Return to Jesus Gives the Truths of the Divine Will to Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa, “I have come to bring fire to the earth. How I wish it were already blazing!” Lk 12:49

Luisa, “I have come to bring fire to the earth. 

How I wish it were already blazing!” (Luke 12:49)


February 8, 1921 “…..and I (Jesus) am preparing for you an Era of Love…!…in which My Love will overflow in a marvelous and unheard of manner…I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) together with Me preparing this Era of Celestial and Divine Love…”

February 10, 1924  “I, (Jesus) see that these Writings will be for My Church as a New Sun which will rise in her midst…. …and as a result of My Church being renewed by them, the face of the earth will be transformed…. You will see this from Heaven, you will see the great Good when the Church will receive this Heavenly Nourishment, which, fortifying Her, will make Her resurge in Her Full Triumph.”

August 14, 1926,  The Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur

“You must know that in order for My Supreme Will to be made known, I (Jesus) had to prepare things, dispose the means, convince the Bishop…I (Jesus) had to do one of My greatest Prodigies. Do you think it is an easy thing to obtain the approval of a Bishop? Do you not see in the approval of the Bishop, the Triumph of My Will, and therefore My great Glory and the necessity that this Knowledge of the Most Holy Divine Will be made known…?”

January 29, 1919  “My beloved daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) want you to know the order of My Providence. In each period of 2000 years, I (Jesus) have renewed the world: in the first, I (Jesus) renewed it with the flood. In the second 2000 years, I (Jesus) renewed it with My coming to the earth, in which I (Jesus) manifested My Humanity, from which as from so many fissures, emanated My Divinity; and the good people and even the Saints of these third 2000 years have lived from the fruits of My Humanity, and only in drops have they enjoyed My Divinity. Now we are close to the end of the third 2000 years and there will be a third renewal.

“Here is the reason for the general confusion: it is simply the preparation for the third renewal. And if in the second renewal I (Jesus) manifested what My Humanity did and suffered, and very little of the works of My Divinity, now, in this third renewal, after the earth has been purged…, I (Jesus) will be even more magnanimous with the creatures, and I (Jesus) will bring about the third renewal by manifesting what My Divinity did in My Humanity…My Love wants to come forth and wants to make known the excesses that My Divinity worked in My Humanity in favor of the creatures, which surpasses by far the excesses that were externally made by My Humanity.”

July 14, 1923 “…..the world is found precisely at the same point where it was when I (Jesus) came to the earth; everyone was expecting a most important happening, a New Era; and in fact, it happened; and now as well, having to come the grand Advent, the New Era in which the Will of God will be done on earth as in Heaven, all are eagerly awaiting this New Era, weary of the present, but without knowing what is this novelty… this anticipation is a certain sign that the hour is near.”

September 22, 1924  “My daughter, it is precisely demons. They would like for you not to write about My Will… they are very afraid that these Writings about My Will could be published, because they see their reign on earth lost…They try with all their power to impede such an incredibly important good.”

May 17, 1925 “…As Creation is attributed to the Father, while We The Three Divine Persons are always united in Our Acts, Redemption is attributed to the Son, and the Fiat Voluntas Tua is attributed to the Holy Spirit. It is precisely in the Fiat Voluntas Tua where the Holy Spirit will make the final outpouring of His Work”…

August 14, 1926  “My Daughter (Luisa), the Kingdom of My Divine Will is invincible, and in this Knowledge I (Jesus) have put overabounding Light, Grace and Enticements to make the Kingdom triumphant… this Knowledge will be the highest and strongest wall, more protective than in Eden, that will block the infernal enemy from entering in to bother those who, liberated by My Will, will go forth to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

October 10, 1928  “And as all that I (Jesus) have told you (Luisa) lies dormant in anonymity, I (Jesus) feel such oppression upon My Heart that compresses Me and impedes the Flames of My Love from rising up and taking their paths. So as soon as I heard and read that the decision was made to prepare to publish these Writings, I (Jesus) felt the heaviness taken away and the weight that compressed the Flames of My Heart removed….”

May 17 1938 “Therefore, to hide a Truth that We (Triune God), with so much love brought forth from Our Paternal Bosom, is the greatest crime, and it deprives the human generations of the greatest Good.”

November 6, 1926  “My daughter (Luisa)…this is how it will happen for the Kingdom of the Supreme FIAT. We will build it together, My daughter…and when all is finished, I (Jesus) will entrust to My ministers My Kingdom…Do you (Luisa) think that it was by chance, the coming of Father Di Francia, who has shown so much interest and has taken seriously the publication of all that refers to My Will?  No, no, I (Jesus) disposed it; it is a Providential Act of the Supreme Will that wants him as the first apostle of the Divine Fiat and announcer of It, and because he is a religious founder, it is easier for him to approach Bishops, Priests and persons in his own institute to announce the Kingdom of My Will….”

January 18, 1928  “Because I (Jesus) make use of the works of My Priesthood, and just as I (Jesus) had a Priesthood in order to prepare the people before My coming, and just as I had the Priesthood of My Church in order to confirm My Presence and all that I (Jesus) did and said, in the same way I (Jesus) will have My Priesthood for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

“…I (Jesus) rejoice when I (Jesus) see the interest shown by some Priests in these Writings that shall serve to establish the Kingdom of the Divine Will. This means that they understand and appreciate the great Good which they contain, and that each one of them would love to have such Treasure, in order to be the first ones to communicate It to others… I (Jesus) rejoice when many of My ministers discover this great Treasure of making known the Kingdom of My Divine Will, and I (Jesus) use this in order to form the first group of priests of the Kingdom of My Fiat. My daughter (Luisa), it is a great necessity to form this first group of priests…”

October 10, 1928  “My repressed Love is one of the greatest sufferings for Me, that makes Me taciturn and sad; because of the first Flames of My Love not being allowed to give Its Life, I (Jesus) can not bring out the other ones that devour Me and consume Me; and that is why to those priests who want to work to remove from Me this immense weight by making known My many Secrets by publishing them, I (Jesus) will give, first to them, such surprising Graces, such Power to do it, and Light to understand all that they will make known to the others. I (Jesus) will be in the midst of them and guide everything.”

January 13, 1929  “How necessary it is that this Knowledge about My Fiat be known, and not only that, but also that it may be known that My Divine Will wants to come to Reign now on earth in the midst of the creatures, as it Reigns in Heaven; and to the priests, as new prophets, belongs this Work, and with the Word, with the Writings and with the Works, they will become heralds who will make known all about My Divine Fiat.”

From the 24th Hour of the Rounds in the Divine Will  “My Jesus, after you have resurrected, you are not leaving immediately for Heaven. This confirms to me that you want to establish the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth… I follow You step by step with my ‘I love you’ …as You appear to Your Mother…, to Mary Magdalene, to the Apostles, asking that Your Divine Will be known by all, but in a special way, by the priests, who as new apostles, will make It known to all the world.”

