Return to Jesus Gives the Truths of the Divine Will to Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa and Happiness in the Divine Will

(Luisa) My Daughter, To See the Creature Happy

Is My Only Contentment (V 25 – 1/6/29)

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


And everything will turn into happiness

Letters of Luisa

63. To Sister M. Longina

J.M.J. – Fiat!!!

Oh, how the Divine Will wants you a saint!  But It wants you to call It continuously, in order to make the day of peace arise in your soul, and make all the miseries which prevent true sanctity, magically disappear from your heart.  The Divine Fiat awaits you, to say to you:  “Give me life in your acts and I will make you a saint.  And everything will turn into happiness.”

To have a happy child is the greatest happiness and glory of a maternal heart

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will: Day Fifteen
The soul to the Queen of Heaven:

Queen Mama, here I am at your side as your child, to follow your steps as you enter the temple.  Oh, how I wish my Mama would take my little soul and enclose it in the living temple of the Will of God, isolating me from everyone, except my Jesus and his sweet company.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

My dearest child, how sweet is your whispering to my ears – hearing you say that you want to be enclosed in the living temple of the Divine Will, and that you want no other company but that of your Jesus and mine.  Ah, dear child, you make the joys of a true mother arise in my maternal heart.  If you let me do it, I am certain that my child will be happy, and my joys will be hers.  To have a happy child is the greatest happiness and glory of a maternal heart.

These enemies render man unhappy

VOL. 4 – October 12, 1900
The most powerful enemies of man are the love of pleasures, of riches and of honors.

My adorable Jesus continues to come.  This morning He was wearing a thick crown of thorns; I removed it very gently, I put it on my head, and said:  ‘Lord, help me to drive it in.’  And He:  “This time I want you to drive it in yourself; I want to see what you can do and how you want to suffer for love of Me.”  I drove it well in; more so, since it was about showing Him how far my love of suffering for Jesus reached; so much so, that He Himself, all moved, clasping me, told me:  “Enough, enough, for my Heart cannot bear seeing you suffer more.”  And as I remained very much in suffering, my beloved Jesus would do nothing but come and go.

After this, He assumed the appearance of the Crucified, He shared His pains with me, and said to me:  “My daughter, the most powerful enemies of man are:  the love of pleasures, of riches and of honors.  These enemies render man unhappy, because they penetrate even into his heart and consume him continuously; they embitter him, they bring him down so much, as to make him lose all happiness.  And I, on Calvary, defeated these three enemies, and obtained for man the grace to conquer them too, giving back to him the lost happiness.  But man, always ungrateful and heedless, rejects my grace and loves these enemies fiercely, which put the human heart in a continuous torture.”  Having said this, He disappeared, and I comprehended with such clarity the truthfulness of these words, that I felt abhorrence and hate for these enemies.  May the Lord be always blessed, and may everything be for His glory.

I want to teach you the secret of how you can always be with Jesus, and live always content and happy, even on this earth

VOL. 4 – August 21, 1901
The Celestial Mama teaches the secret of true happiness. 

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself.  After going round and round in search of Jesus, I found the Queen Mama instead, and oppressed and tired as I was, I said to Her:  ‘My most sweet Mama, I lost the way to find Jesus; I don’t know where else to go, nor what to do in order to find Him again.’

While saying this, I was crying, and She said to me:  “My daughter, follow Me and you will find the way, and Jesus.  Even more, I want to teach you the secret of how you can always be with Jesus, and live always content and happy, even on this earth:  fix in your interior that there is only Jesus and you in the world, and no one else; and that Him alone must you please, satisfy and love, and from Him alone must you expect to be loved in return and contented in everything.  If you are in this way with Jesus, you will no longer be affected, whether you are surrounded by scorns or praises, by relatives or strangers, by friends or enemies.  Jesus alone will be all your contentment, and Jesus alone will be enough for you in the place of all.  My daughter, until everything that exists down here disappears completely in the soul, one cannot find true and perpetual contentment.”

Now, while She was saying this, Jesus came into our midst as though from within a flash.  I took Him and brought Him with me, and I found myself inside myself.

