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Repeating the prayers taught by Jesus and Mary to the Servant of God Luisa Piccaretta in the Divine Will.

Vocal Prayer, Mental Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, The Round of Creation and The Round of Redemption Prayer



V2-5/24/27 – “Jesus, my Love, I want Your Hands in mine, in order to give to our Celestial Father that Love and that Glory which You, individually, gave Him with Your Works while being on earth.  Not only this, but I want to unite myself with You when You, Word of the Father, even from Eternity operated together with Him with His very Works, Loving with reciprocal Love and with perfect Equality; and I want to Glorify You with that same Glory with which You Glorified Yourselves among the Three Divine Persons.


V23–12/8/27 – After this, continuing my Round in all the things created by God, I paused when He created Mary the Sovereign Queen—all Beautiful, Pure and Spotless, the New and Greatest Portent of all Creation.


V26–7/27/29 – I was praying my Round in the Creation, to follow all the acts of the Divine Will, that It had done in It; and as I arrived at the point in which the Supreme Being created the Virgin, I paused to consider the great Portent from which Redemption had Its beginning.


V35–10/25/37 – I was praying my Round in the Acts of the Divine Will and, arriving at the Conception of the Blessed Virgin, I stopped to offer to God the Power and the Love that the Divine Persons had in Conceiving this Celestial Lady, in order to obtain the coming of Their Kingdom on earth.


V24–7/19/28 – I was praying my usual Round in the Divine Volition, and as I arrived at the point when the Celestial Queen was conceived, had the use of reason and made the heroic sacrifice of offering Her human will to Her God without ever wanting to know it, to live only of the Divine Will of God, I thought to myself:  “How I wish that my Celestial Mama would take my human will, unite it with Hers and give it as gift to the Supreme Majesty, so that I too would not know my human will, to Live only of the Divine Will of God.”


V26–7/30/29 – Then, I continued to do my acts in the Divine Fiat, and as I arrived at the point when It called to Life, to daylight, Mary the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, I thought to myself:  “In creating the Most Holy Virgin, God not only enriched Her Beautiful Soul with many Privileges, but Her nature also He must have Transformed in order to render it as Pure and Holy as it is.”


V27–10/12/29 – I was doing my usual Round in the Divine Fiat, and calling everything It had done in Creation and Redemption, I was offering them to the Divine Majesty to impetrate that the Divine Will be Known, so that It might Reign and Dominate in the midst of creatures.…

Then, I continued following the acts of the Divine Will, and as I arrived at the point when It called the Sovereign Queen out from nothing, I stopped to comprehend Her—all Beautiful, Majestic.  Her Rights of Queen extended everywhere; Heaven and earth bent their knees to recognize Her as Empress of everyone and of everything.  And I, from the bottom of my heart, Venerated and Loved the Sovereign Lady, and, as the little one I am, I wanted to make a jump onto Her Maternal knees, to say to Her:  “Holy Mama, all Beautiful are You, and You are so because You Lived of Divine Will.  O please! You who Possess It—pray It to descend upon earth and to come to Reign in the midst of Your children.”


V27–1/20/30 – I was praying my Round in the Divine Will, and I arrived at that point when the Queen of Heaven was created, and the Divinity laid down the Garments of Justice; and as though putting on the Garments of Feast, It renewed the solemn Act of the beginning of Creation, calling to Life Adam the Noble Creature who, by Living in the Divine Will, the only purpose for which God had created man, would not go out of the house of Her Father, because only our human will puts us outside of God, of His Dwelling, outside of His Goods, of His Sanctity, of His Light..


V20–11/2/26 – I continued my Round in everything that has been done in the Supreme Will, I arrived at everything that Mary my Celestial Mama had done in It, and I said to Her:  “Sovereign Queen, I come to hide my little love in the great Sea of Your Love, my adoration toward God in the Immense Ocean of Yours.  I hide my thanksgivings in the Sea of Yours; I hide my supplications, my sighs, my tears and pains in the Sea of Yours, so that my sea of love and Yours may be one, my adoration and Yours may be one, my thanksgivings may acquire the Vastness of Your own expanses; my supplications, tears and pains may become one single Sea with Yours, so that I too may have my seas of love, of adoration, etc.

“And just as Your Sovereign Height Impetrated with this the longed for Redeemer, so I too may present myself before the Divine Majesty with all these Seas, in order to ask, to beseech—to implore the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  My Queen Mama, I must use Your very Life, Your very Seas of Love and of Graces, to conquer It to make It concede Its Kingdom upon earth, just as you conquered It to let the Eternal Word descend.  Don’t you want to help Your little daughter by giving me Your Seas, so that I may obtain that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come soon upon earth?”


V32–3/26/33 – After this I followed the Divine Will in the Incarnation of the Word in order to make my love, my adoration and thanksgiving, run in this Act so Solemn and Full of Tenderness and excessive Love that Heaven and earth are shaken and remain mute, not finding words worthy to extol an excess of Love so Amazing.


V35–11/7/37 – After this, I was following the Acts of the Divine Will, that contained all the Works, Love, Prayers, Sufferings, Palpitating Life, Breaths, and all that the Queen of Heaven has
done, as if She was just doing them.  And I hugged Them, I kissed Them, I adored Them and offered Them in order to obtain the Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. 


V25–10/17/25 – After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and following Its acts, I was accompanying the Conception of Jesus in the Maternal Womb.


V27–10/24/29 – I was feeling all abandoned in the Divine Fiat, following and offering all of Its Acts, both of Creation and of Redemption, and as I reached the Conception of the Word, I said to myself:  “How I would like, in the Divine Will, to make the Conception of the Word my own, to be able to offer to the Supreme Being the Love, the Glory, the Satisfaction as if the Word were being conceived once again.”


V22–8/28/27 – Then, I continued to follow the Acts of the Supreme Volition, and as I arrived at the point at which the Sovereign Queen conceived in Her most Pure Womb, I said to myself:

“The Height of Mary my Celestial Mother provided Her blood, Her Love and the Divine Will Reigning in Her in order to form the Conception of the Word within Herself.  I too want to provide my love, my pains and the Divine Will Reigning in me while She conceives in Her Womb, so that I too may place of my own in the Conception of Jesus, so as to Adore the Eternal Fiat in such a Great Act, and also so that, since I have given of my own, He may be conceived in me.”

But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  “These are my usual strange things, but, after all, it is Love that I want to give to Jesus, it is His very Divine Will for the Honor of His Conception.”


V36–12/28/38 – After this, I continued my Round in the Divine Volition and I arrived at the point of the Birth of little Jesus, who was shivering for the cold, and wept and cried bitterly, with His Eyes all swallowed in tears.  He looked at me, asking for help


V35–12/25/37 – Then, I continued to think about the little Newborn Jesus—and O, how it broke my heart seeing Him crying, sobbing, wailing and shivering with cold!  I wanted to place one ‘I Love you’ of mine for each Pain and each Tear of the Divine Little One, to warm him and to calm His crying.


V27–9/28/29 – I was praying my Round in the Creation and Redemption, and my little intelligence paused when Jesus my charming little Baby, in the act of coming out of the Maternal Womb, flung Himself into the arms of the Celestial Mama, and feeling the need to make His first Outpouring of Love, He surrounded the neck of His Mama with His little Arms, and kissed Her.  The Divine Queen also felt the need to make Her first outpouring of Love toward the Divine Infant, and She returned to Him the Maternal Kiss, with such affection as to feel Her Heart come out of Her chest.  These were the first outpourings that Mother and Son made.  I thought to myself:  “Who knows how many Goods They enclosed in this outpouring!”