 July 16, 1922 “…here is the reason for My urgency that all that I (Jesus) have told you be made known, and if you do not do this, you (Luisa) will actually restrain My Will, you (Luisa) will imprison in Me the Flames of Love which devour Me, and you (Luisa) will delay for Me the complete Glory owed Me by all creation. I (Jesus) want only that everything come out in an orderly manner, because a word omitted, a link, a connection missing, a chapter half done, instead of illuminating, will pour forth darkness, instead of giving Me Glory and Love, the creatures will remain indifferent. So be attentive. I (Jesus) want all that I (Jesus) have said to come out in its entirety.”

December 4, 1926 – Letter to Saint, Annibale di Francia  “Lady Obedience imposes on you (Luisa) to write always, day or night, all, all, all that Our Lord reveals to you (Luisa); nothing should be omitted. It is the Word of Wisdom Uncreated, and one Word is valued more than all the universe, and this is why it is not licit to neglect writing even one syllable.”

January 30 1927 “…This is the reason that these Truths and Knowledge are needed… This is why it is necessary that everything be known, so as to make My Kingdom complete, and to make sure that nothing is missing…”

March 25, 1928  “As long as My Divine Will is not known in the fullness of Its profound Knowledge, Its Steps will continue to be obstructed, and the Good intended for all My creatures, suspended.”

December 21, 1937  “My good daughter (Luisa), it is decreed in the Consistory of the Most Holy Trinity that My Divine Will shall have Its Reign on earth, and for as many Prodigies as are necessary for this, We will do them. We will not spare anything in order to have what We want, for when We Act, We always use the simplest, but most powerful ways, to overwhelm Heavens and earth, and all creatures, in the Act that We want.  You (Luisa) must know that in the creation of man, in order to infuse Life into him, no more was needed than Our Omnipotent Breath, but how many Prodigies were contained in that Breath! We created the soul, endowing it with the three powers, as true Image of Our adorable Trinity.

“Look My daughter (Luisa), by man not Living in Our Divine Volition, his three powers were obscured and Our adorable Image was deformed in him, in such a way that he lost the first Heartbeat of the Love of God in his own heartbeat. He lost God’s Divine Breath in his human breath; that is, not that he lost it, but that he does not feel it, hence he does not feel the circulation of the Divine Life in him, the motion of Goodness, the warmth of Supreme Love, the Word of God in his, and he lost his sight to be able to see his Creator. All has remained obscured, numbed, weakened and perhaps even deformed.

“Now, what is needed from Us in order to renew this man? We will again breathe Our Breath in him, with stronger and growing Love. We will infuse Our Breath into the very depths of his soul; We will breathe It more strongly into the center of his rebellious will, but so very strongly as to shake free from him all the evils to which he is bound; his passions will be knocked to the ground and become petrified before the Power of Our Breath, they will feel themselves burnt by Our Divine Fire, and the human will shall feel the palpitating Life of its Creator, Who will be veiled within him, and he will thus again become the bearer of his Creator.

“Oh, how happy he will be! With Our Breath We will renew him, We will restore him to health….

See then what is needed to make Our Will come to reign upon the earth: the Power of Our Omnipotent Breath. With It We will renew Our Life in mankind. All the Truths that I have manifested about the great Prodigies of Living in My Will, will be the greatest and the most beautiful Properties which I will give as a Gift to him. This is also a sure sign that My Kingdom will Reign on earth, because if I speak, first I do the deeds and then I (Jesus) speak; My Word is the confirmation of the Gift, of the Prodigies that I (Jesus) want to do.

September 25, 1913  “Poor Me, how poorly they treat Me in the Most Holy Sacrament! And so many devoted souls who receive Me, perhaps every day; they should all be saints, as the center that is the Eucharist should be sufficient; and instead, what a cause for tears; they are always at the same point: vain, irascible, punctilious, etc.; poor Holy Sacrament, how I (Jesus) am left dishonored! …I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) that even the Sacraments themselves produce their fruits according to the manner in which the souls are subject and disposed to My Will. And according to the connection they have with My Will, Their effects are produced. And if there is no connection with My Will, they receive Me but remain hungry, they confess but remain always soiled; they may come to My Sacramental Presence, but if Our mutual wills do not identify with each other, I (Jesus) will be for them as dead, because it is only My Will in the soul whose will becomes one with Mine, that produces all Good and gives Life to the very Sacraments in them….”

November 5, 1925  “Let your love not stop; delve through all the tabernacles and through each Sacramental Host, and in each Host you (Luisa) will hear the Holy Spirit moan with unutterable sorrow.

“The Sacrament of the Eucharist is not only the Life of Grace that the souls receive, but is My very own Life that gives Itself to them. So, the fruit of this Sacrament is to form My Life in the souls, and each Communion serves to make My Life grow, to develop in them, in such a way that they may be able to say: ‘I am another Christ.’

“But, alas! how few take advantage of this. Furthermore, how many times when I (Jesus) descend into hearts and I (Jesus) am forced to encounter there, only weapons that wound Me, and the tragedy of My Passion is repeated, and as the sacramental species are consumed, instead of inducing Me to stay with them, I (Jesus) am forced to leave, bathed with tears, crying over My Sacramental lot, and I (Jesus) find no one to calm My Crying and My sorrowful Moans. If you could tear away those veils of the Host which cover Me, you would find Me bathed with Tears, knowing the plight that awaits Me in descending into these hearts.”

October 17, 1928  “Here, in this tabernacle, I (Jesus) pray continuously; but do you know what is My first request? That My Will be known, that Its Kingdom, which has Me hidden within, may Reign over all creatures, and may rule and dominate in them. In fact, only when My Will is known and forms in them Its Kingdom – then My Sacramental Life will have its complete Fruits…”

August 9, 1937  “The love of this Celestial Queen and Mother is unsurpassable, and only in Heaven will they know how much She Loves Her children and what She has done for them; and Her most exuberant, magnanimous and greatest act is wanting that they might possess the Kingdom of My Will as She possessed It Herself; and oh, what would this Celestial Lady not do in order to attain this goal! Unite yourself also with Her and pray for this most Holy Purpose.”

October 7, 1928 …”just as the Sovereign Queen conquered Her Creator, and interlacing Him with Her chains of Love, attracted Him from Heaven to the earth to have Him form the Kingdom of Redemption, in the same way, the sweet and powerful crown of Her Rosary will make Her victorious once again, triumphant before the Divinity, to conquer the Kingdom of the Divine Will….”

March 13, 1932  “And so this Kingdom has already been formed by Me and by the Heavenly Lady. It already exists, It only awaits to be given to the creatures; in order to give It, it is necessary to know It, and because She is the most holy and greatest creature, and the one who has never known any other Kingdom besides the Kingdom of the Divine Will, It occupies the first place in Her. And by right, the Heavenly Queen will be the Announcer, the Messenger and the Guide of this Kingdom so holy. So pray to Her, invoke Her, and She will serve you as Guide and as Teacher.”

