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Linked to the Servant of God Luisa Piccaretta repeating the prayers taught by Jesus and Mary in the Divine Will.

Vocal Prayer, Mental Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, The Round of Creation and The Round of Redemption Prayer



V34–1/22/36  I (Luisa) was praying the Round in the Acts of the Divine Will, and I sought to invest with my little “I Love You” the sky, the sun, and the whole Creation.  And the Divine Fiat, in order to Reciprocate me, Formed the Place in my will so as to enclose there the sky and all Creation.  Then I (Luisa) went around in the Acts of the Redemption, and sweet Jesus enclosed His Acts in me, and He repeated the most moving scenes in order to Reciprocate my little love.

I remained surprised and my beloved Jesus, all Tenderness and Love, told me:  “My good daughter (Luisa), daughter of My Divine Will, you must know that My Love is So Much, that in order to pour Myself out I (Jesus) want to repeat My Works.  But in whom can I repeat Them?  In whom to find a Place in order to enclose Them so as to feel Myself Loved?  In (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Will.  As the creature (Luisa) makes her Round in My Works in order to Know Them, Love Them, and Call Them into herself, They Reproduce Themselves in her, and she (Luisa) forms the Theater of Our Works.  How many Moving Scenes:  now the sky is extended, now the sun rises with all its majesty, now the sea murmurs and forming its waves would want to inundate its Creator with its Love, and now she Forms the Most Beautiful flowered meadow, and by every flower she makes her little refrain said to Us (Triune God):  ‘I Love You, I Glorify You, I Adore You, and may Your Fiat come to Reign on earth.’  There is no being that she would not call into herself in order to make her little recital told to Us:  ‘I Love You, I Love You.’  My daughter (Luisa), Our Love is not content if it does not Give Everything, and does not Repeat Our Works in (Luisa) the one who Lives in Our Divine Will.

“But this is not everything, listen still.  She (Luisa), by going around in the Acts of Creation, Repeats My Works and I (Jesus) take Greatest Pleasure and Delight in Assisting at the Most Splendid Scenes of the Creation in the creature (Luisa).  When she (Luisa) makes her Round in the Acts of Redemption in order to make them hers, I (Jesus) Repeat My Life.  In fact, I (Jesus) Repeat My Conception, My Birth, in which the Angels repeat the ‘Glory in the Heavens’ and ‘Peace to men of good will.’  And if human ingratitude constrains Me to cry, I go to cry in her, because I know that My Tears will be reciprocated and impearled with her ‘I love You.’  From there, I pass on to repeat My Life, My Steps, My Lessons.  And when the offenses renew for Me the Sufferings, the Crucifixion, the Death, I never suffer it outside of this creature (Luisa), but I go into her to suffer My Sufferings, the Cross, the Death, because she (Luisa) will not leave Me alone.  She (Luisa) will take part in My Sufferings, she (Luisa) will remain Crucified with Me, and she (Luisa) will give Me her life in reciprocation for My Death.

“In fact, in (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Will I (Jesus) find the theater of My Life:  the moving scenes of My Infancy and of My Passion.  I (Jesus) find the speaking skies, the suns that Love Me, the winds that moan with Love for Me.  In sum, all created things have something to tell Me:  a little word, an ‘I Love You,’ an attestation of Thankfulness.  But who is the one who renders it speaking for Me?  Who is the one who feeds the voice to all things?  (Luisa) The one who Lives in My Divine Will.  It Transforms her so much that there is no Love she (Luisa) does not give, nor Works that It cannot repeat in her, therefore they (the souls linked to Luisa) can be called Its Living Lives and the Repeater of the Works of their Creator.”

V36–5/2/38  I (Luisa) was doing my Round in Creation to Trace all the Acts done by the Divine Will.  And my sweet Jesus added: “My blessed daughter (Luisa), Creation is the sweetest Enchantment of Our Love Manifested toward creatures:  there is the blue of the sky with its stars, the bright sun, air, wind and sea—always fixed, never moving, telling man of Our Incessant Love.  Then, on the ground, there are flowers, plants, trees, tiny grass—and each of them has the Voice, Motion and Love Life of their Creator—even the most tiny blade of grass—to tell everybody the Love Story of the One (Triune God) Who Created them.  It seems that things Created in the earth die, but it’s not true; rather, they rise again, to be even More Beautiful.  This is nothing other than the New Resurrection of God’s Love toward creatures.  While they seem to be dying—in order to give a Sweet Surprise of Love—they Rise again More Beautiful; and God puts the New Enchantment of blooming and fruits, under everybody’s eyes, to be Loved.  One can say that each flower and plant carries the Kiss, the ‘I Love You’ of its Creator to (Luisa) the one who is looking at it and takes it.  This is why Our Supreme Love expects that, in everything, the creature recognizes Us (Triune God) and sends to Us her ‘I Love You’—but We (Triune God) wait in vain.


Following Jesus and Mary with Luisa in the Round

V34–5/31/36  My poor intelligence followed the Life of my sweet Jesus in the Divine Will, in which I (Luisa) found Him in the Act of continuing His Life when He was on earth.  And O! how many Marvels, how many Surprises of Love never thought of.  In fact, the Divine Fiat encloses all the Acts of the Life of Jesus as in the Act of always Repeating them for Love of creatures, in order to Give to each one His Entire Life, His Holy Sufferings, His Ardent Love.

So my sweet Jesus, all Goodness, told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa) of My Volition, My Love wants to pour Itself out.  It feels the need of Making Known to (Luisa) the one who wants to Live of My Divine Will what I (Jesus) did and do so that It could return to Reign and Dominate in the midst of creatures.  You must know that My whole Life was nothing other than the continuous Recall of My Divine Will into their midst, and the Recall of creatures into My Supreme Fiat, so much so that as I (Jesus) was Conceived, so it symbolized the Recall, the Return of Making It Conceived in the creatures who, with so much wickedness, had placed It outside of their souls, and It Recalled them to be Conceived in It (the Divine Will).