V22–9/14/27 – After this, I was following the Divine Will in everything It has done in Creation, to then follow the Acts of Redemption, and my adored Jesus made present to me what He had done in coming upon earth, and I followed Him, step by step.

And following His tender age in the Act in which He would cry and suckle milk in the arms of the Sovereign Queen, I said to Him:  “My pretty little one, I want to invest Your Tears with my ‘I Love You,’ to ask You, in each one of Your Tears, for the Kingdom of Your Divine Will; and in each drop of milk that Our Celestial Mama gives You, I want to let flow my ‘I Love You,’ so that, while She nourishes You with Her milk, I may nourish You with my love, to ask You, in each drop of milk You take, for the Kingdom of Your Divine Fiat.”

Then I said to my Mama:  “Say together with me:  ‘I want the Kingdom of Your Will in each drop of milk I give You, in each Tear and wailing of Yours, in each one of my kisses that I impress on Your beautiful and charming Face.’  When it is said by you, Jesus will give His Kingdom!”


V23–10/26/27 – I followed my Beloved Jesus in the Acts He did in Redemption.  I tried to follow Him Word by Word, Work by Work, Step by Step.  I wished nothing would escape me, so that I might press Him and ask Him, in the name of all His Acts, Tears, Prayers and Pains, for the Kingdom of His Divine Will in the midst of creatures.


V23–11/6/27 – I was following the Divine Volition, accompanying all the Acts that my sweet Jesus had done while being on earth.  He made them present to me, and I invested them with my “I Love You,” and asked Him, with His very Acts, for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; and I prayed Him to apply to my soul everything He had done in the Kingdom of Redemption, to give me the Grace to Live always in His Divine Volition.


V20–10/17/26 – Then I descend into everything that my Jesus did in Redemption—in His Tears, in His baby Moans, in His Works, Steps and Words, in His Pains, in His Wounds, in His Blood, and even in His Death, so that His Tears may pray that His Fiat come, His Moans and everything He did, all in chorus, may supplicate that His Fiat be known, and that His very Death may make the Life of His Divine Will rise again in the creatures.


V35–3/28/38 – Then, I continued to trace the Acts of the Divine Will and, arrived at those that Our Lord did in the Redemption; I kissed Them, I adored Them, I blessed Them—I thanked Them, one by one; and using the same Love with which Jesus Loved them, I too Loved Them.


V17-1/4/25 – Having completed my whole day, I was thinking to myself: ‘What else is left for me to do?’ And in my interior, I heard: “You have to Do the Most Important Thing – your last Act of Fusing yourself in the Divine Will.”

So, according to my usual way, I started to Fuse all my poor being in the Supreme Will; and as I was doing so, it seemed to me that the Heavens were Opening, and I went to meet the whole Celestial Court, and all of Heaven came toward me. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, Fusing yourself in My Divine Will is the Most Solemn Act, the Greatest One, the Most Important of All your life. To Fuse yourself in My Divine Will is to Enter the Sphere of Eternity, Embrace It, Kiss It, and Receive the Deposit of the Goods which the Eternal Will contains. Even more, as the soul Fuses herself in the Supreme Volition, All go to meet her, in order to Communicate to her All the Goods and the Glory they have. The Angels, the Saints, the very Divinity – they all Communicate, Knowing that they Communicate in that Same Will in Which Everything is Safe. Even more, in Receiving these Goods, the soul Multiplies them through her Acts in the Divine Will, and Gives back Double Glory and Honor to the whole of Heaven. Therefore, by Fusing yourself in My Divine Will, you put Heaven and earth in Motion. It is a New Feast for the whole Heaven.

And since to Fuse oneself in My Divine Will is to Love and to Give, for each one and for All, without excluding anyone – in My Goodness, so as not to be won over in love by the creature, I place in her – in My Divine Will – the Goods of All, and All the Possible Goods I contain within Me. Nor can there be a lack of space in which to place all the Goods, because My Divine Will is Immense, and is capable of Receiving Everything. If you Knew what you Do and what Happens when you Fuse yourself in My Divine Will, you would Eagerly Yearn to Do it continuously.


V17–5/10/25 – I start my Round again in that immense void, in order to find all the sorrow that Jesus felt for all sins. I make it my own, and I wander everywhere, in the most hidden and secret places, in public places, over all the acts of evil men, to feel sorrow for all the offenses. And for each sin, gathering within me all the sorrow for all sins, I feel like crying out in every motion of all creation: ‘Forgiveness, forgiveness!’ There is not one offense to God, even the slightest one, for which I do not feel sorrow and ask forgiveness. And so that all may hear my plea of forgiveness for all sins, I impress it in the rumbling of the thunder, so that sorrow for having offended my God may thunder in all hearts. ‘Forgiveness!’ in the striking of lightening. Sorrowful repentance in the whistling of the wind, crying out to all: ‘Repentance, and plea of forgiveness!’ And in the tinkling of the bells: ‘Sorrow and forgiveness!’ In sum, the same in everything. Then I bring the sorrow of all to my God, and I implore forgiveness for all, saying: ‘Great God, let Your Divine Will descend upon earth, so that sin may no longer take place!


V17–5/17/25 – I descend to the bottom of that empty space, in order to repay Jesus for the Work of Redemption. And as though finding all that He did in act, I want to give Him my return for all the acts that all creatures should have done in waiting for Him and receiving Him upon earth. Then, as though wanting to transform all of myself into love for Jesus, I go back to my refrain, and I say: ‘“I Love You” in the act of descending from Heaven to be incarnated, and I impress my “I Love You” in the act of being conceived in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mary.

“I Love You” in the first drop of Blood which was formed in Your Humanity.

“I Love You” in the first beat of Your Heart, to mark all Your Heartbeats with my

“I Love You.”

“I Love You” in Your first Breath;

“I Love You” in Your first Pains;

“I Love You” in the first Tears You shed in the Maternal Womb. I want to return Your Prayers, Your Reparations, Your Offerings, with my “I Love You.”

“I Love You” in Your Birth.

“I Love You” in the cold You suffered.

“I Love You” in each drop of the milk You suckled from Your Most Holy Mama.

I want to fill with my “I Love You’s” the clothes with which Your Mama swaddled You.

I lay my “I Love You” upon that ground on which Your Mama placed You in the manger, as Your most tender Limbs felt the hardness of the hay – but more than of hay, the hardness of hearts.

My “I Love You” in each of Your Wailings, in all the Tears and Sufferings of Your childhood.

I make my “I Love You” flow in all the relations and communications and Love You had with Your Immaculate Mama.

“I Love You” in Her dearest Kisses, in each word You said, in the food You took, in the Steps You took, in the water You drank.

“I Love You” in the work You did with Your Hands.

“I Love You” in all the Acts You did during Your hidden Life.

I seal my “I Love You” in each one of Your interior Acts and in the Pains You suffered.

I lay my “I Love You” upon the paths You covered, in the air You breathed, in all the sermons You made during Your public Life.

My “I Love You” flows in the Power of the miracles You made, in the Sacraments You instituted.

In everything, O my Jesus, even in the most intimate Fibers of Your Heart, I impress my

“I Love You,” for me and for all. Your Will makes everything present to me, and nothing do I want to leave, in which my “I Love You” is not impressed.

“…my little “I Love You” for everything You did for me and for all.