May 19, 1931  “My Will is the Power that debilitates all evil and all infernal powers; It is Light that makes Itself known to all, and wherever It reigns, It makes Its Power felt, so that not even the demons themselves can disavow It; That is why the Queen of Heaven was, and is, the terror of all hell.”

July 14 1935 “…Nevertheless, my daughter (Luisa), the Kingdom of My Divine Will infallibly will arrive. You (Luisa) calculate in human terms, and that is why the Advent of the Kingdom appears difficult to you (Luisa)…furthermore, is not the Queen of Heaven with Us, who with Her sweet Power, prays continuously for this Kingdom to come on earth?

“And when have We ever denied anything to this Heavenly Mother? She implores with legitimate Right this HolyKingdom, which undoubtedly will be granted to Her, and that is why this Kingdom will also be called: the Kingdom of the Heavenly Queen.”

February 10, 1937  The Most Blessed Virgin Mary to Luisa: “Daughter of My Maternal Heart (Luisa), the Kingdom of the Divine Will shall be My Kingdom.  To Me the Most Holy Trinity entrusted It when I was entrusted the Eternal Word; for when He descended to Me from Heaven to earth, in the same manner, He also entrusted to Me His Kingdom and Mine. That is why My sighs are ardent, My prayers unceasing. I incessantly assail the Most Holy Trinity with My Love, with My Rights as Queen and Mother that They gave Me, so that what They entrusted to Me come to Light and form Its Life; so that My Kingdom triumphs on the face of the earth.”

Our Lady to Luisa in the “Maternal Call of the Queen of Heaven.”  “Let it be known that I will roam the whole world, I will go to each soul, to every family, to every religious community, to every nation, to every town, and if necessary, I will go through entire centuries, until as Queen, I have formed My people, and as Mother, My children, who will come to know the Divine Will and make It Reign everywhere.”

August 9, 1937  “Daughter of My Will (Luisa), do not fear, for anyone who Lives in My Will there is the highest accord in Love, because My Will, possessing Its own Life in the creature, duplicates Our Love, and when It wants to Love, It Loves within Itself and Loves within the soul (Luisa), because in the soul (Luisa), It possesses Its Own Life. In My Will, Our Love is in a most perfect accord; the joys, the felicity of pure Love, are in full vigor.

“Our Paternal Goodness is such for one (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will, that We number their breaths, their heartbeats, their thoughts, their words, their movements, in order to correspond to them with Ours, and to fill them all with Love; and in Our emphasis of Love We say to them: ‘She loves Us, and We must Love her.’ And as We Love her, We shower her with such Gifts and Graces as to dumbfound Heaven and earth.

“We did this with Our Queen; We poured so much Love over her. But do you know what this outpouring means? We look at Ourselves, and We want to give all that We are and all that We possess. To give any less would leave Us in shame, and the creature, seeing itself unlike Us, would not feel the trust of a daughter, or that dominance of one who possesses equal Attributes, equal Gifts. This disparity would be an obstacle to forming one Life in Us and to Loving Us with solely one Love. Living in Our Divine Will is precisely this: Living with one Will, one Love, with common Attributes, and all that may be lacking in the creature, We give to her from Ours, to supply her with everything and to be able to say: ‘That which We want, she wants; Our Love and hers are one Love, and as we Love her she loves Us.’”

“My daughter (Luisa), Our Power would be lacking if we did not elevate the creature (Luisa) who Lives in Our Will, to the level of Our Likeness, and to have her (Luisa) possess all Our Benefits and Attributes. This is so very true, that My Celestial Mother, having Lived in My Will, possesses Its Life, and because of this, We Love each other with one undivided Love, as We also Love all souls.”

August 15, 1937  “My daughter (Luisa), there is nothing to marvel at; what I (Jesus) say to you (Luisa) is Pure Truth.

“My Will is All and can do All, and to not make in Our Likeness one who Lives in It, is not the Nature of Our Supreme Being.

“The only difference you (Luisa) can see, is that in Us, it is Our own Nature, and for one (Luisa) who Lives in it, it is because of Our given Grace, Participation, outpouring of Our Love and Our Will, which wants the creature to be like Us. This is why we want her to Live in Our Will, so that her acts and Ours fuse together and are of one Sound, of one Value, of one sole Love.

“What’s more, you (Luisa) must know that Living in Our Will is Unity, so much so, that if the creature (Luisa) Loves, God is the Head of her Love, so that the Love of the one and of the other is one sole Love. If she (Luisa) thinks, God is at the Head of her thoughts; if she (Luisa) speaks, God is the Essence of her word; if the creature (Luisa) works, God is the first Actor and Worker of her work; if she (Luisa) walks, He is the Head of her footsteps. Therefore Living in My Will is none other than the Life of the creature (Luisa) in God, and the Life of God in her (Luisa).

“…Living in Our Divine Will is the Prodigy of the Prodigies, never seen nor heard of; It is Our exuberant Love being unable to restrict Itself, with which We wanted to do this Prodigy that only a God can do in the creature (Adam), but that ungrateful as he was, he did not accept. However, We have not changed Our Will in spite of having been opposed and having Our Love repressed in a way that produced in Us spasms of pain. Nevertheless, We will use such excesses of Love, such ingenuity and stratagems, that We will attain Our Goal: that Our Will be one with the will of the creature (Luisa).”

August 27, 1926 — Jesus let Luisa see Father Annibale:  “My son, the title that you will give to the book you will publish about My Will, is this: The Kingdom of the Divine Will in the Midst of the Creatures—Book of Heaven—the Call of the Creatures to the Order, the Place, and the Purpose for which they were Created by God.”

December 24 1929  “ If you knew how much Light there is in everything I (Jesus) have manifested to you (Luisa) of My Divine Will and how much more Light would shine if they were read and re-read, you yourself (Luisa) would be amazed at the great Good they would do. …. But if My manifested Truths are put into oblivion, or are not put in a place of honor, They remain as though buried. But the Living are not buried; They are Light which possesses and brings Life…”

February 8, 1931  “My good daughter, (Luisa) courage! You must know that My Divine Will acts in two ways: In the way I (Jesus) have willed, and in a permissive way. When My Will moves in a Willed way, It fulfills My Designs, It forms Sanctity, and the creature (Luisa) who receives this Willed Act of My Will, receives it with Its Light, with Its Grace, and with Its help. Nothing must be lacking to this fortunate creature (Luisa) so that it can fulfill this Willed Act from My Will.

