Return to Jesus Gives the Truths of the Divine Will to Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa and praying the Round -Part I


Linked to the Servant of God Luisa Piccaretta repeating the prayers taught by Jesus and Mary in the Divine Will.

Vocal Prayer, Mental Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, The Round of Creation and The Round of Redemption Prayer




V23–1.27.28        “And so I (Jesus) looked at the centuries as one single point, and I found you (Luisa), the chosen one, and even from that time I directed and deposited My Acts in you, in order to dispose My Kingdom (on earth as it is in Heaven).  And just as for the Kingdom of Redemption I (Jesus) spared nothing—neither toils, nor pains, nor prayers, nor graces, and not even death—so as to be able to give to all sufficient and abundant graces and means so that all might be saved and sanctified, even though I (Jesus) placed and secured everything in (Mary,) the Celestial Queen—the same now for the Kingdom of My Most Holy Divine Will:  even though I (God) secure everything in you (Luisa), I AM giving so much, I AM sparing nothing—neither Teachings, nor Light, nor Graces, nor Attractions, nor Promises—in such a way that, if all want to receive the Great Good of My Divine Will to let It Reign within themselves, all will find Superabundant means and helps in order to Live a Good so Great.

“Therefore, (Luisa) your coming on earth in time was awaited by Me (Jesus) with such Love, with such yearning, that you (Luisa) cannot even imagine; because I (Jesus) wanted to deposit the many suspended Acts done by My Holy Humanity in order to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat (on earth as it is in Heaven.)


V19–3.14.26        So, you (Luisa) will be the Voice of the Heavens; and echoing from one point to another, it will make your word heard, which, resounding through the whole celestial atmosphere, will say:  ‘I love, I glorify, I adore my Creator…’.  You (Luisa) will be the voice of each star, of the sun, of the wind, of the thunder, of the sea, of plants, of mountains – of everything, repeating continuously:  ‘I love, I bless, I glorify, I adore, I thank the One who created us…’.  Oh, how beautiful will be the voice of My Newborn (Luisa) of My Most Holy Divine Will – of the little daughter (Luisa) of My Volition – in all things!  It will render the whole Creation speaking, and Creation will be More Beautiful than if I (Jesus) had given It the use of the Word.  I love you (Luisa) so much that I (God) want to hear your voice in the sun – loving, adoring, glorifying.  I (God) want to hear it in the celestial spheres, in the murmuring of the sea, in the darting of the fish, in the bird that sings and warbles, in the lamb that bleats, the turtledove that Moans…  I (God) want to hear you (Luisa) everywhere.



V1–2.13.19                    I (Luisa) entered into Jesus and did what Jesus was doing. Oh, how clearly I could see what Jesus had told me! I remained multiplied with Him in everyone, even in the Saints… But as I returned into myself, some doubts arose within me, and Jesus added: “One single act of My Most Holy Divine Will, even one instant, is Full of Creative Life, and whoever contains this Life can, in that instant, give Life to everything and preserve everything. From that Act of My Divine Will alone the sun receives the life of the light, the earth preservation, the creatures life. Why do you doubt, then? And then, I (Jesus) have My Court in Heaven and I (God) want another court on earth. Guess: who is going to form this court?”

And I: ‘The souls (Luisa and those linked to Luisa) who will Live in Your Most Holy Divine  Will.’ And He: “Brava (Luisa), they are exactly the ones who, without the shadow of interest and of personal Sanctity – but rather, Fully Divine – will Live for the Good of their brothers, forming one single Echo with Heaven.”


V15–1.24.23        ‘My Love, who will be this fortunate Mother, this Son and this Spouse, which will conceal the Trinity on earth, and in whom Your Divine Will will be one?’  And Jesus:  “What! Have you not understood?  Two of them are already at their place of  honor:  My Divine Mama (Mary) and I (Jesus), the Eternal Word, Son of the Celestial Father, and Son of the Celestial Mother since, by Incarnating Myself in Her Womb, I became Her own Son.  The Spouse is (you, Luisa) the little daughter of My Most Holy Divine Will.  I AM in the middle, My Mama (Mary) is at My right, and (you, Luisa) the Spouse at My left.  As My Divine Will acts in Me, It Echoes to the right (Mary) and to the left (Luisa), and forms One Single Will.  This is why I (Jesus) have poured so many Graces in you (Luisa), I (God) opened the Doors of My Divine Will (to you Luisa), I (God) revealed to you (Luisa) the Secrets, the Prodigies which My Divine Will contains:  to open many ways, so that you (Lusia) might be reached by the Echo of My Divine Will, and, losing your own (human will), you might Live with My Divine Will alone.  Aren’t you happy?”


V17–8.2.25          I (Luisa) was praying and fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will. I wanted to wander everywhere, up to the Heavens, in order to find that Supreme “I Love you” which is not subject to any interruption. I wanted to make it my own, so that I too might have an “I love You” which is never interrupted, and which might Echo the Eternal “I Love you”; and by possessing the source of the True “I Love you” within me, I might have an “I love You” for each one and for all – for each motion, for each act, for each breath, for each heartbeat, and for each “I Love you” of my Jesus Himself. And while I seemed to reach the Womb of the Eternal One, making Their “I Love you” my own, I kept repeating, everywhere and upon each thing, a lullaby of “I love You’s” to my Supreme Lord.



V12–1.29.19        (Jesus): “…Then, from your (Luisa) link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I (Jesus) will have a cohort of souls who, Living in My Volition, will Redo all the acts of the creatures. I (Jesus) will receive the Glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, but also from the creatures – and these, from all classes: virgins, priests, lay people, according to their office. They will no longer operate humanly; but rather, as they penetrate into My Divine Will, their acts will multiply for all (past, present and future) in a way which is Fully Divine. I (Jesus) will receive from the creatures the Divine Glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others sullied with interest, and of many good works in which I (Jesus) remain more dishonored than honored. I (Jesus) yearn very much for this time (the forming of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven)… And you (Luisa), pray and yearn for it together with Me, and do not move your link of connection with Mine, but start – as the first one.”