Only one who constitutes Me King of her heart enjoys peace and happiness

VOL. 5 – October 12, 1903

In addition, the crown of thorns means that there is no glory and honor without thorns; that there can never be dominion over passions and acquisition of virtues without feeling oneself being pricked deep in one’s flesh and spirit, and that true reigning is in mastering oneself by the pricks of mortification and of sacrifice.

Moreover, these thorns signified that I am the true and only King, and only one who constitutes Me King of her heart enjoys peace and happiness, and I constitute her queen of my own Kingdom.  So, all those rivulets of blood which poured from my head were many little streams which bound the human intelligence to the knowledge of my sovereignty over them.”

But who can say all that I feel in my interior?  I do not have the words to express it.  Even more, the little I have said, it seems to me I have said without connection; and I believe that it must be so in speaking about the things of God – as high and sublime as is the way in which one speaks, since He is uncreated and we are created, one cannot speak about God but in stammering.

Prayer to Constitute Jesus as King of One’s Heart

Hours of the Passion : 9AM Hour

“My child, these thorns say that I want to be constituted King of each heart; to Me belongs every dominion.  Take these thorns and prick your heart; let everything that does not belong to Me come out, and then leave one thorn inside, as the seal that I am your King, and to prevent any other thing from entering into you.  Then, go through every heart, and pricking them, let all the fumes of pride and the rottenness which they contain come out, and constitute Me King of all.”

Contentment is inseparable from my Will.

VOL. 13 – August 13, 1921

The Divine Will always carries all joys and happiness with It.

I was feeling very afflicted, and my adorable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, courage, I don’t want you afflicted.  The whole being of one who lives in my Will is touched by the smile of Heaven, the contentment of the Blessed, the peace of the Saints.  My Will contains the substance of all joys, the fount of all happiness.  Even in sorrow, one who lives in my Volition feels pain and joy, tears and smile, bitterness and sweetness mixed together.  Contentment is inseparable from my Will.

I am like a happy Father, Who possesses the fullness of all the happiness, and wants to make all His children happy

VOL. 13 – January 5, 1922

Listen.  My Being is led by an irresistible force to communicate Itself to the creature.  I still have many more things to tell you, many more truths which you do not know; and all of them carry the happiness that each one contains.  As many truths the soul knows, so many different happinesses she acquires.  Now, finding your heart embittered, they feel their happinesses being shaded, and they cannot communicate themselves freely.  I am like a happy Father, Who possesses the fullness of all the happiness, and wants to make all His children happy.  Now, if He sees that one of His children really loves Him, and is sad and concerned, at any cost He wants to make His child happy, freeing him from that embarrassment.  And if the Father knows that that sadness is caused by the loved that the child has for Him – oh, then He cannot find peace, He uses all His arts, and makes any sacrifice to make His child happy.  Such am I.  And since I know that your affliction is because of Me, if I don’t see you coming back again to your state of joy, and be marked with my own happiness, I will make Myself unhappy, waiting for you to return into the arms of my happiness.”

…while living in my Will is exactly this – to live fully happy on earth, to then live happier in Heaven.

VOL. 14 – November 11, 1922

This is the reason of my many manifestations – the many values and effects which I made you know about my Will.  These will be powerful magnets, to draw you, and then others, to live in It.  However, in order to enter our Will and follow the sublime flight of my acts and of those of my indivisible Mama, being of common birth, you could not enter into our Will if you did not have, or had been transformed into the nature which came out from my hands, before man withdrew from our Will.  Here they are, then, my many graces in order to reduce your nature, your soul, to that original state.  As I kept giving you graces, so did I remove the seeds, the tendencies, the passions of the rebellious nature, always leaving your will free.

It was necessary that I reduced your nature to this happy state, for my decorum, sanctity and dignity, having to call you in the center of my Will to live a communal life in It, and to make you trace all the acts done by Me, which are not yet known to creatures.  Otherwise, you could not have run with Me in the interminable acts of my Will, nor be with Me with that familiarity which is needed in order to operate together.  The passions, the seeds of tendencies which are not good, would have been as many bars of division between Me and you.  At the most, you would have been at the orders of my Will, as many of my faithful ones; but you would have been very far from doing what I did, and neither you nor I would have been happy; while living in my Will is exactly this – to live fully happy on earth, to then live happier in Heaven.