Therefore my “I Love You” follows You in all the Pains of Your Passion, in all the spit, scorn and insults they gave You. My “I Love You” seals every drop of the Blood You shed, every blow You received, every wound that formed in Your Body, each thorn that transfixed Your Head, the bitter pains of the Crucifixion, the Words You pronounced on the Cross.

Up to Your last breath, I intend to impress my “I Love You.”

I want to enclose all Your Life, all Your Acts, with my “I Love You.”

I want You to touch, see and feel my continuous “I Love You.”

My “I love You” will never leave You – Your very Divine Will is the Life of my “I Love You.”


V18–10/10/25 – (To Mary the Celestial Mama): place my ‘I Love You’ between Your mouth and that of Jesus while You Kiss, so that my little ‘I Love You’ may run within everything You do.  And She (Mary) said to me:  “My daughter (Luisa), please do, place Your little ‘I Love You,’ not only in the mouth, but in all the Acts that pass between Me and My Son.


V19–6/6/26 – “I Love You” (Jesus) on all Your childhood Acts.


V31 – 3/5/33 – And I wanted to place my ‘I Love You’ over each flower (You picked) so that it would change into voice and speaking flowers that would ask that His Volition would be Known and Loved.


V19–6/6/26 – I come to sustain Your little Arms, to dry Your Tears; to place an ‘I Love You’ upon that ground against which Your little Knees were leaning, so that it may not be so hard for You…


V19–6/6/26 – I kiss Your Tears and impress my “I Love You” on each Tear


V19–6/6/26 – I give You the lullaby of my “I Love You” to close Your sleep and open Your vigil…


V23–2/9/28 – Continuing to follow the Acts of Jesus done in His Divine Will when He was on earth, I was following Mother and Son when they fled to Egypt…“Jesus, my Love, I want to follow, step by step, the steps of my Celestial Mama; and as She walks, I want to animate the blades of grass, the atoms of the earth, and make You feel my ‘I Love You’ under Her soles.  I want to animate all the light of the sun, and, as it shines on Your face, I want it to bring You my ‘I Love You’; all the waves of the wind, its caresses—let all say to You:  ‘I Love You.’  I am the one who, in Your Fiat, brings You the warmth of the sun to warm You, the waves of the wind to caress You, its whistling to speak to You and say:  ‘Dear little One, let everyone know Your Divine Will; let It come out from within Your little Humanity, that It may take Its Dominion and form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.’”


V24–9/2/28 – After this, I continued my acts in the Redemption, and pausing when my charming Baby Jesus was in Egypt, and my Celestial Mama, while rocking Him in His poor cradle, was occupied with preparing the garment for the Little Baby, placing myself near the Queen Mama, I made my “I Love You” flow in the thread that was used for the little garment of Jesus, and I rocked the cradle to make my Celestial Baby sleep, making my lullabies of Love for Him, and asking Him for the Divine Fiat.


V29–7/2/31 – I was praying my Round in the Divine Will to follow Its acts, and I arrived at the point in which the Celestial Baby was in Egypt, and the Celestial Mama, rocking Him, tried to make Him fall asleep, and at the same time She was occupied, with Her Maternal hands, in making a little garment for the Divine Infant.  And I, uniting myself with His Mama, made my “I Love You” to Jesus flow between Her fingers and in the thread that was flowing, so as to form and weave the little garment together with my “I Love You,” and upon the foot of the Queen that was swinging the cradle, I put my own, so that I too might rock Jesus and do for Him what His Mama was doing. 


V35–1/10/37 – I was praying the Round in the Divine Fiat—and O, how I yearned that no Act might escape me, of all that It has done, both in the Creation and the Redemption.  I feel that I lack something if I don’t recognize all that It did, loving it, kissing it, squeezing it to my heart, as if it were mine.  The Divine Volition would remained displeased if one who Lives in It did not know all of Its Acts, and if It couldn’t find the little ‘I Love you’ from Its beloved one, in everything It did.  There is nothing It did not do for this creature.

So I arrived to follow the point when the Celestial Baby was in Egypt, in the act of taking His first steps.  I Kissed His steps, I placed my ‘I Love you’ in every step He took, and I asked Him for the first steps of His Divine Will for all human generations.  I tried to follow Him in everything.  If He prayed, if He cried—I asked that His Divine Will might animate all the prayers of the creatures, and that His Tears might regenerate the Life of Its Fiat in the human family.


V24–7/29/28 – I sought help from all, so that they would make Jesus come back to me.  But He would not come; and I would continue my Round in His adorable Divine Will, and following all the Acts He did when He was on this earth, I paused when Jesus was blessing the children, blessing His Celestial Mama, blessing the crowds, and other things, and I prayed Jesus to bless this little daughter of His, who so much needed it.


V29–5/31/31 – After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and my poor mind paused in the little house of Nazareth, where the Queen of Heaven, the Celestial King Jesus, and Saint Joseph, were in Possession of and Lived in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


V23–3/11/28 – I arrived at the home of Nazareth in which my lovable Jesus had conducted His Hidden Life, in order to follow His Acts, I was saying to Him:  “My Love, there is no Act You do in which my ‘I Love You’ does not follow You, to ask You, by means of Your Acts, for the Kingdom of Your Will.  My ‘I Love You’ follows You everywhere—in the Steps You take, in the Words You speak, in the wood You hammer; and while You hammer the wood, may You hammer the human will, that it may be undone, and Your Divine Will may rise again in the midst of creatures.

“My ‘I Love You’ flows in the water You drink, in the food You take, in the air You breathe, in the rivers of Love that pass between You and Your Mama and Saint Joseph, in the prayers You do, in Your ardent heartbeat, in the sleep You take.  Oh! how I wish to be near You, to whisper to Your ear:  ‘I Love You, I Love You…. O please! let Your Kingdom come.’”


V22–9/8/27 – I was following the Holy Divine Volition in the act in which my sweet Jesus separated from Mary the Sovereign Queen to go into the desert; …compassionating both one and the other…


V24–6/25/28 – I was continuing my Round in the Divine Fiat…following my Jesus on the way

to the desert…


V24–8/23/28 – Then, I continued my Round in the Fiat, and while accompanying my lovable Jesus in His Life down here, I felt pity for Him when I reached those points in which He was all alone, not even with Mary His Celestial Mama, like in the desert and in the nights of His Public Life when, withdrawing from everyone, He would almost always remain outdoors, outside of built-up areas, alone, praying and even crying for our salvation.

And I said to myself:  “My Jesus, Your little daughter does not have the heart to leave You alone.  I want to place myself near You, and if I can do nothing else, I will whisper in Your ear:  ‘I Love You, I Love You….’  For the sake of Your loneliness, prayers and Tears, give me the Kingdom of Your Divine Will.  Hurry—see how the world is falling; Your Divine Will shall place it in safety.”


V29–2/15/31 – Then, I continued my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, and unable to do anything else, I kept saying my little “I Love You” in the Divine Acts.  Not only this, but I was saying to myself:  “My Jesus, my Love, may my ‘I Love You’ flow in Your Heartbeat, in Your Breath, on Your Tongue, in Your Voice, and even in the littlest particles of Your adorable Person.”  But while I was doing this, my dear Life, making Himself seen, made me place my “I Love You” in His Heart, inside and outside of His whole Divine Person.  And He enjoyed it so much, that He incited me to repeat as many “I Love You’s” as I could, so as to be able to find the well-liked

“I Love You” in His whole Being.