V17–5.10.25        I (Luisa) write only out of obedience, and I am going to make a mix of past and present things. Many times in my writings I say: ‘I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition,’ and I don’t explain further. Now, forced by obedience, I will say what happens to me in this fusion in the Divine Volition.

As I fuse myself in It, an immense void, all of Light, comes before my mind, in which one can find neither the extent of its height, nor of its depth, nor the boundaries on the right or on the left, nor those on the front or on the back. In the midst of this Immensity, in a highest point, I seem to see the Divinity, or the Three Divine Persons waiting for me – but this, always mentally. And, I don’t know how, but a little child comes out from me; although it is still I – maybe it’s my little soul. It is moving to see this little child putting herself on the path within this Immense empty space – all alone, shy, walking on tiptoe, with her eyes always fixed to the place where she sees the Three Divine Persons, because she fears that if she lowers her gaze in that immense void, she wouldn’t know at what point she would end up. All her strength is in that gaze fixed on high. In fact, in receiving in return the Gaze of the Supreme Height, she draws strength along the way. Now, as the little one arrives before Them, she plunges herself with her face into that empty space, to adore the Divine Majesty. But a hand from the Divine Persons raises the little child; and They say to her: (Luisa) “Our daughter, the Little Daughter of Our Divine Will – come into Our Arms.” In hearing this, she becomes festive, and makes the Three Divine Persons festive; and delighting in her, They await the performance of the Office, which They entrusted to her. And with grace typical of a child, she says: “I come to adore You, to bless You, to thank You for all. I come to bind to Your Throne all human wills of all generations, from the first to the last man, so that all may recognize Your Supreme Will. May all adore It, love It, and give It Life within their souls.”

Then she added: “O Supreme Majesty, in this Immense void there are all these creatures, and I want to take them all and place them in Your Holy Divine Will, so that all may return to the Origin from which they came – Your Most Holy Divine Will. This is why I came into Your Paternal Arms – to bring You (Lord) all Your children; brothers and sisters of mine, and bind them all with Your Divine Will. And in the name of all and for everyone, I want to Repair You and give You Homage and Glory, as if everyone had done Your Most Holy Divine Will. But, please, I beg You, let there be no more separation between Divine and human will! It is a little child who is asking you this, and I know that You can deny nothing to the little ones.”

But who can say all that I did and said? I would be too long. Besides, I lack the words to express what I say before the Supreme Majesty. It seems to me that here in the low world we don’t use the same language as in that Immense empty space.

At other times, while I fuse myself in the Divine Will and that Immense void comes before my mind, I wander around all created things, and I impress in them one ‘I love You’ for the Supreme Majesty, as though wanting to fill the whole atmosphere with many ‘I love You’s’, in order to return the Supreme Love for His Great Love toward creatures. Even more, I go through each thought of creature, and I impress my ‘I love You’; through each gaze, and I leave my ‘I love You’; through each heartbeat, work and step, and I cover them with my ‘I love You’, addressing them to my God. I go down into the sea, into the depths of the ocean, and I want to fill every darting of the fish, every drop of water, with my ‘I love You.’

Then, after she has worked everywhere, as though sowing her ‘I love You,’ the little child presents herself before the Divine Majesty, and wanting to make for Him a pleasing surprise, she says: “My Creator and my Father, my Jesus and my Eternal Love – look at everything, and hear how all creatures say that they Love You. Everywhere there is an ‘I love You’ for You; Heaven and earth are filled with them. And so, now, will You not concede to Your tiny little one that Your Divine Will descend into the midst of creatures, make Itself Known, make Peace with the human will, and take Its just Dominion – Its place of Honor, so that no creature may ever do her human will again, but always Yours?”

At other times, while I fuse myself in the Divine Volition, I want to feel sorrow for all the offenses given to my God, and I start my Round again in that Immense void, in order to find all the sorrow that Jesus felt for all sins. I make it my own, and I wander everywhere, in the most hidden and secret places, in public places, over all the acts of evil men, to feel sorrow for all the offenses. And for each sin, gathering within me all the sorrow for all sins, I feel like crying out in every motion of all creation: ‘Forgiveness, forgiveness!’ There is not one offense to God, even the slightest one, for which I do not feel sorrow and ask forgiveness. And so that all may hear my plea of forgiveness for all sins, I impress it in the rumbling of the thunder, so that sorrow for having offended my God may thunder in all hearts. ‘Forgiveness!’ in the striking of lightening. Sorrowful repentance in the whistling of the wind, crying out to all: ‘Repentance, and plea of forgiveness!’ And in the tinkling of the bells: ‘Sorrow and forgiveness!’ In sum, the same in everything. Then I bring the sorrow of all to my God, and I implore forgiveness for all, saying: ‘Great God, let Your Divine Will descend upon earth, so that sin may no longer take place! The human will alone is what produces so many offenses that it seems to be flooding the earth with sins. Your Most Holy Divine Will will be the destroyer of all evils. Therefore, I beg you, make the little daughter of Your Divine Will content, who wants nothing else but that Your Will be Known and Loved, and that It Reign in all hearts.’

I remember that one day I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and I looked at the sky, as it was pouring rain. I felt great pleasure in seeing water pouring down upon the earth; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, with unspeakable Love and tenderness told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in those drops of water that you see pouring down from Heaven, there is My Divine Will. It flows rapidly together with the water. It runs to quench the thirst of the creatures, to descend into the human bowels and into their veins, to refresh them, and to become Life of the creatures, bringing them My Kiss and My Love. It descends to water the earth, to fecundate it, and to prepare the food for My creatures. It descends for many other needs of theirs. My Divine Will wants to have Life in all created things, in order to give Celestial and natural life to all creatures. However, though It descends Festive and Full of Love for all, It does not receive a fair return on the part of creatures, and It remains on an empty stomach. My daughter (Luisa), your will too, fused in Mine, flows in that water that pours down from Heaven. Run together with Me, wherever It goes. Never leave It alone, and give It the return of your Love and Gratitude for all.”