…in this way the creature would be happy of Our own happiness, and so We remain glorified by the happiness of the creature

VOL. 17 – June 20, 1924

How the Divine Will contains the fullness of happiness and the second humanity of Our Lord.

            As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, together with my most sweet Jesus.  He was all goodness and all admirable.  He took my hands in His and pressed them tightly to His breast, and, all love, told me:  “My beloved daughter, if you knew what pleasure, what taste I feel in speaking to you about my Will!  Every additional thing I manifest to you on my Will is one happiness I unleash from Me and which communicates itself to the creature, and I feel happier in her by virtue of my own happiness.  In fact, the distinctive specialty of my Will is exactly this:  to make God and man happy.  Don’t you remember, my daughter, how much we delighted together, I in speaking to you, and you in listening to Me, and how we made each other happy?  And since my Will alone contains the seed of happiness, we – I by manifesting It, and the soul by knowing It – form the plant and the fruits of true everlasting and eternal happiness, which never ceases.  And not only us, but also those who listen to or read the admirable and surprising things of my Will, feel the sweet enchantment of my happiness.        Therefore, in order to make myself happy in my works, I want to speak to you of the nobility of my Will, of where the soul can reach, and of what she can enclose if she lets my Will enter.  The nobility of my Will is divine; and since It comes from Heaven, It does not descend if not in one in whom It finds a noble court.  And so the first one to let It enter was my Humanity.  It is not content with little, but It wants everything, because It wants to give everything.  And how can It give everything if It does not find everything for Itself, to be able to place all of Its goods in it?  So my Humanity gave It the holy and noble court, and It centralized everything and everyone in Me.           See, then, in order for my Will to come and reign in the soul, the soul must enclose within herself all that my Humanity did.  And if the other creatures have shared, in part, in the fruits of my Redemption, according to their dispositions, this creature will concentrate them all in order to form the noble court to my Will, and my Will will concentrate in the soul the love which It gives and wants to give to all, in order to receive the love of all and of each one.  It is not content with finding in her the return of her love alone, but It wants the return of all.  My Will wants to find in the soul in whom It wants to reign, all the relations which exist in creation between Creator and creature; otherwise Its happiness would not be full, nor would It find all of Its things, or Itself.  My Will must be able to say in the soul in whom It reigns:  ‘Here I find my happiness.’ In spite of this, if no one loved Me or requited Me, I would always be happy in Myself.  No one can sadden my happiness, because in this Will of Mine I find everything, I receive everything, and I can give everything.  I would repeat the sentence which is in the Three Divine Persons:  ‘We are intangible; as much as the creatures might do, no one can touch Us, or even slightly shade our eternal and immutable happiness.  Only one who possesses Our Will can touch Us lovingly, and can become one with Us, because in this way the creature would be happy of Our own happiness, and so We remain glorified by the happiness of the creature.

Do you know what your only right is?

VOL. 17  – July 1, 1924

Then, He remained silent, and I felt in my interior as if Jesus was taking my little and poor soul in His hands, and He squeezed it, He touched it up, He looked at it; and I said to Him:  ‘My Love, what are your doing?  Is there anything in me that displeases You?’ And He:  “I am working and expanding your soul in my Will.  And then, I do not need to give you an account of what I do, because, since you gave yourself completely to Me, you have lost your rights – rights which are already Mine.  Do you know what your only right is?  That my Will be yours, and that It provide you with all that can make you happy, in time and eternity.”

…without my Will dominating, there can be neither growth nor beauty, nor happiness

VOL. 20 – September 17, 1926

Man too was assigned his place – his office of sovereign over all created things; with the difference that, while all the other things created by Us remained exactly like God had created them – without ever changing, increasing or decreasing – my Will, instead, giving man supremacy over all the works of Our hands, and wanting to display even more love with him, gave him the office to grow continuously in beauty, in sanctity, in wisdom, in richness, to the point of raising him to the Likeness of his Creator – always provided that he would let himself be dominated and guided, to give the Supreme Fiat free field in order to form Its Divine Life in him, so as to form this continuous growth of goods, of beauty and of happiness without end.  In fact, without my Will dominating, there can be neither growth nor beauty, nor happiness, nor order, nor harmony.  Since my Will is origin, master and beginning of the whole work of Creation, wherever It exists, It has the virtue of preserving Its work beautiful, just as It delivered it.  But where It does not exist, the communication of Its vital humors in order to preserve the work delivered by Our hands, is missing.  Do you see, then, what a great evil it was for man to withdraw from my Will?