“As I (Jesus) was Born, so I Recalled My Volition to be Born Again in all human works.  In all My infantile tears, crying, prayers, and sighs, I Recalled with My tears and sighs My Divine Will in the tears, sufferings, and sighs of creatures, such that I (Jesus) did nothing in which they would not feel the Strength, the Empire of My Divine Will so that It would Reign in them, that, moved to pity by My and their tears, It would give them the Grace of the Return of Its Kingdom.  Even My Exile symbolized how creatures were exiled from My Volition, and I wanted to be exiled in order to Recall My Divine Will into the midst of the poor exiled ones, so that It would Recall them and would convert the exile into Fatherland where they would no longer be tyrannized by enemies, by foreign people, by vile passions, but have the Fullness of the Goods of My Divine Will.

“And My return to Nazareth, how well it symbolized My Divine Will.  I (Jesus) Lived in It hidden; Its Reigning was in Full Vigor in the Holy Family.  I (Jesus) was the Word, the Divine Will in Person, Veiled by My Holy Humanity.  That same Divine Will that Reigned in Me Diffused Itself to everyone, It embraced them, It was the Motion and Life of each one, I (Jesus) felt in Me the motion and the life of each one, of which My Fiat was the Actor.  What suffering, what Sorrow, in not being recognized, nor receiving one thank You, one ‘I Love You,’ one act of Gratitude, neither from the entire world, nor from Nazareth itself, because not only My Divine Will, but also My Holy Humanity Lived in their midst, that did not cease to Give Light to the one who could see Me and come near Me in order to make Myself Known.  But yet, in My Sorrow I (Jesus) always remained the hidden God.

“Such is the lot of My Divine Volition.  Man (Adam) was Created with the Creative Strength of the Fiat; he was born, was kneaded, soaked in It.  It administers to him (Adam) the continuous Motion, the Heat, the Life; he will end his life in the Fiat, and yet, who knows It?  Who has recognized this Divine Act so continuous, without ever tiring, that with so much Love envelopes the life of the creature in order to give her Life?  Almost no one, My daughter (Luisa).  To do Good, to be the Primary Cause of Conservation, and to give Perennial Life to the creature, to maintain the Order of all created things around her and only for her, and to not be recognized, is the Sorrow of sorrows.  And the Patience of My Divine Will gives of the incredible.  But do you know why this Patience is so Invincible and Constant?  Because it Knows that Its Kingdom will come, Its Palpitating Life will be Recognized in the midst of creatures, and in View of the Great Glory that It will Receive in being Known that It is the Life of every life—and while It is Life, It will Receive every life in order to Reign in them—It will no longer be hidden, but Unveiled and Recognized.  In view of this, It supports so much ingratitude, and that only a Divine Patience could support the prolixity of so many centuries of so much human ingratitude.

“From Nazareth, I (Jesus) passed on to the desert where there was maximum solitude, and the greater part ferocious animals that deafened the desert with their roars, that surrounded Me—symbol of My Divine Will that, since It is not Known, Forms the desert around the creature, and a solitude that is horrifying and frightful.  The Good is laid waste, and the soul feels herself surrounded by more then fierce animals, that is, her brutal passions that send roars of rage, of bestial furies, of cruelty, of every sort of evil.  My Holy Humanity went step-by-step retracing all the Sorrows that My Divine Will had suffered in order to Repair It and Recall It to Reign Again in the midst of creatures.  I can say that My every Heartbeat, Breath,
Word, Step, and suffering, was the continuous Recall of My Divine Will to Make Itself Known to the creatures in order to let It Reign.  And It called them into It in order to let them Know the Great Good, the Sanctity, the Happiness of Living in the Fiat.

“From the desert, I (Jesus) passed to the Public Life, in which few were those who believed that I was the Messiah—of the scholarly types, almost no one.  And I wanted to use My Power to sow Miracles in order to form for Myself the people, so that if they would not believe My Words, they would believe the Power of My Miracles.  They were My Divine and Loving Industries that, at whatever cost, I (Jesus) wanted to Make Myself Known, that I was their Savior, because if they did not know Me, they would not be able to receive the Good of the Redemption.  Therefore it was Necessary to Make Myself known in order that My Coming on earth would not be useless for them.

“O! how My Public Life symbolizes the Triumph of the Kingdom of My Fiat in the midst of creatures that, with surprising Truths, I (Jesus) will Make Known.  And in order to have the intent, I will make Miracles and Prodigies.  With the Power of My Volition I will Recall to Life those dead to Grace.  I (Jesus) will Repeat the Miracle of the Resurrection of Lazarus, that, even though they have putrefied in evil, rendering stinking cadavers like Lazarus, My Fiat will Recall them to Life, It will Stop the stench of sin, It will Make them Rise Again in Good.  In sum, I (Jesus) will use All My Divine Industries in order to let My Volition Dominate in the midst of the people.  See, therefore, in My every Word that I (Jesus) said and in every Miracle that I (Jesus) did, I Called My Divine Will to Reign in their midst, and I Called the people to Live in It (My Most Holy Divine Will).

“From the Public Life I (Jesus) passed to the Passion, symbol of the Passion of My Divine Will that, for so many centuries, had Suffered so many rebellious wills of the creature, that by not wanting to submit themselves to It (the Divine Will), they had closed Heaven, broken the communications with their Creator, and they were rendered unhappy slaves of the infernal enemy.  My lacerated Humanity sought death.  Crucified, It represented before the Divine Justice the unhappy humanity without My Volition.  And in every suffering I (Jesus) Called My Fiat to give the Kiss of Peace with creatures in order to render them Happy.  And I (Jesus) Called them into It in order to make the Sorrowful Passion of My Divine Will cease.

“Finally, Death, that matured My Resurrection, that called everyone to Rise Again in My Divine Fiat.  And O! how My Resurrection Vividly Symbolized the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  My Holy Humanity wounded, deformed, unrecognizable, Rose Again Healthy, with an Enchanting Beauty, Glorious and Triumphant.  It prepared the Triumph, the Glory to My Divine Will, Calling everyone into It, and Impetrating that everyone would Rise Again in My Volition, from the dead to the Living, from ugly to Beautiful, from unhappy to Happy.  My Arisen Humanity assures the Kingdom of My Divine Will on earth.  It was My Unique Act Full of Triumph and Victory, and this was Befitting to Me because I (Jesus) did not want to depart for Heaven if first I had not given all the helps to the creatures, in order to let them Reenter into the Kingdom of My Volition, and all the Glory, the Honor, the Triumph, to My Supreme Fiat, in order to let It Dominate and Reign.  Therefore Unite yourself with Me and let it be that there is no act that you (Luisa) do, and suffering that you (Luisa) suffer, that you (Luisa) do not call My Divine Will to take Its Royal and Dominating place, and as Victor, Conquer everything in order to Make It Known, Loved and Wanted by everyone.”