“On the other hand, My Divine Will Acts in a permissive way when creatures, with their free will, look to tie the Hands of the Omnipotent, as in this (situation), in what they want from you, wanting to change things to their own way, and not how I (Jesus), Who with so much Love and for the Good of all, have disposed until today, and they force Me to act in a permissive way, and, My permissive Will is with Justice and Chastisement. Who knows where they are going to precipitate themselves. Therefore, I will Act with My permissive Will.”

September 18, 1938  “My dear daughter (Luisa), if you knew how much I (Jesus) suffer; if I (Jesus) let you (Luisa) see it you would die of sorrow. I (Jesus) am obligated to hide it all from you (Luisa), all the injury and crudeness of the sorrow that I (Jesus) feel in order to avoid causing you (Luisa) further affliction. …they believe they can make die what I (Jesus) have said about My Divine Will, instead I (Jesus) will permit such terrible scourges, sad incidents, that I (Jesus) will make My Truths resurge more beautiful, more majestic in the midst of people.

“…I (Jesus) will make use of all means, of Love, of Graces, of chastisements, I (Jesus) will touch all the sides of creatures in order to make My Will reign, and when it seems as if all true Goodness must die, it will resurge more beautiful and majestic.”

Luisa speaking: But as He said this, He made me see a sea of fire in which the whole world was about to become enveloped; I remained shaken by this, and my amiable Jesus, drawing me to Himself, said to me:  “My blessed daughter, (Luisa) courage, do not be afraid, come into My Divine Will, so that Its Light takes away from you (Luisa) the sad sight in which the world races, and as I (Jesus) speak to you (Luisa) of My Volition, We mitigate the sorrows that unfortunately we both suffer. .”..  Oh poor creature without My Will, in what abyss of miseries and of darkness she casts herself!”

October 2, 1938  “My good daughter, (Luisa) courage!  If you (Luisa) abate in your efforts you (Luisa) will lose the strength to Live always in My Will.  Don’t worry about what they say and do; Our Victory is in that they can not impede Us from doing what We want, hence I (Jesus) can speak to you (Luisa) of My Divine Volition and you (Luisa) can listen to Me; no power whatsoever can impede it.  What I (Jesus) say to you (Luisa) about My Will, is none other than the carrying out of Our Decree made ‘ab eterno’ in the Consistory of Our Sacrosanct Trinity: that Our Will must have Its Kingdom upon the earth; and Our Decrees are infallible, no one can impede Us from fulfilling Them.

In the same manner as Creation and Redemption were decreed, thus is decreed the Kingdom of Our Will on earth. This is why, in order to fulfill this Our Decree, I (Jesus) must manifest the Goodness that It contains, Its Character, Its Beauty and Marvels; Hence, the necessity that I (Jesus) had to tell you (Luisa) so much, in order to be able to complete this Decree. Daughter (Luisa), in order to arrive to this point, I (Jesus) wanted to conquer man by way of My Love, but human perfidy impedes Me from doing it, therefore, I (Jesus) will use My Justice, I (Jesus) will sweep the earth, I (Jesus) will take away all the harmful creatures, that like poisonous plants poison the innocent plants.  When I (Jesus) have purified everything, My Truths will find the ways to give Life to the survivors, the Balm needed, the Peace that They contain, and everyone will receive Them and be given the Kiss of Peace, and to the confusion of those who have not believed, indeed have even condemned It, My Truths will Reign and I (Jesus) will have My Kingdom on earth, that My Will be done on earth as in Heaven.”

“Therefore, I (Jesus) repeat to you (Luisa), let us not separate from anything that we are doing; let us continue Our Way and we will sing Victory, and let them make their own way, where they will find confusion and shame for themselves.

…Jesus became silent, and my poor mind was afflicted by the so many terrible evils of which the earth is invested and will be invested. At this very moment, the Sovereign Queen appeared with very red eyes, as if blood stained by the so much weeping that she had done. Oh, what sorrow to the heart to see my Heavenly Mother cry! And with Her Maternal Accent and with an inexpressible tenderness, crying, She said to me:  “My dearest daughter, (Luisa) pray together with Me (Jesus). Oh, how My Heart suffers in seeing the scourges by which all humanity will be enveloped. the volubility of those in charge, who today they say and tomorrow they rescind what they said, will cast the people into a sea of sorrows, and also of blood; oh, My poor children! Pray, My daughter (Luisa), do not leave Me (Jesus) alone in My sorrow, and let the intention of your prayer be, that your suffering be offered for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”

**  November 1, 1899   “As I (Luisa) was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, inside a church, in which there was a Priest celebrating the Divine Sacrifice, and while doing this, he was crying bitterly and said: “The pillar of My Church has no place to find support!”

As He was saying this, I saw a pillar, whose top touched the Heavens, and at the bottom of this pillar there were Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and all other dignitaries, sustaining this pillar.

But to my surprise, as I looked, I saw that of these people, some were very weak, some half worn out, some very sick, some soiled with mud. So very scarce was the number of those who were in able condition to sustain it, that this poor pillar kept swaying, unable to remain still as it received so many jolts and quakes from the bottom.

At the top of this pillar was the Holy Father, who, with chains of gold and with the rays that emanated from his whole person, did as much as he could to sustain it, and to gather and illuminate the people who dwelled at the bottom, although some of them would flee so as to become more degraded and soiled; and not only this, but the Holy Father did as much as he could to bind and to illuminate the whole world.

As I was seeing this, that Priest who was celebrating Mass (I am not sure whether he was a priest or Our Lord; it seems to me it was Him, but I cannot tell with certainty) called me close to Him and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), see in what a lamentable state My Church is. The very persons who were supposed to sustain Her, weaken, and with their bad deeds they cast Her down, they bruise Her, and reach the point of denigrating Her. The only remedy is that I (Jesus) cause so much blood to be shed, as to form a bath in order to wash away that purulent mud and heal their deep wounds, so that, healed, strengthened and embellished in that blood, they may become instruments capable of maintaining her stable and firm.”

Then He added: “I (Jesus) have called you (Luisa) to say to you (Luisa): ‘Do you want to be a victim, and therefore be like a prop to sustain this pillar in these times so incorrigible?’”

After this, I saw the bloody slaughter that was made of the people who were at the bottom of the pillar. What a horrible catastrophe! So very few were the number of those who would not fall victims of it. They even reached such daring as to try to kill the Holy Father.

But then, it seemed to me that the blood which was shed, and those bloodied and torn victims, were the means to render strong those who remained, so as to sustain the pillar without letting it sway any more. Oh, what happy days! After this, days of triumphs and of peace would arise; the face of the earth seemed to be renewed, and the pillar would acquire its original prestige and splendor. Oh, happy days! – from afar I salute you, for so much glory you will give to my Church, and so much honor to God, who is Her Head!

September 2, 1901  This morning my adorable Jesus made Himself seen together with the Holy Father, and He seemed to say to him: “Everything suffered until now is nothing more than all that I (Jesus) went through from the beginning of My Passion until I (Jesus) was condemned to death. My son, there is nothing left for you but to carry the cross to Calvary.”