… I give, and she takes ever more joy, more happiness, more goods, and more glory.      

VOL. 20 – October 15, 1926

As much Divine Will as one has enclosed on earth, so much happiness will he have in Heaven.

Now, while I was thinking and saying this, my always lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “Little daughter of my Will, it is just, it is necessary, it is a right of both sides – both yours and of my Will – that whoever is a child of my Will follow the multiplicity of the acts of my Will, and that my Will receive them into Its acts.  A father would be unhappy, if he did not feel his son at his side, in order to be followed by his son in his acts; nor would the son feel loved by the father if, putting him aside, the father would not let himself be followed by his son.  Therefore, daughter of my Will and newborn in It means exactly this:  to follow all of Its acts as a faithful daughter.  In fact, you must know that in Creation my Will entered the field of action in the human acts of the creature; but in order to act, It wants the act of the creature within Its own, so as to carry out Its work and be able to say:  ‘My Kingdom is in the midst of my children, and right in the intimate place of their acts’.  In fact, as much as the creature takes of my Will, so much do I extend my kingdom in her, and she extends her kingdom in my Will – but according to how much she lets herself be dominated in her acts.  In this way, she expands her boundaries in my kingdom, and I give, and she takes ever more joy, more happiness, more goods, and more glory.

In fact, it is established that in the Celestial Fatherland they will receive as much glory, beatitude and happiness, for as much of my Will as they have enclosed in their souls on earth.  Their glory will be measured by that very Will of Mine which their souls will possess; nor will they be able to receive more, because their capacity and wideness is formed by that very Divine Will which they have done and possessed while living on earth.  And even if my generosity wanted to give more, they would lack the space to contain it, and it would overflow outside.

When I can speak with a creature, make Myself understood, it is happiness for Me – and full and superabundant happiness for the one who listens to Me
VOL. 20 –
January 13, 1927

You know that in the whole world there is not one place in which I can share my happinesses and receive return for them.  So, the place of my happiness in the world is you, and this happiness of Mine is formed by my speaking.  When I can speak with a creature, make Myself understood, it is happiness for Me – and full and superabundant happiness for the one who listens to Me; more so, since in speaking with you, because my Will is in you, I speak to you in my Will, not outside of It, and I am sure of being understood; and even more so, since in speaking to you about my Will, I feel in you the happiness of my Kingdom, the echo of the happiness of the Celestial Fatherland.

Do you know, my daughter, what would happen?  Since I keep you in the Supreme Fiat, I look at you as someone from my Celestial Fatherland.  What would you say if someone who already lives in Heaven did not want to receive my new joys, which are released naturally from my womb to make all the Blessed happy?  In fact, it is in my nature to give ever new beatitudes.  This someone would be a hindrance to my happiness – she would close in my womb the joys which I want to release.  So it would happen with you – you would be a hindrance to my happiness, to the ever new joys which my Will possesses; more so, since I feel happier when I make the little daughter of my Will happier, who finds herself in the low exile only because of Us – for nothing else, to give Us field in order to form Our Kingdom in the midst of creatures and to restore for Us the rights and the glory of the work of the whole Creation.  Do you think that my Heart can tolerate not making my little daughter happy?  No, no – it would be the greatest pain for Me.  Is my word perhaps not the greatest happiness for you?”

And I:  ‘Certainly O Jesus; and if You knew how You make me unhappy when You deprive me of it – how I feel the void a happiness without end, which nothing else, as beautiful and good as it may be, will be able to make up for.’

And Jesus:  “Therefore, my daughter, while my word makes you happy, I do not want it to remain in the void of yourself alone, but I want it to serve to establish my Kingdom; and therefore, as confirmation of my word and of my happiness which comes from Me, I want it to be written on paper, also as confirmation of our correspondence.”


This is why until creatures let my Divine Will reign, in the world there will be not even the idea, nor the true knowledge of what true peace and fullness of happiness mean.

VOL. 22 – September 3, 1927
Until the soul lets the Divine Will reign, she will always be unhappy and restless. 