V34–1/137  I was thinking about the Incarnation of the Word and the Excesses of Love of the Divinity, that seemed seas that, enveloping all creatures, wanted to make Felt how much they Loved them in order to be Loved in Return.  And Investing them inside and outside, they continuously murmur without ever stopping:  “Love, Love, Love, Love we give and Love we want.”

And Our Celestial Mother (Mary), feeling Herself wounded by the continuous cry of the Eternal One, who Gave Love and Wanted Love, was seen all attentive in order to Reciprocate Her dear Son, the Incarnate Word, by Her Forming a Surprise of Love.  Now, at that moment, the Celestial Infant went forth form the Maternal Womb, and I (Luisa), O! how I yearned for Him.

And throwing Himself into my arms, all in Feast He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do you know?  My Mama (Mary) prepared the Feast for Me at My Birth.  But do you know how?  She was aware of the Seas of Love that descended from Heaven in the descent of the Eternal Word.  She heard the continuous cry of God who wanted to be Loved in Return, Our Anxieties and Ardent Sighs.  She heard My Moans in Her Womb.  She often heard Me cry and sob, and My every moan was a Sea of Love that was sent to every heart in order to be Loved.  And not seeing Me Loved, She (Mary) cried, even to sobbing.  But every tear and sob Redoubled My Seas of Love in order to Conquer creatures by way of Love.  But then these Seas converted for Me into sufferings, and I (Jesus) made use of the sufferings in order to convert them into other Seas of Love for however many sufferings they gave Me.

“Now, My Mama (Mary) wanted to make me smile at My Birth, and to prepare the Feast for Her Baby Son.  She knew that I cannot smile if I AM not Loved, nor take part in any Feast if Love does not flow there.  Therefore, Loving Me as True Mother, and Possessing Seas of Love in Virtue of My Fiat, and being Queen of all Creation, She (Mary) envelopes the sky with Her Love and She seals every star with ‘I Love You, O Son, for Me and for all.’  She envelopes the sun in Her Sea of Love and Imprints on every drop of light Her ‘I Love You, O Son,’ and She calls the sun to invest Her Creator with its light, and warming Him He would feel in every drop of light the ‘I Love You’ of His Mama.  She invests the wind with Her Love and in every breeze She seals the ‘I Love You, O Son,’ and then She calls it so that with its puffs She caresses Him, and He would hear in every puff of wind:  ‘I Love You, I Love, O, My Son.’

“She envelopes all the air in Her Seas of Love, so that Breathing, the Breath of Love of My Mother would be felt.  She covered all the evils with Her Seas of Love, every darting of the fish, and the sea murmured ‘I Love you O My Son,’ and the fishes darted, ‘I Love You, I Love You.’  There was nothing She did not invest with Her Love.  And with Her Empire of Queen She Commanded that everyone would Receive Her Love, in order to Re-give to Her Jesus the Love of His Mama. Therefore every bird, some trilled love, some chirped, some warbled love.  Even every atom of earth was invested by Her Love.  The breath of the beasts came to Me with the ‘I Love You’ of My Mother.  The hay was invested by Her Love.  Therefore there was nothing that I (Jesus) could see or touch, that I (Jesus) did not feel the Sweetness of Her Love.

“With this She (Mary) prepared for Me the Most Beautiful Feast at My Birth, Feast all of Love.  It was the Reciprocation of My Great Love that made Me find My Sweet Mother, and it was Her Love that quieted My crying.  It warmed Me while I was frozen by the cold in the manger, more so because I (Jesus) found in Her Love the Love of all creatures, and for each one She Kissed Me, She Clasped Me to Her Heart, and She Loved Me with the Love of Mother for all Her children.  And I (Jesus), feeling in each one Her Maternal Love, felt Myself Love them as Her children and as My dear brothers.

“My daughter (Luisa), what can Love, animated by an Omnipotent Fiat, not do?  It acts as magnet and draws Us in an Irresistible Way, It Removes every dissimilarity, with Its Heat It Transforms and Confirms she (Luisa) whom He Loves.  Then It Embellishes in an Incredible Way, that the Heavens and earth Feel themselves Enraptured to Loving her (Luisa).  Not to Love a creature who Loves Us is Impossible for Us.  All Our Divine Power and Strength are rendered impotent and weak before the Conquering Strength of (Luisa) the one who Loves Us.

“Therefore, you also Give Me the Feast that My Mother gave Me in being Born.  Envelop the Heavens and earth with your ‘I love You, O Jesus.’  Do not let anything escape in which your love does not run.  Make Me smile, because I (Jesus) was not Born one single time, but I AM always Reborn, and many times My Births are without smile and without Feast, and only My tears, sobs, whimpers, and a cold that makes Me tremble and numbs all My members, remains for Me.  Therefore clasp Me to your heart in order to warm Me with your Love, and with the Light of My Divine Will you will Form the clothes in order to dress Me, in this way you also will make the Feast for Me, and I (Jesus) will Make It for you (Luisa) by Giving you New Love and New Knowledge about My Divine Will.”


Jesus makes up for everything

V12 – 2/22/21  ‘Jesus, my Love, I not able to do as You do, nor as You Teach Me; and I am almost afraid of Your reproaches if I don’t do well whatever You want from me.’ And He, all goodness: “I too know that you cannot do perfectly what I Tell you, but wherever you cannot reach, I (Jesus) will make up for you. However, it is Necessary that I Attract you, and that you Understand what you must do, so that, even if you cannot do everything, you may do what you can. And as I speak to you (Luisa), your human will remains chained with Mine; you would like to do what I Tell you, and I consider this as if you did everything.”