V34–5/6/37 – And passing to the Acts of the Redemption, I found myself immersed in His sufferings. …And my always Lovable Jesus, perhaps to convince me, made Himself seen in my interior in the Act of suffering the Sorrowful Crucifixion.  I took part of His sufferings, and I died together with Him; His Divine Blood flowed, His Wounds were open.

And He, with a tender and moving accent, as to feel my heart burst, told me:  “I AM within you (Luisa), I AM yours, I AM at your disposition.  My Wounds, My Blood, all My sufferings are yours, you (Luisa) can do with Me what you want, rather, do it as Magnanimous, as Brave, as Lover, as My True Imitator.  Take My Blood in order to give it to whomever you want.  Take My Wounds in order to Heal the wounds of sinners.  Take My Life in order to give the Life of Grace, of Sanctity, of Love, of Divine Will, to all souls.  Take My Death in order to make many souls dead in sin Rise Again.  I (Jesus) give you (Lusia) all the Freedom; do it, Know how to be My daughter.  I have Given Myself and that is enough.

“You, think of making everything Redound to My Glory, and of how to make Me be Loved.  My Divine Will shall give you (Luisa) the Flight in order to make you bring My Blood, My Wounds, My Kisses, My Paternal Tendernesses, to My children and to your brothers.  Therefore, do not Marvel, this is Truly the Divine Operation, to keep Its Works in the Act of repeating them continuously in order to Give them so as to Make of them a Gift to the creatures.  Each one can say:  ‘Everything is mine, even God Himself is mine.’  And O! how We (Triune God) enjoy in seeing them Gifted with Our Works, Possessors of their Creator.

“They are the Excesses of Our Love, that in order to be Loved We want to make touched how much We Love them and the Gifts that We want to give them.  Then, for one who Lives in Our Volition, if We do not make a Gift of everything to them, We feel as if We would defraud the creature—and this We do not know how to do.  Therefore, be Attentive, let your soul be Embalmed by Our Divine Peace, because We do not know what disturbance is, and all things will bring you the Smile, the Sweetness, the Love of your Creator.”


V23–11/6/27 – Then, continuing to follow the Acts of my Beloved Jesus, I stopped when He received the Cross, and embracing it with all the tenderness of His Love, He place it on His shoulders to carry it to Calvary.


V36–4/20/38 – My Flight in the Divine Will continues and I feel the need to make all that It has done my own, placing  there my little love, my loving kisses, my deep adoration, and my ‘Thank you’ for everything It did—everything It suffered, for me and for all.  As I reached the point at which my dear Jesus was Crucified and lifted on the Cross in atrocious Agonies and Unspeakable Pains, with heartbreaking Tenderness and Compassion He told me: “My good daughter (Luisa)! The Pain that most transfixed Me on the Cross was My ardent Thirst.  I (Jesus) felt I was burning alive since all the vital humors had gone out through My Wounds, which were burning and wanted to quench, like many mouths, their terrible Thirst.


V21–3/26/27 – “My Jesus, just as my ‘I Love You’ has followed You into Limbo, and investing all the inhabitants of that place, we have asked You, all together, to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of Your Supreme Fiat upon earth—so do I want to impress my continuous ‘I Love You’ upon the tomb of Your Resurrection, so that, just as Your Divine Will made Your Most Holy Humanity rise again as the fulfillment of Redemption and as the new contract that would restore the Kingdom of Your Will upon earth, in the same way, with my incessant ‘I Love You,’ following all the acts You did in Redemption, I ask You, I pray You—I supplicate You to make souls Rise Again in Your Divine Will, so that Your Kingdom may be Established in the midst of creatures.”


V36–4/20/38 – …I continued my Round in all that Our Lord did on earth and I stopped in the Act of Resurrection.  What Triumph, what Glory.  Heaven poured Itself on earth to be Spectator of such a Great Glory.


V34–5/20/36 – After this I was accompanying the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven.  How Beautiful He was, all Majesty, dressed with the Most Resplendent Light that Enraptured and enchanted hearts to Love Him.


V24–8/15/28 – After this, I was thinking about and accompanying Mary the Sovereign Queen when She was assumed into Heaven…



V15–6/10/23 – (Luisa’s prayer): ‘Since You have called me into Your Divine Will, do not leave me behind. Oh, Jesus, let it be so that, together with You, I may follow the acts of Creation, to Requite You for the Love of all created things, as well as those of Redemption and of Sanctification, so that wherever Your Acts and Your Love are present, there may be the Requital of mine.’ 


V30–1/12/32 – I was praying, according to my usual way, the Round in the Acts done by the Divine Will.  I felt that in It and with It I could embrace everything, remember everything, look at everything of what the Divine Will had done.  It was the Infinite Theatre that made itself present before my little mind, and with Divine and Innumerable Scenes it made me enjoy unspeakable Sweetnesses and the most beautiful and enchanting Scenes that the Power of the Divine Fiat has put out in the Round of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  It seems it is a Round that It made in the course of the centuries, and in this Round It has done many Beautiful, Marvelous Things, such as to astonish Heaven and earth; and It made this Round in order to make us go Around, to make Known to us how much It can do and is able to do for Love of us.

So, while I was going Around in the Infinite Round of the Divine Volition, my Lovable Jesus, visiting His little Newborn, told me:  “My little daughter of My Divine Will (Luisa), if you knew how much I (Jesus) enjoy seeing you go Around in the Infinite Round of My Supreme Fiat.  And as I see you pause, as though surprised, in front of Its Prodigies, Its Admirable and Adorable Works, Its Enchanting and Enrapturing Scenes, in My Ardor of Love I say:  ‘How Happy I AM that My daughter (Luisa) is the Spectator and Enjoys Scenes so Admirable of the Divine Will that Created her.’

“But this is not enough.  You must know that in order to purchase a property, it is necessary for the one who must sell it to give to the one who must acquire it the freedom to visit it, almost leading him by the hand in order to let him know all the goods that are in it, the fountains it possesses, the rarity and preciousness of the plants, the fertility of the ground; and this serves to charm the one who must purchase it.  And it is necessary for the one who must purchase it to give some advances, to make some substantial commitments in order to bind the one who must sell the property, so that it may not escape him.

“Now, blessed daughter (Luisa), since I want to give the Kingdom of My Divine Will, it is necessary for you to go Around in Its Divine Properties; and I (Jesus), leading you by the hand, make Known to you Its Interminable Seas, the Goods, the Prodigies, the Surprising Marvels, the Joys, the Happinesses—all things of Infinite Value, that It Possesses, so that, by Knowing It, you (Luisa) may Love It and become so Enamored, that not only would you not be able to Live without It, but you would lay down your life to purchase a Kingdom so Holy, Peaceful and Beautiful.  But this is not yet all; your part is needed, your pledges, your advances and commitments.  And Our Love and Goodness, wanting to give Our Divine Will as property that belongs to the creature, is so Great that It places at her disposal what Our Divine Will has done, so that she may use it as the equivalent pledges and commitments in order to receive a Gift so Great.