Diversity of martyrdom of soul and of body.

I was crossing the sea of light of the Divine Fiat, following Its acts, and – oh! how I comprehended that all good is in It.  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, until the creature comes to letting my Divine Will reign within her, she will be always unhappy, always restless, because as good, holy, learned and rich as she may be, she will feel within herself that she lacks the fullness of happiness and the sea of peace, which are such that from no side may she be disturbed or her happiness broken.  So, she can only be happy by half, and her peace will be halved; and because it is not whole, the half that she lacks will keep the way open to bring unhappiness and disturbance.

See, this happens also in the natural order.  Someone is rich, he lacks nothing, he possesses his ten, twenty millions or billions, but knowing that he could acquire more and be even richer, he feels restless, unhappy; and as though putting his riches aside, he is all foot, all works, all words, all eyes for the other riches he would like to acquire.  Poor one, how can he be happy, peaceful, if he lacks the source of goods which says to him:  ‘Rest, everything is yours, and everything you want is in your power.’  Someone else is king – but how much unhappiness under that crown:  fear of losing his kingdom, hopes and yearnings to acquire more kingdoms, to rule over the whole world at the cost of wars.  So, possessing a kingdom is nothing other than an open way to render the poor king unhappy and restless.  A third one is learned, but not possessing all the sciences, knowing that he could possess more, he does not rest, nor does he feel happy and peaceful.  How many times, before someone else who is more learned than he is, he feels humiliated, and feels the unhappiness caused by his lacking the fullness of sciences?

Now, the same happens in the supernatural order.  Someone is good, but he does not feel within himself that he possesses the source of goodness, because he feels that on some occasions his patience is weak, his firmness in good is intermittent, his charity is very often limping, his prayer is inconstant.  This renders him unhappy, restless, because he sees that his happiness is not whole – it is as though halved, and the other half which is missing serves to torture him and make him unhappy.  Poor one, how clearly it shows that he lacks the Kingdom of my Divine Will; in fact, if It were reigning in him, he would possess the source of goodness, which will say to him:  ‘Rest, everything is in your power – source of patience, of firmness, of charity, of prayer.’  And feeling the source within himself, he would feel the sea of happiness and of peace extend inside and outside of himself, and unhappiness and restlessness would no longer find the way to enter into him.  Someone else is holy, but on some circumstances he does not feel within himself the source of holiness, the light which makes one know everything, which points everything out to him – the road and the happiness.  The knowledge of God is not full, the heroism of the virtues vacillate in him.  So, with all his holiness he is not happy, nor peaceful, because since the total dominion of my Divine Fiat is missing, he lacks the source of the light which eclipses the seed of all evils and substitutes it with the source of happiness and of peace.  This is why until creatures let my Divine Will reign, in the world there will be not even the idea, nor the true knowledge of what true peace and fullness of happiness mean.  All things, however good and holy, will not have their fullness, because since the dominion and the reigning of my Supreme Volition is missing, that which communicates the source of all happinesses is missing; which is a spring, and therefore one can take from it whatever he wants and however he wants it.  This is the reason for all my cares that my Will be known and form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures – because I want to see them happy, and of that happiness with which I issued them in creating them and they were delivered from the womb of their Creator, who possesses all possible imaginable happinesses.”


Not to possess It is the greatest unhappiness of the creature

VOL. 23 – October 6, 1927

One who possesses my Divine Will has the eyesight to be able to recognize what belongs to my Will Itself.  Man alone did not recognize Me, because he did not possess the eyesight and the fine sense of smell of my Will.  I had to tell him in order to make Myself recognized; but with all my telling, many did not even believe Me, because one who does not possess my Divine Will is blind and deaf and without the sense of smell to be able to recognize what belongs to It.  Not to possess It is the greatest unhappiness of the creature; he is the poor cretin, blind, deaf and mute, who, not possessing the light of my Divine Fiat, uses the very created things by taking the excrements which they release, while leaving inside of them the true good which they contain.  What sorrow, to see creatures without the nobility of the life of my Divine Will.”