V34–6/6/37  I (Luisa) felt myself in the Arms of the Divine Volition, and I thought to myself:  “It seems difficult to me that one can Live perfectly in It.  Life is full of obstacles, of sufferings, and of such circumstances, that one remains as absorbed, and it escapes:  his rapid course that as breath and heartbeat must run in that Divine Fiat, like Its Breath and Heartbeat in ours that always runs in order to give us Life without ever stopping.”

And my sweet Jesus, commiserating my ignorance, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), you must know that the First Thing of Most Interest, is that Our Supreme Being wants that the creature Live in Our Divine Will, this having been the Unique Purpose for which We (Triune God) have Given her life.  Now, when We want, We give all the means, the helps, the necessary things, that are needed in order to have that she would be able to Give Us what We want from her, and if a continuous Miracle on Our part is Necessary, We do it, provided that We obtain Our Intent.  You do not know what an Act wanted by Us and completed in the creature means?  So much is Its Value, the Glory that she (Luisa) gives Us, that she arrives at making herself Our Crown; she (Luisa) embraces the Eternal One.  And so much is the Contentment that she Gives Us, that We place Our Divine Being at the disposition of the creature, in order to have that Our Wanted and Complete Act would have Its Life in her.            …You must know that so much is My Interest, the Love that burns Me, because I (Jesus) want that the soul (Luisa) Lives in My Divine Will, that I take the commitment of everything, I supply for her in everything.  However I do this when there has been a firm and constant decision of wanting to Live in It, and she does not lack on her part, she does however much she can.  Listen to a Secret of Mine, My daughter (Luisa), and where My Love makes Me reach.  Listen to what I (Jesus) do when, for strict necessity of the human life—this life that is also Mine—because of sufferings that I Myself dispose, so the creature remains as stupefied and lost, therefore she does not know how to follow the Acts of the Life that Reigns in her.  I (Jesus), because I want that this Life does not remain interrupted, because It being Life—not virtue that can do acts at intervals and circumstances, but Life—there is all the Necessity of the Continuous Act—I AM WHO AM on Watch and Jealous, I maintain the sentinel over her.  As I see that she interrupts her course, I do what she should do, such that My Operating in My Fiat shakes her and she returns into herself, and she follows her course in My Volition.  And I (Jesus), without even saying anything to her about her stop, I (Triune God) Retie from where she left off and where My Act followed, in a way that the Life of My Fiat remains Never Interrupted in her, because I have supplied for everything.  More so because in her will she wanted to, but weakness interrupted her.

“This is why My Love is so much that I (Jesus) want that she (Luisa) Lives in My Divine Will, that at whatever cost, even if Continuous Miracles would be Needed, I (God) will do them.  But have you noticed My Tenderness, My Strong Love?  That having failed to keep her course I do not reproach her, I do not say anything to her, and if I see that she notices that she has failed, I (Jesus) make her Courageous, I Commiserate her in order to not place mistrust in her, and all Goodness I say to her:  ‘Do not fear, I have supplied for you, and you will be more attentive, is it not true?’  And she, at seeing My Goodness, Loves Me even more.  I (Jesus) Know that I must Give of Mine in order to have that the creature (Luisa) Lives in My Divine Will, and therefore I will act like a king who greatly loves that his kingdom be populated.  He makes it known by the whole world that whoever wants to can come into his kingdom.  He wants it known in order to send them money for the trip, that he will let them find a residence at their disposition, abundant clothes and foods.  The king ventures to give them such riches as to render them rich and happy.  So much will be the goodness of this king, that he will live together with the people, whom he loves so much that with his riches he has ransomed them from the miseries and unhappiness of life.

“Such I AM.  I (Jesus) will make Known to the entire world that I Want the people of My Divine Volition, and Provided they give Me their name and will let Me Know that they Want to come into My Kingdom, I will Give them all the Goods.  Unhappiness will have no place in him, each one will Possess Its Kingdom, he will be King of himself, and they will Live Together with their Creator.  I will display So Much in Giving, that everyone will remain Enraptured by it.  My daughter (Luisa), O! how I Long for this Living of the creature in My Divine Will, and you (Luisa) pray and long for it together with Me, and it will be sweet for you to place your life for a Kingdom so Holy.”

Luisa asks Jesus:  What is Greater to follow the Rouund of Creation or Redemption?

V35–11/12/37  So, I was following Its Acts of Creation, to make them mine and to be able to say: “What belongs to Jesus is mine too.”

And my always adorable Jesus, coming back, continued: “(Luisa) Daughter of My Will, as the creature goes back into Our Works, Longing for them, Loving them and Making them her own, Our Love makes Us run toward her, to welcome her to Us, and Renew Our Works, for her alone—as if We were in the Act of Repeating them.  We centralize all Our Love in her (Luisa), as well as Our Power, Our Joys and the Stratagems and Follies of Love, that We felt in Creating and Delivering the whole of Creation.

“So, in Our Emphasis of Love, We (Triune God) look at her (Luisa) and We find the Heaven and the Love We felt in laying its blue vault.  Then We look at her again, and We find the variety of stars, while she gives to each one of them her voice to make them say: ‘I Love You, I Love You, I Love You….’  These voices of  ‘I Love you’ form the Most Beautiful Celestial Music, and its Harmony and Sweet Sound are such that We feel Inebriated.  And in Our Inebriation We tell her:  ‘Daughter (Luisa), how Beautiful you are!  You bring Us Infinite Joys.  Not even when everything was Created did We Receive such Melodies and Joys, because a creature was missing, who, United to Our Divine Will, would make Our Works say to Us:  “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You….”

“At the sight of such a show of Love, We Renew the Creation of the sun, the wind, the sea and the air, centralizing in her (Luisa) all Our Love and Divine Harmony that We felt in Creating all these elements.  O, what a Joy for Us, and what Return of Love she Gives Us.  Looking at her (Luisa) We find a sun that burns for Love of Us; wind that blows and Moans for Love and, forming arcane voices of Love, tries to surround Us with its Love, to tell Us: ‘You Loved me, and I Love You.  Love You gave to me, Love I give to You….’ And it forms impetuous waves with its sea, to the extent of Giving Us air of Love for each breath of creature.  We feel as though being wounded continuously and fainting for her (Luisa’s) Love.