As He was saying this, it seemed that blessed Jesus took the Cross and placed it upon the shoulders of the Holy Father, helping him to carry it Himself.

While doing this, He added: “My Church seems to be dying, especially with regard to the social conditions, which anxiously await the cry of death. But, courage, My son; after you have reached the mountain, as the Cross is lifted up, all will be shaken, and the Church will lay down Her aspect of dying, and will reacquire her full vigor.

“The Cross alone is the means for it, just as the Cross alone was the only means to fill the void which sin had made, and to unite the abyss of infinite distance that existed between God and man; in the same way, in these times the Cross alone will make My Church rise, courageous and full of splendor, so as to confuse and put to flight its enemies.”

August 15, 1904 “…Now, as He (Jesus) was saying this, in a flash of lightning I saw the whole Church and the wars which the religious must suffer, and which they must receive from yet others; wars among societies. There seemed to be a general uproar. It also seemed that the Holy Father would make use of very few religious people, both for restoring the state of the Church, the priests, and others to good order, as well as for restoring society, which was in such state of turmoil. Now, as I was seeing this, blessed Jesus told me:  “Do you think that the Triumph of the Church is far?”

And I: “Yes indeed – who can put order in so many things that are so totally disrupted?”

And He: “On the contrary, I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) that it is near. It takes a clash, but a strong one, among religious and secular, and therefore I (Jesus) will permit everything at once, so as to shorten the time. And in the midst of this clash, which shall bring forth great chaos, a good and orderly clash will be brought about, but in such a state of mortification, that men will see themselves as lost. It is then, that I (Jesus) will give them so much Grace and Light that they may recognize what is evil and embrace the Truth, making you (Luisa) suffer also for this purpose.

“If with all this they do not listen to Me, then I will take you (Luisa) to Heaven, and even more grave things will happen, and they will have to wait longer before the longed-for Triumph.”

March 7, 1915  “My daughter (Luisa)… If you only knew how much I suffer… but the ingratitude of the creatures forces Me to do this; their enormous sins, their disbelief, their wanting to almost challenge Me. And all this is the least. If I (Jesus) told you about the religious side… how many sacrileges! How many rebellions! How many pretend to be My children, while they are My fiercest enemies! These false sons are usurpers, self-interested and incredulous; their hearts are bilges of vice. These very sons will be the first ones to wage war against the Church — they will try to kill their own MotherChurch! Oh! How so many of them are ready to do this!  While the war is now among governments and nations, soon they will make war against the Church, and her greatest enemies will be her own children. My Heart is pierced with sorrow, but in spite of all this, I (Jesus) will let this storm take place, and I (Jesus) will allow the face of the earth and the churches to be washed by the blood of the same ones who have smeared It and contaminated It. You (Luisa) too, unite yourself to my sorrow — pray and be patient in watching this storm pass by.”

May 18, 1915  “My daughter, (Luisa) courage, it is true that the tragedy will be great, but make it known that I (Jesus) will take care of the souls and the places where there are souls that Live in My Will.”

February 5, 1916   “Be firm! Courage to the few good souls, do not separate in anything, do not neglect anything; you will be exposed to great trials by God and by man. Only your fidelity will prevent that you falter, and you will be saved. The entire world will be covered with scourges never before seen, the creatures will want to do away with their Creator and have a god of their own. They will try to satisfy their whims at the cost of whatever carnage, and with all of that, not reaching their intents, they will come to the very lowest of bestialities; everything will be terror and panic.”

October 4, 1917  “My daughter, (Luisa) My daughter (Luisa), resign yourself. Don’t you see what an obstacle man has imposed on Me with the sin that impedes from sharing My Sorrows with those who love Me? Ah, don’t you (Luisa) remember before when I (Jesus) told you: ‘Let Me act, otherwise man will reach the point of doing so much evil, that it will exhaust evil itself, so much so, that he will not know what other evil to do’?

January 8, 1919  “My daughter (Luisa), hide Me; don’t you see how they persecute Me? Alas! They want to put Me out, or give Me the last place. Let Me vent Myself, since for many days I (Jesus) have told you nothing of the destiny of the world, nor of the chastisements that they unleash from Me with their evil ways, and all this sorrow is concentrated in My Heart. I (Jesus) want to tell you (Luisa) about it so that you may take part in it; so that together we may share the destiny of the creatures, and be able to pray, suffer and cry together for their good.

“Ah! My daughter, (Luisa) there will be contentions among them. Death will harvest many lives, including priests. Oh, how many masks, dressed as priests! I (Jesus) want to unmask them before the rising of the persecution against My Church and the revolutions that will take place. Perhaps they might convert at the moment of death. Otherwise, if I (Jesus) leave them, during the persecution they will unmask themselves and will unite with the sectarians, and they will be the fiercest enemies of the Church and their salvation will be even more difficult.”

And all afflicted, I said: “Ah, my Jesus, how painful to hear You speak of these blessed chastisements! But the people, how will they do without priests? There are already so few – and You want to take away even more of them? Who will administer the Sacraments? Who will teach your laws?”

And Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not be so afflicted. The scarce number of them is nothing. I (Jesus) will give to one the grace and the strength of ten, of twenty; and each one will be worth as much as ten, or as twenty. I (Jesus) have the Power to compensate for everything. And furthermore, the many corrupted priests are poison to the people; instead of good, they do evil, and so I (Jesus) will do nothing other than remove the prime elements that poison the people.”

March 22, 1924  “This is precisely the great chastisement that is being prepared in response to the horrible and vertiginous race of humanity. Nature itself is tired of so much evil, and wants to vindicate the rights of its Creator. This is why all created things want to combat against man; the sea, the fire, the wind, the earth, are about to go out of their boundaries to harm and strike the generations, in order to decimate them.”

…I (Luisa) asked Him: “Jesus, my Love, what’s wrong? O please! You suffer so much, let us share the suffering, do not do it alone; don’t You see how much You suffer and how you can take no more of it?”

Now, as I was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, in the arms of a priest. However, while the person seemed to be a priest, it seemed to me that his voice was that of Jesus. And He said to me: “We will travel an extremely long way — be attentive to what you (Luisa) see.”

…The journey was long, and I often asked: “How much more do we have left?”

And He said: “One hundred more miles.” Then, as I asked again, he said: “Thirty more,” and so on, until we arrived in the city.

And now, who could tell what could be seen along the way? At some points, towns reduced to a heap of stones; somewhere else, places were flooded and towns buried in water; at some other points, seas were overflowing, somewhere else, rivers; and at some other points, chasms of fire were opened. It seemed to me that all the elements were concurring among themselves to harm the human generations, forming the graves in which to bury them.