Oh! how happy they will feel

VOL. 23 – January 18, 1928

Here is the utility of the many things I have manifested to you, the many surprising truths, the promises of the so many goods which I must give to the children of the Fiat Voluntas Tua:  they will be the Gospel, the basis, the inexhaustible fount from which all will draw the celestial life, the terrestrial happiness and the restoration of their creation.  Oh! how happy they will feel – those who, with yearning, will drink in large gulps from these founts of my knowledges; because they contain the virtue of bringing the life of Heaven, and of banishing any unhappiness.”


As Father, I love and want everyone to be happy

VOL. 24 – July 10, 1928

Then He kept silent, and after a little while He added:  “My daughter, the human will has produced so much evil as to form the unhappy state of the poor creature; it changed her lot, her fortune.  Since I am happy by nature, everything that came out of Our creative hands in Creation, came out with the fullness of happiness; therefore, everywhere, inside and outside of man, perennial joy and happiness flew.  The human will drove this sea of true and perpetual peace out of itself, which, driven out, took refuge in the womb of its Creator, who had delivered it so that all of His works might be happy.  And even though We are happy by Our nature, and no one can shade Our happiness, We are forced to see man unhappy, to whom primacy in Creation had been given; and to see Our children unhappy, to see that the sea of Our happiness is not enjoyed by the one who was the owner of it, even though it causes no harm to Us, is always a sorrow.

Now, one who lives in my Divine Will calls this sea of happiness once again into herself; she removes from Us the sight of the unhappiness in the poor creatures, and she makes Us twice as happy, because We see that Our happiness follows its way toward Our children.  Therefore my Will will put all things in place and will remove the unhappiness produced by the human will which, with its poisonous slobber, knows how to embitter everything and make everything turbid.  How beautiful it is to see everyone happy!  What a consolation for a father to have and see the crown of his children – all happy, rich, healthy, beautiful, always smiling, never crying!  Oh, how he enjoys, and feels himself swimming in his own happiness and that of children!  I am more than a father, and I feel within Me the happiness of my children, because it is my own thing and can enter into Me; while unhappiness is something extraneous to Me, which does not belong to Me and has no way to enter into Me.  I feel the sorrow of seeing it, but not of feeling it, and as Father, I love and want everyone to be happy.”



…each of these lives contains a happiness distinct from the others, to be communicated to creatures

VOL. 24 – September 28, 1928

Each truth about It contains a happiness distinct from the others.

After this, I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus added:

“My daughter, great graces have I given to you and, through you, to the whole world by manifesting to you so many truths about my Divine Will.  In fact, not only are my truths divine lives which my highest Goodness puts out, bilocating Its life for as many truths as It manifests, but each of these lives contains a happiness distinct from the others, to be communicated to creatures, and a glory, different from the others, which the creatures can give to the One who has manifested it.  However, these happinesses will be communicated to the creatures when they come to know these truths.  They are like as many queens, each possessing extensive properties, distinct from one another, and they are waiting for the peoples to know that these queens exist, which contain their properties, and yearn and want to enrich and make happy the ones for whom they were delivered from Our divine womb.  If you knew how suffocated Our love remains, after having released so many happinesses from Our paternal womb, for as many truths as We have manifested, in seeing that the creatures do not enjoy these feasts, nor give Us the glory which they should give Us, because they ignore such a great good, and only because they do not want to occupy themselves with making known a good, and graces so great.  This is a sorrow for Us which you cannot comprehend; therefore, pray – pray incessantly that my Divine Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures, so that, as Father, I may break the bread of happiness for my children.”

It would be too hard for Me, on this day, not to render one who lives in my Divine Will happy

VOL. 25 – December 25, 1928

Now, while He was saying this, He disappeared from me; but after a little while He came back, inside a little cradle of gold, clothed with a tiny little garment of light.  And He added:  “My daughter, today is my birthday, and I have come to render you happy with my presence.  It would be too hard for Me, on this day, not to render one who lives in my Divine Will happy, not to give you my first kiss and tell you ‘I love you’ as a requital of yours, and, clasping you tightly to my little Heart, make you feel my heartbeats that unleash fire, and would want to burn everything which does not belong to my Will, while your heartbeat, echoing within mine, repeats for Me your pleasant refrain:  ‘May your Will reign on earth as It does in Heaven’.  Repeat it always, if you want to render Me happy and calm my baby crying.  Look – your love has prepared for Me the gold cradle, and the acts in my Divine Will have prepared for Me the little garment of light.  Aren’t you happy?”