“(Luisa) the soul who Lives in Our Divine Will is all for Us.  She (Luisa) keeps Us constantly busy—she always Loves Us, but with Our Own Love.  Each time she does her acts in Our Fiat, We Renew the Works of Creation, and, to amuse Ourselves, Love her and make her Love Us, We use every Act she does as material to Renew Our various Created Works.  And yet, Our Love is not Satisfied.  It wants to Add More, so It Creates New Prodigies of Grace, and even Our very Life within the beloved creature (Luisa). We like very much to Operate one-on-one, as if We (Triune God) were doing everything for her alone. This makes More Love, Esteem and Appreciation arise toward Us, Who Love her (Luisa) so much. Therefore, depending on how she Unites to Us, We Renew those Works; if she Unites in the Works of Creation, We Renew Our Works of Creation; if she Unites to Our Works of Redemption, We Renew the Works of Redemption.  So I (Jesus) repeat the Act of My Birth and, looking at her (Luisa), I find My Birth in her (Luisa), as well as the Love for which I was born, while she Loves Me with that same Love with which I came upon earth.  Do you think it’s a trivial thing that I (God) find My Own Love, which made me be Born, cry, suffer, walk and work?  Together with her (Luisa), one-on-one, I (Jesus) repeat My Life down here, and My Divine Will makes her (Luisa) Love Me with the same Love with which I (God) Loved her when I was on earth Living My Redemptive Life.  Therefore, Living in My Divine Will is everything for the creature (Luisa)—everything for Us (Triune God).”

Then I (Luisa) was following the Acts of the Divine Volition in Its Works, and I was thinking to myself:  “What would be a Greater Glory for God, to follow the Acts of Creation or those of Redemption?”

And Jesus, coming back, added:  “My daughter (Luisa), both of them are Greatly Pleasing to Me.  But there is a difference.  In the Works of Creation the creature finds Our Majesty in Feast while Creating many things with the Primary Purpose of Serving Our Divine Will Reigning within her.  All created things had to serve as a deposit for her Return of Love, Adoration and Glory toward Us.  All created things speak of Our Love toward the creatures, and the creature, through them, was supposed to Love her Creator.  You must know that each one of your ‘I Love You’s,’ that you hide in the sun, in Heaven and in the other created things, is a Jewel for Us.  We Love them, We Kiss them, We Hug them and Delight in them—We feel Glorified and Repaid for all that We have done.  Do you think We remain indifferent to your many ‘I love You’s’ with which you invested the Creation?  Not at all!  We look at them, one by one, as Our Jewels.  They give Us the Glory we had during Creation. Therefore, let Our Feast continue; and if these ‘I love You’s’ cannot be seen other than by Ourselves, it is because Our Divine Will, Immense also in the Creation, eclipses with Its Light your ‘I love You’s,’ keeping them Jealously Hidden inside Its Womb.

“It happens as to the sun whose light and heat are greater and more intense than all the precious effects contained within it.  They cannot be seen, but it is certain that the sun possesses these effects.  In fact, if its light touches the flower, it gives color to it, painting like an artist the variety of beauties of the colors, so as to form the sweetest enchantment for the human generations.  If it touches the plants and the fruits, it gives the variety of sweetnesses and tastes.  This shows how the sun is not only light and heat, but it hides other goods inside its womb of light.  Such is the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will.  As she Loves and Adores, she Forms the Beauty of her Rainbow of Love in her Works; the Variety of Joys and Sweetnesses of her Good Acts, which she Jealously hides within her womb.  My Divine Will is the Hiding Place for Love and for all that the creature does in It, Forming the Most Beautiful Ornament to Our Divine Works, and the Sweet Enchantment of Our Eyes.  And We are so Pleased that We show this to the whole Celestial Court, to let them Delight together with Us.

“Therefore, the creature (Luisa) cannot give UsGreater Glory than Following Our Acts of Creation, because in Doing so she Unites herself to Our same Purpose.  She Braids herself to Our Love and We feel her Kissing Our Love, while We Kiss her own, making One Single Love out of it.  What Joy, what Happiness, having the creature (Luisa) together with Us (Triune God), Loving Us and Doing all that We want to do!

“Now, in Redemption the Purpose is different:  it’s the guilty man that We go searching for.  In the Creation, all was a Feast—Our Works were smiling at Us, with Joy, Love and Glory.  Instead, in the Redemption—sufferings, bitterness, tears, remedies, medicines to Restore man….  But the creature (Luisa), by entering Our Divine Will, can invest all My Pains, bitterness and tears with her tender and compassionate ‘I love You’s,’ hiding within them her Jewel  ‘I love You’s.’  So, in Kissing these Jewels, not only will I (Jesus) feel comforted, sustained and accompanied by the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will, but in the Jewels of her ‘I love You’s’ I (Jesus) will also find (Luisa) the one who dries My tears, (Luisa) the one who shares My Pains—(Luisa) the one who defends Me.  Therefore, I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) always in My Divine Will; so, whether in Feast or in Sufferings, I will always keep you (Luisa) with Me.”


Prayers of Luisa to begin the Round of Creation

V16–8/1/23  Oh Jesus, come, give me Your Hand, let me enter into Your Holy Divine Will, that I may Fill the whole atmosphere, the blue Heaven, the Light of the Sun, the air, the sea, everything – everything, with my “I Love You,” with my Kisses; so that, everywhere You may be, if You look, You may look at my “I Love You” and at my Kisses; if you hear, You may hear my “I Love You” and the smacking of my Kisses; if You Speak and Breathe, You may Breathe my “I Love You” and my anguishing Kisses. If You Work, may my “I Love You’s” flow in Your Hands; if you Walk and Tread the ground, may my “I Love You” and the roaring of my Kisses be under Your steps… May my “I Love You” be the chain that draws You to me, and may my Kisses be the Powerful Magnet that, whether You Want it or not, Force You to visit (Luisa) the one who cannot Live without You.”