But as He was saying this, my eyes remained enchanted. I could not move them from that pouring water. My will was flowing together with it, and in that water I could see the Hands of my Jesus multiplying into many, in order to bring water to all with His own Hands. Who can say what I felt within me? Jesus alone can say it – He, Who is the Author of it. And who can say about the many ways of fusing myself in His Most Holy Volition? For now I have said enough. If Jesus wants me to continue another time, He will give me the words and the grace to say more, and I will start again.

In addition, I was saying to my Jesus: ‘Tell me, my Love, what is this void that comes before my mind when I fuse myself in Your Most Holy Divine Will? Who is this little child coming out from me, and why does she feel an irresistible force to come to Your Throne and place her little acts into the Divine Womb, almost to make Him a Feast?’

My sweet Jesus, all Goodness, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the empty space is My unrequited Will, placed at your disposal, which should be Filled with so many acts – as many as the creatures would have done, had they all Fulfilled Our Most Holy Divine Will. This Immense void that you see, which represents Our Divine Will, that came out from Our Divinity for the Benefit of all in Creation, to Delight everyone and everything. Therefore, as a consequence, all creatures should have Filled this void with the return of their acts, and by giving their human wills to their Creator. But since they did not do so, they saddened Us with the Most Grave Offense that can possibly be imagined. This is why We called you (Luisa) with a Special Mission: so that this void may be Returned and Filled with all that the others should have given Us. And this is the reason for which We disposed you with a long chain of Graces, and then asked you if you wanted to Live in Our Divine Will; and you (Luisa) answered with a “yes,(Fiat)” firm and irretractable, binding your human will to Our Throne. And you did not want to recognize it any more, because human will and Divine Will do not reconcile, and cannot Live together. That “yes,(Fiat)” your human will, exists, and is tightly bound to Our Throne. And this is why your soul, like a little child Reborn in Our Divine Volition, is drawn before the Supreme Majesty: because as you (Luisa) rise up toward Us, your human will – which is already Ours – precedes you, and you feel Our Divine Will attracting you like a powerful magnet. And instead of looking at your human will, you (Lusia) interest yourself only in bringing onto Our Lap everything you did in Our Divine Will, as the Greatest Homage which befits Us (Triune God), and as the return most pleasing to Us. Your indifference to your human will – as you’ve already lost sight of it – and Our Divine Will alone Living in you (Luisa), makes Us Festive. Your little acts done in Our Divine Will bring Us the Joys of the whole Creation. It seems that everything smiles at Us, and that all created things make Feast. And in seeing that you (Lusia) descend from Our Throne with not even the slightest attention to your human will – which is as though lost within Ours – and in seeing you going back to earth taking Our Divine Will, is an infinite Joy for Us. This is why I (Jesus) always say to you (Luisa), ‘Be attentive upon Our Divine Will’: because there is much to do in It. The more you do, the greater the Feast you make Us – and Our Volition will pour out in torrents, inside and outside of you.”


V17–5.17.25        After I had the Confessor hear what is written above – with the date of May 10th – on fusing myself in the Divine Volition, he was not satisfied, and ordered me to continue to write about the way to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Volition. So, out of obedience, and for fear that my Jesus might be even slightly disappointed, I continue.

Now, I add that as that Immense void comes before my mind, in fusing myself in the Supreme Volition, the little child begins her Round again, and rising up high, she wants to repay her God for all the Love He had for all creatures in Creation. She wants to Honor Him as Creator of all things, and so she goes around the stars, and in each flickering of light I impress my “I love You” and “Glory to my Creator.” In every atom of the light of the sun that comes down, my “I love You” and “Glory.” In the whole expanse of the heavens, between the distance from one step to another, my “I love You” and “Glory.” In the warbling of the bird, in the beating of its wings: “Love” and “Glory” to my Creator. In the blade of grass which sprouts from the earth, in the flower that blooms, in the fragrance that ascends: “Love” and “Glory.” On the peak of the mountains and in the depths of the valleys: “Love” and “Glory.” I wander through every heart of creature as though wanting to enclose myself and shout from within, to every heart, my “I love You” and “Glory to my Creator.” And then, as if I had gathered everything together in such a way that everything gives return of love and recognition of Glory for all that God has done in Creation, I go to His Throne, and I say to Him: ‘Supreme Majesty and Creator of all things, this little child comes into Your arms to tell You that all of Creation, in the name of all creatures, gives You not only return of Love, but also the just Glory for the so many things You created for Love of us. In Your Divine Will, in this Immense empty space, I wandered everywhere, so that all things may Glorify You, Love You and Bless You. And now that I have put in relation the Love between Creator and creature, which the human will had broken – as well as the Glory that everyone owed You, let Your Divine Will descend upon earth, that It may bind and strengthen all the relations between Creator and creature, and so that all things may return to the Original Order established by You. Therefore, hurry, do not delay any longer – don’t You see how the earth is full of evils? Your Divine Will alone can stop this current and save it – Your Divine Will, Known and Ruling.’