Even more, what could be seen along the way, and what was most frightening and horrifying, was to see the evils of the creatures. Everything that came from them was darkness, but very dense darkness, accompanied by a rotten and poisonous stench. The darkness was so dense that many times one could not even discern what the place was. Everything seemed pretense and duplicity, and if there was any good at all, it was only superficial and apparent, but, inside, they were smoldering with the ugliest vices and plotting the most insidious snares, which displeased the Lord more than if they were openly doing evil. And this, in all classes of people! It was like a woodworm that eats away the whole root of good!

In other places, one could see revolutions, murdering of people by ambush….

But who can say all that could be seen? So, tired of seeing so many evils, I often repeated: “And when are we going to finish this long journey?”

And the one who was carrying me, all pensive, answered: “A little more — you (Luisa) have not seen everything yet.”

November 16, 1926 …After this, He transported me outside of myself, making me see the great evils of human generations, and, continuing His speech, He added: “My daughter, (Luisa) see how much evil the human will has produced; they have blinded themselves so much that they are preparing terrible wars and revolutions, now it will be not only Europe, but other races will join in, the circle will be more extensive, other regions of the world will take part. How much evil is done by the human will, it blinds him, makes him miserable, and makes him commit homicide on himself. But I (Jesus) will use this for My highest ends, and the reunion of so many races will serve to facilitate communication of Our Truths, disposing them to receive the Reign of the Supreme Fiat.

“Thus, the chastisements of the past are none other than a prelude of those to come; how many more cities will be destroyed, how many people entombed in their ruins, how many places thrown down and buried in the abyss; the elements of nature will come to the defense of their Creator.

“My Justice can wait no more, My Will wants to triumph and would like to triumph by means of Love to establish Its Reign, but man does not want to come to receive this Love, therefore, it is necessary to use Justice.”

And as He said this, He let me see an enormous pit of fire that leaped out of the ground, and whoever came near it was engulfed in this fire and disappeared. I was so frightened and I pray and hope that my beloved Lord calms Himself.

August 12, 1927  “In these times all the elements are in turmoil and are announcers of good things, and this disturbance is necessary to return My Kingdom to order. This is an enormous task, hence, it requires complete turmoil to purify the earth. That is why I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to not be too depressed, but, instead, follow your continuous flight, your persevering determination to acquire sufficient force for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

Then I (Luisa) continued praying and I felt a hand come to rest on my head, and from this hand three fountains emanated, one poured forth water, another fire, and the third blood; they flooded the earth, sweeping away people, cities and kingdoms. It was terrifying to see the evils that will come and I prayed to my beloved Jesus to calm Himself, and I begged Him to give me sufferings to protect the people from these menaces.

Jesus then said to me:  “My daughter, (Luisa) water, fire, and blood will unite and do Justice. All the nations are arming themselves for war and this irritates Divine Justice tremendously, and disposes the elements to take vengeance on them, that is why the earth will burst into flame, the air will spill forth fountains of water and the wars will generate fountains of human blood, in which many will disappear, cities and regions will be destroyed. What wickedness, after so much evil of an unexpected war, they propose another, even more terrible, and they seek ways to move almost the whole world as if it were only one man. Doesn’t this say that sin has penetrated even into the bones, so much so, as to transform nature itself into sin?”

April 30, 1928  How can the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come if the earth abounds so much with evil and Divine Justice arms all the elements to destroy mankind and all that serves humanity? And what’s more, if this Kingdom did not come when Jesus came to earth with His visible Presence, how could it come now? As things are now, that seems difficult.

And my sweet Jesus, moving within me said:  “My daughter, (Luisa) all that you have seen will serve to purify and prepare the human family; the turmoil will serve to restore order and the destruction to build things that are more beautiful; if a building in poor condition does not fall to the ground, one could not build the new one, which will be more beautiful, over those same ruins; I (Jesus) will guide everything toward the fulfillment of My Divine Will.”

June 6, 1935  “After this, I continued to think in the Divine Will and I prayed that Its Reign would come quickly, and that with Its Omnipotence, which can do all, would triumph over all obstacles and make His Kingdom come, and that It Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

But while I thought this, in my mind, my sweet Jesus let me see so many gruesome and horrifying things, before which, even the hardest of hearts were shaken, and the most obstinate ones were in terror; everything was terror and fright. I remained so afflicted as to feel myself dying and I prayed that He might spare them the many scourges.

And my beloved Jesus as if He had pity on my affliction said to me:  “My daughter, (Luisa) courage, everything will serve for the triumph of My Will. If I (Jesus) strike, it is because I (Jesus) want to restore their health. My Love is so deep that when I (Jesus) can not conquer them by way of Love and Graces, I (Jesus) seek to conquer by way of terror and fright; human weakness is such, that many times they do not cherish My Graces. They are deaf to My Voice, laugh at My Love, but it is enough to touch their skin, taking away the things that are necessary to their natural life, and their arrogance abates, and they feel so humiliated that they become like a rag. It is then that I (Jesus) can do what I want with them, especially if they don’t have a perfidious and obstinate will. One chastisement, and seeing themselves on the edge of the sepulcher, will be enough for them to return to My Arms.”

June 6, 1935  My daughter (Luisa)… You should know that I (Jesus) always Love My children, My beloved creatures. I (Jesus) would eviscerate Myself in order not to see them stricken, so much so, that in the deadly times to come I (Jesus) have put them all in the hands of My Celestial Mother; to Her I have entrusted them, so that She holds them secured for Me under Her mantle. I (Jesus) will give (Her) all those that She will want; death itself will not have power over those who will be in (the) custody of My Mother.”

Now, as He said this, my dear Jesus made me truly see that Mother, the Sovereign Queen, descended from Heaven with indescribable Majesty, and with tenderness all Maternal, She visited in the midst of the creatures in all the nations, and marked Her dear children and those who should not be touched by the scourges; whomever my Celestial Mother touched, the scourges didn’t have power over them. Our sweet Jesus gave the right to His Mother to save whomever She pleased.

How moving it was to see the Celestial Empress go around the whole world; to see Her take them in Her Maternal hands. She held them close in Her bosom and hid them under Her mantle, so that no evil might be able to harm those people who her Maternal goodness held in Her custody, guarded and defended. Oh! If everyone could see with how much love and tenderness the Celestial Queen did this task, they would cry in consolation and would love Her, Who loves us so very much.

*** April 4, 1928  I (Luisa) was making my round in the Divine Fiat, and in my mind so many thoughts formed about the Supreme Will, and I thought to myself: “How can it be that only by the creatures knowing the Truths and Knowledge of the Divine Will, can Its Kingdom come? If for the coming of the Kingdom of Redemption so much was done; it was not enough that It only be known, but that He acted, He suffered, He died, and performed miracles; how then now for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, that is more than the Redemption, only the Knowledge be enough?

As I pondered this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and said to me: “My daughter, (Luisa) the creatures, in order to form the smallest thing, have the necessity of works, of steps, and of prime materials, but God, your Jesus, has no necessity for anything in order to create and form the most immense Works, even the entire universe. For Us the Word is everything; was the whole universe not created solely with the Word?