V12–1/9/20  ‘Eternal Majesty, I come to Your Feet in the name of the whole human family, from the first to the last man of the future generations, to Adore You Profoundly. At Your Most Holy Feet I want to Seal the Adorations of all; I come to Recognize You in the Name of all as Creator and Absolute Ruler of all. I come to Love You for all and for each one; I come to Return Love to You for all, because of each created thing, in which You placed so much Love that the creature will never find enough Love to Repay You in Love. But in Your Divine Will I find this Love, and Wanting that my Love, as well as the other Acts, be Complete, Full and for all, I have come into Your Divine Will where everything is Immense and Eternal, and where I can find Love to be able to Love You for all.


V20–9/20/26  (Luisa): “My Jesus, my Love, the day is now beginning, and in Your Divine Will I want to make my Round through all creatures, so that, in Rising from their sleep, they may all Rise in Your Divine Will, to give You (Jesus) the Adoration of all intelligences, the Love of all hearts, the Rising of all their Works and of all their beings into the Light that this day will make shine over all generations.”


V20–11/1/26  (Jesus): “So, in making your Round in the Creation, when you (Luisa) arrive at the heavens, you too, United with Our Divine Will, Love and Glorify Our Eternity, Our Unshakeable Being that never changes, and Pray that It may Render creatures Firm in Good, that they may be the Reflection of the Heavens, and may enjoy the Happiness brought by a Good that is Continuous and Never Interrupted.


V19–9/13/26  ‘Supreme Majesty, Your little daughter (Luisa) comes before You, on Your Paternal Knees, to ask You for Your Fiat, Your Kingdom, that It be Known by all.  I ask You for the Triumph of Your Divine Will, that It may Dominate and Reign over all.  I am not the only one who asks this of You, but with me are Your Works and Your very Divine Will.  Therefore, in the Name of All, I ask – I plead for Your Fiat.’ 


V23–12/1/27  I continued my Acts in the Divine Fiat, and feeling that I was not doing them well, I prayed my Celestial Mama (Mary) to come to my help, that I might be able to Follow that Supreme Volition that She (Mary) had Loved So Much, and from which She Recognized having received all Her Glory and the Height at which She finds Herself.


V35–9/12/37  And I was wandering around in the blue vault, thinking to myself:  “This Heaven serves as a Vault for the residents of the earth, and as a Pavement for the Celestial Residents.  So, since it serves everyone, all have the Duty to Adore the One (Triune God) who, with so much Love, Created this Celestial Vault to Give to us.’  So I called all the Angels, the Saints and all the residents of the earth with me, so that all would Return Love, Adoration, Glory and Thanksgiving to our Creator, for He Loved us So Much that He Gave us this Heaven.  In the Divine Will I could call and embrace everyone—as if all were one, and all Loved with me.


V35–12/6/37  Then, I was following the Acts of the Divine Will and, as I arrived at the blue vault dotted with stars, I called with me the Residents of Heaven and the residents of earth, so that, together, we could Repay, with our little Love, the Love of God, Who with so much Love had Created the expanse of the Heaven to Cover us and Hide us inside His Love.  All of us, with no exception, have the Duty to Love the One (God) Who Loved us So Much.


V23–1/22/28  I (Luisa) was making my Round in the Divine Fiat, and I wanted to overwhelm everything—Heaven and earth—so that all might have one single Will, one single voice, one single heartbeat.  I wanted to Animate everyone with my voice, so that all might say together with me:  “We want the Kingdom of Your Divine Will.”

And in order to obtain this, I wanted to be sea, to make the waters speak; sun, to give my voice to the light; Heavens, to Animate the stars and make everyone say:  “Your Kingdom come—Your Fiat be Known.”  I wanted to penetrate into the Celestial Regions to make all Angels and Saints, and the very Celestial Mama, say:  “Adorable Trinity, Hurry, Delay no More; we Pray You, we Press You, that Your Divine Known, and Reign on it as It does in Heaven.” 


V26–6/14/29  “Adorable Majesty, I come before You to bring You my little interest of my ‘I Love You,’ ‘I Adore You,’ ‘I Glorify You,’ ‘I Thank You,’ ‘I Bless You,’ to give You my little interest because You have given me a heaven, a sun, an air, a sea, a flowery earth, and everything that You have created for me.  You once told me that each day you want to do the accounts with me and receive this small interest of mine, so that we may always be in agreement; and keep the whole Creation, Given to me by You as little daughter of Your Divine Will, safe inside the little bank of my soul.”


V33–10/4/35  I was making my Round in the Divine Will in order to search out all Its Acts done in Creation so as to place my little “I Love You” and to Unite myself with all created things in order to Glorify my Creator and be able to say:  “I am at my place of Honor, I do my Office, I am a continuous Act of Divine Will.  I can say that I am nothing, I do nothing, but I do everything, because I do the Divine Will.”


V35–10/3/37  I was making my Round in the Creation in order to Trace all the Acts of the Divine Volition, to Make them mine, Hug them, Adore them, and place my little “I Love You,” in recognition of how much the Divine Will Loved me, and did for me and for all.


The Round of Creation with Luisa

V17–5/10/25  I wander my Round all created things, and I impress in them one ‘I Love You’ for the Supreme Majesty, as though Wanting to Fill the whole atmosphere (every sphere) celestial sphere with many ‘I Love You’s.’


V16–8/1/23  “I Love You” and Glory in the air, in everything:”I Love You” in the light of the sun, in every drop of light, in each ray of light, in every flame, in the fecundity of the sun.


V17–5/17/25  In every atom of the light of the sun that comes down, my “I Love You” and “Glory.”


V28–11/30/30  “I want to enter into the sun in order to find the Divine Will operating in its light, so as to give to It all the Beauty, the Purity, the Holiness, the Power, that a human will operating in its Light can contain.


V20–10/17/26  “I come into the sun to keep company with Your Divine Will Reigning and Dominating in it, with all the Splendor of Its Majesty.  But while I keep You company in the sun, I pray You that Your Eternal Fiat be Known, and just as It Reigns Triumphantly in the sun, It may come to Reign Triumphantly in the midst of creatures.


