.  And so We (God) give her (Luisa) Our Will, Our Love and Our very Life, that she (Luisa) may make It fully her own, so as to fill the void of her (Luisa’s) nothing and therefore be able to give Us (God) Will for Will, Love for Love, Life for Life.  And We (God), even though We (God) Ourselves have given Them, accept Them as if They were her (Luisa’s) own, enjoying that the creature (Luisa) can compete with Us (God)—she (Luisa), in giving Us (God), and We (God), in receiving, to give to her (Luisa) again what she (Luisa) gave Us, that she (Luisa) may always have something to give Us (God); except for the creature ( the soul not linked to Luisa) who would not want to receive.  Then she (Luisa) feels the void of her nothing, without True Life, without a Divine Will that Sanctifies her, without the Love that leads her to love her Creator.  And then all evils swoop down upon this nothing, lashes of fear, darkness of terror, rains of all miseries, weaknesses, such that she feels life missing in her.  Poor nothing that is not filled with the All (of God).”

Volume 28 –

How the fear of losing a good means possessing it.  Who has the right to ask for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Nourishment in order to form and grow the Life of the Divine Will in the creature.

My abandonment in the Divine Volition continues, though with the fear that because of my infidelities I (Luisa) might have the great misfortune of being rejected from living inside the beautiful Heaven of the Supreme Fiat.  Oh! God, what painMy Jesus, do not allow that I (Luisa) may go out of my dear Inheritance which You (Jesus), with so much Love, have given me (Luisa), and in which, with so much jealousy, You (Jesus) have always kept me.  I (Luisa) ask You (Jesus) this for love of the heavens which, with so much Love, You (Jesus) extended over my head—symbol of the heaven which, with even greater Love, You (Jesus) enclosed in my poor soul—which is your Will.  Make it so that It may always reign in me (Luisa), and that Its Kingdom may extend in the whole world.  I (Luisa) ask You (Jesus) this for the sake of that Love with which You created the sun that beats continuously on the earth, without ever stopping its course, to offer to me(Luisa) your Love of Light—Living and Real Image of the Sun of your Will within which, more than in a sea of Light, You (Jesus) enfolded your little daughter (Luisa).  I (Luisa) ask You (Jesus) this for the sake of the maze of the pains in which I (Luisa) have been enveloped and besieged—pains that water me with bile continuously, which makes me feel myself under the rain of storms that threaten to drown me; pains which it is not given to me (Luisa) to entrust to the paper (the Volumes).  Jesus, Jesus, have pity on me (Luisa), and let your Divine Will reign in me (Luisa) and in all (past, present and future).

But while I was pouring out my sorrow, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, extended His arms toward me to sustain me, and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), courage, the fear of losing a good means possessing It, knowing It and loving It—and possessing It, not by usurpation, but by right of property; and when a good is possessed by right of property, no law, either human or Divine, can with legitimate ways take away the goods that are possessedMore so, since it is absolute Will of your Jesus for you (Luisa) to possess, by right of property, the Inheritance of My Divine Fiat, which I (Jesus) have given you (Luisa) with so much Love, so that you (Luisa) might ask, by right, for Its Kingdom to come upon earth.  In fact, only one (Luisa) who possesses My Will has the right to, and can, by right, ask for Its Kingdom to come upon earth and extend everywhere.  And since My Will fills heavens, sun, sea and everything, even though they do not have reason, they are dominated freely by the powerful Strength and Reason of My Fiat, from which they never moved away.

“Therefore, in the name of the heavens, sun and everything, you (Luisa) can, by right, ask for Its Kingdom, because the smallest thing as well as the greatest, animated and dominated by my Divine Will, is always superior to man.  In fact, without It (the Divine Will), man occupies the last place; he is the degraded one and the most humiliated in the midst of all created things; he is the neediest, the poorest who, in order to live, has to stretch out his hand to all created things to receive the charity of their beneficial effects.  And sometimes this is denied to him by the expressed Will of the One (God) who dominates them; even more, It (the Divine Will) puts the elements against man to make him touch with his own hand what it means not to Live in the Inheritance of It.