“And for man to enjoy the entire universe, it was sufficient only to know it; these are the Paths of Our Wisdom, that in order to give, only the Word is necessary, and for man to receive, he needs only the Knowledge of what We have said and done with Our Word.

 “…Knowledge is the channel of the Life of Our Act, and the channel of the possession by man of Our Goods, and so, Knowledge about My Will has the virtue of forming Its Kingdom in the midst of the creatures, because that has been Our Purpose in manifesting them.

“…That is why the Knowledge of My Will is necessary, so that Our Creative Word, that speaks and creates, speaks and communicates, speaks and transforms, speaks and vanquishes, speaks and makes resurge New Horizons and New Suns for as much Knowledge as is manifested, and in such a way as to form so many sweet delights, that the creature, astounded, will be conquered and invested by the Light of My Eternal Will; for all that is necessary for the coming of its kingdom is that the two wills kiss, that one is lost in the other, mine to give and the human will to receive.

“For just as My Creative Word was sufficient to create the universe, in like manner it will be sufficient to form the Kingdom of My Fiat, but it is necessary that the Words I (Jesus) have said be known, that the Knowledge I (Jesus) have manifested be known in order to communicate the Good contained in My Creative Word.

“That is why I (Jesus) am so insistent that these Truths and Knowledge about My Will be known, this is the purpose for which I (Jesus) have manifested them; to be able to attain My Kingdom, which I (Jesus) so desired to give to the creatures. I (Jesus) will traverse Heaven and earth to obtain My Intention.”

September 16, 1928  “Now, when I (Jesus) came upon earth to take on human flesh, I (Jesus) made use of the seed of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and it can be said that We worked together to form again this Kingdom of Ours in the human generations. There is nothing left but to know it in order to possess it. This is why I (Jesus) am manifesting that which belongs to My Kingdom and to My Divine Will, so that the creature may cover Its ways, follow Our Steps, and take possession of It…

“See then, My daughter (Luisa), everything is ready – nothing else is needed but to make It known. And this is why I (Jesus) so much yearn that what regards My Divine Will become known – to cast into the creatures the desire to possess a Good so great, so that My Will, drawn by their desires, may concentrate Its luminous Rays and, with Its Heat, perform the Prodigy of giving them back the right to possess Its Kingdom of Peace, of Happiness and of Sanctity.”

March 19, 1928  “My daughter, (Luisa) you are happy, and I (Jesus) am afflicted. If you (Luisa) knew what an enormous weight loomed over those in Messina… While they had interest in keeping the Writings, they kept them “sleeping.” They were responsible to nothing less than a Divine Will, and in seeing the idleness in which they kept Them, I (Jesus) allowed that They be sent back.

Now this weight looms over those who with so much interest had the Writings sent back to them; if they do not occupy themselves with Them, they too will be responsible to a Divine Will; and if you knew what it means to be responsible to a Will so Holy… It means to keep It hampered, while It yearns, It longs to have all impediments removed; and they may be removed, only by making this Divine Will known.

The Divine Will is full of Life. This Life flows everywhere, It envelops everything; but this Life Lives as though suffocated in the midst of the creatures because it is not known. And It moans, It wants the freedom of Its Life, and it is forced to keep the Rays of Its endless Light within Itself because it is not known.

Now, who is guilty for so many pains to My Divine Will? Those who must interest themselves with making It known, but they do not.

Has My Purpose perhaps been to give so much News about My Fiat without the desired Fruit of making It known? No, no, I (Jesus) want the Life of what I (Jesus) have said, I (Jesus) want to make the New Sun shine, I (Jesus) want the Fruits of this Knowledge I (Jesus) have manifested, I (Jesus) want My Work to receive Its longed for effect…

“My Work has been arduous and long, and when I (Jesus) saw you (Luisa) so sacrificed, I (Jesus) was seeing the great Good that My Teachings about the Fiat will do in the midst of the creatures, the New Era that will arise in virtue of this, and My tender Heart, although it suffered in sacrificing you (Luisa), took immense pleasure in seeing the Good, the Peace, the Order, the Happiness, that would be received by My other children because of this. When I do great things in a soul, manifest the important Truths and Renewals that I (Jesus) want to do in the midst of the human family, it is not solely for the benefit of that chosen soul (Luisa) to whom I (Jesus) manifest them, but for everyone. I (Jesus) want My Truth as resplendent as the sun, over each and everyone, so that all who desire It may take from Its Light.

….See then how necessary it is that Our Truths and Knowledge become known and that They open a pathway in the midst of the creatures, in order to bring to each one the Life of My Will with the Fountain of Good that it contains…

…but if these Truths and Knowledge are left to sleep without bringing them before all humanity, these great events that I am preparing will be left fruitless; what accounting for this they will have to give me, as with these Truths and Knowledge I (Jesus) am preparing the renewal and restoration of all humanity!”

January 13, 1929  “My daughter (Luisa), when a Good is universal and must and can bring Good to all, it is necessary that all people – and if not everyone, a great part – know the Good which they must receive… when a Good that must be received is universal, it takes the strength of the people to obtain it…

“If the news is not divulged, My Manifestations will not act as heralds, nor will the Knowledge about My Divine Fiat go from mouth to mouth, forming Its conception in the minds, prayers, sighs and desires of the creatures, and My Divine Volition will not make its triumphant entrance in coming to Reign upon earth.

“Oh, how necessary it is that the Truths and Knowledge about My Fiat be known; and not only this, but that it be made known that My Divine Will already wants to come to Reign on earth as it does in Heaven into the midst of the creatures…”

March 22, 1929  “My daughter (Luisa), in My Works, I (Jesus)  make use of human means, although I (Jesus) do the first part, the foundation, and all the substance of the work that I  (Jesus) want to do, and then, I (Jesus) make use of the creatures so that My Work may be known and have Life in their midst.

“This is what I (Jesus) did with Redemption – I (Jesus) made use of the Apostles in order to make It known, to propagate It and to receive and give the fruits of Redemption. And if the Apostles had not wanted to say anything of what I (Jesus) said and did in coming upon earth, and, closed in their muteness, had taken not a step, nor made a sacrifice, nor laid down their lives in order to make known the great Good of My coming upon earth, they would have caused My Redemption to die upon Its birth, and all generations would have remained without the Gospel, the Sacraments, and all the Goods which My Redemption did and will do.

“This was the purpose for which, in the last years of My Life here on earth, I (Jesus) called the Apostles around Me, to make use of them as the heralds of what I (Jesus) had done and said. Oh! If the Apostles had remained silent, they would have been responsible for the loss of so many souls who would have not known the Good of Redemption; responsible for so much good not done by the creatures. But because they did not remain silent and they laid down their lives, they can be called, after Me, authors and cause of so many souls being saved, and of all the goods that have been done in My Church, forming, as the first heralds, Her unshakeable pillars.