V23–12/20/27  “Your Divine Will envelops everything, and—oh! how I wish that, just as the sun rises and invests all the earth with light, so may the Sun of Your Divine Will Rise in the intellects, in the words, in the hearts, works and steps of all creatures, so that each of them may Feel the Sun of Your Fiat Rise within themselves; and letting themselves be Invested by Its Light, may all let It (The Divine Will) Dominate and Reign in their souls.”


V17–5/17/25  Making my Round the stars, and in each flickering, in each glittering, in each twinkling of light I impress my “I Love You” and “Glory to my Creator.”


V28–11/30/30  I want to enter into the azure Heavens in order to Embrace It and give It my will Operating in the Vastness of the Heavens, in the Multiplicity of the stars, to Give It the Glory, the Love of a Heaven, and many Profound Acts of Adoration for as many as are the stars.”  And so I followed all created things.

V17–5/17/25  In the whole expanse of the heavens in the blue heaven, between the distance from one step to another, in their Immensity my “I Love You” and “Glory.”


V17–5/10/25  I go down into the sea, in its murmurings, into the depths of the ocean, and I want to fill every darting of the fish, every drop of water, and its waves with my “I Love You” and “Glory.


V17–5/17/25  In the warbling, in the flight, in the singing of the bird, in the beating of its wings: “Love” and “Glory” to my Creator.


V16–12/29/23  I want to impress my “I Love You” on the wings of the wind, “I Love You” in the moving of the leaves, “I Love You” in every spark of fire – “I Love You” for myself and for all…’ “I Love You” In the blade of grass which sprouts from the earth, “I Love You” in the flower that blooms, “I Love You” in the fragrance that ascends: “Love” and “Glory.”


V21–5/24/27  I want to flow in the flowery fields, to Give You the Glory and the Adoration of their fragrances.  There is not one point in which I do not want to be present, so that everywhere You (Jesus) may feel Your little daughter, Adoring You, Loving You and Glorifying You.”


V16–8/1/23   “I Love You” in the plants, “I Love You” in the leaves, “I Love You” in the flowers, “I Love You” in the fruits


V20–10/19/26 – “I Love You” Even in the smallest insect, “I Love You” in the littlest flower, “I Love You” carries the mark of novelty.


V17–5/17/25 – “I Love You” On the peak of the mountains and “I Love You” in the depths of the valleys, “I Love You” in the darkest abysses: “Love” and “Glory.”


V24 – 4/29/28 – “Jesus, my Love, I Want to leave all of my being in Your Fiat, so that I may find myself in all created things, to Pearl them with my ‘I Love You.’  Even more, I Want to place my heart in the Center of the earth, and as I Palpitate, I Want to embrace all of its inhabitants; and following all of their heartbeats with my ‘I Love You,’ I Want to Give You the Love of each one of them.  And as my heartbeat is Repeated from within the Center of the earth, I Want to place my ‘I Love You’ in all the seeds that the earth encloses in its womb; and as the seeds sprout and plants, herbs and flowers are formed, I Want to place in them my ‘I Love You,’ that I may see them enclosed in my ‘I Love You’ for Jesus.”


V18–12/6/25  I would have Wanted to place my Loving and Grateful Kiss upon all created things, and my little ‘I Love You’ on all the Supreme Acts of the Divine Volition, so as to remain bound – I to them, and they to me, to be able to surround my Jesus in me, with all the Acts of the Eternal Divine Will.


V28–10/18/30“I Love You,(Lord Triune God) I Love You in everything that You have Done for Love of us.”


V21–5/22/27  I was Fusing myself together with my sweet Jesus in His Divine Will, to Multiply my thoughts with His, and to line myself up over each thought of creature, so that I too might Give to my Creator as many Acts of Homage, of Glory, of Love, for all the thoughts of each creature, so that I Might Glorify my Creator in an Act so Solemn, and Love Him, Adore Him and Thank Him for a Love so Excessive and overflowing toward man.


V21–4/22/27  I followed the Supreme Will in the Act in which the Divine Being was about to create man (Adam), so that I too, together with my First Fther Adam, might Love Him (Triune God) with the same Love with which he (Adam) Loved Him (God) in the First Instant of his creation.  I wanted to receive that same Divine Breath, that Outpouring of Love, in order to Give it back the “I Love You” to my Creator.


V25–3/3/29  I was continuing my Round in the Divine Fiat, and pausing in Eden, I was Adoring the Supreme Will in the Act of creating man (Adam), in order to Unite myself to that Union of wills that existed between Creator (Triune God) and creature when he (Adam) was created.


V26–4/28/29  I was making my Round in the Divine Fiat, to follow Its Acts in Creation; and as I reached Eden, my poor mind paused in the Act in which It created man (Adam), and Breathing over him (Adam), It infused Life in him (Adam); and I prayed Jesus to Breathe over my poor soul, to Infuse in me the First Divine Breath of Creation, so that, with Their Regenerative Breath, I might Begin my Life again, all in the Fiat, according to the Purpose for which They (Triune God) had created me.


V28–2/26/30  After this, I continued my Round in the Divine Fiat, and as I arrived at Eden, I paused in thinking of the Reciprocal Love between God and Adam Innocent, and how the Divinity, finding no hindrance on the part of man, poured Itself in Torrents upon him, enraptured him to Itself with Its Love, by sweet attractions, making him hear Its Voice, all tenderness, saying to him:  (Adam) “Son, I Love you, I Love you Very Much.”

And Adam, wounded and enraptured by the Eternal Love, Repeated his refrain:  “I Love You, I Love You.”  And flinging himself into the arms of his Creator, he (Adam) would cling to Him (God) so tightly as to be unable to detach himself, as to the only Love he Knew, and Living only to Love Him.


V33–12/10/33  So, making the Round in the Works of the Divine Fiat, I stopped in Eden in which was made present to me the Creation of man (Adam), and I thought to myself:  “What could be the First Word that Adam said when he was Created by God?”

And my Highest Good Jesus, visiting me with His brief little visit, all Goodness, as if He Himself wanted to tell it to me, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), I also feel the desire to tell you what was the First Word Pronounced by the lips of the First Creature Created by Us.  You must know that no sooner did Adam feel Life, Motion, Reason, than he saw his God before him and he understood that He had Formed him.  He felt in himself, in his whole being, still fresh, the Impressions, the Touch of His Creative Hands.  And Grateful, in an Impetus of Love he pronounced his First Word:  ‘I Love You my God, my Father, Author of this my life.’  But it was not only the Word, but the Breath, the Heartbeat, the Drops of his blood that Flowed in his veins, the Motion, his whole being United together said as in chorus:  ‘I Love You, I Love You,

I Love You.’ 