Volume 35 – August 9, 1937

Prodigies of love in the Divine Volition.  How the Divine Will redoubles Its love, in order to be loved with Its own love.  How the Queen will form the new Hierarchy in her Inheritance.

“My daughter (Luisa), is it that We (God) lack the strength to elevate the creature to the level of Our Image—to make her (Luisa) possess Our Goods so that she (Luisa) may live in Our Will?  My Celestial Mother, from the moment she (Our Lady) existed, possessed the Life of My Divine Fiat.  We (God) Love each other with one Love, and We Love the creature with a twin Love.

          “Our love for Her (Our Lady) is such that, just as We (God) have Our Hierarchy of Angels in Heaven as well as the various orders of Saints, the Great Lady—Celestial Empress and owner of the great Inheritance of Our Will—will call Her (Our Lady) own children to possess Her Inheritance when Our Kingdom will be established on earth.  We will give Her the great glory of having Her form the new Hierarchy that will be similar to the nine choirs of AngelsSo, She (Our Lady) will have the choir of Seraphim, of Cherubim and so forth, as well as the new order of the Saints who lived in Her Inheritance.   After She (Our Lady) will have formed them on earth She (Our Lady)will take them to Heaven, surrounding Herself with the new Hierarchy, the newborn (Luisa and those linked with her) in the Divine Fiat, reborn in Her own Love—those who lived in Her Inheritance.

          “This will be the fulfillment of the work of Creation—Our ‘consumatum est.’  We (God) will have the Kingdom of Our Will among creatures, thanks to the Celestial Heir who wanted to give Her life for each of them, to make It reign.  How glorified and happy We will be, because the Sovereign Queen will have Her own Hierarchy just as We keep Ours; even more so, since Our own Hierarchy will be Hers too, while Hers will be Ours, because all that is done in Our Will is inseparable.

          “If you knew how much this Celestial Queen loves the souls.  She (Our Lady), faithful copy of Her Creator, looks inside Herself and finds Her seas of Love, Grace, Sanctity, Beauty and Light; then She (Our Lady) looks at the creatures and wants to give all of Herself with all Her seas, so that creatures may have their Mama with all Her riches.  Having to see Her children poor, while their Mother is so rich—and only because they do not live in the Inheritance of their Mother… it is such a pain… She (Our Lady) would like to see them inside Her seas of Love, loving their Creator as She does, hidden inside Her Sanctity, embellished by Her Beauty, filled with Her Grace.  But not seeing them there—If She wasn’t in the state of Glory, in which pains cannot have place—She (Our Lady) would die of pure pain for each creature who does not live in the Divine Will.  Therefore, She (Our Lady) prays unceasingly.  She (Our Lady) places all Her seas in prayer, to beseech that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

          “Our Love is such that, by the virtue of Our Will, She (Our Lady) bilocates Herself within each creature, to prepare the interior of her soul, synchronizing her with Her Maternal Heart, squeezing her in Her arms, to dispose her to receive the Life of the Divine Fiat.  Oh, how much She (Our Lady) prays, in every single heart, to Our adorable Majesty, saying‘Hurry up.  My Love can no longer be contained.  I (Holy Mary) want to see My children living together with Me in that same Divine Will which forms all of My Glory, My richness, My great Inheritance.  Trust me, and I (Holy Mary) will know how to defend My children and Your own Will, which is also Mine.’

          “The Love of this Celestial Queen and Mother is insuperable.  Only in Heaven will creatures know how much She (our Lady) loves them and how much She (Our Lady) has done for them.  Her most exuberant, magnanimous and greatest act is in wanting them to possess the Kingdom of My Will as She (Our Lady) possesses It.  Oh, what wouldn’t the Celestial Lady do to obtain this purpose!  You (Luisa) too, unite with Her (Our Lady), and pray for a purpose so Holy.”