My daughter, to see the creature happy is my only contentment
VOL. 25 – January 6, 1929

              Then, I continued to think about the Supreme Fiat, and – oh! how many things I comprehended about It.  I seemed to see It, all majesty, all light, pouring out happiness, strength, sanctity, love; and these outpourings formed endless seas which wanted to pour themselves over creatures.  But, alas!, they would not give a thought to receiving them, and these seas would remain suspended above their heads.  But while my mind was immersed in the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, wherever the Divine Will is present, there is the communicative strength of all the divine goods, and like mighty waves, Our outpourings of happiness, of light, of strength, etc., flow over the creature who possesses It.  And It has the virtue of changing the nature of the hardest, the most painful, the most bitter things.  Wherever my Divine Fiat is present, the hardest things become so very soft, pains change into joys, bitternesses into sweetnesses, the earth becomes Heaven, the sacrifices conquests.

Your example is more than enough to convince you of what I am telling you.  See, if my Will were not present in you, nailed as you are, inside a bed for so many years, without seeing and enjoying either the sun, or the air, or any pleasure of the earth – even more, you can say that you do not know it – you would have been the unhappiest creature.  Oh! how hard and bitter would your state have been to you.  Yet, my Divine Fiat, possessing the source of happiness, pouring Itself over you and flowing even in the marrow of your bones, communicates to you Its happiness, and with Its strength It puts all evils to sleep for you, and renders you happy.  And if you knew how content I am in seeing you happy….  And then, add that it is seeing you happy, not in a state of pleasure, of amusement, but confined in a bed; this enraptures Me, it makes Me go into fidgets of love, it draws Me so much to you; and in my delirium of love, I say:  ‘Oh! prodigy of my Divine Fiat, that renders my daughter happy in a state which the world would have cried out as unhappiness, misfortune, and maybe never before seen and understood.  Yet, with my Divine Will she is the happiest of creatures, the most peaceful, the dominator of herself, because inside of her flows the vein of the happiness of my Fiat, which knows how to convert all things into joys and happinesses without end.’  My daughter, to see the creature happy is my only contentment, and since what renders her unhappy is the human volition, once this is removed, all the unhappinesses end, nor do they have any more reason to exist.  But what makes all human unhappinesses die is my Will alone.  Before It, all evils feel themselves dying; my Will is like the sun that rises in the morning, which has the virtue of dispelling the darkness of the night.  Before the light, darkness dies, nor has any right to exist any more.  So it is with my Divine Will.”


Therefore, if you want to be happy, let yourself be dominated by My Divine Will, because It alone has the virtue of giving happiness to the creature

VOL. 28 – May 10, 1930

How all created things are happy because (they were) created by a Divine Will.

My little soul continues it course in the works that the Divine Will created; and while I looked at Creation in order to unite myself to the homages that (created things) gave to my Creator, I saw that all was happiness in them.  Heaven is happy in its extension [that is] extendable to all points.  It seemed that its extension says fullness of happiness, and all its stars are degrees of happiness that heaven possesses which, elevating itself toward its Creator, glorifies Him with the happiness of its extension, and with the so many degrees of stars that it possesses.  The sun is happy in its light, in the fecundity of its heat, in the beauty of its various colors, in the sweetness and in the distinct tastes that it possesses.  Oh, how happy it is!  How it elevates itself to He who has created it in order to bring Him the glory, the homages, of the great happiness that it possesses.  But while my mind was lost in the great happiness that Creation possesses, my sweet Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, all created things are happy.  Happy because [they were] created by a Divine Will which is, by Itself, eternally happy; [happy] for the office that they occupy, happy in the space in which they find themselves, happy because they glorify their Creator.  Nothing created by Us was created unhappy.  Therefore all possess the fullness of happiness.