“This is Our usual Divine Way, that first We do Our first Act in Our Works, that We place everything that is needed, and then, We entrust them to the creatures, giving them sufficient Graces so that they may continue what We have done. This is why Our Works become known according to the interest and the goodwill that the creatures possess. And so it will be with the Kingdom of My Divine Will. I called you as a second mother of Mine, and, on a one on one basis, just as I (Jesus) did with My Mother in the Kingdom of Redemption, I (Jesus) manifested to you (Luisa) the many Secrets of My Divine Fiat, the great Good of It, and how It wants to come to Reign upon earth.

“I (Jesus) can say that I (Jesus) have done everything; and if I (Jesus) called My minister so that you (Luisa) might open yourself in order to make It known, My Purpose was that he would have interest in making known a Good so great. And if this interest were not there on the part of those who should occupy themselves with It, they would put the Kingdom of My Will at risk of dying upon Its Birth, becoming, themselves, responsible for all the Good that a Kingdom so Holy can bring. They would also deserve that, putting them aside, I (Jesus) call others as heralds and propagators of the Knowledge and Truths of My Divine Fiat.

“Until I (Jesus)  find some who have interest and take to heart even more than if it were their own lives, to make known Its Knowledge and Truths, the Kingdom of My Will can not have neither Its beginning, nor Its Life, upon earth.”

March 17, 1929  “There is no greater evil than this: not to use all the care in keeping a Truth of Ours as the greatest of Treasures, because it is Our Child, it is the bearer of Our Life upon earth.

“What Good can a Truth of Ours not do? It contains the Power of Our Fiat – and so very vast, that it has the Power to save an entire world…”

August 7, 1929  “My daughter (Luisa), the principal means in order to make My Divine Fiat Reign upon earth is the Knowledge of It. This Knowledge will form the paths; will dispose the earth to become Its Kingdom… …the Knowledge of My Divine Will, will cast into the hearts of the creatures the hope, the desire, to receive a Good so great.

“This is a fact: a good cannot be wanted nor received if it is not known… therefore, the foundations, the hope, the certainty of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, will be formed by the Knowledge of My Will… therefore, what I (Jesus) need is that they know the Truths and Knowledge of My Fiat – the rest will come by itself.”

August 25, 1929  I was thinking about the Divine Fiat and how Its Kingdom could ever be realized upon earth. It seemed impossible to me – first, because there is no one who occupies himself with making It known, and if anything is said or planned, it all resolves into words…

But while I was thinking about this and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa)… the seed of the Kingdom of My Will was created by Me in the act of My praying, as I (Jesus) formed and recited the ‘Our Father.’ And if I (Jesus) taught it to the Apostles, it was so that the Church, by reciting it, might water and fecundate this seed, and they might dispose themselves to model their lives according to the dispositions of My Divine Fiat.

“My Truths and Knowledge given about It, My many Manifestations, have developed this Seed, and since they have been accompanied by the acts done by you (Luisa) in My Divine Will, so many little grains have formed as to form a great mass, from which each one can take his part – always, and if they want to – in order to Live of the Life of the Divine Will.

“Therefore, everything is there, My daughter (Luisa) – the most necessary acts. There is the Seed created by Me… There are those who water this Seed in order to make it grow… There are my manifestations in order to make It known.

“All that is needed are those who would offer themselves to be the heralds – and with courage, without fearing anything, face any sacrifices in order to make It known.

“So, the substantial part is there – the greatest part is there; the lesser is needed – that is, the superficial part, – and your Jesus will know how to make His Path in order to find the one (Luisa) who will accomplish the Mission of making known My Divine Will in the midst of the peoples.”

July 9, 1930 “…I (Jesus) wanted to diffuse this Good outside of you (Luisa), but the human will gets in the way of My Designs. so, pray that the human will is overcome, and that the Kingdom of My Divine Will does not remain suffocated in the midst of creatures.

            “But, I (Jesus) tell you (Luisa) that the Truths and Knowledge of My Divine Will shall not remain buried. They are part of My Divine Life, and as Life, They are not subject to die. At the most, they can remain hidden, but die – never, because it is decreed by the Divinity that the Kingdom of My Divine Will be known. And when We decree, there is no human power that can oppose Us. At the most, it will be a question of time. And, in spite of the oppositions and contrary judgments from these authoritative people, I (Jesus) will have My Way. And, if these, with their judgments, want to bury such a great Good and so many Divine Lives of My Truths, I (Jesus) will put these people aside, and will make My Way, disposing other persons – more humble and simple, and more easy to believe in My admirable and multiple Ways that I (Jesus) use with souls.

            “And with their simplicity, instead of finding quibbles and difficulties, they will recognize that which I (Jesus) have manifested about My Divine Will as a Gift of Heaven, and they will serve Me admirably to propagate the Truths and Knowledge of My Fiat in the world.

            “Didn’t the same happen when I (Jesus) came upon the earth? The wise, the educated, and the people of dignity didn’t want to listen to Me. Instead, they were ashamed to come near Me. Their doctrine made them believe that I (Jesus) could not be the promised Messiah, in such a way, that they even came to the point of hating Me. And, I (Jesus) put them aside and chose the humble, the simple, and the poor fishermen. These believed Me, and I (Jesus) made use of them in an admirable way to form My Church and propagate the great good of the Redemption. I will do the same with My Divine Will.

“So, My daughter (Luisa), don’t batter yourself in hearing of so many difficulties that they make, and let’s not change anything of what happens between Me and you (Luisa).  Continue to do in My Divine Will all that I (Jesus) have taught you (Luisa).”

October 21, 1929  “My daughter (Luisa)… very often other representatives of Mine have come to you (Luisa), from afar and from nearby, who have listened to the beautiful News of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, Its Knowledge, and how It wants to be recognized, but, some for lack of influence, some of will, they did not occupy themselves with propagating It, and It has remained unknown and ignored, even though It is already in their midst; but because it is not known, it does not Reign – it Reigns only in you (Luisa)…

  “…very often it seems that they arouse interest that they want to make It known by publishing It. But – nothing! Some are taken by fear, some are afraid to compromise themselves, some do not want to sacrifice themselves; now with one pretext, now with another, everything ends up in words, and My Divine Will remains exiled in the midst of creatures.”

June 3, 1940 – Excerpt of letter from Luisa to Federico Abresch

“We can see that the devil is tormented and enraged, as he does not want The Divine Will to be known…  It is not necessary that I order you through obedience, I would do it a thousand times; but it is the absolute Will of God that we occupy ourselves with making It known, even if it is at the cost of our own life, and instead of being presumptuous, as you say, it is our most sacred and holy duty, and whoever undertakes such duty, Jesus will have him as the most favored in His Heart, giving him the first place in His Kingdom.”