After this, I feel that my Office is still not complete. So I descend to the bottom of that empty space, in order to repay Jesus for the Work of Redemption. And as though finding all that He did in act, I want to give Him my return for all the acts that all creatures should have done in waiting for Him and receiving Him upon earth. Then, as though wanting to transform all of myself into love for Jesus, I go back to my refrain, and I say: ‘“I love You” in the act of descending from Heaven to be incarnated, and I impress my “I love You” in the act of being conceived in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mary. “I love You” in the first drop of blood which was formed in Your Humanity. “I love You” in the first beat of Your Heart, to mark all Your heartbeats with my “I love You.” “I love You” in Your first breath; “I love You” in Your first pains; “I love You” in the first tears You shed in the maternal womb. I want to return Your prayers, Your reparations, Your offerings, with my “I love You.” “I love You” in Your birth. “I love You” in the cold you suffered. “I love You” in each drop of the milk you suckled from Your Most Holy Mama. I want to fill with my “I love You’s” the clothes with which Your Mama swaddled You. I lay my “I love You” upon that ground on which Your Mama placed You in the manger, as Your most tender limbs felt the hardness of the hay – but more than of hay, the hardness of hearts. My “I love You” in each of Your wailings, in all the tears and sufferings of Your childhood. I make my “I love You” flow in all the relations and communications and love You had with Your Immaculate Mama. “I love You” in Her dearest kisses, in each word You said, in the food You took, in the steps You took, in the water You drank. “I love You” in the work You did with Your hands. “I love You” in all the acts You did during Your hidden Life. I seal my “I love You” in each one of Your interior acts and in the pains You suffered. I lay my “I love You” upon the paths You covered, in the air You breathed, in all the sermons You made during Your public Life. My “I love You” flows in the power of the miracles You made, in the Sacraments You instituted. In everything, O my Jesus, even in the most intimate fibers of Your Heart, I impress my “I love You”, for me and for all. Your Will makes everything present to me, and nothing do I want to leave, in which my “I love You” is not impressed.

Your little Daughter of Your Will feels this duty – as there’s nothing else she can do – that You may have at least my little “I love You” for everything You did for me and for all. Therefore my “I love You” follows You in all the pains of Your Passion, in all the spit, scorn and insults they gave You. My “I love You” seals every drop of the Blood You shed, every blow You received, every wound that formed in Your body, each thorn that transfixed Your head, the bitter pains of the Crucifixion, the words You pronounced on the Cross. Up to Your last breath, I intend to impress my “I love You.” I want to enclose all Your Life, all Your Acts, with my “I love You.” I want You to touch, see and feel my continuous “I love You.” My “I love You” will never leave You – Your very Will is the life of my “I love You.”

But do You know what this little child wants? That the Divine Will of Your Father, which You loved so much, and which You did during all Your Life upon earth, make Itself known to all creatures, so that all may Love It and Fulfill Your Divine Will, on earth as It is in Heaven. This little child would want to surpass You in Love, so that You may give Your Divine Will to all creatures. Please, make this poor little one happy, who wants nothing but what You want: that Your Divine Will be Known and Reign upon all the earth.’

Now I believe that obedience will be happy in some way. Though it is true that in many things I had to make a few jumps, otherwise I would never end. Fusing myself in the Divine Volition is like a springing fount for me; and every tiny thing I hear and see, even one offense given to my Jesus, is occasion for me for new ways and new fusions in His Most Holy Will.

Now, I continue by saying that my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), to all you have said on fusing yourself in My Will, another application must be addedthat of fusing yourself in the order of grace, in all that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit – has done and will do to those who are to be sanctified. Furthermore, while We – the Three Divine Persons – remain always united in working, if Creation is related to the Father, and Redemption to the Son – the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” was attributed to the Holy Spirit. And it is exactly in the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” that the Divine Spirit will display His Work. You do it when, in coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say: ‘I come to give love in return for everything which the Sanctifier does to those who are to be sanctified. I come to enter into the order of grace, to give You Glory and return of Love, as if all had become Saints, and to repair You for all the oppositions and lack of correspondence to grace…”; and as much as you can, in Our Divine Will you search for the acts of Grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, in order to make your own – His sorrow, His secret Moans, His anguishing sighs in the depth of the hearts, on seeing Himself unwelcome. And since the first act He does is to bring Our Divine Will as the complete act of their Sanctification, on seeing Himself rejected, He Moans with inexpressible Moans. And in your childlike simplicity, you say to Him: ‘Spirit Sanctifier, hurry, I implore You, I beg You, let everyone know Your Divine Will, so that, in Knowing It, they may Love It and welcome Your Prime Act of their complete Sanctification – which is Your Holy Divine Will!’ My daughter (Luisa), We – the Three Divine Persons – are inseparable and distinct, and in this way do We want to manifest to the human generations Our Works for them: while remaining united within Ourselves, each One of Us wants to manifest individually His Love and His Work for the creatures.”


V16–9.14.23        I was thinking of how all things rotate around the Sun: the earth, ourselves, all creatures, the sea, the plants – in sum, everything; we all rotate around the Sun. And because we rotate around the Sun, we are illuminated and we receive its heat. So, It pours its burning rays upon all, and by rotating around It, we and the whole Creation enjoy its Light and receive part of the effects and goods which the Sun contains. Now, how many beings do not rotate around the Divine Sun? Everyone does: all the Angels, the Saints, men, and all created things; even the Queen Mama – does she perhaps not have the first round, in which, rapidly spinning around It, she absorbs all the reflections of the Eternal Sun?

Now, while I was thinking about this, my Divine Jesus moved in my interior, and squeezing me all to Himself, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), this was exactly the purpose for which I (Jesus) created man (Adam): that he would always rotate around Me, and I, being at the center of his rotation like a Sun, was to reflect in him My Light, My Love, My Likeness and all My Happiness. At every Round of his, I (God) was to give him ever New Contentments, New Beauty, Burning Arrows (of Love).