“Now, as you (Luisa) go Around in the Creation, and you look at the heavens, and you delight in seeing the Beautiful Azure vault studded with stars, the sun radiant with light, and you recognize and feel the Divine Fiat still Palpitating, having Created them for Love of creatures; and unleashing from your heart your little love, you love He who has so much Loved you—your Love is imprinted in the height of the heavens, in the light of the sun, and you give Us the heavens as pledge, the stars as advance, the sun as commitment, because for you it was Created, and it is enough that you Possess Our Will as your Life for it to be already yours, and to be used as the valid commitment in order to obtain Its Kingdom.  The same, as you go Around in all the other created things, and you recognize them, and you Love Us; and for as many times as you repeat your Rounds, so many times do you repeat the pledges, make the commitments, and commit Us to dispose things, to give graces, helps, in order to Give, as Kingdom, the great Gift of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

“We know that the creature has nothing to give Us, and Our Love imposes Itself in order to give Our Acts as if they were her own, placing Our Works in her hands as Divine Currency, so that she may have sufficient means to be able to negotiate with Our Supreme Being.  Though she has nothing, she has her little love, unleashed by Our Own in the Act of Creating her, therefore she has a particle of the Infinite Love of God; and when the creature Loves Us, she places the Infinite in attitude, and We feel the Magnetic Force of the particle of Our Infinite Love that, hovering about, Loves Us in her, rises, extends, reaches even to Us, and wants to enter into the Infinite from which it came out.  O! how it enraptures Us; and in the ardor of Our Love, We say:  ‘Who can resist the Power of Our Infinite Love that unleashes itself from the creature and Loves Us?’  To give heavens and earth seems little to Us in order to repay her for her little love that, though little, possesses the particle of the Infinite, and this is enough for Us.

“O! how sweet and dear is the precious pledge of the love of the creature.  And since there is nothing in the Round of the centuries that has not come out of Our Divine Will, your going Around in the Creation of Man is a visit that you make to It, in order to Know what It Operated and in what Seas of Graces, of Sanctity, of Love, he was placed in the Act of being Created.  And you would want to make that Love all yours in order to Love Us, and you commit Us with those same Acts with which We Created man.  In the same way, when you go Around in the Creation of the Virgin, in Her Seas of Graces, in My Coming upon earth and in everything I did and suffered, you place, as commitment, the Queen of Heaven, My very Life and all My Acts.

“My Divine Will is everything, and in order to give Itself to the creature It wants to be recognized, It wants to interact, It wants to negotiate with her; and the more you visit It in Its Acts, the more bound and committed It finds Itself, and It begins the disbursing of Its Capital:  all the Truths, the Knowledges I have given you about My Divine Will—has this perhaps not been the Capital I have made in your soul?  And it is so Exuberant, that it can fill the whole entire world with Light, with Love, with Sanctity, with Graces, with Peace.  And was it perhaps not after a Round you did in Its Acts, that I (Jesus) was already waiting for you (Luisa), with all Love, in order to give you Its Pledges and Advances that Its Kingdom would come upon earth?  You (Lusia) gave your pledges, and My Fiat gave you Its Own.  It can be said that each Truth and Word It spoke about It was a measure It took in order to form this Kingdom, a call-up It made in order to form Its Army, a Capital It disbursed in order to maintain It, Joys and Delights to draw creatures, Divine Strength to Conquer them.  In fact, We first do Deeds, order everything, and then We show and make known the Deeds We have done.

“And since We want to give this Good to the creatures, it is Just and Reasonable that We deal at least with one creature, so that from one it may pass to another.  We do not do Our Works in the air, but We want a little shelf on which to form Our Greatest Works.  Wasn’t the Mary Queen of Heaven Our Little Shelf in the Great Work of Redemption, that then extended to all and to whoever wants It?  Therefore, let your Flight in My Divine Will be continuous, so that the two of you may exchange—you, your pledges, and My Divine Will, Its Capitals, in order to accelerate Its Kingdom on the face of the earth.”

After this, I felt, more than usual, all Immersed in the Divine Fiat, and my Sovereign Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), when My Divine Will Operates in the soul, one Knows It immediately:  as It Operates, It lays in the human being Gentleness, Sweetness, Peace, Fortitude, Firmness; before It Operates, It blows into it and Impresses in it Its Omnipotent Fiat, that extends Its Heaven Around the Work It wants to do.  It seems that without Its Heaven My Will is unable to Operate; and while It Operates, It makes Its sweet, harmonious Echo resound in the Three Divine Persons, keeping Them aware of what It is doing in the soul.  In fact, since the Will that is Operating in her is One with that of the Divine Persons, it happens that, whatever It does in the Divine Persons, It makes Its Powerful Echo resound in the creature; and in this Echo It brings to her the Admirable Secrets, the Ineffable Sweetnesses, the inseparable Love as the Divine Persons Love One Another, and the Sweet Accord among Them.

“This Echo is the Bearer of the most Intimate Things of the Supreme Being into the creature; wherever My Divine Will is Operating, the Echo of one fuses in the other—the one up above makes Itself the Divine Revealer; the one from below, resounding in God, has the virtue of speaking Powerfully, with Divine Manners, of the good of the creatures and of the same Love that They have for them.  My Divine Will, with Its Power, forms the sweet Chains, and identifies and Transforms God and the creature, in such a way that God feels Redone in the creature, and she feels Redone in God.  O! My Divine Will, how Admirable and Powerful You are—extend Your sweet Chains and bind God and creatures, so that all may return into My Divine Womb.”


V12–2/22/21 – The generations will not end until My Divine Will Reigns upon earth. My Redeeming FIAT will place Itself in the middle, between the Creating FIAT and the Sanctifying FIAT. They will interweave, all three together, and will accomplish the Sanctification of man. The third FIAT will give such grace to the creature as to make him Return almost to the State of Origin; and only then, when I see man just as he came out from Me, will My Work be complete, and I will take My Perpetual Rest in the last FIAT. Only the Life in My Volition will give back to man his State of Origin. Therefore, be attentive, and together with Me, help Me to complete the Sanctification of the creature.”


V17–5/17/25 – “My daughter (Luisa), to all you have said on Fusing yourself in My Divine Will, another application must be added – that of Fusing yourself in the Order of Grace, in all that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit – has done and will do to those who are to be Sanctified. Furthermore, while We – the Three Divine Persons – remain always united in working, if Creation is related to the Father, and Redemption to the Son – the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” was attributed to the Holy Spirit. And it is exactly in the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” that the Divine Spirit will display His Work. You (Luisa) do it when, in coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say: ‘I come to give love in return for everything which the Sanctifier does to those who are to be Sanctified. I come to enter into the order of grace, to give You Glory and return of Love, as if all had become Saints, and to repair You for all the oppositions and lack of correspondence to grace…”; and as much as you can, in Our Divine Will you search for the Acts of Grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, in order to make your own – His sorrow, His secret Moans, His anguishing sighs in the depth of the hearts, on seeing Himself unwelcome. And since the first act He does is to bring Our Divine Will as the complete act of their Sanctification, on seeing Himself rejected, He Moans with inexpressible Moans. And in your childlike simplicity, you say to Him: ‘Spirit Sanctifier, hurry, I implore You, I beg You, let everyone know Your Divine Will, so that, in knowing It, they may Love It and welcome Your Prime Act of their complete Sanctification – which is Your Holy Divine Will!’ My daughter (Luisa), We – the Three Divine Persons – are inseparable and distinct, and in this way do We want to manifest to the human generations Our Works for them: while remaining united within Ourselves, each One of Us wants to Manifest individually His Love and His Work for the creatures.”