“Now, if We poured so much happiness in all Creation, in creating man not only did We create him doubly happy, giving him the vein of happiness in his mind, in his glance, in his word, in his heartbeat, in his motion, in his step, but We gave that same happiness into his power, multiplying it in every good act, word, step, and the rest that he would do.  There were no limits, as in created things, to happiness for him, for man was gifted with the virtue of always growing more in happiness.  But [he could do] this [only] if he would let himself be dominated by My Divine Will.  Without It, happiness cannot reign.  Oh, if created things could come forth from Our Fiat, in an instant they would lose their happiness, and they would change into the most unhappy works.  Therefore, if you want to be happy, let yourself be dominated by My Divine Will, because It alone has the virtue of giving happiness to the creature, and of changing the most bitter things into the sweetest nectar.

The Angels and the Saints receive a higher glory and happiness

VOL. 35 – September 12, 1937

Sweet Jesus felt loved and wounded by so many voices, and with unspeakable love, told me: “My daughter, the power of one act in my Will is such as to seem unbelievable.  As you were calling everyone, I felt loved by all; and since you have free will – worthy of merit – as you emitted your act, my Will unleashed from Itself a greater love, glory and happiness, by which all felt invested.  The Angels and the Saints receive a higher glory and happiness, and feel more loved by God in return; while those on earth receive more help and graces, according to their disposition.   All the acts done in my Will receive this great good, because my Will belongs to all, and all have a right to that act.  Since it is an act from a pilgrim soul, who gains the merit of every good she does, that merit becomes a common merit, and also common joy, love and glory.  If you knew what it means to be loved more by God in return, and the joy and the glory that a God can give, oh, how much more attentive you would be!  The Angels and the Saints, who know it, long for your call in order to have this great good.  And when you don’t call them, all concerned, they say:  ‘She is not calling us today?’  Therefore, although you are on earth, your merit runs to Heaven to give new love and new happiness to the Celestial residents.

So, we want our Will to be known on earth in order to show, from the depth of our divine womb, new infinite joys and happiness to those who live in It

VOL. 36 – June 12, 1938

Now, you must know that every knowledge I manifest and every act done in my Will, thanks to this knowledge, is like a divine seed acquired by the soul.  This seed will produce new divine science. Oh! how she will be able to speak the language of her Creator.  Every truth will be a new celestial language with the virtue of being understandable to those who listen and want to receive this divine seed.  This seed will produce new life of sanctity, new love, new goodness, new joy and happiness. These seeds of truth will be as many divine properties acquired by the soul.

The joy we receive when the soul operates in our Will is such that we communicate it to all the Blessed.  You must know that as many are the divine seeds which the soul acquires by knowledge of my Fiat, so many more degrees of our knowledge and glory will we extend to her when, having finished her life down here, she will come to our Heavenly Fatherland.  To each knowledge acquired on earth will correspond a double knowledge of our Supreme Entity in our Celestial residence.  To each Divine seed a degree of glory, joy and happiness.  Therefore, the happiness, joy and glory of the Blessed will be in proportion to how much they will have known us.  Consider, for example, a man who did not study different languages.  In hearing them being spoken, he will not understand a thing.  Moreover, he certainly could not be employed as a teacher of these languages to let him earn a higher salary.  He will only be able to teach the little he knows and earn little money.

In the same way, if men do not know us on earth, they won’t make enough room in their souls to be able to receive all our joy and happiness.  Even if we desire to give it to them, it would just not fit, and they would not understand anything.  Therefore, the glory of the Blessed will correspond to how many acts in our Will they have done: glory and joy will be higher the more knowledge they acquired.  This can make the Blessed reach such a height that all the Celestial Court will be amazed, because each additional knowledge is a new divine Life that the soul acquires, a life with infinite goods and joys.

Do you think it’s nothing for the souls to possess many of our new divine lives as her own property?  What we will not give of joy, happiness and love, in return for these new divine lives that she possesses!  We long for our children who will live in our Will, to make Ourselves known on earth, since It will be their Teacher of the new sciences of their Creator and will make them beautiful, wise, holy and noble, according to the knowledge acquired.  We await them in our Celestial Court to inundate them with our new joys, beauties and happiness, which we haven’t been able to give until now.  And since in Heaven all the Blessed are bound together as a family, loving each other in a perfect way, they will all participate in the glory and joy of these children; not as direct glory and joy, but in an indirect way, thanks to the bond of love among themselves.  So, we want our Will to be known on earth in order to show, from the depth of our divine womb, new infinite joys and happiness to those who live in It.”