Before man (Adam) sinned, My Divinity was not hidden, because by Rotating around Me, he (Adam) was My reflection, and therefore he was the little light. So, it was as though natural that, I (Triune God) being the great Sun, the little light could receive the Reflections of My Light. But, as soon as he (Adam) sinned, he stop spinning around Me; his little light became dark, he became blind and lost the light to be able to see My Divinity in his mortal flesh, as much as a creature is capable of. So much so, that in coming to Redeem man, I (Jesus) took mortal flesh in order to be seen, not only because man had sinned with the flesh, and therefore I was to expiate with the flesh, but because he lacked the eyes to be able to see My Divinity. In fact, My Divinity, which dwelled within My Humanity, was able to unleash, like Lightings and Flashes, only a few Rays of Light from My Divinity.

See then, what Great Evil sin is: for man it is to lose his Rotation around His Creator, to annul the Purpose of Creation, to be transformed from Light into darkness, from beautiful into ugly. It is such a Great Evil that with all My Redemption  I (Jesus) was unable to restore in him the eyes to be able to see My Divinity in his mortal flesh, but only when this flesh of man, decomposed and pulverized by death, will rise again on the Day of Judgment.

What would happen if the whole Creation could fail in doing its rotation around the Sun? All things would be turned upside down; they would lose their Light, harmony, beauty; each one would bump against the other, and even if the Sun were there, since nothing would rotate around It, the Sun would be as though dead for the whole of Creation.

Now, because of original sin, man lost his Rotation around His Creator, and therefore he lost order, dominion over himself, and light. And every time he sins, not only does he not Rotate around His God, but not even around the goods of Redemption, which, like a New Sun, came to bring him Forgiveness, Refuge and Salvation.

But do you know who is the one who never ceases her Round? (Luisa) The soul who does My Most Holy Divine Will and Lives in It. As usual, she (Luisa) never stops, and she (Luisa) receives all the reflections of My Holy Humanity and also the Flashes of Light of My Divinity.”


V30–1.12.31        I was doing, according to my usual way, the round in the Acts done by the Divine Will.  I felt that in It and with It I could embrace everything, remember everything, look at everything of what the Divine Will had done.  It was the Infinite Theatre that made itself present before my little mind, and with Divine and Innumerable Scenes it made me enjoy unspeakable Sweetnesses and the Most Beautiful and enchanting Scenes that the Power of the Divine Fiat has put out in the Round of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  It seems it is a Round that It made in the course of the centuries, and in this Round It has done many beautiful, marvelous things, such as to astonish Heaven and earth; and It made this Round in order to make us go around, to make Known to us how much It (the Round in the Divine Will) can do and is able to do for Love of us.

So, while I was going around in the Infinite Round of the Divine Volition, my Lovable Jesus, visiting His little newborn, told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa) of My Divine Will, if you knew how much I (Jesus) enjoy seeing you go around in the Infinite Round of My Supreme Fiat.  And as I (Jesus) see you (Luisa) pause, as though surprised, in front of Its Prodigies, Its Admirable and Adorable Works, Its Enchanting and Enrapturing Scenes, in My Ardor of Love I say:  ‘How happy I AM that My daughter (Luisa) is the spectator and enjoys Scenes so Admirable of the Divine Will that Created her.’

“But this is not enough.  You must know that in order to purchase a property, it is necessary for the one who must sell it to give to the one who must acquire it the freedom to visit it, almost leading him by the hand in order to let him know all the goods that are in it, the fountains it possesses, the rarity and preciousness of the plants, the fertility of the ground; and this serves to charm the one who must purchase it.  And it is necessary for the one who must purchase it to give some advances, to make some substantial commitments in order to bind the one who must sell the property, so that it may not escape him.

“Now, blessed daughter (Luisa), since I (Jesus) want to give the Kingdom of My Divine Will, it is necessary for you to go around in Its Divine Properties; and I (Jesus), leading you by the hand, make known to you (Luisa) Its Interminable Seas, the Goods, the Prodigies, the Surprising Marvels, the Joys, the Happinesses—all things of Infinite Value, that It possesses, so that, by knowing It, you may love It and become so enamored, that not only would you not be able to live without It, but you would lay down your life to purchase a Kingdom so Holy, Peaceful and Beautiful.  But this is not yet all; your part is needed, your pledges, your advances and commitments.  And Our Love and Goodness, wanting to give Our Will as property that belongs to the creature, is so great that It places at her disposal what Our Will has done, so that she may use it as the equivalent pledges and commitments in order to receive a Gift so Great.

“Now, as you (Luisa) go around in the Creation, and you look at the heavens, and you delight in seeing the beautiful azure vault studded with stars, the sun radiant with light, and you recognize and feel the Divine Fiat still Palpitating, having Created them for Love of creatures; and unleashing from your heart your little love, you love He who has so much Loved you—your love is imprinted in the height of the heavens, in the light of the sun, and you (Luisa) give Us the heavens as pledge, the stars as advance, the sun as commitment, because for you (Luisa) it was Created, and it is enough that you possess Our Will as your Life for it to be already yours, and to be used as the valid commitment in order to obtain Its Kingdom.  The same, as you go around in all the other created things, and you recognize them, and you love Us; and for as many times as you repeat your rounds, so many times do you repeat the pledges, make the commitments, and commit Us to dispose things, to give Graces, helps, in order to give, as Kingdom, the great Gift of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

“We know that the creature has nothing to give Us, and Our Love imposes Itself in order to give Our Acts as if they were her own, placing Our Works in her hands as Divine Currency, so that she may have sufficient means to be able to negotiate with Our Supreme Being.  Though she has nothing, she has her little love, unleashed by Our Own in the Act of Creating her, therefore she has a particle of the Infinite Love of God; and when the creature loves Us, she places the Infinite in attitude, and We feel the Magnetic Force of the particle of Our Infinite Love that, hovering about, Loves Us in her, rises, extends, reaches even to Us, and wants to enter into the Infinite from which it came out.  O! how it enraptures Us; and in the ardor of Our Love, We say:  ‘Who can resist the Power of Our Infinite Love that unleashes itself from the creature and Loves Us?’  To give heavens and earth seems little to Us in order to repay her for her little love that, though little, possesses the particle of the Infinite, and this is enough for Us.