V18–11/5/25 – I was Fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way; and while I was trying, as much as I could, to requite my Jesus with my little love for all that He has done in Redemption, my lovable and sweet Love, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), with your Flight in My Divine Will, reach all the Sacraments instituted by Me; descend into the depths of them, to give Me your little requital of Love.  Oh! how many of My secret Tears you will find, how many bitter sighs, how many suffocated Moans of the Holy Spirit.  His moaning is continuous, before the many disillusions of Our Love.  The Sacraments were instituted in order to continue my Life on earth in the midst of my children.  But, alas!, how many sorrows.  This is why I (Jesus) feel the necessity of your little Love.  It may be small, but My Divine Will shall make it Great.  My Love does not tolerate for one who Must Live in My Divine Will not to associate herself with My Sorrows, and not to give Me her little requital of Love for all that I have done and that I suffer.  Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), see how My Love Moans in the Sacraments.

If I (Jesus) see a Newborn being baptized, I cry with sorrow, because, while through Baptism I restore his Innocence, I find My child again, I give back to him the Rights over Creation which he had lost, I smile at him with Love and Satisfaction, I make the enemy flee from him, that he may no longer have any Right over him, I entrust him to the Angels, and all of Heaven makes Feast for him – soon My smile turns into sorrow, the Feast into mourning.  I see that the one who is baptized will be an enemy of Mine, a New Adam, and maybe even a lost soul.  Oh! how My Love Moans in each Baptism; especially, then, if one adds that the minister who is Baptizing does not do it with that Respect, Dignity and Decorum which befit a Sacrament that contains the New Regeneration.  Ah! many times they pay more attention to a bagatelle, to whatever show, than to administering a Sacrament.  So, My Love feels itself being pricked by the Baptizer and by the one who is Baptized, and it Moans with unutterable Moans.  Would you not want, then, to give Me a requital of Love, a loving moan, for each Baptism, so as to keep company with My sorrowful Moans?

Move on to the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Ah! how many bitter sighs.  While, through Confirmation, I (Jesus) restore his Courage, I give back to him the lost strengths, rendering him Invincible to all enemies and to his passions, and he is admitted to the ranks of the Militia of his Creator, that he may Fight for the Acquisition of the Celestial Fatherland, and the Holy Spirit gives him His Loving Kiss again, lavishes a thousand Caresses on him, and offers Himself as the companion of his career – yet, many times He feels Himself being requited with the kiss of a traitor, His Caresses being despised, His company shunned.  How many Moans, how many sighs for his Return, how many secret voices to the heart, for the one who shuns Him – to the point of tiring Himself from speaking.  But – no, it is in vain.  Therefore, do you not want to give your Requital of Love, your Loving kiss, your company to the Holy Spirit, who Moans because of so much neglection?

But, do not stop, keep Flying, and you will hear the anguishing Moans of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Penance.  How much ingratitude, how many abuses and profanations, on the part of those who administer it and on the part of those who receive it.  In this Sacrament, My Blood places Itself in act over the contrite sinner, in order to descend upon his soul, to Wash him, Embellish him, Heal him and Strengthen him, to give back to him the lost grace, to place in his hands the keys of Heaven, which sin had snatched away from him; to impress on his forehead the Peacemaking Kiss of Forgiveness.  But, ah! how many harrowing Moans, in seeing souls approaching this Sacrament of Penance without sorrow, out of habit, almost as a vent of the human heart.  Others – horrible to be said – instead of going to find the life of their souls, of Grace, go to find death, to pour out their passions.  So, the Sacrament is reduced to a mockery, to a nice chat; and My Blood, instead of descending as a bath, descends as fire, which withers them even more.  And so, in each Confession, Our Love cries inconsolably and, sobbing, repeats:  ‘Human ingratitude, how great you are.  Everywhere you try to offend Me; and while I offer you Life, you turn the very Life I offer you into death.’  See, then, how Our Moans await your requital of Love in the Sacrament of Penance.

Do not let your Love stop; go through all the Tabernacles, through each Sacramental Host, and in each Host you will hear the Holy Spirit moan with unutterable sorrow.  The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not only their own Life that souls receive, but is My very Life that gives Itself to them.  So, the Fruit of this Sacrament is to form My Life in them, and each Communion serves to make My Life grow, to develop It, in such a way that one may be able to say:  ‘I am another Christ.’  But, alas!, how few take advantage of it.  Even more, how many times I (Jesus) descend into hearts and they make Me find the weapons to wound Me, and repeat for Me the tragedy of My Passion.  And as the sacramental species are consumed, instead of pressing Me to stay with them, I AM forced to leave bathed with tears, crying over My sacramental lot; and I find no one who calms My crying and My sorrowful Moans.  If you could break those veils of the Host, which cover Me, you would find Me bathed with crying, knowing the lot that awaits Me in descending into hearts.  Therefore, let your Requital of Love for each Host be continuous, in order to calm my crying, and to render less sorrowful the Moans of the Holy Spirit.

Do not stop, otherwise We will not find you always together with Us in Our Moans and in Our secret Tears; We will feel the void of your requital of Love.  Descend into the Sacrament of Ordination.  Here, yes, you will find Our most intimate hidden Sorrows, the most bitter Tears, the most harrowing Moans.  The Ordination constitutes man to a Supreme Height, to a Divine Character – the Repeater of My Life, the Administer of the Sacraments, the Revealer of My Secrets, of My Gospel, of the Most Sacred Science; the Peacemaker between Heaven and earth, the Bearer of Jesus to souls.  But, alas!, how many times We see, in the ordained one, how he will be a Judas for Us, a usurper of the character which is being impressed in him.  Oh! how the Holy Spirit Moans in seeing, in the ordained one, the Most Sacred Things, the Greatest Character which exists between Heaven and earth, being snatched away from Him.  How many profanations!  Each act of this ordained one, not done according to the Character Impressed, will be a cry of sorrow, a bitter crying, a harrowing moan.  The Ordination is the Sacrament which encloses all other Sacraments together.  Therefore, if the ordained one is able to preserve whole within himself the Character he has Received, he will almost place all other Sacraments in Safety, he will be the Defender and the Savior of Jesus Himself.  But, not seeing this in the ordained one, Our Sorrows are sharpened more, Our Moans become more continuous and sorrowful.  Therefore, let your Requital of Love flow in each priestly act, to keep company with the moaning Love of the Holy Spirit.

Lend Us the ear of your heart and listen to Our profound Moans in the Sacrament of Marriage.  How many disorders in it!  Marriage was Elevated by Me to a Sacrament, in order to place in it a Sacred Bond, the symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, the Divine Love which It encloses.  So, the Love which was to Reign in the father, mother and children, the Concord, the Peace, was to symbolize the Celestial Family.  I was to have on earth as many other families similar to the Family of the Creator, destined to populate the earth like as many Terrestrial Angels, to then bring them back to populate the Celestial Regions.  But, ah! how many Moans in seeing families of sin being formed in the Marriage, which symbolize hell, with discord, with lack of love, with hatred, and which populate the earth like many rebellious angels, who will serve to populate hell.  The Holy Spirit Moans with harrowing Moans in each Marriage, in seeing so many infernal dens being formed on earth.  Therefore, place your Requital of Love in each Marriage, in each creature which comes to the light; in this way, your Loving moan will render less sorrowful Our continuous Moans.