V27–1/30/30  I continued my Round in the Divine Volition, and as I arrived at Eden, I prayed Jesus that He would soon Restore the Purpose of the Creation of man, just as he came out of His Creative Hands.

V28–3/24/30  I was making my Round in the Divine Fiat to Follow all of Its Acts, and as I arrived at Eden, I Comprehended and Admired the Magnanimous Act of God, and His Exuberant and Overflowing Love in the creation of man (Adam).


V21–3/10/27  I unite myself with the First Perfect Acts that Adam did when he was created, in order to Start Together with him, and to Continue there where he stopped Loving Him (Triune God) and Adoring Him, when he (Adam) sinned, with that Perfection with which he (Adam) had started, in the Unity of the Supreme Fiat.


V21–4/8/27  I was following the Acts that the Divine Will had done in all Creation, and I was also searching for the Acts It had done in the First Father Adam, as well as all those It had done in all the Saints of the Old Testament, especially those in which the Supreme Volition had made Its Power, Its Strength, Its Vivifying Virtue, stand out.


V20–10/26/26  After this, I was beginning my Round in the Divine Will, and going into the Terrestrial Eden, in which Adam had done the First Act of withdrawal of his will from the Divine, I said to my sweet Jesus:  “My Love, I want to annihilate my human will in Yours, that it may never have life, so that Your Divine Will may have Life in everything and forever, in order to Repair for the First Act that Adam did, and Return to Your Supreme Volition all the Glory as if Adam had never withdrawn from It.  Oh! how I wish to give back to him (Adam) the Honor he lost because he did his own human will and rejected Yours.

“And I intend to do this Act for as many times as all creatures have done their own human will—the cause of all evils, and have rejected Yours—the Origin and Fount of all Goods.  Therefore I pray You that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may come soon, so that everyone, from Adam up to all the creatures who have done their own human will, may receive the Honor and the Glory that they lost, and Your Divine Will may receive Triumph, Glory and Its Fulfillment.”


V22–8/15/27  Then I continued my Round in the Supreme Volition, and since I had first offered the First Acts of Adam when he Possessed the Unity with the Supreme Will,


V23–10/23/27 – so that I too might unite myself to those perfect acts that he (Adam) did at the beginning of Creation, and then I moved on to unite myself with the heroism of Abraham…


V23–11/13/27 …while accompanying with my “I love You” all the Prodigies It had done in the Saints, Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Testament, as well as those after His (Jesus’) coming upon earth, to ask for His Divine Kingdom in the midst of creatures by Virtue of all these, Its Acts, I thought to myself:

“As for example, with Abraham, It released an Act of Heroism, and It had the man Heroic in the Sacrifice; with Moses an Act of Power, and he was the Prodigious man; with Samson an Act of Strength, and he was the Strong man; to the Prophets It Revealed what regarded the Future Redeemer, and they were men Prophets; and so with all the others who distinguished themselves as Prodigious and of uncommon Virtue.


V25–1/13/29  I was continuing my Round in the Acts of the Divine Fiat, and as I reached the point in which I would accompany the Prophets when the Divine Volition manifested Itself to them—the how and the when of the coming of the Future Redeemer—and the Prophets longed for Him with tears, prayers and penances, making everything they did my own, because all this was the Fruits of the Eternal Divine Fiat, I offered it in order to Impetrate Its Kingdom upon earth.


V30–6/26/32  I was doing my Round in the Divine Will, to trace everything It has done, so as to make Its Acts my own and be able to say:  “I was and I am with You, and I do what You do.  So, what is mine is Yours, and what the Saints have done by virtue of You is also mine, because You are the Fount that Spreads everywhere and Produces all Goods.”  And while I was going around, I reached that point of the history of the world when God asked of Noah the sacrifice of building the Ark; and I offered that Sacrifice as if it were my own, to ask for the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.


V17–5/10/25  “I come to Adore You, to Bless You, to Thank You for all. I come to Bind to Your Throne all human wills of all generations, from the first to the last man, so that all may recognize Your Supreme Will. May all Adore It, Love It, and Give It Life within their souls.”


V17–5/17/25  I wander through every heart of creature as though wanting to enclose myself and shout from within, to every heart, my “I Love You” and “Glory to my Creator.”


V17–5/10/25  I go through each thought of creature, and I impress my ‘I Love You’; through each gaze, and I leave my ‘I Love You’; through each heartbeat, “I Love You” in each word, movement, work and step, and I cover them with my ‘I Love You’, addressing them to my God.


V17–8/2/25  “I Love You” for each one and for all,  “I Love You” for each Motion, “I Love You” for each Act, “I Love You” for each Breath, “I Love You” for each Heartbeat, “I Love You” and for each “I Love You” of my Jesus Himself.


V27–11/30/29  I was beginning my Round in the Divine Will according to my usual way, and wanting to Reorder all created intelligences in Order with God, from the first to the last man that will come to earth, I was saying:  “I place my ‘I Love You’ upon each thought of creature, so that, in each thought, I may ask for the Dominion of the Divine Fiat over each intelligence.”


V27–12/3/29  I was making my Round in the Divine Fiat, to find all the Acts of creatures, past, present and future, so as to Ask, in the name of all, for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


V29 – 2/13/31 – Then, I was continuing my little Acts of Adorations, of Love, of Praises, of Blessings in the Divine Fiat for my Creator; and as I emitted my Acts, the Divine Volition extended them everywhere and in every place where the Divine Will was Present, which is such that there is not one point in which It is not Present.


V29 – 4/24/31 – I was continuing my Acts in the Divine Fiat—oh! how I would Love that nothing would escape me of what It (The Divine Will) has done, both in Creation and in Redemption, to be able to compete with my little incessant “I Love You, I Adore You, I Thank You, I Bless You, and I Pray You that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon earth.”