“O! how sweet and dear is the precious pledge of the love of the creature.  And since there is nothing in the round of the centuries that has not come out of Our Will, your going around in the Creation of Man is a visit that you make to It, in order to know what It Operated and in what Seas of Graces, of Sanctity, of Love, he was placed in the Act of being Created.  And you (Luisa) would want to make that Love all yours in order to Love Us, and you commit Us with those same Acts with which We Created man.  In the same way, when you (Lusia) go around in the Creation of the Virgin, in Her Seas of Graces, in My Coming upon earth and in everything I (Jesus) did and suffered, you place, as commitment, the Queen of Heaven, My very Life and all My Acts.

“My Will is everything, and in order to give Itself to the creature It wants to be recognized, It wants to interact, It wants to negotiate with her; and the more you (Luisa) visit It in Its Acts, the more bound and committed It finds Itself, and It begins the disbursing of Its Capital:  all the Truths, the Knowledges I have given you (Luisa) about My Divine Will—has this perhaps not been the Capital I have made in your soul?  And it is so Exuberant, that it can fill the whole entire world with Light, with Love, with Sanctity, with Graces, with Peace.  And was it perhaps not after a round you (Luisa) did in Its Acts, that I (Jesus) was already waiting for you, with all Love, in order to give you Its Pledges and Advances that Its Kingdom would come upon earth?  You gave your pledges, and My Fiat gave you Its Own.  It can be said that each Truth and Word It spoke about It was a measure It took in order to form this Kingdom, a call-up It made in order to form Its Army, a Capital It disbursed in order to maintain It, Joys and Delights to draw creatures, Divine Strength to Conquer them.  In fact, We first do Deeds, order everything, and then We show and make known the Deeds We have done.

“And since We want to give this Good to the creatures, it is just and reasonable that We deal at least with one creature, so that from one it may pass to another.  We do not do Our Works in the air, but We want a little shelf on which to form Our Greatest Works.  Wasn’t the Queen of Heaven Our Little Shelf in the Great Work of Redemption, that then extended to all and to whoever wants It?  Therefore, let your flight in My Will be continuous, so that the two of you may exchange—you (Luisa), your pledges, and My Will, Its Capitals, in order to accelerate Its Kingdom on the face of the earth.”


V30–3.6.32   “My daughter (Luisa), everything goes around the creature:  the heavens go around, and do not let her escape from under their azure vault; the sun goes around, and with its little rounds of light it gives her light and heat; the water goes around the creature; the fire, the air, the wind—and each element gives her the properties it contains.  My very Life and all My Works are in continuous round around the creatures, to be in continuous Act of giving Myself to them.  Even more, you must know that as soon as a baby is conceived, My Conception goes around the conception of the baby, to form him and keep him defended.  And as he is born, My Birth places itself around the newborn, to go around him and give him the helps of My Birth, of My Tears, of My Wailings; and even My Breath goes around him to warm him.  The newborn does not love Me, though unconsciously, and I (Jesus) Love him to folly; I Love his innocence, My Image in him, I Love what he must be.  My Steps go around his first vacillating steps in order to strengthen them, and they continue to go around unto the last step of his life, to keep his steps safe within the round of My Steps.  In sum, My Works go around his works, My Words around his, My Pains around his pains; and when he is about to breathe the last breath of his life, My Agony goes around him as support of his own, and My Death, with Unconquerable Strength, goes around to give him unexpected helps, and with Jealousy, all Divine, it presses itself around him so that his death may not be death, but True Life for Heaven.  And I can say that even My Resurrection goes around his sepulcher, waiting for the propitious time in order to call, by the Empire of My Resurrection, his Resurrection of the body to Immortal Life.

“Now, all the Works that have come out of My Will, all of them go round and round—for this purpose were they Created.  To stop means to have no Life and not to produce the fruit established by Us—which cannot be, because the Divine Being knows not how to do either dead works or works without fruit.  So, one who enters into My Divine Will takes her place in the Order of Creation and feels the need to go around together with all created things; she feels the necessity to make her rapid rounds around My Conception, My Birth, My tender Age and everything I did upon earth.  And the Beauty of it is that while she goes around all Our Works, Our Works go around her; in sum, they compete in going around each other.  But this is all the effect and fruit of My Divine Will, such that, since It is continuous Motion, one who is in It feels the Life of Its Motion, and therefore the need to run together with It.  Even more, I (Jesus) tell you:  if you do not feel the continuous race of going around Our Works, it is a sign that your life is not permanent in My Will, but you make some exits, some little escapes; and therefore the race ceases, because the One who gives it the Life of running is missing; and as you enter into It, so It puts you in the Order, and you continue the race, because another Will, Divine and Operating, has entered into you.  Therefore, be attentive, because you have to deal with an Omnipotent Will, which always runs and embraces everything.”


V34–3.26.37    “Now you (Luisa) must know that the Creation and My Humanity are fields where the soul develops her acts when she does and Lives in My Divine Will.  Having been given the possession of It, she feels the need of circulating, like blood in the veins, in the Works of her Creator.  She wants to know their Value, the Good that they do, the Office that they occupy, also in order to Love them even more, in order to appreciate them, and also in order to feel Happier, richer, by the so many Goods that she possesses.

“This is why now she comes near the sun in order to know the secrets of its light, the rainbow of its colors, the virtue of its heat, its continuous miracle that it develops on the face of the earth, that only by touching it with its light, it vivifies, it colors, it sweetens, it transforms.  And O! how she loves the sun because it is hers, and she Loves even more He who has Created it.  She does the same with all the other created things.  She wants to know the secret virtue that they contain in order to love them some more, and in order to be grateful and to Love even more He who has given her the possession.  Therefore, there is nothing to marvel that the one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Fiat comes to be called ‘the Heiress of the Whole Creation.’