Our Moans are not yet finished; therefore, let your Requital of Love reach the bed of the dying one when the Sacrament of the Extreme Unction is Administered.  But, ah! how many Moans, how many of Our secret Tears!  This Sacrament has the virtue of placing the dying sinner in safety at any cost; it is the confirmation of Sanctity for the Good and the Holy; it is the last bond which it establishes, through its Unction, between the creature and God; it is the Seal of Heaven which it Impresses in the Redeemed soul; it is the Infusion of the Merits of the Redeemer, in order to enrich her, purify her and embellish her; it is the final brush stroke which the Holy Spirit gives her in order to dispose her to depart from the earth, so as to make her appear before her Creator.  In sum, the Extreme Unction is the Final Display of Our Love, and the final clothing of the soul; it is the rearranging of all the Good Works; therefore, it acts in a surprising way in those who are alive to Grace.  With the Extreme Unction, the soul is as though covered by a Celestial Dew, which extinguishes, as though in one breath, her passions, her attachment to the earth and to all that does not belong to Heaven.  But, alas!, how many Moans, how many bitter tears, how many indispositions, how many negligences.  How many losses of souls; how few the sanctities it finds to be confirmed; how scarce the good works to be reordered and rearranged.  Oh! if all could hear Our Moans, Our crying, over the bed of the dying one, in the act of administering the Sacrament of the Extreme Unction – all would cry with sorrow.  Do you not want, then, to Give Us your Requital of Love for each time this Sacrament is administered, which is the final display of Our Love toward the creature?  Our Will awaits you everywhere, to have your Requital of Love and your company with Our Moans and sighs.”


V17–3/8/25 – Now, if you (Luisa) want to cover the paths of the Eternal Will, enter through the door of My Humanity. In It you will find My Divinity, and the Divine Will shall make present to you, as though in Act, all that It did, does and will do, both in Creation and in Redemption and Sanctification; and you will have the contentment of being able to Kiss those Acts and to place in each one of them your little Act of Love, of Adoration, of Gratitude. There, you will find My Acts, all of them in the Act of Giving themselves to you; and you will Love them, and will take the Gifts of your Celestial Father – Greater than these He could not give you: the Gifts, the Fruits, the Effects of His Divine Will. But you will take them according to how much you cooperate, letting your human will Live as dissolved within Mine.”


V17–6/3/25 – I was Fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and I was thinking to myself: ‘Where has Our Lord God done more for the creature: in Creation, in Redemption, or in Sanctification? And my always adorable Jesus, moving in my interior, showed me all of Creation. What Sublimeness! What Magnificence! How many Harmonies! What Order! There is not one point, either in Heaven or on earth, in which God has not Created something Special and Distinct – and with such Mastery that before the tiniest thing created by God, the greatest scientists feel that all of their science and mastery is an absolute nothing, compared to the things created by God, which are Full of Life and of Motion. Oh, how True it is that to look at the Universe and not to Recognize God, Love Him and Believe in Him, is true madness! All created things are like many veils which hide Him; and God comes to us as though veiled in each created thing, because man is incapable of seeing Him unveiled in his mortal flesh. The Love of God for us is so Great that in order not to dazzle us with His Light, frighten us with His Power, make us feel ashamed in front of His Beauty, make us be annihilated before His Immensity, He veils Himself in the created things, so as to come and be with us in each created thing – even more, to make us swim in His very Life. My God, how much You Loved us, and how much You do Love us!

Then, after He made me look at the whole Universe, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), everything was made in Creation. In It, the Divinity Manifested all Its Majesty, Power and Wisdom, and Displayed His complete Love toward the creatures. There is not one point, either in Heaven or on earth, or in any created thing, in which the perfection of Our Works is not complete. Not one thing was left half-made. In Creation, God showed off all His Works for the creatures; He Loved with complete Love, and made complete Works – there was nothing to be added or to be removed. So, I (Jesus) made everything Perfect; nor can We do incomplete Works; on the contrary, in each created thing We placed a Distinct and Complete Love in Creation, for each creature.

The Redemption, then, was a Reparation of the evils that creatures had done; it added nothing to the Work of Creation. And Sanctification is nothing other than help, Grace, Light, so that man may Return to his Original State of Creation, to his Origin, and to the Purpose for which he was created. In fact, in Creation, by Virtue of My Divine Will, the Sanctity of man was complete, since he came out from a complete Act of God. He was the man, Holy and Happy in the soul, because My Divine Will brought to him the Reflections of the Sanctity of his Creator; just as he was Happy and Holy in the body.

Ah, My daughter (Luisa), with all Redemption and the Work of Sanctification, Sanctity in man is Incomplete, and for others it is almost useless. Now, I say this: if man does not turn back in order to take My Divine Will as Life, as Rule and as Food, to be Purified, Ennobled, Divinized, to place himself in the Prime Act of Creation, and take My Divine Will as his Inheritance, assigned to him by God – the very Works of Redemption and of Sanctification will not have their Abundant Effects. So, everything is in My Divine Will – if man takes It, he takes everything. It is one single point, which embraces and encloses the Goods of Redemption and of Sanctification; even more, for one who Lives in My Divine Will, after he has taken the Prime Point of Creation, all these Goods serve not as remedy, as for those who do not do My Divine Will, but as Glory and as Special Inheritance, carried upon earth by the Divine Will of the Celestial Father, in the Person of the Word.

And if I (Jesus) came upon earth, this was exactly the Prime Act – to make Known the Divine Will of My Father, in order to bind It again to the creatures. The Pains, the Humiliations, My hidden Life, and all the Immense Sea of the Pains of My Passion, were Remedies, Medicines, Supports, Lights, in order to make My Divine Will Known, because with It, I (Jesus) would make man not only Saved, but Holy. With My Pains I placed him in Safety; with My Divine Will I gave him back the Sanctity lost in the terrestrial Eden. Had I not done this, My Love, My Work, would not have been complete as they were in Creation, because My Divine Will alone has the virtue of rendering complete Our Works toward the creatures, and the works of the creatures toward Us. My Divine Will makes one think in a way which is different from the human way; It makes one look at My Divine Will in all created things, speak with the Echo of My Divine Will, work through the veils of My Divine Will. In a word, one does Everything, all at once, according to My Supreme Volition, which leads the creature, rapidly, to perfect Sanctity; while the other virtues act slowly, little by little. My Redemption Itself, without the Prime Act of My Divine Will, serves as dressing of the deepest wounds, as Medicine for man, not to let him die; as Antidote, not to let him fall into hell.

Therefore, take to heart My Divine Will alone, if you really want to love Me, and to make yourself a Saint.”


V19–6/20/26 – “…So, it is My Divine Will alone that brings all the Fullness of My Goods and the complete Fruit contained in Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Wherever It Reigns, Our Works are all Full of Life – nothing is halved or incomplete; while where It does not Reign, even if some Virtues were present, everything is misery, everything incomplete, and if they produce any fruit at all, it is unripe and without maturity.  And if they take the Fruits of My Redemption, they take them with measure and without abundance, therefore they grow as weak, sick and feverish; and if they do a little bit of good, they do it strained and they feel crushed under the weight of that bit of Good that they do.  On the other hand, My Divine Will empties the human will and in that void It places the Divine Strength and the Life of Good.  Therefore, one who lets It Reign within herself does Good without strain, and the Life she contains leads her to operate Good with an Irresistible Strength.  So, My Humanity found Life in My Passion and Death, and in those in whom My Divine Will would Reign; therefore Creation and Redemption will always be incomplete until My Divine Will has Its Kingdom in souls.”