Volume 35 – October 25, 1937

The Sovereign Queen is the Heiress of the Divine Will, and therefore the Heiress of the Divine Life.  How She made Herself a precious pledge in the creative hands of God.  The great good contained in one act in My FIAT.

          I (Luisa) was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will and, arriving at the Conception of the Blessed Virgin, I (Luisa) stopped to offer to God the Power and the Love which the Divine Persons had in conceiving this Celestial Lady (Mary), in order to obtain the coming of Their Kingdom on earth.  My sweet Jesus, surprising me, said:  “My daughter (Luisa), as this Holy Virgin was conceived, Our Feast with mankind started againIn fact, since the first instant of Her Conception She (Our Lady) inherited Our Divine Will, which soon began Its Divine crafting within Her beautiful soul.  In each of Her heartbeats, thoughts and breathes, Our Will formed, with Its Creative Power, enchanting prodigies of Sanctity, Beauty and Grace, to the extent that We Ourselves—Actors and Spectators together with Our Divine Will—remained enraptured.  In Our emphasis of Love We said: ‘How beautiful the creature (Mary) is, when together with Our Will!  She (Our Lady) gives Us (God) ease to form Our most beautiful works, and She (Our Lady) gives Life to Our Life within Herself!’

          “Our Love rejoiced and celebrated, because Our Divine Heiress—the Heiress (Our Lady) of Our Will and of Our very Life,  had come into the light of time.  And since, by virtue of Our Will operating in Her (Mary), She was all Ours—exclusively Ours; looking at Her We (God) felt Our Breathing, Our Heartbeat, Our ever burning, ever loving  Love, and Our Motions in Hers (Mary’s).  Our Beauty shone through the movements of Her (Mary’s) pupils, of Her little hands, and in the sweet enchantment of Her enrapturing voice.  She (Our Lady) kept Us (God) so busy and so in feasting, that not even for one instant could We (God) remove Our gaze from her (Mary).  So, She (Mary) belonged to Us (God)—completely Our own—and Our Will was already Hers (Our Lady’s)—by right.  We (God) recognized in this Holy Creature (Mary) Our Divine Heiress, and by possessing Our Will She (Mary) already possessed all.

          “This Holy Virgin had Her own Humanity, in which She (Holy Mary) bound the whole human family, as limbs to the body.  So, in seeing in Her (Mary) the whole of humankind, as She (Our Lady) was conceived, for love of Her We gave the first kiss of peace to all humanity, making it heir of Our Divine Heiress—with the exclusion of some ungrateful who would not want to receive itSee then, how certain it is that the Kingdom of Our Will must come upon earth:  there is already a creature (Our Lady) who inherited It, and since this creature (Luisa) belongs to the human race, all creatures acquired the right of being able to possess It (the Divine Will).

          “This Celestial Sovereign, taken by love, made Herself into a pledge in Our Creative Hands, so that all could receive the Kingdom.  This pledge, possessing the Life of My Will, contained an infinite value; therefore she (our Lady) could commit herself for all.  What a sweet dear pledge (Luisa) this Holy Creature (Mary) was, in Our HandsBy making Her Life and Her acts flow into Our Divine Volition, She (Our Lady) formed Divine Coins to be able to pay Us (God) for those who were to inherit Our Divine FIAT.  And then My Humanity came—united to the Eternal Word.  With My Life, Sufferings and Death, I (Jesus) paid a sufficient price to buy back Our Divine Will and give It (the Divine Will) to the creatures as their Inheritance.  One act, one breath, one movement in My Will contains such value as to be able to buy Heaven and earth—anything that one may desire.  Therefore, may My Will, and My Will only, be your Life and your All.”

[1] The ‘legittima’,  portion of the patrimony of which, by law, the testator cannot dispose freely.   E.g.:   Lk 15, 12.