“Now, from the field of the Creation she passes to the field of My Humanity.  But who can tell you then, My daughter (Luisa), about the Marvels that happen in this living field?  Not works alone, as in the Creation, but of human and Divine Life.  They put themselves at My Place, nor can I (Jesus) refuse Myself, because I AM of them, they have the right over Me.  And I AM Happy that they possess Me, because they will Love me even more.  Now in this field of Mine these creatures repeat My Life, they Love with My own Love.  Their acts Fused with Mine form so many suns, skies, stars, O! how much more Beautiful than those of the Creation, that fill the field of My Humanity.

“O! how I (Jesus) feel Myself Loved and glorified, because these suns, skies, and stars, are not mute as those of the Creation, but they are speaking suns, with the fullness of Reason.  And how well they speak about My Love.  They speak and they Love Me.  They speak and they tell Me the history of souls and that of My Love, and therefore they win My Favor such that I must place them in safety.  They speak and they cover themselves with My sufferings in order to repeat My Life, and I (Jesus) feel these souls flow in My Tears, in My Words, in My Works and Steps, and I find in them refreshment in My Sufferings, My support, My defense, My refuge.  And so much is My Love for them, that I (Jesus) arrive at calling them ‘My Life.’  O! how I Love them.  I Possess them, and they possess Me—to Possess and Love even to folly is all the same.

“Now, these souls who Live in My Will are disposed to receiving all the sufferings of My Humanity—because it being impossible for Me to suffer, because I AM Glorious in Heaven, My Divine Will with Its Omnipotent Breath Creates the sufferings, the Sorrows, and forms there My Living Humanity that substitutes for Me in everything—and they are the New Saviors who give their life in order to save the entire world.  In fact, from Heaven I (Jesus) look at the earth and I find as many Jesuses who, taken by the same folly of My Love, give their life at the cost of sufferings and of death in order to tell Me:  ‘I am Your faithful copy, the sufferings make me smile because I enclose souls.’  And I, O! how I Love them.  I do not feel alone anymore.  I feel Happy, Victorious, because having company in developing the same Life, in suffering the same sufferings, in wanting what I want, is My Greatest Happiness and My Paradise on earth.

“See, therefore, how many Great, Portentous Things My Divine Will knows how to do, provided they Live in It.  It forms My same Living Humanity, and procures for Me the same Joys of My Celestial Fatherland.  Therefore take to heart to always Live in My Divine Will, do not think of anything else, because if you do this I feel My Love broken in you, and if you knew how much it costs Me to not be loved for even one moment.  In fact, in that moment I remain alone, you break the Happiness with Me, and in My delirium of Love I keep repeating:  ‘How is it?  I always Love her—and she, no.’ Therefore be attentive, because I do not want to ever remain alone.”


V24–7.4.28     “My daughter (Luisa), when one wants to make a purchase, one pays advances, and the more advances are given, the more the purchase is secured, and the less remains to be paid when one comes to the final acts of the definitive purchase.  Now, since you (Luisa) want the Kingdom of My Will, it is necessary for you to give advances, and every time you go around in It, asking for Its Kingdom over and over again, and emitting your acts on behalf of all for the same purpose, you add as many more advances to secure your purchase of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.

“And since it is the purchase of It that you want to make, it is necessary that your acts be done in It, that they acquire the value of the currency coined by My Divine Will.  Otherwise, it would not be a valid currency, and what could circulate for the purchase of It—it would be a currency from outside the Kingdom.  In fact, one who wants to purchase Divine Will must give acts of advance done in It, and My Will benignly deigns to coin them with the value of Its Fiat, in such a way that the soul can give the necessary advances for the purchase of It.

“This is the utility of your little rounds in My Fiat.  The acts that you emit in It, your asking, over and over again, for the coming of Its Kingdom, are all necessary things, that are needed for the great purchase of It.  Did I (Jesus) not do the same for Redemption?  I had to pay the advance of My Acts before My Celestial Father, and I had to pay for all in order to obtain the Kingdom of Redemption; and when I made the whole payment, then was it signed by the Divinity that the Kingdom was Mine.  Therefore, continue placing your advances, if you want to have it signed that the Kingdom of My Fiat is yours.”


V30–1.12.32    “Now, blessed daughter (Luisa), wanting to give the Kingdom of My Divine Will, it is necessary that you go around in Its Divine Properties, and I (Jesus), leading you by the hand, make known to you (Luisa) Its interminable Seas, the Goods, the Prodigies, the surprising Wonders, the Joys, the Happinesses, all the things of infinite Value that It possesses, so that by knowing It you love It.  And you would fall in love so much, that you would not only not know how to live without It, but would give your life in order to acquire a Kingdom so holy, peaceful, and beautiful.

“But this is not yet everything, your part is needed, your pledges, your advances and contracts.  And Our Love and Goodness is so much, that It wants to give Our Divine Will as property that It belongs to the creature, that It places at her disposition what It has done so that creatures might make use of it as equivalent pledges and contracts in order to receive a Gift so great.  Now as you (Luisa) go around in Creation and look at the sky, and you feel happy in seeing the beautiful azure vault studded with stars, the sun shinning with light, and recognize and feel still beating the Divine Fiat that has created it for Love of creatures, and your little love springing forth from your heart loves He who has loved you so much, your love is sealed in the heights of the sky, in the light of the sun.  And you (Luisa) give Us the sky for pledge, the stars for advance, the sun for contract, because they were created for you, and it is enough that you possess Our Will as Life, that It is already yours and can be the valid contract in order to obtain Its Kingdom.