After this, I was doing my usual Acts in the Supreme Volition, and my sweet Jesus, coming out from within my interior, followed everything I did with His Gaze.  And since He saw that all my Acts Identified with His, and by Virtue of the Supreme Will, they followed the same course as His Acts, and Repeated the same Good and the same Glory for our Celestial Father, taken by emphasis of Love He clasped me to His Sacred Heart and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), even though you are little and Newly born in My Divine Will, and you Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, your littleness is My Triumph; and when I (Jesus) see you (Luisa) Operate in It I find Myself in the Kingdom of My Divine Will like a king who has fought a long war.  Since his ideal was victory, in seeing himself victorious he feels cheered of the bloody battle, from the hardships suffered and from the wounds still impressed on his person, and his triumph is formed as he sees himself surrounded by the conquests he has made.  The king wants to look at everything, his gaze wants to delight in the kingdom conquered, and, triumphant, he smiles and makes feast.

So I AM.  My Ideal in Creation was the Kingdom of My Divine Will in the soul of the creature; My Primary Purpose was to make of man the Image of the Divine Trinity by Virtue of the Fulfillment of My Divine Will upon him.  But as man withdrew from It, I lost My Kingdom in him, and for as long as six thousand years I had to sustain a long battle.  But, long as it has been, I have not dismissed My Ideal and My Primary Purpose, nor will I dismiss It; and if I (Jesus) came in Redemption, I came to realize My Ideal and My Primary Purpose – that is, the Kingdom of My Divine Will in souls.  This is so True, that in order to come, I (Jesus) Formed My First Kingdom of the Supreme Volition in the Heart of My Immaculate Mama – outside of My Kingdom I would never have come upon earth.  Then I suffered hardships and pains, I was wounded and killed at last, but the Kingdom of My Divine Will was not realized; I (Jesus) laid the Foundations, I made some Preparations, but the bloody battle between the human will and the Divine has yet continued.

Now, My little daughter (Luisa), when I (Jesus) see you Operate in the Kingdom of My Divine Will and, as you (Luisa) Operate, Its Kingdom is Established more and more in you, I feel Victorious in My long battle and everything Around Me takes the Attitude of Triumph and Feast.  My Pains, the Hardships, the Wounds, smile at Me, and My very death gives Me back the Life of My Divine Will in you (Luisa).  So I (Jesus) feel Victorious in Creation and in Redemption; even more, they serve to Form the long Rounds for the Newborn of My Divine Will (Luisa) – her rapid flights, her endless strolls in the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  And so I (Jesus) boast in Triumph, and Delighting, I follow with My Gaze all the steps and acts of My little daughter (Luisa).


V22–6/12/27 – And one who wants to Know and receive all the Relations and Bonds of Sanctity, Must Love the Sanctifier.  The Holy Spirit puts His Flames on the way toward one who Truly Loves, and binds her with the Relations of His Sanctity.  Without Love there is no Sanctity, because the Bonds of True Sanctity are already broken.”


V32–5/14/33 – I felt all Immersed in the Supreme Fiat, and Repeating my Round in It, as I united myself to Its Acts, so I felt Its Waves of Love come, that pouring themselves over me, brought me the Love of my Creator.  O! how happy I felt feeling myself Loved by God, I believe that there is no Greater Happiness, neither in Heaven, nor on earth, than that the creature occupies a place in the Bosom of the Celestial Father, who makes His Waves of Love Rise in order to Love her.

But while I felt under these Waves, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), to go Around in Our Acts that We have done, as much in Creation as in Redemption, for Love of the creatures, makes New Love rise from within Our Divine Being, and invests she who Unites herself with Our Divine Acts.  She, by uniting herself with Our Works, prepares the little place for where to receive Our Waves of Love.  And as she receives them, she also Loves Us with New Love, and forms her waves of Love for her Creator, in a way that she has her little place of Love in Our Divine Being, and We have Our Place in the creature.

You must know that True Sanctity is Formed by the Degrees of Love with which you have been Loved by God, and this Love the creature then takes Possession of when she Loves.  When she receives His Divine Love and she Loves, God disposes Himself to Love her with even More New Love.  To be Loved by God with New Love is the Greatest Act that God does toward the creature.  And all the Sanctity, the Glory, is Formed however many times she has been Loved by God, and however many times she has Loved Him.  Therefore you must know that Our Supreme Being Loves everyone, and always in a Universal and general Way.  To this is added a Special and Direct Love toward the one who, Loving Us, Gives Us her Love.  So, if the creature has been Loved by God with Special Love one time, three, ten, a hundred, according to the number, she Acquires so many Degrees of Sanctity, and therefore of Glory.

“See, therefore, going Around in My Divine Will, uniting yourself to Its Acts, calls Us to Love you with Special and New Love, and God calls you in order to make Himself Loved with your New and Special Love, and God Himself will be your witness who will say to all, to Heaven and to earth:   ‘It is True, I have Loved, but she (Luisa) has Loved Me.’ I can say that My Love called hers, and hers called Mine, to Love each other.  Therefore one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Divine Will places Our Love in Safety, nor do We have the Sorrow that there can be Rejection.  Rather as a Sign that she has Received It, she Responds to Us by Giving Us her Love.”


V36–6/26/38 – “My daughter (Luisa), as the creature donates her human will to Me in order to Live in Mine, I too, give her My Divine Will.  But do you know what My Divine Will does before Donating Itself ?  It Pours into the Act of the creature and Embellishes it, Forming its day, Sanctifying it, inserting Its Divine Joys, and then Locking Itself inside the Act of the creature.  As My Fiat Operates in this Act, all created things receive a New Life, a New Creation.  They feel Renewed in Beauty, Love and Joy of their Creator, and as the creature does her Divine Act, It remains as her own, and everybody is Attentive to see what the creature is going to Do with this Act.  Since It Encloses All, they too feel Enclosed in It.  Then, what does the Happy creature do?  She Enjoys It, Kissing and Hugging It, and, Knowing that such a Great Act cannot be only for herself.  In her emphasis of Love and Joy, she says: ‘Adorable Will.  You gave to me Divine Will, and Divine Will I give back to You, to render back to You the Appreciation, Thanksgiving, Glory, Joy and Love that You gave to me; I am incapable of containing them.’  This Act runs to all, Sanctifying, Embellishing, giving Happiness and honor to all.  This is the Most Beautiful Act the creature can Give to Me.  Nobody can equal this Act:  to give My Divine Will in order to have It Returned, and to Give It back, yet again.”



V17–6/3/25 – The Redemption, then, was a reparation of the evils that creatures had done…

the soul can follow all Jesus Our Lady Luisa’s Acts in all the writings, throughout this document…in the Hours of the Passion


V11–8 /15/14 – I squeezed Him to myself and, wanting to relieve Him, I Fused myself in His Intelligence to be able to place myself in all the intellects of creatures and Offer a Good thought for each evil thought, in order to Repair and Relieve all the offended thoughts of Jesus. In the same way, I Fused myself in His desires to be present in all the evil desires of creatures, in order to place my good desire and soothe the offended desires of Jesus; and so on with all the rest.


V20–10/15/26 – “My Jesus, Your Divine Will embraces and encloses Everything, and I, in the name of the first creature who came out of Your Creative Hands, up to the last one who will be created, intend to Repair for all the oppositions of the human wills made against Yours, and to take within me all the Acts of Your Adorable Divine Will that creatures have rejected, in order to Requite them all in Love and Adoration; in such a way that there may be no Act of Yours without the correspondence of one act of mine, so that, in finding my little act as though bilocated in each one of Your Acts, You may be Satisfied, and may come to Reign Triumphantly upon earth.  Is it perhaps not upon the human acts that Your Eternal Fiat wants to find the support on which to dominate?  Therefore, in each one of Your Acts, I offer You mine as the field on which You can lay Your Kingdom.”