And the same with as you go around in all the other created things.  You (Luisa) would recognize them and love Us, and however many times you repeat your going around, so many times you repeat the pledges, you make the contracts, and you arrange to dispose things, to give graces and helps in order to give as Kingdom the great Gift of the Fiat Voluntas tua as in Heaven so on earth.  We know that the creature does not have anything to give Us, and Our Love imposes itself to giving Our Acts as if they were hers, placing Our Works in her hands as Divine Money, so that she would have sufficient means in order to be able to contract with Our Supreme Being.  But if she doesn’t have anything, she has the little love, issued from Ours in the act of creating her; therefore she has a particle of the infinite Love of God.  And when the creature loves Us, she places the infinite at attention, We feel the magnetic strength of the particle of Our infinite Love that, hovering in her, loves Us, elevates, extends, and reaches even to Us, and wants to enter into the infinite from which she came forth. 

“O! how she enraptures Us, and in the Ardor of Our Love We say:  ‘Who can resist the strength of Our infinite Love that issues forth from the creature and loves Us?’  To give heavens and earth seems to Us as little in exchange for her little love, that although little, possesses a particle of the Infinite, and this is enough for Us.  O! how sweet and dear is the precious pledge of the love of the creature!

“And since there is nothing in the Round of the centuries that has not gone forth from Our Will, your going around in the creation of man is a visit that you (Luisa) make in order to know what It worked and in what seas of Graces, of Sanctity, of Love he was put forth in the act of being created.  And you would want to make all yours that Love in order to love Us, and you contract with Us with those same acts with which We created man.  And in the same way, when you (Luisa) go around in the creation of the Virgin, in Her Seas of Graces, in My Coming on earth and in everything that I did and suffered, you place yourself in order to contract with the Queen of Heaven, My Life Itself, and all My Acts.


V33–11.26.33       I was making my round in the Works of the Divine Fiat, and since I am so little, I felt the need of being carried in His arms, otherwise either I get lost in Its Immensity and the multiplicity of His Works, or I do not know how to go on.  But since He wants to make His Works known to me, where His Speaking and Operating Love finds itself—and this says how much and how He has Loved me—therefore He carries me in His arms and conducts me through the Interminable Ways of His Holy Will.  But this is not enough, in each of His Works, He encloses in me, for however much I can contain of it, the Love of every single Work.  He wants to hear in me the sound of Love that each Work contains.  Even I am one of His Works, an Act of His Will, and having done everything for my Love, He wants me to enclose in myself all the sounds and keys of Love that His Works contain.

So while I went around in His Works, beloved Jesus, surprising me, told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), you cannot understand how much it pleases Me to see you go around in the Works Created by Us.  They are pregnant with Love, and as you go around in Their midst, They pour forth Love and They give you the Love with which They are filled, and this is one of the reasons why I want you to go around in Our Works.  They lavishly prepare the table of Our Love for the creatures, and They feel honored that They have one little sister of Theirs in Their midst who feeds on It and who forms in herself as many sounds of Love for Their Creator for however many works were Created.

“But this is not everything.  My Divine Will is not content with making her go around in Our Works, but after she has finished going around, letting her know so many things about Creation and filling her even to the brim with Love, It conducts her in Its arms into the Womb of the Supreme Being, which casts her like a little stone into the Interminable Seas of Its Attributes.  And the little daughter of Our Volition (Luisa), what does she do?  Like a little stone cast into the sea makes all the waters of the sea ripple, so she moves all the Sea of Our Divine Being.

“And while she swims in It, she drowns with Love, with Light, with Sanctity, with Wisdom, with Goodness, and so forth.  And O! how Beautiful it is to see her, to hear what she says while she feels drowned:  ‘All Your Love is mine, and I put It in act to pray You that the Kingdom of Your Will come on earth.  Your Sanctity is mine, Your Light, Your Goodness, Your Mercy is mine.  It is not my littleness that prays to You, no, but Your Seas of Power, of Goodness, that pray to You, that urge You, that assail You, and want Your Will Reigning on earth.’  In fact, one sees the littleness of the creature acting as queen in Our Divine Being, re-uniting Our Immensity and Power together, and making Us ask Ourselves what she wants and We want.

“She understands well that there is no other Good than Our Will alone, and in order to obtain the intent she makes it asked by the Infinity of Our Divine Qualities, and one sees the little tiny one little and powerful, enriched with the Prerogatives of Our Divine Qualities as if they were hers, which gives her such charm of Beauty as to enrapture Us, debilitate Us, in order to make Us do what she wants and We want.  She becomes Our Echo, and she does not know how to say anything else to Us, nor ask for anything other, than that Our Will would invade everything and would form one single Will with all creatures.


V33–6.10.35  …So I continued my abandonment in the Supreme Volition, and going around in the extension of the sky that serves as pavement and footstool to the Celestial Fatherland, and as vault to the wayfarers down here, that azure vault seemed to me that it did double duty:  it served as sumptuous pavement to the Blessed Regions, and as Royal Vault to the wayfarers, uniting the one and the other together in order to make that one would be the Will and the Love of everyone.  Therefore, prostrating myself together with the sky, I called those up there and those on the earth to adore my Creator, prostrating ourselves all together, so that one would be the Adoration, the Will, the Love of all.

So while I did this, my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), the First Duty of the creature is to Adore He (the Triune God) who has Created her.  The First Act that says Sanctity is Duty; duty calls the order, and order makes arise the most Beautiful Harmony between the Creator and the creature:  Harmony of Will, Harmony of Love, of Ways, and of Imitation.  Duty is the substance of Sanctity, and since all created things Possess and hold as naturally the Imprint of True Adoration, so the creature united with them can lend the Most Perfect Adoration to He who has created her.  Therefore, every created thing is one Profound Adoration that they send to He (the Triune God) who has Created them.  And the creature, uniting herself to them in virtue of Our Volition, places them all in Adoration, giving to God the Duty of each one.  And elevating herself over everyone, she brings everything to Us (Triune God), and comes to beat in Our Heartbeat and to breathe in Our Breath.